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Dangerous Wolves Preying on Christians

PADA: Oh oh, this "false prophet" problem seems to exist in many other forms. ys pd

Festival of India's Equipment for sale

Festival of India Exhibit, Sound Equipment, and Tents for Sale


Festival of India is upgrading, and replacing some of our older equipment and exhibits. Many of you saw the new Bhagavad-Gita Exhibit at a festival this year. We are offering the old Gita exhibit (prasadam exhibit) for sale, along with some other equipment we have. Everything listed below is used, but still in working condition.

We are trying to keep the Festival of India up to date with the best equipment, bright colored and new looking tents etc. That in mind, we're selling/or requesting donations for the older equipment we plan in not using any more.

Bhagavad-Gita panel exhibit 11-3' and 4' x 6' panels and the hardware to stand the exhibit. This exhibit has helped devotees distribute many tens of thousands of Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad-gitas. Suggested donation/price $2,500

2-30' x 45' tents with 4-colored tops. Yes, the tents are about 8 years old, the colors are faded, and have a few little holes--general wear and tear on tents. The frames are made from Anodized aluminum with steel corners and fittings. These tents cost about $5,900 each, new. We could just replace the tops for about $3,500 each, and throw away the old tops, but they are still usable--we used them at most of the festivals this 2016 summer festival season. The tent frames are good for 50 years if taken care of. If you need some big tents, here is an opportunity. This size tent (45' x 60' when both are used together) usually costs at least $2,000 to rent for a weekend. Suggested donation/price $3,500 each or best offer, or $5,750 for both (that is for both tent tops, and both tent frames).

Sound equipment:

1-Spirit by Soundcraft FX-16 rack mount mixer---Suggested donation/price $251

1-Yamaha MC-1204 table-top mixer---Suggested donation/price $251

2-BGW 750C power amps---Suggested donation/price $251 each

2-JBL 2-way passive crossover 15" low end w/2" throat driver horns in Harbinger Cabinets---Suggested donation/price $251 each

Please remember that 100% of what Festival of India receives for the above equipment is going to be used to purchase: two new tents; and new sound equipment that will be used at Ratha-yatras and Festivals of India all over North America.

Even if you do not need any of the above equipment, please send some contribution to Festival of India, knowing that these Festivals are helping to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books, Krishna Prasadam, and helping the devotees introduce the general public to Srila Prabhupada's mission. Hare Krishna.

Over the next 6 months, Festival of India plans on doing the following:

1) purchasing a van to transport the young men who set up festivals--$45,000 needed
2) purchasing 2-30' x 45' new multi-colored tents--$12,347.86 needed
3) upgrading the sound system, with new & lighter equipment--$6,000 needed

If you think Ratha-yatras and large outdoor festivals are beneficial for the Sankirtan movement, please send your contribution today, or purchase some of Festival of India's old equipment. In this way, your contribution & support will help the Festival of India to continue serving Srila Prabhupada's temples all over North America. Hare Krishna.

Please email for more info.

On behalf of Festival of India,
your friend and servant

Madhuha dasa

Festival of India is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, our Tax ID # is 74-2467558. Please mail your gift to:

Festival of India
P.O. Box 100
Sandy Ridge, NC 27046

or you can contribute online at Festival of India's Paypal on the top-left corner of

If you are inspired to do so, please post this wherever you think devotees and friends of devotees will read it. Hare Krishna.

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Devotees Feed Flood Victims in Hyderabad

Are there any "Reasonable" GBC Members? (from Australia)


Dear Readers:

Right now in Australia, there is a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Allegations of Sexual Abuse. Evidence from sex abuse victims has caused the reputation of the Catholic Church to be dragged through the mud. George Pell, a prominent Church leader, was known to have been aware of many instances of child sexual abuse and failed to do anything to protect victims. 

Indeed he protected known pedophiles and shuffled them around to other dioceses. This is all documented fact. He refused to resign and the Church authorities refused to remove him. Thus the reputation of the Catholic Church has been demolished by the testimony of those aware of the true history. The media reports of the shocking abuse suffered at the hands of "leaders" within the Catholic Church and the criminal negligence of others in bringing these perpetrators to justice, has horrified and outraged members of the Australian public.

In the same way, the senior GBC man in Australia, for the last 30 years or more, is known by sworn testimony of victims of sex abuse by ISKCON officers, to have protected pedophiles and shuffled them around to other temples. Many of these victims have now gone to report their stories to the Royal Commission who, as we speak, are collating the evidence against those ISKCON leaders who have failed to respond appropriately when instances of sexual abuse were reported to them.

If this behavior happened 30 years ago but was now rectified and past mistakes corrected by sincere apologies and restitution to victims, I would not need to be writing this article.

But earlier this year, the complicity of the Adelaide Temple President in ignoring pleas for help from young women who were subject to prolonged and traumatizing sexual harassment and assault from the Acting Temple President, (who happened to be the son of the Temple President), were revealed.

No member of the EC has had the time or inclination to speak to the victims to offer them support or empathy of any kind. All the congregation of sincere initiated devotees have told the representatives of the EC that they will not work under the current Temple President.

And yet the EC stubbornly, and with great determination, and now threatening to ban anyone who opposes them, insist on propping up this man as the Temple President albeit with a co president who lives interstate.

And they are doing this in full knowledge that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Allegations of Sexual Abuse is currently collecting stories. In this way, for the sake of one 70 year old man who is desperate to hold onto his position, even though despised by the majority of the devotees for an encyclopedia of reasons, they are showing their reckless disregard for the reputation of Srila Prabhupada's movement.

They are showing their arrogance in refusing to abide by Australian law and take their responsibilities seriously in protecting young people from abuse. Indeed, the top men have pressured victims to drop police charges. This is even against ISKCON policy. WHY would they sacrifice the interests, well being and devotional service of so many, the entire rank and file Temple devotees, for one man?

All attempts to discuss this matter with members of the EC have been made by many, many concerned devotees. All have had their efforts rebuffed, ignored and stonewalled.

On behalf of many Australian devotees, who will not stop until this matter has been dealt with comprehensively and with justice for the long suffering, mistreated victims of sexual abuse, I now request that this be seen as an international matter. Our two local GBC men have abandoned the welfare of devotees in Australia. They do nothing to help. Indeed they create obstacles for attempts at straightforward communication.

I personally cannot think of who to send this article to, who, concerned for Australian devotees and the reputation of ISKCON in this, the 50th Anniversary year, will actually take some positive action.

Therefore, I am requesting the readers of this article to forward it to anyone you think may have the strength and inclination to address these deep and most profound concerns.

I can be reached at

I look forward to hearing from even one person before this matter escalates exponentially as it surely will without proper intervention.

Thank you.

I hope this meets you all in good health and spirits.

Your servant
Subhalaksmi devi dasi.


Ramai Swami is the over riding influence when it comes to supporting pedophiles and abusers of all kinds and making life difficult for the victims of abuse. He has others to support him who also use heavying and bullying techniques to silence those who speak up for victims of abuse as well, of course, the victims themselves.

A full, comprehensive report of his activities in supporting not only pedophiles but also those who beat and sexually assault women is currently being prepared by those who have all the details. This will be helpful for communicating with police and eventually going to court..

There are some good people on the National Council of ISKCON AUSTRALIA but unfortunately their attempts to do the right thing when they hear the distressing reports of various traumatized victims never come to anything because of Ramai Swamis unnatural ability to intimidate and over rule all other voices.


[PADA: Good luck but this raises the real question, are there any actual "reasonable members of the GBC" in existence currently? What we see all the time is a pattern, that one crisis after the next unfolds, and then there does not seem to be anyone at the helm of the ship to fix the crisis? Or worse, the people who are addressing the crisis are shunned, banned and removed? 

The ISKCON ship simply hits one iceberg, bounces of that and hits one underwater rock, then hits another ship, then goes in the direction of the storm instead of away, and so forth, while the captains of the ship, the so-called leaders, appear to be watching football, playing canasta, and drinking beer in the under deck. And the guy on the deck who was yelling, "iceberg ahead" is ridiculed, demonized and -- tossed off the ship. Then they wonder why the ship hits the iceberg? Then they wonder why everyone jumped off the ship being shocked at the bad steering program?

One of the highly recommended "very sane and moderate" GBC gurus told a friend of ours very recently -- that the reason the GBC does not prosecute child molesters in India is, child molesting is legal in India. Really? So this is from the "moderate" group? This is at best criminal neglect -- on steroids, or aiding and abetting criminals -- at worst perspective. This handily blames India for alleged bad laws -- instead of blaming the GBC for not taking action, of course India does have laws against sexual predators, and its foolish and offensive to say they have none. Its a cop out to explain away the GBC's criminal neglect of these issues.

It seems like the GBC goes to their meetings, sees a Tsunami of complaints against their mal-administration, and then they retreat to: -- Hanging out with the babajis; Living in a nice Venice beach condo like the Krishna West boss; Creating big propaganda about their Mayapura TVOP (which is years overdue); Creating artificial propaganda how things are so nice -- despite their ship hit an iceberg and its sinking. 

And in sum, they seem to be diverting the focus to anything they can find -- so they can avoid dealing with the multitude of problems they are generating by direct means, or by their criminal neglect, or worse, by their criminal attacks on the people trying to address the problems. To sum, as more and more people are telling PADA, this is a thoroughly corrupt institution. 

Assuming there is one reasonable person in the GBC group, he could not take over the helm in any case, there are too many fools fighting for the wheel already, and the sane person would never be allowed to grab it and take control of the chaos. Of course criminals love chaos, as Srila Prabhupada explains.

Bhakti Caru swami gave a nice talk about how the Indians were encouraged by the Westerners to take shelter of Krishna, which is great, but then BCS and his pals from India inserted their -- illicit sex with men, women and children gurus into Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa, and then they said we have to worship Bhakti Caru's giant illicit sex guru agenda to attain Krishna. That means Bhakti Caru hates Krishna, no one but a Krishna hater would place sexual predators, drug addicts, beer drinkers, and criminals into the seat of Vyasadeva. The people who are spitting in the face of Vyasa should not be placed as authorities in ISKCON. 

Some people say we have gone too far with the HKC Jaipur people, but they are identical to the GBC: as soon as anyone tries to address the GBC's crimes, the HKC folks vociferously try to stop -- the people trying to stop the GBC group's crimes. Thus they are agents for -- and giant boot lickers of -- the bogus GBC gurus, plain and simple. 

Worse, the HKC folks even think that child abuse should be protected by death threats, which makes them direct clones of Tamal. There is not one iota of difference in these agendas, ask the victims. They are simply another version of the molester guru lovers, as more than a few ex-kulis have told PADA. So this is all part of the same pattern, protecting crimes and criminals in the highest places of the society.

Bhakti Vikas swami is supposed to be the best of this lot, except he supports and hangs out all the time with Jayapataka, Prabha Vishnu, and all the other pillar leaders of all these deviations. Anyway, more people are waking up, and thus its getting better for us all the time, and lets hope more people wake up going forward. ys pd] 

Pro and Con of Vrndavana Development

[PADA: We hope the government follows through with their promises to upgrade the infrastructure there, stop dumping of trash into the Yamuna, and to start the Yamuna flowing again etc. Lets see what happens. Hema Malini has said she will work to get things moving, but India is what it is sometimes. ys pd]

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Devotee Match Web Site

[PADA: OK Probably Prabhupadanugas not welcome here? Who knows? Anyway, we cannot certify the results of this site, try at your own risk! We do know however of some devotee "couples guidance astrologers" who gave some really bad "couples and marriage" advice. Heh heh heh. 

One big cause of splits in ISKCON marriage is -- the man has one guru and the woman has another, and their "GBC gurus" are giving conflicting advice, putting pressure on the marriage. Anyway, if anyone has some interesting news, stories or anecdotes about this site, let us know. 

I really like to see the babies here, adorable! A quick word of advice: better help make this movement get back on track, you could be one of these babies later on! 

ys pd]   

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India's Restraint Policy with Pakistan

Radhanath swami's Hospital Project

PADA: Hanuman das makes some pretty good videos about the shenanigans of the GBC's gurus. That is good. Unfortunately, he says our main idea -- that Srila Prabhupada should be the exclusive acharya -- is wrong because we need "living gurus." OK, wait a minute, isn't that how we fell into our current mess?

And who is the living guru then?

One of Hanuman's friends wrote PADA to say to us that ALL of the disciples of Srila Prabhupada can take the post of diksha guru. What! All of the disciples of Prabhupada can take the post of Jesus and absorb the sins of others? Where does Srila Prabhupada say that?

Or did he not say, if we neophytes act as diksha gurus, and take other's sins, we will get sick, fall down, or both, because these sins will overwhelm us? Where did Srila Prabhupada ever say that all of his disciples can absorb sins like Jesus is doing, and can anyone just show us this alleged quote? Hanuman also promotes Bhakti Vikas swami, who says that we should criticize the bogus acharyas of ISKCON, why are they saying acharyas are bogus and need to be criticized in public? That means they think acharyas are mundane men. ys pd    

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Bir Krishna Loves Krishna West

(Forwarded to PADA) Why am getting this feeling that Krishna West is just an excuse that old swamis made up to camouflage them their groove back on? Without the bright dress of a sannyassi, a sannyassi looks like a regular karmi in karmi clothes. What’s to stop him from going into a bar or chatting up a new bhaktin?

At least with a ‘silly arab outfit’, they look strange for the karmis and the karmis can understand that this person is not one of us. With karmi clothes they think that we are one of them, and what ever they do with each other they are allowed to do with us.

Krishna Defeats Rukmi (video)

Akshaya Patra Expansion Scales Up

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The Spiritual Master is Complete


by Purujit Dasa

Lord Sri Krsna becomes very pleased when His devotee is being praised. He is pleased even more than when the devotees praise Him directly. So one should not minimize the value of this auspicious ceremony called Vyasa Puja organized for glorification of the spiritual master. Yet, this is not all in all we have to do in order to glorify our spiritual master. Srila Prabhupada says:

"You can eulogize your Guru Maharaja, but you have to learn it and face the public and be strong to defend yourself. That is success. Not by praising your Guru Maharaja. You'll praise your Guru Maharaja. That is not very difficult. But be victorious to the opposing elements. Then you will praise your Guru Maharaja nicely. At home, you can praise your Guru Maharaja, and Guru Maharaja will be satisfied, "Oh, my disciples are praising me." That is not very.... That is good. Respectful. That is the qualification. But you have to fight. Then your Guru Maharaja will be glorified.

 Conversation on Roof -- December 26, 1975, 

What are the opposing elements to the spreading of Krsna consciousness movement? The list is endless, but they can be all put under one unifying category, which can be understood from Srila Prabhupada's pranam mantra:

namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani - pracarine

“Our respectful obeisances are unto you, O spiritual master, servant of Sarasvatī Gosvāmī. You are kindly preaching the message of Lord Caitanyadeva and delivering the Western countries, which are filled with impersonalism and voidism.”

This is the sum and substance of Srila Prabhupada's mission - to defeat the philosophy of impersonalism and voidism and establish the sublime philosophy of acintya abheda-bheda tattva of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. It is just like watering the root of a tree. If we are able to defeat the philosophy of impersonalism and voidism, then all other problems that face our movement will be understood in their proper perspective.

Voidism and impersonalism are both different versions of the Mayavada philosophy. While in the case of voidism, the denial of God is honestly admitted, the impersonal philosophy claims that although we are all God, we have come under the control of maya, which is a denial of God in a disguise. The proponents of such a doctrine however fail to explain how it is possible for God, who is the supreme absolute and unchanging to be conquered by maya. 

Srila Prabhupada challenges:

“The last illusion, the last snare of maya to trap the living entity, is the proposition that he is God. The living entity thinks that he is no longer a conditioned soul, but God. He is so unintelligent that he does not think that if he were God, then how could he be in doubt? That he does not consider. So that is the last snare of illusion."

Bg. 18.73 purport

Blind man thinks everyone else is blind and because the Mayavadis are conditioned they think that when Krsna comes into this world, He becomes subjected by the laws of material nature, falls into maya (illusion) and acquires a material body just like them. The reality is however different. It is the conditioned soul’s perverted vision of Krsna’s body which is tinged by illusion, not that Krsna’s transcendental body itself is an illusion. Srila Prabhupada explains:

Certainly the transcendental body of Sri Krsna is not perishable. He is just like the sun, and maya is like the cloud. In the material world we can see that there is the sun and that there are clouds and different stars and planets. The clouds may cover all these in the sky temporarily, but this covering is only apparent to our limited vision. The sun, moon and stars are not actually covered. Similarly, maya cannot cover the Supreme Lord. 

By His internal potency He is not manifest to the less intelligent class of men.

Bg 7.26

Although the cloud is the energy of the sun and in one sense same with the sun in quality, there’s a quantitative difference in the sense that the cloud is covering only an insignificant portion of the sun. The sun is so much more powerful that it can evaporate the cloud at any moment. Actually, the cloud is not covering the sun at all. Simply our limited vision of the sun is obstructed. Similarly, Sri Krsna can never be covered by maya. Only our vision of Sri Krsna can be influenced by maya. 

In one of the purports, Srila Prabhupada elaborates on this point:

The energy emanated from the Supreme Personality of Godhead manifests in two ways — as an emanation from the Supreme Lord and as a covering of the Lord's face. In Bhagavad-gita it is said that the whole world is illusioned by the three modes of material nature, and thus the common conditioned soul, being covered by such energy, cannot see the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The example of a cloud is very nicely given. 

All of a sudden there may appear a big cloud in the sky. This cloud is perceived in two ways. To the sun the cloud is a creation of its energy, but to the ordinary common man in the conditioned state, it is a covering to the eyes; because of the cloud, the sun cannot be seen. 

It is not that the sun is actually covered by the cloud; only the vision of the ordinary being is covered. Similarly, although maya cannot cover the Supreme Lord, who is beyond maya, the material energy covers the ordinary living entities. Those conditioned souls who are covered are individual living entities, and He from whose energy maya is created is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In another place in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, in the First Canto, Seventh Chapter, it is stated that by his spiritual vision Vyasadeva saw the Supreme Lord and the material energy standing behind Him. This indicates that material energy cannot cover the Lord, just as darkness cannot cover the sun. Darkness can cover a jurisdiction which is very insignificant in comparison to that of the sun. Darkness can cover a small cave, but not the open sky. Similarly, the covering capacity of the material energy is limited and cannot act on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is therefore called vibhu. 

As the appearance of a cloud is accepted by the sun, so the appearance of the material energy at a certain interval is accepted by the Lord. Although His material energy is utilized to create the material world, this does not mean that He is covered by that energy. Those who are covered by the material energy are called conditioned souls. The Lord accepts the material energy for His material pastimes in creation, maintenance and dissolution. But the conditioned soul is covered; he cannot understand that beyond this material energy there is the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is the cause of all causes, just as a less intelligent person cannot understand that beyond the covering of the clouds there is bright sunshine.

Sb 3.26.4

What is true about Krsna can be also applied to his pure devotee. A pure devotee cannot be influenced by material nature as he is under the protection of Krsna’s divine nature. Krsna says in the Bhagavad-gita:

O son of Prtha, those who are not deluded, the great souls, are under the protection of the divine nature. They are fully engaged in devotional service because they know Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, original and inexhaustible.

Bg 9.13

Srila Prabhupada explains this verse in the following way:

The first sign of the mahatma is that he is already situated in the divine nature. He is not under the control of material nature. And how is this effected? That is explained in the Seventh Chapter: 

One who surrenders unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna, at once becomes freed from the control of material nature. That is the qualification. One can become free from the control of material nature as soon as he surrenders his soul to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is the preliminary formula. 

Being marginal potency, as soon as the living entity is freed from the control of material nature, he is put under the guidance of the spiritual nature. The guidance of the spiritual nature is called daivim prakrtim, divine nature. So, when one is promoted in that way - by surrendering to the Supreme Personality of Godhead-one attains to the stage of great soul, mahatma.

Bg 9.13

Also he mentions in another purport:

A pure devotee of the Lord does not live on any planet of the material sky, nor does he feel any contact with the material elements. His so-called material body does not exist, being surcharged with the spiritual current of the Lord's identical interest, and thus he is permanently freed from all contamination of the sum total of the mahat-tattva.

 S.B. 1.13.55

The problem is that as the conditioned souls think of Krsna to be under the subjugation of material nature, they think his pure devotee is under the control of material nature as well. Srila Prabhupada confirms:

Foolish people consider Krsna a human being, and they consider Lord Krsna's pure devotee an ordinary human being also.

C.c Madhya lila purport 22.51

The mentality which generates the idea that the spiritual master is controlled by material nature is considered by the Vedic literatures to be hellish (naraki buddhi). Anyone who thinks that a pure devotee is under the control of material nature is fit to reside in hell. It is a very serious offence.

Padma Purāṇa clearly states:

"One who thinks the Deity in the temple to be made of wood or stone, who thinks of the spiritual master in the disciplic succession as an ordinary man, who thinks the Vaisnava in the Acyuta-gotra to belong to a certain caste or creed or who thinks of caranamrta or Ganges water as ordinary water is taken to be a resident of hell."

Padma Purāṇa

If we study how the puffed up conception of one’s being God enters, we can see that the root is an offense to a Vaisnava, namely to consider his body to be controlled by material nature.

“Impersonalist Mayavadis, who have no relationship with Krsna, who cannot take to devotional service, and who simply engage in material arguments to understand Brahman, regard devotional service to Krsna as karma-kanda, or fruitive activities. According to them, devotional service to Krsna is but another means for attaining dharma, artha, kama and moksa. 

Therefore they criticize the devotees for engaging in material activities. They think that devotional service is maya and that Krsna or Visnu is also maya. Therefore they are called Mayavadis. Such a mentality awakens in a person who is an offender to Krsna and His devotees."

C.C Antya 8.27

Prabhupada: … to consider guru's body as material, that is also wrong.

Dr. Patel: I read somewhere that you have got to take guru as God from this point of view, that he's atma. You are worshiping God...

Prabhupada: No, no. This is Mayavada.

Morning Walk -- February 23, 1974, Bombay

Prabhupada: Why do you distinguish between guru's atma and guru's body?
Dr. Patel: But the body... But the body's not guru!
Prabhupāda: That is Mayavada. That is Mayavada.

Morning Walk -- February 23, 1974, Bombay

Because the Mayavadi thinks the pure devotee spiritual master is under the subjugation of material energy, naturally his conclusion is that the pure devotee spiritual master is depending on various material circumstances to guide his disciples properly. In other words, the Mayavadi says that the material circumstances forced the spiritual master to instruct in a particular way and because the material circumstances might be different now, it is not necessary to follow the instruction of the spiritual master. 

In this way the Mayavadi is able to mix in his materially concocted ideas into spiritual life. As soon as he establishes incompleteness of the spiritual master, he has a justification to fill up the gap with his own opinions and thus becomes a so-called successor to the spiritual master.  One is thus sure to differ from the opinion of the spiritual master.

One who interprets the divine sound, or sabda-brahma, by his imperfect sense perception cannot be a real spiritual guru, because, in the absence of proper disciplinary training under the bona fide acarya, the interpreter is sure to differ from Vyasadeva (as the Mayavadīs do). Srila Vyasadeva is the prime authority of Vedic revelation, and therefore such an irrelevant interpreter cannot be accepted as the guru, or acarya, howsoever equipped he may be with all the acquirements of material knowledge.

SSR 2b: The Absolute Necessity of a Spiritual Master

When disciples do not stick to the principle of accepting the order of their spiritual master, immediately there are two opinions. Any opinion different from the opinion of the spiritual master is useless. One cannot infiltrate materially concocted ideas into spiritual advancement. That is deviation. There is no scope for adjusting spiritual advancement to material ideas.

(Adi 12.9)

To avoid such a Mayavadi confusion, we should more carefully study the nature of transcendence itself. The following verse is fundamental in this regard:

The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete. And because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped -as a complete whole. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also complete by itself. And because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.

Iso Invocation

Because the spiritual master is the representative of the Lord, his nature is similar to God’s. He is not the Supreme Godhead, but because he acts on behalf of the Supreme Godhead, he should be respected on the same level with the Supreme Godhead.

Although I know that my spiritual master is a servitor of Sri Caitanya, I know Him also as a plenary manifestation of the Lord.


Every living entity is essentially a servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the spiritual master is also His servant. Still, the spiritual master is a direct manifestation of the Lord. With this conviction, a disciple can advance in Krsna consciousness. The spiritual master is non different from Krsna because he is a manifestation of Krsna.

Adi 1.44

According to the deliberate opinion of all revealed scriptures, the spiritual master is nondifferent from Krsna. Lord Krsna in the form of the spiritual master delivers His devotees.


The relationship of a disciple with his spiritual master is as good as his relationship with the Supreme Lord. A spiritual master always represents himself as the humblest servitor of the Personality of Godhead, but the disciple must look upon him as the manifested representation of Godhead.

Adi 1.45

Let us now analyze the different parts of the sloka in the Sri Isopanisad one by one:

1. The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete.

The spiritual master, who is the representative of the Personality of Godhead is therefore also perfect and complete. This is the difference between a bona fide spiritual master and an imposter.

Imposter’s knowledge is material and therefore incomplete and limited, whereas guru’s knowledge is eternal, complete and unlimited. It does not depend on the material circumstances.

If we take the instruction of God and His representative as temporary, then he is not representative, He is not God. Whatever is spoken by God and His representative, that is eternal. You cannot change by your whims.

Interview with Mike Darby

June 30, 1976, Wheeling, W. Virginia

It is for this reason that we do not necessarily need the physical presence of the spiritual master. If we are sincere, his teaching itself is complete to bring us to perfection and does not depend on whether the spiritual master is present or not. The physical presence of the spiritual master becomes an absolute necessity only if the spiritual master’s teachings are material, or in other words they change according to the material circumstances. Srila Prabhupada mentions an example of such a bogus relationship in the following purport:

There is a type of spiritual master and disciple much advertised in this age of Kali.  It is said that the master injects spiritual force into the disciple by an electrical current generated by the master, and the disciple begins to feel the shock.  He becomes unconscious, and the master weeps for exhausting his store of so-called spiritual assets.  

Such bogus advertisement is going on in this age, and the poor common man is becoming the victim of such advertisement.  We do not find such folk tales in the dealings of Śukadeva Gosvāmī and his great disciple Mahārāja Parīkṣit.  The sage recited Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam in devotion, and the great King heard him properly.  

The King did not feel any shock of electrical current from the master, nor did he become unconscious while receiving knowledge from the master.  One should not, therefore, become a victim of these unauthorized advertisements made by some bogus representative of Vedic knowledge.  The sages of Naimiṣāraṇya were very respectful in hearing about Mahārāja Parīkṣit because of his receiving knowledge from Śukadeva Gosvāmī by means of ardent hearing.  

Ardent hearing from the bona fide master is the only way to receive transcendental knowledge, and there is no need for medical performances or occult mysticism for miraculous effects.  The process is simple, but only the sincere party can achieve the desired result.

SB 1972 1.12.3 purport

Therefore Īśopaniṣad informs us that pūrṇasya pūrṇam ādāya pūrṇam eva avaśiṣyate. If you take the whole energy of Krsna from Krsna, then still, the whole energy is there. But you will be surprised nowadays. Modern Gods... There are so many modern Gods; I do not wish to name. But one modern God, he gave his power to his disciple, and the, when he came into consciousness, then he was crying. The disciple inquired from the guru, "Why you are crying, sir?" "Now I have finished everything. I have given you everything. I have given you everything; therefore I am now finished." That is not spiritual. That is material.

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 3.26.42

Bombay, January 17, 1975

The whole understanding of what initiation is and who the spiritual master is and what is the relationship between the disciple and the spiritual master becomes thus perverted. Instead of enlightening the disciple with transcendental knowledge by which he can become free from the material entanglement, the pseudo-guru makes the disciple depended on his material body. He claims that his body emanates a mysterious electrical current by which the disciple becomes miraculously enlightened automatically. 

Thus all disciples must receive the current personally from the body of the pseudo-guru. This is however a misunderstanding of what a spiritual relationship is in the first place:

The instruction given in my books is supposed to be personal instruction. When we read the Bhagavad-gita As It Is, it is understood that we are receiving personal instructions of Krsna. No physical barrier is there in the case of spiritual affairs. It is stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam:

sa vai pumsam paro dharmo
yato bhaktir adhoksaje
ahaituky apratihata
yayatma suprasidati

[SB 1.2.6]

``The supreme occupation (dharma) for all humanity is that by which men can attain to loving devotional service unto the transcendental Lord. Such devotional service must be unmotivated and uninterrupted in order to completely satisfy the self.''

Letter to: Dhrstaketu:
14 October, 1973

We may add that such pure devotional service besides being unchecked by material circumstances is non-different from Krsna as it is His internal potency. Srila Prabhupada explains:

The penance by which one can see the Personality of Godhead eye to eye is to be understood as devotional service to the Lord and nothing else because only by discharging devotional service in transcendental love can one approach the Lord. Such penance is the internal potency of the Lord and is non different from Him.

Sb 2.9.23 first edition

Therefore to say that devotional service can be checked by material circumstances means that Krsna can be covered by maya. Srila Prabhupada speaks of such adulterated devotional service in the purport to the ahaituky verse from the SB 1.2.6:

Material existence is temporary, illusory and full of miseries. There is no happiness at all. There is just the futile attempt to get rid of the miseries, and temporary cessation of misery is falsely called happiness. Therefore, the path of progressive material enjoyment, which is temporary, miserable and illusory, is inferior. But devotional service of the Supreme Lord, which leads one to eternal, blissful and all-cognizant life, is called the superior quality of occupation. 

This is sometimes polluted when mixed with the inferior quality. For example, adoption of devotional service for material gain is certainly an obstruction to the progressive path of renunciation. Renunciation or abnegation for ultimate good is certainly a better occupation than enjoyment in the diseased condition of life. Such enjoyment only aggravates the symptoms of disease and increases its duration.

SB 1972 1.2.6 purport

Therefore, a so-called disciple who is hankering for so-called personal instruction is actually not approaching the guru to understand how to get out of the material clutches. His idea of a guru is that guru is a pet, or in other words an instrument to fulfill his sense gratification. This only aggravates his material disease.  It is of no wonder that his so-called relationship of getting material benefits from the guru is checked when the spiritual master physically departs. He is not serving the guru, he is serving his material motive. That is why his service has to stop at a certain point. Just as anything material, such devotional service is temporary.

There are three divisions of Kṛṣṇa conscious men. In the third class are those who have no faith. If they are engaged in devotional service officially, for some ulterior purpose, they cannot achieve the highest perfectional stage. Most probably they will slip, after some time. They may become engaged, but because they haven't complete conviction and faith, it is very difficult for them to continue in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. We have practical experience in discharging our missionary activity that some people come and apply themselves to the Kṛṣṇa consciousness with some hidden motive, and as soon as they are economically a little well-situated, they give up this process and take to their old ways again.

Bg 9.3

2. And because He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped -as a complete whole.

Because the spiritual master is completely perfect, all emanations from him, such as his disciples or his organizations are perfectly equipped as a complete whole. Provided the members are following the instructions of the spiritual master, naturally his organizations are identical with Krsna and therefore with the spiritual master as well.

So if we work sincerely, the Krishna Consciousness Movement is non-different from Krishna.

(Letter to Yasomatinandana 1976)

When we speak of organization however it means disciples.  The organization is simply to facilitate the preaching of the disciples. Without disciples, who repeat the words of the spiritual master, the organization is just an empty shell, which at that point becomes different from the spiritual master. The spiritual master expands through his devotees into an organization because they follow his instructions and thus the movement expands.

GBC means now they should tour very extensive. That is the first principle, the GBC. Not sit down (in) one place and pass resolution. No, they must be active. They must act like me. As I am old man, I am traveling all over the world. Now to give me relief, the GBC members... I shall expand into twelve more so that they can exactly work like me. Gradually they will be initiators. At least first initiation. You must make advance. That is my motive. So, in that way I want to divide it in twelve zones. And we have to make more propaganda throughout the whole world.

Conversation with the GBC -- May 25, 1972, Los Angeles

So one who is spreading kṛṣṇa-upadeśa, simply repeat what is said by Kṛṣṇa, then you become ācārya. Not difficult at all. Everything is stated there. We have to simply repeat like parrot. Not exactly parrot. Parrot does not understand the meaning; he simply vibrates. But you should understand the meaning also; otherwise how you can explain? 

So, so we want to spread Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Simply prepare yourself how to repeat Kṛṣṇa's instructions very nicely, without any malinterpretation. Then, in future... Suppose you have got now ten thousand. We shall expand to hundred thousand. That is required. Then hundred thousand to million, and million to ten million.

Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Ādi-līlā 1.13 -- Māyāpur, April 6, 1975

The disciples are also gurus by repeating strictly whatever they have heard from the spiritual master.

To answer your last point, one who teaches can be treated as Spiritual Master. It is not that after we become initiated we become perfect. No. It requires teaching. So if we take instruction from them, all senior godbrothers may be treated as guru, there is no harm. Actually, you have only one Spiritual Master, who initiates you, just as you have only one father. But every Vaisnava should be treated as prabhu, master, higher than me, and in this sense, if I learn from him, he may be regarded as guru. It is not that I disobey my real Spiritual Master and call someone else as Spiritual Master. That is wrong. It is only that I can call Spiritual Master someone who is teaching me purely what my initiating Spiritual Master has taught.

Letter to: Sri Galim — Delhi 20 November, 1971

If a child says: “This is a microphone.”  and if an adult says: “This a microphone.” there is no difference in the information. This is parampara.  It's about the conclusion, the instruction, not about the person who instructs. It is by the instruction we can ascertain who is in a bona fide line of succession or not.

Narada was the Spiritual Master of Vyasadeva, and Arjuna was Vyasadeva's disciple, not as initiated disciple but there was some blood relation between them. So there is connection in this way, and it is not possible to list all such relationships in the short description given in Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Another point is that disciplic succession does not mean one has to be directly a disciple of a particular person. The conclusions which we have tried to explain in our Bhagavad-gita As It Is is the same as those conclusions of Arjuna. 

Arjuna accepted Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and we also accept the same truth under the disciplic succession of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Things equal to the same thing are equal to one another. This is an axiomatic truth. So there is no difference of opinion of understanding Krishna between ourselves and Arjuna. Another example is that a tree has many branches, and you will find one leaf here and another leaf there. But if you take this leaf and the other leaf and you press them both, you will see that the taste is the same. The taste is the conclusion, and from the taste you can understand that both leaves are from the same tree.

Letter to: Kirtanananda — Los Angeles 25 January, 1969

I have heard how the new devotees are all executing their devotional services very enthusiastically and with sincerity and humility. Yes, I have asked them to take instruction from you, one of their elder Godsisters. Whatever you have learned—you are one of the old students—whatever you have gathered by experience, you must hand them over to the new students. This is called parampara.

Letter to: Malati — Los Angeles 6 March, 1970

Actually, if the guru teaches Kṛṣṇa consciousness, then he may be in lesser degree, but he's accepted as guru. There is no question of rejection. Because Kṛṣṇa is actually jṣāna. One who teaches Kṛṣṇa as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, "One has to know Kṛṣṇa, one has to surrender to Kṛṣṇa," this kind of teaching is required. And if the guru says that "I am Kṛṣṇa. Everyone is Kṛṣṇa," then, "daridra-kṛṣṇa, daridra-nārāyaṇa," he is not a guru. He's not a guru. He's misguiding. Misguiding. 

Avaiṣṇavo gurur na syāt. This is the shastric injunction. Ṣaṭ-karma-nipuṇo vipro mantra-tantra-viśāradaḥ. A... Generally, a qualified brāhmaṇa becomes guru. That is natural. Brāhmaṇa is the head of the society. So he is... And without becoming brāhmaṇa, nobody can become guru. That is also fact. Because brāhmaṇa means brahma jānātīti brāhmaṇaḥ, one who knows Brahman, Brahman. So guru must be a brāhmaṇa, mean a qualified brāhmaṇa, not born-brāhmaṇa, so-called brāhmaṇa. 

Qualified brāhmaṇa. So still, brāhmaṇa's qualification, ṣaṭ-karma, paṭhana pāṭhana yajana yājana dāna pratigraha. So śāstra says that ṣaṭ-karma-nipuṇo vipraḥ. If one vipra is quite expert in executing the six kinds of business, and mantra-tantra-viśāradaḥ, and very well known in the Vedic mantras and hymns and everything complete, but if he is avaiṣṇava, if he is not Vaiṣṇava, he does not know viṣṇu-tattva, or kṛṣṇa-tattva, then he cannot become spiritual master. 

Avaiṣṇavo gurur na syād vaiṣṇavaḥ śva-paco guruḥ. But if a Vaiṣṇava, one who knows viṣṇu-tattva, kṛṣṇa-tattva, even if he's born in the family of śva-paca, the dog-eaters, caṇḍāla, he can be accepted as guru. So the real test is whether the guru is a Vaiṣṇava, whether he know the science of Kṛṣṇa. That is also confirmed by Caitanya Mahāprabhu:

kibā vipra, kibā nyāsī, śūdra kene naya
yei kṛṣṇa-tattva-vettā sei 'guru' haya

 [Cc. Madhya 8.128]

A... It doesn't matter what he is, whether he's a sannyāsī or a gṛhastha or a brāhmaṇa or a su..., born in brāhmaṇa family or... It doesn't matter. Yei kṛṣṇa-tattva. Anyone who knows Kṛṣṇa, he can become guru, not others. So that is the statement of the śāstras. Avaiṣṇava cannot become guru.

Bhagavad-gītā 7.1 -- Ahmedabad, December 13, 1972

Therefore there’s no reason to minimize the position of bona fide disciples. They should be treated with respect and they can teach us also.

You speak of pure devotee, that he is saktyavesa avatara, that we should obey him only—these things are the wrong idea. If anyone thinks like that, that a pure devotee should be obeyed and no one else, that means he is a nonsense. We advise everyone to address one another as Prabhu. Prabhu means master, so how the master should be disobeyed? Others, they are also pure devotees. All of my disciples are pure devotees. Anyone sincerely serving the spiritual master is a pure devotee, it may be Siddhasvarupa or others, a-Siddhasvarupa. This must be very clearly stated. It is not only that your Siddhasvarupa is a pure devotee and not others. Do not try to make a faction. Siddhasvarupa is a good soul. But others should not be misled. Anyone who is surrendered to the spiritual master is a pure devotee, it doesn't matter if Siddhasvarupa or non-Siddhasvarupa.

Letter to: Tusta Krsna — Ahmedabad 14 December, 1972

Bhāgavata: He said, "You are your own guru," Śrīla Prabhupāda.
Prabhupāda: Yes. That is...
Devotee: I have heard him.
Prabhupāda: You see? Kṛṣṇa says, tad vijṣānārthaṁ sa gurum evābhigacchet... [MU 1.2.12]. Tad viddhi praṇipātena [Bg. 4.34]. He says, "Everyone is guru." Just see. "Everyone is guru." Then why you are instructing? Why you are becoming guru?
Dr. Patel: He's not becoming guru of anybody.
Prabhupāda: No, no. Why does he say that "You do this"? That is guru. Guru means one who orders. That is guru. That means you reject all other gurus... That means... He means to say that "You reject all other gurus. Accept me guru." That's all.

Morning Walk -- March 23, 1974, Bombay

You have to accept guru this way or that way. You need a guru for everything. We might not officially call them gurus, but there are so many people who gave us instructions in our life and we have benefited from them. There’s no such a thing as being without a spiritual master at any stage of our life. We simply have to consider who the bona fide spiritual master is, not whether we should accept someone or not.

So your question is without spiritual master. Without spiritual master you cannot be, at any stage of your life. You may accept this spiritual master or that spiritual master. That is a different thing. But you have to accept. As you say that "by reading Bible," when you read Bible that means you are following the spiritual master represented by some priest or some clergyman in the line of Lord Jesus Christ. So any case, you have to follow a spiritual master. There cannot be the question without spiritual master. Is that clear?

Madhudviṣa: I mean like we couldn't understand the teachings of the Bhagavad-gītā without your help, without your presentation.

Prabhupāda: Similarly, you have to understand Bible with the help of the priest in the church.

Lecture -- Seattle, October 2, 1968

Even if the gurus are not liberated, provided they follow the instructions of the liberated, they can be accepted as spiritual masters.

At the present moment it has become fashionable to disobey the unimpeachable directions given by the ācāryas and liberated souls of the past. Presently people are so fallen that they cannot distinguish between a liberated soul and a conditioned soul. A conditioned soul is hampered by four defects: he is sure to commit mistakes, he is sure to become illusioned, he has a tendency to cheat others, and his senses are imperfect. Consequently we have to take direction from liberated persons. 

This Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement directly receives instructions from the Supreme Personality of Godhead via persons who are strictly following His instructions. Although a follower may not be a liberated person, if he follows the supreme, liberated Personality of Godhead, his actions are naturally liberated from the contamination of the material nature. Lord Caitanya therefore says: "By My order you may become a spiritual master." One can immediately become a spiritual master by having full faith in the transcendental words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and by following His instructions.

SB 4.18.5

Generally the spiritual master comes from the group of such eternal associates of the Lord; but anyone who follows the principles of such ever liberated persons is as good as one in the above mentioned group. The gurus from nature's study are accepted as such on the principle that an elevated person in Krishna Consciousness does not accept anyone as disciple, but he accepts everyone as expansion of his guru. That is very high position, called Maha-bhagavata. Just like Radharani, sometimes thinks a subordinate of hers as her teacher, to understand devotion of Krishna. A person who is liberated acharya and guru cannot commit any mistake, but there are persons who are less qualified or not liberated, but still can act as guru and acharya by strictly following the disciplic succession.

Letter to: Janardana — New York 26 April, 1968

Yet the initiating spiritual master remains the complete balance. Our Godbrothers can help us, but the initiating spiritual master does not depend on them. If I can benefit from someone’s association, why not take it? But my Godbrother is never equal to my spiritual master. My relationship with the spiritual master remains always complete. I simply have to follow the instruction. This is the meaning of the current link. The current is available for anyone and everyone. It is only up to the individual to hook up and preach.  

They promised before me to follow the principles. If they are not, then they are not allowed to initiate, but if they are actually following, then they are allowed. These things should be raised in our next meeting in Mayapur and decided.
My point is that even if somebody does not go in one line with the rest of the godbrothers, he can remain separately, but it does not mean that he may disobey the principles that I have laid down. So long as one follows the principles, he continues to be my disciple.

Letter to: Madhudvisa: — Bombay 7 November, 1975

If Kirtanananda Maharaja speaks what I speak, then he can be taken a siksa guru. Guru sastra sadhu. The spiritual master is one, that is a fact. Kirtanananda Swami may be taken a sadhu not spiritual master, or as instructor guru. I don't think he is saying anything against our principles, so what is the wrong?

You have written that the devotees here say that you cannot know me, but only Kirtanananda Maharaja can know me. But, if Kirtanananda is a disciple and he can know me, and you are also a disciple, why you cannot know me?

Letter to: Satyabhama, Paramananda — New Vrindaban 20 July, 1974

Dayalu Nitai / HKC Jaipur update

Dayalu Nitai (Dharmesh Sharma) 




PADA: The bad news is, and what concerns me right now is -- that a friend of the Prahlad / Mukunda / HKC Jaipur group has sent me a death threat, he says he is going to chop my head off. The good news is, this confirms what we have said about this group the whole time, they are violent goondas who want to have Vaishnavas assassinated. Or what? The other bad news for them is, I am not worried one iota about having my head chopped off, it needs replacing anyway.  

I have thus already given (A) this e-mail to the local police, along with (B) associated HKC Jaipur's pal's Prahlad's message saying he is going to send my photo to GBC goons to have me killed; along with (C) another HKC friendly person who says he wanted to break my bones (I have a photo of this person at the HKC programs); along with (D) many messages from HKC people saying we were wrong and even demoniac to stop their favorite child molesting guru's program, etc. 

They also keep saying PADA is a liar, ooops, and so the HKC folks say GBC defenders like Bhakta Das and Hari Sauri are speaking the truth -- thus the HKC folks repeatedly sent me a link to go and listen to Bhakta das and Hari Sauri. Right! We need to listen to the main henchmen of the molester messiahs program. Yep, molester messiahs ki jaya sir! Why is the HKC still in bed with Radhanath's cheer leaders?  

The one thing that connects all these violent people together is -- that they are all associated in one way or other with the HKC Jaipur group. If this goes forward, it will be exposed and reported to the India CBI. I'd like to know if Jaipur HKC wants me to go ahead or what they want to do. 

Anyway, this is actually VERY good news, it means we were right all along to say that these people are still in bed with the molester messiah's program, and the associated GBC goonda's "threats of violence and murders" agenda. Another devotee, from the Jaipur "Gita Books" program also wrote that Dayalu's program is making huge 35 page written attacks on his program to send out in public, constantly causing problems for other Vaishnavas, don't these guys have something better to do in life? 

And so this "Gita Books" program devotee basically asks, why are the HKC folks sitting around all day long plotting and scheming against other devotees, and writing huge web sites and 35 page attack papers on everyone else, including the Prabhupadanugas? Even this Gita Books devotee says that Dayalu's program is creating major mayhem even for the ritviks, and its making the whole ritviks program look foolish to everyone else. Why is Dayalu always trying to discredit the ritviks?

Did we forget to mention that the Mukunda and Prahlad program -- that the HKC folks sent me links to -- appears to be a closet Hitler fan club, and this is upsetting to most devotees, and they are making more videos about the Zionists / Hitler all the time? Why are these folks meditating on Hitler all the time? 

Anyway, death threats is not the way forward for the Vaishnava community, its that simple. And so its surprising that these guys are still living in New Vrndavana land in the 1980s -- thinking death threats is the way to go ahead. Well sorry, they have to catch up to modern times. And if they cannot realize this is wrong, they need to be monitored by the law enforcement agencies over there in India. We also have a report that Prem Prayojana prabhu has been getting some threats of violence from other competition groups the Narayana Maharaja camp, this seems to be a trend and tendency ... and its needs to be nipped. ys pd

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Truth About Narayan Maharaja (Gargamuni prabhu)

Russia Court Declares Gita Authorized Book

Das Avatar (video)

Sikkim Goes All Organic Produce

Vrndavana Das (ACBS) Departs His body

Vrindavana das’s departure.

In our sadness, we are feeling separation from Vrndavana Das Prabhu (age 67) (AcBsP) who passed away from this mortal world. The transformation took place on Friday (August 19th) on a highly illuminated night, by the light on the waning moon, at 9:45pm … in Tampa, Florida. He was found at just a few foot-steps away from the Temple’s entrance.

He had given up driving in April and was riding his bicycle everywhere! At 9:45pm, I was putting the Deities to rest and a neighbor came over, Urgently!!! Saying “your friend was hit by a car…”.

Literally, directly in front of the temple… he was lying in the street as paramedics were trying to revive him. Blood was spilling from his head. Right away, he was covered by a sheet, his soul had left his body… The police interviewed the driver lady who hit him. After the car in front of her survived to miss him…

There wasn’t any alcohol or illegal substances involved anyhow… Vrndavana was apparently trying to cross the street with his bike returning to the temple. But the street is always busy with 30,000 cars a day going 50miles per hour. We've seen many accidents at this intersection.

Vrndavana joined iskon, NY Henry ST. in 1971 after receiving a B.G from Jadurami Devi. Before, he was a Marine and later became a TU repairman. Born on Aug. 27 1948. He did every service, cook pujari, pot washer, gardener, but his main service was book distribution in airports and streets in NY, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago.

He also became a master at candle carving in Atlanta and Denver. He married Mukunda dasi in the 80s taking care of their children one of whom is Maha Mantra. (To remind his wife to chant) who is a presently a tourist guide in Harvais with 2 children.

He became Vanapratha in 2012 when he cam to Tampa, leaving new vrndavan. He attended every morning Kirtan and class and did any service required as a surrendered devotee we miss his association and wish him success on his journey back to Godhead.

Vivasvan das
President Iskcon tampa.

Alcohol Ban Creating Mayhem in India

[PADA: India is number three worldwide in countries experiencing increases of alcohol consumption. The government is trying to slow that down in some areas by legal process, but unfortunately people will tend towards mundane enjoyment unless there is some superior program. That has also happened to a lot of ISKCON devotees, they gave up the higher program and fell into intoxication etc. ys pd]

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Where Does The Soul Come From? (Sri Prem Prayojana Dasa)

[PADA: The Gaudiya Matha folks, ok like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Tripurari swami, Jagat Guru swami and similar others-- all preach a similar idea, there is no real way of describing how the jeeva souls originally fall down. Even Gaura Govinda Maharaja hitched his wagon to this parade. One thing they all agree upon for sure, the fallen jeeva souls were not with Krishna originally. Ooops, but Srila Prabhupada says we all originated in Krishna's leela or sport.

Here we see a follower of Narayana Maharaja, named Prem Prayojana, saying that the fall of the soul is inconceivable. OK, we just sort of happenstance into the material ocean? This is of course how the mayavadas talk all the time, "this is inconceivable, that is inconceivable," and all these universes full of fallen souls are sort of happening for some unknown cause or reason. 

What is the actual cause of the fall of the jeeva? They don't know, and they'll tell us they do not know. Ooops, but Srila Prabhupada says there is a good reason we fell here, and its very simple, we were once part of the regular Vaikuntha society, we broke the laws of that society -- mainly we became envious of Krishna -- and we wanted to enjoy separate from Him, so we had to go to Krishna's jail (the material world). 

Srila Prabhupada says this process is just like the mundane USA society: People can live in the regular society, but when they break the law, then they have to go to prison. So we were living with Krishna, we broke the "house rules" and we wanted to be separate and independent of Krishna, so we had to fall to here. Why is this process inconceivable?   

And one of the people who is involved with these folks is trying to tell us that these fallen souls are originally all coming from Maha Vishnu, and we originated in a sleep state within the body of Maha Vishnu. Nope. Srila Prabhupada says that Maha Vishnu is in charge of the RASCAL fallen souls. How come these guys think that we started out at birth, as rascals? That means Krishna made these rascal souls at their birth and origin, so He is the source of evil souls? Krishna is making evil babies, at their birth and original status?

Nope! Krishna makes all souls pure and originated with Him, but some later on CHOOSE to become independent. Anyway, this is the problem with these folks, they seem to have no clear idea of even the most basic points of the siddhanta. ys pd] 


Sacinandana Swami's Deviations

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What Really Happened in 50 Years? Gadi Das

Krishna is not a business

What Really Happened in 50 Years



And this is just one sad layer:

Honestly, Krishna has given me a great memory and perception of the reality that is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or more accurately WAS the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. And to be perfectly honest, it still exists… in the heart of someones… somewheres. I'm on the ground here… I hear, see, and become informed of the truths below from those who experienced it, myself included.

Here is what was:

Happiness in our temples... There was real happiness in our temples... (usually a rented house rented under false pretenses)... happiness is why people joined. It was free form kirtan... interactions... Hairnam... great prasad… and a feeling of protection that was coming from Krishna directly. Complete dependence on Krishna, we never knew where our next dollar was coming from. By no means was it perfect, given the immaturity of the devotees, but there was hope... lots of hope and optimism for saving the world. There was a power that was transferred directly from our sampradaya through us and into the conditioned souls' hearts.

It was a fabulous time for the planet earth ... she was being revived with soft feet of the Harinam parties and Back to Godhead, the magazine of a spiritual revolution. Bhumi was encouraged. All and everyone gave themselves selflessly... there was never a thought of keeping a dime, even the lonely dime found on the sidewalk. Most of us dropped everything… like dropped out of college, dropped out of marriages, dropped our friends, dropped our parents... It was absolute freedom finally embraced by the loving arms of pure bhakti... Radharani... Our mother was sheltering us, and that's all we knew or needed. What a mysteriously perfect world we'd been given... We operated on love and trust... some may say naively... but that's how it went... Srila Prabhupada's eternal dandanvats...

Did it survive?

Here is what we have now, just 50 years later...

Sadness... lonely devotees, if there are any -- white or black, or other colored bodied devotees... they come and go... no real dedication. They know nothing of the revolution, they hardly know what a BTG is. They are attracted to Krishna, but turned off by the rituals and formalities, and the arrogance of the occupiers... performed in the name of Krishna of course… the temples are formal, unfriendly, elitist, full of pretentious occupiers who think that Srila Prabhupada came to make them brahmanas. 

The occupiers have hardly a clue what Lord Caitanya really came to give. After all, everyone is discouraged from reading Caitanya-caritamrta... it is "too advanced"... (Then why the hell did Prabhupada print it in English and Bengali, and so many other languages?)

There is hardly any kirtan, except for the regulate arotik... and then usually only one or two people. The prasad is orchestrated to be burning hot... usually too hot for the western tongue... you must have a Bengali tongue... Many of the buildings are now great architectural beauties... (even though Srila Prabhupada has written, "do not construct big buildings... useless waste of time"). Money is the objective... getting the cousins and relatives into America via OUR temples, under religious worker permits... getting them green cards... then they go out into the material world to make their mark... and are usually never seen again.

[PADA: Correct. After kicking out almost all the original 1970 era Srila Prabhupada devotees, and alienating almost all of their children -- i.e. the "second generation" of "gurukulis" -- by orchestrated neglect and abuses, then the GBC started to import "replacement" people from places like South America, former Soviet Block, Bengalis and so on, and they often gave these "loyal" people a salary, a promise of green card, a promise of marriage or etc. And the pattern has been, after many of them get their green card, they leave. 

That just happened recently, a temple cook just got his green card and he immediately ran off to work in a karmi restaurant. Basically, a lot of their current devotees are foreign nationals, hired servants etc. One USA temple was allegedly busted by the Federal ICE program for "running a green card business." 

So that was the GBC's plan, to get rid of the Srila Prabhupada disciples, then alienate and get rid of their children, and then "import" people who need material benefit like a green card, because then those people will have to surrender to the GBC to get their material benefits. And this is the problem with Rocana and his living gurus, they have made ISKCON into a mundane business.]

The word revolution has absolutely no meaning to them... No... the temple is only for worship and sacrifices, and rituals, and all pious things. (NO IT IS NOT!!!) BUllS?HT... Everything is about getting the other Indians outside to reach into their pockets deeper and deeper, and continuously...

[PADA: Yes, even the leaders of the New York temple admit they want to sell the Brooklyn temple to move to an area where more Hindus live, so they can extract more donations from the Hindus. These leaders are not moving nearer to a college campus so they can do more preaching ... its a Hindu money raking in business, again, their plan all along. 

One temple is now reportedly shut down all week long, and its only opened on Sunday so the Hindus can come in and give donations. Its become a Hindu cultural hall meeting place. And despite a few other GBCs complaining about the Brooklyn temple sale, there seems to be little or nothing these gutless wonders can do to check the sale, or to check much of anything else deviant going on anywhere else. Worse, more people are getting kicked out for protesting the sale, so its appears that when people protest deviations they are generally booted out, and the rest of the GBCs tend to offer little or not support for the protesters.]

And college... Let's not go there... Oh but we must... we must get our degree and get a good job... make big money and support the city temples... I really don't want to go down that path right now, and watch helplessly as young vibrant youthful souls are encouraged to go to the slaughterhouse... Why? Just to support the city temples of the occupiers. NO, I SAY… find a village... forget the slaughterhouse.

[PADA: Yes, some of our worst attackers in the early days were some "disciples" of Tamal who were here on education visas provided by Tamal, and they were taking computer classes in Texas. They even told me they had to be careful fighting with me because "it could harm their visa status." Yep, after they graduated college -- we never heard from them ever again.]

The temple is such a nice place to live and have an office and operate my business from... keep up with the sales and keep track of those cousins and such out there working for ME! My pockets get heavy with dough, while I spend the very least I can on the Deities flour dough... Oh yes friends... this is just the tip of the berg... We have been duped... we have been taken... we have been misguided... we are victims of our own apathy and victims of too much dependence on those who have enacted failed policies... 

[PADA: People were duped, well yes, but most folks knew there were problems all along with these "gurus." This is nice: "we are victims of our own apathy," i.e. we allowed ISKCON to go into a ditch, well yep!]
And our once radiant Radha, Who embraced us with love and protection, is now the Divine object sold to the highest bidder... for the abhiseka ceremony. 

[PADA: Right, there was a recent incident where people had to pay to perform the abhishekha ceremony, and to buy garlands to place at Srila Prabhupada's sannyasa ceremony. A business.]

And let's not forget the demigods, lest we create an offence... I say hell with that too... I am not afraid to call the spade what it is when the time is at hand... and I believe the time is at hand right NOW! 

[PADA: Better late than never.]

Along with the spicy offerings... which may or may not be Lord Caitanya's idea of prasad, comes the offerings and fire yajnas to the demigods... Oh yes my friends... those pictures from India that we thought were so cool back in the 60's have now appeared 3D for worship, even though our sampradaya forbids it. ... Lord Caitanya forbids it... Narotama Das Thakur forbids it... Srila Prabhupada forbids it...

[PADA: This has been a big problem too, and now some temples are doing Hindu car poojas, Hindu marriages, Hindu demigod worship, and even allowing Hindu mayavada swami speakers and so forth. A business.] 

And that is why there is sadness, my dear devotees... that is why there is sadness. The heart of Radharani has been surgically removed. 

[PADA: A business of devotional service does not attract Radha, nor does it attract her sincere devotees generally.] 

By the heart of Radharani, I mean her love coming through our acharyas and Prabhupada has been cut out. Lord Caintanya's Siksastakam prayers ... cut out ... Prem Bhakti Chandrika... cut out... Caitanya-caritamrta... cut out... Etc. cut out... And with that surgery, we sever the hope of the conditioned souls. Why? Because those literatures will destroy the urge to be fruitive... and the urge to make money for the occupiers. 

[PADA: Well that is what we said all along, these GBC gurus are "the occupiers," the usurpers, and so on, well right! Others are waking up, goody!] 

Those books create joy and happiness in the soul... and detachment ... We can't have that kind of bhakti interference in the temple... It will ruin all my business plans... What will happen to my parents back in India? After all, I promised them I would send money... etc., etc.

Oh yes, and everyone has an iPhone to keep up with the latest social media trends, and the latest movies... all in the name of Krishna Consciousness, mind you... And this is why Prabhupada warned Brahmananda prabhu in Africa... the Indians here wanted to construct a big temple... "get away from the Indians... they are only interested because of sentiment and culture... I am the only Indian in ISKCON! … Go out and make African devotees"... and he did...

But now, as we have literally more Indian managers and congregation than say the white-bodied Americans ... many more... now they have taken advantage to subjugate the white born Americans... 

[PADA: Correct, India's temples, and many USA temples, they have been taken over by Indian managers, because they will promote the worship of the GBC's gurus. Whoever promotes their worship gets to be their leader and director, and right now this is mainly Indian type folks. Westerners are not too interested in worshiping an illicit sex guru lineage, so they are dropping off their support. Many of the ex-kulis have also drifted off to Narayana Maharaja and other programs, they too are voting with their feet as a protest of the GBC's bogus guru's program.] 

Promoting the philosophy that those in the white bodies must take birth as Indians next life to make success. 

[PADA: Yes hee hee, some Hindu type GBC supporting people wrote to tell me that as well, "you Westerners have to wait until your next birth in India to make advancement," and then what? We will be as advanced as them, and promote the GBC's fools and deviants as Krishna's successor acharyas?]

Yes, this is reported to me... this is what they think... and it hurts like anything, because it is 100% bogus, no... 200% bogus... no... oh well ... let me just chant Hare Krishna in my apathy... What a heap of ... and not cow sh.. t, either... It's no wonder my God brothers and God sisters don't feel comfortable or welcome at the temples they helped create. This is what that culture and sentiment have created.

[PADA: Do not feel comfortable in the ISKCON temples, right, who feels comfortable promoting the worship of illicit sex messiah programs? Its Satanic at best.]

This is what happens when opulence is placed in front of pure unalloyed devotional service. Opulence creates a distinct mood, like just see how God, (Krishna) favors us! Well maybe God favors you because God is everywhere anyway... after all, how many pious religions are there anyway? 

But Krishna is nowhere to be found in that self-righteous atmosphere... Krishna only lives with the cows, He covers His opulence with sweetness, and where the twigs, flowers and vines are His favorite toys, and butter and yogurt are His favorite foods... where He plays freely with His cowherd friends... and meets His lovers in secret places everyday ... and every night ... Nararyan has no business there ... God has no business there ... just as Krishna has no business in Vaikuntha.

These wandering children I spoke of earlier are just looking for Krishna ... it looks like Krishna ... and it looks like Radha ... but something is not right ... Because the love net that Srila Prabhupada caught us in is missing. Now it's just God ... and like I said, God is everywhere ... Vaikuntha ... Where's the revolution, anyway?

Vrindavan is very different, and distinctly unique... and can only be found where love for Radha and Krishna is flowing ... This is what Srila Prabhupada gave, and why he wants us to live like Krishna lived. "How happy they were living with Krishna and the cows... this is what I want... that you make Vrindavan villages everywhere... no big buildings... useless waste of time. Chanting always should be our motto... " "At any cost do it". But has it been done?... NO IT HASN'T. 

And it is for this reason and many others that there is no real happiness in our temples, because we are not living the village life... and why these sad stories have been told to me:

"We don't allow any black or homeless people here"… "You are not allowed to serve prasad, you are not allowed to enter the kitchen, you are not allowed to wash the pots… you simply are not welcome here." Go away...

"We have no sleeping in our temple compound... you cannot sleep here... we do not have an ashram... go away." I will call the police if you do not move."

"You must fill out this application to live here... and we will do a background check..."

I ask you... what young homeless person has not had some altercation with the police? Many do not even fill out the application... they just go away...

So you can have hundreds of high falootin galas... hundreds and millions of books put out there, but the books can remain locked and unread... hundreds and millions of sangas and Ratha Yatras... hundreds of festivals, etc. …but without the heart of Vrindavan in the center, well... you know what I'm saying.

Something big and wonderful has been lost, but hopefully not lost everywhere. Just keep searching and Krishna will help ... Well, I think I have made my point. Happy 50th Anniversary ISKCON! (Yes, us.)

Your servant because of his mercy... always on call... Gadidas

[PADA: Good analysis! High falooting indeed! Thanks Gadi das, you are talking more like a PADA-nik every day. ys pd]