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Radha Krishna Holi Festival

U.N. Condemns Vatican over abuse

PADA: Same sort of problem happened in post-1977 ISKCON. As soon as some of us said there is a molesting problem, we were banished, discredited, called liars and so on. Same sort of process goes on in other religions, that's all. Yep, same fools still say we are liars etc. ys pd  

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"Missing" Female Babies Issue

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Amalaki Ekadasi Feb 28th

Glories of Amalaki Ekadasi

King Mandhata once said to Vasishtha Muni, “O great sage, kindly be merciful to me and tell me of a holy fast that will benefit me eternally.”

Vasishtha Muni replied. “O king, kindly listen as I describe the best of all fast days, Amalaki Ekadasi.He who faithfully observes a fast on this Ekadasi obtains enormous wealth, gets free of the effects of all kinds of sins, and attains liberation. Fasting on this Ekadasi is more purifying than donating one thousand cows in charity to a pure brahmana. So please hear me attentively as I tell you the story of a hunter who, though daily engaged in killing innocent animals for his living, achieved liberation by observing a fast on Amalaki Ekadasi following the prescribed rules and regulations of worship.”

  The Kingdom of Vaidisha

“There was once a kingdom named Vaidisha, where all the brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas, and shudras were equally endowed with Vedic knowledge, great bodily strength, and fine intelligence. Oh lion among kings, the whole kingdom was full of Vedic sounds, not a single person was atheistic, and no one sinned. The ruler of this kingdom was King Pashabinduka, a member of the dynasty of Soma, the moon. He was also known as Chitraratha and was very religious and truthful. It is said that King Chitraratha had the strength of ten thousand elephants and that he was very wealthy and knew the six branches of Vedic wisdom perfectly.”

  “During the reign of Maharaja Chitraratha, not a single person in his kingdom attempted to practice another's dharma (duty); so perfectly engaged in their own dharmas were all the brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaisyas, and sudras. Neither miser nor pauper was to be seen throughout the land, never was there ever a drought or flood. Indeed, the kingdom was free of disease, and everyone enjoyed good health. The people rendered loving devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vishnu, as did the king, who also rendered special service to Lord Shiva. Moreover, twice a month everyone fasted on Ekadasi. "In this way, O best of kings, the citizens of Vaidisha lived many long years in great happiness and prosperity. Giving up all varieties of materialistic religion, they completely dedicated themselves to the loving service of the Supreme Lord, Hari.”

  Observing Amalaki Ekadasi

“Once, in the month of Phalguna (February - March), the holy fast of Amalakii Ekadasi arrived, conjoined with Dvadasi. King Chitraratha realised that this particular fast would bestow especially great benefit, and thus he and all the citizens of Vaidisha observed this sacred Ekadasi very strictly, carefully following all the rules and regulations.”

“After bathing in the river, the king and all his subjects went to the temple of Lord Vishnu, where an Amalaki tree grew. First the king and his leading sages offered the tree a pot filled with water, as well as a fine canopy, shoes, gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls, sapphires, and aromatic incense. Then they worshiped Lord Parashurama with these prayers: ‘Oh Lord Parashurama, Oh son of Renuka, Oh all-pleasing one, Oh liberator of the worlds, kindly come beneath this holy Amalaki tree and accept our humble obeisances.’ Then they prayed to the Amalaki tree: ‘Oh Amalaki, Oh offspring of Lord Brahma, you can destroy all kinds of sinful reactions. Please accept our respectful obeisances and these humble gifts. O Amalaki, you are actually the form of Brahman, and you were once worshiped by Lord Ramachandra Himself. Whoever circumambulates you is therefore immediately freed of all his sins.’

“After offering these excellent prayers, King Chitraratha and his subjects remained awake throughout the night, praying and worshiping according to the regulations governing a sacred Ekadasi fast. It was during this auspicious time of fasting and prayer that a very irreligious man approached the assembly, a man who maintained himself and his family by killing animals. Burdened with both fatigue and sin, the hunter saw the king and the citizens of Vaidisha observing Amalaki Ekadasi by performing an all-night vigil, fasting, and worshiping Lord Vishnu in the beautiful forest setting, which was brilliantly illuminated by many lamps. The hunter hid nearby, wondering what this extraordinary sight before him was.

  The fortunate hunter

‘What is going on here?’ he thought. What he saw in that lovely forest beneath the holy Amalaki tree was the Deity of Lord Damodara being worshiped upon the Asana of a waterpot and he heard the devotees singing sacred songs describing Lord Krishna's transcendental forms and pastimes. Despite himself, that staunchly irreligious killer of innocent birds and animals spent the entire night in great amazement as he watched the Ekadasi celebration and listened to the glorification of the Lord.”

“Soon after sunrise, the king and his royal retinue - including the court sages and all the citizens - completed their observance of Ekadasi and returned to the city of Vaidisha. The hunter returned to his hut and happily ate his meal. In due time the hunter died, but the merit he had gained by fasting on Amalaki Ekadasi and hearing the glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, as well as by being forced to stay awake all night, made him eligible to be reborn as a great king endowed with may chariots, elephants, horses, and soldiers. His name was Vasuratha, the son of King Viduratha, and he ruled over the kingdom of Jayanti.

King Vasuratha

“King Vasuratha was strong and fearless, as effulgent as the Sun, and as handsome as the Moon. In strength he was like Sri Vishnu, and in forgiveness like the Earth itself. Very charitable and every truthful, King Vasuratha always rendered loving devotional service to the Supreme Lord, Sri Vishnu. He therefore became very well versed in Vedic knowledge. Always active in the affairs of state, he enjoyed taking excellent care of his subjects, as though they were his own children. He disliked pride in anyone and would smash it when he saw it. He performed many kinds of sacrifices, and he always made certain that the needy in his kingdom received enough charity.”

“One day, while hunting in the jungle, King Vasuratha strayed from the footpath and lost his way. Wandering for some time and eventually growing weary, he paused beneath a tree and, using his arms as a pillow, fell asleep. As he slept, some barbarian tribesmen came upon him and, remembering their long standing enmity toward the king, began discussing among themselves various ways to kill him. ‘It is because he killed our fathers, mothers, brothers-in-law, grandsons, nephews, and uncles that we are forced to aimlessly wander like so many madmen in the forest.’

  The Great Rescue

 So saying, they prepared to kill King Vasuratha with various weapons, including spears, swords, arrows, and mystic ropes. But none of these deadly weapons could even touch the sleeping king, and soon the uncivilised, dog-eating tribesmen grew frightened. Their fear sapped their strength, and before long they lost what little intelligence they had and became almost unconscious with bewilderment and weakness. Suddenly a beautiful woman appeared from the king's body, startling the aborigines. Decorated with many ornaments, emitting a wonderful fragrance, wearing an excellent garland around her neck, her eyebrows drawn in a mood of fierce anger, and her fiery red eyes ablaze, she looked like death personified. With her blazing chakra discus she quickly killed all the tribal hunters, who had tried to slay the sleeping king.”

“Just then the king awoke, and seeing all the dead tribesmen lying around him, he was astonished. He wondered, ‘These are all great enemies of mine! Who has slain them so violently? Who is my great benefactor?’ At that very moment he heard a voice from the sky: ‘You asked that who helped you. Well, who is that person who alone can help anyone is distress? He is none other than Sri Keshava, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He who saves all who take shelter of Him without any selfish motive.’

“Upon hearing these words, King Vasuratha became over-whelmed with love for the Personality of Godhead Sri Keshava (Krishna). He returned to his capital city and ruled there like a second lord Indra (king of the heavenly regions), without any obstacles at all.


“Therefore, Oh King Mandhata,” the venerable Vasishtha Muni concluded, “...anyone who observes this holy Amalaki Ekadasi will undoubtedly attain the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, so great is the religious merit earned from the observance of this most sacred fast day.”

Krishna Balarama Swami's Smarta Brahmana Ideology

VADIRAJA DAS: The thing is that it is very easy for people with a strong ego, to be unable to work in unison with other devotees. And not an easy thing since you have to give up your false ego in order to accomplish Krsna conscious enterprises.

[PADA: This is why the Krishna Balarama swami program will never arise to amount to much, he is not working with others, rather he has declared himself to be the independent "current acharya." He is thus unlikely to be able to make more centers and programs, since that has not happened in all this time already. Whereas the Prabhupada devotees keep adding more and more centers and preachers worldwide.]

VADIRAJA DAS: I have that terrible hunch feeling of the kind we felt back in the late seventies or mid Eighties, when we felt so much danger from the guru promoters who were fanatics and who turned dangerous by the minute. The get angry and start cursing us, just like Jahnavi and KK are doing now. Its so funny, how the same thing is happening now. They promote people as pure devotees just as the GBC did, just exactly.

[PADA: Krishna Kirtan's new hero Krsna Balaram swami was supporting the GBC gurus, at the same time that the GBC's program were having us banned and killed. And now Krishna Kirtan is promoting the same identical KB swami, whose program helped get folks beaten and killed. No big surprise either that HKC Jaipur has been supporting Krishna Kirtan. Yes, now KK is using the same rhetoric as the Kirtanananda folks did in the 1980s, we are offensive to his guru and etc.

In any case, KB swami's program is doomed because he is now saying that only those born as brahmanas in India can advance. Unfortunately for these folks, Srila Prabhupada already said that these caste monopoly smarta (brahmana by birth) ideas destroyed the Indian culture, and dragged India to hell.

Why are folks still attracted to the same caste and birth ideas that have all along created ruination for India, and formed artificial monopolies on Krishna, so that others have been denied access to Krishna? Its amazing that anyone can STILL be attracted to a person who is sold out to this smarta brahmana caste-ism idea, it means KK has never even studied these issues, or he would know Vaishnavas reject this smarta caste program.

Now KK is saying that because we reject his caste brahmanas ideas, we are going to hell, whereas Srila Prabhupada says the direct opposite, its the caste brahmana programs that are going to hell -- and leading others there as well. Of course, saying we are going to hell for opposing -- appointed / caste / deviant gurus is what the GBC and their bucket boys at HKC Jaipur have said about us, but hardly anyone thinks its wrong for us to oppose deviant acharyas, rather they agree with us that such bogus gurus need to be challenged. Now these HKC folks are promoting the speaking of Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, who are promoting worshiping these GBC gurus. This is just not going to fly.

Anyway, KB swami's "Guru by brahmana birth," has been the smarta brahmana's idea for centuries, and this idea is opposed by all the Vaishnava acharyas and their sincere followers. You are right Vadiraja prabhu, KK was doing better than this previously, but he was criticizing both the GBC and simultaneously attacking us (the ritviks) so eventually he had run out of runway, his plane was crashing.

He had no other shelter, so he ran off to take shelter of a person who had defended the GBC, and who is now smarta brahmana birth vada ideologue number one. Our friends at HKC Jaipur did almost the same thing, they said the GBC is bad, PADA is bad, and all the other ritviks like Bangalore are bad, so everyone else is bad, they are the only pure ones on the planet, but then they started to promote and take shelter of Radhanath lover's club leaders like Bhakta das, and GBC guru lover's club leaders like Hari Sauri, they had no place left to go. They are going backwards. They attacked all the other ritviks, so they had nowhere else to go, so they went back to licking the boots of the GBC's guru program cheer leaders to get support from that quarter. Or else as some have said, they were secretly with this agenda the whole time and it just finally came out ...

Sorry! We need to take actual shelter of the bona fide acharya -- or we may end up taking false shelter of these pretenders, deviants, fools and bodily identified smartas etc. Srila Prabhupada warns us of these pit falls all the time, so that means, KK is not reading or he would know all this already, you got it! KK is also in denial about the role KB swami played in supporting the GBC, in denial about the suffering of the children which he says is not even significant, in sum KK is another history denial case, and so is KB swami another history denial case, which is why Sulochana says, birds of a feather flop together.

VADIRAJA DAS: Krishna Kirtan tilted too abruptly and I think he is going to lose some Friends. This KB swami thing seems to be a very naive move. They are simply against Puranjana, so they take shelter of other fools to help one another. Why side with the haters and then say that you "work alone and without any group"?

PADA: Well this is another problem, all the various anti-PADA folks for example in UK have not been able to build even the most basic of programs there. They cannot get along with others, or even each other. At the same time, this is actually a good thing, KK has either recently latched onto the people who formerly propped up the GBC, and who are now smartas, or he was with them all along. An infiltrator. That means he can no longer claim to be a Prabhupada person. Better that he cleared the air.

At the same time, I am sorry to have to report this, but when we said that there is a criminal program in ISKCON, including sexual abuse, people like KB swami were all marching along with the crowd that said this is all bogus, mundane talks, lies etc. and we need to work with the GBC. KB swami was working with the GBC gurus and discrediting their critics, that means he enabled and empowered the GBC gurus by acting as their supporter and defender, and he also attacked us people who were pointing out that their emperor has no clothes.

So KB swami propped up the bogus gurus, simultaneously he discredited the opposition to the worship of deviants as acharyas. In sum he propped up the worship of the deviants, and thereby he empowered the criminals. So that is how people like KB swami enabled all these crimes. I am sorry that the KB swami people think it is bogus for us to oppose criminals posing as acharyas, and that its ok to co-opt with such regimes like KB swami did. Amazing! Anyone who supports the worship of deviants regime like KB swami did is a saint, anyone who opposes such regimes is bogus.

If KB swami is citing factual shastra, then the first thing he has to say it that he made a huge mistake in his part of assisting promoting these 11 people as gurus, because shastra says conditioned souls cannot be gurus, and he has to say the 11 were never appointed as acharyas in the first place, thus he made a mistake supporting them. He has to clarify that these 11 were only appointed as administrators and not as acharyas, otherwise he is still helping them by creating this confusion.

When is he going to fix that?

And he should also apologize to people like Sulochana, and other victims of the regime he was supporting, by saying he had no authority to promote them. That's all, just clear up the actual history here, otherwise it looks like he is still saying Srila Prabhupada made a mistake by appointing 11 acharyas, who were not qualified. No, KB swami was in illusion that the 11 had been appointed, there was no guru appointment, he needs to make that clear.

Also for a person like KB swami to say that the original books are not authorized is foolish since these books were used all the time by Srila Prabhupada for his lectures, classes and he cited them on morning walks etc. And now KB swami is making his own Gita, just like Kirtanananda did, and he is wearing a beard, like Kirtanananda did, very similar. Only KB swami is even more arrogant since he thinks his India body makes him more advanced than the people who rejected the GBC while he was still supporting the GBC, no, he is behind us, not more advanced than us. ys pd

What is it with these beards?

Without Refreshness, One Cannot Understand

Jaipur Prabhupadanugas (Hare Krishna Movement)

[PADA: People can say whatever they like, but the formula we promote works, emphasis on Krishna and the acharyas, works good every time its applied. ys pd]

Krishna is the greatest rascal

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Ancient Vedic Radio

The Brahmana and the Prostitute

The Brahmana and the Prostitute.

Once, in a peaceful village, there lived a scholarly brahmana (priest). Opposite his home, there lived a prostitute. As a daily observance, the brahmana would sit in his doorway and recite the Gita.  Meanwhile, across the street, the prostitute would tend to her business.

As the years passed, the brahmana grew ever more disturbed by the prostitute. “Just see how lowly she is.” he would think to himself and continue with his recitation. It so happened that both the brahmana and the prostitute died at the same time. To the brahmana’s surprise, the Vishnuduttas (the Lord of Heaven’s messengers) came to deliver the prostitute while the Yamadutas (the Lord of Death’s messengers) came for him.

“What is this?” he protested. “There must be some mistake!”

Both the Yamaduttas and the Visnuduttas replied, “My dear brahmana, there is no mistake.

While you were busy meditating on the lowly activities of the prostitute, she listened to you recite the Gita and prayed that she could one day elevate herself to your position. In this way the prostitute achieved liberation while you only degraded yourself.”

Moral of the story:

Moral of this story is so clear. It is not so important what are we doing externaly. But it is important what is our attitude and what is our thinking.

Sri Krishna says in Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 8.5 - 8.6:

anta-kāle ca mām eva
smaran muktvā kalevaram
yaḥ prayāti sa mad-bhāvaḿ
yāti nāsty atra saḿśayaḥ

And whoever, at the end of his life, quits his body, remembering Me alone, at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt.

yaḿ yaḿ vāpi smaran bhāvaḿ
tyajaty ante kalevaram
taḿ tam evaiti kaunteya
sadā tad-bhāva-bhāvitaḥ

Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, O son of Kuntī, that state he will attain without fail.

What we will think at end of our life, depend from what we have done all our life.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Castrated Followers Rally Against Guru

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Changing Guru's Books -- Not Authorized


TEXT 105

prabhu bole, — “bhakta-vakya krsnera varnana
ihate ye dosa dekhe, se-i ‘papi’ jana


“The Lord replied, “Whoever finds fault in a devotee’s description of Lord Krsna is a sinful person.”

TEXT 106

bhaktera kavitva ye-te-mate kene naya
sarvatha krsnera priti tahate niscaya


“Krsna is certainly pleased with His devotee’s poetry, even though it is imperfectly composed.”

TEXT 107

murkha bole ‘visnaya’, ‘visnave’ bole dhira
dui vakya parigraha kare krsna vira


“An uneducated person may chant visnaya, while a sober person will chant the proper form, visnave, but the Supreme Lord Krsna will accept both forms when they are chanted with devotion.”


“To Lord Krishna, a pandita expert in correct language and someone ignorant of correct language are both equal. Of the two, Krishna bestows more mercy on the one who has more enthusiasm for the service of Krishna. Krishna, the omniscient Supersoul of every living entity, is not guilty of the fault of partiality. So-called learned persons who are devoid of devotion proudly consider themselves learned as they reveal their foolishness by pointing out faults in the transcendental language of the pure devotees. The Supreme Lord and master of Sarasvati confirms the foolishness of the so-called learned offenders who are envious of the devotees at every step. Thus their pride of learning is diminished. Due to the absence of realization in the Absolute Truth, Shri Krishna Chaitanya, they belch forth mundane knowledge of sense enjoyment. This is the cause of their disease and fall down.”

TEXT 108

murkho vadati visnaya dhiro vadati visnave
ubhayos tu samam punyam bhava-grahi janardanah


“At the time of offering obeisances to Lord Visnu, a foolish person chants visnaya namah (this is improper due to faulty grammar) and a learned person chants visnave namah (this is the correct form). But both achieve equal piety by their offering of obeisances, because Lord Sri Janardana sees the sentiment of the living being, in other words, He sees the degree of devotion, or in other words, He awards the result accordingly (He does not see one’s foolishness or intelligence).”

TEXT 109

ihate ye dosa dekhe, tahara se dosa
bhaktera varnana-matra krsnera santosa


“One who finds fault with a devotee is himself at fault, for a devotee’s descriptions are meant only for the pleasure of Krsna.”

TEXT 110

ataeva tomara se premera varnana
ihate dusibeka kon sahasika jana?”


“Therefore who will dare find fault with your devotional descriptions of Krsna’s pastimes?”


ye amara dasera sakrt ninda kare
mora nama kalpa-taru samhare tahare

“My wish-fulfilling holy names destroy one who blasphemes My servant.”


“So if gross materialists engage with pride in activities like censuring, blaspheming, and abusing the devotees from the material point of view and through mundane considerations, then the Supreme Lord destroys them.”

Note the word “censuring”. When BBT International deletes Srila Prabhupada own chosen words and sentences, then they are in effect censuring Srila Prabhupada.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pointers on Chanting Etc.

India Beef Trade Under Fire

[PADA: "Hindu Nationalists" are blocking various beef trade / cattle slaughter locations and they are seizing vehicles carrying cattle. Apparently India is the number 2 exporter of beef in the world. Someone sent us a video of a slaughterhouse in Kerala India, where a hidden camera catches workers hitting cows over the head with sledge hammers, its just too awful to post herein, but even we were shocked at how terrible that industry is treating these poor animals. It seems like there is not too much animal welfare regulations, if any, regarding how these animals should be treated.

There is a call among these Hindu nationalists to join together and suppress the beef industry in India, but it looks like its going to be a hard job getting this industry halted, or even substantially slowed. Apparently, its kind of like the problem we have with the GBC, they do unauthorized things to collect money, but they are reluctant to stop because -- there is simply too much money being made.

Its going to take some significant executive action at the higher levels of the India government to get to the bottom of addressing this issue, and Hindu nationalists are now petitioning the higher ups to get involved, lets see what happens. This is certainly an inauspicious sign -- of how far India is falling off the Vedic standards -- for them to be the number two beef exporter in the world. ys pd]     

A Word About Sahajiyas

Śrī Caitanya Caritāmṛta Madhya 1.34

prabhu ājñāya kaila saba śāstrera vicāra

vrajera nigūḍha bhakti karila pracāra


prabhu ājñāya — upon the order of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; kaila — they did; saba śāstrera — of all scriptures; vicāra — analytical study; vrajera — of Śrī Vṛndāvana-dhāma; nigūḍha — most confidential; bhakti — devotional service; karila — did; pracāra — preaching.


The Gosvāmīs carried out the preaching work of devotional service on the basis of an analytical study of all confidential Vedic literatures. This was in compliance with the order of Śrī CaitanyaMahāprabhu. Thus one can understand the most confidential devotional service of Vṛndāvana.


This proves that bona fide devotional service is based on the conclusions of the Vedic literature. It is not based on the type of sentiment exhibited by the prākṛta-sahajiyās. The prākṛta-sahajiyās do not consult the Vedic literatures, and they are debauchees, woman-hunters and smokers of gañjā. Sometimes they give a theatrical performance and cry for the Lord with tears in their eyes. Of course, all scriptural conclusions are washed off by these tears. The prākṛta-sahajiyās do not realize that they are violating the orders of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, who specifically said that to understandVṛndāvana and the pastimes of Vṛndāvana one must have sufficient knowledge of the śāstras (Vedic literatures). As stated in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (1.2.12), bhaktyā śruta-gṛhītayā. This means that devotional service is acquired from Vedic knowledge. Tac chraddadhānāḥ munayaḥ. Devotees who are actually serious attain bhakti, scientific devotional service, by hearing Vedic literatures (bhaktyāśruta-gṛhītayā). It is not that one should create something out of sentimentality, become a sahajiyā and advocate such concocted devotional service. However, Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākuraconsidered such sahajiyās to be more favorable than the impersonalists, who are hopelessly atheistic. The impersonalists have no idea of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The position of the sahajiyās is far better than that of the Māyāvādī sannyāsīs. Although the sahajiyās do not think much of Vedic knowledge, they nonetheless have accepted Lord Kṛṣṇa as the Supreme Lord. Unfortunately, they mislead others from authentic devotional service.

Hare Krishna by Prapannam Das (Video)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Warnings About False Gurus (by Mahesh Raja)

Srila Prabhupada KNEW these ROGUES inside out and he WARNED us about them:

SB 4.28.48 P Puranjana Becomes a Woman in the Next Life:

Whenever an acarya comes, following the superior orders of the Supreme Personality of Godhead or His representative, he establishes the principles of religion, as enunciated in Bhagavad-gita. Religion means abiding by the orders of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Religious principles begin from the time one surrenders to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

It is the acarya’s duty to spread a bona fide religious system and induce everyone to bow down before the Supreme Lord. One executes the religious principles by rendering devotional service, specifically the nine items like hearing, chanting and remembering.



Actually, human life is meant for executing the orders of the Supreme Lord, and this is stated in Bhagavad-gita (9.34):

man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
mad-yaji mam namaskuru
mam evaisyasi yuktvaivam
atmanam mat-parayanah

“Engage your mind always in thinking of Me and become My devotee. Offer obeisances and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.”

"The main business of human society is to think of the Supreme Personality of Godhead at all times, to become His devotees, to worship the Supreme Lord and to bow down before Him. The acarya, the authorized representative of the Supreme Lord, establishes these principles, but when he disappears, things once again become disordered. The perfect disciples of the acarya try to relieve the situation by sincerely following the instructions of the spiritual master. At the present moment practically the entire world is afraid of rogues and nondevotees; therefore this Krsna consciousness movement is started to save the world from irreligious principles. Everyone should cooperate with this movement in order to bring about actual peace and happiness in the world.


Iso 12

The Lord states that as soon as one reaches Him by devotional service--which is the one and only way to approach the Personality of Godhead--one attains complete freedom from the bondage of birth and death. In other words, the path of salvation from the material clutches fully depends on the principles of knowledge and detachment gained from serving the Lord.



These rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because there is no religious government, they escape punishment by the law of the state. They cannot, however, escape the law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in the Bhagavad-gita that envious demons in the garb of religious propagandists shall be thrown into the darkest regions of hell (Bg. 16.19-20).



Madhya 1.218 The Later Pastimes of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

Srila Narottama dasa Thakura says, chadiya vaisnava seva nistara payeche keba: unless one serves a Vaisnava, he cannot be delivered. The spiritual master initiates the disciple to deliver him, and if the disciple executes the order of the spiritual master and does not offend other Vaisnavas, his path is clear. Consequently Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu requested all the Vaisnavas present to show mercy toward the two brothers, Rupa and Sanatana, who had just been initiated by the Lord.

When a Vaisnava sees that another Vaisnava is a recipient of the Lord’s mercy, he becomes very happy. Vaisnavas are not envious. If a Vaisnava, by the mercy of the Lord, is empowered by Him to distribute the Lord’s holy name all over the world, other Vaisnavas become very joyful--that is, if they are truly Vaisnavas. One who is envious of the success of a Vaisnava is certainly not a Vaisnava himself, but an ordinary mundane man. Envy and jealousy are manifested by mundane people, not by Vaisnavas.

Why should a Vaisnava be envious of another Vaisnava who is successful in spreading the holy name of the Lord? An actual Vaisnava is very pleased to accept another Vaisnava who is bestowing the Lord’s mercy. A MUNDANE PERSON IN THE DRESS OF A VAISNAVA SHOULD NOT BE RESPECTED BUT REJECTED. THIS IS ENJOINED IN THE SASTRA (UPEKSA). THE WORD UPEKSA MEANS NEGLECT. ONE SHOULD NEGLECT AN ENVIOUS PERSON. A preacher’s duty is to love the Supreme Personality of Godhead, make friendships with Vaisnavas, show mercy to the innocent and reject or neglect those who are envious or jealous.



Bg 4.42 P Transcendental Knowledge

A bona fide spiritual master is in the disciplic succession from time eternal, and he does not deviate at all from the instructions of the Supreme Lord as they were imparted millions of years ago to the sun-god, from whom the instructions of Bhagavad-gita have come down to the earthly kingdom. One should, therefore, follow the path of Bhagavad-gita as it is expressed in the Gita itself AND BEWARE OF SELF-INTERESTED PEOPLE AFTER PERSONAL AGGRANDIZEMENT WHO DEVIATE OTHERS FROM THE ACTUAL PATH. The Lord is definitely the supreme person, and His activities are transcendental. One who understands this is a liberated person from the very beginning of his study of the Gita.


Bg 16.4 P The Divine And Demoniac Natures
In this verse, the royal road to hell is described. The DEMONIAC WANT TO MAKE A SHOW OF RELIGION AND ADVANCEMENT IN SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, ALTHOUGH THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE PRINCIPLES. THEY ARE ALWAYS ARROGANT or proud in possessing some type of education or so much wealth. THEY DESIRE TO BE WORSHIPED BY OTHERS, AND DEMAND RESPECTABILITY, ALTHOUGH THEY DO NOT COMMAND RESPECT. Over trifles they become very angry and speak harshly, not gently. They do not know what should be done and what should not be done. THEY DO EVERYTHING WHIMSICALLY, ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN DESIRE, AND THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE ANY AUTHORITY.


760628bj.nv Conversations

Pusta Krsna: Some of them will say some things that Krsna says, but they’ll take from other places also. What is the position of such persons?

Prabhupada: He’s most dangerous. HE’S MOST DANGEROUS. HE IS OPPORTUNIST. HE’S FINDING OUT CUSTOMER, something here… According to the customer he is giving something, as the customers will be pleased. So he is not guru. He’s a servant. He wants to serve the so-called disciples so that he may be satisfied and pay him something. He’s servant. He’s not guru. Guru is the master.

You cannot disobey guru. But if you become a servant, you want to please the disciple by flattering him to get his money, then you are not guru, you are servant. Just like a servant pleases the master. He’s not guru. He’s servant. So our position should be servant, yes, but servant of the Supreme. So guru means heavy. You cannot utilize him for satisfying your whims. That is not guru.

Narendra Modi Promotes "Ram Rajya"

[PADA: He says India should promote "soft power" by promoting its culture world worldwide. ys pd]

ISKCON expose (video)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jaya Radha Madhava Song (Rasa)

Program Honors Srila Prabhupada's Preaching

Narendra Modi's GMO program

[PADA: A few devotees have gone very fanatical in attacking Genetically Modified food corporations, which is not something Srila Prabhupada was encouraging, that his devotees need to attack large corporations. The hippies of course were always making noisy protest programs to criticize big companies like Dow Chemical and other corporations, but Srila Prabhupada simply did not engage us in this process. He thought this was social / economic / political agitation.

Of course devotees can and should privately use pure and organic foods -- if they can find them, and if they can afford them, and etc. Many of the devotees we know of simply have to buy whatever they can at the supermarket because they cannot afford the "all organic" whole foods stores.

Testing of random fruit and vegetable grocery stalls in Delhi by the India Food Safety board found that in almost ALL cases ALL of the food stall products were contaminated and "unfit for human consumption" due to so much pollutants in the air siphoning into the food, and pesticides etc. Basically, you either eat contaminated food or you do not eat at all, which is why Srila Prabhupada did not make this a central issue, he was practical.

And now that it turns out even Narendra Modi is in favor of using certain GMO products, which makes these anti-GMO devotees look like anti-government fanatics. In any case, Srila Prabhupada did not want his devotees to be engaged in these social / economic / political arenas in public.

Yes, buy organic if you can, yes buy non GMO if you can, of course this is not even a secret. These anti-GMO devotees think they have discovered some vast amazing secret. Nope, this is common everyday news. Thus, most of the general public already knows about this by now, and as such the average USA housewife tries to buy more pure food for her family, if she can find it and afford it. Meanwhile, most of these anti-GMO devotees are against PADA, because they do not want anyone opposing their GMO sexual predator guru program. ys pd

Crying Deities in Mayapura?

"The Deities seem to be crying in the temple, lamenting and perspiring. They seem about to leave. All the cities, villages, towns, gardens, mines and hermitages are now devoid of beauty and bereft of all happiness. I do not know what sort of calamities are now awaiting us." 1.14.20

daivatani rudantiva
svidyanti hy uccalanti ca
ime jana-pada gramah
bhrasta-sriyo niranandah
kim agham darsayanti nah

Translation by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada


PADA: Sacinandan swami and similar other GBC leaders are claiming that the deities in Mayapura were seen spontaneously crying. Really? Generally crying deities are not seen as an auspicious sign, because at the start of Kali Yuga the deities were crying. Then again this could easily be a staged hoax, and likely is. 

Of course all the assembled devotees were crying too "jaya jaya," because honestly there is not much good news to report in GBC land which is why they shut down their Oneiskcon site and Chakra site has died on the vine, due to lack of good news to report.  

I think that the GBC is getting pretty desperate for credibility and so they are now having to resort to these cheap shot tactics to get attention and credibility. A few people will always think these "miracles" are real and they will stick with the GBC, so they are playing on the sentiments of the small number of remaining members to keep them faithful. Of course this begs the question, why are the deities crying? Crying means, they are not happy, and no wonder since the GBC says debauchees are the guru successors to these deities. 

Yes, since the GBC says that the guru successors to God are most of the time debauchees, we are not surprised that they are now reporting that their deity is crying. The only good news is that the GBC meetings are now finally conducting a "Srila Prabhupada position committee," so at least they are theoretically discussing that acharyas are not generally debauchees. ys pd        


Sattvic Das: When Kirtanananda was hit over the head with an iron bar his so-called disciples were worshiping the scan of his brain on the altar because they saw Lord Narasimha deva in it. In the same line some disciples of Jayapataka maharaja are now saying that the deities of the Pancha Tattva were shedding tears when he was doing kirtan in the temple. Such sort of fanaticism has no place in Vaisnava society. It is dangerous and leads to mental derangement.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guide to Self Realization Pt.1 (video)

The Dark Well of Material Life

This is a dark well into which the man has fallen. For such a man to get out is extremely difficult unless he is helped by a strong person, a bona fide spiritual master, who helps the fallen person with the strong rope of spiritual instructions. A fallen person should take advantage of this rope, and then the spiritual master, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, will take him out of the dark well.

The devotee whose heart has been completely cleansed by the process of devotional service and who is favored by Bhaktidevi does not become bewildered by the external energy, which is just like a dark well.


Prahlada Maharaja replied: O best of the asuras, King of the demons, as far as I have learned from my spiritual master, any person who has accepted a temporary body and temporary household life is certainly embarrassed by anxiety because of having fallen in a dark well where there is no water but only suffering. One should give up this position and go to the forest [vana]. More clearly, one should go to Vṛndavana, where only Kṛṣṇa consciousness is prevalent, and should thus take shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Hiraṇyakasipu thought that Prahlada, being nothing but a small boy with no actual experience, might reply with something pleasing but nothing practical. Prahlada Maharaja, however, being an exalted devotee, had acquired all the qualities of education.

yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akicana
sarvair guṇais tatra samasate suraḥ
harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guṇa
manorathenasati dhavato bahiḥ

“One who has unflinching devotional faith in Kṛṣṇa consistently manifests all the good qualities of Kṛṣṇa and the demigods. However, he who has no devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead has no good qualifications because he is engaged by mental concoction in material existence, which is the external feature of the Lord.” (Bhāg. 5.18.12) So-called educated philosophers and scientists who are simply on the mental platform cannot distinguish between what is actually sat, eternal, and what is asat, temporary. 

The Vedic injunction is asato ma jyotir gama: everyone should give up the platform of temporary existence and approach the eternal platform. The soul is eternal, and topics concerning the eternal soul are actually knowledge. Elsewhere it is said, apasyatam atma-tattvam grheṣu grha-medhinam: [SB 2.1.2] those who are attached to the bodily conception of life and who thus stick to life as a gṛhastha, or householder, on the platform of material sense enjoyment, cannot see the welfare of the eternal soul. 

Prahlada Maharaja confirmed this by saying that if one wants success in life, he should immediately understand from the right sources what his self-interest is and how he should mold his life in spiritual consciousness. One should understand himself to be part and parcel of Krsna and thus completely take shelter of His lotus feet for guaranteed spiritual success. Everyone in the material world is in the bodily conception, struggling hard for existence, life after life. Prahlada Maharaja therefore recommended that to stop this material condition of repeated birth and death, one should go to the forest (vana).

In the varṇasrama system, one first becomes a brahmacari, then a grhastha, a vanaprastha and finally a sannyasi. Going to the forest means accepting vanaprastha life, which is between gṛhastha life and sannyasa. As confirmed in the Viṣṇu Purana (3.8.9), varṇasramacaravata purusena paraḥ puman viṣṇur aradhyate: by accepting the institution of varṇa and asrama, one can very easily elevate himself to the platform of worshiping Viṣnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

Otherwise, if one remains in the bodily conception, one must rot within this material world, and his life will be a failure. Society must have divisions of brahmaṇa, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra, and for spiritual advancement one must gradually develop as a brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha and sannyasi. Prahlada Maharaja recommended that his father accept vanaprastha life because as a gṛhastha he was becoming increasingly demoniac due to bodily attachment. Prahlada recommended to his father that accepting vanaprastha life would be better than going deeper and deeper into grham andha-kupam, the blind well of life as a grhastha. In our Krsna consciousness movement we therefore invite all the elderly persons of the world to come to Vṛndavana and stay there in retired life, making advancement in spiritual consciousness, Kṛṣṇa consciousness.



Srila Prabhupada: If one simply approaches the holy name with reverence and allows the holy name to enter through his ears into his heart, and especially if he accepts the divine name as his very life and soul, he can enter the deepest, most profound, most sublime of all spiritual mysteries.

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Peeping Tom Rabbi Faces Life Imprisonment

[PADA: Oh swell, filming the ladies doing their ritual bath before the ceremony. This guy won't find much sympathy in the prison either, that's for sure. ys pd]

Srila Prabhupada Asraya Program (Hyderabad)

PADA: Great progress, this what PADA was saying starting in 1978, lets take shelter of the bona fide acharya: acharya upasanam. So this news is fantastic, more and more people are starting the "Srila Prabhupada Asraya" idea, wow, exactly what we said has to be done all along! Lets do it! We cannot help but notice the many critics of these programs are not doing this much preaching work themselves. ys pd]

Krishna Balaram Swami is a compromiser

Padmagarbha das: Krsna Kirtan, as I pointed out earlier, your arguments in defense of KB Swami being a qualified and authorized Acarya / diksha guru are practically identical to those of the disciples of especially Gour Govinda, and Tripurari, but also of the rest of iskcon's gurus. Over the years I've had conversations with countless "disciples" of iskcon's various "gurus", and you be surprised [I certainly was] how many of them claim that most, if not all of iskcon's gurus are bogus, unqualified, but how fortunate "they" are, that "their" own particular guru is a pure devotee.

"Contemplating the objects of the [material] senses, attachment arises......." the predicament of the false ego. -------------- Again, on the subject of chastity, yes, so we agree that it pertains to the spiritual master as a person. However, Srila Prabhupada stated that there is NO difference between him and his instructions, and there is absolutely no doubt what his instructions "to his disciples" [not to an institution] were, regarding initiations after his "physical" disappearance.

In the "recorded" May 28th conversation Srila Prabhupada leaves absolutely no room for "interpetation" as to what arrangements he intended us to follow. And by the way, there were many other conversations in which Srila Prabhupada expressed and elaborated on his desire for a "ritvik system" of initiations after his departure. Prabhus, to name a few, like Pita dasa, Yasodananda, Gauridasa Pandit [his service was it to record all of Srila Prabhupada's spoken words], Hamsadutta, and even Tamal [as "confessed" in the famous Topanga talks], they all have testified to that fact.

Unfortunately a very large percentage of the recordings from that period in Vrndavan were never seen again. As I had heard, Tamal claimed that those tapes had been destroyed in a fire in St.Louis. How convenient! What were the tapes doing in St. Louis, all tapes were always send to the BBT archives in Los Angeles.------ As to the July 9th letter [which is but the written "official" confirmation of the prior verbal instructions], you point out, and so have others, that it was not only written by Tamal [rather than Srila Prabhupada], but that the letter was most likely "a forged document".

First of all, the letter was "actually" signed by Srila Prabhupada [practically ALL of Srila Prabhupada's letters were written by his secretary, and then signed by him]; and are you therefore suggesting that Srila Prabhupada was unaware of what he was signing? Had Tamal intended to "forge" a letter/document to establish that Srila Prabhupada wanted some of his leading men to become diksha gurus after his departure, Tamal would have used paper with Srila Prabhupada's 'letter head' rather than his own.

And he certainly would NOT have written that Srila Prabhupada wanted the ritvik system of Initiations "henceforward", but instead Tamal would have, if not stating it directly, he certainly would have "hinted" [left room for interpretation] at the ritvik system being only a temporary arrangement, until Srila Prabhupada's disappearance. Why would Tamal even dare to "forge" a document on July 9th, 1977, four months prior to Srila Prabhupada's passing, without it getting "back" to Srila Prabhupada.

After all, copies of this letter went to ALL the zones world wide. ... You argue that Srila Prabhupada's ritvik order was an instruction for his institution, rather than his disciples. How impersonal can you get! I guess you are also suggesting that ALL of Srila Prabhupada's instructions [the four regs, 16 rounds, etc., etc.] were all for his "institution", and if one wanted to get around following Srila Prabhupada's orders, yet still being able to consider himself a disciple of His Divine Grace, he just needs to start his own institution. Preposterous! .

.............. I find it actually outrageous and MOST offensive how you brush aside Srila Prabhupada's standart [order] that one is NOT HIS DISCIPLE if he has 'long hair', and you suggesting that this order is not applicable to KB Swami, since he is a Brijbasi. As Srila Prabhupada points out, all the previous Acaryas, including Lord Caitanya [after he took Sanyasa] had shaven heads.

You also state that one can not compare KB Swami with iskcon's gurus, my only response to that "wet stool, dry stool, still stool"! ............ As far as Srila Prabhupada stating that "there won't be another Acarya after him, that was told to me by then Rohini Kumar Swami, who was personally present when Srila Prabhupada said this. Hearing from an actual witness of an event is NOT hearsay, it is testimony. If you don't wish to accept this, that is your "convenient" choice. .......... And I have to agree with PD, KB Swami wholeheartedly went along with promoting the "bogus guru system" in iskcon until about 1988, for over ten years.

This was LONG after it had become most clear to many of us "ex, meat eating hippies" [including me] that there was something seriously "Rotten in Denmark". KB Swami's "awakening" did not occur until after his, in my opinion, most unjust and scandalous excommunication by the vile cabal that had usurped Srila Prabhupada's authority in ISKCON.

PADA: Agreed, the Krishna Kirtan arguments are the same as those offered by the Tripurari swami, Gaura Govinda, Sridhara maharaja, Naryayana maharaja etc al. folks, ... "Well jeepers, our guru only went along with the GBC to promote cooperation" and blah and blah and blah. Unfortunately, this cooperation enabled and empowered the bogus regime and made them far more dangerous, and this cooperation allowed much higher levels of exploiting and abuses. 

Of course NOW all these people will say, "Well jeepers, we were with you all along, we also protested." Hee hee, well yes, but you folks protested ONLY after we exposed how bad the regime was. Srila Prabhupada also orders -- his sannyasas have to be clean shaven, KB swami cannot even follow the basic instructions much less realize the higher principles. And that is also why KB swami is preaching against the Western birth devotees, we made him look very foolish for going along with the GBC, so now he is attacking us out of grudge. Instead of just saying, ok these guys figured this out way before I did, he wants to attack us to make himself look greater. This is very kindergarten grudge mentality. Srila Prabhupada preached against this India birth and bodily identity program, KB swami is defying the acharyas. 

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Disappearance of Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji,

Disappearance of Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji 

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 (California)

gauravirbhava bhumes twam nirdesta sajjana priyah
vaisnava sarvabhauma sri jagannathaya te namah

"I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja, who is respected by the entire Vaisnava community and who discovered the place where Lord Caitanya appeared."

Sri Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja was born around the year 1800 AD. in the Mayamansingh district of West Bengal. Not much is known about his early life. Gaudiya Vedanta-acharya Sri Baladeva Vidyabhushana had a disciple named Uddhava das. His disciple was Sri Madhusudana Dasa Babaji who lived in Suryakunda and it was from Madhusudana Dasa Babaji that Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja took initiation.

 Jagannatha Dasa Babaji lived in Vrindavan and performed his bhajan there for quite some time. He became famous among the devotees there as one who was perfect in Krishna-bhakti.

He first met Bhakti Vinoda Thakura around 1880 AD and was inspired him in his service. Seeing Bhaktivinoda Thakur's enthusiasm for preaching the holy name of Krishna, Srila Babaji Maharaja was very happy and would stay at the house of Bhaktivinoda Thakura on Manikatala Street whenever he went to Calcutta. Bhaktivinoda Thakura was always very eager to invite him to his house for prasada, but Babaji Maharaja was very renounced and would come only occasionally.

Jagannatha dasa Babaji's servant's name was Bihari dasa. He was extremely strong and powerful. In his old age, Babaji Maharaja could not walk. Bihari dasa used to carry him in a basket on his shoulders so that Babaji Maharaja could move from place to place. He was particularly enthusiastic in serving the Lord's devotees and performing 'kirtan'.

When he would hear a 'kirtan' or himself be engaged in 'kirtan', his body would extend itself out of the basket like a beautiful banyan tree and he would loudly shout, "Nitai ki nam eneche re! Nitai, ki nam diteche re!" "O Lord Nityananda, what a wonderful name you have brought! O Nitai, what a wonderful name you have given!"

In 1893, Srila Babaji Maharaja went from Koladwip (the part of Nabadwipa where Srila Sridhara Maharaja's temple is presently located) to Surabhi-kunja in Godrumadwipa. There he t ook his seat. His arrival in Surabhi-kunja was a wonderful event. Sri Jagannatha Dasa Babaji revealed many lost holy places in Mayapura, including the Yogapith, Srivasa Angana and others. It is said that when he came upon the holy place of Mahaprabhu's birth he danced, although he was very old and walked with difficulty. For some time he remained in Nadia and performed his bhajan on the banks of the Ganges. His bhajan kutir andsamadhi mandir are still there at present. He ordered Bhaktivinoda Thakura to build a hut so devotees could stay near his bhajan kutir, and Bhaktivinoda did so.

Some Stories from his life

  In his old age, Babaji Maharaja was nearly blind. Many people would come to see him and to offer him donations for the service of Sri Krsna. Bihari dasa would keep all these donations in a bag.

One day, Babaji Maharaja said, “Bihari! How many rupees have I got?”
Bihari dasa had put some rupees aside for some service he had planned to render Babaji Maharaja. When asked by Bihari placed some rupees in his hand and kept twelve Rupees aside. Despite his eyesight failing, Babaji Maharaja detected the discrepancy.
 “Bihari!” he said, “Why have you kept twelve Rupees aside? Give me all the rupees!”

Smiling, Bihari surrendered the remaining coins to his guru. The total came to two hundred rupees. Babaji Maharaja ordered Birari dasa to take the money at once and buy rasagolas, to feed all the cows in Nabadwipa dhama.

Once Babaji Maharaja was on the banks of the Ganges, living under a makeshift canvas tent. Nearby that place there lived a dog with five puppies. Whenever Babaji Maharaja would take prasada, the dogs would come around and lick the food from his plate. When Bihari dasa caught hold of one of the dogs to drive it off, Babaji Maharaja told him: 'Bihari! If you wish to drive these dogs off, you may take my plate away as well. I shall not eat today.' When Bihari complained, 'But guru maharaja - these dogs are unclean!' Babaji Maharaja remarked, 'No. These dogs are residents of the holy dhama. You may not abuse them.'

One day, Sri Babaji Maharaja remarked about the professional readers of Srimad-Bhagavatam, 'This kind of professional Bhagavata kirtana is simply prostitution. Those who make their living by reading Srimad-Bhagavatam are offenders to the holy name of Krsna. No one should listen to the kirtana and Bhagavatam readings that they produce. And one who listens to such offensive readings and thus commits offenses against the holy name of Krsna certainly go to hell. Those who are involved in this professional reading should immediately give it up. Such a person should worship the residents of Vrndavan with great care and attention, considering himself most fallen, and thus pray for forgiveness.'

When Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur was looking for the actual place where Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's birthplace was, he asked Jagannatha dasa Babaji Maharaja to go with him. During the many changes in the course of flow of the mighty Ganges River, some parts of the sacred 'dhama' of Navadwipa (nine islands) had changed. The Ganges had revealed old and lost places and reclaimed new ones. To his surprise Bhaktivinoda Thakur discovered that the modern day city called Navadwipa was not more than 100 years old and therefore wasn't the Navadwipa of Sri Caitanya. Some said the birth site was on a place now in the Ganges, while some said it was in the city of Navadwipa.

Dissatisfied, Bhaktivinoda pushed on looking. He found some antiquarian maps and government records, and authentic books written at the time of Lord Caitanya, all of which agreed that Mayapur Navadwipa Dhama is situated on the east bank of the Ganges.

One day from the terrace in his house he saw a light coming from a place across the Ganges. He wondered what it was, and then crossed over to Antardwipa the next day.

Upon reaching the exact spot, to his amazement he found several large mounds covered with sacred Tulasi plants on land owned by Mohammedans. There were rumours locally of strange lights and sounds, so the owner, believing it to be haunted, would not go there. Many old babajis of the time, however, believed this to be the actual birthplace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Convinced it was true, Bhaktivinoda, inspired by Jagannatha dasa Babaji, went there to the spot, with Jagannatha dasa Babaji being carried in his basket.

Due to his old age, Srila Jagannatha dasa Babaji couldn't open his eyes, but had to forcibly open them with his fingers, what to speak of walk. If he went anywhere he was carried in his basket by Bihari Lal, but upon arriving at the transcendental site, he leapt out of the basket and danced in ecstasy shouting, “Haribol!” and “Gauranga!” and “Ei to Nimai Janmabhoomi!!”(This is the Birthplace of Nimai!) definitely establishing it to be the very same birthplace of Lord Caitanya.

Later life

When Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura was twelve years old, he was an expert in the Jyoti-shastras explaining Vedic astrology. Hearing this, Srila Babaji Maharaja one day called upon him to prepare the Vaishnava calendar in accordance with the proper siddhanta. He did so and Babaji Maharaja was very pleased. With this, the Nabadwipa Panjika, the Vaisnava calendar recording the dates of the appearance and disappearance of important Vaishnava saints and the celebration of important festivals, began.

Srila Babaji Maharaja always had great enthusiasm for kirtan and Vaishnava seva. Even when he was nearly 135 years old, he went on preaching the message of Sri Chaitanya. In his old age, although he was almost paralyzed by infirmity, whenever it was time for kirtana he would still raise his arms in ecstasy.

Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja was the veda or Babaji guru of Bhagavat dasa Babaji Maharaja. Bhagavat dasa in turn gave the dress of a babaji to Gaurakisora dasa Babaji.

Srila Jagannath dasa Babaji Maharaj was such a great devotee that the Bhaktivinoda Thakura (Kedarnath Datta) called him the commanding chief of the devotees. (vaishnava sarvabhauma shri..)

Message from Srila Saraswati Thakura

Message from H D G Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura

His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Bhakti Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Maharaj the celebrated acharya (Spiritual Head) of the Gaudiya Vaisnavas spoke the following few lines as His Message just a few days (23rd December, 1936) before His passing away from this mortal world.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

I have most probably given many people troubles in the mind. Some of them might have thought about me that I am their enemy because I was obliged to speak the plain truth for service and devotion towards the Absolute Godhead. I have given them all those troubles only for the reason that they may turn their face towards the Personality of Godhead without any desire for gain and with unalloyed devotion. I hope someday or other they may understand me rightly.

I advise all to preach the teachings of Rupa- Raghunatha (disciples of Lord Chaitanya) with all energy and resources. Our ultimate goal shall be to become the dust of the lotus feet of Sri Sri Rupa and Raghunatha gosvamis. You should all work conjointly under the guidance of your spiritual master with a view to serve the Absolute Knowledge, the Personality of Godhead. You should live somehow or other without any quarrel in this mortal world only for the service of Godhead. Do not please give up the service of Godhead in spite of all dangers, all criticisms and all discomforts. Do not be disappointed for most people in the world do not serve the Personality of Godhead; do not give up your own service which is your everything and all, neither reject the process of chanting and hearing of the transcendental Holy Name of Godhead. You should always chant the transcendental Name of Godhead with patience and forbearance like a tree and humbleness like a straw.

We wish that this mass of our body of flesh and blood may be sacrificed at the altar of preaching the Sankirtana Movement (congregational chanting of the Holy Name of Godhead) propagated by Lord Chaitanya. We are not desirous of becoming a hero of work or a reformer of religion, but our reality may be identified with the dust of the Lotus Feet of Sri Rupa and Raghunatha for that is our everything. The flow of the transcendental tide of the attraction of devotion will never be blocked, and you with your all energy shall devote yourself for fulfilling the desire of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. There are many amongst you who are well qualified and able workers. We have no other desire whatsoever.

Srila Rupa and Srila Sanatana Gosvami

There are certainly many difficulties while we are in this mortal world but it is not our business simply to be overwhelmed with those difficulties or to try to overcome them only. We must know even during the duration of our present life, as to what we shall gain after overcoming all those difficulties of life and what shall be the mode of our permanent existence. We must make an adjustment of all things that evoke ourlove and hatred and for those that we want and do not want. Attachment and detachment of this mortal world will engage us more and more as we become farther and farthest from the Lotus Feet of Sri Krishna. When we are able to transcend the position of attachments and detachments of this mortal world and be attracted with the Holy Name of Godhead, it is then only we can understand the import of the transcendental service of Sri Krishna the Personality of Godhead. At the first instance the subject Krsna is startling and perplexing to us. Everyone who is called by the name 'man' is more or less struggling knowingly or unknowingly to eliminate those invading elements what are baffling our conception of eternal need. It is our only duty to enter into the kingdom of eternal need.

We have no love or hatred for anyone in this world. All arrangements made in this world are but temporary. There is, therefore, unavoidable necessity for that ultimate need for everyone in this world. You should attain the transcendental loving service of the objective, being situated in concerted action for that one aim. Let there be a constant flow of the ideas and thoughts as conceived by Rupa gosvami and His followers. We shall not at any time show our slightest dejection for the seven tongued Sankirtana movement. If we have undaunted faith in it we shall then only achieve all perfections. You should all therefore preach with fearlessness and with utmost energy the message of Rupa and Raghunatha under the guidance of the followers of Sri Rupa. (Translated from Bengali)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Folk Mangalore Rathayatra

Rocana Fights His Own Shadow

Srila Prabhupada: Bogus gurus are Kali Chelas, disciples of Kali yuga.

George A Smith says:

LW Writes“The point is that Rocana fancies himself as a great ISKCON reformer, a representative of the great “Sampradaya,” perhaps a great devotee, etc. — yet he will not acknowledge the sincerity and wisdom of those who are also trying to serve and love Srila Prabhupada in a different way from his own. He lumps everyone in. “Give the dog a bad name and hang him.” No, we are not all one. There’s unity in diversity. So just who is the “non liberal fundamentalist”? Please think about it, accept what you wish, and discard the rest. As Prabhupada wrote, “Take the essence.”

We have a similar saying;” Use what works, throw out the rest.”

Let me say that I much prefer when you are writing as an individual and putting your own thoughts forward. It is only then that I feel confident that I am writing to someone who can be reasoned with.
Your question in regards to whether Rocana dasa is a non-liberal fundamentalist is not a new one to me.

While his defense would be to tell you that he is simply refusing to compromise the philosophy, that is just a bunch of chafe, something that he throws up in hopes to distract and draw your attention away from something that I know he feels uncomfortable about and doesn’t really want to examine very closely.

As I mentioned in my article, many years ago I won from Rocana a concession, which in the light of it; renders all of his complaints about the Rtvik philosophy being asiddhantic to be without merit. I also mentioned that he was ungracious about it. He was ungracious because he was angry about what he was admitting to, which was that Christianity was a bona fide disciple succession. 

[PADA: And Srila Prabhupada says that Jesus is still accepting the sins of his followers now, if they are sincere. Rocana's post 1977 gurus could not save themselves from sins, much less absorb the sins of others. In 1986 Rocana's guru reform program was saying "anyone who chants their rounds can be an acharya," ummm - anyone who chants their rounds can absorb sins like Jesus is doing?]

I had presented Rocana with Srila Prabhupada’s own words as the evidence of this so naturally, even though he didn’t much like admitting to the fact that there existed, at all, any bona fide disciple succession in which a spiritual master could accept disciples after his death or physical disappearance he had to. My argument and the evidence pinned him down to a conclusion that was inescapable.People don’t like being pinned down that way and Rocana dasa wasn’t an exception.

[PADA: Rocana is simply angry because he supports the GBC gurus and their "living guru" idea, but today he cannot name his living guru anymore because PADA has exposed his living gurus as frauds. Now he simply says, there is a (non-identified) living guru out there somewhere, because as soon as he identifies his living guru, we will discover that person is not bona fide. Simultaneously, he says that worship of a so-called departed guru is bona fide because the Christians are doing that. He is fighting his own shadow.] 

I had prefixed my argument with the statement to Rocana that he could never defeat the Rtviks, “because they had this:” and then presented Srila Prabhupada’s words as evidence. Rocana accepted that Christianity is a bona fide disciple succession based upon Srila Prabhupada’s words, but it made him angry and instead of settling down to a reasonable discourse he replied rudely “so what?” 

[PADA: Right, worship of a pure devotee is a "so what who cares" issue. "So what" if we worship pure devotees or debauchees? It does not matter? No, worship of either illicit sex or pure devotees does not matter to Rocana, he does not care if people worship debauchees or pure devotees, but it matters to everyone else.]   

He must have seen what he had gotten into because I received from him a list of sectarian minded objections, such as “The Christians eat meat…, etc., to which I patiently replied that the early Christians seemed to have been vegetarians and according to Jerome Eusibius, Jesus’s brothers were vegetarians, something that implied that unless mother Mary was a short order cook that Jesus was probably a vegetarian to.

Even if Jesus wasn’t a vegetarian and only James wasn’t, the point was that Rocana had already accepted the point that Christianity, which like the Rtviks employs a system of initiation in which a no longer physically present spiritual master continued to accept disciples and was now simply trying to back paddle because somewhere deep down inside of himself he knew that his chance of ever being much of any use in convincing the movement that the Rtviks were asiddhantic would come undone if this was ever made public.

The reason?

Because Guru-Tattva is like the sun.

Whether or not one should incorporate Rtvik initiations into ISKCON is quite a different consideration than whether or not what Srila Prabhupada taught was founded upon sound guru-tatva. Of course it was and therefore Rocana and anyone else’s claim that Rtvik is asiddhantic is without merit.

After this I told Rocana that I considered him to be sectarian or an “asslike Vaisnava.” But I am harsh and not soft spoken and due to my own defects could not bring him around, nay, I may even have contributed to his degree of conviction because prabhu, not all of us think that Christianity as it has become offers an enlightened tradition. In fact, in the words of Bhaktissidhanta Sarasvatti it is like Putana, the slayer of the innocents. Rtvic can go that way too and become just another damned church of the world. Who among you will found an order sworn to stop this from happening?
Mahesh Raja says:

George A Smith: After this I told Rocana that I considered him to be sectarian or an “asslike Vaisnava.”

Mahesh: It is actually Rocana’s Anti Ritvik type of propaganda THAT HAS created a situation that MANIPULATIVE SLAVERY MAKING MONEY SCREWING CROOKS (so-called Diksa gurus of ISKCON) ABUSED young children. Watch Rocana das (Van Charnell) is in this Video:

We keep on reminding Rocana das that he is MISLEADING the innocent from Srila Prabhupada the ACTUAL Diksa Guru by HIS Anti Ritvik propaganda THIS means he has to face the result of his karma:

SB 6.7.14 Indra Offends His Spiritual Master, Brhaspati.
A stone boat would be unable to float and would sink in the water with its passengers. SIMILARLY, THOSE WHO MISLEAD PEOPLE GO TO HELL, AND THEIR FOLLOWERS GO WITH THEM.

[PADA: Rocana was a member of the 1986 "50 man guru reform committee." He and his pals thought they could repair their fallen down acharya's program. Rocana thinks acharyas are deviants and he is the acharya repair man who fixes deviant acharyas, that is how foolish he is. He has never admitted that his guru reform was a fraud because gurus do not need reform. 

As for the children of ISKCON mentioned in the video above, yes, they had to suffer terribly due to Rocana and his bogus gurus program. He has never taken responsibility for the hell he created for these children by his support of his living gurus project. 

Rocana's 1986 guru reformers excommunicated me and Sulochana's program instead of coming to help the children as we requested, and worse, the reformers reinstated a known homosexual as their acharya. Fine reform you got there Rocana! Rocana and his "living" illicit sex acharyas program, and then subsequent bogus idea that acharyas need reform from deviations, has ruined ISKCON, lets face it. ys pd]

Monday, February 16, 2015

Shiva Ratri Feb 17th in California

Lord Siva is considered as the best devotee of Krishna

There are three guna-avataras, or qualitative incarnations of Visnu, also known as the Trimurti: Brahma, Visnu and Siva. While Brahma is one of the living entities, he is very powerful due to his devotional service. Lord Brahma is the master of the mode of material passion, and is directly empowered by Garbhodakasayi Visnu to create innumerable living entities.

Lord Shiva, while not described as a direct incarnation of the Lord in Srimad-Bhagavatam 3:1-35, is the third personality of the Trimurti, or trinity of deity. Lord Shiva's exalted personality and relationship to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna, is described by Srila Prabhupada in Teachings of Lord Caitanya, Chapter 8, as follows:

" expanding Himself as Lord Shiva, the Supreme Lord is engaged when there is a need to annihilate the universe. Lord Shiva, in association with maya, has many forms, which are generally numbered at eleven. Lord Shiva is not one of the living entities; he is, more or less, Krsna Himself. The example of milk and yogurt is often given in this regard - yogurt is a preparation of milk, but still yogurt cannot be used as milk. Similarly, Lord Shiva is an expansion of Krsna, but he cannot act as Krsna, nor can we derive the spiritual restoration from Lord Shiva that we derive from Krsna. The essential difference is that Lord Shiva has a connection with material nature, but Vishnu or Lord Krsna has nothing to do with material nature. In Srimad-Bhägavatam (10.88.3) it is stated that Lord Shiva is a combination of three kinds of transformed consciousness known as vaikarika, taijasa and tamasa."

In his Purport to Srimad-Bhagavatam 8:12:4, Srila Prabhupada further explains:

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Visnu, resides within the material world as the sattva-guna-avatara. Lord Siva is the tamo-guna-avatara, and Lord Brahma is the rajo-guna-avatara, but although Lord Visnu is among them, He is not in the same category. Lord Visnu is deva-deva, the chief of all the demigods. Since Lord Siva is in this material world, the energy of the Supreme Lord, Visnu, includes Lord Siva. Lord Visnu is therefore called jagad-vyapi, "the all-pervading Lord." Lord Siva is sometimes called Mahesvara, and so people think that Lord Siva is everything. But here Lord Siva addresses Lord Visnu as Jagad-isa, "the master of the universe." Lord Siva is sometimes called Visvesvara, but here he addresses Lord Visnu as Jagan-maya, indicating that even Visvesvara is under Lord Visnu's control. Lord Visnu is the master of the spiritual world, yet He controls the material world also, as stated in Bhagavad-gita (mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sacaracaram). Lord Brahma and Lord Siva are also sometimes called isvara, but the supreme isvara is Lord Visnu, Lord Krsna."

The Ritvik Debate Tapes

Vrndavana Devotee Arrested (Times of India)

Iskcon devotee held for assaulting kids

Feb 14, 2015, 10.05PM IST TNN

Agra: A devotee of The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) temple in Vrindavan was arrested on Friday for allegedly assaulting children studying at the society-run Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International school.

The devotee, Devanand Das Pandit alias Devashish, a son of Harishankar Das resident of Kishori Kunj in Chaitanya Vihar of Vrindavan, has been charged with assaulting children between eight and years and 12 years of age and has been book under Protection of Children against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. Mathura police said the accused used to lure children to his house by offering them toffees and then assaulted them. Pandit also took children on car rides and then abused them. He thrashed children when they resisted, police said.

The matter came to light after a boy complained to his parents. The parents then approached the school principal, who went to the police.

An FIR under sections 323 (voluntarily causes hurt), 295 (Injuring or defiling place of worship with intent to insult the religion of any class) has been lodged against the man who is a regular visitor to the Iskcon temple.

The accused has also been charged with ¾ POCSO Act. The FIR has been lodged by Lokesh Kumar B, principal of the school.