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ISKCON Losing Another Temple? (Hanuman Das)

Hanuman das Croatia

Really upset! 

PADA attacked his messiah Bhakti Vikas Swami: 

AKA chief bucket boy of the molester acharya's project.

PADA: ISKCON has already lost probably tens of thousands of devotees, and the millions and billions of dollars those devotees would have contributed had they been part of the society. Many devotees were simply purged out, while others were siphoned off by the GBC, with their policy of making folks like Sridhara Maharaja the shiksha gurus of ISKCON. The GBC spawned its own competition for ISKCON by advocating and creating all these off shoot "guru lines" of authority. That process simply continues now with Sacinandana swami making the babajis another off shoot line to siphon people away from ISKCON.

BVKS: Sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka swami, 
leader of the Mayapura molester program and apparently, one of the chief leaders in the poison sabha that attacked Srila Prabhupada?

That has been the GBC's program all along, thousands and thousands were siphoned off when the GBC made various Babajis, Narayan Maharaja, Fakir Mohan, Ramesh Baba and others into the shiksha advisers of all of ISKCON, or for various GBC and / or sectors of ISKCON.  

Over the years, the GBC's policy of assisting these various pied pipers taking off with thousands and thousands of people has helped ISKCON become severely depleted and drained ... with an ongoing problem of lost manpower, money, assets, and sometimes entire buildings are lost and so on. 

The GBC also lost the Bangalore temple and its congregation for other reasons, most likely the Bangalore temple did not want to become another victim of this off shoot siphoning process. And lest we forget, Croome Court, the Oklahoma farm, the New York 55th street temple were sold, San Francisco temple was closed, the Berkeley houses sold, Mt. Kailash farm sold, Three Rivers farm sold, Lake Huntington farm was lost, and various other temples and farms were lost, sold, closed, and essentially destroyed as functioning preaching projects by the GBC. And while they drained down ISKCON they built up the Sridhara / Narayana / Babajis programs, and they still are.

Thus most of the few remaining people left over in ISKCON were given away to various other gurus, sampradaya lines, and assorted "competing with ISKCON" programs and so forth. Now Hanuman das says this same "siphoning off to competing guru factions" is starting to take place in Eastern Europe. Well yes, that has been their post-1977 program from day one. Of course these "advisors" were generally hand maidens to the whole bogus GBC guru regime by helping them along with "advice" "rasika classes" and so on.


ISKCON Temples lost due to lack of fault finding

By Hanuman das article:  Brooklyn, Croatia, Zagreb 

Today, we are gonna discuss how a major lack of fault finding affects ISKCON in the most gross way. A few days ago, I received an email with newest update on the stolen Brooklyn temple. You can read it on the link which I inserted, but basically, what is happening will be a long and gruesome battle around a very valuable building.

But, intelligence means to be able to recognize the root cause of the disease, not only the symptoms. Symptom is that Srila Prabhupada’s temple is being stolen in a very open way. But why this has happened, that is the real question. Well, the GBC Body also didn’t do their duty of pedophile cleanup 20 years ago, when they were supposed to turn all the pedophiles over to the police. 

They [and many of their congregation members] looked the other way, because “fault finding” is bad. And pedophiles were always given “another chance” instead of being reported to the police. Years and years of lack of such fault finding resulted in the now well known Turley case. So, you see, if we don’t want to do our own fault finding, lawyers and criminal courts will have to do fault finding for us.

[PADA: Right, as soon as we suggested that there was a child abuse program, never mind so many other abuses and crimes, a number of ISKCON people including Hanuman Croatia's so-called "living gurus," for the most part complained that we are bogus ritviks with "an agenda." The GBC's gurus like Bhakti Vikas swami, who allowed / enabled / empowered / co-sponsored all this nonsense are the same "gurus" Hanuman Croatia wants us to surrender to -- even up to today. 

And oddly Hanuman still thinks the people who opposed his criminal guru's regime have "a ritvik agenda." OK agreed, the ritviks have been the main / only people opposing Hanuman's false gurus for the past decades. That means Hanuman wanted no one objecting?

Of course, the actual "ritvik agenda" is to re-establish the worship of Srila Prabhupada, and eliminate the worship of deviants, so it has to be eliminated! Why does Hanuman Croatia keep saying that Krishna's idea of worship of His pure devotee is "an agenda"? Isn't this Krishna's "agenda" and not ours?

Why does Hanuman Croatia still think: the orchestrating group of mass molesting; making temples into ghost towns; selling temples; and bringing in outside authority like Babajis, Fakir Mohan, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Ramesh Baba etc; and promoting the worship of sexual predator messiahs ... and so on, are bona fide acharyas? 

Aren't all these people birds of a feather, involved in orchestrating, organizing, creating, facilitating, allowing, enabling, if not supporting this regime -- all collectively responsible for the results? Why are some of the people in this regime still considered as bona fide gurus by folks like Torben / Ajit / Hanuman Croatia etc.?

Of course others have also opposed us for trying to put the brakes on the bogus guru appointment issue, changed books issue, abuse issue, poison issue and so on. Which is why Sulochana says, birds of a feather flop together.]

As a result of Turley case, many ISKCON temples changed ownership from being directly owned by ISKCON, to being owned by strange foundations, such as in case of Brooklyn temple, the owner is Bharati foundation. And because GBC did major mistakes in setting up this foundation, ISKCON is now losing this temple. Which is not really a problem, since GBC body didn’t deserve to manage Prabhupada’s society, since they are supporting sannyasis with female secretaries, this is something that Prabhupada was strongly against.

[PADA: OK these deviating people are not minor league sadhaka sannyasas, they are being advertised as God's pure devotee successors, parampara members, gurus and acharyas etc. Yes, they do not deserve to manage Srila Prabhupada's society anyway, so if the society is further sold, closed and lost, its not his society that is being lost anyway.]

But even worse than obvious loss of temples, there are temples which are stolen in indirect way. They are still officially in ISKCON, but you are no longer allowed to repeat Prabhupada’s teachings there. One such example is temple Zagreb. Sacinandana baba, ISKCON's “guru” who is travelling with his girlfriend for the last 10 years and follows Ramesh baba was not dealt with, because we should not do “fault finding”. But since GBC didn’t do fault finding, Prahladanananda Swami was forced to lie to protect Sacinandana baba. 

ISKCON gurus should not lie, but if you protect a sannyasi / guru with a female secretary, because you are not allowed to do “fault finding”, then you sink deeper and deeper in the sahajiya toilet. So, what is the situation today? There are two opposed Sacinandana baba factions in Zagreb, and they are waging war for years in order to secure the building and its few petty followers. This underlying sahajiya war is visible even on the official website of ISKCON Croatia:

My translation and commentary is as follows:

In a last few weeks, from several devotees, we got information that group of individuals connected with a private center in the city are spreading lies about temple in Bizek, devotees who are connected with the temple and GBC for Croatia, his holiness Prahladananda Swami. They are spreading this lies within their own circle which is then further related to new people.

*** What lies? These people are so ignorant, that they don’t know that if you want to disprove some attack officially, you have to at least say what is your document all about. What lies? And you can also see the Gestapo mentality. “Private center” in the city is run by Sacinandana Swami's disciple Sundarananda das. 

Well, if he opened his “private center”, I guess he can preach whatever his likes. But no, “temple authorities” don’t allow Sundarananda to preach what he wants within his own circles. You can see the depth of censorship ocean in Zagreb. By the way, it is worth mentioning that those same guys kicked Sundarananda out one year ago. And now they are very surprised that he is preaching against them. 

But you see, they will never create problems when Sundarananda brings Ramesh followers to Croatia, they will never speak strongly against their fake guru Sacinandana Swami who travels with his girlfriend. On the contrary, they will ban everybody who dares to say something against Ramesh baba or divine secretary tattva. So, to sum up, they are really ideologically very similar to Sundarananda.

So we decided to write this statement by which we repeat what everybody who comes to the temple already knows, that everybody is welcome to come to darsan of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, offer service, and to engage according to capabilities and rules of temple because it is the temple of all of us. We are keeping high spiritual standards, and we lead transparent finances. 

As authorised body within zagreb yatra for giving recommendations for initiations, we give recommendations to all devotees according to standards. We are organising various programs in the temple, in the city and everybody is invited to join and give contribution to development of our community and reputation of ISKCON.

My God, for a long time I didn’t see so many lies in one paragraph. First of all, everybody is not welcome to temple, for example, I am banned because I don’t like Ramesh baba and I don’t believe in divine female secretary for sannyasis. You can see their full letter in English and Croatian when they banned me. 

Then, they say that they “keep high spiritual standards”, their spiritual standards are so high that they accept sannyasis and gurus with female secretaries as their guru, they also organise “Drug dealer, women hunter festival“. Also their main festival preacher is caught traveling with young girls in his third marriage. 

I wouldn’t call that high spiritual standards. So, yes, everybody is invited to join in, as long as you are brainless and don’t see anything wrong in deviations which they are doing. And this is the very reason why nobody wants to join their fake society, place of mainly sahajiya in Zagreb is already taken by Sundarananda, and all sahajiya followers already went to join him. 

From the other side, genuine Prabhupada followers are not interested to follow their small Gestapo regime, which is just a bad copy of Sundarananda’s sahajiya heaven. In other words, they are banning real Krishna consciousness, and in the same time they are not fully Ramesh, so, they are basically nowhere.

In case somebody is telling you something opposite of this, or you have some question, please email us or call (, or Govinda-nanda phone 091 575-0472), because we want to remove intentional untruths and give you personal experience so that you could bring your own conclusion.

Yours in the service of Prabhupada, temple board Zagreb, International society for Krishna consciousness.

My God, “yours in the service of Prabhupada“. What hypocrites. Prabhupada was against sannyasis with female secretaries, Prabhupada was against Ramesh sahajiya nonsense, if you really want to have personal experience, try going to temple Zagreb and saying publicly that “Ramesh baba is nonsense, and that all his followers such as Sacinandana baba are also nonsense” and you will very quickly find out that this crew doesn’t have anything to do with Prabhupada.


So, we gave two examples of what happens when you miss a dose of fault finding, one was very straightforward, where Brooklyn temple was stolen directly from Prabhupada, as a consequence of Turley case, and second example is temple Zagreb, where the temple was stolen by deviated disciples of deviated guru. 

When Sacinandana Swami started traveling with his girlfriend 10 years go, after his first honeymoon was over, GBC body and senior members of this movement were not supposed to stay silent, they were supposed to raise their voice against nonsense and protect Prabhupada’s legacy. But they didn’t do that. So now, 10 years later, Ramesh sahajiyas are kicking Prabhupada’s followers from the temples they stole from Prabhupada.

If first pedophile that appeared in ISKCON was turned over to the police, and was prosecuted by criminal justice system to the maximum extent possible, other pedophiles would think twice before trying something. Or they would simply leave to find religious organisation with more friendly pedophile environment. Similarly, if Sacinandana Swami was confronted by numerous articles and facebook posts etc., he wouldn’t be able to pull this show off. 

But, the sheeple are trained to never protest, and if you want to be standard ISKCON follower, one of the first thing that will happen is that your sense of discrimination will be clinically removed by the GBC body and ISKCON “authorities”. Then, when you become brainless, then you can be good “non envious” ISKCON member. So, that you don’t disturb fake gurus while they do their nonsense. 

On the contrary, if you are in Zagreb, “authorities” will be most happy if you take initiation from their fake guru. So, this is classical society of cheaters and cheated which Prabhupada warned us against. In other words, instead of creating strong society, where nonsense is exposed publicly, we created society of brainless sheep, where nobody dares to say anything against gross deviations, and deviants are growing without opposition. That was a bad choice. And Prabhupada’s movement is already half finished.


Birds of a feather


"Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur suggests that people who are materialistically inclined and sahajiyas, or so-called vaishnavas who take everything very cheaply, are both visayi, materialists. Eating food offered by them causes contamination, and as a result of such contamination, even a serious devotee becomes like a materialistic man. There are six kinds of association -- giving charity, accepting charity, accepting food, offering food, talking confidentially and inquiring confidentially. One should very carefully avoid associating with both the sahajiyas, who are sometimes known as vaishnavas, and the non-vaishnavas, or avaishnavas. Their association changes the transcendental devotional service of Lord Krishna into sense gratification, and when sense gratification enters the mind of a devotee, he is contaminated. The materialistic person who aspires after sense gratification cannot properly think of Krishna." (Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya 6.278, purport)


Why were all these 1977 tapes hidden? No one was allowed to see, hear or have any of these tapes. As soon as Sulochana released the bogus appointment tape in 1985 (which he had to bribe an archives devotee to get), he was assassinated in 1986. We did not get any of these November 1977 tapes until the summer of 1997, and we only got them by a persistent devotee who had to beg them from the archives for 20 years. We were then the FIRST people on the planet to make a transcript of this 1977 talk and circulate it, in 1997. Why was all this hidden? And yes, some of their transcripts do not match the actual audio tape itself? Sulochan's transcript was the first actual authentic version of the actual audio, ever, and it still is the transcript most people see today. There was no other transcript ... why did the GBC hide all these tapes, unless there was something to hide? ys pd


Bhakta Steve: So ... not one of those GBC listed... has the decency to address the issues that those who don’t believe them or their “brush offs” do think are credible... ? And they accuse those who have now some very credible scientific evidence of poisoning of SP... of being the “poison”???!!!!

That, alone, whether the “proof” is there for this alleged, most demonic, and insidious CRIME against devotees and Srila Prabhupada is enough for any sane person to abandon ISKCON and retreat to another version of the sampradaya or create their own.... this is an atrocious and horrid response from the GBC and those who support it are as responsible for the “poison” as the one or two or three people who actually put the poison in Srila Prabhupada’s food.. 

I’ve been following this issue since my days (1-1/2 years) being a active neophyte devotee in a local temple. I left after my own research into that idiot who built the “golden” palace and his escapades along with Ratanath who happens to be a CONSPIRATOR in a MURDER. 

I find all of the responses by the GBC regarding the “poison” issue to be flippant disregard of the wishes of devotees for some solid and complete understanding and comprehension on the GBC’s part to understand the problem from our side... the side that reads and studies the evidence and the result of the GBC archarya’s last 40 years of “ruling” the movement with complete disregard for the founder’s books and his vision... It makes me ashamed... It should make ALL devotees ashamed.... but then they have that Aparada rule don’t they ...??? So convenient to shut-up the minions and neophytes through guilt and fear... typical fascist dictators if you ask me.. All of the fake gurus of ISKCON... even that monstrosity they are building in Mayapur won’t cleanse their horrid karma or their image in my eyes....

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