Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dallas Police Execute Search Warrant on Catholic Diocese

PADA: Dallas was considered "ground zero" for going after the Catholic church several decades ago. And one of the law firms that went after the Church was the Windle Turley law firm, which sued the Church for the molesting. That started a cascade of similar lawsuits all over the USA and abroad.

Later on, Windle Turley was asked to help the GBC's "guru" school children for the same reason, a big abuse process was going on. So he took on the gurukulis as clients and represented them in a $400,000,000 case against the GBC of ISKCON.

After that case was filed hundreds of ISKCON parents suddenly woke up, and removed their children from GBC's schools. The ongoing (and then gowing) suicide epidemic of victims was slowed to almost nil. And a number of young women who were on the verge of being married to much older men -- were suddenly removed from places like New Vrndavana, and their bogus marriages were halted. 

One woman wrote to tell me I saved her life since she was "days from being married off" when she was suddenly yanked out of that community. And she felt she would have killed herself. And thus a number of victims thanked us for exposing these things and helping them get out of there. In fact more than a few of them said they would have had to kill themselves to get free of that process. 

Unfortunately, a number of the children victims by that time had a negative attitude towards the religion, and they blamed the religion for their abuse. That is actually common in these types of cases, including with the Church. Anyway, many kids were saved, and some of them got a small monetary settlement and used that to start their lives off. Again, a number of them told me without that settlement money they would have been homeless and helpless (and perhaps suicidal). 

As usual, we had various people object to the process of saving hundreds of children from being molested, saving an unknown number from suicide, and saving young women from being married to older men they had no attraction to. A number of devotees then said Windle Turley is a demon and so on and so forth. Wow, so they are admitting that their own children are in better hands with the demons than with them? OK agreed, the demons take better care of their children, and even ISKCON's children, than a lot of these folks have been doing.

Now some of the victims think Sulochana was right when he said that there has been a "gay MAFIA" afoot here. And that is why some ex-kulis were telling me the other day that ALL of our opponents, not only the GBC / Narayana Maharaja / Sridhara Maharaja crew -- who vehemently pushed back and vociferously disagreed with us, but even the Krishna Kant (IRM) / Krishna Kirtan / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur et al. guys are "undercover pedophile and homosexual agenda lovers" because they also opposed our idea of stopping the molesting agenda. 

In any event, they are aiding and abetting foot soldiers in the gay MAFIA process. Of course its a dead giveaway when some of these folks wanted us to listen to Radhanath's cheer leader Bhakta das. We need to join the dead pedophile's samadhi club in order to be bona fide? 

Sulochana said there is the gay MAFIA, and then there are the handmaiden defenders and servants of their program. Yep, if there is one thing the world needs more of, its homosexual pedophile programs posing as religion! Why does Dallas know this is a problem, while some of these "advanced devotee" guys don't?  

As for Windle Turley being a demon, well he helped along a process of a flood of lawsuits against homosexual pedophile bogus religion programs around the globe. If the demons have to fix your problems, while you sit around watching Saturday night football and ordering out pizzas, what does that say for yourself? Hee hee! 

Anyway, bravo Dallas! You are setting the standard on going after these abuse / bogus religion programs. And if you folks are the main people doing that, it generally means others either: (A) Don't even realize that there is a problem; (B) Know there is a problem but have no idea what to do about this issue, or; (C) they are compromised with the problem. ys pd         

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