Saturday, February 14, 2015

Disciples of my Disciples

[PADA: Wow! Persons engaged in illicit sex, drugs, rock and roll are "strict followers of the acharyas,"; "A person who is not liberated can act like an acharya" (by illicit sex, taking LSD and shooting at occupied buildings?); "Everyone is expected to be acharya" (which is why they kicked everyone out), etc. This tape is a hoot. Yep, they kicked out all the Western disciples and so now they have to rely on a foreign person who cannot even spell the word "disciple" as well. Hari Sauri and all the usual cheer leaders of the worship of illicit sex as messiahs are all assembled here. They seem to be a little sad and depressed as well, or is that just my view of this? ys pd] 

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