Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ex-Kuli Laments "Old Timer's Stories" LA Prabhupada Festival

PADA: An ex-kuli says he has gone to a few of the Los Angeles "Prabhupada Festivals." And he claims its often the same "old timer" 1970s Prabhupada devotees telling the same old stories -- over and over. And its usually the same old stories they told last year, and then re-telling these same stories AGAIN this year. Don't they know that we need to hear some new stories about what they are doing to spread Krishna consciousness now?

So he says, its not fresh news, its just recycling the same few people telling the same few stories over and over. Meanwhile, the Krishna movement was supposed to be saving the world NOW, not rehashing what it was doing in the 1970s. I have the same experience with a lot of my God brothers. As soon as they see me they often say, "Wow, do you remember the big kirtan we had in 1974"? OK, that is a nice sentiment, but its no longer 1974? 

Meanwhile, those of us who are preaching to newer people all over the place: Via our sites and blogs; Via video conference; Via helping along media stories; Via helping people make history videos; Via helping writers make books to explain the history (like "Killing for Krishna") and so on, are not even considered for speaking at these festivals. So this kuli says its a little depressing, the same few people telling the same few stories. He told me its like going to the old folks home where the same old people tell the same old stories over and over, because they have alzheimer disease. Hee hee!

Srila Prabhupada said the same thing happened in the Gaudiya Matha. Every year they had a big "festival of fruits and flowers" -- but the preaching had become stunted to almost nil. So I am not sure who the GBC is fooling anymore with these so-called big festivals? Pretty sure most people by now know its simply a place for a few GBC friendly old timers to toot their own horns about how they did all sorts of great service, way back in the day. 

Its sort of like how the retired sea captain keeps re-telling the story of how he went through the big typhoon in 1964. OK we got that already, but did anyone forget to tell this guy, its not 1964 anymore and he is no longer the captain? What are people preaching now is the real issue. And if they are still promoting the GBC's illicit sex acharya's process, they have not even figured out why ISKCON became and empty ghost town? 

In sum, no one seems to ask, where did all our ISKCON gurukuli children go? There are hardly any ex-kids participating anymore, and a lot of them despise the leaders because of the way they were treated by these leaders? That topic never seems to surface? A festival of fruits and flowers, indeed.

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