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Karnataka Bill to Ban Sorcery Etc.

Rathayatra Bali (video)

Brooklyn ISKCON Temple Lockdown


Here is a message for all who care about the welfare of Sri Sri Radha and Govinda in Brooklyn and all their eternal servants who are living in the New York city area. This is from our friend Madhumangala Das.

"More insanity is on display at The Iskcon NY Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir. Today Ramabhadra das decided to remove the sign from the front of the temple which as been there since the 1990's proclaiming that the temple is Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON Center. Sri Sri Radha Govinda are being held hostage by Ramabhadra das and his wife Satya dasi. This is absolutely shameful.

Why should the devotee congregation be refused darshan of the deities? Why is it that all of this is taking place while the GBC for NY, Romapada Swami, is residing within Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON Temple?

After all, the GBC goes to great lengths to impress upon all that they are the "ultimate managing authority of ISKCON." All devotees everywhere should know that Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra das conspired to lie to the ISKCON World and the GBC. They have had a contract to sell ISKCON's Brooklyn temple in place for some time, before boldly declaring (lying) to the GBC Body in Mayapur that there was no pending sale.

Romapada Swami has decided to jump ship and throw Ramabhadra das to the wolves when he was threatened with losing his position of guru and gbc within ISKCON if he didn't abandon the sale of the Temple. There is a Judas in Brooklyn...

Romapada Swami should now be stripped of all position as a leader in ISKCON, since he has managed to lose control of 2 of Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON Temples (Freeport NY being the other) under his GBC watch. He failed to take appropriate action last week and has allowed Ramabhadra das to keep the doors locked to the Temple for the past 8 days. This is absolutely insane.

When will the GBC show that they are actually capable of protecting Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON society from men who continually use the assets of Iskcon to line their own pockets? When will the GBCs force Romapada Swami to show how he purchased 2 buildings in Brooklyn, on MacDougal street, under the name 'ISKCON of Manhattan' and where these funds came from?

Any devotees that are on the inside of the Brooklyn Temple and who support these 2 men should really question who they're actually loyal to, Srila Prabhupada or these two? Ramabhadra das's actions over the past 2 weeks have proven that he is a rogue. These actions have also proven that he has a vested interest in selling the Temple for 60 million dollars.


If Radha Govinda Mandir isn't an Iskcon Temple then why was there a sign proclaiming that it was for more than 30 yrs? And why have both Ramabhadra das and Romapada Swami been accepting donation checks made out to ISKCON for 3 decades as well?

How much of Iskcons money will Ramabhadra das waste on lawyers and court cases to ensure that he can sell the temple even though there is overwhelming disdain and disapproval on the part of the congregation regarding the Temple sale? "

"Enough is Enough."
[PADA: OK didn't the GBC notice there was a problem in Brooklyn when:

*** Kapindra Maharaja said to PADA that the Brooklyn temple once rented a large hall to a Haitian Disco, which he said generated loud music till 3 AM, drugs sales, prostitutes hanging around, at least according to the Maharaja? Or what happened here?

*** Then there was the reported rented Bingo Hall? Or what?

*** Reports of Romapada lending large amounts of money to poor devotees, acting like a sannyasa bank, Pharisee money lender in the temple?

*** Reports of mass kicking out of the Prabhupada devotees, or dissenters generally.

*** Now the report is the GBC might have to give them the Brooklyn building, but the GBC will try to keep control of the deity. OK what about the 7 ft. Radha and Krishna deity we already have here living under a carport, because the ex-guru wants $1,000,000 to give them to us? How come some buildings, devotees, or some deities count, but not others? 

Where has the GBC been when all sorts of mis-use of managing has been apparently going on in Brooklyn for years? And why did the GBC sign over the temple to these guys, knowing they are maverick bad managers? 

Meanwhile, when we reported this to a GBC friendly guy he said "yawn" "so what"? Yep, he has heard so many crisis stories like this one already, this is just another piece to add to the pile of manure. Lets face it, the GBC is complicit in allowing all these crisis to go on, which is why a devotee writes, what is their cut when the buildings get sold? Or are they not even going to get a cut, they just mis-manage things and lose them for no apparently good reason? ys pd  

India's Unequal Justice Problem

Brahmovatsavam (ISKCON New Jersey)

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San Francisco Rathayatra 2017 (Video)

[PADA: (in Golden Gate Park) Very good!] 

Demons And The Anarthas They Represent (Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura)


In his Sri Caitanya Siksamrta Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura gives the following summary of the demons Krsna killed in His Vrndavana pastimes and the anarthas they represent. (Of course we should note that not in all cases is Lord Krsna dealing with demons as such, like in the pastime of the Brahma-vimohana-lila, and the lifting of Govardhana Hill, although He is always dealing with people who have antagonistic mentalities.)

1. Putana represents The pseudo-guru, which may be either a person or one’s own conditioned mind.
The pseudo-guru may appear in one or both of two forms:

A deceitful, so-called guru who preaches sense gratification or liberation or both. In some cases this may be a person who is engaged in some Krsna conscious activity but has not realized the course of pure devotional service and tries to give instructions to his disciples beyond his own understanding, or without regard for their situations.

The inwardly manifest "spiritual" guide, in the form of the mundane empiric reasoning faculty (the material mind), is also like Putana.

2. Sakatasura (the cart demon). The tendency to carry the cartload of bad habits accumulated in this life and previous lives. He also represents lethargy and dullness.

3. Deliverance of Nalakuvara and Manigriva (breaking the twin arjuna trees). Arrogant pride from puffed-up aristocracy, rooted in madness for wealth.

4. Vatsasura (the calf-demon). A childish type of mentality which gives rise to a type of greediness which results in a wicked type of mischievousness.

5. Bakasura (the duck/stork demon). Cunning duplicity, deceptiveness and false types of behaviour.

6. Aghasura (the snake demon). Cruelty and violence.

7. Brahma-vimohana lila (Lord Brahma steals the cowherd boys and calves). Mundane activities and speculative scholasticism.

8. Dhenukasura (the ass demon). Dhenukasura is the evil of licentiousness, gain, honor and aspiration for selfish end.Gross materialistic intelligence, ignorance of spiritual knowledge.

9. Kaliya (chastising the Kaliya serpent). Brutality and treachery.

10. Extinguishing the First Forest Fire. Inter-communal discord among Vaisnavas.

11. Pralambasura (killing the Pralamba demon). Lusty inclinations desire for personal gain or honour.

12. The Second Forest Fire. Disruption of religious principles and interference with religious people by atheism.

13. Correcting the Brahmanas Performing Sacrifice. Callousness towards Krsna due to pride because of one's position in varnasrama.

14. Overcoming the Pride of Lord Indra, Demigod worship, and the tendency to think "I am Supreme."

15. Nanda Maharaja Stolen by Varuna. Thinking that spiritual life can be enhanced by intoxication.

16. Nanda Maharaja Delivered from the Snake. Rescuing the truth of eternal Krsna consciousness which has been swallowed by impersonalists.

17. Sankhacuda (killing the conch-shell demon and retrieving the jewel stolen by him). Proneness towards acquiring name and fame, and desire for sensuous enjoyment, under the plea of devotion.

18. Aristasura (the bull demon).Pride arising from indulging in false religions invented by cheaters which causes neglect of bhakti.

19. Kesi (the horse demon). The feeling that "I am a great devotee and spiritual master"

20. Vyomasura (the sky demon). Associating with thieves and other rascals, and with people who put themselves forward as avataras.

21.Trnavarta (the whirlwind demon). The false pride arising from material scholarship, which gives rise to bogus philosophies.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura says:

"The devotee who worships the holy name should first petition the Lord for the strength to cast out all these unfavorable tendencies — and should pray thus before Lord Hari on a daily basis. By doing this regularly, the devotee's heart will eventually become purified. Sri Krsna has killed a number of demons which may arise in the kingdom of the heart — so in order to destroy these problems, a devotee must cry very humbly before the Lord and admit defeat — then the Lord will nullify all contaminations."

Fund For Krishna Temple in China

PADA: Preaching in China is a big austerity. If there are other folks in China who want to assist these people, maybe they can combine efforts in some manner. PADA has many viewers from these type places and its hopeful the Prabhupadanuga's idea will eventually emerge as the right one, all over the planet. ys pd

Tour of Vrndavana (Video)

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Bhakti Tirtha Swami at Interfaith Festival

[PADA: Yep, here we go folks, all we really need is some really whack-doodle head gear, lots of gold chains, and voila, the ISKCON GBC will vote us in as one of their co-messiahs! Here he is, the sum total of the demigods! And he got his helmet from the Hollywood and Vine stage props store? 

I heard a Bhakti Tirtha lecture way back in the day, and he was talking about the alleged Lost Continent of Mu, which apparently sank into the ocean some ages ago, and how their culture was so advanced. Well they were not advanced enough to make lifeboats were they now? 

Anyway, this is a classic example of the type of people the GBC hand selects to be voted in as one of their co-gurus, someone who has a whole lot of new age psycho-babble baggage. Did we forget to mention that Srila Prabhupada told us many times, we are not qualified to be diksha gurus, in part because we will take the sins of others and that will make us get sick, fall down and fail. And this person was Krishnapada no less? Yes as a matter of fact my feet are as good as Krishna's feet! Krishna's padas! Oh really! 

Bhakti Tirtha eventually got a case of melanoma cancer, which he died from. Oddly, his followers were telling us to pray for his health, what, we have to pray to make a neophyte become able to absorb sins by some sort of magic tricks? And we can become some sort of pure devotee by a 2/3 show of hands vote from the GBC? Nope! Not how it works! Worse, the GBC goes to interfaith meetings, meanwhile, apparently saying worship of Jesus is the bogus ritviks idea! 

Anyway, this is the type of person the GBC thinks are the successors to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, which means, they have no idea who Krishna and Prabhupada are. ys pd

LA Rathayatra / Changed books seminar?

[PADA: Very odd, apparently at Rathayatra Los Angeles festival, Dravida is going to try to defend how come we need Jayadvaita swami, the person who says ISKCON's gurus are often illicit sex debauchees, to re-edit the books of Krishna? We need the person who claims gurus are often illicit sex deviants to re-edit our books? As for Garuda das, good question, does he ascribe to the GBC's illicit sex messiah's project or not? 

And did we forget, Jayadvaita has helped along the GBC, which is the body that "2/3 show of hands votes in" these illicit sex deviants as their messiahs? Meanwhile Srila Prabhupada said, do not let these rascal editors change my books? 

That issue is exactly what Srila Prabhupada criticized in his books, these people who say Krishna and /or His successors are sometimes (or many times?) debauchees -- are demons, no wonder they need to re-write these books? 

Is this what some of them are teaching their little children down there, that God's successor gurus are sometimes / maybe oftentimes engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children? Isn't this illegal, to corrupt the morals of minors by telling them God's successors are maybe debauchees? What kind of religion teaches their children that God's lineage of successors contains illicit sex with men, women and children, and we need such folks to re-write their spiritual books?

Well go to the seminar and ask! And record their answers on video and send to PADA --

ys pd] 

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Dominican Republic Ratha Funds Needed

PADA: Right, but there is always a lot of money for the jet-set lifestyle GBC's swamis to purchase private residential quarters for themselves etc. ys pd

Warning: very gross (but educational) egg hatching video

[PADA: This is how we jeeva souls take another body and birth, probably why -- we should not want to take more births in this material world -- again and again! At the same time, this chick hatching is clearly a divine miracle! Krishna is very amazing, He makes an entire body out of a pile of yellow goop here. Wowsers! Not for the woozy crowd however! ys pd]

BLISS Newsletter July 2017

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Narayan Maharaja and His Monkey Messiah's Program (Update)

PADA: So now the Narayan Maharaja folks are saying openly, false gurus are going to hell for countless lifetimes. You mean to say, the fake GBC's gurus Narayan Maharaja has been the number one cheer leader of -- are going to hell for countless lives? The fools he supported who were dressing as acharyas are going to hell, and he has been their hand maiden, so what is his position? 

And that includes the bogus GBC's gurus like Tamal, and remember NM and his GBC's guru's "gopi rasika club" members? Yep, the illicit sex acharya's sabha, and gopi rasika? Oooops, which Srila Prabhupada confirms, takes one to hell? 

OK, false gurus and their supporters go to hell, but does that not place NM at the top of that list, because NM had been for many years Tamal's biggest bucket boy, that is when NM is not glorifying the bogus gurus from the Gaudiya Matha? 

And now Jadurani is openly promoting the Madhava Maharaja line, ooops, the same line of people who openly challenged the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada and declared their own self-appointed false gurus after 1936. Fake gurus and their supporters spend many lifetimes in hell, so we should support NM and his fake guru associations? The good news here is that after NM supported the bogus acharya's regime that bans, beats, molests and assassinates Vaishnavas, if not poisons them, it turns out, even he admits he knows his whole sabha is going to the lowest regions to be punished severely by the Yamaduttas. Great admission!

Why does NM say false gurus are going to hell for many lifetimes, then he goes to bat to defend the GBC's false gurus for many years, and he defends the 1936 deviants as gurus -- the whole time? Worse NM says worship of pure devotees is the bogus ritvik idea, we need to worship his living deviants instead. So we cannot even escape going to hell, we have to worship the fake and not the pure? And NM trained people to worship the GBC's fake gurus, and his successor Jadurani is even training people to worship the people who wanted to oppress Srila Prabhupada like the Madhava Maharaja line?

Anyway! Now some followers of Narayan Maharaja have chastised me for criticizing NM and Jadurani / aka Shyamarani. At the same time, these same NM folks agree with me: 

(A) Narayan Maharaja has said, apparently as early as 1978 and in other places, that Srila Prabhupada has said ALL of his disciples are MONKEYS. Hmmm, sounds like good messiah material to me!

(B) Yet then Narayan Maharaja promoted Tamal Krishna and the fake 11 GBC gurus process, by aiding their claim that they are "appointed gurus." At the same time, NM promoted the self-appointed bogus gurus of the Gaudiya Matha process. We have to prop up the residents of hellish planets as gurus?


(C) NM has supported the process -- at the very least -- that monkeys are the guru successors to Krishna, if not guru poisoners and various other criminal deviants are God's successors. God's shaksat hari tvena guru successors are -- deviants? Criminals? Sexual predators? Poisoners? Embezzlers? Drug addicts? Who knew!

Now the NM folks are saying this is because -- Srila Prabhupada gave the 11 a big position, so its his fault the 11 became gurus. Fine except, if they are monkeys, what is their position actually? Srila Saraswati Thakura also gave his people a big post, but he never said they would be gurus? So these NM folks tried to tell me, since the GBC had big posts as temple administrators, naturally they would later be considered as gurus (same deviation that happened in the 1936 Gaudiya Matha)? Yep naturally the hospital janitor would be considered as the hospital brain surgeon, because he also has saws, drills and tools?

Administrators are not the same as the messiahs? Especially, if they are also monkeys? What religion teaches that their Church council members are the same as their messiahs aka gurus?

(D) Then these Gaudiya Matha "advisors" also helped change the whole system, for example offering of bhogha, now being presented to these 11 conditioned souls, which violated the order of the acharya. He said do not change the deity program. 

No one is authorized to change this order, but the good news is Jadurani helped us point this out in the 1980s, and she said everyone is now eating bhogha, because its not being accepted, as it is being offered to NM's conditioned souls alleged gurus. OK and NM supported this process as well and he became Tamal's biggest hand maiden. 

Then these NM folks said NM was not aware that the bhogha was no longer being offered to Srila Prabhupada anymore, really? NM had no idea the GBC had their photos on the altars, they gave themselves big guru titles, they claimed to have disciples and so on? Yet NM was constantly, in their midst? 

And Jadurani said in the 1980s, these Gaudiya Matha people should not have helped change these systems. And so now we are independently creating a system of Prabhupadanugas, where we are re-establishing the order to offer bhogha to the acharya Srila Prabhupada. We are fixing this mess gradually. Bhogha has to be offered to the pure devotee first, and he offers to Krishna. 

Of course the GBC has had a number of advisors, for example BP Puri, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Fakir Mohan, Babajis and others, many of them supported the GBC's bogus guru process after 1978, and a number were consulted by various GBC in or after 1978. 

Sridhara Maharaja for example was consulted extensively by the false 11 after 1978, and Narayan Maharaja says Sridhara is an acharya like Srila Prabhupada. Some of those early meetings with Sridhara Maharaja are found on -- GOSAI.COM. There are also many discussions with the GBC and Narayana Maharaja found on their own sites. 

Narayana Maharaja not only said they are gurus, he was blasting our people in Dallas for not accepting that Tamal is a guru. And he was there with Tamal for years together. Its on their own sites. So the fake guru gets the bhogha offerings, the disciples offered to him and so on. NM was well aware of this policy, or he was blind and deaf too?

Thus, Sridhara said they should be viewed as gurus by their disciples, and he said that a number of times ... Narayan Maharaja also said that they are not ritviks, they are gurus, and he was with the GBC on numerous times giving them so-called rasika classes, this is all well known and recorded in many locations. And Narayana Maharaja says that Tamal is the dear tree of Radha, at a time when we said that Tamal was involved in the criminal empire.

There is also a discussion on NM and his gopi rasika classes to the GBC so-called gurus: Vrindavana Istagosthi Addressing Gopi-bhava and Narayana Maharaja
"Cooperation"… BVML.NET.

Srila Prabhupada did not give the GBC the authority to be gurus. He said if they take sins they will get sick, fall down or both, he said they cannot absorb sins, or they will fail. He also said they are monkeys. How can monkeys absorb sins like Jesus? Yes, for these folks to establish monkeys as gurus ends the parampara, monkeys are not in the parampara. 

NM Encouraged neophytes to take karma, its not authorized.

Even more strange, a NM person said that NM "harmonized everything" and helped ISKCON "peacefully transfer to the post-1977 development." Then they said, now ISKCON is dysfunctional. OK their monkey gurus caused this dysfunction. Agreed. So everything was harmonized, into dysfunction? 

The guru parampara is a sacred lineage of pure devotees, thus it does not contain what Srila Prabhupada says, and even Narayan Maharaja says are: -- monkeys, ABC level kindergarten children, puppy brains, and people who are constantly being reprimanded for not chanting their rounds, falling down into illicit sex and so on. To say that such unqualified persons are gurus is simply wrong. 

And this does not even require a whole lot of shastra, any average American citizen walking down the sidewalk in any big USA city could be asked, are monkeys. puppy brains, ABC kindergarten level neophytes, people falling into illicit sex etc. -- fit to be given the title of guru? And they know the answer right away. 

The only people who have argued with me about this since 1978 are, ok people like the Narayan Maharaja program. Jadurani was handing out a paper around 1980 saying that the Gaudiya Matha people who were advising the GBC had made ISKCON into a bhogha eating society, she said that they were telling people to offer bhogha to conditioned souls and this is bogus. She was right and this is still true now. 

Even children know that conditioned neophytes cannot be telescoped to the level of guru, its basic common sense. Anyway the good news is, now they admit their whole false guru program is going to hell, bravo, good admission. Their fake gurus will go to hell, and so do the hand maidens and sympathizers with same. Its called the karma chakra, and no one can escape it, as NM himself points out, fake gurus spend lifetimes in hell -- and so do the help mates of these fake gurus. Agreed! ys pd

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George Pell -- Ex-prince of Catholic Church -- Now in court

Brooklyn Temple Eye Witness Account (Locanananda Dasa)

Who is in charge of My temple?

[PADA: Well what can we say? Ramabhadra and Romapada swami are apparently correct, the GBC are a bunch of bogus people, why should they cooperate with them? Good question. At the same time, if they want to be independent of the GBC, fine, but they have to come up with a better scheme then has been going on there -- up to now. For example kicking out devotees has not been a good plan there all along, it needs to be fixed. 

And they had better come up with a better system of worship plan, say for example, following our idea of exclusively establishing Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, which he theoretically already is there? I hope the temple board will consider that idea at least, should they decide to jettison the GBC altogether.

At the same time, it is amazing that BHAKTI CARU SWAMI is associated with Jayadvata swami, the person who wonders why in hell people are chanting Prabhupada's pranams? Isn't Jayadvaita a person who also said that gurus in ISKCON sometimes are exposed as engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as well? Why does Bhakti Caru associate himself with this agenda? And why should the Brooklyn temple be associated with this agenda? These are good questions. 

I also agree with several writers who said, why is there always a big fire brigade of GBC emergency personnel when there is a building crisis / money crisis, but many other problems do not seem to warrant much interest or hardly even honorable mention in their meetings? Are their main interests control of money, assets and buildings, and not much outside that circle? ys pd] 



After not having entered the temple since 1999 when I was banned by the local leadership committee from offering service to Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda, I really had no idea what to expect as I entered the Mandir last night. All I had heard was that after the evening artik, Ramabhadra prabhu was going to announce that he would no longer be serving as Temple President at the Brooklyn temple in compliance with an order issued by the GBC. I was also told that three GBC members would be present to make sure everything went as planned. Even though I was still officially banned, I thought it would be safe enough for me to participate in the Sunday program for the first time in eighteen years.

As far back as I can recall, the evening artik for Radha Govinda had always been well attended with at least 200 devotees and guests present when the curtains would open. Last night there were not more than forty attendees in the temple room when the artik and kirtan began. By my count, there were only three other Prabhupada disciples who attended the ceremony, namely HH Jayadvaita Swami, Anandamoya and Caturvyuha prabhus.

As the kirtan began to wind down, Ramabhadra prabhu entered the temple room and took over from the lead singer. He chanted the Mahamantra for a while and when the kirtan ended, we all offered obeisances. He remained standing to lead the Nrsimha prayers. He played the gong and was accompanied by a devotee who played the alto saxophone in the style of a jazz musician. Other senior devotees were entering the temple room by that time, devotees like HH Bhakti Caru Swami, HH Romapada Swami, HH Candrashekar Swami, Hamsarupa prabhu and others. Many of the members of the Board of Directors of the Bharati Center, Inc. also came forward to hear the announcements.

Ramabhadra read from the Bhagavad-gita and spoke about his decades of service to Radha Govinda while sharing some of his realizations. He sounded a little choked up with emotion. Mean-while, HH Romapada Swami had positioned himself right in front of the Deities. Ramabhadra signaled to him not to turn his back to Their Lordships.

The ensuing events were like a firestorm of activity. The asana had been moved into position as though someone was going to give class. Then a devotee moved the harmonium into position which meant there might not be a class after all. His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami walked up to speak with Ramabhadra to let him know it was time to announce the change in temple management to the devotees. Ramabhadra said instead that the evening program had ended with the closing of the curtains and the altar gates.

Seeing this confrontation begin to unfold, Romapada Swami said nothing and left the scene. I was suddenly startled by a phenomenon that I felt was foreboding. As the disagreement between Bhakti Caru Swami and Ramabhadra became a bit heated, all of the male devotees present in the temple room began to stand up and move towards these two prominent personalities as if they expected the confrontation to become physical. As many as fifty devotees seemed ready to intervene if things were to get out of hand. To defuse the situation, Bhakti Caru Swami turned away from Ramabhadra and said to those standing around him, "Let's chant Hare Krishna." Ramabhadra turned off the sound system, but his challengers were equipped with a simple sound system of their own, and the kirtan went on and on as we moved to the opposite end of the temple room to chant for Srila Prabhupada.

At one point, Bhakti Caru Maharaja addressed the devotees to explain why Ramabhadra was being replaced as Temple President, and a printed explanation of his removal and replacement was distributed. He thanked Ramabhadra for his dedicated service to Radha Govinda and announced that Hamsarupa prabhu would take the reins of temple management as the Acting ISKCON President of the Brooklyn temple.

When Bhakti Caru Swami was speaking, the lights in the temple room were being turned off. Then Ramabhadra prabhu reappeared to let us know that we must all vacate the premises and that the police had been called and had stationed themselves outside in front of the temple. There was no physical confrontation at any time, nor were there any subsequent expressions of anger or discontent. To the contrary, the congregation members cheered the announcement of the removal of Ramabhadra prabhu as temple president and then peacefully filed out of the temple room.

Various groups met with Hamsarupa prabhu to discuss the future of the Mandir and to have their questions answered. There was a great deal of uncertainty in the air. The Board of Directors seemed somewhat disappointed with the way things were unfolding. Ramabhadra was seen speaking with the police officers who responded to his call for law enforcement. He was accompanied by a freshly-minted attorney who must have been in his mid-twenties.

The stairs to the prasadam hall were blocked and no prasadam was served to any of the devotees or guests. Although he is now the Acting President and Administrator of the temple, Hamsarupa prabhu was told by the former president, now officially removed, that he did not have permission to spend the night in the temple building. He is currently having to reside at the Even Hotel which is situated next door to the Radha Govinda Mandir.

Your servant,
Locanananda dasa

Monday, July 24, 2017

Police and Chaos At Brooklyn Temple (Video)

[PADA: Well hee hee, yes the "highest ecclesiastical body in ISKCON" are having an "emergency meeting" for the purpose of fighting over a building, but for decades they have not been having meetings to figure out so many other crises that were going on; ok like the gurukula crisis, cow crisis, devotee's exodus crisis, women's (mis) treatment crisis, mass media bad publicity crisis, police raids, guru scandals etc. Yep, there is no money involved in these other crises, but as soon as money is involved, then its an emergency. 

If other people have info, videos and links etc. please send to: 

Here is what happened in our view: 

(A) We told various GBC starting around 1979 there was a bogus guru and gurukula crisis, and we were typically told "take us to court if that is so." And, get out the door and do not come back!

(B) The $400M gurukuli lawsuit was filed and the GBC had to plead "no contest." (They lost).

(B) Various properties were then legally shuffled off to other charities to avoid paying the kuli's victims and ISKCON declared itself bankrupted.

(C) Ramabhadra's crew were apparently given the New York City ISKCON temple under a new charity name, the Bharatia Society, and it appears ISKCON then lost legal control of the building by so doing, and its now legally the Bharatia Society and not ISKCON.  

(D) Which means, all of this would have been avoided in the first place if they had followed our advice to take care of the gurukula crisis at the outset.

Thanks ys pd]


RAMESVARA DASA (Robert Grant) : What a tragedy to see in this video Ramabhadra Prabhu do the following: 1) turn off the lights in the temple while the GBC Chairman, His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami was speaking to scores of devotees and guests at the Sunday feast; 2) call the police to help Ramabhadra evacuate everyone from the temple, cancelling all Deity worship and Darshan and locking the doors. Kicking families of worshippers out of the Mandir! Overt defiance of the GBC order to stop the sale of the temple caused his removal as temple president and instead of following the process to humbly appeal, he chose continued open defiance of ISKCON's governing authority. It appears he's gone completely renegade and may contracting nice to fight to sell the temple so he, outside of ISKCON, can control almost $60 Mil as if it's his money! I pray for him to return to his sound condition of mind and become again a humble servant within ISKCON. His aspiring servant, ramesvara dasa

The Sale of ISKCON's Brooklyn Radha Govinda Mandir


Dispelling the lies of Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra Prabhu regarding the sale of ISKCON's Brooklyn Radha Govinda Mandir.

While devotees worldwide are celebrating the 50 year anniversary of ISKCON , nobody is celebrating with enthusiasm in Brooklyn NY's Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, other than Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra prabhu. Soon Radha Govinda will be moved once again to where and for how long only the two so called leaders know for sure. They have yet to inform the congregational members that they have entered into a contract to sell the Temple and are in a mad scramble to complete the sale before the annual GBC meetings in Mayapur.

The devotee community should also be made aware that Romapada Swami had told Sivarama Swami as well as Bhakti Caru Maharaj that he would wait until after the Mayapur meetings to sell the building. However Romapada Swami had already entered into contract to sell the temple. Maharaj's deceptive behavior has angered many and the congregation itself is no longer sitting by and going along with the plan to sell. Devotees are being threatened with banishment from the Temple if they voice opposition to the sale.

Chandrashekar Maharaj was dispatched to Queens to confront a West Indian devotee that was petitioning the community there to not support the sale and to voice their displeasure. The devotee responded to Maharaj's threats by saying that he was entitled to voice his displeasure and to rally opposition against the sale. Another long time Indian congregation member who had been doing service for years on end was also informed by Ramabhadra that his services had all been taken away due to his not supporting the Temple sale. Ramabhadra told this devotee that he would be best served by visiting the temples in New Jersey, and to take his sons with him. Both sons have been Sunday school teachers at the temple for years. The Attorney General has been notified of this abusive behavior and is now reviewing this matter.

Threats can't silence the mass of devotees. What genuine Vaisnava believes that it is a good thing to banish devotees? Romapada Maharaj has been known to engage in this very activity for years on end. Ramabhadra has also banished many devotees and repeatedly threatened others with physical violence. These are not the actions of a truly Krishna Conscious leader.

What a way to thank Srila Prabhupada for all of his endeavors. Srila Prabhupada instructed the devotees to never leave the 55 Street Temple, yet they sold the building anyway. The 55 Street Temple was sold in the same secretive manner that the sale of the Brooklyn temple is taking place. Brooklyn ,much like Hell's Kitchen where 55 Street Temple was located, is a neighborhood on the rise. The area is safer than it has ever been and it is flush with new hotels and apartment buildings. Developers are salivating while waiting for the opportunity to purchase the extremely valuable real estate in the downtown Brooklyn area. And in a world where God consciousness isn't of top importance to most, these same developers are buying churches and now temples as well to line their pockets with profits.

After having endured years of gentrification in the area and the upheaval that it brings, the area is the place to be. Why move the Deities once again? Why allow the two devotees that have completely destroyed the NY sanga to have any say whatsoever about what is best for the Deities and the devotee community? After all, preaching has been on the decline since Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra prabhu took charge of the Brooklyn Temple. There has been no mention that the Deities could be moved at any moment, and this is a disgrace.

Can we trust leaders that act on their own? Should we as devotees function as a bunch of blind sheep? Definitely not. How many NY devotees either know of or have even heard of Adi Kesava prabhu? He was the president responsible for selling the 55 Street Temple. It would seem that both Srila Prabhupada and Radha Govindadev didn't approve of the sale. Almost all of Srila Prabhupada's disciples have been alienated by the NY Temple authorities through the years. Srila Prabhupada's disciples are the ones with the most knowledge of how Srila Prabhupada handled matters and the devotees. After the sale of the 55 Street Temple, it was moved to 7th Avenue. The Towaco, New Jersey temple as well as the Lake Huntington properties were bought with the money from this sale. Not long after Lake Huntington was bought it was foreclosed on, and the 7th Avenue Temple was moved to Brooklyn .

Just how far will we need to travel to see Radha Govinda in the future, and when exactly will be able to see them? Only Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra know the answer. Why has everyone been kept in the dark if these two devotees can be trusted? If there was financial transparency, which there isn't, then and only then could we place faith in their abilities to act in an honest manner on behalf of the congregation. Why are Tamohara and Kuladri prabhus on a board approving the temple sale when they are not part of our yatra, and are never present at Radha Govinda Mandir? How can they possibly know what's best here in NY? Why have previous board members always been denied the ability to see the Temple finances?

How did Romapada Swami buy a building in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and also afford to open a center near the Van Wyck Expressway in Richmond Hill, Queens? Why did Maharaj previously lend money with interest to both the Brooklyn and Hartford temples? And just where did Maharaj get this money from? How has he been paying lawyers for years in the case regarding the Freeport Long Island temple? What did Maharaj do with all of the money he made from selling prasadam at street fairs located in NYC? What happened to the $50,000 donation that Maharaj was given to start a restaurant in NYC, which he instead invested in real estate in North Carolina? That money was lost and no restaurant was ever opened in NY by Maharaj. Why did Maharaj try to pressure Radhanath Swami to turn over the Bhakti Center because it isn't a registered ISKCON property, when the Brooklyn temple for which he is the GBC is listed as being owned by the Bharati Vedic Society? Why did Maharaj try to take the Krishna Balaram temple in Richmond Hill from Sunanda prabhu after Sunanda had endeavored for years to develop a congregation? Why did Maharaj try to stop the Queens Ratha Yatra? Why did Maharaj try his best to destroy the congregations that Dasarath Suta prabhu and Sandamani devi endeavored to open on their own in Arizona?

Do these sound like the actions of a devotee? Of a sannyasi? Of a GBC? And lastly, of an initiating Guru? If you believe they do then you must re-evaluate your knowledge of the qualities of all.

New York has been systematically destroyed by this power hungry non leader. His 'partner in crime' is Ramabhadra prabhu. When was the last time anyone has seen Ramabhadra at the morning program? He hasn't been seen in an eternity. There hasn't been a Bhakta program in NY in over 20 years. Why are there no temple devotees going out on a daily basis on book distribution? Why is there no Food for Life program, no harinam and a dwindling congregation? All can be understood by looking at the leaders. They are like human sleeping pills. They lack the leadership qualities needed to guide and inspire a community of devotees.

Why do the leaders need to import devotees from India to cook, especially when we live in a city of 8 million plus people and a large community of devotees? Why is there a non-devotee paid to wash dishes in the temple kitchen for the restaurant? What happened to Temple standards? And most importantly, how has the GBC body allowed Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra to destroy the NY sanga? Srila Prabhupada would never allow this incompetence to take place year after year.

Srila Prabhupada possessed the unique ability to inspire everyone. He was thrilled when the 55 Street Temple building was bought. He instructed the devotees to never lose the 55 Street Temple. When there was talk of needing repairs for 55 Street, the BBT gave $100,000 and was prepared to give $200,000 more. Srila Prabhupada instructed Tamal Krishna Maharaj to send 50 devotees from the Radha Damadar traveling party to NYC to do sankirtan daily. Srila Prabhupada was never at a loss for manpower. He was an unparalleled inspirational force. The current leaders have ruined everything that Srila Prabhupada began and the ultimate slap in the face to Srila Prabhupada is moving Sri Sri Radha Govinda once again. What a way to thank your spiritual master for enduring two heart attacks on a steamship while endeavouring to bring the Holy Name to the Western world. Happy 50th Year Anniversary, NYC.

We should all as members pray for the removal of these completely inept leaders. We should exhaust all efforts to ensure that the sale of the Temple is stopped. We should let everyone know what these men have been doing without the knowledge of the devotees. We should let them know about all of their nefarious activities. Let it be known these men previously sold the parking lot to the left of the temple, which would have been worth a fortune given that the cost of real estate has been on a steady rise for years. Ask to see the bank accounts of Ramabhadra prabhu and Satya dasi, both of whom have never held a job since becoming devotees. Ask for an explanation regarding all of their travel expenses, computer and video equipment purchases. Ask what was the $10,000 monthly rent paid by the bingo hall and the never ending stream of cash from the Daily lunch program used for, and to see proof of these finances. Ask Romapada Maharaj why Hemalatta dasi, his former secretary, found a personal bank account of Romapada Maharaj's with millions of dollars in it during the mid 1990s and how much money he has made over the twenty years since then? These men are not acting as trustworthy devotees, or even remotely Krishna conscious. They aren't concerned with the desires of the devotees and this is evidenced by their outright refusal to reveal that they have a contract in place to sell the Temple and have denied the request of the GBC to postpone the sale until after the Mayapur meetings. There is a presentation to be made at the Mayapur meetings in February. We must not sit on our hands and act as if all is well. There is a serious stink emanating from this sale…It is dishonest at best and in reality has been presented in a fraudulent manner to both the GBC and devotees.

The devotee community should know that Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra are saying relocation will be better for preaching. A new building will not change anything as long as these men are in charge. Devotees are tired of seeing Ramabhadra lead every Sunday lecture as well as kirtan. They are equally tired of being fed kichari for the Wednesday and Sunday feasts. And how can anyone be inspired to attend the morning program when the Temple President and his wife don't do so themselves.

Let's exhaust all our energies to voice our disapproval of the temple sale and of the temple management. There are many social media outlets at our disposal, there are also attorneys at work as well as other sannyasis and senior devotees engaged in a tireless fight to prevent uprooting Radha Govinda once again. We don't need to act like a flock of defenseless fools. we must fight to show our love for the Deities and for the tireless efforts of Srila Prabhupada to establish ISKCON in NYC. If we simply allow Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra to do as they wish we have failed Radha Govinda as well Srila Prabhupada.

The sincere desires of all devotees opposed is to see this sale stopped and to put new management in place that is able to inspire the community to work together as one big family for the benefit of humanity at large. Srila Prabhupada realized the significance of having his ISKCON being centered in New York. He always upgraded and never acted under a veil of financial secrecy, and this is why he was and is so beloved by millions worldwide. This is the reason that so many young men and women abandoned everything to help establish ISKCON. We are in dire need of a trustworthy leaders(s) here in NYC.

We have a voice and must make it heard. We should demand honesty and transparency. Srila Prabhupada didn't create a society so it's future leaders could pillage all of its funds constantly and sell off Temple properties. All of the Temples that Srila Prabhupada opened in India are still in place. Why should things be any different here in NY? Radha Govindadev deserves better caretakers and to remain in Their current home, and not be constantly moved.

Srila Prabhupada has made a home for the whole world to live in. Let's fight to insure that unqualified leaders don't move Radha Govinda and make them homeless, especially not while the world is celebrating the 50th Year Anniversary of ISKCON.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Brooklyn Temple Imbroglio (Update)

PADA: Not sure what really happened here. Initial report is: Bhakti Caru swami, Jayadvaita and a few other GBC-ophiles tried to remove Ramabadra from the temple and ban him from ISKCON. And Ramabadra resisted and started lecturing that he is not going anywhere. Then he turned off the lights and shut down the A/C and told everyone to leave because the temple is now closed. OK apparently a big cat fight right in front of the congregation.

Ramabadra also apparently called the police and asked them to remove everyone, but the police said they do not get into religion disputes. In any case, it looks to us like the GBC has little or perhaps no real legal authority to clean up this mess, or it would have been sorted out a long time ago. It appears that the GBC may have signed off this property to the Bharatia Society, and its no longer ISKCON. This gives ISKCON GBC no factual claim of authority there? 

This seems to be simply another example where the "ultimate spiritual managers of the society" cannot "manage" a paper bag. Why have they allowed this situation to develop for so long when they knew there were problems with these guys ages ago? 

Who knows, anyway, if anyone has more details send to: 

ys pd  


Friday, July 21, 2017

Rocana's "Guru Fix and Repair Shop" Opens for Business!

The Living Guru-itis Program

[PADA: We told ya, the Narayan Maharaja program is preaching that we need to surrender to the followers of the Gaudiya Matha's gurus, the same program that criticized Srila Prabhupada and called him "a paccha grhastha." Rocana's living guru idea is basically a parroting of these folks. 

This is essentially siphoning most of the manpower of ISKCON off to competing institutions and various acharyas, sadhus, babajis etc. ... its breaking ISKCON up into fragmented schisms of competing gurus, authorities, acharyas, etc. ... among other problems. Yep, everyone has to leave ISKCON "to find the living guru"! And so -- they leave -- in droves. This is dismantling ISKCON, which is what some say, is the goal of these folks ...] 

Rocana Dasa (Sampradya Sun) We accept the parity of siksa and diksa-guru, and the sastric imperative that initiation is a connection to the eternal sampradaya brought about by transmission of knowledge through the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Vaisnava via medium who is following the predecessor Acaryas in the Sampradaya, and particularly the most recent, preeminent Acarya − His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

[PADA: Notice! Rocana's word "parity," which means -- "the state or condition of being equal." OK swell, there is equal "parity" between the church choir members (layman -- shiksha gurus) and Jesus (diksha guru). Really?  

Both levels are on an equal level of parity? 

That is not at all what Srila Prabhupada says. This is also not even common sense, that the neophytes or shiksha gurus are "on par" and equal to the acharyas / messiahs? Of course, a pure devotee can sometimes be described as both shiksha and diksha, but to telescope the diksha title to neophytes is bogus. This is also the same problem we have with people like Svavasa and other leaders in Los Angeles, they think Srila Prabhupada is the minor league shiksha guru temple pot washer, while the biggest henchmen leaders of the criminal New Vrndavana program are the sin-absorbing Jesus-like diksha guru messiahs.   
Anyway! Srila Prabhupada says we neophytes can only act as SHIKSHA gurus but not as DIKSHA gurus, in part because -- when we neophytes act as diksha gurus we become OVERWHELMED by absorbing the sins of others, because we neophytes are NOT equal to the pure devotees. In sum, we do not accept the alleged "equal parity" of shiksha and diksha gurus, especially when Rocana's so-called neophyte diksha gurus are getting sick, falling down if not dying prematurely LEFT, RIGHT and CENTER (from absorbing sins?). All the time! 

Worse, as we discussed with others recently, Rocana is actually killing some of his God brothers by encouraging them to try to artificially take the post of a "sin absorbing" acharya, and so his own brothers are -- falling down, getting sick and dying. Good job Rocana, you are killing your own brothers de facto!

And this is also how Rocana's ilk have degraded the post of the pure devotee by saying his falling down neophyte gurus are on an equal plane of "parity" with pure devotees and thus they can be diksha gurus. They cannot! And then they have to say, gurus fall down, not a problem -- we will start a broken down guru's fix it and repair shop! 

And Rocana will be the head mechanic in the messiah's fix it up shop? Rocana is the person who advises and oversees the acharyas? And he is spawning many others to do the same, for example Hanuman das Croatia, he has become another co-mechanic of Rocana in the acharya's repair center. Hanuman actually says he would rather promote the GBC's faulty acharyas than work with us Prabhupadanugas, apparently because, he thinks his advice will fix them! He is going to fix broke down acharyas? What is a broke down acharya?

Moreover there is no functioning religion on earth which says that their rank and file neophytes can be viewed "on equal parity" with their spiritual master? Nor can we even find a mundane business where the truck loader is "on an equal par" with the manager of the trucking company? Nor could such a company function practically, where the menial rank and file workers thought they could have the same "equal parity" big status, big salary, big car, big office and voice in the operations of the company, as the managers in the head office. There is no parity of the workers and the corporation's leaders, in any practical operation. Perhaps this is why ISKCON's current leaders cannot seem to fix anything of substance? 

The chain of command would cease to exist. In other words, you'd have the same renegade acharya's problem as ISKCON has. A business where everyone thinks they are the boss, cannot function. Or! Suppose there is equal parity between the hospital janitor and the hospital brain surgeon? Nope, the janitor's surgery would be bogus, and would kill people! So this is the whole trouble with these Gaudiya Matha / GBC / Sahajiya vada folks, they think that the neophytes can take the post of acharya / messiah / Jesus of Nazareth and absorb sins of followers, because the laymen and the messiahs are parity equals. 

They are not. 

The transmission of actual pure divyam jnanam will come via media Srila Prabhupda's books, although a layman can convey some limited parts of the truth, and that is why the layman is called a shiksha guru, vartma pradarshaka guru, monitor guru and so on. The neophyte has a limited capacity to deliver others, and this hierarchy has to be kept in proper order or the system of basic managing breaks down, where anyone and everyone can claim to be an equal to the messiah. 

And this is why Rocana's "manifold and many" acharyas program cannot contain basic child care problems, never mind many other problems, because there is no system of regulated order when almost everyone is claiming to be the "guru successor to God," and they thus have no respect for the opinion of others. Or as Srila Prabhupada calls them "self made authority." ]    

We reject the notion that an organizational body or a collective of leaders of a matha or spiritual institution are authorized by sastra and the Sampradaya's Acaryas to withhold permission for any qualified disciple to become a bona fide representative of the Sampradaya by giving diksa initiation following the departure of his own Spiritual Master. Likewise, we reject the notion that such an institutional body or collective of leaders has the right to withhold permission for any qualified disciple to enter into the sannyasa asrama.

[PADA: Except, Rocana has also said that the ISKCON gurus need to be under tighter controls and regulations to contain them when they stray off the reservation and deviate. Worse! If the organization is not going to regulate, monitor and contain the behavior of their wayward leaders, who will? 

The Unicorn Princess, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy? 

So the GBC should (A) tighten up the rules and controls over their wayward diksha gurus and simultaneously (B) the GBC shall SLACKEN all controls over the ISKCON diksha gurus, and thus the GBC shall NOT be allowed to restrain and restrict anyone who wants to claim he is a diksha guru. Rocana is arguing with, himself!

Rocana was a leader of the 1986 "guru reform" aka guru fix it program. What is a "guru reform"? Can his gurus be fixed, and what does it mean when the guru needs to be fixed, at all? And Rocana is the head surgeon in the guru repair hospital? Where does Srila Prabhupada say the GBC will run a guru reform and repair shop? 

So, on the one hand Rocana says the GBC will act as surgery doctors in a messiah's fix it and repair shop, and they will contain the deviations of their voted in messiahs, while on the other hand, the GBC should not be allowed to legislate or control who takes the post of parampara acharyas and who does not? 

Any God brother who thinks he has the qualifications to absorb sins like Jesus should simply step into the guru role, which is what the Gaudiya Matha did? Another man comes, then another and another, to be guru. Sometimes the acharya is being changed three times a year. Well yes, everyone who feels like they are acharya should step up and take on the post, which is also what happens in Bellvue mental home, various people step up and think that they are the next Jesus etc. 

They simply volunteer for the role, except, the role of guru descends to here from the higher plane of Krishna's internal energy, we do not jump up and take that post. Of course, we also cannot jump up and take the post of hospital brain surgeon, we need to have that post awarded to us as well. 

One woman here in the USA killed her children and she said this is because they are all "going away to speak to Jesus." Really? So Rocana is simply opening the Pandora's box of false messiahs further, now anyone who wants to -- can step into the shoes of acharya? We are all going away to speak to Jesus now, by decreeing that ourselves? This makes no sense? This is not something we can self-decree, that we are the successors to God? 

Worse! Rocana is now calling for (A) tighter legislation and regulations for his messiahs, at the same time, (B) opening the flood gates for anyone who wants to declare themselves to be gurus, saying they cannot be constrained by the GBC's "withholding permission." How can we both increase GBC's guru legislative controls, and release all controls and let anyone declare they are the next acharya? 

So the guru flood should not be constrained, we do not need the GBC to grant permission for anyone who wants to be guru, because everyone and their brother can now claim to be a guru without any structural input from the institution? Everyone in the Bellvue mental home who thinks he is Jesus, should no longer be constrained? We should agree the mental home patients are another Jesus? The patients shall take over the mental home? So first of all Rocana had a guru by appointment scheme, then his GURU REFORM voting system, and now, anyone can self-declare they are gurus. That is what happened in the Gaudiya Matha!

The guru repair shop?

Anyway! This is all good news, now Rocana and his pals like Torben, Ajit, Kim etc. are saying everyone of Srila Prabhupada's disciples can step up to be guru, take sins, --- ummm, so they can get sick, fall down, and die. How many volunteers do they think they are going to get? Hah hah! And what happens when all the Prabhupada devotees are gone, which is happening sooner than later? What rabbit will they pull out of their hat then? ys pd

Gaura Govinda Maharaja and the guru reform:  


Right! So this was the first problem in 1978, the GBC announced that bhogha would be offered to conditioned souls, therefore, no one in ISKCON would be eating any prasadam anymore, it became the International Society of Bhogha consciousness. And that is why there were so many crimes, scandals, fall downs and so on, a bhogha eating society will have badly contaminated consciousness. So we basically quit eating temple food considering it contaminated, and that saved us from this deviation. Meanwhile, Gaura Govinda Maharaja went along with the GBC and their program of offering bhogha, offering disciples and so on, to these conditioned souls. He supported the bhogha eating society. That means GGM has no idea what is the basic ABC point of all religion, i.e. all religions -- even the Christians, they offer their food, they offer their disciples, they offer the temple donations etc to their guru, not offering these things to conditioned souls if not sexual predators and deviants. GGM has never understood even the most basic ABC point any new bhakta was taught by Srila Prabhupada, all the bhogha, all the disciples, the money collected, the buildings, everything -- has to be offered to Krishna via the pure devotee. He went along with the deviants and he said I was bogus for promoting the idea that bhogha and disciples has to be offered to the pure devotee, that means, he opposes the principles taught by the acharyas. So if GGM has no idea what is the ABC point of religion, why should anyone promote his teachings which are opposed to the principles of religion? ys pd