Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Message From Niscala dd update

NDD: You're right, very right, TL. Even if I don't agree with ritvik guru-osophy, nor with their mud-slinging and character assassination, I wholeheartedly agree that Madhu Pandit is doing extremely valuable work that the GBC has no right to dismantle. Stopping humanitarian aid going to desperate people because of the beliefs of the people who do it, is irreligion. We teach that belief doesn't matter- KC is a science, and that everyone has a right to their quota of the earth's resources. No one should go hungry in a ten mile radious of any temple. No one should go hungry. SP cried when he saw children fighting with dogs for food. A devotee is soft-hearted.. The GBC are cold-hearted, icy-hearted to do such a thing. No doubt they will be born into desperately poor families and experience the suffering they are causing. They are not immune from reaction, because of their exalted posts. Indeed SP described the GBC as being more culpable, due to greater responsibility.

[PADA: Right, very nice! ys pd]


  1. "mud-slinging and character assassination" very good point by Niscala dasi! Prabhupadanugas are meanwhile famous for sitting in front of their computer machines till after midnight and sleeping till noon. What they actually do online - "some important work" - remains hidden.

    Since 20 years did Puranjana dasa ever mention chanting 16 rounds in the early morning hours? Nope! Instead this folks seem to replace bhakti-rasa with a hefty load of cafeine. Chanting their rounds during brahma-muhurta, negative report.

    Prabhupada clearly states, purity is the force. Therefore you find these folks even fighting like cats and dogs among themselves. But always carefully posing as being situated on madhyama adikari platform, fully realized preachers of bhagavat-dharma.

    PADA is fully happy how things are going, they love mud-slinging and character assassination without end. If things would change and they are told to actually go out and preach, distribute Prabhupada's books and make devotees, sorry sir, I wont do that. Mainly these are folks who hated bookdistribution already when Prabhupada was on this planet.

    Therefore people are lining up for initiation from ISKCON rubber-stamped voted-in gurus. It's because from saddhana point of view the Prabhupadanugas are the worst! OK, few exceptions, ISKCON Bangalore, IRM, Damaghosa pr. But mainly USA Prabhupadanugas, forget it. They love their independent life-style and never want that all those camps are getting to work together as Samkirtan movement.

    Never, ever. One might ask, are these actually devotees, real Vaishnavas? Difficult question probably nobody can answer clearly, only Krishna can know. If you ever wonder why 1 mio ISKCONites are not convinced of anything Puranjana pr repeats since 20 years, read sastra, sastra says, kanisthas are not able to convince others about the right conclusion of vedic evidence. So things will go on like that another 50 years.

    Therefore Niscala dd is right, they exchanged sastric evidence with, mud-slinging and character assassination. Good point!

  2. Well at least we have an alliance of Prabhupadanugas are around the world who are preaching about Prabhupada, we have something going on. We also have many ritvik centers in India, over a thousand initiations of new Prabhupada devotees there, and we just had 100 initiations in Singapore, and we have many other grass root efforts going on all over the world. We have a new rtvik site in Brasil, etc. We have at least got a ritvk temple here nearby us in Sunnyvale and its going strong, and we even have many ritviks over here near the official Berkeley ISKCON temple, etc. And we have reported these progress for years and years and years. As for Lenny Sislac, he has no working alliance at all that he ever mentions? Who is working with him, where are the devotees that follow his idea, where are his temples etc.? He never mentions one word about his big preaching program, ever? We also now have the Prabhupadavision folk in Vrndavana who cite our site extensively, etc. Who cites Lenny, ever? In other words, we have something to report, Lenny has zero to report. The Long Island temple is headed up by people we preached to years ago in Berkeley, we have something going on all over the place, Lenny has never reported one of his programs, or his making even one devotee of his idea, or his making even one temple or anything that follows his idea? We want good preaching reports, he has not sent us one report that we know of, ever in 35 years? All the reports of preaching we get are members of our ritvik alliance? Where is his big program? So all he does is mud slinging against us, that is what the GBC does. ys pd


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