Friday, December 22, 2017

Deadliest Decade / The Krishna Killers / ID show (video)

[PADA: Yep, this is what folks like me and Sulochana were up against in the 1980s. Pretty heavy handed opponents, all being enabled, promoted and guided by the GBC, self-advertised "ultimate managers of ISKCON." A number of people have told me, its amazing you survived opposing these folks, its a miracle you were not killed as well. True dat! ys pd

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I really did not know the extent of the crimes of these criminal gurus. True, when demons dress as devotees it becomes very scary for the devotees and for the rest of the world. "Most dangerous elements in human society." We need to know that demons can pose as devotees and come into our Krishna society and create problems, and it is amazing that "just about everyone knew" Chakradhari had been murdered and they just remained silent and did not speak up, which set the stage for further murders. That means its our duty to speak up and stop this activity when it starts at the begining. This is a warning to all devotees for the future to look out for such deviations and the persons creating them. Thanks again, very informative. It also looks like the Brooklyn temple is another victim of the same GBC, Goonda Bogus Club of rascal's. BT


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