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Gopal Summer Camp for Kids (Sunnyvale)

Krishna Jinka Naam Hai (live concert)

Delhi's Dangerous Smog Levels Update

[PADA: This is why Srila Prabhupada said India would go downhill fast if it chases the Westernized and Industrialized culture, which it has. The apparent long term (if not lifetime) health effects on its children is not looking very auspicious either. As one person commented, its a race to the bottom. India needs "simple living and high thinking" now more than it ever has previously. ys pd]    

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Song FromJayadeva's Geeta Govinda

Importance of Farm Projects

PADA: The idea of self sufficient farms is always a good one, implementation has been weak, to say the least. ys pd

Easier Said Than Done? by Rocana das

Easier Said Than Done


This is in response to the continuing inquiries of a number of Sun readers, who have asked various questions about how qualified a diksa guru has to be, and where to find such a person in ISKCON.

[PADA: Rocana just wrote his "ISKCON constitution" -- wherein he saying that he agrees with the current GBC's "guru system," that their gurus will be -- "2/3 show of hands" voted in, and then their "gurus" can be -- corrected, censured, monitored, suspended, fixed and repaired, removed etc. -- all of which is not found anywhere in the Vedas?

Meanwhile, Rocana argues that his above ecclesiastical guru program is "following the tradition." Where is this tradition followed? -- (A) The acharyas are subordinated to a managerial body. However (B) weren't we taught that acharyas are subordinated to Krishna, not a managing committee? And what exactly is an acharya managerial committee? 

Q: Which previous acharyas were managed by Rocana's guru committee program idea? 
A: None, ever.

It is also self evident that Rocana has "no confidence" in his own diksha gurus because -- 

As soon as Rocana's program "2/3 show of hands" votes in their diksha guru, they then make an IMMEDIATE plan to provide a back door system to remove that person -- should he turn out to be an excessive deviant. Of course this plan has not worked very well so far? 

In fact "suspending and removing the guru" rarely works at all under the Rocana scheme. Then again -- adding deviant gurus to -- and then removing deviant gurus from -- the parampara -- is not something mentioned in the Vedas? Where is Rocana's system found in the Vedas? By what authority does Rocana add deviants (who need correcting) to the parampara in the first place?

Thus -- many of Rocana's previously "voted in" acharyas like for example -- Bhavananda, Hari Sauri (aka Prabhupada Kripa Maharaja), Prabhavishnu, Satsvarupa, Mahanidhi and many others -- they still enjoy some sort of ongoing elite status, if not continued guru glory -- despite their total failure to maintain the basics of their sannyasa regimen. Never mind folks like Prabhavishnu's confidential associate who was complaining that PVS likes to listen to Pink Floyd music etc. 

Then again Rocana cannot explain what is a suspended acharya in the first place? And why is Rocana placing Pink Floyd music fans in his Vyasa-asana seats in the first place? The good news is that Suhotra's associate found only a box full of 1940s Humphrey Bogart "detective noir" movies in Suhotra's baggage, and not worse videos (yep one "sannyasa guru" was caught with porno movies). Why does Rocana's / GBC's program keep mixing up Pink Floyd, Humphrey Bogart, Timothy Leary, gambling in Reno, machine guns, LSD, porno movies, and who knows what else -- to God's successors and acharyas?    

Rocana's program has "a tradition" of selecting Humphey Bogart fans for their messiahs.

The fact that Rocana has to reform, censure, suspend, (if not remove) many of his diksha gurus -- is actually Rocana's vote of "no confidence" in his acharyas. "Yes, the car we are selling you has a ten years warranty, ooops maybe a month, ooops maybe a day, ooops maybe two minutes, ooops, at least we do hope it drives itself off the lot." Who will buy such a car? Rocana cannot even guarantee that his acharyas are following even the basics of sadhana process, at the time he votes them in?   

Yes, Rocana is still saying his acharyas will continue to fall down and engage in deviations, and require reform, censure and even removal. There is really no difference between Rocana's diksha guru process and the GBC's "voted in" diksha guru process. The first and most glaring problem for these folks is -- there is no history of any acharyas being subordinated to a Governing Body (as Rocana details in his "constitution") especially one that makes so many constant chronic mistakes like this one does? 

Yes, there is no such thing in the Vedas as:

Acharyas who need Rocana's "guru reforms,"
Acharays who need correcting by the votes of a committee, 
Acharyas who are deviating, 
Acharyas who are being censured, 
Acharyas who are being monitored (to make sure they chant their rounds?)
Acharyas who are being suspended,
Acharyas who are having illicit sex in the holy dham, 
Acharyas who are being excommunicated etc.? 

Rocana admits he has no confidence in his own voted in gurus, but if we express that same sentiment, we are purged and banished? And since Rocana's program needs to make a back door system to remove his messiahs for deviations, then why is he voting in such defective people as his acharyas in the first place? And isn't his whole system a concoction born out of mental speculation?

Rocana says he has "no confidence" in the people he is voting in as God's successors?

And what happens if for example Rocana's rubber stamped gurus engage in criminal actions, or orchestrate murders and so on? How can this be fixed after the fact? Can Rocana bring the victims back from the dead? Rocana says he wants to start to fix some of the damage being done by his false gurus, really, he can bring people back from the dead? 

And what happens if Rocana's acharyas make some of their female disciples pregnant (as has happened with some of Rocana's voted in gurus). Is he going to pay child support for their babies? And why doesn't Rocana's constitution tell us how all this fallen behavior applies to the parampara? Why doesn't Rocana ever detail exactly how all these matters will be addressed, fixed, and so on, rather he avoids or at least skimps on all these important issues?]

RD: I have given this a great deal of thought over the years, and tried to address the issue properly in the Constitution, which focuses on the most essential points of principle underlying the initiation issue. The Constitution quotes sastra and cites Srila Prabhupada's comments on the subject but even so, the complexity and seeming contradictions make it a challenging subject for devotees.

[PADA: Sorry Rocana, you failed to quote Srila Prabhupada, at all. He never discusses your concoction of "2/3 show of hands" guru voting, and subsequent reformed gurus, deviating gurus, gurus being censured, monitored, removed, excommunicated and so on and so forth. You have not quoted any shastra whatsoever on these issues. 

Worse, none of Rocana's ideas were ever done in the Vaishnava guru tradition. Nor is any of this discussed by Srila Prabhupada or shastra, nor by any previous acharyas. Instead, Srila Prabhupada says ecclessiastical guru voting is bogus and is rejected by the acharyas. For example Rupa Goswami, the acharyas, the shastra, they all reject -- voted in gurus, falling down gurus etc. all these are considered as concocted, manufactured and offensive ideas. 

Moreover the GBC was never designated as the SUPERIOR monitor for the guru, the GBC is supposed to be the subordinate agent of the guru etc. Rocana is the person creating all this complexity and contradiction, when there is normally none.]

RD: Krsna consciousness is a science. It's very practical, and not mysterious. You simply have to try and comprehend your own personal circumstances, and the circumstances we are now trying to make spiritual advancement in. I've touched on this before and it's a recurring theme: that we exist right now in a very unique circumstance relative to the lila of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

[PADA: Right, and your personal circumstance is that you are placing the the GBC's guru voting, guru censuring (et al.) process into your constitution -- because you are a follower of the GBC's guru system, so your system is a carbon copy of theirs. Sorry you have failed to show where this acharya system was ever followed by the previous acharyas, nor does it make any sense that conditioned beings ever were acharyas in the first place? The whole Rocana program is "rubber stamp of guru."]

Rocana's police cheif of the Guru Resources Committee -- Guru Correctional Committee -- etc. This is the police chief who monitors and arrests Rocana's acharyas? He has not yet arrested Pink Floyd pada? Prahladananda swami also says, in the absence of a pure devotee, anyone can be a diksha guru, even the most neophyte devotees. Again, where is this found in the Vedas, that the most neophyte devotees can be worshiped as "nikunja yuno rati keli siddha" parampara members and accept sins like Jesus? Is this not sahajiya, to make conditioned souls into acharyas?

RD: Who are the pure devotees in ISKCON today that are on the level a bona fide spiritual master must be on, according to sastra? Devotees in ISKCON and in other mathas or situations may have determined that their guru is on that platform, and the leader himself may have indicated that he is indeed on that level, and others are not. 

I'm not going to comment on the individual gurus who are making these claims because in most cases, I have not personally experienced them. I can only go by my own intelligence and by the results I see in the people who have surrendered to these individuals, thinking them to be extremely advanced. And frankly, I'm just not moved or impressed by what I see.

[PADA: Rocana says we need to keep rubber stamping a big bunch of gurus, but he is not impressed with the ones his program has rubber stamped already? This is ALSO the same statement we hear from some of the highest placed people in ISKCON, including sometimes GBC men and gurus, they have confided in PADA over the years, yes, the GBC has many gurus, but personally they would never accept any of them as their own guru. 

So Rocana favors the GBC's guru system FOR OTHERS, so they can be cheated, but he has not been impressed with any of them himself. This is called cheating, You'll have to accept their counterfeit money, but they won't take it themselves. Which is why JAYADVAITA SWAMI writes -- that when it comes to the GBC's gurus its "buyer beware" (same as the fine print of a used car contract).]

RD: The only individuals that most ISKCON devotees accept as being on that advanced platform are the Sampradaya Acaryas, particularly Srila Bhaktivinoda, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta and Srila Bhaktivedanta Thakurs, and acaryas such as Gaura Kishor dasa Babaji and Jagannatha dasa Babaji who they have recognized and classified as being maha-bhagavats.

[PADA: Correct. Rocana's living guru program seems to be dying on the vine more every day, and our idea, to take shelter of the bona fide acharya Srila Prabhupada, is expanding.]

RD: He spared only a few, such as devotees like Arjuna and the Pandavas. Recognizing the true spiritual identities and pastimes of such personalities requires a very high degree of advancement. Similarly, recognizing someone to be on the uttama, madhyama or even ruci platform before accepting them as a diksa guru is a somewhat academic exercise. In a sense, it's even something of a copout. It can be a way to avoid surrendering.

[PADA: Surrendering to whom? Rocana never tells us who this person is? Is this not a cop out? Fine, we should surrender to a person who is claiming to be a mahabhagavata in ISKCON, because if we do not this is "a cop out"? Meanwhile, Rocana has already copped out, he has no confidence in the people he is promoting as maha bhagavatas and gurus in current ISKCON? 

We should not engage in the "academic exercise" of discriminating who is a guru, because this is a cop out, a way of avoiding surrender. This is blind following then? Meanwhile Rocana himself is "not impressed" with the current crop of alleged maha bhagavatas. Read: OTHERS should NOT discriminate, others should just surrender and not be a cop out, whereas ONLY Rocana is allowed to discriminate, and he is "not impressed" with the current crop of gurus ISKCON is offering. We are not allowed to think, only Rocana is?   

Apart from that, should not the senior devotees conduct the "academic exercise" of determining who is the maha bhagavata, instead of leaving this to the brand new bhaktas -- which Rocana says is the process in his constitution? The brand new guys off the street get to determine who is the acharya, not the senior devotees. How is that working out?]

What, me worry?

RD: Since the time I became a devotee -- and I think this applies to almost everyone -- we are always imagining or hoping that Krsna consciousness is a lot easier than it actually is. We were looking for excuses, really, to not surrender. We wanted to maintain the hope that, if I don't really surrender to what I know I have to surrender to, then I'm still going to make spiritual advancement… Krsna consciousness is just so easy. Just chant Hare Krsna and take prasada. In the early days we thought we'd just eat our way back to Godhead, but in due course we found that really wasn't the case.
Prasada certainly got us off eating other non-offered foodstuffs, but then we had to go on to the next level. 

[PADA: Except Rocana says we should have no more prasadam? He says we cannot have initiated brahmanas anymore, because there is no longer a system to initiate them? Worse, he has created a system where ISKCON people are offering their bhogha to Rocana's illicit sex gurus, and that means their prasadam is not at all prasadam, it is now contaminated by offering bhogha to illicit sex debauchees. 

His bhogha now has the qualities of illicit behavior by offering it to deviants. This is the same reason the Satanists offer their food to Satan, it takes on the qualities of Satan. Why does Rocana think that offering bhogha to kanisthas, illicit sex gurus, or even mini-Satan's, is now prasadam? Rocana does not even know what prasadam is? Its bhogha that is EXCLUSIVELY offered to the pure devotee.] 

RD: You had to chant the Holy Names, and so on, and chant attentively, without offenses. You found out how difficult that actually was, being totally absorbed in chanting even 16 rounds. And then maintaining the sadhana, the principles, etc. Everything sounds simple.  

[PADA: Right, Rocana's messiahs have even been "censured" for "not chanting their rounds." Rocana cannot even promote basic level sadhakas as his gurus.]

RD: So what to do, if you find yourself in the circumstance of looking for a guru in ISKCON today? Or if you're one of the many ISKCON devotees who've decided that your guru isn't qualified, or that it's almost dangerous to follow them if one wants to make spiritual advancement?

[PADA: Wow! Rocana admits that following his voted in gurus can be dangerous! Yes, the false gurus go to the lower regions -- and so do their followers! And so do their supporters (OK Rocana). This is also another admission from ROCANA, most of his gurus are no longer accepted as gurus by MANY / most of the people in ISKCON because they are not qualified to be gurus! Why does Rocana keep insisting people have to accept his gurus, when he knows already that many (ok most) people in ISKCON doubt the qualification of his gurus, hence the temples are almost empty?] 

RD: Well, it varies from individual to individual, but we all know that every day, if we just sit down and think of all the things we should or could be surrendering to that are available - chanting the Holy Names is always available, and the philosophy as it's expounded by all the Acaryas is available to be read and studied.

[PADA: Unforunately as soon as someone concludes that Rocana's voted in debauchee guru program is bogus, one is then banned, beaten, and maybe killed for opposing Rocana's dangerous personality guru cults. Its pretty amazing that Rocana admits he is creating "dangerous" personality guru cults that ban, beat, molest and kill others. Instead of fixing this problem by worshiping the pure devotee, Rocana tells us to "just chant and be happy" -- sort of like Bhajahari Murphy's program, just mellow out and chant -- as you and your friends are banned, beat, molested, and assassinated! And this instruction is the message of -- the Bhagavad Gita?]  

RD: The opportunity to follow the sadhana program is always there… one can always be stricter, more attentive, more offenseless, regardless of whatever else your mind comes up with as being an impediment, such as not finding a qualified guru, or having an unqualified guru.

[PADA: Wrong! People who do not worship Rocana's bogus gurus are often shunned, banned, removed and exiled -- where they most likely have to work long hours at "karmi" jobs. Then they no longer have facility for chanting, deity worship, harinama etc. One ex-kuli (who was one of the first to be initiated by Srila Prabhupada) says, nowadays he pretty much only has time to chant ONE round a day, because then he has to scoot off to work long hours in a karmi job. Sorry, making these false gurus destroys the INFRASTRUCTURE of chanting established by the acharya.] 

RD: As Caitanya das also recently mentioned, caitya-guru is always there within the heart, and He will surely put you together with a more qualified personality as to serve as your guru, when you're ready. When you are in that kind of need, it will be satisfied spiritually.

[PADA: That is not what happened in the Gaudiya Matha? Their false gurus kicked almost everyone out, and then the mission was stunted and even halted, and many of the Gaudiya followers ended up "sitting in tea shops reading newspapers." Rocana keeps giving us a post dated check that someday he will manifest the real Mc Coy guru, but we never see that happening? Meanwhile the ISKCON program deteriorates monkeying around with a pile of voted in gurus from the Rocana program, who are siphoning off the little bit of assets left.] 

RD: So getting upset about not having the right association with qualified gurus in ISKCON is somewhat beside the point. For the most part, they don't have asramas where their disciples can come live and associate with them.

[PADA: Good point, Rocana's program has destroyed the temple ashram program by removing all the devotees who were managing these programs. A new bhakta wrote to tell us his temple has no one there to train him, he is pretty much wandering around the building on his own all day long, its a ghost town. The temple president shows up for an hour once in awhile, the program is essentially dead. He says he is going to go out and get a job now because he does not feel secure in this situation.]

RD: We see most of the gurus are not surrendered to following the footsteps of Srila Prabhupada. They are also trying to take the easy way out. They are trying to pretend to themselves that going to meetings, Ratha yatras and events is more important than just preaching and having their disciples become pure, blissful and enthusiastic to spread Krsna consciousness. That's the sign of how advanced the gurus are.

[PADA: Right, Rocana's gurus have kicked out the preachers and harinama devotees and replaced that with "attending meetings." They have become mundane managers, of course Satsvarupa was living at Howard Johnson motels watching TV and having an affair with his therapist, and we all had to leave so this program could be facilitated.]

RD: We didn't appreciate Srila Prabhupada for being as advanced as he was, and that's true of thousands of disciples around the world. In fact, thousands of them gave Srila Prabhupada up… this golden opportunity, this inconceivable mercy was casually discarded.

[PADA: Most of the original devotees were purged out by Rocana's bogus gurus. Hansadutta's temple had only three Prabhupada devotees left by 1984, one was gay, one was a bank robber, and the other was -- Hansadutta. The Rocana living gurus removed the Prabhupada devotees. They did not give up on Prabhupada, they were forcibly exiled from his movement by Rocana's living gurus.]

RD: And among those who are Srila Prabhupada's disciples and are actively trying to be Krsna consciousness, many or most of them are struggling just to fulfill the basics of what Srila Prabhupada introduced. So we all really have no excuse. We have to try to purge from our consciousness this whole notion that Krsna consciousness is easy, or you can do it casually, or you can do it part-time, or you can do it when you're older. That's just the mind, it's Maya playing tricks on us. The fact is that it is the most serious, the most important, the most significant aspect of our life, and it requires day-to-day surrender. We have to follow… and when we're working on the Constitution and preaching, we have to repeat what we've heard from sastra in terms of the Spiritual Master being on a particular level.

[PADA: Rocana is simply promoting the GBC's guru constitution program, which is what has made the temples empty.] 

RD: The whole concept of religiosity, and Krsna consciousness becoming a religion instead of a spiritual movement, is all based on this same principle -- it's just laziness. These leaders, who I don't envy in the least, cannot surrender. They cannot become pure enough to qualify to be leaders of a spiritual movement. They don't motivate people. They can't maintain constantly a high level of consciousness.

[PADA: Great so Rocana is voting in people who are lazy, lack leadership, and cannot motivate others. Why is he voting these people in as his gurus? And when we start a program in Vancouver that is doing great, and its motivating people to hear and chant, Rocana shuns our program and says we are worshiping a post mortem person (Srila Prabhupada). He does not start any program, he just attacks ours.]

RD: So instead, an institution provides them with an opportunity to just accept a position: 'I'm a GBC, or I'm a Sannyasi, or I'm a Guru'. And therefore, just based on the fact that I'm in this institution, I've been approved, I've been sanctioned, I've been recognized as being advanced because I hold this position. And therefore, you are obliged, according to sastra, to treat me in a certain reverential way, with adoration and respect. You're supposed to believe everything I say is true, and hold my every word sacred, and serve me very nicely. That's what religions provide.

[PADA: Right Rocana's program is a mundane program making a mundane position for mundane people.]

RD: The sastra, whether it's the pastimes of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates fromCaitanya-caritamrta or Chaitanya Bhagavat, gives us so many examples of how real advanced devotees avoid at all costs being put in such positions. They avoid being in a position where people are worshipping them. The most golden rule, the most highly sought after principle of Krsna consciousness is trinad api sunichena… humble as the straw in the street. How is that possible when you're not actually, internally absorbed in that consciousness and people are constantly worshiping you?

[PADA: Good point. Rocana ALREADY knows that placing his first wave of neophytes into Vyasa seats made most of them go crazy with ego, money, women, power, followers and so on. Sridhara Maharaja himself said that, his acharyas are going mad after money, women and followers. 

And that is why Rocana wants to vote in many more false acharyas, so he can see more of his voted in gurus falling into major tail spins, bad publicity, and all the associated banning, beating, and murders etc. going on with his first wave of messiahs -- which is what he already created by his support of his first wave of gurus. He wants more of the same madness and associated bad publicity for ISKCON, and he knows his bogus guru program is creating this program in spades.]

RD: So this is the phenomenon, as I see it. I hope someday I will be able to associate with and appreciate, and recognize someone on the highest level of Krsna consciousness, other than recognizing and appreciating the great Acaryas who are clearly identified by Krsna as being on that level. In the meantime, whether or not there's someone present on this planet who is qualified, and who, due to my neophyte nature and lack of surrender I simply don't recognize, that's another story. That may be my own suffering and inability, lack of surrender. But that's my situation.

I can honestly say that I haven't been travelling around the world from matha to matha. I haven't spent my time and money doing that, searching for qualified diksa gurus.

[PADA: Oh great, Rocana wants us to vote in a bunch of gurus -- using his 2/3 show of hands vote process -- to be the acharyas of ISKCON, but he has not even bothered yet to see if anyone is actually qualified to be voted into that post? "I want you to vote in my jewelry as top most diamonds, but I have never tried to figure out if I only have colored glass or actual diamonds to sell"? Rocana insists on making many more guru with his guru voting program, but he has no interest in seeing if anyone is a guru in the first place! Then, when people are suffering from his cheating, he blames the victims, you wanted to be cheated. Nope, you set us a false guru voting program and you cheated us!] 

RD: I do what I'm doing… preaching through the Sampradaya Sun and writing, and supporting myself. I have not initiated disciples, but am instead trying to live as simple a life as I can, without distractions. But I do have faith that if such an advanced personality exists, and caitya-guruwishes to give me the blessing of associating with such a devotee, then He'll arrange it. And hopefully I'll be capable of surrendering to it when He does. But in the meantime, we have to live our day-do-day lives. Every day, we have to try to find the time and energy, enthusiasm and focus to do what we know, clearly, without any ambiguity or mental agitation, we are supposed to do. We've got to do these things for Krsna, for Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: Right, Rocana's day to day life is to write a constitution that says exactly what the bogus GBC says, we need more of his dangerous voted in hokey illicit sex acharyas, which are banning, beating, molesting and assassinating the vaishnavas, and saying that our worship of the pure devotee is the posthumous, post mortem program. 

Rocana just cannot face the fact that his living gurus program has ruined his guru's mission and his hands are full of the karma of promoting this program. He is in denial about the Frankenstein monster he has co-created. Rocana was one of the biggest cheer leaders of the GBC gurus after 1977, then he was their 1986 guru reformer, which simply spread the guru disease by voting in over a hundred more. This is his co-creation, and now that his bogus voted in messiah's program has ruined / is still ruining ISKCON, he is perplexed how to fix his creation, which he himself says -- is dangerous. 

ys pd]

India Actor Ranveer Supports Akshaya Patra

Ranveer Singh supports Akshaya Patra

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Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi May29th

During the hottest season (northern hemisphere), if one can perform upavasa without water one is performing a great feat. One may take only caranamrta and acamana water.

Bhima requested one vrata day by which he could obtain the fruits of all the other days of vrata that he was incapable of observing. Vyasadeva advised him to follow this difficult vrata.

One should worship the Lord in the evening by bathing him in milk. On the dvadasi one should give full pots of water to brahmanas and feed them before breaking one's fast. 

(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 15/25 from PADMA PURANA Vyasadeva speaks to Bhimasena)

Oh son, Lord Keshava, Who holds the club, disk, conch and lotus flower in His hand, personally told me that all of the merit achieved by fasting on whatever Ekadasis fall in one year can be attained by fasting on this one Ekadasi (nirjala Ekadasi). Of this, there is no doubt.


(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 15/33 from PADMA PURANA Vyasadeva speaks to Bhimasena)

Anyone who does not fast on this particular Ekadasi (nirjala Ekadasi), they should be understood to be sinful, corrupted and suicidal person without a doubt.

The Story of Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi:

Once Bhimasena, the younger brother of Maharaja Yudhisthira, asked the great sage Shrila Vyasadeva, the grandfather of the Pandavas, if it is possible to return to the spiritual world without having observed all the rules and regulations of the Ekadasi fasts.
Bhimasena then spoke as follows, "Oh greatly intelligent and learned grandfather, my brother Yudhisthira, my dear mother Kunti, and my beloved wife Draupadi, as well as Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, fast completely on each Ekadasi and strictly follow all the rules, guidelines and regulative injunctions of that sacred day.
Being very religious, they always tell me that I should also fast on that day too. But, Oh learned grandfather, I tell them that I cannot live without eating, because as the son of Vayudeva - Samanaprana, (the digestive air) hunger is unbearable to me. I can give widely in charity and worship Lord Keshava properly with all manner of wonderful upacharas (items), but I cannot be asked to fast on Ekadasi. Please tell me how I can obtain the same merits result without fasting."

Hearing these words, the grandsire of Bhima, Srila Vyasadeva said, "If you want to go to the heavenly planets and avoid the hellish planets, you should indeed observe a fast on both the light and dark Ekadasis."

Bhima replied, "Oh great saintly intelligent grandfather, please listen to my plea. Oh greatest of munis, since I cannot live if I eat only once in a day, how can I possibly live if I fast completely?
Within my stomach burns a special fire named Vrika, the fire of digestion.

Agni the fire-god, descends from Lord Vishnu through Brahma, from Brahma to Angirasa, from Angirasa to Brihaspathi, and from Brihaspathi to Samyu, who was Agni's father. He is the gatekeeper in charge of Nairritti, the south-eastern direction. He is one of the eight material elements, and Parikshit Maharaja, he is very expert at examining things.

He examined Maharaja Shibi once by turning into a dove. (for further information on this incident see Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's Srimad Bhagavatam commentary to 1:12:20. Purport.)
Agni is divided into three categories; Davagni, the fire in wood, Jatharagni, the fire in the digestion in the stomach, and Vadavagni, the fire that creates fog when hot and cold streams mix in for example the ocean.
Another name for the fire of digestion is Vrika. It is this powerful fire that resided in Bhima's stomach. "Only when I eat to my full satisfaction does the fire in my stomach become satisfied.
Oh great sage, I might possibly be able to fast only once, so I beg that you tell me of an Ekadasi that is worthy of my fasting and that includes all other Ekadasis. I shall faithfully observe that fast and hopefully still become eligible for liberation's release." 

Shrila Vyasadeva replied, "Oh king, you have heard from me about the various kinds of occupational duties, such as elaborate Vedic ceremonies and pujas. In the Kali-yuga, however, no one will be able to observe all these occupational & functional duties properly. I shall therefore tell you how, at practically no expense, one can endure some small austerity and achieve the greatest benefit and resultant happiness. The essence of what is written in the Vedic literatures known as the Puranas is that one should not eat on either the dark or light fortnight Ekadasis."

As stated in Srimad Bhagavatam (Mahabhagavat Puranam) 12:13:12 and 15, the Bhagavat Puranam is itself the essence or cream of all Vedanta philosophy (sara-vedanta-saram), and the Srimad Bhagavatam's unequivocal message is that of full surrender to Lord Sri Krishna and the rendering of loving devotional service to Him. Observing Ekadasi strictly is a great aid in that process, and here Shrila Vyasadeva is simply stressing to Bhima the importance of the Ekadasi vratam.

"One who fasts on Ekadasis saved from going to the hellish planets." Hearing Shrila Vyasadeva's words, the son of Vayu, Bhimasena, the strongest of all warriors, became frightened and began to shake like a leaf on a banyan tree in a strong wind.

The frightened Bhimasena then said, "Oh grandfather, what should I do? I am completely unable and ill equipped to fast twice in a month throughout the year! Please tell me of the one fasting day that will bestow the greatest benefit upon me!" 

Vyasadeva replied, "Without drinking even water, you should fast on the Ekadasi that occurs during the light fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha (May-June) when the sun travels in the sign of Taurus (Vrishabh) and Gemini (Mithun),
According to learned personalities, on this day one may bathe and perform Achamana for pratiprokshana purification. But while performing Achamana one may drink only that amount of water equal to a drop of gold, or that amount it takes to immerse a single mustard seed.
Only this amount of water should be placed in the right palm for sipping, which one should form to resemble a cow's ear.

If one drinks more water than this, he might as well have drunk wine despite the soaring heat of summer (in the northern hemisphere and cold in the southern hemisphere). One must certainly not eat anything, for if he does so he breaks his fast. This rigid fast is in effect from sunrise on the Ekadasi day to sunrise on the Dwadashi day. If a person endeavours to observe this great fast very strictly, he easily achieves the result of observing all twenty-four other Ekadasi fasts throughout the entire year.

On Dwadashi the devotee should bathe early in the morning. Then, according to the prescribed rules, guidelines and regulative injunctions, and of course depending on his ability, he should give some gold and water to worthy brahmanas. Finally, he should cheerfully honour prasadam with a branmana.

Oh Bhimasena, one who can fast on this special Ekadasi in this manner reaps the benefit of having fasted on every Ekadasi during the year. There is no doubt of this, nor should there be. Oh Bhima, now hear the specific merit one gets by fasting on this Ekadasi. The Supreme Lord Keshava, who holds a conch, discus, club and lotus, personally told me, `Everyone should take shelter of Me and follow My instructions.'
Then He told me that one who fasts on this Ekadasi, without taking even drinking water or eating, becomes free of all sinful reactions, and that one who observes the difficult nirjalafast on Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi truly reaps the benefit of all other Ekadasi fasts.

"Oh Bhimasena, in the Kali-yuga, the age of quarrel and hypocrisy, when all the principles of the Vedas will have been destroyed or greatly minimised, and when there will be no proper charity or observance of the ancient Vedik principles and ceremonies, how will there be any means of purifying the self? But there is the opportunity to fast on Ekadasi and become free of all one's past sins.

"Oh son of Vayu, what more can I say to you? You should not eat during the Ekadasis that occur during the dark and light fortnights, and you should even give up drinking water (nir = no jala= water) on the particularly auspicious Ekadasi day of Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi. Oh Vrikodara (voracious eater), whoever fasts on this Ekadasi receives the merits of bathing in all the places of pilgrimage, giving all kinds of charities to worthy persons, and fasting on all the dark and light Ekadasis throughout the year, in one go. Of this there is no doubt.

Oh tiger among men, whoever fasts on this Ekadasi truly becomes a great person and achieves all manner of opulence and wealth, grains, strength, and health. And at the fearful moment of death, the terrible Yamadutas, whose complexions are yellow and black and who brandish huge maces and twirl mystic pasha ropes in the air for binding their victims, will refuse to approach him.

Rather, such a faithful soul will at once be taken to the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu by the Vishnu-dutas, whose transcendentally beautiful forms are clothed in gorgeous yellowish garments and who each hold a disk, club, conch and lotus in their four hands, resembling Lord Vishnu. It is to gain all these benefits that one should certainly fast on this very auspicious and important Ekadasi, even from water."

When the other Pandavas heard about the benefits to be gained by following Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi, they resolved to observe it exactly as their grandfather Srila Vyasadeva had explained it to their brother, Bhimasena. All the Pandavas observed it by refraining from eating or drinking anything, and thus this day is also known as Pandava Nirjala Dvadashi (technically it is a Maha-Dvadashi). Shrila Vyasadeva continued, Oh Bhimasen, therefore you should observe this important fast to remove all your past sinful reactions.
You should pray to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna in this way making your sankalpa declaration, `Oh Lord of all the devas (demigods), Oh Supreme Personality of Godhead, today I shall observe Ekadasi without taking any water. Oh unlimited Anantadev, I shall break fast on the next day, Dwadashi.'

Thereafter, to remove all his sins, the devotee should honour this Ekadasi fast with full faith in the Lord and with full control over his senses. Whether his sins are equal in volume to Mount Sumeru or to Mandarachala Hill, if he or she observes this Ekadasi, the sins that have been accumulated all become nullified and are burned to ashes. Such is the great power of this Ekadasi.

Oh best of human beings, although a person should also give water and cows in charity during this Ekadasi, if for some reason or other he cannot, then he should give a qualified brahmana some cloth or a pot filled with water. Indeed, the merit achieved by giving water alone equals that gained by giving gold ten million times a day.

"Oh Bhima, Lord Sri Krishna has said that whoever observes this Ekadasi should take a Holy bath, give charity to a worthy person, chant the Lord's Holy names on a japa-mala, and perform some kind of recommended sacrifice, for by doing these things on this day one receives imperishable benefits.
There is no need to perform any other kind of religious duty. Observance of this Ekadasi fast alone promotes one to the supreme abode of Sri Vishnu. Oh best of the Kurus, if one donates gold, cloth, or anything else on this day, the merit one obtains is imperishable.

"Remember, whosoever eats any grains on Ekadasi becomes contaminated by sin and verily eats only sin. In effect, he has already become a dog-eater, and after death he suffers a hellish existence.
But he who observes this sacred Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi and gives something in charity certainly achieves liberation from the cycle of repeated birth and death and attains to the supreme abode.
Observing this Ekadasi, which is merged with Dwadashi, frees one from the horrible sin of killing a brahmana, drinking liquor and wine, becoming envious of one's spiritual master and ignoring his instructions, and continually telling lies.

"Furthermore, Oh best of beings (Jivottama), any man or woman who observes this fast properly and worships the Supreme Lord Jalshayi (He who sleeps on the water), and who on the next day satisfies a qualified brahmana with nice sweets and a donation of cows and money - such a person certainly pleases the Supreme Lord Vasudeva, so much so that one hundred previous generations in his family undoubtedly go to the Supreme Lord's abode, even though they may have been very sinful, of bad character, and guilty of suicide, etc.
Indeed, one who observes this amazing Ekadasi rides on a glorious celestial airplane (vimana) to the Lord's abode. "One who on this day gives a brahmana a waterpot, an umbrella, or shoes surely goes to the heavenly planets. Indeed, he who simply hears these glories also attains to the transcendental abode of the Supreme Lord, Shri Vishnu.

Whoever performs the Shraddha ceremony to the forefathers on the dark-moon day called amavasya, particularly if it occurs at the time of a solar eclipse undoubtedly achieves great merit. But this same merit is achieved by him who simply hears this sacred narration - so powerful and so dear to the Lord is this Ekadasi.

One should clean his teeth properly and, without eating or drinking, observe this Ekadasi to please the Supreme Lord, Keshava. On the day after Ekadasi one should worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His form as Trivikrama by offering Him water, flowers, incense, and a brightly burning lamp. Then the devotee should pray from the heart, `Oh God of gods, Oh deliverer of everyone, Oh Hrishikesha, master of the senses, kindly bestow upon me the gift of liberation, though I can offer you nothing greater than this humble pot filled with water.' Then the devotee should donate the waterpot to a brahmana.

"Oh Bhimasena, after this Ekadasi fast and donating the recommended items according to his ability, the devotee should feed brahmanas and thereafter honour prasadam silently." Shrila Vyasadeva concluded, "I strongly urge you to fast on this auspicious, purifying, sin-devouring Dwadashi in just the way I have outlined. Thus you will be completely freed of all sins and reach the supreme abode."
Thus ends the narration of the glories of Jyeshtha-shukla Ekadasi, or Bhimaseni-nirjala Ekadasi, from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana.

Mahesh Raja on Jayapataka's chronic illness

Was told not to be a diksha guru and take karma

Note: Tamal Krsna went flying thru the windscreen HEAD FIRST in car accident. Suhotra swami was discovered dead in TOILET in Mayapur, Satsvarupa is is a wheel chair, Gaura Govinda swami fell over dead in Mayapura, Kirtanananda was whacked on the head with a pipe, Bhaktitirtha died of cancer, Jayatirtha's head was chopped off, Harikesh has become offensive, and so on, and now -- Jayapataka is going in and out of a coma. This should be LESSON to ALL these Anti Ritviks who are ENVIOUS of Srila Prabhupada (PURE DEVOTEE VAISNAVA).

Anti Ritviks have STOLEN Srila Prabhupada’s disciples, given Srila Prabhupada poison to kill him, and they have stolen money, temples, properties, BBT, changed his books. The message from Srimad Bhagavatam is clear:


SB 7.4.28 P Hiranyakasipu Terrorizes the Universe

OF ALL SINFUL ACTIVITIES, AN OFFENSE TO A PURE DEVOTEE, OR VAISNAVA, IS THE MOST SEVERE. An offense at the lotus feet of a Vaisnava is so disastrous that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has compared it to a mad elephant that enters a garden and causes great havoc by uprooting many plants and trees. If one is an offender at the lotus feet of a brahmana or Vaisnava, his offenses uproot all his auspicious activities. 

One should therefore very carefully guard against committing vaisnava-aparadha, or offenses at the lotus feet of a Vaisnava. Here the Lord clearly says that although Hiranyakasipu had received benedictions from Lord Brahma, these benedictions would be null and void as soon as he committed an offense at the lotus feet of Prahlada Maharaja, his own son. 

A Vaisnava like Prahlada Maharaja is described herein as nirvaira, having no enemies. Elsewhere in Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.25.21) it is said, ajata-satravah santah sadhavah sadhu-bhusanah: a devotee has no enemies, he is peaceful, he abides by the scriptures, and all his characteristics are sublime. A devotee does not create enmity with anyone, but if someone becomes his enemy, that person will be vanquished by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, despite whatever benedictions he may have received from other sources. 

Hiranyakasipu was certainly enjoying the fruitful results of his austerities, but here the Lord says that as soon as he committed an offense at the lotus feet of Prahlada Maharaja he would be ruined. ONE’S LONGEVITY, OPULENCE, BEAUTY, EDUCATION AND WHATEVER ELSE ONE MAY POSSESS AS A RESULT OF PIOUS ACTIVITIES CANNOT PROTECT ONE IF ONE COMMITS AN OFFENSE AT THE LOTUS FEET OF A VAISNAVA. DESPITE WHATEVER ONE POSSESSES, IF ONE OFFENDS THE LOTUS FEET OF A VAISNAVA HE WILL BE VANQUISHED.


Note: Jayapataka OBVIOUSLY tried to make out that he was a pure devotee by telling Srila Prabhupada his symptoms of “advanced devotee” -- BUT Srila Prabhupada SKILLFULLY put the symptoms of strange colors to HIS PAST DRUG HABIT. AND—-Srila Prabhupada KNEW he was in the CONDITIONED stage hence his advice: IN THE CONDITIONED STAGE, WE CHANT HARE KRISHNA MANTRA OFFICIALLY WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT AND TRY TO FINISH THE ROUNDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. SOMETIMES WE ALSO FORGET TO CHANT THE PRESCRIBED NUMBER OF ROUNDS

69-03-11.letter: Jayapataka

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad to receive your letter dated February 28, and noted the contents with great pleasure. The transcendental experience which you had during kirtana performance at the Loyala University is very nice. 

Relishing the transcendental sweetness of Krishna Kirtana is only possible when one is actually advanced, towards perfection. Srila Rupa Goswami used to say, wishing if he had possessed millions of ears, and billions of tongues then he could chant the Hare Krishna mantra a little bit relishably. 


But Haridasa Thakura even at the last stage of his life, he was chanting 300,000 beads although Lord Caitanya personally asked him to not labor so hard. But Haridasa Thakura said that he would continue the practice till the end of his life. So that is the position of transcendental taste. Please therefore chant very sincerely with your present aptitude of mind and Krishna will bless you more and more in understanding this secret of transcendental vibration. OF COURSE, SOMETIMES THE PUBLIC MAY MISUNDERSTAND SUCH TEARS OF BLISS, SO WE MAY BETTER HAVE TO CHECK IT FROM THE VISION OF ORDINARY PERSONS.



Note: Either these people GIVE BACK Srila Prabhupada the Ritvik system he ordered with his disciples , the BBT with his ORIGINAL books, follow Direction of Management OR they will be FORCED into the bodies of serpents and worms:

KB 64 The Story of King Nrga

Lord Krsna continued: “If some foolish king who is puffed up by his wealth, prestige and power wants to usurp a brahmana’s property, it should be understood that such a king is clearing his path to hell; he does not know how much he has to suffer for such unwise action. If someone takes away the property of a very liberal brahmana who is encumbered by a large dependent family, then such a usurper is put into the hell known as Kumbhipaka; not only is he put into this hell, but his family members also have to accept such a miserable condition of life. 


Therefore I instruct you, all My boys and relatives present here, do not, even by mistake, take the possession of a brahmana and thereby pollute your whole family. IF SOMEONE EVEN WISHES TO POSSESS SUCH PROPERTY, LET ALONE ATTEMPTS TO TAKE IT AWAY BY FORCE, THE DURATION OF HIS LIFE WILL BE REDUCED. HE WILL BE DEFEATED BY HIS ENEMIES, AND AFTER BEING BEREFT OF HIS ROYAL POSITION, WHEN HE GIVES UP HIS BODY HE WILL BECOME A SERPENT.

Note: Srila Prabhupada KNEW AND FORESAW Jayaptaka was going to DEFY him hence his instruction, “This DEFYING means to DISCONNECT the relationship with the Spiritual Master”.

69-07-11. Letter: Jayapataka

You have asked if it is true that the Spiritual Master remains in the material universe until all of His disciples are transferred to the Spiritual Sky. The answer is yes, this is the rule. Therefore, every student should be very much careful not to commit any offense which will be detrimental to this promotion to the Spiritual Kingdom, and thereby the Spiritual Master has to incarnate again to deliver him. 

This sort of mentality will be a kind of offense to the Spiritual Master. Out of the ten kinds of offenses, the number one offense is to disobey the orders of the Spiritual Master. The instructions given to the disciple by the Spiritual Master at the time of initiation should be strictly followed. That will make one advance to the spiritual path. But if one deliberately defies such instructions, then his advancement is hampered from the very beginning. 

THIS DEFYING MEANS TO DISCONNECT THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SPIRITUAL MASTER. And anyone who defies and therefore disconnects the relationship with the Spiritual Master can hardly expect the assistance of the Spiritual Master life after life. I hope this will clear up this question sufficiently for you.

Note: Srila Prabhupada KNEW that Jayapataka had a DRUGS habit and was NOT serious about chanting his rounds “SOMETIMES WE ALSO FORGET TO CHANT THE PRESCRIBED NUMBER OF ROUNDS”. Someone who went to Mayapur told me the “gurus” and the bogus gbc come there for sex and drugs. He saw it happening.

69-03-11.letter: Jayapataka

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad to receive your letter dated February 28, and noted the contents with great pleasure. The transcendental experience which you had during kirtana performance at the Loyala University is very nice. Relishing the transcendental sweetness of Krishna Kirtana is only possible when one is actually advanced, towards perfection. Srila Rupa Goswami used to say, wishing if he had possessed millions of ears, and billions of tongues then he could chant the Hare Krishna mantra a little bit relishably. 

IN THE CONDITIONED STAGE, WE CHANT HARE KRISHNA MANTRA OFFICIALLY WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT AND TRY TO FINISH THE ROUNDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. SOMETIMES WE ALSO FORGET TO CHANT THE PRESCRIBED NUMBER OF ROUNDS. But Haridasa Thakura even at the last stage of his life, he was chanting 300,000 beads although Lord Caitanya personally asked him to not labor so hard. 

But Haridasa Thakura said that he would continue the practice till the end of his life. So that is the position of transcendental taste. Please therefore chant very sincerely with your present aptitude of mind and Krishna will bless you more and more in understanding this secret of transcendental vibration. OF COURSE, SOMETIMES THE PUBLIC MAY MISUNDERSTAND SUCH TEARS OF BLISS, SO WE MAY BETTER HAVE TO CHECK IT FROM THE VISION OF ORDINARY PERSONS.


Note: They DEFIED Srila Prabhupada’s Ritvik Order of July 9th 1977 -- this means they CHOSE their destiny to play at being AS GOOD AS GOD by REPLACING Srila Prabhupada as CURRENT DIKSA GURU with themselves. What a COLOSSAL LOSS to their spiritual lives !!!! Srila Prabhupada KNEW AND FORESAW this happening hence, he says, “SO IN SPITE OF OUR ETERNAL RELATIONSHIP ONE MAY NOT MEET OTHER AT THE DESTINATION”

68-09-20. Letter: Satsvarupa


So long everyone of us is strong in Krishna Consciousness, there is no doubt, you can fly in the spiritual sky and meet together without failure. Therefore, individual strength is most important. And that individual strength is achieved in the association of devotees also. So you can make your own judgment.

Man Saves Pig (Vodaphone Ad)

[PADA: Shows how most people are reluctant to kill animals themselves, they instinctively know this is wrong. Anyway this is pretty cute and it sort of shows how people are gradually being more conscious of animal welfare, even if its somewhat subtle. The good news is, this pig's life is saved! ys pd]     

Follow The Order (by Sattvic Dasa)


The tradition doctrine

A common objection proffered for why Srila Prabhupada cannot possibly be ISKCON's diksa guru is that such a practice of accepting a physically departed guru would be against our Vaisnava "tradition", since it has never happened before. Indeed, this was one of the reasons given for rejecting "ritvik" in the GBC resolution on the subject:

"Whereas posthumous ritvik initiation has never been practiced by the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya (disciplic succession);"
(Resolution 73 - GBC meetings, 1990)

In this article we will show how the GBC doctrine of tradition or historical precedence as the basis for judging whether or not an activity is bona fide, has been slain - first by the GBC, and by Srila Prabhupada himself.

The whole of ISKCON is unprecedented

"Whereas ISKCON is an unprecedented worldwide Gaudiya Vaisnava mission which aims to incorporate many individual diksa and siksa gurus and their disciples."
(GBC Resolution 316, 2009)

"Yes, ISKCON - and much of what we do - is without precedent in history"
(Kripamoya Das, ISKCON UK Congregational Preaching Director, email correspondence, April 2009)

"generally that was the old traditional understanding in India that the guru leaves the planet and the disciple initiates and then it is that guru's responsibility to guide his disciples. But ISKCON was something very different from that."
(HH Bhakti Charu Swami, Toronto meeting, July 20th, 2003)

From the above, we can understand that it has been accepted that the basis of ISKCON and the way it operates is of an unprecedented nature.

ISKCON's guru system is unprecedented

The GBC admit that the guru system they have implemented is unprecedented and non-traditional:

"Historically, a guru tends to be an autocrat within his own institution. Srila Prabhupada's vision of thousands of gurus working cooperatively within a single institution is unique and bold."
(ISKCON News, "Gurus Go Back to School", October 10th, 2009)

"This is the first time in Vaisnava history that we see a functioning worldwide institution with a committee in charge. We are in uncharted waters!"
(HH Trivikrama Swami, June 18th, 2007, GBC-funded website)

"[...] the idea of this GBC is not exactly traditional [...] What we were trying to do now you have to understand had never been done […] when you're going to have a single institution with many different spiritual masters and there are many different disciples who are going to have to work together in a cooperative and unified way. Just hadn't been done."
(HG Ravindra Svarupa Das, ex-GBC Chairman, Lecture, June 29th-July 3rd, 1999)

"the traditional guru disciple relationship […] that is not the model given to us by Srila Prabhupada [...] devotees serving as guru in ISKCON are not the ultimate authority as would be the case in the traditional vedic setting [...] This is a subtle but significant difference from the traditional guru disciple relationship."
(Praghosa Das, GBC member, article, 1.6.09)

ISKCON's disciplic succession non-traditional

Part of the appeal to tradition involves claiming that the "normal" system of guru succession is as follows:

"That a spiritual master initiates until his departure and then his disciples initiate next is the normal system."
(Where the Ritvik People are Wrong, HH Jayadvaita Swami, 1996)

Yet ISKCON leaders have altered what they claim is the "traditional" system of parampara (disciplic succession):

a) It is now accepted that the disciple can begin initiating whilst his own spiritual master is still physically present, and this has already happened a number of times.

b) Though a number of ISKCON gurus have already passed away in the last 13 years, in no case has a "successor" been sanctioned, effectively bringing that line of the disciplic succession to an end. Indeed, in the case of one of these deceased ISKCON GBC-elected gurus, HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami, it was even stated that:

"Gurudeva did not leave, or could he possibly leave a successor."
(BT Swami disciples forum, July 8th, 2006)

Traditional guru system rejected

"Two deviations from Prabhupada's order - the "zonal acarya" system and the "posthumous ritvik" system - rest on adherence to the traditional idea of leadership."
(HG Ravindra Svarupa Das, Allegiance to Guru, to ISKCON and to Prabhupada, 1998)

Underscoring their rejection of tradition as a guiding principle, we are told that the guru system which is being rejected - the use of ritviks - is itself actually based on tradition.

Obvious examples

As we have seen, everything, from top to bottom, in regard to the GBC's own guru system, is non-traditional. Some of the more striking examples are:

GBC: Most of the GBC's "initiating acaryas" are non-Indians.

Vaisnava tradition: All of the acaryas in our disciplic succession were born in India.

GBC: "FACT: ISKCON gurus have had illicit sexual intercourse with both women and men, and possibly children as well."
(Where the Ritvik People Are Right, Jayadvaita Swami, 1996)

Vaisnava tradition: None of the acaryas in our disciplic succession were ever sexual deviants, phedophiles, murderer, gays , cheaters ect ect ect.

Bhaktivinode Thakura writes: "Devotees of the Supreme Lord are not controlled by the scriptures since their activities are congenial to Divine Wisdom. When self-realized devotees ordain any new arrangement, this should be accepted as religious code, even if such new arrangements are not found in the scriptural dictums of the previous sages."
(Sri Tattva- Sutra)

NOTE: Paramahamsa Vaisnava acaryas are always transcendental to tradition:

"No. Tradition, religion--they are all material. They are also all designation."
(SP Conv., March 13, 1975)

"Our only tradition is how to satisfy Vishnu."
(SP Lecture, July 30, 1973)

“Every acarya has a specific means of propagating his spiritual movement with the aim of bringing men to Krishna consciousness. Therefore, the method of one acarya may be different from that of another, but the ultimate goal is never neglected.”
( Caitanya-caritamrta purports Adi 7.37)

"Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “Both the Supreme Personality of Godhead and My spiritual master, Isvara Puri, are completely independent. Therefore neither the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead nor that of Isvara Puri is subject to any Vedic rules or regulations."
(CC Madhya 10.137)

It is argued that before initiation can be granted to a prospective disciple, the Guru must be physically present on the planet so that he can personally meet the disciple and examine him. Indeed, this is the traditional method, whereby the Guru and disciple would associate for an extended period, so they could check each other’s qualifications. However, in ISKCON the system for fulfilling this requirement was different, as explained by Srila Prabhupada below...........

And in same time a ritvik representative of acarya system is completely authorized by Sadhu, Sastra and guru like here the sastra proof shows us, because it is only a change in exoteric formalities not in deep esoteric siddantha :

“Similarly, a disciple’s qualifications must be observed by the spiritual master before he is accepted as a disciple. In our Krsna consciousness movement, the requirement is that one must be prepared to give up the four pillars of sinful life—illicit sex,
meat-eating, intoxication and gambling. In Western countries especially, we first observe whether a potential disciple is prepared to follow the regulative principles. Then he is given the name of a Vaisnava servant and initiated to chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, at least sixteen rounds daily. In this way the disciple renders devotional service under the guidance of the spiritual master OR his----representative----for at least six months to a year.”
(Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya lila, 24:330, purport)


In this way the disciple renders devotional service under the guidance of the spiritual master>>>>OR<<< his >>>representative<<< ( means ritvik ect.) for at least six months to a year.”!!!

This observation, as Srila Prabhupada states above, was to see if the prospective disciple was following the 4 regulative principles, and as Srila Prabhupada states this observation could be done either by Srila Prabhupada or his representative. In practise, this observation was carried out almost exclusively by his representative ( ritviks), the Temple President, and indeed this was the standard system in ISKCON right from the early days of the movement.

Somebody would join a temple, a few months later the Temple President would send a recommendation for initiation, and the devotee would be initiated via the mail, having never met Srila Prabhupada.

And of course this has been the case in practise also, since none of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples have had his personal association for the last more then 35 years, and many of them never met him at all even when Srila Prabhupada was physically present on the planet.

NOTE: Ritvik-Representative of acarya-system are Sastra confirmed but our Iskcon GBC rubber stamped 2/3 hand-vote in guru system is NOT, like here the proof :

In addition to ISKCON’s current guru system not having any order from Srila Prabhupada to justify its existence, the GBC’s official “brain”, the “Sastric Advisory Council” (SAC), has said that the process by which it does authorise gurus, via voting them in, is not based on “guru, sadhu and sastra”:

“Our present system has institutionalized a process of senior devotees voting or offering no-objection to prospective gurus. But we do not find that this institutionalized blessingseeking process is mentioned by guru, sadhu or sastra as the way that one is authorized to become a guru.”
(Balancing the roles of the GBC and the disciple in Guru selection, SAC)

Conclusion: Follow the order, not tradition

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Srila Prabhupada Devotees Finland

Gurkuli Conference On book Changes 2016

PADA: Good idea, we support your conference in Alachua idea. One thing is that some people still say that no one cares about PADA's isssues, but we were discussing these book changes in the mid-1980s (and giving examples of these changes) when no one else was publicly writing about this? It seems to us that just about everybody is talking about this issue nowadays, even the Narayana Maharaja folks are warning their people to only get originals. 

Yep, just about everyone knows about this -- except maybe a few people living under a rock? And we were part of the 1990s BBTI lawsuit steering committee, which eventually lead to getting the legal rights to the originals. Sorry to report this to some folks, but the issue has become very prominent and its not going away anytime soon, rather more momentum is gathering to oppose these changes. 

Anyway! Let us know as this conference idea develops and we'd like to help by contributing materials. This is a historical meeting, great idea! ys pd


The reality is that ONLY the post-humous edited version of the B.G. is available from the BBT (through their proxy, online. Moreover, the revised 2nd edition is easily found on the website for $5.95 and $9.95, but the 50% more expensive $14.95 original edition is not so easy to locate.

On the homepage, the banner features the B.G. book. That link takes the reader to a page in which their is another link: "A comprehensive list of all the Bhagavad-gitas available from the Krishna.comstore." Clicking that link, here is what you find: The page you were looking for appears to have been moved, deleted or does not exist. 

The book doesn't appear on the BBTI website at all. (Oddly, the Macmillan online edition is accessible through the BBTI website's link to, but not From my albeit limited understanding, temples are not encouraged (or maybe allowed) to distribute the original edition. 

When Jitarati p. published the handy pocket edition of the Macmillan Gita for $1 ea, they were desired by the temples, but the BBT put the kibosh on temples purchasing it. Many did anyway. Of course, we are only addressing our concern to the Gita, but there have been changes in the CC, SB, and other publications also. 

Keeping track of these significant alterations is a job that the vast majority of readers will never do. Their is no tracking done in the new versions as is often the case when an author's work is modified. Most people are not scholarly like Madhavananda p., so they just accept what is put in their hands with comparing the various versions. They will never have the opportunity to select because they won't even know that the book has changed from the original.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Panihati Festival Details

Narendra Modi with Krishna Deity

Massive Heatwave Kills 350 in India

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says -- the residents of India have a duty to follow the teachings of Lord Krishna and Vedic dharma, and to spread those teachings around the world. However, if the residents of India instead strive to become followers of the mundane, materialistic, and no small amount of secular Western culture, then India will be punished with problems such as -- extreme weather, shortages of rainfall, lack of resources -- and so on and so forth, for ignoring these instructions of God. Even Vrndavana has been experiencing severe heat recently. ys pd] 

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Mathura will be Gohshala Ksetra

How To Distribute Books (Jai Sri Gaurangi)


Back in 2003/2004 on my search for Prabhupada’s genuine movement, I was staying in LA ISKCON temple. This was shortly before I left ISKCON to join the Prabhupadanugas. 2004 was my biggest year in my career as a book distributor. For a few weeks I was the number one distributor of the USA. By Krsna’s grace I was allowed to do 100+ big books a day. Now I want to share my realization for the benefit of others, and to satisfy some curiosity. What is the secret of doing 100 books a day?

1. Sadhana: Doing the morning program every day, waking early and chanting GOOD, CONCENTRATED rounds is most essential. This is a upward spiral, increasing bliss as one pushes the other…chanting good rounds, doing books, chanting becomes tastier, book distribution becomes tastier, all increases in nectar-bliss.

2. Loving souls: Seeing the karmis as friends, spiritual brothers and sisters, parts and parcels of Krsna is important. To have compassion, feel symathy for them, and have respect, they have Krsna in their hearts!

3. The deep desire to satify the spiritual Master, Srila Prabhupada. When I got His Divine Grace's books I think it was in 1999, my life and thinking changed instantly. From the very first moment I got this transzendental wisdom I wanted to share. I felt and still feel eternally indebtet to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

4. Feeling fallen. I did not feel very much proud of being allowed to distribute so many books, I just loved the bliss I got form it. I felt unqualified and impure and I felt like this was the service I should do for Srila Prabhupada without having to be pure (like a Brahmana living in the temple etc) but to become more purified

5. Choosing the right place: At the LAX airport or shopping street in Germany, Netherlands or malls in USA I would do 20-30 big books a day, at marathon times 50-60. But at the festivals or concerts it would be 100 books or more.

6. Faith in the spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada: Overpowering the karmi-mind in the three modes with spiritual charged energy based on faith in the spiritual Master obtained by hearing His classes and reading His books

7. THE DESIRE counts most. Spiritual desire to please Srila Prabhupada in that way can overcome all obstacles. Sri Krsna always reciprocates with His devotees.

8. Patience: I did not distribute 100 books a day the first day I went on sankirtan. I actually went out mostly on my own every day for four years before that happened.

9. Determination: Not to give up is important. Not everyone will take a book. Book Distribution is like going from flower to flower. Not every flower has nectar in it, meaning people will turn you away. Important is to be HUMBLE. Just keep on doing it. It is not your fault, you are doing the best thing distributing books. Be ready to be tested. Be ready to fight. And:

10. Be detached: give your best, but you are not the controller. you endeavor and SRI KRSNA will give the result.

Now you may ask, that is ok, but how do I do it practically? Techniques?

As I learned from different senior book distributors in Germany and in USA and because people are somewhat different at different places in the world: Create your own style!
First thing is you have to find a way to stop them and listen to you. That is especially important at places where lots of people walk by like shopping streets or malls. And of course if you are legally allowed in the place or not.

Different ways are: Just pick some from the crowd while they walk by and just put the books in their hands while saying something like: here this is for you, or: we distribute those today, or: have a look, or whatever you can think of. In USA people like compliments a lot, so you can try the following approach: pointing out something like: hey, nice hat, or I like your shoes, something silly like that, just that you get their attention and make them stop and listen. Then you could give them the books, or shake their hand and them give them the books.

Important is that they will get Srila Prabhupada’s books in their hands as soon as you have their attention. Even if they do not take any book, still they got in touch with the pure devote Srila Prabhupada and this may mark the beginning of their real spiritual life. If they touch the book they get benefited. And they get attached to the book on another level if they are pious.

And now it is up to your conviction and your spiritual energy you bring. People’s mind may go this way and that way, but just keep it short and sweet. Bring it back to the book and make them love it. If they feel your spiritual energy and your sincerity you won’t even have to say much… they will take the book and Srila Prabhupada will preach to them personally.

It is good if they get the feeling that everyone wants those books and that many give generous donations to get them. This is important. Just be convinced that this is the greatest thing and most valuable thing you have and want to share with them. This conviction is obtained by reading Srila
Prabhupada’s books ourselves.

All glories to His Divine Grace!

If you would like to add to this little book-distribution Seminar or if you have questions related to the distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books or are looking for some exchange in regard to this service, please do not hesitate to contact me via personal message.

Your servant Jaya Sri Gaurangi devi dasi

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Bhajahari Murphy (UK) is snoring ...

Are we supposed to be snoring when there is injustice?

PADA: Thanks Bhajahari Murphy (UK) but your plan for devotees to "be more mellow" is how all the banning, beating, molesting and murders were allowed to take place. You folks were so busy "being mellow" you allowed your own Church to be turned into a criminal empire which was mistreating women, children, brahmanas and cows, all of which was being reported in the newspapers -- as you slept and snored.

At the same time, it appears your "going along to get along" program of acquiescing helped put the main suspects in Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint into big Vyasa seats, where their empire remains even today. Not sure how that helped things along? You put your head in the sand hoping the boogey man would disappear, and he didn't, great strategy there!

And yet, as soon as we launched the poison issue, then your IRM party pals (like Krishna Kanta Desai) announced that you folks are "declaring war" on PADA and / or the poison issue, which you folks said is all "fabrication." Yep, you guys are always ready to kiss the jack boots of Judas and Pontius Pilate, and fight tooth and nail -- to help the evil doers -- and squash us. So you are friendly and "mellow" with the evil doers, while we get your jack boots in our faces.

Yep! Lets help Judas, and attack the people who oppose Judas? And by your saying the poison issue is bogus -- that helped me get death threats for "making things up." That is how you and your pals program gets people like us killed, you repeat their slogans -- used by the fanatical supporters of the Judas sabha. Your program is the program that is creating the fanaticism and violence, direct or de facto.

You folks were -- as you yourself admit -- "snoring." Well duh, even most of the karmis ALREADY know what happened here, you folks were sleeping as the pirates hi-jacked your ship. And thus you enabled a criminal empire to begin to emerge in ISKCON by acquiescing with it. Thus, even the average guy in the street ALREADY knows you guys were too busy sleeping and snoring, and thus you did not counteract the evil empire and its agenda.

But! You will suddenly wake up and start a "full scale WW III" program -- as soon as someone attacks your Judas pal's "poison sabha" and sexual predator acharya's regime. Only then do you wake up to start a huge fight against us -- big time -- because we are against the worship of Judas. Yep, you will go to sleep as women and children are victimized, but as soon as the Judas poisoner program is getting a poke in the nose from us, you are out there with your boxing gloves on -- to defend and protect the Judas regime, the real love of your lives?

The fact that you folks acquiesce if not protect a criminal messiahs program is ALREADY well known and self evident to the mass of public (and to the mass of devotees, hence the giant exodus to the Gaudiya Matha -- to get away from the criminal's messiah's project). This is not even big news anymore, the average Joe on the street knows you folks were too busy snoring as ISKCON's devotees, women, children and cows were being victimized, because all this was exposed and duly reported in all their news medias many times over.

And the mass of devotees already knows that as soon as we went after the Judas party, you defended that party and KK declared full scale war on PADA, because Krishna Kanta was meeting with Jayapataka and co. trying to work with them (and not us). Yep, you folks wanted to have tea and crumpets with "the poison is going down" program, and you wanted to "work with" JPS, who is among the founder fathers of every single complaint in the Windle Turley case.

We all know about that too. You are still tethered to them. And thus Krishna Kanta said we need to stop the PADA news in 1997; To stop the poison case; To not sue the GBC over the changed books; And -- to NOT help the molesting victims etc (so we can prop up JPS).

OK we agree, the few of us who made public protests could not save the situation, but at least we protested in public and made some effort to confront the evil doers, which is why me and Sulochana ended up on their hit list. The reason we were on their hit list is because -- not enough folks joined with us (ok guys like yourself). And so we were seen as only a very few "isolated crank" targets.

And that process emboldened the evil doers to come after us. And they did. The evil doers plan was, we dissenters would go down, and then the rest of you folks would simply continue sleeping and snoring on the lap of maya, and the status quo would remain. That means your snoring policy was for starters -- placing us in danger. And this resulted in Sulochana's being murdered, because the evil doers knew people like you would not protest even if they did murder some of us. And that is what factually happened.

Thus! Even AFTER the Sulochana murder -- the main people who went after the GBC were the karmi media, karmi police and FBI (whom we helped) and not so much the rank and file devotees like yourself. And now you are still saying our program was foolish and fanatical, just as our banning, beating, killers were saying the whole while. You are saying what they are saying, these guys are too critical, loose cannons, fanatics, offenders etc. and that is how you folks get us killed.

After Sulochana was murdered we did not (for example) see any of you guys out protesting with signs in front of the Watford / Letchmore Heath manor -- protesting that the leaders there are placing deviants into Vyasa seats resulting in killing of dissenters. There really wasn't a significant peep from you guys, thus the people who protested and exposed this were mainly -- the "karmi" media folks.

The karmi society had to do your job for you, and protest your own brothers being assassinated. The karmis had to tell you that allowing deviants in a Vyasa and allowing them to assassinate dissenters is wrong, thus the karmis had to preach to you about what is right and what is not. You could not figure this out on your own, they had to preach to you about what your duty is supposed to be.

Whereas in the Catholic Church we find abuse and other victims making -- public protests. Of course in India several thousand people will gather to protest a bad traffic intersection that is causing accidents, because they have at least some symptoms of life.

Your acquiescing attitude is how you folks got us people killed in the first place: (A) we are protesting the evil doers, (B) you folks are saying we are foolish fanatics (and offenders) which then feeds the idea that we are simply trouble makers, and offenders etc. -- and that makes us targets for violence. That is how you folks get us beaten and killed.

That is how your ilk aided and abetted the entire process of banning, beating, molesting and murders, you painted us "dissenters" as fools and fanatics, and you still are. And you are apparently quite proud of your helping that agenda? Sorry. Acquiescing with criminals simply causes MORE criminal mayhem and victimization,

Sulochana said, that you guys painting us as fanatics is -- painting a bull's eye on our backs, you folks are agreeing with the GBC -- that we are the main problem. Of course you "mellow" folks saying our opposing homosexuals and child molesters posing as messiahs is "fanatical," is how you goody two shoes folks co-created a huge molestation empire, and got some of us killed in the process. You knocked the legs off our opposition to that regime by branding us as foolish and fanatical, and that is how you empowered the molester empire and its violent dissent suppressing regime. And this was confirmed many times by Sulochana, he used to call you guys the "silent majority" and "zombies."

Thank God the karmis saved us from you slackers. Yep, when the poop hit the fan, you decided its time to be mellow out and "snore." Great! So that is why an ordinary woman news reporter asked me, "How come your people read the Bhagavad gita, a war about injustice, but your people do not act against injustice?" And now we can quote your own statement as the answer to her question, when all this was going on, you decided -- its time to snooze and snore!

Hey hey hey, yep when your house was invaded by pirates, you went to sleep, snoring. Even this reporter knew that means, you folks have no clue what the Bhagavad Gita is talking about. Snoring indeed, that is how you helped the GBC take over, you snored while they plundered. The good news is, you finally admit you were snoring the whole time.

As for Windle Turley, we were writing for several years in our newsletters that some of the molesting victims were committing suicide. None of you folks seemed to have thought that was a big problem, at least we never heard much of anything from anyone on the topic. Apart from PADA, Pranada dasi was the only person even writing about this crisis as far as we can tell. OK, it appeared as if almost no one cared, it was not a priority issue?

We certainly never heard a peep out of you on the topic at the time? And what was your great solution anyway? More dead bodies! What else? Same as the GBC's solution. So after this court case was filed and made public, the suicides went down to almost nil, which you say was the foolish and fanatical solution. Why does your solution always involve -- dead victims -- all the time? Srila Prabhupada says this is the solution of the demons, to do un-beneficial horrible things -- that kills people. Of course your program is not even killing mature and self-capable people, its killing innocent and defenseless children.

Can't you guys ever think of anything better than -- let's create more death? Lets victimize the victims even more. Oh I forgot, your solution has been the same as the GBC's program was at the time.

Simultaneously we had the problem of hundreds of kids who were still going to their "schools" in New Vrndavana, Mayapura etc. What was your plan to get them out? OK, I forgot, you wanted them to stay there where they were getting mistreated. Why does your plan always include children being mistreated, that is, if you cannot make them dead?

So yes, our plan ALSO got hundreds of these kids pulled out of there -- because after the case was filed -- many parents started pulling their kids out -- in droves. Why did you wan't the abuse to continue and have this situation unchanged, which is what the GBC wanted? Whatever Judas wants, you want the same?

Of course our dear friends like the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad team, they not only wanted the deaths and abuse to continue -- they wrote in public that they were going to help the GBC by going to Dallas to violently attack the children themselves, and do the GBC's dirty work for them. They are real servants of the child oppressors. Yep, they are just like you, mellow with the evil doers, and jack boots on the victims and anyone who helps them.

Anyway -- notice the pattern here -- once again a "karmi" person has to save YOUR society's children from YOUR -- snoring program. A "karmi" has to save their lives and get them pulled out of these schools and you are upset -- that these children did not suffer more abuse and / or die?

You wanted Krishna's and Srila Prabhupada's children to suffer more abuse and even die, and yet you claim to be their servant? Why is your solution always the same as the GBC's has been, -- more child abuse and -- death? The "karmis" are doing your job, saving your society's children, and you are upset that some of the victims of your snoozing program even -- survived?

And yes, Turley got a bad idea of the religion from YOU folks and your NEGLECT of this issue, just like MILLIONS of other people got a bad idea of the religion from you same folks neglect of all the other problems. Your snoring program has made millions of people get a bad idea of the religion, not just one guy in Dallas?

I have a pamphlet from my company about how to handle "a crisis at work" -- like an earthquake, power failure, gun man on the loose on the premises, an explosion etc., and it says, the worse thing you can do in a crisis is -- nothing. Ok your snoring program.

So the upshot is -- Windle Turley had to grab Srila Prabhupada's children out of your sleeping hands and put them into his own hands, to save them from abuse and death. If he is the bad guy here, and the children fared better in his hands than your snoring hands, what does that make you guys? The children were being abused and dying in your snoring hands, and the "demons" have to save children from your program, then what is your position?

Anyway it was the children who told Turley the religion was to blame because they had been told "Srila Prabhupada wanted all this" by the people you and Krishna Kanta wanted to work with, like Jayapataka. You folks told me in 1997 you wanted to work with the VERY SAME people who brain washed these children and created the ENTIRE negative content of the Turley case. You are tethered to the people who created ALL the bad content in the Turley case, every single stitch and piece of it, including many testimonies of how people were being mis-treated -- while you were snoring away. You are complaining about the Turley case, while kissing the jack boots of the very people who made the entire case happen in the first place?

You have wrote some stronger materials recently, and that is good, but at this point, its like waiting for your house to burn to ashes and then running out with a tea cup of water, its too little too late, albeit a cup of water is more relief than none. Anyway, not too worry, people like myself, Sulochana and a few others, and ordinary folks like the police, FBI, media and courts, we all cleaned this up for you while you were snoring. ys pd



I was reading PD's post of Bhaja Hari's talk to be "mellow" and IRM'S mellow stance on Poison Issue. It has NEVER worked. The result is: you be mellow -- they walk over you. They use you as a doormat. Judge a tree by the fruit it bears. What HAS worked is EXPOSING the Anti Ritvik crooks like Srila Prabhupada says:

731209SB.LA Lectures

So this Krsna consciousness movement is a challenge to all the rascals and fools, that's all. SO THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS MOVEMENT VERY SERIOUSLY, THEY SHOULD BE VERY SOBER AND UNDERSTAND AT LEAST YOU MUST EXPOSE ALL THESE RASCALS. THAT WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED BY KRSNA. Thank you very much. (end) Conversations

Prabhupada: WELL, IN POLITICS, UNLESS THERE IS VIOLENCE, YOU CANNOT TAKE. SIMPLY BY SWEET WORDS, NOT POSSIBLE. That was the difference between our political leaders, Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose.

So Subhash Chandra Bose was of opinion that --and that is a fact-- that "You are agitating non-violence. These people will never care for your non-violence. Unless there is violence, so these Britishers will never go away." So Gandhi would say, "No, I am not going to accept this violence theory. I shall continue." So for thirty years... He started from 1917 and up to '47, the Britishers did not go. But when Subhash Chandra Bose, he saw... He took the political power. 

He became the president. But Gandhi was angry. So because he was old leader, out of respect, he resigned the presidentship. Then he though that "So long this man will live, there will be no independence." So he went out of India and joined with Hitler, and Tojo, Japanese. 

Nitai: Who went out of India? 
Prabhupada: This Subhash Chandra Bose. And he organized the INA, Indian National Army. So when this Indian National Army was organized and the Britishers... They were great politicians. They saw, "Now the army is going to national movement. We cannot be." Then they left. Because it was not possible. 

They were maintaining British Empire with Indian money, Indian men. You see? They did not conquer by their British soldiers all round the Far East, Burma and the Mesopotamia, and the Egypt. That was Indian army, the Sikh soldiers and the Gurkha soldiers, and Indian money. On the pretext that "For Indian protection, we are maintaining this army." Actually, they were expanding their empire. Africa, Burma. And when they saw that "India is lost," voluntarily they liquidated all others. Went back... Back to home, back to Godhead. (devotees laugh) 



Nara-narayana: Yes. 


Nalinikantha: (break) ...will be overthrown and replaced with God conscious beings. 

Prabhupada: No. I am not talking of any government. We are not in politics. We are talking of preaching. Why? Why this government should you try to change. Where is the better replacement? First of all find out the better replacement. Then you talk of changing. Where is the better replacement? To replace one rascal with another, that is not... 

Now democratic government, if the people become Krsna conscious, then naturally their leader will be Krsna conscious. So automatically it will change. There is no question of violence. What is the use? Now, suppose by violence you become the president of the United States. Will you be able to do something? 

Nalinikantha: No. 

Prabhupada: Then what is the use? Because under democratic government, your order is not final. So if the people are demons, then what you will do? You cannot do anything. Therefore the people's mentality, consciousness, should be changed by this Krsna consciousness movement. When they become God conscious, Krsna conscious, they will select Krsna conscious president. Then everything finished. Formerly people used to accept the king as the final authority, but at this present moment, that is not accepted. People must accept. Now it is people's government. So unless people are God conscious, you cannot find good government. In comparison to other governments, your government is far better. People here (are) not starving. 

Nalinikantha: Yes, I have seen. 

Prabhupada: Yes. In other governments the people are starving. They have no food. That is the worst government. First necessity of life, that one must eat, one must have shelter, but other governments cannot even do that. But in your country, you have got enough food, enough shelter, everything is there. That consideration, your government is very nice government. Bare necessities of life must be supplied. Here the fault is extravagancy. 

Nalinikantha: Too much. 

Prabhupada: Too much, yes. Luxury leads to poverty. Too much luxury. Now it will deteriorate. 

Nalinikantha: I was reading in one of the books you translated that you said that as more people become Krsna conscious, the mentality of all of the people in that area, they lose their desires for material enjoyment. 

Prabhupada: No. Material enjoyment, you enjoy, but not like cats and dogs. You enjoy material life like human being. That is our proposal. Not like cats and dogs. Is it not enjoyment when you sit down in the Deity room and chant Hare Krsna and read philosophy? It is not enjoyment?


[PADA: Pranada dasi was a follower of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami who allegedly had an affair with him. Now she seems to be into all kinds of "new age - isms" and does not seem to have any photos of Krishna or Srila Prabhupada on her site. She is connected to a "women of bhakti" movie, which is being co-produced by -- Radhanatha swami? We heard that she was very sickly a few years ago, but has improved lately. We do at the same time -- wish her well.

Maybe her moving away from the bogus gurus and into new age-ism has helped her. In any case, just look at the results of the bogus GBC's guru process, people are reluctant to mention Krishna after some time, at all. Very sad state of affairs. Alachua of course has other famous Krishna drop outs like Harikesha, Jaggadisha and similar others, and some of these folks even speak ill of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna. Our conclusion is, these people never had a deep understanding of Krishna all along.

We would hereby like to give her CREDIT for making her 1990s NEWSLETTER "Priti lakshanam" -- which ALERTED us to the SUICIDES of EX-CHILDREN problem, and which SERVED as an IMPETUS for our GETTING a LAWSUIT going. She even allowed some of us to post comments there, which was very bold on her part, especially at the time. I hope she recovers from all this and advances towards Krishna, after her life was hijacked by these bogus guru clowns. ys pd]