Sunday, May 12, 2019

GBC Votes to Re-assert "Zonal gurus"

JND: Funniest thing I read in a long time. The GBC can now limit gurus to a certain number of initiations or certain regional areas:

"Resolved, ISKCON Law 7.3.2 is amended to read as follows:"

"When the candidate takes up the service of diksa-guru he will only be able initiate in a specific area(s)."

"The number of disciples the new diksa-guru may initiate can be limited by the GBC."

These people talk so much, but 95% of the GBC don't even know how to pronounce deeksha, and rhyme it with siksha. You don't even know how to say the word, how can anyone take you guys seriously?

[PADA: Yes, so their gurus still have "areas" or zones. Rocana keeps calling the "zonal guru era" a past tense situation. Nope, they still have areas or zones and have had them all along. Guess who the guru of Mayapura is? OK that's his zone.

And now they are saying they can limit the numbers of disciples made in an area, no kidding. That is so that people like Jayapataka can hog nearly all the disciples in one area -- and the others cannot compete and encroach upon his territory. So we will "limit the number" of competing guru's disciples.

Its the same reason a Starbucks coffee franchisee cannot close and move his location closer to another Starbucks, its hurting the other franchisee's business model. Notice that all of this shows that they think gurus are (A) the sum total of the Demigods and (B) subordinated to the rule of their committee, a committee that often admits "they are making a lot of mistakes."

The guru is not subordinated to Krishna, he is subordinated to a committee that is full of mistakes? Anyway this is good news, its showing more and more how their plan to control their renegade gurus is falling apart. They keep adding more and more rules to control their false messiahs, but they really cannot control guys like Hrdayananda, Radhanath and others, they are mavericks. 

All this is of course total arrogance. Krishna's successor is under the control of us, we are the masters of Krishna and His guru parampara! Jeepers, I thought Krishna was in control of His guru successors? ys pd]

Are we having fun yet?

Yep, "The Journey Home" has made a lot of U-turns, 
and "off the prescribed path" DETOURS, no kidding!

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  1. CV: Yes the guru is not subordinated to Krsna ... he is subordinated to a committee ... just like the starbucks administration. They have a board, they vote in other board members, they decide who gets to have a franchise and how big that franchise can be.

    Its what Srila Prabhupada said, its a guru business. So now the acharya is just like a voted in mundane corporation board member, that is what they wanted to say the whole time. Its amazing that anyone can read Srila Prabhupada's books and figure out that the acharya is managed by a committee.

    The parampara acharya is voted in, suspended, voted out etc. just like a corporation board member. This is very foolish. Yes, the acharya is way above the votes of a committee, they have lost their way.


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