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Fight Over Jayapataka Empire (Atlanta take over)

Jayapataka Property Empire Up for Grabs!

[PADA: This infighting among the GBC's "acharyas" has actually been going on the whole time. Lets remove "His Divine Grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada Maharaja" so we can "re-initiate" his disciples and take over his properties, then -- lets get rid of Harikesha so we can take over his program's followers and assets and so on and so forth. There is always a lot of delight when one of them falls down or dies, since then -- the other GBC's guru's wolves can feast on the remaining remnants. 

Gaura Govinda swami saw this coming, and that is why he told his folks to go to Narayan Maharaja. Of course NM is simply another asset and manpower hi-jacker. Then again NM was a big supporter of the GBC's illicit sex messiahs project, big help he was!

Worse, the ISKCON asset pie keeps shrinking, and thus there is not a whole lot of pie leftover to fight over, since they destroyed so much already and bankrupted ISKCON. But it appears that even if there are teeny one or two bread crumbs pieces leftover somewhere, they will fight like sea gulls at the wharf over a teeny piece of bread. 

Of course, the GBC has already been shifting over to making ISKCON into a Hindu temple program the whole time as well, thus Hindus are often being added as the legal temple management board directors and so on, so that Hindus will likely inherit the assets of ISKCON over time anyway. Basically it appears the GBC will do anything they can to avoid having these temples become Srila Prabhupada worshiping centers, they would rather even close and shut down temples rather than see Srila Prabhupada being worshiped there.

We also heard that Jayapataka swami is fixing up his "samadhi plan" and supposedly training up some goondas to protect that samadhi after he departs, so he apparently thinks he will live forever there in his samadhi plan. Problem is, once these goondas are not being paid for by the Jayapataka program, they will be loyal to whomever takes over paying them next. One cannot establish one's eternal worship by some mundane shennanigans. Of course since JPS is the founder father of the illicit sex acharyas program, he will be going down to the lowest regions, so -- it does not matter if a few fools here on this lowly planet think he is a great man in the meantime.

Anyway Jayapataka swami is fading out fast, the wolves smell blood, and envious people are then going to be fighting over his assets, and this will simply get worse after he actually departs. Lets not forget that Mayapura will be the next big infighting center over control of the assets and manpower. Maybe Bhakti Caru will take over somewhat there, of course he has been a big supporter of the illicit sex acharyas program as well, so it will not be much of an improvement, except that he is not as much of a goonda as the others. 

It seems also that Gopal Krishna swami and Radhanath swami are teaming up to take over things together, and they are the same team that buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi. So they are the main promoters of the sexual predator's and pedophile's acharya's / messiah's project. And the Los Angeles temple leaders are really loving this guy, and so they are recently promoting this Radhanath swami program. Of course, as soon as Jayadvaita swami comes to town, the Los Angeles leaders fall off their chairs to offer obeisances to the guy who says God's guru successors are sometimes falling into illicit sex with men, women and children. Apparently, only sex with goats is not allowed in their wonderful chain of "messiahs from heaven" over there.

In fact, recently Los Angeles temple folks had Radhanath swami initiate people and introduce the "Hare Krishna" film, because if there is one thing the Los Angeles ISKCON temple managers love to see, its the leaders of a nice program of sexual predator pedophiles being worshiped in a samadhi as God's messiahs. As Sulochana used to say about these Los Angeles temple leaders, these guys love to worship the orchestrators of genital licking and butt sex programs as their messiahs and samadhi gurus, and they will therefore go to the lowest planets where butt sex is worshiped after they die. And that will be "good riddance" for all the citizens in the rest of the universe.  

Sulochana also said that a person who would worship a bucket of dog stools is far superior to these Los Angeles ISKCON temple manager guys, because a bucket of dog stools would not harm children or vaishnavas, so these guys are not advanced enough to worship a bucket of dog stools. This is something that will take them many, many lifetimes, to be advanced enough to worship a bucket of dogs stools.    

No wonder the Los Angeles folks conspired to have Sulochana killed, he was on to their real agenda.  

So basically the pedophile's messiah's samadhi program is taking over more and more assets, but the good news is, more and more people are rejecting it. That includes a lot of our readers. So they already are, and they will continue to have, an increasing manpower problem. And thus they might have to surrender their assets to the Hindus eventually anyway, because their pedophile messiahs program is not going to be accepted over time. 

Fine! And so its maybe better that Hindus take over and worship Ganesh and Lord Siva, much improved over their pedophile acharyas program. Its all for the best, let their program crumble and let the Hindus take it over. Goody! ys pd] 

Hindus Take Over ISKCON Atlanta

BY: DANAVIRA DAS Jun 30, 2017 

A few days ago a dear friend of mine called me from Atlanta. I inquired from him about how things are going in Atlanta. I was shocked to hear about the recent developments in ISKCON Atlanta. I know Srila Prabhupada came to the U.S. to make local American devotees, because that was the instruction of his Spiritual Master. Carrying with him that instruction, he dedicated his life and changed the landscape of America, thereby creating a new paradigm of what is Gaudiya Vaisnavism.

I was told by a friend, who is a dear disciple of Srila Prabhupada, that Tamohara Prabhu has now sided with the Gopal Krishna disciples and the handful of disciples of Radhanath Maharaj, to make this in to a Hindu temple. I know the temples are a hot bed of politics with various Gurus' and their disciples trying to dethrone each other's Gurus' and disciples. This is a common phenomenon, Gurus trying to establish their dominance over the rest of the pack through placing their disciples into the positions of power. This is because we have lost focus from Srila Prabhupada.

ISKCON leaders talked all along about their succession plans, but it seems only the strong men survive. It sure is refreshing to think that the GBC is even thinking of such things. But when you see what is going on, one can see through the fa├žade, Hypocrisy and deception are two words that describes the succession plan. Gurus fight among themselves and lobby to place their own disciples in the position of power, and dethrone the competition. Srila Prabhupada is not in the equation, as some would prefer to have that position and power and influence to run this movement that Prabhupada established.

This movement needs to have more transparent and honest leaders, who actually chant their rounds and follow the principles of a Vaisnava. We need to realize that Srila Prabhupada gave his life for pure Bhakti and not for power and position. He struggled to establish the leadership of this movement on the foundation of honesty and integrity. What happened? Where is Dharma? Why is the leadership giving in to the Guru Groupism and further dividing this movement? Where is the focus on Srila Prabhupada in all this? Why are we continuing to entertain guru-centric and Indian-centric temples? To me it is simple to understand this phenomenon.

"Follow the money" – a phrase that's now part of our national lexicon was supposedly whispered to reporter Bob Woodward by Deep Throat as a way to cut through the lies and deceptions and find the truth about the Watergate scandal.

We really have to look inward and be honest with ourselves and stop deceiving the congregation, who put their faith in Srila Prabhupada and his ISKCON.

I urge our leadership in ISKCON America to introspect and look deep within and ask. Why is it that Krishna consciousness is expanding all over the world and here in North America we are constantly chasing the Indians for their money? Do we realty care about their Krishna Consciousness or do we simply use them as pawns in our big power play? Should we keep chasing the mighty Dollar?

I request the North America leaders to stop breaking this movement on the lines of Gurus. What legacy are you going to leave behind? What will you tell Srila Prabhupada? Tamohara Prabhu, being a bureaucrat, is not able to see what is best for ISKCON, which is unfortunate. I urge the congregation in Atlanta to stand up and speak out against the Guru Group-ism and the hostile takeover of New Panihati Dham.

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