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HKC Jaipur Clan Demonizes People, To Get Them Killed?

PADA: Thanks for your question about the Web Site of HKC Jaipur's advertised "senior man" Prahlad das. Yes, as soon as we got into a disagreement with Dayalu Nitai and his HKC Jaipur, they sent their goonda Prahlad das to attack me. And the HKC people were then sending me links to Prahlad's site, sometime multiple times in one day. Prahlad told me he was going to send my photo to the GBC goondas to get me killed, and the HKC was totally on his side in this matter (and yes they did send them my photo). Of course this begs the question, why are the HKC folksworking hand in glove with the GBC goonda folks who have beaten and killed people?

Right! I could have reported the HKC for aiding and abetting international death threats at the time.  

Anyway! None of this is new. Srila Prabhupada told us in the 1940s folks who objected to the Gaudiya Matha's homosexual guru process were demonized, and the result was -- dissenters were beaten and killed. And this made it into the public media and caused a lot of bad newspaper publicity. So its a technique used by the followers of bogus guru programs all along, maybe since millions of years ago, to demonize their opponents, and have their opponents fed to violent goondas, and so on and so forth. 

For clarity, lets review a section of the site of the Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks:

PRAHLAD SITE: All I have to say to you PADA ji, is snap out of it. What the hell is wrong with you. Have you seeked psychological help for your mental issues yet? 

[PADA: OK, here we go. The GBC and their Prahlad / HKC Jaipur allies said all along that anyone who opposes the child molesting guru process "needs mental help." Their GBC guru crowd were saying that way back in 1978. And the result was, that suppressed our complaints and aided and abetted the molesting agenda. Those who do not assist the worship of homosexuals and pedophiles process "need mental help," that is EXACTLY what the Kirtanananda / New Vrndavana people said in 1984 in order to demonize me and Sulochan.  

Yep! People who oppose child molesting guru programs "need mental help," of course! OK so suppressing us dissenters by calling us "lunatics" -- that is how these thinkers caused the mass molesting (and murders) to be enabled and to continue. Anyone who opposes the mass molesting guru programs is a lunatic, what else would the result be anyway. 

Who does the Prahlad das / HKC Jaipur then want us to listen to instead? Oh, its the person they personally sat down with and made a youtube video, their spokesman Bhakta das. Wait! He told me he was once having sex with a number of young female prostitutes in Bangkok; He was arrested by the FBI for selling millions of dollars of designer drugs (which causes severe harm in certain cases); And their hero was arrested in Puri for some sort of sex crime charge. 

And widely -- in fact internationally -- Bhakta's ill behaviors were reported as BAD MEDIA in the public newspapers! And he is a big fan of the Gaudiya Math's and GBC's gurus. These Prahlad and HKC folks think this is the "sane program"? Ok then!] 

PS: Have you apologized and made amends with that young girl that you sexually assaulted. 

[PADA: Really? What is the Prahlad das and HKC Jaipur crowd saying now? We assaulted some young girl? Where is the evidence? No, we said the GBC guru process is assaulting people, and there is evidence of that manyfold. They are talking about the program they are defending, not us.]  

PS: Were you charged or was this too an out of court settlement?... 

[PADA: There was no criminal charge made against me at any time. Again, demonizing people to get them killed, just like they did in 1940s, and they did after 1977 and so forth.]

PS: Have you stopped selling the flesh of our mother, are you still in that relationship with that dead beat drop kick prostitute you picked up off the street after paying her for sexual favors? 

[PADA: I am not selling any flesh? Nor am I hanging out with prostitutes? Do these people have any evidence of any of this? Nope, its demonizing folks to get people -- killed, just like their GBC masters taught them to do.]

PS: Do you still drink the port The last drink u had was just over 3 months ago if I remember rightly... Give up all your anarthas ji and get real. Jiva jago jiva jago, wake up sleeping soul and stop sleeping in the lap of the witch named maya. Chant Hare Krsna, get out on the street and distribute Prabhupadas books with a humble heart and peaceful mind and stop bullshitting all over the place.

(from Srila Prabhupada Siddhanta)

[PADA: OK, so anyone who objects to the child molester messiah lover's club is: engaging prostitutes, drinking port and maybe Vodka -- hee hee, or isn't this what the gurus we object to are doing. So they are simply saying the same old things they said all along about Sulochan, he is a fringie, he is engaged in illicit sex, he is taking intoxicants, ok so he is a demon, and thus -- we can kill the demons. 

And HKC Jaipur was sending me links to this Prahlad site, and repeatedly. This is amazing, only the people who drink port are smart enough to know we cannot listen to the defenders of the debauchee's guru process like Bhakta das?  

That is also how these Prahlad / HKC thinkers got folks like Sulochan killed already, they said he was taking intoxicants. And that is how they enabled and empowered the molesting regime. Sulochan told me many times, they are "giving a dog a bad name to get it hanged." 

Of course on another level, lets assume that I am having sex with prostitutes, and drinking Vodka everyday. What difference does that make to the fact that we are objecting to child molesting guru programs? If the only people who object to the Prahlad das / Bhakta das child molesting guru program are the drunken prostitute hunters, that means these folks are not as advanced as us drunken fools. At least the drunken prostitute hunters know child molesting guru programs are bogus, and you and your Bhakta das program do not. 

Anyway prabhu, thanks for your question. Yes, the Prahlad das and HKC Jaipur have been demonizing anyone who objects to the child molesting guru process and they are licking the boots of (and making videos with) the lovers of that process like Bhakta das. Are they dangerous? No one knows, but yes, you have my permission to send links from this blog to the various government, media and or / other NGO investigation agencies and authorities in India, including the local ones in Jaipur. I have no objection to that. 

And yes, even my relatives are saying, this Prahlad site is trying to get me killed. As for Dayalu Nitai, he is saying what Tamal and the GBC said all along, "PADA is a liar." OK we say children are being molested, and they say we are the liars, that is what these homosexual pedophile lover's club folks said the whole time! And they are proud they got so many children molested by calling us liars?  

Why are these people always sock puppets of Tamal? Anyway! Thanks for your interest in this topic prabhu. Yes, I am glad you are in India and will look into how this matter should be reported in the proper chain of authorities in India. Once you get this organized, maybe you could show us the proper path for others to report on these types of deviations. 

Meanwhile another devotee sent me his proposed "Ritvik Constitution" and wanted my input. I said one thing is, we have to at least agree that child molesting is a crime and has to be halted forwith, and reported to the police. If people cannot even agree on this principle, they should not be allowed into the ritvik organization. And if they think the people who report child molesting need to be halted instead, then they ALSO need to be reported. Yep it is that simple!

ys pd 

The Concerted Effort to Stop the IRM

The Concerted Effort to Stop the IRM


Back To Prabhupada, Issue 61, Vol 1, 2019

GBC-elected guru HH Sivarama Swami has had his disciples launch a project to promote him on social media and the internet in general. In a podcast dated 20/1/19, he explained about this project, stating that around 10 devotees have been working on it for about 2 years, with most of the financing "being done by the Hungarian yatra". He had one of the main leaders of this project, his disciple Radha-Damodara Dasa, also give a presentation on the project, and the quotes in shaded boxes below are from this presentation. As we shall see, Sivarama Swami's big internet project ran into an even bigger obstacle – the IRM!

The IRM's reach - 1

"The first thing that Guru Maharaja [Sivarama Swami - Ed.] has said to me in India was that... actually this is an anecdote, if you don't mind I'll recall, but he said that he went to meet with the High Commissioner, I guess in Hungary, and on meeting with the High Commissioner, the High Commissioner said, ‘Oh, I have your new book, somebody sent it to me', and so he went and pulled it out – and it wasn't any of Maharaja's books. It was a ritvik book, 108 Deviations."

This actually refers to the book 100 Deviations: The Life and Teachings of HH Sivarama Swami, published by the IRM. This book gives Sivarama Swami's history and teachings by using only a compilation of verbatim quotes and pictures of Sivarama Swami. Thus, for a reader, it is non-different from "any of Maharaja's books", in that it simply contains Sivarama Swami's words (and those of Srila Prabhupada), just as a book by Sivarama Swami would.

I am poison

Continuing on, Sivarama Swami's reaction to this incident is described:

"so Maharaja was saying, you know like, ‘We can't do anything, ‘cause this poison is spread everywhere'."

But, as we mentioned, the book in question contains Sivarama Swami's own quotes, along with some quotes from Srila Prabhupada. Thus, assuming, we hope, that Sivarama Swami is not referring to the words of his own spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, as being poison, Sivarama Swami is claiming that his own words are poison. 

Hence, Sivarama Swami is saying that he is "poison", as he is objecting to his own words being distributed. If he feels that his words are so poisonous, then he should retract them and state that every single quote of his in that book, spread over a period of decades, he made in error, presumably because he was in ignorance and illusion during all that time. But he has not done so.

The IRM's reach - 2

"And it's true, when you search "Sivarama Swami" on Google the first full page, three quarters of which was ritvik sites. So you know, the idea was that we can't really do anything until we deal with that problem, which was phase one."

This refers to many of our articles on Sivarama Swami from our website, which appeared when you searched for Sivarama Swami on Google, since we have over 50 such articles! However, our IRM website is basically like a library where we add papers and articles we have written over the years. 

We made no separate effort to advertise or push this website or the Sivarama Swami material, as it is basically just a database, a repository for reference rather than a daily news site. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to find, as reported here, that our papers on Sivarama Swami were so highly ranked on Google, despite us having not taken any specific actions to make that happen!

Time and money

"So, we're very happy to say that, you know, in a year, just over a year and half, that whole front page has been cleared now of any ritvik sites. [...] Radhanath Swami had the same problem, and they spent, you know, $150,000, $200,000 dollars in trying to rectify that problem (by paying Google). We didn't spend anything like that money, so Guru Maharaja was especially pleased about that."

1) We can note that in comparison to no effort having been made by us to get our material highly ranked on Google, Sivarama Swami has had to create a special project which had to expend men, time and money to combat us. As stated, it took them over 1 1/2 years to remove links to our papers on Sivarama Swami from Google's front page. And though they claim they did not spend "anything like" $200,000, even a small fraction of this is still thousands of dollars!

2) It is also interesting to note the spending by GBC-elected guru HH Radhanath Swami. He spent about $200,000, not on preaching Srila Prabhupada's message, but on trying to protect his reputation against people reading information about him! Useful information for his past and potential donors to know.
All not about Krishna

"We've also created a community of 280,000 English speakers online, English followers, 90,000 Hungarian followers, and 12,000 Turkish followers, so we'll start looking at 400,000 followers in two years, and the videos have amounted to over 50 million."

In our article in BTP 59, "Preaching about Krishna", we exposed that these many views for Sivarama Swami's videos have been achieved due to ensuring that the videos are about secular topics such as "guns", "plastics", etc., with no mention of Krishna. In addition, they also preach about "blood milk", which is against Srila Prabhupada's teachings on consuming commercial milk.


It is clear that ISKCON's leaders find the IRM a formidable opposition, and thus they have needed to make a concerted effort to try to prevent the truth presented by us from being made available. In the previous article about the Disciples Course handbook, we noted that ISKCON leaders had attempted to counter the IRM's arguments by lying about them. And here, they have used a different technique, and attempted to counter the IRM's arguments by simply working to hide them! 

There is absolutely no attempt made to actually answer the IRM's arguments. Thus, they have given up the fight of trying to rebut our arguments, and have instead effectively admitted defeat by simply focusing on how they can stop people reading them to begin with. When ISKCON's leaders respond with suppression rather than knowledge, it means they are already running scared, and the IRM has already won. As Srila Prabhupada states:

"If I say, "You are rascal, you are thief," and if you don't reply, that means you accept it."

(Room Conversation, 28/12/76)

[PADA: Yep, our web sites are also pretty high up in the Google ranks. And yes, Sivarama's videos about so many mundane topics are not about Krishna. Lets face it, the GBC has no good replies to our points, and never has. ys pd]

Devotee's Kirtan Group "Homeless" Problem

MND: Seems we are almost homeless. Did our unpacking …. At times that pinch in the heart for the comfort of home materialize. Lavender and a variety of perfumed rose bushes grace the garden. Pine trees cover the hill behind the house and the air is always pure. Yet, to serve Krishna, all comfort is sacrificed, though I wonder about the inability to contribute properly this time. 

Seems like we have to reach deeper down, into the annals of lifetimes to uproot the subtlest of weeds. Still, we are trying to maintain our schedule as best as possible, but the constant moving from hotel to hotel means meaningless time waste. We realize how easy service can be taken away and it’s terrifying. 

Our infinitesimal ‘non-size’ makes our insignificant service almost invisible. Thus, we implore Krishna to remember our meagre efforts at the final check out. 0 Gopinatha, You know everything. Now, having punished Your servant, please give him a place at Your lotus feet. O Gopinatha, is this Your judgment, that seeing me averse to You, You abandon Your servant and don’t bestow even a particle of mercy upon him?

[PADA: Yep, the kirtaneers are not the important people to house these days. We GBC ilk need to spend $20,000,000 suing the ritviks, so we can make nice mansions, castles and fancy town homes for our lawyers! (Told ya!) ys pd]

Garuda Das: Book Changes Update

Garuda Dasa:



I am working very intimately with two of the most powerful BBT directors, who are going to fly in from far away to meet with me for two days on raising the standards for BBT editing. Moreover, I have now had more than several GBC men stand behind all my efforts to serve, respect, and preserve Prabhupada's books with the highest scholarly standards aligned with his precise instructions on editing.


PLUS, we are moving ahead on the academic symposium on BBT editing. We have raised close to $10k, but we need twice this! We have some larger pledges coming in, but the more the better, as there is much research that needs to be done in preparation for the meeting, and then post meeting preparation for the book that is to come out of the meeting. Here's the link if you can make a generous donation:

I will send a free copy of the book that represents the findings of the academic meeting to Jayadvaita Swami (who continues to refuse to speak with me on this issue) for his reading pleasure! Again, he did his very best, and so has Dravida. But today is a new day. It is time to serve Prabhupada's books at a higher level that will heal the hearts of so many agonizing devotees.

[PADA: Yes, we need to get some sort of agreement to "preserve Prabhupada's books." Agreed. Notice that preserving the books will "heal the hearts of so many agonizing devotees." That means, the GBC's folks knows their shennnigans -- by orchestrating so many changes, including with the books -- is creating pain and misery among the members of the vaishnava community. 

As one devotee said, its as if the GBC wants to cause pain to others ON PURPOSE. We are glad at least some folks are still working on these issues,  however many more voices are needed here to make a real difference. Anyway, better late than never. ys pd]   

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Televangelists Fleecing the Poor (BBC News)

Hmmm, sounds familiar? ys pd

Fundme For Devotee's "Total Fire Loss"

My Dear God Sister Labhangalatika Departs

Dwarkadish das (center) 

I just spoke with Prakash my step dad. He said 30 devotees came from Mumbai and Pune to perform kirtan and cremate her body. Before she passed her voice went then he gave her water because her mouth was open, and she said," baba baba" and then she was quiet. She looked peaceful at the time of death. This picture is when I visited her back in the summer of 2016.


"Her Grace Labangalatika Dasi left her body today at 12 noon. IST. There are devotees from Mahatashtra there now and her last rites will be performed at 6 pm. A most dedicated disciple of her beloved Srila Prabhupada she was entirely devoted to her cows and her care included dogs and cats and all those who took shelter at her farm. She lived a most simple life with most meagre facilities, always giving all her time, energy, effort and thoughts to the care of her cows and the land and environment around her. An authentic life of simple living and complete surrender. All glories to Labangalatika dasi. 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada"

One of the greatest mass book distributors of all time in New Dwaraka.


Linda Voith

Sad news. Labangalatika Malik, one of Srila Prabhupada’s early western disciples, passed away last night at her Goshala in Maharashtra India were she kept 80 cows and bulls. I am in the middle of publishing a book for her about her about how she started her Goshala. 

Labangalatika distributed English translations of Bhagavad Gita in the Los Angeles airport for 20 years; collecting one million dollars in the 70s and 80s to help Srila Prabhupada spread the Krsna Consciousness movement around the world in 11 short years. Labangalatika even distributed Russian Bhagavad Gita’s in Moscow, in the 80’s when it was still illegal to do so, going out in the snowy winter with only an old jacket and no socks or boots, only sandals, but she was in ecstasy knowing that people who never before had the chance were able to read transcendental literature were getting the chance. 

She loved Srila Prabhupada and her cows with all her heart. I wish I had the opportunity to meet her personally. She changed my life in profound ways only by a brief email relationship on the internet. She is a great soul and will be dearly missed. Her Book, Mother’s of the Past and Future will be available soon.


Samapriya Devi Dasi

My dear friend and godsister Labangalatika devi dasi beloved daughter of Srila Prabhupada has left her body and is on her way to Goloka Vrndavana. There were few devotees as fearless, determined and convinced as she. We served in New Dwarka together for many years, distributing Srila Prabhupada's books and dressing the deities before going on book distribution, Labangala dressed Rukmini Dwarkanath and I dressed Rukmini Dwarkadesh. 

We shared many Sankirtan adventures in LAX, Las Vegas and wherever people gathered. When the Pope was visiting the USA and devotees took advantage of the large crowds engaging them in delivering their Laxmi to Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan Army, we both traveled with "the Pope party" together. Another time Labangalatika ordered me with the authority and power of the whole disciplic succession behind her that we were going to Mathura to distribute books! 

I had no choice and submissively went two hours after arriving in India for the very first time, fearful that by not accepting this service she would condemn for for being in Maya. Labangala was a champion and used her human life in the service of our beloved spiritual master. Her future is as effulgent as was her bhakti. I pray that brightness will shine on all of us lighting up the sacred path to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. All Glories to You dear sister! May I always remain at your feet. 


PADA: Yes, Labhangalatika was a great devotee who was very important in helping Srila Prabhupada distribute his books. She collected tons of money for ISKCON which was used to print those books. It is our estimation that simply for doing all this service to Krishna, she is guaranteed a spot on Krishna's loka, or she will be there soon on the rapid express path to that destination.

However, after 1977 she self-evidently had a falling out with the management of ISKCON which is how she ended up running her own little independent cow protection program in India, without any substantial assist from the ISKCON leaders. She was in a sort of self-imposed exile like many / most other Prabhupada devotees. 

She would write "sorry for not communicating but our electric power has been out for five days." So she was in a pretty austere and remote situation apparently. And really, she was living like almost all of the original Srila Prabhupada devotees who lived in self imposed exile after the bogus guru's take over in 1978. So this is one of the sad legacies of the GBC's guru process, they purged out almost all of the original Srila Prabhupada disciples. Of course, the Srila Prabhupada devotees wanted to worship him and not a bunch of hokey illicit sex and drugs "acharyas."

She also posted articles by Sanaka Rsi and others about the problems of child abuse and other articles on the bogus book changes etc. She was among those who were mortified to find that after she (and other mothers) had given so much money, that their children were not being well taken care of. In other words, she shared PADA's view that there was a bogus guru problem, child abuse problem, book changer's problem, and so on and so forth. 

So she chose to move away from the main ISKCON society and start her own independent process (like so many have done). Bhakti Vikas swami says, "Most people left, voting (to reject the GBC program) with their feet." Another devotee said, the Srila Prabhupada devotees are like the mice who built all the underground living facility tunnels, and the GBC are like the snakes who ate the mice and took over the tunnels. 

Her direct friends and relatives were among the claimants on the $400,000,000 Windle Turley child abuse lawsuit. And her own family members encouraged others to sign up and to participate. The consensus has been -- even among her family folks -- that without this lawsuit, a number of the children would have remained in the GBC's mis-managed programs, and may have ended up being victimized there. 

In some cases the victims may have been abused, and in more extreme cases some of the victims were creating a suicide epidemic. Even her family folks agreed, this process had to be exposed and challenged. And since no one else would do it, despite various defects, the lawsuit was the last refuge for these victims.

One of Labhangalatika's relatives told me that the smaller sum of money he got from the lawsuit was a giant help in getting started in his life and "none of the official ISKCON people would have ever helped me." In other words, even her own friends and family folks agreed that the GBC was not solving these issues and "outside intervention" was required. 

Anyway, she did a lot of service and she will thus be blessed by Krishna, that is a fact that no one can change. Notice that the "original Srila Prabhupada disciples" are disappearing one here, one there, and more and more these days. The only good news is, we are making at least some new ones so the process of worship of the acharya will continue and Labhangalatika's work will not go in vain. ys pd    

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Who is this lost soul at the LA Prabhupada Festival?

[PADA: How can people find the path to God in ISKCON, if the leaders of ISKCON cannot? Then, people ask PADA editor -- why haven't you ever signed up to be the next "maha-bhagavata sum total of the demigods acharya of the Jagat"? Sheesh! ys]   

Sudevi granted visa extension to care for her 1,800 cows

PADA: Yep, India culture says we cannot kill the cows. OK good idea, but then -- who will care for them? ys pd 

Brief Description of Jhulan Yatra

A pastime of Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna's:
As stated Jhulan-yatra is very dear to Krsna, He likes it very much. Now from another perspective you will see why !!! From a cultural perspective in India during this period, all daughters go to their father's house to stay there for some days and enjoy the swing festival - a custom celebrated even up to this day.
Every year Srimati Radharani used to go to Varshana to her parents' house and have a very nice time there with her Gopi friends and Krsna, whom She could freely meet (because Jotila and Kotila were not around).
One time Radharani was waiting for her brother Sridam to come and take her to her fathers' house. She was waiting, waiting, and waiting, but there was no sign of Sridam and She became so sad. One day a person from Varsana was there. She asked the man to ask her father, "Why have they have forgotten Me?" She then started to cry bitterly. The person went to Varshana and told Vrsabhanu Maharaja about the condition of his daughter. Hearing this news, Vrishabhanu Maharaja immediately sent Sridam to Varshana to get Radharani.
Srimati Radharani's Mother Kirtida packed many presents for Jotila to send with Sridam, knowing that if she did not do this, Jotila, being harsh of character sometimes would not send Srimati Radharani to Varshana.
Meanwhile, day and night Srimati Radharani was staring at the road coming from Varshana. One day, She saw Sridam and when he finally arrived at the front gate they embraced each other. She was weeping, "Oh brother you had forgotten Me?; My father and mother too?; Everyone forgot Me?"
At first Jotila refused to let Srimati Radharani go. "No no, She cannot go. She has so much work to do here, and there is so much danger there because of that black boy. She cannot go." Then Sridam gave Jotila all the presents given by Kirtida ma. Seeing this, she said, "Alright, she can go, but only for a few days."
"Then Srimati Radharani and Sridam went on a cart pulled by four bullocks to Varshana. Seeing the palace of her parents on the hilltop, feeling great happiness Radharani started weeping and even more weeping when She saw Her father and mother face to face.
At that time Jhulan-yatra had already started and Srimati Radharani started swinging with Her sakhis (friends) during periods in the day and night, but She was not satisfied alone, without Krsna there. 
Knowing this, Krsna sometimes came in disguise to the palace. Sometimes He dressed as a Gopi selling bangles or beautiful garlands. Or He appeared in any other form and made an appointment for Them to meet each other somewhere in a very secret place in the forest.
Once, Srimati Radharani was seated on the Jhulan and Krsna was pushing the swing very gently. Suddenly Krsna put so much force in pushing the swing that Srimati Radharani became fearful and started crying out, "O Krsna, save Me, save Me!" That transcendental trickster Sri Krsna climbed on the swing and She firmly embraced Him, giving Him so much pleasure. Why so much pleasure? Because normally He has to do so many tricks so that Radharani will embrace Him, but in this instance She embraced Him out of Her own will, without much effort on His part. Therefore He is so fond of these swing pastimes.
Some meditations on Sri Jhulan Yatra in Sri Vrindavan Dham.
The Jhulan time is very intense. In general the Shravana masha have an exceptional mood, it is raining all the time, Yamuna Mayi became very wide, flooded and there is a fresh atmosphere for devotees who move daily to worship and take the lila-darshan which is performed in diverse temples in Vrindavan. As an example, in Jai Sing Geera, the lilas are performed during the whole week: every morning Gauranga-lila and at the evening Krishna-lila's theatre is played.
Devotees tell that some time ago a king, who was a great devotee of Sri Radha-Raman used to came to Vrindavan in the Shravana month to assist that performances which started out of his own desire. The rasa-lilas and theatre performance of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu and Sri Krishna lilas was very dear to him and surely to Sri Radha Krishna also because since that time it now takes place as a yearly event.
In each of Vrindavans' temples a wonderful swing-kunja is to be found, each with singular features along with the swinging mood and the always happy "Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Sri Radhe!" There took place also the golden swing darshan of Sri Banka Bihari ji, which occurs once yearly. It happen the first day of Jhulan in which streets are completely crowded, any vehicles, like cars, even Auto-rickshaws transit is very much restricted and Rikshaws can move only in the main roads. Some devotees wait until the midnight special aratis to get darshan because during the day it's just ridiculous to try and get in with the hundreds of thousands of villages who descend on Vrindavan township to be absorbed in this wonderful festival.
There's a good business made by devotees engaged in making the huge amounts of garlands that are used in all the temples, by all the devotees wanting to offer garlands, and to decorate the temples and Jhulan(s) during the whole week. It's a perfect example how everyone benefits, both economically - financially, socially, spiritually etc., simply by rendering some simple service for the pleasure of the Lord. 

Vast amounts of prasadam is cooked and offered to the Deities, and sold for a small donation; the hotels, dharmshallas, guest-houses etc, Rickshaws, taxis, everyone, all are happy and satisfied knowing that simply by serving the Lord, the root of everything all their needs will be taken care of. 

Jaya Sri Radha Krishna!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Harikesh Re-emerges at the LA Prabhupada Festival

PADA: The Harikesh story is very strange.  He was the first devotee to tell me -- not to get too close to the edge of the roof in Brooklyn -- in case the ghosts would make me jump off. He later became a guru and he caused havoc all over Europe by kicking out almost all of the original Prabhupada devotees. This resulted in devastating the lives of thousands of ISKCON devotees, and bankrupting, if not nearly bankrupting several zones. 

He then allegedly said that the Mayapura devotees (Jayapataka and his ghost buster Chitesvara) were trying to make him go crazy by adding psychotropics to his vibhuti, that he was apparently digesting. Yep, we all recall the time the GBC gurus were getting ghost busted, hee hee! Why would anyone eat vibhuti dust from a ghost buster in the first place? Lets not forget that he was telling me about his problems with ghosts at the get go. OK he has a ghost problem, therefore the GBC thinks, he is the Vishnupada sum total of the demigods! 

He allegedly later blooped with a million or more dollars, and took a woman with him on the way out the door. Overall, he caused total mayhem for the ISKCON society. And that ladies and gents, is why he is allowed to parade around speaking like a long lost hero great devotee, and our lot are not given a seat at the speaking platform. 

As per usual, some ex-kulis say -- these guys were living like Saudi Princes and Kim Jong Un of North Korea, eating huge feasts all the time, while we kids had to eat rotten oatmeal. These guys were supposed to manage the society to make sure the children in their society were WELL cared for. And they self-evidently simply didn't do the managing job they were supposed to. Harikesh did say, its odd that Srila Prabhupada complained of being poisoned, but he never seems to have pursued how and why that was going on. 

So, after creating mayhem, destroying the lives of thousands of devotees, neglecting his "managing" duty to oversee things like the children's welfare etc. he is always welcome to come and act like a super star hero ex-devotee at the LA Prabhupada festival. No wonder some of the ex-kulis are complaining about this process. Yep, more than a few people say, it always seems to be the "good ole boys club," the same people who created / enforced / supported the corruption, kicked out the devotees en masse, and who attacked the Prabhupadanugas, who get to be the big shots at the Los Angeles "Prabhupada festival." 

Then some people complained to PADA, well jeepers prabhu! Harikesh was simply "doing his best" to be a guru. OK fine, but we simply can not go to the hospital, grab a scalpel, drill and hacksaw, walk into the brain surgery room, and start hacking away at some of the patients, claiming we are "doing our best" to perform brain surgery. We will be arrested for criminal misrepresenting. 

If we are not qualified to be parampara acharyas, then do not attempt it, its really that simple. 

ys pd

Srutakirti (?) / Harikesh / Svavasa 

Without Krishna Consciousness, You Will have Rubbish Desires (SP video)

ISKM Presentation (with new centers)

PADA: Good job. A few of their people are now watching our videos, reading our stuff, and then writing us with super nice questions. Same thing with the Bangalore project, we regularly get really good questions from a number of their folks. People want to know the actual history here. 

Of course there are a lot of history versions out there, just like there are many varieties and versions of the Gaudiya Matha's history. Anyway, enough people agree with our history version at this point that its going to be sustained over time, at least in some sectors. 

Then again, its going to be hard to re-write the history when we have so many mass media accounts and / or books like "Killing for Krishna" and so many other verified versions that we helped along. As one devotee said, "If people don't like the PADA version of history, try re-writing it on your own, and good luck"! 

In any case, making devotees of Srila Prabhupada is the future of the Krishna religion, and its going to have to go that way if it is to survive at all.

ys pd

PT. 36 The Journey Home is a Mad Elephant Offence

Of course the Prabhupadanugas are to be sued for $ millions!
And never forgiven!

The Journey Home is a Mad Elephant Offence


PART THIRTY-SIX: Protecting the Creeper of Devotion

A well known example among the devotees who actually believe in the tenets and teachings of the Krishna consciousness movement is the "creeper of devotion" or bhakti-lata. The impetus to serve the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna through the kindness and grace of the spiritual master grows slowly and delicately like a flowering creeper. The creeper needs a tree to wrap itself around, and that is the allegorical tree of Krishna, the shelter of all devotees. 

[PADA: First of all, the spiritual master is the person who gives the bhakti lata beeja, and if the spiritual master is a deviant people will receive a contaminated beeja. That is why we have seen so many criminals, molesters and / or mayavada contaminated people populating ISKCON. They got the wrong beeja.

And thus, Bhavananda's disciples were getting expensive jewelry, Hansadutta's people were getting guns, Jayatirtha's people were getting drugs, and so on, because that is the beeja their guru was handing out. And the Narayan Maharaja house near the Los Angeles temple smelled like a pot smoking factory when we walked past there, and so forth. 

So that is the whole problem with the GBC / Rocana / Gaudiya Matha / Narayan Maharaja / Torben / Hanuman Croatia et al., they want people to get a deviant beeja and not the original PURE DEVOTEE's bhakti lata beeja. Did I forget to mention these folks have bhogha being offered to such deviants, so people are literally eating contamination.] 

Such creepers, the neophyte devotees should always associate with each other and associate with the spiritual master through reading his instructions daily. Then the creeper will grow through the water of devotion. But in order to protect the creeper from wild animals who might nibble it into oblivion in its early stages, a fence must be built around the garden.

[PADA: And now the GBC says they have made a list, maybe 100 of their "past and present gurus," so that means Bhavananda is still a guru on their list? Sex with taxi drivers equals guru? OK so who is the guru, that is the first issue that is not being clarified here.]

Apart from the fence, the aspiring devotee must be like a gardener who is vigilant to pull out the weeds that will choke and suffocate the creeper. Now with the advent of The Journey Home, the surrealistic scenario is something like the entrusted gardeners, the GBC, have been sold a truck load of seeds of poisonous plants and weeds, and in the frenzy of Maya they are actively planting these weeds, which can only guarantee the end of Krishna consciousness. 

[PADA: No, the GBC has been preaching deviant materials the whole time, the "Journey Home" is simply another example. In 1980 the GBC wrote "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties," where they attacked the Mahajanas. Then the GBC told me Jayatirtha is still an acharya never mind his illicit sex and drugs. These types of deviations have gone on the whole while.]

The bogus yogis and Mayavadis glorified in The Journey Home are the wild animals like rabbits and rodents who have sneaked through a hole in the fence and are eating the creepers in the garden. The sum and substance of the entire scenario equals a "mad elephant offence." Just as there is no stopping a mad elephant, it is sometimes seen that a devotee becomes infected with Maya and goes on a rampage, which causes irreparable harm to his devotional aptitude and effectively puts an end to his life as a devotee.

[PADA: OK but Jayadvaita's saying that gurus are falling into illicit sex with men, women and children is part and parcel of the same process. We need to look at everything they are saying and not isolate the problem into one document.]

His Divine Grace, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON, writes in Shrimad-Bhagavatam 2.2.30: 

"When we speak of hearing and chanting, it means that not only should one chant and hear of the holy name of the Lord as Rāma, Kṛṣṇa (or systematically the sixteen names Hare Kṛṣṇa, Hare Kṛṣṇa, Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa, Hare Hare/ Hare Rāma, Hare Rāma, Rāma Rāma, Hare Hare), but one should also read and hear the Bhagavad-gītā and Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam in the association of devotees. The primary practice of bhakti-yoga will cause the seed already sowed in heart to sprout, and by a regular watering process, as mentioned above, the bhakti-yoga creeper will begin to grow.

The creeper of devotion, the bhakti-lata, requires an able gardener who 
cultivates it with the water of devotion, and who makes sure that the fence is strong.

The Journey Home glorifies Mayavadi rapists and demons, and keeps a picture of Lord Shri Krishna next to a pile of skulls. This is nothing less than a mad elephant offence. Is this what innocent and trusting devotees should expect from their GBC? Any reader who does not get the importance of what "mad elephant offence" means, can go to Google Videos and enter "mad elephant India", or just click here. 

There are many such videos which might give some thoughtful persons an idea of what The Journey Home is bringing to ISKCON due to an idle GBC. Generally male elephants go mad when they are undergoing must, or seasonal sex desire. And it was sex desire—the need to be worshiped and glorified—that caused the yogis and imitation gurus glorified in The Journey Home to pose as swamis for the sake of getting free sex from their obsequious students. Remember the pure devotee has transcended sex desire, and it is the duty of the GBC to point the society in that direction rather into the storm of violent passions.

"Devotional service is not a matter of sentimental speculation or imaginative ecstasy. Its substance is practical activity...

Furthermore, in order to be successful in devotional service one must give up the association of undesirable people. This includes karmīs, jñānīs, yogīs and other nondevotees. Once Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu was asked by one of His householder devotees about the general principles of Vaiṣṇavism, as well as the general routine activities of the Vaiṣṇava, and Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu immediately replied, asat-saṅga-tyāga,—ei vaiṣṇava-ācāra: "Characteristically, a Vaiṣṇava is one who gives up the association of worldly people, or nondevotees."...

[PADA: Yes but if the gurus are engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, then what kind of devotee society will we have?]

"O son of Pṛthā, those who are not deluded, the great souls, are under the protection of the divine nature. They are fully engaged in devotional service because they know Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, 
original and inexhaustible."

[PADA: Well that is what a lot of people ask me about, including my friends at the police, and / or media, scholars, karmis, and so on and so forth, it seems like the whole process of worship of illicit sex and criminals as God's successors means, the Krishna society is suffering from severe delusions. Even the ordinary person on the street knows that illicit sex with men, women and children is not part of a guru chain that starts from God, why doesn't the so-called Krishna society know that? 

Same thing with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Dayalu Nitai HKC Jaipur et al. As soon as we say "there is a child molesting messiah's agenda here" they join with Tamal and say "PADA is a liar," and worse -- they sit down and make a video interviewing Radhanath lover's club leader Bhakta das! Yep, we all need to start to read "The Journey Home" if we want salvation. At the same time these folks are infuriated that Bangalore has gone to the Supreme Court to challenge their Radhanath lover's club! 

Which is exactly what the GBC does and says? 

We need to listen to the people promoting the worship of hokey pokey in order to attain God? Why do we need to surrender to a program that worships illicit sex with men, women and children, they never explain? Of course that means the average karmi will think these people are all deluded? What else would they think?

Even the police told me, that is how these criminal programs have been enabled and empowered, anyone who says that there is a problem with the worship of deviants is -- suppressed. And that is also why Sulochana said -- all of the people who are oppressing us are "shoving children into a wood chipper." And if we ask some of their ex-children victims, we can get that statement verified. 

Did I forget to mention, the "hearing from the Bhakta das and Radhanath program" is connected to the assassination of Sulochan according to the book "Killing for Krishna"? We need to hear from a program that kills people who oppose molesting gurus?  

Anyway, this article is a good start, we see people are challenging the GBC more and more, but they are not making it clear that we need to worship the acharya exclusively and offer the bhogha and disciples to the acharya Srila Prabhupada. They need to make the solution more clear. For starters, who is going to be the diksha guru who gives the bhakti lata beeja?   
ys pd]

Bhakta Das's Guru Parampara 


Friday, May 24, 2019

Hitler had an incompetent clown show government (Hitler-anugas update)

PADA: Thanks for the link! Yes, good question? We need to follow Hitler because? OK he was not an expert at managing, and he had no clear path to fixing the world. And his whole program was very self-defeating, contrary, dis-jointed and confused -- to say the least. 

To sum! He was not a good politician, manager or military strategy expert. He was giving all sorts of contrary and foolish orders, and then hiding out when people wanted to consult with him over these mistakes. OK he was like another GBC type guy, make a big mess, then hide out! 

He made Europe into a mess and then commited suicide. The GBC also made a big mess, and they are committing spiritual suicide by ruining God's mission.

Not sure how Hitler is the person whose footsteps we need to follow? Yes, it looks as though even from a material point of view, he failed to accomplish whatever it was he was trying to. 

And instead, he became cursed by one and all, for having much of Europe bombed back to the stone ages, causing incredible suffering for the inhabitants. Anyway, it is odd that some devotees would worship a person who -- failed to do whatever it is he wanted to do. Shouldn't we admire people who actually get positive things done, like the acharyas? Yes prabhu, you are right, Hitler is just another version of the GBC, bomb everything to smithereens, then hide out in the bunker and avoid questions. Hee hee! ys pd

ISKCON Sues Radha Damodara (BG Narasimgha)

PADA: So the people managing the room were supposed to be "my disciples," and that means we should have had his continued and ongoing disciples process going on now.  ys pd

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Dhanesvara Proposes "Prabhupada-centric" Back To Godhead Type Magazine

[PADA: Dhanesvara, and perhaps a lot of others, are moving towards exclusive promoting of Srila Prabhupada, which he calls "Prabhupada-centric." OK that is what we predicted would eventually happen, we will have to get back to the original roots and reject the bogus new age guru spin offs and off shoots. 

Some people have said this process is taking too long. However, if we look at reforms of other religions, they sometimes take centuries. We are seeing a lot of changes going on over decades, so we should be at least somewhat hopeful. 

And the change may not be sudden and wholesale complete, but we think gradually, one element at a time, Srila Prabhupada will emerge as the actual link to Krishna as people recognize these other conditioned soul "guru links" are not so valid. Yep, over the years a lot of people have said "PADA is a crazy man," and so on. Maybe so, but sometimes, even the crazy man is -- correct. ys pd]  

Dhanesvara Das :

Here are some details:

In my book Divine Or Demoniac? Spiritual Movements and the Enemies Within I conclude by advocating that we Start the Hare Krishna Movement Again! Srila Prabhupada described Back to Godhead magazine as the backbone of the movement, and it is definitely one of the best ways to introduce people to Krishna consciousness.

The initial magazine will be a generic introduction to Krishna Consciousness, with the idea that it should always remain in print, simply because introductory magazine is always needed. Later, regular editions (semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly as distribution increases) will contain timely and topical articles, or perhaps we will do a themed magazine such as on Varnashrama Dharma, or Prasadam and cooking, or Deity worship and the principles of religion.
The magazine is to be Prabhupada-centric - only his feature articles, as has always been the case with Back to Godhead - and will not contain articles featuring other gurus or leaders. The concept is a magazine that is non-sectarian, and one that any devotee would be happy to distribute - regardless of the "camp" they may belong to: independent temples, Prabhupadanugas, ritvik, ISKCON devotees, Gaudiya devotees, etc. 

Inside the front cover there will be a section where contact information of the local temple will be printed, such as: temple location, meeting times, website, phone, Facebook page, and other contact information. So one center can order, say, 5000 copies with their individual information printed there. Another center may order 1,000 copies of the same magazine with their individual information, another 2,000 with their information, etc.

Because the printing industry has changed rapidly and it may be possible at some point to allow tailor-made magazines where specific individual articles can be selected by the purchaser. Thus, we are aiming at a dynamic, not static, production facility. The magazine would have a standard format for articles, and selected articles can be picked "off the shelf" so to speak, as the temple or distributor desires.

Once the production process gets streamlined it may also be possible to produce tailor-made magazines for a specific guru or camp. Although I personally favor Srila Prabhupada and want to always produce a magazine where he is featured, I am not opposed to producing an individual magazine featuring others, because I don't want to limit the production in any way. I want to be able to produce as many magazines as can be distributed since Krishna Consciousness is the greatest need in human civilization.

That's the concept as it stands thus far.

A number of devotees have offered to assist with writing. What is really needed are devotees with graphic arts skills, a Yamaraja (Krishna bless him) or someone like him, and others.

Ex-Kuli Laments "Old Timer's Stories" LA Prabhupada Festival

PADA: An ex-kuli says he has gone to a few of the Los Angeles "Prabhupada Festivals." And he claims its often the same "old timer" 1970s Prabhupada devotees telling the same old stories -- over and over. And its usually the same old stories they told last year, and then re-telling these same stories AGAIN this year. Don't they know that we need to hear some new stories about what they are doing to spread Krishna consciousness now?

So he says, its not fresh news, its just recycling the same few people telling the same few stories over and over. Meanwhile, the Krishna movement was supposed to be saving the world NOW, not rehashing what it was doing in the 1970s. I have the same experience with a lot of my God brothers. As soon as they see me they often say, "Wow, do you remember the big kirtan we had in 1974"? OK, that is a nice sentiment, but its no longer 1974? 

Meanwhile, those of us who are preaching to newer people all over the place: Via our sites and blogs; Via video conference; Via helping along media stories; Via helping people make history videos; Via helping writers make books to explain the history (like "Killing for Krishna") and so on, are not even considered for speaking at these festivals. So this kuli says its a little depressing, the same few people telling the same few stories. He told me its like going to the old folks home where the same old people tell the same old stories over and over, because they have alzheimer disease. Hee hee!

Srila Prabhupada said the same thing happened in the Gaudiya Matha. Every year they had a big "festival of fruits and flowers" -- but the preaching had become stunted to almost nil. So I am not sure who the GBC is fooling anymore with these so-called big festivals? Pretty sure most people by now know its simply a place for a few GBC friendly old timers to toot their own horns about how they did all sorts of great service, way back in the day. 

Its sort of like how the retired sea captain keeps re-telling the story of how he went through the big typhoon in 1964. OK we got that already, but did anyone forget to tell this guy, its not 1964 anymore and he is no longer the captain? What are people preaching now is the real issue. And if they are still promoting the GBC's illicit sex acharya's process, they have not even figured out why ISKCON became and empty ghost town? 

In sum, no one seems to ask, where did all our ISKCON gurukuli children go? There are hardly any ex-kids participating anymore, and a lot of them despise the leaders because of the way they were treated by these leaders? That topic never seems to surface? A festival of fruits and flowers, indeed.

ys pd       

Gopal Kidz Sunday School (Sunnyvale)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hanuman Croatia Admits Bhakti Vikasa Swami is Killing God brothers!

Hanuman Croatia:

PADA: Wow! Finally Hanuman Croatia admits that his Guru (Bhakti vikas Swami) is the sannyasa disciple of a deviant, Jayapataka swami. And moreover, Bhakti Vikas swami is guilty of encouraging Jayapataka (and other neophytes) to take the karma of thousands of disciples, knowing that Srila Prabhupada said to us MANY TIMES that we neophytes will get sick, fall down (and die?) if we take karma as diksha gurus. Why is BVKS telling his brothers to take karma, knowing its causing them to get sick, fall down and even die? 

Dying by taking karma? 

And why is Hanuman Croatia promoting Bhakti Vikas swami as bona fide, when BVKS is well known to be encouraging neophytes to take the post of diksha guru, and take sins, and then fall down, get sick -- and die? So this is the problem, on the one hand Hanuman Croatia admits that Bhakti Vikas swami is direct or indirect killing his God brothers by encouraging them to take karma. At the same time --and on the other hand -- Hanuman Croatia says Bhakti Vikas swami is bona fide? Its bona fide to help make your own brothers get sick, fall down and die? 

And this is from the main position paper writer of the BVKS parampara?

However, as we can all see, Bhakti Vikas swami has fallen down badly from taking karma, because he now has no discrimination. And that is why he is promoting deviants as his acharyas. 

BVKS parampara is widely known to be:

For example! Just now someone asked me about Satsvarupa's book "Sanitorium" where its talking about a man having his genitals manipulated by his female nurse, and so -- why would the GBC (and thus BVKS) promote this deviant writer as their parampara guru? And why is ISKCON promoting his writings all over the place? 

Yes, good question, why is Hanuman Croatia promoting the genital manipulating messiah's project? Did I forget to mention Satsvarupa was working with BV Narayan Maharaja to create "the guru reform" -- which then later voted in Bhakti Vikas swami as their co-guru. In other words, without Satsvarupa, Bhakti Vikas swami would never have been voted in as a guru. 

Hanuman at least admits his gurus have no authority to take karma, and that means Bhakti Vikas swami is knowingly -- either direct of indirect -- killing people by having them take karma. That is a good start, Hanuman's guru is de facto harming if not murdering his brothers. Yup! Why is Hanuman promoting the people who are direct or de facto killing their brothers, by loading them up with millions of tons of karma? 

As for women being "Mothers or Masters," yep many women reported the molesting and other abuse problems to various GBC "men" and these women were repressed and ignored by the Bhakti Vikas swami "men" group (if not kicked out and exiled). Clearly these women are the masters over and above these "men" because the ladies could see a problem where they could not.

Yes, the ISKCON "women and mothers class" tried to warn the "men class" of many problems, including child abuse. And the Bhakti Vikas swami "men's leadership group" neglected, rejected and failed to heed the warnings of these women. Hence later on the "men class" had to be sued for $400,000,000 for failing to listen to the women class. 

So this is a disparity of the Bhakti Vikas "men's guru" process, when the women class are smarter and more aware of abuse and criminality than the so-called men class, this is a crisis in the society.

The "men" did not understand how bogus this is?

ys pd