Friday, September 2, 2016

ISKCON Has NO Guru at All?

Krishna's guru cupboard is empty?

Dear B***** prabhu. OK I am trying hard to comprehend your idea: 

(A) Srila Prabhupada is not the diksha guru anymore; 

(B) the GBC is not the diksha guru either, since they are falling left, right and center; 

(C) Therefore there is no guru at all in ISKCON. 

(D) Therefore your idea since 1978 is siphoning off thousands of people to -- the Gaudiya Matha, Narayana Maharaja, BV Puri, BP Puri, the Babajis, some went back to being Christians, some went to mother AMMA etc. Since there is no guru in ISKCON anymore, thus your idea is sending people packing to outside, and its working pretty good, you have made most temples into empty ghost towns.

Your plan is to basically empty out ISKCON, and then there will be one guy left, to turn out the lights on the way off to find another guru, because there is no guru left in ISKCON anymore. This is the same identical plan as Rocana, Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna and so on, they all say Srila Prabhupada is not the guru, the GBC is not the guru, so there is no ISKCON guru at all. OK and that means, go away from ISKCON and find another religion that does have a guru, and your guys plan is working pretty good, you have made ISKCON into an empty ghost town. 

Your program has already taken more than half the people out of ISKCON to other gurus, with your "go find a guru somewhere else, anywhere else than ISKCON" plan, and you are apparently upset that a few people are left remaining. Your plan has already siphoned off more than fifty percent out. There is no guru in ISKCON anymore, go elsewhere, and its working, you are making ISKCON empty. The only good news is -- we scoop up at least a few of your victims who come to us and they get to worship Srila Prabhupada. 

Meanwhile you said the ritviks are bogus, because they do have a guru for people to worship? What kind of religion has no guru, sounds very mayavada to us? ys pd

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