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Narayan Maharaja and His Monkey Messiah's Program (Update)

PADA: So now the Narayan Maharaja folks are saying openly, false gurus are going to hell for countless lifetimes. You mean to say, the fake GBC's gurus Narayan Maharaja has been the number one cheer leader of -- are going to hell for countless lives? The fools he supported who were dressing as acharyas are going to hell, and he has been their hand maiden, so what is his position? 

And that includes the bogus GBC's gurus like Tamal, and remember NM and his GBC's guru's "gopi rasika club" members? Yep, the illicit sex acharya's sabha, and gopi rasika? Oooops, which Srila Prabhupada confirms, takes one to hell? 

OK, false gurus and their supporters go to hell, but does that not place NM at the top of that list, because NM had been for many years Tamal's biggest bucket boy, that is when NM is not glorifying the bogus gurus from the Gaudiya Matha? 

And now Jadurani is openly promoting the Madhava Maharaja line, ooops, the same line of people who openly challenged the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada and declared their own self-appointed false gurus after 1936. Fake gurus and their supporters spend many lifetimes in hell, so we should support NM and his fake guru associations? The good news here is that after NM supported the bogus acharya's regime that bans, beats, molests and assassinates Vaishnavas, if not poisons them, it turns out, even he admits he knows his whole sabha is going to the lowest regions to be punished severely by the Yamaduttas. Great admission!

Why does NM say false gurus are going to hell for many lifetimes, then he goes to bat to defend the GBC's false gurus for many years, and he defends the 1936 deviants as gurus -- the whole time? Worse NM says worship of pure devotees is the bogus ritvik idea, we need to worship his living deviants instead. So we cannot even escape going to hell, we have to worship the fake and not the pure? And NM trained people to worship the GBC's fake gurus, and his successor Jadurani is even training people to worship the people who wanted to oppress Srila Prabhupada like the Madhava Maharaja line?

Anyway! Now some followers of Narayan Maharaja have chastised me for criticizing NM and Jadurani / aka Shyamarani. At the same time, these same NM folks agree with me: 

(A) Narayan Maharaja has said, apparently as early as 1978 and in other places, that Srila Prabhupada has said ALL of his disciples are MONKEYS. Hmmm, sounds like good messiah material to me!

(B) Yet then Narayan Maharaja promoted Tamal Krishna and the fake 11 GBC gurus process, by aiding their claim that they are "appointed gurus." At the same time, NM promoted the self-appointed bogus gurus of the Gaudiya Matha process. We have to prop up the residents of hellish planets as gurus?


(C) NM has supported the process -- at the very least -- that monkeys are the guru successors to Krishna, if not guru poisoners and various other criminal deviants are God's successors. God's shaksat hari tvena guru successors are -- deviants? Criminals? Sexual predators? Poisoners? Embezzlers? Drug addicts? Who knew!

Now the NM folks are saying this is because -- Srila Prabhupada gave the 11 a big position, so its his fault the 11 became gurus. Fine except, if they are monkeys, what is their position actually? Srila Saraswati Thakura also gave his people a big post, but he never said they would be gurus? So these NM folks tried to tell me, since the GBC had big posts as temple administrators, naturally they would later be considered as gurus (same deviation that happened in the 1936 Gaudiya Matha)? Yep naturally the hospital janitor would be considered as the hospital brain surgeon, because he also has saws, drills and tools?

Administrators are not the same as the messiahs? Especially, if they are also monkeys? What religion teaches that their Church council members are the same as their messiahs aka gurus?

(D) Then these Gaudiya Matha "advisors" also helped change the whole system, for example offering of bhogha, now being presented to these 11 conditioned souls, which violated the order of the acharya. He said do not change the deity program. 

No one is authorized to change this order, but the good news is Jadurani helped us point this out in the 1980s, and she said everyone is now eating bhogha, because its not being accepted, as it is being offered to NM's conditioned souls alleged gurus. OK and NM supported this process as well and he became Tamal's biggest hand maiden. 

Then these NM folks said NM was not aware that the bhogha was no longer being offered to Srila Prabhupada anymore, really? NM had no idea the GBC had their photos on the altars, they gave themselves big guru titles, they claimed to have disciples and so on? Yet NM was constantly, in their midst? 

And Jadurani said in the 1980s, these Gaudiya Matha people should not have helped change these systems. And so now we are independently creating a system of Prabhupadanugas, where we are re-establishing the order to offer bhogha to the acharya Srila Prabhupada. We are fixing this mess gradually. Bhogha has to be offered to the pure devotee first, and he offers to Krishna. 

Of course the GBC has had a number of advisors, for example BP Puri, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Fakir Mohan, Babajis and others, many of them supported the GBC's bogus guru process after 1978, and a number were consulted by various GBC in or after 1978. 

Sridhara Maharaja for example was consulted extensively by the false 11 after 1978, and Narayan Maharaja says Sridhara is an acharya like Srila Prabhupada. Some of those early meetings with Sridhara Maharaja are found on -- GOSAI.COM. There are also many discussions with the GBC and Narayana Maharaja found on their own sites. 

Narayana Maharaja not only said they are gurus, he was blasting our people in Dallas for not accepting that Tamal is a guru. And he was there with Tamal for years together. Its on their own sites. So the fake guru gets the bhogha offerings, the disciples offered to him and so on. NM was well aware of this policy, or he was blind and deaf too?

Thus, Sridhara said they should be viewed as gurus by their disciples, and he said that a number of times ... Narayan Maharaja also said that they are not ritviks, they are gurus, and he was with the GBC on numerous times giving them so-called rasika classes, this is all well known and recorded in many locations. And Narayana Maharaja says that Tamal is the dear tree of Radha, at a time when we said that Tamal was involved in the criminal empire.

There is also a discussion on NM and his gopi rasika classes to the GBC so-called gurus: Vrindavana Istagosthi Addressing Gopi-bhava and Narayana Maharaja
"Cooperation"… BVML.NET.

Srila Prabhupada did not give the GBC the authority to be gurus. He said if they take sins they will get sick, fall down or both, he said they cannot absorb sins, or they will fail. He also said they are monkeys. How can monkeys absorb sins like Jesus? Yes, for these folks to establish monkeys as gurus ends the parampara, monkeys are not in the parampara. 

NM Encouraged neophytes to take karma, its not authorized.

Even more strange, a NM person said that NM "harmonized everything" and helped ISKCON "peacefully transfer to the post-1977 development." Then they said, now ISKCON is dysfunctional. OK their monkey gurus caused this dysfunction. Agreed. So everything was harmonized, into dysfunction? 

The guru parampara is a sacred lineage of pure devotees, thus it does not contain what Srila Prabhupada says, and even Narayan Maharaja says are: -- monkeys, ABC level kindergarten children, puppy brains, and people who are constantly being reprimanded for not chanting their rounds, falling down into illicit sex and so on. To say that such unqualified persons are gurus is simply wrong. 

And this does not even require a whole lot of shastra, any average American citizen walking down the sidewalk in any big USA city could be asked, are monkeys. puppy brains, ABC kindergarten level neophytes, people falling into illicit sex etc. -- fit to be given the title of guru? And they know the answer right away. 

The only people who have argued with me about this since 1978 are, ok people like the Narayan Maharaja program. Jadurani was handing out a paper around 1980 saying that the Gaudiya Matha people who were advising the GBC had made ISKCON into a bhogha eating society, she said that they were telling people to offer bhogha to conditioned souls and this is bogus. She was right and this is still true now. 

Even children know that conditioned neophytes cannot be telescoped to the level of guru, its basic common sense. Anyway the good news is, now they admit their whole false guru program is going to hell, bravo, good admission. Their fake gurus will go to hell, and so do the hand maidens and sympathizers with same. Its called the karma chakra, and no one can escape it, as NM himself points out, fake gurus spend lifetimes in hell -- and so do the help mates of these fake gurus. Agreed! ys pd

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  1. Thanks, so you want to know, "Do we accept that another pure devotee will appear after Srila Prabhupada"? Well maybe, but he also wrote all of his books, made a system of his murtis being worshiped, said we should initiate in the future on his behalf, and it appears that his worship would continue "henceforward."

    So it does not seem another pure devotee appearing was the short range plan, and we have no way of knowing if this was the long range plan. Meanwhile, this is really a question of speculating on the future.

    "Maybe" all sorts of things could, might, and possibly will happen, but we have no sure way of knowing the future. So we need to rely on what we do know, he did not appoint any successors. The GBC said they were appointed, but they were not. So it seems to us this is the problem with the Narayan Maharaja program, they are obsessed with speculation on the future instead of moving ahead with the known instruction. And then, they speculated on what is a guru or pure devotee and what is not, and they made the wrong choices.

    And that is why we were saved from all this speculation, we went forward with worship of the known pure devotee, and we did not rubber stamp all sorts of bogus people as gurus / pure devotees like NM program does. NM is however correct, false gurus go to the lower planets and take repeated births there, and so do their supporters. That is what we do know for sure from shastra. And NM was a confederate in league with the GBC's and Gaudiya Matha's false guru program, so he shares their karma. ys pd


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