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Mexico Earthquake Report (Hari Gana Dasa)



The earthquake hit Puebla, a beautifully colonial style city, two and half miles from Mexico City. And it hit Mexico City really bad. They felt it that far. He said so far at least 200 people have died, children are trapped, and there are still more people inside destroyed buildings.

Hari Gana Dasa Prabhu said that, he and his friend Ramananda Raya Dasa, went chanting japa where many of the buildings were destroyed. He said they could hear people yelling and screaming for help. Hari Gana Prabhu said the people need water. They need food. There's no electricity in some of the areas. The damage is quite bad. 29 buildings completely destroyed!

Their famous hospitals have all the sick people out on the street.

Doctors don’t know what to do as some of the ill people were in intensive care, and now they are just in the middle of the street. He wasn't sure the word. But he said the United Nations sent a message because the underground could collapse, and if so it could also affect State of California. And could hurt Mexico City as well. If it happens, all of this should be within the next 48 hours. So they are on alert.

He said electricity power in his house is back. He put his Shaligrama Silas back to sleep and he's sleeping next to Them. If something happens, he’ll run out of the house with his Shaligarama Shilas only. He's very worried that his Shaligrama Silas stay safe. Pray for Them.

He said right before the Earthquake struck, just a few seconds before, he had jumped into the shower to shower. And Lol! Lol! Not funny, but he started to feel dizzy, and he thought to himself how dizzy he was feeling. But then suddenly he realized that he wasn't dizzy, it was an Earthquake!

Hari Gana Dasa Prabhu said that some of his photos of Srila Prabhupada fell from the walls and were broken.

So far ISKCON Radha Madan Mohana are all okay in Mexico City. It’s okay but tonight it’s a very important night, United Nations are saying in the next 48 hours there coud be another huge earthquake! So please keep all the devotees in Mexico in your prayers. Please pray for them. Hare Krsna.

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[PADA: Right, some folks are now trying to discredit the poison issue by saying this issue has no traction because it was forwarded by "the ritviks," so that means -- its not valid. Well maybe, but aren't these some of the same people who said: The bogus guru appointment issue; Gurukuli imbroglio issue; New Vrndavana et al. crimes issue; Book changes issue; Asset and property theft issue; Mad Acharya Disease issue; Hidden documents and appointment tape issue; Criminality issue -- ad infinitum -- are "not credible" because these issues are being forwarded by us folks? 

How is that working out for you guys? 

Seems to us that these issues are gaining significant traction more and more every day? Yep, blame the messenger, this does not always work very well. OK you guys slowed us down to some extent, but not actually halted our progress. Yes, all of these issues are being accepted more and more, and will be the "final accepted version of history" eventually. 

We also do not care if this issue is officially established in the legal courts of law or not, yes -- most of these issues were never established in legal courts, but the issues are being accepted and established in the courts of public and devotee opinion, and that is where we wanted all this to be solidified anyway. ys pd]          


We have compiled some interesting comments and questions from (and answers to) those who watched the films from the Truth Committee regarding the evidence and logical conclusions about Srila Prabhupada having been poisoned with cadmium at levels about 250 times above the normal average person. The response has been generally very positive and that the evidence has largely spoken for itself, and that the scientific proof from hair tests and audio forensics is conclusively convincing. 

Of course, there are those who have blocked minds or strong emotional hostility, and they invariably have not even understood what the evidence is, and they appear to have no desire to look at it openly. However, judging from the aftermath and responses, it seems the facts and evidence that Srila Prabhupada was indeed poisoned is profoundly changing the way devotees look upon many things, and especially as to what has happened since Srila Prabhupada physically departed forty years ago. 

The truth will do whatever it will do. No one has created an agenda to push from manufactured or contrived allegations. The evidence speaks for itself. We should always remember that Srila Prabhupada himself stated three times that he also thought he had been poisoned. And now modern science has confirmed that his statements are accurate and prophetic. What else would we expect from Srila Prabhupada? To say something we should not take seriously, as Tamal suggested?

(1). Gopalacharya das: “So I have watched it. Now, my question is, what is the next step? Will there be some case files against those who are alleged to be the murderers? If there is no follow up by legally charging those people the movie will remain just a conspiratorial documentary that many will disbelieve. Please let me known if there is going to be any legal action taken against those who conspired.”

OUR REPLY: Well, please don't think our committee has all the solutions or such great power to do wonders. But we are able to disseminate the facts and logical conclusions after compiling the evidence, which is compelling. So compelling that I would think anyone who can understand it, or who will look at it closely, can appreciate that this is not a conspiracy of an unfounded idea. 

The scientific proof is there, with so much circumstantial evidence as well. But getting a legal threshold established is a tough challenge, although it is in progress now. Meanwhile the effects on the movement from the collective acceptance and realization that senior disciples poisoned Srila Prabhupada, unauthorisedly took his place, and for 40 years injected all sorts of now dubious doctrines into the institution, will eventually change the landscape in dramatic ways now unforeseen. Let the truth do what it will.

(2). Mataji: “I had been trying to think of a way to objectively present this horrific crime to the public because the truth will bring justice. This third video, The Crime of the Millennium, is perfect. I am mailing the attached letter to The Washington Post and The New York Times. As for the LA Times, I was able to submit the letter online. The other entities required filling out a form online which I did today. Thank you for allowing me to help a little. We are going to get this in the mainstream news!”

OUR REPLY: Very nice. We much appreciate your assistance in this matter. You might send your letter to any number of local news outlets, newspapers, talk shows, etc. TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. If somehow you can get it onto UPI, AP, or one of the wire services, the story is picked up worldwide and is then available everywhere as an interesting story. If it's published (syndicated) even by a small newspaper in El Paso, then hundreds of papers around the world will choose that story to fill in their news of some particular day. 

Send it to as many as you can, not just one. Once published, then you have story credibility and others will become more interested. Like Oprah Winfrey: she does big stories on people after she discovers them in the news. What difference will it make? We are convinced that the wider the truth is known, the more that Srila Prabhupada’s mission will become rectified.

(3). A. Murty: “Hare Krishna. I don't think you are making a point; it's better we chant the Maha Mantra and be happy.”

ANONYMOUS REPLY: Ignoring this crime? Ignorance is bliss until the Yamadutas take those who choose to ignore and tolerate the crime of the millennium. You can go on chanting decade after decade but it will be offensive chanting and will not produce any Krishna Prema, if God's "best friend" is poisoned and you ignore it. Why would you insult Krishna with this chant and be happy talk? You only care for your own happiness?? That is called sense-gratification. 

And if you are giving instructions with your ignorant comment than you are no better than the criminals that try to silence us by telling us to shut up and just chant. We can't be happy until all these criminals get kicked out of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON and we must do our part each of us to make sure this happens. We owe this to Srila Prabupada. Without him we wouldn't even have the Maha-mantra.

(4). In response to Anuttama dasi’ article “Where’s The Outrage?”- Pratyatosh das wrote:

“The ISKCON GBC were criminally negligent by covering up the sexual molesting / raping of hundreds of helpless children who were put in their care by well-meaning parents. They even went so far as to keep this information secret from gurukula headmasters such as myself! Now they are being criminally negligent once again by covering up the proven poisoning of Srila Prabhupada! 

Why are they completely silent about this new proof? 

Why are they not verifying this new proof by testing Srila Prabhupada's hair samples for themselves, this time for cadmium? They belonged in jail for their child abuse cover-up. Now they again belong in jail for their cover-up of the cruel murder of Srila Prabhupada! Don't they even have a heart?”

OUR COMMENTS: We have no more hope that the ISKCON misleaders will do the right thing, nor guide the ISKCON institution anywhere but the deserts of deviation. They must be removed and the institution should be managed by interim caretakers while the devotees research, study, discuss, and debate what should be done by going back to Square One, as though it were the day after Srila Prabhupada departed. 

We must reject everything that has happened since then as the stained works of those who poisoned His Divine grace’s body and mission with doctrines meant to serve their own nefarious ambitions. How can poisoners be accepted as leaders or policy-makers?

(5). An excerpt from Where’s The Outrage? By Anuttama dasi in August 2017:

“The attitude that the murder of Srila Prabhupada is an unfortunate historical fact that has no bearing on the present situation is not only inaccurate, but it is also a symptom of a crime that is even greater than the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada's physical body; the greater crime is the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada's institution, ISKCON. What better way to destroy the most important institution in the world than to gradually add just enough poison that it is almost undetectable, just as they did to Srila Prabhupada's physical body? 

“Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.” --BG16-9. Nityananda das' book, Kill Guru, Become Guru gives a detailed timeline of our spiritual master's last months before his passing, including naming the people who had constant access to him. 

Because the poisoning was done over a period of many months, the poisoning had to have been done by someone in the inner circle. Those “inner circle” people are the same people who lied when they told us that Srila Prabhupada had appointed them as pure devotee acaryas. They are the same people whose philosophy and policies have poisoned our spiritual master's institution. Srila Prabhupada warned us that there are demons in the dress of Vaishnavas that we need to avoid.”

(6). “Srila Prabhupada is just like the savior of the world. His greatness cannot be stressed enough. These rakshasas... killing him slowly, softly, silently... are so sneaky. Deceiving and killing is done by snake-people who falsely project whatever seems expected to infiltrate, like HIV does. The lineages within ISKCON connected to the Cadmium Club need now to denounce and disavow the criminals to not be taken as part of the crime cover-up. 

Prabhupada was stolen away, and so was his ISKCON. When we pray together to Mahaprabhu that the dark curse be lifted and ISKCON again become a place of trust and devotion, He may find a way to fulfill His devotees desires. As bhaktas we know that it is up to Krishna to let the real followers of Srila Prabhupada restore order in the House of Prabhupada. 

If we don't go thru with this clean-up, the secret of the poison that killed Srila Prabhupada will become ISKCON's mortal cancer. Our love and admiration for The Global Archarya drives the movement to make ISKCON trusted again. Let the winds of Truth sweep ISKCON clean.” (Ram das)

(7). “What do you tell someone who says that they are not interested in poison issue since it happened 40 years ago (even if true) and that it just creates a disturbance to their devotional service? How to explain to them that they are in maya by remaining in blissful ignorance? Why are so many "devotees "disturbed by this but not by the lies of GBC? 

Varnasrama means truthfulness of the brahmins and justice by ksatriyas, doesn't it? Not audacious vaisya gurus, sudra GBC and caste Prabhupada disciples and slave like rank and file all rejecting the truth. They always clamor Vaishnava aparadha as a threat but what about aparadha to Srila Prabhupada?” (Mahatma das, Europe)

(8). “Thank you a million times for speaking out and showing all the proof of Srila Prabhupada,'s poisoning by the large dose of cadmium. Thank you for your courage in making the video " KIll Guru, Become Guru", I pray you keep safe from the guilty ones. The leaders of is gone seem to be trying to ignore everything. Is there to be criminal prosecution of those involved? Your servant, Labangalatika dd”

REPLY: Thank you, prabhu. Maybe there will be a criminal investigation. We are trying. But main thing is that all devotees should come to understand the fact that those who poisoned Srila Prabhupada to take his place as gurus are still running ISKCON today... That alone will eventually have major effects.

(9). From the heart of Texas, in Dallas:

“Now the history book is partially released and I am nearly finished with first part...the details and depth are amazing. How can you find so much information? The effects are not known now but Lord Krishna surely has a plan for Srila Prabhupada to speak and purify ISKCON. Here in Dallas the ISKCON devotees have a radio station at AM 700 full time bhakti radio .Recently I heard the Dallas temple president state that the problem with thousands of pages of your writing is that it will harm ISKCON.

He is not saying that anything is not true. He is stating that you are trying to destroy the Hare Krishna movement. He simply wants to keep his retirement account. Maybe many will believe this now? The report on ISKCON history is having some effect or he would not mention this on public radio. Possibly if we can have some syndicated TV CBS, NBC do a non-fiction mystery show on Srila Prabhupada's departing, then more devotees and the public will be interested. Now the evidence is perfectly presented and Krishna has some plan. I will try to find some investigative reporters who can push forward what you have documented.”

REPLY: Yes, there are at least five other devotees also working on this. Good plan.

(10). From Rasamanjari dasi, Fiji: “Srila Prabhupada says: "That is my only request. That at the last stage, don't torture me and put to death. " He felt the need to say such a thing to address what he realized was the actual situation. Srila Prabhupada never spoke without purpose.”

(11). From RedRockRishis: “It is possible. After all, it is Kali-yuga. Now, there is so much chaos going on in ISKCON, at different levels. Even the present GBC chairman recently shared the same concern, of many "fires" going on in the institution. I have personal experience also, of persons, devotees, members of the North American GBC, using deceit, corruption, and outright lying, to achieve their personal agenda. 

I am shocked by this kind of corrupt infiltration, seeping into Srila Prabhupada's glorious Movement. When it comes down to it, proof is proof. Where is the "proof" that Srila Prabhupada was NOT poisoned? I for one, am completely open to see it. As they say, seeing is believing.”

(12). “You have really proved the case beyond question I think. At least for any reasonable devotee and that's really all that matters. GREAT JOB. We all owe the Truth Committee. We all owe you so much that it is not possible for us to repay you any way except with our sincere thank you. ALL GLORIES TO SRILA PRABHUPADA!”

(13). “Srila Prabhupada’s final pastime very closely reminds me with that of Jesus Christ, as I was born Christian. Like Jesus on the cross Srila Prabhupada’s body was “nailed” to his bed and suffered numerous days of horrible torture. Jesus was described as extremely weak and dehydrated. Ultimately, Jesus died as a result of suffocation. No one can even imagine the intensity of such suffering. But, Jesus’ greatness is not that because he suffered he become so great. What is described by historians is that even with all the pain, Jesus thought of others rather than himself. 

This was the true greatness of the person Jesus Christ. His first words from the cross were, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” He thought of His mother, who stood by the cross weeping, and asked his beloved disciple John to take care of her. This is an example of a perfect leader.

“Srila Prabhupada, like Jesus Christ, also exemplified how to properly discharge one’s duty. Srila Prabhupada was above the modes of material nature. We are all born under the modes of nature, and by religious practice, following in the footsteps of great teachers like Jesus Christ and Srila Prabhupada, our goal is to purify our existence from the contamination of the material modes, and come to the spiritual platform. The death will be the final test, the final exam, and it will determine our next life. 

“By association with a pure devotee we may also become pure. But personally I do not recommend taking association with any of the so called leaders or gurus inside or outside of present ISKCON, because they are all conditioned souls. I am also a conditioned soul, so much sinful, but I do not want to contaminate myself even further by taking association with those who are trying to cover the clear light of Srila Prabhupada with their imperfections and impersonal vision. I personally condemn anyone who is preaching that Jesus or Prabhupada are dead and that we must accept a living conditioned soul as our spiritual master who is the only one capable to show us the path of liberation or love of God or Krsna. 

"Now some ISKCON “devotees” are even promoting that if their guru is not able to save them in this lifetime he will do it in one of their future lives, when the guru becomes perfect. It is all bogus philosophy and blasphemy against Jesus Christ or Srila Prabhupada’s clear teachings.

“I do not know what can be done in the present ISKCON. I have so much contamination of my own self. I am reading Bhagavad-gita As It Is, by Srila Prabhupada, and I hope by this association with a pure devotee my heart will somehow get little purified so I may get a glimpse of the spiritual vision of Lord Krsna and Srila Prabhupada. I can see here that there are still the disciples and followers of Srila Prabhupada who are sincere and very active -- not silent. They want to serve Srila Prabhupada and help him to spread his mission. 

"This I really appreciate, that nothing is completely lost and there is still hope for all of us. Only by the mercy of association with Srila Prabhupada and his sincere disciples and followers the whole world will get purified, of this I am so much convinced.”

(14). It is being seen that even those within ISKCON are accepting the poisoning as a fact, yet, amazingly, they now have some idea that this truth is a great threat, as conveyed in these messages:

“I live two blocks from Dallas temple… devotees here are stating openly that if this truth about Srila Prabhupada becomes known widely it will destroy Hare Krsna movement. I have the opposite opinion, so let us see how I can help.” (Anonymous)

“ISKCON has already been destroyed. The truth will help devotees see just how strong the material illusion really is and should revitalize the mission.” (Anuttama dasi, Sept. 6, 2017)

(15). From an ISKCON devotee via an intermediary:

“If he really wanted to get the GBC, assuming he had a case, he could just go to the relevant police authorities and they would jail the culprits if they were found guilty. Instead he is just blowing hot air. He has no case that is why he doesn’t bring it to the police. He doesn’t need GBC permission to bring it to the police. What he does need is a solid case that is up to standards of evidence in criminal law. 

"If he doesn’t have faith that his evidence is good enough for a police investigation then I have no interest in hearing his nonsense anymore. He is not interested in bringing wrong doers to justice he is just interested in attacking his enemies by any means possible. I will believe he is serious about justice when he brings it to the law, until then he is just another liar with an agenda.”

OUR COMMENTS: “Why is "take it to the police" a valid response? Is that what the GBC told the abused children? When the zonal acharya appointment lie was exposed? Why did the GBC investigate the “poison issue” in 1999? Of course, now there is dramatic new evidence that proves the poisoning. 

Does the GBC really want the mundane law authorities to meddle in ISKCON's business? They are just using this line because they know that they have a problem, and bluffing in hopes that a 40 year old case of poisoning cannot be legally prosecuted. But it will be, I am told. 

The other problem for the deniers is that the truth sticks with intelligent, honest persons, and so many devotees are appreciating the truth of this matter, and the credibility of and support for the ISKCON leadership continues to dwindle until one day soon there will be a revolution. They should consider their support base. 

Our job is to bring the unvarnished facts and figures directly to the devotees. The leadership is totally corrupt, unaccountable, unanswerable, defunct, and useless. No one is hoping for any good action from the GBC. They have already covered it all up, denied all the evidence, and are not honest, and could care less about the truth. There is no hope in them doing anything honest. 

They hate us because we speak the truth. How could we manufacture all this evidence of Srila Prabhupada's poisoning, which has its own merits? Until they look carefully at the evidence, the 1977 conversations, listen to the 1977 tapes in question, read the books on the subject, they have no idea what they're talking about. Of course, they are not interested in doing this, so they remain ignorant of the facts, although it appears many do not want the facts at all.
Aside from the legal aspect of Srila Prabhupada being poisoned, there are many other issues that arise that no mundane court is capable of addressing. 

If poisoners removed Srila Prabhupada to more quickly hijack the movement as the new controllers of the institution, then it only makes sense that all actions, policies, doctrines, and internal legislation that transpired during their illegal regime is to be highly suspected as poisonous as well. 

We would be well advised, even if we do not prove to the standards of mundane courts who committed the poisoning, that the mission has been poisoned with the works of demon poisoners. Would this not be a valid concern? That everything since 1977 was effected by Srila Prabhupada’s poisoners who took over as zonal acharyas and the next gurus who could not be questioned?

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Another Example of the Mad Acharya Disease.

PADA: Srila Prabhupada says when a neophyte person becomes guru artificially he will absorb sins, and this can cause him to get sick, fall down, or both -- from absorbing said sins. Many of these GBC guru folks fell down badly, and a number are now very ill, and a number have died prematurely. OK, its clear that absorbing sins is causing these neophytes to degrade and deteriorate. In fact, the Nectar of Instruction says that when a neophyte imitates the acharya, he will eventually become degraded. 

He will degrade, its certain. 

There is another more subtle factor involved here, this imitation can cause buddhi nasa, lost intelligence or even madness. A devotee was arguing with me about why so many apparent mad and foolish things are going on with the GBC's leadership. And this is certainly one explanation, they are losing their sanity by their offenses. This devotee did not have a really good counter point when we suggested this is a probable cause of their foolishness.

Of course our friends like Hanuman Croatia say, we ritviks should also take the post of diksha guru prematurely, so all of us can ALSO get sick, fall down, go mad, and die prematurely like the rest of this lot seems to be doing? Thanks but nein danke! 

Yep, more and more devotees agree with PADA, the living gurus program folks are gradually going off a cliff. So this should serve as a warning to all of us, do not attempt to imitate the acharyas, its not going to produce a good result for the individual or the society. Srila Prabhupada also told us not to stay overnight in the place where the rasa dance takes place, or we will go mad from that offense. Overall, madness can be seen as one symptom of people who are making offenses. The guru brother of Mahavishnu is now blessing dogs, yep these signs of going off the deep end are getting worse and not better. ys pd    

Satsvarupa's "devotee art"

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Hanuman (Croatia) Let's Remove The Guru Parampara List?

Hanuman das (Croatia)

Bhagavad Gita's guru list: no longer needed?

[PADA: Let's start with this first of all, here is what really happened historically: Most of these people like Rocana / Ajit Krishna / Torben / Hanuman et al. were formerly big promoters of the GBC's and their bogus living guru's idea. Then along came us (the ritviks) and we smashed and spoiled their bogus "living guru's" party by getting their program busted by: The FBI, Federal Marshals, Various police agencies, Federal Courts, Dallas courts, and had their gurus exposed in the mass public media etc. 

Actually, we are still working with some news media folks on some of these issues right now as we speak. 

Then we had their gurus sued for $400,000,000; Then we sued their gurus for changing the books; Then we said, ok your gurus apparently poisoned Srila Prabhupada. And now -- they just cannot admit defeat? They are still promoting their living guru idea, but self-evidently very upset we took their program to task?   

Anyway! Lets get straight to Hanuman's brand new complaint against Srila Prabhupada: the Bhagavad Gita guru's list must be removed! 

Hanuman das says (see below): Guru list should be abolished.

Srila Prabhupada gives us the "guru list" of the predecessor gurus in his parampara, either in the introduction to his Bhagavad or in other places. Hanuman das (Croatia) now says we no longer need this list, we can toss out the Bhagavad Gita guru (lineage) list because Hanuman says -- "no more guru lists." So we no longer need to follow the "list of acharyas," given by the acharya himself? Hanuman mysteriously knows that the list is -- no longer valid or needed? We are going to have a religion which does not list its saints, acharyas and gurus? Really?

How can we identify who is a bona fide guru, what is the actual parampara etc, -- if there is no "guru list" of participants for us to reference? Our other living guru pal Torben says basically the same thing, he does not want to "single out" who is bad (like Indradyumna), or who is bona fide in his guru line. OK so how can anyone else tell what his line is, or is not? We are going to preach to the public, we have no list of our chain of gurus and thus no system of authority from Krishna?  

Since their bogus previous "guru list" was full of so many defects, now we should have no list at all? We should NOW tell new people to throw away the list of gurus -- even though its given by the acharya. And the new people -- or anyone else -- can invent their own concocted list? How can anyone know who is a bona fide representative of the religion, and who is not, if there is no "list of members" of the bona fide chain? 

That would mean anyone and everyone can claim to be members of the chain, because now there will be no system of keep the list in order? Is this not the problem we have already with the GBC, they do not pay attention to who is and who is not in their guru list? Krishna Himself lists some of the people He spoke to previous to Arjuna, Krishna does not need to bother to list "who is who" either? The Vedas are full of examples of people following various guru lines, and taking great care to identify the members of their line. This is no longer required? The list of gurus is no longer bona fide? Why?   

Then there will be anarchy if there is no guru list, because for starters anyone who wants to claim they are on the list can do so with no checks and balances. Where does Srila Prabhupada say, we should allow anyone and everyone to claim they are members of the parampara, and moreover we must get rid of his existing guru list? 

In short: Where does Srila Prabhupada say we can remove his guru list? Where is the authority to do this? Where in fact does any acharya say we no longer need to adhere to their Gaudiya Vaishnava guru list? 

Rocana says basically the same thing, we cannot restrict anyone who wants to be guru. So there will be an open ended free for all, anyone who wants to declare they are acharyas can just say they are, and de facto add their name to the list (like a number of GBC gurus has done)? Sorry, this makes no sense, we need to follow Srila Prabhupada, and the first thing we need to do is, remove his guru list from everywhere? 

Where does he say this should be done? 

And if its a "free for all" of anarchy, i.e. there is no system to identify who is a bona fide representative or not, why is this much different from what the GBC does already? Amazing, the first thing we need to do to follow Srila Prabhupada is -- get rid of his parampara list?  

And worse, this allows anyone to claim to be on the list, its open ended for any Tom, Dick, Harry, and / or messiah wanna-be coming down the pike to add their own names willy nilly? OK that is basically what the GBC has done already, they added people willy nilly to their list of gurus? We do not know by now, this is a failure, we no longer need to list only bona fide persons, we can allow neophytes and others to be gurus -- who might be bogus? If anything, we should have learned by now to protect the list from dubious out croppings.]  


In this video, I will prove beyond reasonable doubt that rtviks are trying to kill Prabhupada if 4 major ways:

First is that they are trying to portrait Prabhupada as mundane crazy person.
Second is that rtviks are presenting Prabhupada as a deviant from the vaisnava siddhanta.

Third way the rtviks are killing Prabhupada is that they are claiming that he is not a guru. And fourth way they are trying to kill him is to portrait him as an ordinary person who is not empowered by Krishna.

In order to be rtvik, you have to insult Prabhupada is those 4 ways. Continue watching this video to see the explanation. Rtvik theory consequnce: 1. Prabhupada is crazy

You are probably wandering how rtvik philosophy makes Prabhupada look as a crazy, mundane person. Let’s give a definition first: Mundane, crazy person is someone who changes his views all the time. Prabhupada preached correct parampara philosophy which is recorded in his books, letters, lectures and conversations. What is a correct parampara philosophy?

Mohsin Hassan: Yeah, the tenth. After you, is it any decision has been made who will take over? Prabhupāda: Yes. All of them will take over. These students, who are initiated from me, all of them will act as I am doing. Just like I have got many Godbrothers, they are all acting. 
Similarly, all these disciples which I am making, initiating, they are being trained to become future spiritual masters. 

Mohsin Hassan: How many swamis do you initiated, American? I’m speaking just on… Prabhupāda: About ten. Mohsin Hassan: You have ten swamis. And outside of swamis, what’s the lower… Prabhupāda: Now, they’re competent. They can, not only the swamis, even the gṛhasthas, they are called dāsa adhikārī, and brahmacārīs, everyone can, whoever is initiated, he is competent to make disciples. But as a matter of etiquette they do not do so in the presence of their spiritual master. This is the etiquette. Otherwise, they are competent. They can make disciples and spread. (Room Conversation – July 18, 1971, Detroit)

[PADA: OK, and this is the whole problem, Hanuman cannot name even one person whom he thinks is competent to make his own disciples? Nor does he explain how we neophytes can absorb sins like Jesus and be diksha gurus, when Srila Prabhupada says we neophytes who act as diksha gurus will be overwhelmed by taking sins? 

And the GBC's gurus are famous for falling down, which even their followers sometimes say is -- from taking sins. We need to add more people to "the list" of fallen guru wanna-bes, and tell neophytes to take sins and imitate Jesus? Why does Hanuman think any neophyte can take the post of another Jesus, and absorb sins? 

Worse, we cannot worship Srila Prabhupada, we need to worship someone else, but -- no one else is named? So its better to worship no one than to worship Srila Prabhupada? Or worse, we should encourage neophytes to act as diksha gurus, so they will absorb sins, make pretend they are another Jesus, and then they often get sick, fall down and die prematurely from taking sins -- after Srila Prabhupada told us many times we neophytes are not authorized to absorb sins? Where does Srila Prabhupada say that we neophytes can be diksha gurus and absorb sins, and why does Hanuman never present this evidence? OK there is none ... the evidence is just the opposite, neophytes will get HIGHLY contaminated by taking sins and FAIL, and they ARE already failing left, right and center.]

This conclusion is proper according to the history of our sampradaya and all the teachings of previous acaryas. But rtviks claim that Prabhupada changed his mind, and in the last months of his presence on earth, make himself the only guru even after he leaves this world. Question is, why Prabhupada preached correct parampara philosophy and then suddenly changed his mind, you could have preached this nonsense from the very begining. But he didn’t.

[PADA: In 1977 he changed his mind, he said suspend sannyasa. Of course he could change anything he wanted to, especially if the previous system was causing problems? So the people he said are not fit for sannyasa in 1977, are fit to be parampara gurus in 1978?]

So, rtviks portrait Prabhupada as somebody who is changing is mind after preaching the opposite thing during the whole ISKCON history.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada never named anyone as a successor? He also said among my God brothers no one is qualified to be acharya, so do not make false acharyas like my 1936 God brothers did. We cannot simply rubber stamp people as gurus, its not the system. He never implemented a successor guru system for his disciples?] 

But Prabhupada was not crazy, and Prabhupada was not changing his opinions constantly like mundane persons.

Rtvik theory consequence: 

2. Prabhupada is deviant from the vaisnava siddhantha

[PADA: And that is the siddhanta, only a pure devotee can be the acharya, this is stated many times by Srila Prabhupada. Therefore no one can add their name to the list of acharyas without authority from Krishna.]

Prabhupada always followed sastra and his own guru, Bhakti siddhantha Sasvati.

[PADA: And Srila Bhaktisiddhanta also said the same thing, make a Governing Body and not false diksha gurus.]

And he followed them perfectly. He never deviated from the instructions of previous acaryas. And therefore Prabhupada is so glorious, because he upheld proper conclusions and proper transcendental knowledge. Many people suggested to Prabhupada that he should relax 4th regulative principle a little bit, but he didn’t.

[PADA: So we should relax the standards for acharyas now, to include neophytes? We have not seen yet that this does not work? Or promote an acharya who does not have any existence or name? Or what?]

But, if you are rtvik, you have to believe without any evidence, that Prabhupada introduced zombie guru nonsense which we don’t find anywhere in any scripture or in any vaisnava sampradaya.

[PADA: But Hanuman is the person who is promoting a ghost or zombie guru? His guru has no name, no address, no physical evidence of existing anywhere? We need to worship a phantom zombie, and not worship the pure devotee?]

Person who introduces dead guru tattva or any other nonsense is actually deviant from the proper vaisnava siddhanta. So, by claiming that Prabhupada introduces himself as a guru who will initiate although not physically present, rtviks in fact claim that Prabhupada is deviant person.

Rtvik theory consequence: 3. Prabhupada is not guru

Crown jewel argument by rtviks is that Prabhupada never named is successor gurus, Prabhupada never named disciples who will continue giving diksa and that is true.

[PADA: And neither can Hanuman name any other person who is the guru now? He only says Srila Prabhupada is not the guru? Hanuman can only identify who is not his guru, but he does not know -- who is? Srila Prabhupada is NOT my guru, ok fine, then who is? Nobody!]

Rtviks claim that only if guru directly tells you that you are next guru or he writes down list of names, then you can become guru. And then they say, Prabhupada never told anybody to become next diksa guru.

[PADA: That is true, who did he say would be the next guru?]

Additionally, rtviks claim that Prabhupada gave the FINAL ORDER, in which he named rtviks and that system should continue after he dies. So, this is really their crown argument, which is based on ignorance.

Now first we should give background of so called FINAL ORDER. This order was given because Prabhupada was sick and couldn’t travel, and list of his disciples waiting for initiation kept growing more and more. In order to solve that issue, Prabhupada established such a system that his senior disciples can give beads to disciples, which is very practical solution.

Now, I will give you example how stupid FINAL ORDER theory really is. Now imagine that I am a guru, and I tell my disciples I have to drink a lot of lemonade to cure myself. And I make a written order that all disciples should bring me lemons so that a lemonade can be made for me.

After a few weeks, I leave this world, and disciples without reading any of my books say, the only way to go back to spiritual world is to drink lemonade. We will not have anymore gurus and disciples, we will just drink lemonade, that is Hanuman’s final order. Is that reasonable? No, that’s just means you are stupid.

[PADA: But you also do not name any other guru yourself?]

Now, for discussion sake, let’s say that rtviks are right, that you can’t become a guru unless you have direct order by your own guru. So, you guru should come to you and say “After I die, you can start initiating disciples.” That is what rtviks are preaching, you can not become guru unless directly ordered by your own guru. By giving such stupid statement, rtviks actually claim that Prabhupada is not guru.

[PADA: OK well Srila Prabhupada says Krishna directs a PURE person to be guru by being seated in the heart of the PURE guru, the internal chaitya guru manifests externally as the representative of Krishna. So yes, without Krishna giving internal dictation to the guru, who else will? 

Fact: pure devotees get their orders to be guru or anything else from Krishna, or from the external representative of Krishna -- to be guru. Of course! Hanuman says a person can be guru, with no order from these higher authority? That is the whole problem.]

Rtvik theory consequence: 4. Prabhupada is not empowered

Prabhupada was hoping to make at least one pure devotee, and rtviks claim that he couldn’t make any pure devotees who would continue parampara and therefore he decided to put himself as the only guru even after he dies.

[PADA: OK and who is the current pure devotee? Hanuman says we Prabhupada devotees are bogus for offering our bhogha, disciples and everything to Srila Prabhupada, ok so who should we offer to instead? We never said a person could not be empowered, we said Hanuman never tells us who that is?]

Prabhupāda: I don’t make any compromise with these rascals. No words. No, no. I never made that. Even if I don’t get any disciples, I’ll be satisfied. But I can’t make any compromise like these rascals. I cannot make. Ekaś candras tamo hanti na ca tārā sahasrasaḥ. If I create one moon, that is sufficient. I don’t want many stars. That was my Guru Mahārāja’s principle, and that is my principle. What is the use of having number of fools and rascals? If one man understands rightly, he can deliver the whole world. Morning Walk, March 23, 1974, Bombay)

Prabhupada was hoping to make one pure devotee, and rtviks claim that he couldn’t make any pure devotees who would continue parampara, therefore they are very much eager to attack current ISKCON gurus. If no ISKCON guru is bonafide, then they hope they people will accept rtvik system.

But as I already explained, rtvik system is philosophically flawed, and only way for rtviks to win is to produce better gurus than ISKCON has. But they are not doing that, therefore they are hypocrites.

[PADA: Wow! Hanuman thinks gurus are "produced," something like a car factory "makes cars." Sorry! We do not produce pure devotees, a pure devotee is a person who is in direct contact with God. He is not "produced" by us conditioned souls, he is an internally self-realized soul. We cannot "produce" purity, it either exists by internal purity due to connection to GOD, or it does not. We can "produce" connection to God, like we produce plastic bottles in a factory? Nope! 

This is totally foolish, we are going to "produce" pure devotees, like a factory produces cars, bottles and so on? This is a mundane idea of guru, he is not produced by us, much less us fallen neophytes, he is produced by Krishna. Guru is internally self-realized, and then he is DIRECTLY empowered by Krishna, saksat hari tvena, he is not "produced" by us neophytes speculating on these issues. If its so easy to produce pure devotees, why hasn't Hanuman made them himself?]  


Everybody is born as a fool.

Nobody doesn’t want to submit.

Rtviks start initiating disciples.

Guru list should be abolished.

[PADA: Sum up!

1) Srila Prabhupada's Gita guru list needs to be abolished, no more guru lists. We need to take out all the lists of gurus and their parampara systems made in the Gita / Chaitanya Charitamrtas etc. by Srila Prabhupada? What!

2) Ritviks need to take the post of diksha guru, absorb sins, and get sick, fall down and die. There is not a big enough pile of dead bodies from this deviation already? Thanks a lot! 

3) Only Krishna can produce a pure devotee, but us neophytes can do the same job as Krishna, and start "producing" pure devotees? A conditioned person cannot even produce a flea, never mind start producing pure devotees?

4) We should worship a non-existing phantom guru, a ghost or a zombie.

5) We should offer bhogha to -- apparently, nobody at all? No one is named?

6) Srila Prabhupada said his India born scholarly God brothers are not qualified to be acharyas, but the mleccha class will be now?

7) Hanuman is number one at criticizing his own living gurus?

8) Hanuman is clearly a mayavada, he does not worship anyone, he says we cannot worship the pure devotee, we should instead worship a person who has no identity, a zombie phantom. 

9) Yes, neophyte devotees who are not YET pure can act as representatives of the acharya, as preachers or priests aka ritviks. Why should we telescope the title of pure devotee upon these neophytes?

10) Anyway, these folks like Rocana / Torben / Ajit / Hanuman / etc. they have no living guru at all, and that is why they cannot produce realistic programs, temples, books, devotees or anything else of substance. They cannot produce followers because there is no one in their program to promote as their factual acharya. 

So they will never amount to anything, meanwhile our Prabhupadanuga devotees are making programs, temples, books, devotees and so forth, because at least we can identify the person whom we all worship as our acharya. 

Anyway good idea, do not worship the GBC gurus, do not worship Prabhupada either, and that leaves us with -- we have to worship you, Mr. Hanuman? He is our newly self-appointed leader? Will this fly? You tell us! Yes, Srila Prabhupada says if you do not name your guru, you are making yourself the guru. Hanuman does not name any guru, because he thinks it is he -- himself. Another GBC guru wanna-be. He never tells us who to surrender to, because he wants us to surrender to him, and this is the same tricks used by Tamal and co. We are on to these tricks by now!

ys pd] 

ISKCON's Tower of Babel / Parallels to the Material World

[PADA: A devotee woman from Europe says that most of the devotees over there where she is are living like shell shocked war victims who are dazed, confused, discouraged and dysfunctional. All because -- they have heard so many contrary things over the years, their brains are spinning, and they thus cannot figure out where to even start to clear their thinking up. 

And thus -- the devotee community overall is like "the Tower of Babel." Everyone is talking but no one understands what the other is saying. Hee hee, right!

There are so many camps and endless diversions: 

*** Some have fully or partially swallowed the GBC's and / or their bogus guru appointment / guru voting process; 

*** And / or / fully or partially swallowed the ideas of people who supported the bogus GBC guru appointment, like Sridhara, Narayana maharajas and others; 

*** And / or / fully or partially accepted that conditioned souls can absorb sins as diksha gurus; 

*** And / or accept that gurus fall down left, right and center; 

*** And / or accept that we were told to go to the Gaudiya Matha; 

*** And / or accept that pure devotees are often falling into being debauchees; 

*** And / or accept that debauchees gurus can "vote in" another wave of gurus; 

*** And / or accept that Srila Prabhupada secretly appointed Gaura govinda or others as acharyas, and so on ad infinitum. 

Of course then we have some so-called ritviks who are listening to Alex Jones, Bob Dylan, and perhaps Hitler, and promoting the GBC guru's supporting writings of Bhakta Das and Hari Sauri. Then we have Ajit, Torben and Kim Moller who say worship of Srila Prabhupada is the worst deviation there is, and we need to join Rocana and find some conditioned souls to do pooja to. And thus we need to place the photos of conditioned souls on the altars and offer our bhogha to the photos of deviant people who are falling down, left, right and center. Ummm, even cannibals do not worship illicit sex and drugs deviant lineages as their messiahs?   

Confusion, on steriods.

She says the only good news is that some of these confused people have decided to try to do more harinama samkirtana to avoid sitting around thinking about all these contrary foolish ideas. And she says, all of this proves that KALI Yuga has influenced the Krishna society. Yup! Anyway, here is another example of people who are attempting sorting out these things in their own way, and yes, there are parallels between how the mundane society brain washes people into deviations and how the GBC leaders have done a similar thing. 

This of course happens in real life -- when we take the wrong turn off on the freeway, then start running around in the neighborhood without a map, we keep making the wrong turns. We need to get back to the map of how things needed to be done according to Srila Prabhupada. !!! 

Right now we are again being interviewed by more news persons, and they also cannot believe that (A) the leaders would promote one giant deviation if not criminal action after another and that (B) the flock would not barely protest. So it does seem like there was a mass infiltration of illusion by one means or another, to suppress the worship of Krishna and keep Kali going. In any case, more and more people are waking up and unraveling all this, and they are coming to the right idea. Time is on our side. 

ys pd]     

[PADA: Ummm, madness, yup, what happens when people deviate from the orders of Krishna and the acharyas. Agreed! ys pd]


Parallels between what is happening in the material world and what is happening in the devotee world suggest a sinister conspiracy


Nothing is as it seems. Lies are accepted as the truth and truth speakers are treated as criminals, or shunned as heretics. Enmity is fostered while real crimes are hidden. We could be talking about present day ISKCON, or we could be talking about present day USA. The parallels are eerie. In fact the parallels are so pronounced that it is almost as though the events are following some sort of master plan. 

Is it possible that some sort of Sinister Movement is controlling events both ISKCON and the material world ? This article will examine the parallel events and explore the possibility that there are actual demons working behind the scenes in an effort to create the maximum discord while minimizing genuine spiritual pursuits.

Before we examine the parallel events, what did Srila Prabhupada say about the present existence of actual demons? We all know that there were shape-changing demons 5000 years ago when Krsna was displaying His pastimes, but are there still such demons? While it makes sense that such beings would be more likely to prosper in our modern times, compared to when Krsna was personally present, it is actually irrelevant whether the demons inhabit bodies with human DNA or have shape-changing bodies. The Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter 16 gives a complete in-depth analysis of the demonic mentality that is very prevalent today. We can conclude that yes, there are certainly demons walking the Earth today.

Another issue that should be considered is: are the demons capable of cooperating in a grand conspiracy such as to take over ISKCON or to take over the world ? Interestingly, the fact that the phrase “conspiracy theory” has been effectively weaponized, is a clue. After the JFK assasination, the CIA document 1035-960 examines how to discourage people from researching the flimsy explanation about the assassination by labeling alternate explanations as “conspiracy theories.” 

Another clue regarding whether demons are capable of cooperating in grand plans to take over is the book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a translation of a work first published in the Russian magazine Znamya, in 1903. This booklet describes a comprehensive plan and philosophy to take over the world. While the origin and authenticity of the “Protocols” has been widely questioned, a response to their validity was aptly summed up by Henry Ford, "The only statement I care to make about The Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on." A reasonable conclusion as to whether the demons are capable of cooperating in conspiracy is: yes.

Srila Prabhupada's Departure Parallels 9-11

In 1977 the devotee world was devastated with the physical departure of His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada. While a few devotees were troubled with events they witnessed or rumors that they heard regarding the circumstances of Srila Prabhupada's departure, most of ISKCON accepted the official story and vowed to cooperate with pushing on the movement our founder-acarya built.

In 2001 the materialistic world was stunned by the destruction and disintegration of the two tallest buildings in the World Trade Center. Although some newscasters at the time of the collapse of the towers compared the disintegration to a controlled demolition, the official story was that the buildings collapsed due to the fire from the jet fuel of the airplanes that flew into the buildings. Most people accepted the official explanation that the event was the works of some dastardly terrorists living in caves in Afghanistan.

The Big Lie Parallels the Iraq / Afghanistan Wars

Shortly after Srila Prabhupada's passing, 11 leading disciples announced that Srila Prabhupada had recognized them as pure devotees and appointed them as acaryas. They were to be worshiped on the same level as Krsna and were to be considered as the sum total of all the demigods. Almost all of their God siblings accepted this Big Lie. Although the truth that they were only appointed as ritviks (officiating for the spiritual master) came out in subsequent years, they were never held accountable for this Lie, and only one of them has sought forgiveness.

Shortly after 9-11 the US Government announced that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, was involved in 9-11 and was a threat to the US. They launched a war which resulted in the deaths of (conservatively) at least 1.5 million Iraqis. They also launched a war in Afghanistan citing that Afghanistan was the country harboring the dastardly terrorists responsible for 9-11. In subsequent years, the truth came out that the US government knew that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and was not a threat the the US. But no one in the government or military was held accountable for these lies and unnecessary deaths.

The Take-over of the Book Trust Parallels the Take-over of the US Constitution

Srila Prabhupada set up a irrevocable trust, the BBT, with the beneficiaries of the trust being the ISKCON temples. This Trust was set up to be completely independent of ISKCON and the trustees were instructed to distribute 50% of the income to build new temples, and 50% for the printing of more of Srila Prabhupada's books. Somehow or other, the copyrights from Srila Prabhupada's books were signed over to a corporation named the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. 

This BBTi is not a trust, which is an entity that performs for the benefit of the beneficiaries (the ISKCON temples), but rather a corporation that performs for the purposes it was created to fulfill. Most devotees still remain in the dark about the enormous aparadh that was committed by signing away the copyrights from the valid trust. Additionally, in a lawsuit, the BBTi claimed that Srila Prabhupada never owned the copyrights to his works, but rather he was a paid author who was a "worker for hire" by ISKCON to write books.

Shortly after 9-11 Congress decided that the government could no longer be restrained by the confines of the Constitution and passed a series of illegal laws starting with the Patriot Act, a law that, among other things, strips the Constitutional rights of US citizens or other people that interact with the US. Most Americans remain in the dark regarding the flagrant misuse of power that the Patriot Act represents. Like the BBTi that sounds legitimate, the Patriot Act sounds like something that would benefit patriots.

The Book Changes Parallel the “Laws” that Ignore the Constitution

The BBTi commissioned Jayavaita S. to “edit” Srila Prabhupada's books resulting in more than 5000 changes in the Bhagavad-Gita alone. There is no precedent for posthumously editing the works of a pure devotee and in fact setting a precedent that it is OK to edit paves the way for the books in the future to be changed to the point that they could become unrecognizable.

Numerous “laws” and signing orders have been enacted by the US government that completely ignore the constitution. People can now be illegally searched and have their property seized without legal recourse. People can even be killed or detained, again with no charges or recourse.

Pedophilia in ISKCON Parallels Pedophilia in the US government

There is no sane world where the word “pedophile” should be used in the same sentence as guru, GBC or sannyasi. However...

When Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Pedesta's, e-mails were made public by Wikileaks, they revealed some sort of code that seemed to be talking about child abuse. Additionally the e-mails referred to something called “spirit cooking”, a supposedly harmless pursuit of calling spirits by using blood, semen and breast milk.

Divide and Conquer Propaganda Parallels Divide and Conquer Propaganda

When the truth about the Big Lie became exposed, some devotees demanded that Srila Prabhupada's instructions in the July 9th letter be discussed and that changes be made in the management of ISKCON so that the Big Liars would be removed from power. The ISKCON management responded by stripping any devotee who wanted to discuss these matters from any post or position and banning him/her from speaking on ISKCON premises. The ISKCON management placed a derogatory label on such devotees, calling them “ritviks.” They encouraged God siblings to take sides and to ban / shun any devotee who has a different understanding of Srila Prabhupada's instructions than their own.

White vs. black, conservative vs. liberal, native born vs. immigrants, heterosexual vs. whatever: in the US divisions seem to be getting stronger and seem to be encouraged by the media

Poisoning the Philosophy Parallels, well, Poisoning

When Srila Prabhupada was physically present, we all knew that our only way to Krsna was through the grace of His pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada. So the Big Lie capitalized on that understanding when they told us that they were recognized by Srila Prabhupada as being pure devotees, capable of delivering conditioned souls from the cycle of birth and death. Unfortunately the 11 Big Liars were unable to behave as though they were pure devotees, and it was their activities that exposed the fact that they were, in fact, spiritually neophyte conditioned souls. 

Once it became glaringly apparent that they couldn't possibly be pure devotees, they didn't step down, apologize and admit their deceit: they simply changed the philosophy. Now in ISKCON, if it turns out that your spiritual master, whom you've vowed to serve eternally, is obviously a conditioned soul, you can just take another initiation from one spiritual master after another until you hit on one who doesn't obviously fall down. 

This is a poisonous philosophy that will result in the disciple accompanying his spiritual master to a very unfortunate destination:

“By false religious sentiments they present a make-show of devotional service, indulging in all sorts of immoral principles, & still pass as spiritual masters & devotees of God. Such violators of religious principles have no respect for the authoritative acaryas, the holy teachers in the strict disciplic succession; & to mislead the people in general they themselves become so -called acaryas, without even following the principles of the acaryas.

"These rogues in human society are the most dangerous elements &, for want of religious government, they pass on without being punished by the law of the state. They cannot, however, avoid the law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in Bhagavad Gita that envious demons, in the garb of religious propagandists, shall be thrown into the darkest regions of hell (Bg. 16.19-20). It is confirmed in Sri Isopanisad that the pseudo religionists are heading toward the most obnoxious place in the universe after finishing with the spiritual mastership business, which is simply for the matter of sense gratification.” 

Isopanisad, Text 12, Purport

In the material world a body needs air to breathe and food to eat. At this point in history, the air is increasingly poisoned due to geo-engineering and it is very difficult to find food that isn't genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals or treated with radiation. Medicines are contaminated with mercury and other poisons, causing illness and even death.


There are many more parallels which could be included in this article with those listed being the most compelling. While it is possible that these parallels are just random similarities, a more reasonable explanation is that there is an actual plan which is being followed by demons and which is applied to any organization that they want to destroy. The plan is laid out in the book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and it is irrelevant whether that book is factually written by demons, or is an expose of what could have been written by demons. The book gives details about how to manipulate people's minds through propaganda and lies in order to take complete control.

As aspiring devotees of Srila Prabhupada, our mission is to fight the illusory energy. Fortunately although the material energy seems to have the upper hand, all we have to do is to pray for some divine help and it will be available. One of the first ways to access that divine help is to be willing to hear the truth, even if it is unpalatable. I urge devotees who are still serving in ISKCON to demand that the truth be revealed, to insist that the pure philosophy that the way back to Godhead is through the pure devotee, and to insist that Srila Prabhupada's murder be fully investigated with the culprits being brought to justice.