Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rasamrta Kunja "Sannyasa Residential Apartments"?

[PADA: Thanks prabhu. Yes, when Trivrikrama swami handed his business card to George Harrison, saying "Trivrikrama Swami, Resident Sannyasa" -- George was disgusted and he tossed Trivrikrama's card on the ground saying, "sannyasa do not have a residence." So yes, its odd that ISKCON's sannyasas are reported to be buying expensive RESIDENTIAL luxury flats in places like Vrndavana and Maypura, meanwhile it appears some temples are having troubles paying to get the plumbing fixed? Yes, their whole idea that there are "sannyasa residential apartments" is an oxymoron. Its another sign these GBC gurus are padding their own private financial portfolios of personal properties, possessions and aggrandizements, and not taking proper care of the society and citizens. Agreed! ys pd]   

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