Monday, July 3, 2017

Update: Australia Royal Commission vs ISKCON Leaders

[PADA: Thanks prabhu, we need to tell the royal commission in Australia that the GBC NOW teaches their little children that God's messiahs and guru successors are often engaged in illicit sex, drinking Vodka, taking drugs, and orchestrating crimes like murders and a host of other odious behaviors. Therefore they are engaged in the crime of corrupting the morals of minors -- because if God's successors are often debauchees -- that means God Himself is a debauchee, because He is qualitatively the same as His successors. This is criminal psychological abuse of children right out of the gate ... and it is not part of the corporate mandates of the ISKCON society to teach these odious things to children, and yes. we need to get this into the media there. Good idea! ys pd] 

Subhalaksmi devi dasi ACBSP Australia


Dear Readers, the report was submitted before the deadline given to me by the Royal Commission. I had given my own cut off date for new material in December 2016.

This was firstly to safe guard my own emotional and mental health (having been absorbed in ghastly stories of abuse for the best part of 2016) and secondly, to allow several weeks to organise the vast amount of material into a format that would be easily understandable by the officers working at The Royal Commission.

A few people contacted me after the deadline and I was unable to assist them much. However, the report will eventually, it is hoped, create opportunities for anyone effected by child sexual abuse in ISKCON Australia to contribute to the investigations.


Understandably, some who shared their distressing stories of abuse are asking this question. They had previously experienced the indifference of institutional " leaders" and sometimes witnessed the cover-ups, protection of abusers and even shuffling around of known paedophiles to temples where there were many innocent children.


So far as WHEN the Royal Commission turns its attention to ISKCON, WHEN devotees begin to get called on to elaborate on their stories, WHEN inquiries start getting media attention etc etc, all this is now completely out of my hands.

I personally, am not generally a very patient person. But it is Patience that is required. I published previously that i had been informed to expect a minimum one to two year wait before anything would eventuate. The Royal Commission has its own processes and time- frames. By nature, it is painstaking. It has been just a little over 5 months since the report was submitted.

When, in due course of time, I am called to give evidence to them , I will. In fact many will have the opportunity to give evidence. For some, this will be a great relief - the opportunity to be fully and truly heard. Some devotees with information who have previously been silent, to the detriment of survivors, will be subpoenaed.

As well as my report, some individuals submitted their own reports. The Royal Commission had been advertising for survivors of abuse from any religious or non- religious organization to come forward and tell their own stories.

I compiled my own report as a service to devotees and to get horrors off my own chest. I am full of faults. I am a very ordinary person. I did the best I was capable of. If anyone is feeling disappointed in me, I am sorry. I feel I did my duty, however imperfectly, and now must leave the results up to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to hasten the inner workings of the Royal Commission.

So in the meantime, what can we do except get on with our own lives as best as we can? And continue to engage in devotional service however we are able?

Anyone who has concerns is still welcome to contact me at

May justice be served and may we all make progress in healing from the effects of unrighteous, criminal activities. May we all continue in our individual and collective efforts to advance in our spiritual lives.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Best wishes to all.

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