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Bhakti Vikas Swami Disciple vs PADA (a conversation)

Yes, I am another Vyasa (any questions?)

Had a very long, very convoluted, but interesting discussion with a follower of  Bhakti Vikas Swami (BVKS). Its too long to post the entire thing here, in part because it wanders all over the map and gets diverted off topic a number of times. However, I think we could show some of the main points under discussion:

1) This devotee says -- the Bhakti Vikas folks pretty much agree with PADA -- the current ISKCON GBC's guru program is bogus. Thus, almost all of these GBC's gurus need to be removed or replaced. And that is why Bhakti Vikas Swami himself does not partake in the GBC's program. He stays aloof from them, if not boycotting their process. Ooops, therefore we need to promote the only person following Srila Prabhupada now, aka Bhakti Vikas Swami, because he has no connection to these bogus GBC's guru folks. 

(Read: Bhakti Vikas Swami is therefore a fully self-appointed guru, because he does not rely on the GBC for advice, correction, certification etc. Did we forget to mention Kirtanananda swami was ALSO claiming to be separate from the GBC; Gaura Govinda maharaja was ALSO claiming to be separate from the GBC; Jayatirtha was ALSO claiming separate; Satsvarupa resigned from the GBC and so on and so forth. So there is no GBC in charge, its just independent maverick messiahs floating around with no actual or effective corrective managerial process. 

Its a pattern. So while all kinds of deviations are going on, ooops, not my fault, I am separate! I resigned! So "I am the ISKCON guru and leader, but only a leader of my teeny fiefdom and not the whole process." That makes the whole process in danger of deviation with no checks and balances.) 

2) Anyway! Lets say so far so good, so why then is Bhakti Vikas Swami saying he is a member of ISKCON, if he does not adhere to the guru oversight committee and rulings of the GBC management group of ISKCON? How can a person be "a member in good standing" of a religion -- when he has no respect for the managerial body of that religion, and he does not agree with, or even agree to follow the rulings of that religion's managerial body?

The guru is the leader of the religion but -- the guru has no connection to the management group of the religion. And moreover the guru does not agree with -- nor adhere to -- their rulings? How can the guru of the religion not be in agreement with the management body of the religion? I thought the management body was subordinated to the guru, not that the management is an independent maverick body from the guru? 

If the managers are not following the guru, then that means the religion has left its roots and is fully bogus. It also means, there is really no one at the helm? The guru has abandoned the managers because they are deviating, then who will contain the deviations?

So we asked, "Why doesn't BVKS just say that"? Oh, this devotee explains, because THEY WILL HAVE BVKS KILLED. Oh swell, the managers will kill their own religion's guru if he tries to reign them in. What kind of religion is that, the managers will have to have their own guru killed if he tries to advise the managers? And if they will allegedly kill their own gurus, why would they not kill us lesser peanut gallery critics? 

(Yes, the devotee agreed, this is really not a very good explanation. It means BVKS is sitting back letting us take the heat, and we get the death threats etc., while he holds back. He is letting others flap in the breeze of danger while he does not take proper action himself.) 

3) Good news! Bhakti Vikas Swami is perhaps "one of the best managers ISKCON has, because his program is one of the few -- if not only -- programs that has not been compromised with scandals and bad publicity." Yes that is good. Maybe? So to sum up -- "the best manager in ISKCON" is aloof from -- or boycotting -- working with the actual managerial board, and has no interest in managing? Then we wonder why so many scandals evolve, when some leaders say they have no connection to the managing process? And some of their followers say, the only reason our guru cannot take part in the managing is, the managers will want to have our guru killed? And this is a bona fide religion? 

Yes, Bhakti Vikas swami is only the Vyasadeva successor acharya of the religion, because he is not part of the actual managerial guidance group of the religion. OK, so there is no guidance at the steering wheel? That means the ISKCON ship can run into the rocks because the guru sector is not trying to steer it otherwise? Or worse, if the guru grabs the steering wheel, the hi-jackers will have him killed? 

Therefore! When both the pilot and co-pilot have fallen asleep on the Boeing Jet with 400 passengers on board over the Pacific Ocean, and Bhakti Vikas Swami is the "only qualified person" to take over the controls, he is instead sitting in the back of the airplane sipping a cup of tea and doing nothing to help the crisis? 

He is the only truly qualified person to take over the top managerial post to govern the society, therefore, he is boycotting taking the main managerial posts in the society? OK then, that means the Boeing Jet will crash while he is sitting in the back doing nothing to help fix the -- out of control -- situation? 

(The best manager of the religion is boycotting taking a management role? OK then we wonder why the religion is in a tail spin all the time? The devotee agrees, this is setting a pretty lousy example. Its also creating a perpetual dysfunctional process.)

4) Srila Prabhupada says we neophytes cannot takes sins as diksha gurus. And if we do that artificially, we will have to suffer. Yet Bhakti Vikas Swami encourages himself and the other GBC that they can act like Jesus, be diksha gurus and absorb sins. And in fact BVKS says he is another Jesus too, and he can absorb sins as a diksha guru himself. 

(OK the devotee had not thought about that, but agreed its a good point).

5) Bhakti Vikas Swami is only the sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka swami officially to take that post for preaching, but he does not follow JPS, he just took the sannyasa post from JPS to get a certification.

What is the need to take a certification from JPS? I can also get a doctor certification by sending $100 to some place, maybe a P.O. Box in the Cayman Islands, but why would I need to do that? What is the urgent need to take a certification from people who are preaching bogus things? 

(OK, the devotee agrees, good point, no good answer.)
In the end, the devotee wanted to communicate more with me and asked if it would be fine if he discussed this all in detail later on. Sure! That means, he has a lot to digest and its going to take time, but it looks like progress is being made. At the end the devotee said to me, Hare Krishna and Haribol. That means, he is seeing that we have some pretty good arguments, and the GBC and their gurus, do not. At least he is now starting to wake up, and that is always good for us. ys pd 


January 1, Saphala Ekadasi (Wish Everyone Happy and Blessed New Year 2019)

A Friendly Reminder:

January 1, Saphala Ekadasi (Wish Everyone Happy and Blessed New Year 2019)

Wednesday Breaking Time, 7:18AM to 10:22AM. (please check your local time)

Wish Everyone Happy and Blessed New Year 2019

Suggestion: If you cannot remain full day fasting, you can take one time lunch Ekadasi prasadam --fruits, vegetables, and milk products -- and in night take one glass of milk only. Please chant 25 rounds of Mahamantra without fail. If you have not started reading Srilla Prabhupada’s transcendental books, start from today at least one page or a paragraph daily to feed your soul.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna replied to Yudhisthir Maharaj,
"Once there was a City called Champaavati, which was ruled by the saintly King Mahishmata. He had four sons, the eldest of whom, Lumpaka, always engaged in all manner of very sinful activities - illicit sexual encounters with the wives of others, gambling, and continual association with known prostitutes.

His evil deeds gradually reduced the wealth of his father, King Mahishmata. Lumpaka also became very critical of the numerous devas, the empowered universal attendants of the Lord, as well as toward the brahmins, and every day he would go out of his way to blaspheme the Vaishnavas.

At last King Mahishmata, seeing the unrepentant brazen fallen condition of his son, exiled him to the forest. Out of fear of the king, even compassionate relatives didn't come to Lumpaka's defense, so angry was the king toward his son, and so sinful was this Lumpaka.

"Bewildered in his exile, the fallen and rejected Lumpaka thought to himself, 'My father has sent me away, and even my kinsmen do not raise but a finger in objection. What am I to do now?'

He schemed sinfully and thought, 'I shall sneak back to the city under cover of darkness and plunder its wealth. During the day I shall stay in the forest, and as night returns, so shall I to the city.'

So thinking, the sinful Lumpaka entered the darkness of the forest. He killed many animals by day, and by night he stole all manner of valuable items from the city. The city-dwelling folk apprehended him several times, but out of fear of the king they left him alone.

They thought to themselves that it must have been the accumulated sins of Lumpaka's previous births that had forced him to act in such a way that he lost his royal facilities and became to act so sinfully like a common selfish thief.
"Though a meat-eater, Lumpaka would also eat fruits every day. He resided under an old banyan tree that unknown to him happened to be very dear to Lord Vasudeva.

Indeed, many worshipped as the demi-god (representative departmental head) of all the trees in the forest. In due course of time, while Lumpaka was doing so many sinful and condemnable activities, the Saphalaa Ekadasi arrived.

On the eve of the Ekadasi (Dasami) Lumpaka had to pass the entire night without sleep because of severe cold that he felt due to his scanty bedclothes (bedding). The cold not only robbed him of all peace but almost of his very life.
By the time the sun rose, near dead, his teeth chattering and near comatose.
In fact all that Ekadasi morning, he remained in that stupor and could not awaken out of his near comatose condition.

"When midday of the Saphalaa Ekadasi arrived, the sinful Lumpaka finally came to and managed to rise up from his place under that banyan tree. But with every step he took, he stumbled and fell to the ground. Like a lame man, he walked slowly and hesitantly, suffering greatly from hunger and thirst in the midst of the jungle.

So weak was Lumpaka that he couldn't even concentrate to nor muster strength to go and kill even a single animal that whole day. Instead, he was reduced to collecting whatever fruits had fallen to the ground of their own accord.

By the time he returned to his banyan tree home, the sun had set. Placing the fruits on the ground next to him (at the base of the sacred banyan tree), Lumpaka began to cry out, 'O, woe is me ! What should I do ?

Dear father, what is to become of me? O Sri Hari, please be merciful to me and accept these fruits as an offering !' Again he was forced to lie awake the whole night without sleep, but in the meantime the all merciful Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Madhusudana, had become pleased with Lumpaka's humble offering of forest fruits, and He accepted them. Lumpaka had unwittingly observed a full Ekadasi fast, and by the merit he reaped on that day he regained his kingdom with no further obstacles.

Thus ends the narration of the glories of Pausha-krishna Ekadasi, or Saphala Ekadasi, from the Bhavishya-uttara Purana.

Bhagavad Gita on sale (Bangalore ISKCON)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Temple President Will "Negotiate Complaints"

PADA: Here we go again. A devotee in a foreign land has been posting public complaints about some of the GBC's leaders he has encountered. He says for example that a GBC (sannyasa) "came on to him" in what seemed to be -- a homosexual way. And that raised major red flags for him because, he felt that at least some of the GBC already knew this person had problems. And thus the GBC were already not acting properly to contain this guy. 

To sum, this devotee says he had already heard reports that this sannyasa fellow had some sexual predator troubles previously. Why wasn't the GBC taking action, and removing this person off the post of sannyasa -- a long time ago? And if this deviant sannyasa fellow was "coming on" to him, no doubt he was aggressing others. Why should the innocent devotees be subjected to this person's ill behaviors? 

Where are the checks and balances? 

As he found out more and more about this so-called sannyasa person's history, he began to write complaints about this (and some other issues) to some of his friends in public. And then the temple president called him up and told him to stop doing that, because this temple leader promised he was going to solve all this and forward this devotee's complaints to the GBC direct, and get these issues resolved internally. 

So this devotee wrote to me, to find out what are my experiences in this regard. Can the GBC be reliable to handle internal complaints? Oh no! They cannot! 

In any case, this should be interesting to see how it all works out. He also sent me some photos of Indradyumna swami hugging little kids with some of the mothers looking on with an apparently mortified expression. If not, it seems at least some of these mothers were unhappy, or feeling awkward and so on. 

What is up with that? Why isn't the GBC taking action? Why does Bhakti Vikas swami for example say, ok Indradyumna has some odd behavior -- but so what -- who cares, he is preaching. OK, but preaching what? Why are all these types of deviations being overlooked and swept under the carpet for years, or decades? And why does Hanuman Croatia apparently agree with Bhakti Vikas Swami, that its fine to cover over and allow these problems to continue (until there is some sort of crisis)? 

Its like Sridhara Maharaja said in 1978, we should tolerate GBC guru's deviations and "wait and see." OK fine, so there has been waves of banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits, police raids, murders, changed books and so on and so forth ad infinitum ... ok I give up, what are we "waiting" for? 

Anyway, when all this started there was no internet, and no means for us to connect with ISKCON's inner residents. Temple presidents would not allow their people to talk to us at the temples, or on the phone, and they could toss out our mailed out newsletters. The gurus never anticipated that there would eventually be an internet, where is would be really hard to control the flow of information. Yep, take it to the GBC direct. We already tried that. Been there, done that, it does not work. That is what this guy will eventually figure out, its all bluff. ys pd        

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple (Vrndavana) VIDEO

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple in Vrindavan.

The oldest temple in Vrindavan is the ancient Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple, located in a very historic part of town, not far for holy Yamuna river. Thousands of years ago, Vrajanabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna installed the Siva Lingam, sacred deity of Lord Shiva, in the Gopeshwar Mahadeva Temple.

How Lord Shiva Became the Guardian of Vrindavan as Gopeshwar Mahadev.

On an autumn night, under a lustrous full moon, Lord Krishna performs his sweetest eternal pastime known as the Maha Rasa Lila, his enchanting night of dancing with the beautiful gopis (milk maidens) of Vrindavan.

Since no males other than Krishna are ever allowed to enter into this dance, Lord Shiva was denied entrance by the presiding Queen of Vrindavan, Vrinda devi. While standing guard outside the sacred dance area, Shiva’s desire to join the dance grew stronger, and he began meditating intensely on Krishna’s beloved Sri Radha, who took notice and dispatched one of her attendants Lalita devi to initiate Shiva into the dance.

She instructed Shiva to bathe in the sacred Yamuna River, and when he emerged from the purifying waters transformed into a charming young gopi, he was allowed to enter the dance. Taking notice of the new “gopi”, Krishna smiled mischievously at Lord Shiva and named him Gopeshwara. To this day, Shiva is considered the guardian of the Rasa Lila dance and is affectionately called Gopeshwara Mahadev of Vrindavan.

Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple of Vrindavan During Festivals

On special holy days such as bi-weekly ekadasi fasting days or holidays dedicated to worshipping Lord Shiva, such a huge crowd of pilgrims and devotees converges on the Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple, that there is hardly room to walk on any of the nearby streets.

Restoring the Beauty of Historical Vrindavan

For those who value ancient tradition and cultural heritage, the Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple is absolutely not to be missed while visiting Vrindavan. Gopeshvar temple is base of Vrindavan’s history. Walking through the ancient historical area between this temple and Kesi Ghat, one cannot help but feel compelled to join the efforts to restore the beauty and glory of this sacred place.

The organizers of Vrindavan Act Now! are eager to engage everyone in joining this important project to clean up one of Vrindavan’s most historic and holy areas. 


RadheKrishna The place was BanshiVat (Banshi: Flute, also called Vamsi or Vansi. Vat: Banyan Tree) at Vrindavan. It was a bright moonlight night of Sharad Purnima, the full moon. Fragrant flowers were spreading their scent. Lord Krishna was playing his flute on the banks of the river Yamuna. The entire Maha Raas was so pleasurable that everyone lost track of time – Lord Krishna condensed six months into one single night.

Lord Shankar was meditating on Mount Kailash. He was mesmerized by the sweet sound of the flute being played by Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. His samadhi was disturbed. Lord Shankar left his abode and left for Vraj-Vrindavan. Parvatiji tried to dissuade him from going, but Lord Shiva did not listen to her. Lord Shiva left for Vanshivat in Vrindavan along with Shriyasuri Rishi, Parvatiji, Nandi, Ganesh, and Kartikeya.

At the place where the Mahaa Raas was going on in Vamsi Vat, Gopis were standing at the entrance gate. Goddess Parvati entered the MahaRaas, but the gatekeepers did not allow Lord Shiva and others from entering. They told him that only one Man, Lord Kirshna, could be present for this Maha Raas, and no other male could be allowed to enter.

Lord Shiva told the Gopis that he wanted to enter the Maha Raas and see Lord Krishna and Radha, and asked them to come up with a solution. One of the Gopis, Lalita, suggested that he should become a Gopi if he wanted to see the MahaRaas. After bathing in Mansarovar, he should take on the form of a Gopi. Lord Shiva transformed himself into a charming Gopi, and Yamunaji decorated him even further.

Smiling, Lord Shiva entered the Maha Raas as a Gopi. Lord Shiva, in the Mohini roop, joined the Gopis in Lord Mohan’s Raas Leela, and started enjoying the melodious flute. Watching Radhaji and all the Gopis dance, and enjoying the enchanting flute being played by Lord Krisna, Mahadevji also started dancing.

Lord Krishna started smiling. He walked past Radhaji and all the Gopis who were dancing, blissfully unaware of the presence of Lord Mahadev in their midst. Lord Krishna went and held the hand of Lord Shiva. Lord Krishna smiled, and with great respect, said “Welcome, O Maharaj Gopeshwar”. Radhaji and all the other Gopis were puzzled. Lord Krishna said with devotion, “Radhe, this is no ordinary Gopi. This is Lord Shiva Himself. He has transformed himself in the form of a Gopi to see the Maha Raas Leela with pure saatvik bhaav.” 

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Aligarh Rounds Up Stray Cows / Locks Them in Schools

Be nice to the cows!

[PADA: OK, big surprise here folks! Cows need to be cared for -- by the humans, and given a place to live, as well as food, water, shelter and so on. And not just having them freely running around in the vehicle clogged streets, eating plastic bags full of trash and rotten old newspapers. And did we forget to mention, some of the "free roaming" cows accumulate horrible injuries from falling into holes, being hit with vehicles, and they freeze in winter and etc. 

Can we put a two year old child out on the street and expect the child can take care of itself? Nope! Not working! 

Well at least now these poor cows are in the schools, maybe that will inspire people to figure out -- something finally needs to be done to actually care and manage these cows. Poor cows were herded here by being beaten with huge sticks in the video, which is why I am not posting it, its too horrible to see. Aligarh type places are where cattle rustlers are beaten up or worse. OK goody, so they let the cows live, but then -- don't care for them? What is the actual program then? ys pd]

Vrndavana Police Arrest Canadian ISKCON Devotee


Lucknow: The Vrindavan Police with the help of the local intelligence unit on Tuesday arrested a Canadian national for allegedly forging documents and living in India for the past 15 years.

The accused Ryan Gladstone, through a Delhi-based lawyer, paid Rs 30 lakh to someone to get a fake Indian nationality certificate after his visa, with which he came to India in 1994, got expired. The 55-year-old Krishna devotee was staying in the ISKCON temple since 2010.

While Gladstone was booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the foreign national act and was being interrogated, a manhunt was launched to locate the person and the lawyer who helped him get the fake certificate.

Agra’s SP Shrawan Kumar Singh, according to media reports, said that initial investigation not only revealed that the ministry of home affairs (MHA) never issued the certificate, the number also showed that the same certificate was issued to a Sri Lankan national. “We cannot rule out the possibility of some organised gang behind it,” said Singh as reported.

[PADA: It seems like ISKCON India is having more troubles with the police, the police recently arrested some ISKCON Bengalis who had no proper immigration. At the same time we need to ask, doesn't ISKCON require proper documents from its temple member? ys pd]

Lokantha Swami's Disciple Advocates Violence? (Audharya Dhama / Dr. Oleg Torsunov)

Wow! We can now worship illicit sex debauchees! 
And that is advertised as -- the mercy of the Lord? 

Apparently the speaker of this above video -- which has been translated as advocating violence against the Vaishnavas (those who do NOT want to worship the GBC's illicit sex acharyas process -- and they WANT to worship Srila Prabhupada instead) -- is named Audharya Dhama Prabhu, also known as Dr. Oleg Torsunov. 

His guru is apparently a person voted into the GBC's debauchee acharya's program named Lokanath Swami. PADA already reported some time ago that Lokanath swami touched a young female inappropriately over a period of time when she was only 11, and this (now a grown woman) is a personal friend of PADA -- so we have this event confirmed. Then again Lokanath swami was criticized for having a female secretary and so on.

The GBC (Mukunda Goswami etc.) told the young girl's family that if they did not go to the police the GBC would remove Lokanatha from posts of authority, but instead the GBC (lied and) began facilitating having Guru Pooja ceremonies for Lokanath and they made him one of their star acharyas. Now a lot of people have complained to us over the years, well Lokanath swami is a nice guy! Gaura Govinda maharaja is a nice guy! Radhanath swami is a nice guy! And we should not be "too heavy" with these nice guys. 


Except "nice guys" do not promote a process of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as God's successors, gurus, parampara members and messiahs, and orchestrate a program of banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits and assassinations? If that is our idea of a nice guy, we need to go all the way back to kindergarten and start our education all over again from scratch! Hee hee! 

So there are people who say this is the "nice guy's" program, but Srila Prabhupada says no, these false acharyas are the most dangerous elements in human society who are already residents of narakah. "Gurusuh narah matih narakah sah," and Srila Prabhupada told us this verse means, anyone who thinks acharyas are ordinary mundane men who fall down are ALREADY residents of narakah (hell). 

Anyway, this also proves that Lokanath swami is not a nice guy at all, his program has been -- to have us Prabhupadanugas banned, beaten, sued and killed for promoting the worship of Srila Prabhupada. And he is still pouring gasoline on the fire he and his pals started. Even the local police here say to me, "These people claim to be vegetarians, but they want to drink your blood." Even the police are astonished, "What kind of people are these fellows, that they want to drink your blood and kill a Hare Krishna"? 

Well this is nothing new at all, there have always been deviants who wanted to drink the blood of the Vaishnavas, just look at the stories in the Vedas of how Vaishnavas are attacked by such demoniac elements regularly? Anyway, this is good, they are down to de facto admitting, they have no siddhanta to back up their claim that acharyas are often debauchees. They can only promote their idea that acharyas are deviants by goonda process, threats, banning, beating, suing, and -- killing. Hanuman Croatia of course thinks that Bhakti Vikas swami is one of the good guys, because he is always kissing the feet of Lokanatha swami and the other member of the illicit sex acharya's program. 

Same problem we are having with Swarup Hebel types. Well sure, Jayadvaita swami says that in ISKCON their gurus are poking everyone in the house, the women, the men, the children -- and maybe the family goat, therefore -- he is a nice guy? Hee hee! These guys need to find a Vedic dictionary are re-read what it is to be a nice guy and what is not!  

ys pd   

Friday, December 28, 2018

Lord Jagannatha Deity Worship Halted in Puri (Hindustan Times)

[PADA: Apparently the bhog offerings are not being made and so on. Increased evidence that India is turning more temples into political football fields. Of course our ISKCON associated devotees are also being banned from ISKCON temples as soon as they say they do not want to worship the GBC's illicit sex "guru's sampradaya." One of our devotees is now getting death threats from some of the "temple devotees" for his not agreeing to worship the ISKCON illicit sex guru's sampradaya. They are using these temples for mundane politics. ys pd]

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Trap Style: "Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya" (DJ PADA)

My Dear Wonderful God brother Jayadvaita Swami! (Swarup Hebel)

Co-founder of the debauchee messiah's project.

Swarup Hebel : In praise of my God brother (Jayadvaita swami)

I am well aware of the controversy surrounding the editing of Srila Prabhupada's writings in the years since his departure and it's very unfortunate and disturbing to me that included in some of these often heated exchanges between those for and those against I've seen very mean-spirited and hateful words meant to disparage and denigrate the good name and character of my God brother, Jayadvaita Swami.

[PADA: But its ok for Jayadvaita to be one of the biggest cheer leaders of the "enforced cult ritualistic worship of drunkards / drug addicts / sexual predators / criminals / and sometimes pedophiles -- as acharyas -- process"? A process, which bans, beats, molests, sues and assassinates the Lord's Vaishnavas? A process that had to be sued for $400,000,000 for mass molesting, and which has bankrupted ISKCON both financially and morally? How is support of all this process "good character"? And Jayadvaita is one of the vociferous enforcers of said process?] 

Jayadvaita was one of the first devotees ever to explain the philosophy of Krishna consciousness to me. 

[PADA: Jayadvaita says that in ISKCON their guru parampara contains "illicit sex with men, women and children." Why is that your guy's idea of Krishna consciousness at present?] 

When I first began visiting the 61 Second Avenue center in New York City during the summer of 1969 he was always right there, greeting the guests with his big friendly smile. He knew my friend Jimmy Feldman who had joined before me but who left New York for New Vrindaban after his initiation. Jimmy told the devotees in New York that his friend Steven (me) would soon be showing up. The first thing Jayadvaita ever said to me was, "So you're the Steven who Yamunacarya kept telling us about."

A few months after I moved into the ashram my sister came to the temple. Unbeknownst to me she left San Francisco where she was living at the time and returned to New York and the first thing she did when she got back was to come into the City to visit me at the temple for the first time since I joined. As I was getting ready for arotik one evening Jayadvaita came over to me and said, "You'll never guess who I've been talking to in the temple room for the past hour. Your sister Michelle is here." A week later she joined ISKCON but since there was no facility for women at the Second Avenue ashram we sent her to Boston.

Jayadvaita and I were brahmacarys together in New York and we served together in Boston where we both relocated to work with ISKCON Press. Our friendship goes back a long way and I will be forever grateful for all the loving guidance he gave both my sister Manmohini and me especially during those early years.

Jayadvaita Swami is without a doubt in my mind one of the most intelligent people to have ever joined Srila Prabhupada's mission. His devotion and dedication to Srila Prabhupada is without question and his strict adherence to the principles of both the brahmacary and sannyas ashrams has been and continues to be impeccable.

[PADA: Umm, promoting the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as Krishna's gurus, successors and acharyas is "strictly following" whom? Beelzebub?]

I may also not agree with the principle of changing Srila Prabhupada's books and perhaps it would have been better if only the obvious typos and glaring errors that slipped through the cracks were emended; however, I cannot and will not tolerate vicious attacks on my God brother's character and I won't allow it on my watch.

Thank you very much for allowing me this opportunity praise one of my dear God brothers. All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. Hare Krishna.

Swarup Hebel

[PADA: Well now we all know why us folks have had so much trouble opposing the GBC's molester messiahs program, they had all kinds of support from these Swarup type people. And the molester messiah's project still has many of these people acting as their cheer leaders / assistants / supporters. That is why the shastra says -- false gurus go to the darkest regions of the universe, and so do their supporters. 

At least Jayadvaita is honest, he openly asks -- why in the hell are people chanting "Jaya Prabhupada" at the guru pooja? Oh boo hoo, they are not chanting the names of the people in my concocted illicit sex with men, women and children guru sampradaya! Thanks Swarup, now we know where you stand, and have been standing all along, you are with them. That is why we did the right thing in exposing you people. ys pd]

Krishna Needs Us. Why? (Srila Prabhupada VIDEO)

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Disappearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura,

Disappearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, Tuesday, December 25, 2018 in Los Angeles (Fasting till Noon)

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada was known as ‘simha’ (lion) ‘guru’ due to his fearless and ferocious preaching. If an impersonalist saw him on the street, the impersonalist would cross the road in fear, or turn off onto another street. Those who didn’t, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta would go up to and shake them violently, his huge body towering over them, and say, “Why do you say the Lord has no form? Nonsense offender!”

We have already mentioned his birth and some of his early pastimes in connection with his father Srila Bhaktivindoda Thakura, and his ‘Guru’ Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaja.

He appeared on February 6th 1874. His father was the deputy magistrate of Puri, and had been for three years. Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur had been concerned that the pure teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu would be usurped by unauthorized persons, who were members of 13 apa-sampradayas and so he prayed for a Ray of Vishnu. Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura had started his mission for Lord Caitanya late in life. He was also very busy with his profession. But he wrote profusely, and wanted someone to preach boldly to establish these pure teachings.

The Padma Purana predicted Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati: a very elevated, pure and learned personality would appear in Purushottama-ksetra to spread the glories of Lord Jagannatha all over the world. His activities would be very unique.

When he was 6 months old, the Rathayatra was held. The cart stopped in front of Srila Bhaktivinoda’s house (which was on the main road between the temple and the Gundica mandira. The cart stayed there for 3 days. On the 3rd day, Bhagavati devi (mother of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati) brought out the child and the ‘pujaris’ picked him up and put him on the cart. He crawled to the base of Lord Jagannatha, and touched His lotus feet. Simultaneously a garland fell from the neck of the Lord and landed around the child. The pujaris exclaimed that this boy is particularly blessed by Lord Jagganatha.

The ‘Annaprasha’ festival (first grains ceremony), first grain taken by children which is usually given when the first sign of teeth are there something like six-months old, so for Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati the first grain was Jagannatha Prasada. Vimala devi is offered the ‘prasada’ after Jagannatha takes; hence his name Bimala Prasada. When during the ‘Anna-prasna’ ceremony the child is shown the ‘shastra’ and coins to give some indication as to his nature by what he goes for baby Bimal chose the Srimad Bhagavatam as opposed to the gold coins.

When he was five family had become senior deputy magistrate: only three of these in all of India under British Raja. Mango incident happened at this time. Never again took ripe mangos. But he took green mango chutney offered by his disciples; this was a favourite of his.

When Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati was 7 years old, his father Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura moved to Calcutta, to the “Bhakti-Bhavan” house was building. While digging foundation they found Deity of Lord Kurma. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura gave him his first initiation and the name Siddhanta Saraswati; and initiated his son into the worship of Lord Kurma. He was doing this every single day without missing. Even when he was admitted into school.

He was a very expert student. However his preference was to study the Vaishnava books of his father. He did just that and studied books of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, but never fell behind in school – he remembered everything after hearing it once. His teachers were astonished, and his father was very pleased.

As a boy, Bimala Prasada delivered his oldest brother Acyutananda from an offense he’d made in his last life. Acyutananda had a nervous disease, and once became very sick. Bimala Prasada took ‘karatals’ and chanted the ‘Hare Krishna mantra’ constantly for 6 days without eating. Then Ramanuja-sampradaya ’tilaka’ appeared on Acyutananda’s forehead. He said, “I am a Ramanuja Vaishnava. I committed an offense to a Gaudiya Vaishnava in my last life and therefore had to take this birth. Now I am relieved.” Then he left his body for dead.

In 1892, after passing his entrance examination, Bimala was admitted into the Sanskrit College of Calcutta. There he spent considerable time in the library studying various books on philosophy. He also studied the Vedas under the guidance of Prithvidhara Sharma. As a student he contributed many thoughtful articles to various religious journals. However he did not continue with his college studies for long.

We told this story before, but from another angle; Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura had taken initiation from Bipin Bihari Goswami, who came in the line of Gadadhara Pandit, through Janavi Devi. However once when Bipin Bihari Goswami was visiting Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, the Thakura paid obeisances and Bipin Bihari Goswami placed his foot on Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s head. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati saw this and was surprised. 

He thought this was a dangerous thing for Bipin Bihari Goswami to do. When Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura left the room, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura asked him a question: “You are my father’s ‘guru’. But do you know who he is?” Bipin Bihari Goswami was taken aback at this 7-year-old’s question. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati continued, “My father is a ‘nityasiddha’, an eternal associate of the Supreme Lord. Do you have sufficient spiritual potency to place your foot on his head?” 

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura returned at this time, so the conversation was interrupted. Bipin Bihari Goswami said, “Your son is bold to the point of being rude.” Later on, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura found this out and used to tell this story to his disciples.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura in krishna-lila is Kamalaman-manjari, and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is his eternal assistant, Nayana-manjari. At age 13 he started higher education. Once Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura returned from Puri with Tulasi and initiated his son into chanting Hare krishna Mahamantra and he also took ‘Nrsingha mantra’ initiation, ‘ugram bhiram maha-vishnum’etc.

During this time he invented, and developed a shorthand script called ‘Vikanta’, so much was his genius.

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, after seeing the wonderful vision of a golden ‘mandira’, began begging door to door for funds to establish the Yoga Pitha. At 18, Srila (Bhakti) Siddhanta Saraswati entered Capital Sanskrit College affiliated with Calcutta University. Within a short time mastered the 6 limbs of Sanskrit studies: ‘shiksha’, ‘jyotish’, ‘chanda’, ‘alankara’, etc.

When Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati was 22 he left college to avoid taking householder life. He took up work under the king of Tripura. Tripura had been turned to a Vaishnava state by the king of Manipur, who was a disciple of Narottama dasa Thakur.

So Srila Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati became Raja Pandit there for 3 years. He retired with full pension, which Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati accepted for a few years and then voluntarily stopped.

Around this time he took initiation from Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji. Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji had been a grain merchant before taking ‘babaji’. He’d gone to Vrindavana and did ‘bhajana’ for a long time. Then he came to Navadwipa. By this time Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura had retired and had built a ‘bhajana kutir’ in Navadwipa (Godruma). He gave Srimad Bhagavatam class there every day. Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji used to come to these classes. 

Srila Bhaktivinoda told Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati to accept Srila Gaura Kishora as initiating ‘guru’. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati approached Gaura Kishora, asking “Please give me your mercy.” Gaura Kishora answered, “Mercy is not mine to give. It is the property of Lord Chaitanya Himself. I’ll ask Him, and if He agrees, I can give you.”

Second time they met, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati inquired, “Did you ask Him?” “No, I forgot.” Third time same thing happened. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati said, “You worship that great cheat, Krishna, Who is cheating everyone. And so you are also cheating me. But if you continue in this way, I will simply give up my life, because my life is useless without receiving you mercy.” Then Gaura Kishora das Babaji gave initiation to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati as Varshabhanavi-devi dasa. Then Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati gave up all other activities to chant 194 rounds daily for 7 years. He had a ‘kutir’ but did not spend the time to repair the roof; he just used an umbrella if it rained.

In 1897 he started an autonomous Catuspathi (‘Sanskrit’ school) wherefrom monthly journals entitled “Jyotirvid”, “Vrihaspati”, and many old treatises on astrology were published. In 1898, while teaching at Sarasvata Catuspathi, he studied Siddhanta Kaumudi under Prthvidhara Sarma, at Bhaktibhavana. By the time he was twenty five he had become well versed in Sanskrit, mathematics, and astronomy, and he had established himself as the author and publisher of many magazine articles and one book, Suryasiddhanta, for which he received the epithet Siddhanta Sarasvati in recognition of his erudition.

In 1895 Sarasvati Goswami accepted service under the Tripura Royal Government as an editor for the biography entitled Rajaratnakara, the life histories of the royal line of the independent Tripura Kingdom. Later he was entrusted with the responsibility of educating the Yuvaraja Bahadur and Rajkumar Vrajendra Kisore, in Bengali and Sanskrit. After a short period of time, Siddhanta Saraswati took up the responsibilities for inspecting various ongoing activities in the royal palace for the state of Tripura. However, after finding enviousness, malice and corruption surfacing in every corner of his inspection, Siddhanta Saraswati very quickly developed an aversion to state affairs and gave notice of his intention to retire to Maharaja Radhakisore Manikya Bahadur. 

The Maharaja approved of Siddhanta Sarasvati’s plans for renunciation and awarded him full pay pension. However, after three years Siddhanta Sarasvati also renounced his pension. With his father, he visited many Tirthas and heard discourses from the learned pandits. In October 1898 Siddhanta Sarasvati accompanied Bhaktivinoda on a pilgrimage of Kasi, Prayag, Gaya and other holy places. At Kasi a discussion was held with Ramamisra Shastri regarding the Ramanuja Sampradaya. After this talk Siddhanta Sarasvati’s life seemed to take a turn, his inclination towards renunciation increased, and he quietly continued to search for a ‘sadguru’.

When Siddhanta Sarasvati was twenty six his father, understanding the mind of his son, guided him to take initiation from a renounced Vaisnava saint, Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji, who we will now bring into the picture. actually it is inpossible to separate these three especially, anyway we will do our best to shed some light on their all effulent forms. Although it is like shining a candle to illumine the Sun globe.

One discipline of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura who wanted to continue the mission came looking for Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati in Navadwipa at this time, knowing him to be as powerful a personality as his father. He went around asking the locals if they knew of a sadhu matching Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati’s desciption, but they all answered, “We don’t know of a sadhu, we only know of one madman. We see him moving here and there, crying aloud and sometimes rolling on the ground.” 

So he went searching for him in the jungle next to the Ganga, where they said he sometimes could be seen. Suddenly he heard Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati crying “Krishna Krishna Haribol! Nitai Gaura Hari Bol!” He saw him burst out from the forest and plunge, fully dressed, into the Ganga. He kept on shouting in the water, splashing about. Then he came out. 

The disciple of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura then approached him, requesting him to come to Calcutta to head up the sankirtana mission there. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati answered, “Sankirtana? Can you not see the wonderful ‘sankirtana’ mission of Sri Caitanya right here in the holy ‘dham’ of Navadwipa? Is it not wonderful? Sri Pancha-tattwa are chanting and dancing in ecstacy, surrounded by all their associates. Can you not see this?” Then Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati ran off, again shouting “Haribol” in great ecstacy. As it was sunset by this time, that man took his bath in the Ganga, and mentally renounced the idea of organizing the ‘sankirtana’ mission.

But later on, in 1918, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati appeared at his door in Calcutta, in ‘sannyasi’ robes with ‘danda’, freshly shaven, and ordered, “Now we are founding a Society, the Sri Gaudiya Matha. Draw up the papers immediately and have it registered. Though he’d arrived at 4 p.m., the work was done before that same afternoon was ended.

Even before 1918 he decried the ‘Jatigosai’ / ’brahmana’ monopoly of giving initiation only to born ‘brahmins’. He preached very boldly against them. The ‘brahmins’ challenged him, “where does the ‘Gaura mantra’ appear in any authorized scripture as a Gayatri?” (Because the Gaudiya Vaishnavas would take this ‘mantra’ as a ‘pancharatriki mantra’ for ‘brahminical’ initiation.) They said, “Sri Chaitanya claimed only to be a devotee. Why do you say he is the Supreme Personality Of Godhead and use His name in place of authorized scriptural names and ‘mantras’?”

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati cited Chaitanyopanishad from the Atharva-veda, discoverd by Srila Bhaktivinode, 19 verses glorifying Lord Chaitanya. In another assembly he directly attacked the ‘brahmins’ and ‘Jati Gosais’. He initiated the movement to take back the teachings of Lord Caitanya from the hands of such unauthorized persons. Srila Vishvanatha, Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana, his disciple Uddhava dasa Babaji, his disciple Madhusudana dasa Babaji, were all saintly renounced souls: after Baladeva there was no-one to strongly represent the pure teaching of Lord Caitanya and preach them boldly. During Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s time, Gaudiya Vaishnava meant Baul, Aula, Sakhi-Beki, Jati Gosai, etc. who were all degraded. The Vaishnavas got no respect. At this time the shaktas became strong from Rama-Krishna-Vivekananda, and this put further obstructions for the establishment of pure Vaishnava dharma. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati preached against all of this nonsense.

When Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj left the planet, the ‘babajis’ wanted to do the ‘samadhi’ rites. He’d said he wanted to have his body dragged through the streets by his “disciples”. The ‘babajis’ had gathered to do that, they’d tied a rope around the neck.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati crossed over to Navadwipa from Mayapura and stopped them, saying “None of you are his disciples.” Babaji Maharaja had one disciple, that one was Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, (in other records it says he only had two disciples, the other was Vamsivata dasa Babaji Maharaja, who was an ‘avadhuta’). “I am the right claimant to perform these last rites.” They said, “But he was a ‘babaji’, and you are not.” Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati answered, “Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji does not come in ‘babaji’ line. He was initiated by Nimai Chand Goswami, who was a Nityananda Parivat, coming in the line of Lord Nityananda. He received his ‘Vesha’ (‘babaji’ dress) from Bhagavata dasa Babaji Maharaja, who is an initiated disciple of Jagannatha dasa Babaji.”

Before Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, from time of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, param-bhakta Vaishnavas would get ‘Vesha’ (white knee length cloth, ‘koupin’, waterpot and bead-bag) initiation, not ‘tridandi sannyasa’. “Bhaktivinode Thakur also took ‘Vesha’ from Jagannatha dasa Babaji. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, though ‘diksha’ initiated of Bipin Bihari Goswami, received ‘siksha’ and ‘vesha’ from Jagannatha dasa Babaji. And Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji received ‘siksha’ from Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s line is Bhagavata Parampara, not seminal line.” So he challenged them to show that any such line came from Rupa or Sanatana Goswami. As to be a Rupanuga means coming in Bhagavata Sampradaya. Rupa told of Advaita’s rejecting His own son Madhusudana because he accepted Lord Caitanya only, but not Lord Nityanananda.

“If you are Babajis, then you are fully sense controlled. So the one of you who has not engaged in any illicit activities in the past 1 year, come and do the last rites.” No one stood up. “One month? One week? 24 hours?” No one stood up. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati then placed Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Magharaj’s body in ‘samadhi’. So after finishing with the ‘smartas’, ‘jati gosais’, he took on ‘Babas’. He would take on and defeat anyone solely to establish pure unalloyed, undeviated krishna consciousness.

Then in 1918 he opened his first center in Ultadanga Road in Calcutta. He was then 44. Kunjabihari Vidyabhusana (Bhakti Vilasa Tirtha Maharaja) was his main manager and a prominent devotee in the Matha. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati had made a vow after taking ‘sannyasa’ that he would never touch money. Everything was arranged by his disciples. Many of them wishing to assist his mission took up responsible jobs, e.g. Kunja Babu became a post-master.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati did ‘nagara kirtana’ with disciples and was invited to programs by the King of Burdwan or the King of Kooch Bihar; everywhere he established Lord Caitanya’s teachings as the most excellent spiritual philosophy.

He knew all Vaishnava philosophies most expertly. He brought out books on their ‘darshans’, e.g. Madhvacharya’s arguments against Mayavadis.

As well as other Vaishnavacaryas like Ramanuja. In the temple he established in Mayapur he built 4 small temples in honor of the 4 Vaishnava sampradayas. He put the deities of the 4 founder acaryas there; Madhwacarya; Ramanujacarya; Nimbarkacarya; and Visnu Swami.

He started the Gaudiya Mission in the midst of war and national liberation agitation. He was uncompromising in his disregard of such mundane concerns. “The most important thing is to invoke the spirit of devotion to the Supreme Lord; this concern lies far above any material consideration.” Many leaders objected, but he continued. In this period the aristocratic young Abhay Charan De (latter known as Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) visited Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati on the rooftop at Ultadanga Road; At this time Abhay charan De was adherent of the national liberation movement, but Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati convinced him in one sitting of the vital necessity of Lord Caitanya’s mission over everything else.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati’s ‘sannyasa’: happened in 1918. He could have taken ‘babaji’ but didn’t. Many ‘babajis’ wanted to initiate him, as he’d shown himself to be such a powerful exponent of Vaishnavism (e.g. his 3-day debate with caste ‘brahmins’ attended by Vaishnava scholars, in which he resoundingly defeated caste pretensions and established the Vaishnava view of ‘brahminical’ status by quality of work, not birth).

When he gave himself ‘tridandi sannyasa’ (or more correctly, had taken ‘sannyasa’ from a picture of Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaj), this was a shock to even his supporters, including disciples of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. The controversy was not over the method of initiation in this instant as some criticise him for. But over ‘varnashrama’; they thought he was returning to the ‘Varnashram-dharma’ that Lord Caitanya had rejected in his talks with Srila Ramananda Raya. But the concern was for nothing, as he was not continuing the bodily ‘varna’-and-‘ashram’ system, but was establishing ‘Daivi-varnashrama’.

Srila Prabhodananda, Lokanatha Goswami were great Gaudiya ‘sannyassis’ of the past. Prabhodananda Saraswati converted a great ‘smriti acharya’, Gopal Bhatta Ghosh, and gave him ‘tridandi sannyasa’. Srila Gadadhara Pandita was also ‘tridandi sannyasi’. Without establishment of ‘Daivi-Varnashram-Dharma’, ‘babaji’ (supposedly, or with the concept of ‘paramhamsa’ initiation) will, as it had become a farce.

In this way Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati travelled and preached initially from Mayapura to vrindavana and challenged the authority of the ‘babajis’, and others.Some ritualistic and narrow minded persons found fault, as one can even do with the moon in the sky. “They protested that this was unauthorized.” He said, “Everything I am doing can be supported by scriptural reference, but nothing you do can be. You take young boys who don’t even know how to clean themselves after passing stool and giving them ‘sakhi rupa.’ I am giving ‘samskara’ to reform the fallen souls, and this ‘samskar’ is the ‘Hari Nama’, which Lord Chaitanya gave as the ‘siddha pranali’. No rules of caste or creed bind this ‘Harer Nama diksha.”

Then they tried to say that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati was not properly initiated in an established line. He disproved this. Srila Gaura Kishora dasa Babaji Maharaja was initiated in line of Nityananda, but he (Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati) did not accept that line. In fact Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati rejected that line from Nimai Jatgoswami (line of Nityananda, Jahnavi, Bir Chandra Prabhu. Rather Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura stressed Bhagavata Sampradaya, and didn’t care for material or seminal lines.

Therefore in his pranams the term, ‘Rupanuga virrudhapa siddhanta’, ‘any conclusion against the precepts of Rupa Goswami is to be rejected immediately’ is to be found.

In his life he founded 64 Gaudiya Math temples throughout India. For his further preaching and attempts to spread krishna consciousness beyond the bounds of India, as his father had desired too, he sent three disciples to west, and he gave ten westerners initiation, mostly from young intelligent men from Germany and a couple of elderly women in St John’s Wood in London, by sending sannyasis to Germany and England(Rupa Vilasa dasa. 1988. “Raya of Visnu”.).

During this time Abhay Caran De (Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) met Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada. He was a young man – a ‘khadi’ clad follower of Gandhi’s national movement. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada, seeing this bright faced young man before him, convinced him of a necessity to preach krishna consciousness. “In this world there is no shortage of anything, only krishna consciousness.” Srila Bhaktisiddhanta also requested young Abhay Caran De, “You are an intelligent young man. If you ever get money, print books in the English language.” Our Srila Prabhupada was so impressed that he took this as his life’s mission. Some eleven years later he took diksa initiation from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura, who told his other disciples who printed the Sajjana Tosani newspaper on his order, “Whatever Abhay Caran writes, print it.” He obviously knew his worth.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada was always eager to reveal transcendental knowledge. Whenever he found an eager listener he would go on speaking, not knowing bounds of time and space. Disregarding requests of his medical advisers, up to the last moment, he continued to deliver the message of the Supreme Lord to all people. This was his only purpose for his appearance in this world. All his tours were highly successful, though not without events because many of his disciples were not from orthodox ‘Brahmin’ families. Though they wore the sacred ‘yajnopavitra’, ‘brahmin’ thread of the twice-born, many so-called ‘Brahmins’ objected. Shops would refuse to sell their goods to Bhaktisiddhanta’s ‘brahmana’ and ‘sannyasi’ disciples, even though according to the ‘Pancaratrika’ system of ‘Vaisnava agamas’, they were all properly initiated as ‘brahmanas’ and ‘sannyasis’.

His whole life was spent in a mood of loving devotion to the Lord. He was fully devoted to spreading the teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. The numerous publications and commentaries on the works of the previous ‘acaryas’ establishing the Lord to be ‘saccidananda vigraha’ is quite evident of this fact.

In 1936, whilst residing in the holy dhama of Jagannatha Puri at the age of 62, he left this mortal world to again return to the loving pastimes of Sri Sri Radha krishna in Brajaloka the topmost planet in the spiritual sky.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati used to “install” the printing presses that were acquired by the Gaudiya Matha for literature publication.

He gave many a heavy class on detachment from material life. Later, while writing, he observed a monkey stealing bananas from the godown, which was just next to his study. He ran out with a stick to chase the monkey away, overturning his writing table and spilling ink on the pages of his manuscript. When the cook saw this, he inquired, “Today you told that one must be detached. How to understand your behaviour just now – for two bananas you jumped from your writing to chase a monkey, and even ruined your work in the process?” Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati answered, “These bananas belong to Srimati Radharani, because they are to be used in Krishna’s service.”

He went to take a bath in a ‘pukkur’, and when he was seven steps above the surface of the water, the water rose seven steps and touched his lotus feet. Then all the ‘brahmacaries’ jumped in, to bath in the ‘caranamrta’.

At the Yoga Pith temple was a cook who was very passionate. He fought with every devotee there except for Srila Bhaktisiddhanta himself. Then he died. After the funeral ceremony was completed, the Gaudiya Matha ‘brahmacharies’ were sitting together and talking about how much trouble they’d had with the cook – each was telling stories about the fights he’d had with him. Suddenly Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati appeared at the doorway and said, “He always washed his ‘dhoti’ nicely and was very clean.” From then on nobody dared say anything negative about that cook. Although Srila Bhaktisiddhanta was renoun for his aggressive, and even ‘chopping’ attacks on the ‘mayavadins’ and other such offenders, he always showed true Vaishnava respect and appreciation for all of the devotees.

When one ‘mayavadi sadhu’ was preaching his oneness philosophy in the presence of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati and his disciples while they were riding on a train from Calcutta to Puri, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta ordered his ‘brahmacaries’ to feed the ‘sadhu’ some rotten mangos which had been donated to his party earlier (they were ripe when donated, but got rotten because Srila Bhaktisiddhanta would not take them due to his vow, and therefore no disciple would take either). After being obliged to eat four mangos, that sadhu fell at Srila Bhaktisiddhanta’s feet and swore he’d never preach the philosophy of exclusive undifferentiated oneness again.

His ‘kirtana’ procession (with him personally at the head) would stop all traffic wherever it went in Calcutta; in Puri even the brahmins accepted his ‘nam-sankirtana’ as fully authorized.

He stayed in Puri in his last days. He lectured for some days at the place known as “Goverdhana” in Puri, and before and after his talk he would recite prayers praising Goverdhana Hill and requesting shelter in some corner there. He would sometimes comment to his disciples, there’s not much time left. They could see something was going to happen soon, but weren’t sure what.

He got very sick ten days before he left his body. Two days later he wrote his last instruction: “Somehow we must become qualified to attain the shelter of Rupa and Raghunatha. Always chant Hare Krishna, always preach Krishna consciousness, and stay away from Vaishnava-aparadha. In this way become qualified to get the shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Rupa and Raghunatha.” Two days after that he wrote his letter to Srila Prabhupada (Abhaya Charan De).

All the big intellectuals of Calcutta had a memorial gathering upon hearning word of his death. One (an atheist), in eulogy, said: “Who will we argue with now?”

The full life story of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaja Prabhupada can be found in one very nice book which is a compilation and summary study of many books of the time on the life of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, and is entitled “A Ray of Visnu,” as was prayed for by his father before his taking birth. This book is available through ISKCON, and was published by Rupa Vilasa prabhu, a disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

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Merry Christmas and Hare Krishna Mantra (Video)

"Regarding the Christmas Day meal with your family, I do not think you should partake of the food prepared by non-devotees. Better you should prepare your own foodstuffs and offer to Krishna and then, if you like, you may offer these remnants to Lord Jesus. I think that Lord Jesus will also appreciate this. Of course you may sit down with your family and take fruits and milk which they offer but rather than taking the foods which they have prepared, you may prepare and offer your own prasadam for Lord Krishna, and then offer the same to Lord Jesus."

Letter to: Hrsikesa

Los Angeles
26 November, 1968

Winter Day at New Nandagram (Video)

Four Charged in India Temple Poison Plot

PADA: Temple factions fighting over money, assets, and did we forget -- the illicit affair? ys pd

China Gets Tough with Christian Religion (Christianpost)

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Hanuman Croatia's Chicken Salad ISKCON Guru Sampradaya

Main Cheerleader for the "Chicken Salad Guru Sampradaya"

PADA: Just in case no one has noticed, recently the GBC's guru process seems to have run dry of writers to defend their position. Have we read any recent big "position papers" from Satsvarupa, Ravindra Swarupa, Badrinarayan, Hari Sauri or other previous writers lately? Well in a word, nope. Sound of crickets (quiet). 

I think they know -- whatever they write now will be scrutinized, to their peril. Of course sometimes a little of their writing surfaces here and there, and it makes them look very silly (see their quote below). Notice that the gurus in the Bhakti Vikas Swami guru parampara have no known "degree of God realization"? 

Yep, this is the Bhakti Vikas swami guru sampradaya that Hanuman Croatia has been promoting and defending; their gurus have no known "degree of God realization." The guru who has no known degree of God realization means, he is simply a rubber stamped figure head aka a false guru. And this is the process we should defend? What exactly is a guru -- who has no known degree of God realization? 

He is just a guru because we are cramming that process down your throats, and we now have to offer bhogha to these gurus and worship them as gurus in our temples -- like it or not!  

Ooops, but coming at us to defend the "no known degree of God realization" guru process from left field is Hanuman Croatia, who is still writing defense of the GBC's "non-realized" guru process, starting off by telling us we need to accept that Bhakti Vikas swami is an authorized guru in the "no known degree of God realization" guru parampara. And why is that? Apparently, because Bhakti Vikas swami is a sannyasa disciple of the founder father of the illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's lineage, i.e. Jayapataka swami.

Keep taking sins, you are almost there!

Did we forget to mention that Jayapataka swami has been very ill from maybe a decade or more, allegedly (or apparently) "from taking sins." And folks like BVKS have encouraged JPS and others to be diksha gurus -- and absorb sins? Never mind Srila Prabhupada repeatedly warned us, we neophytes cannot absorb sins and if we attempt to do so artificially, we will have to suffer (in this life and the next). 

Wow, was listening to Chaitanya Bhagavat recently, and it is saying that false sannyasas have to go to the hell known as -- Kumbhipaka (cooked in oil in a pot): A person is cooked alive in boiling oil by Yamadutas. And they have to stay there for many lifetimes. Why is BVKS helping send his God brothers to these places? Oh I forgot, he is the only bona fide person around, so he is sending his own God brothers -- packing off to Kumbhipaka loka! And what happens to the followers who worship the residents of Kumbhipaka loka? 

It does seem like these false prophets get the worst treatment from the Yamaduttas, because they are cheating others. The Chaitanya Bhagavat is saying that an ordinary sinful man is condemned for being bad, but he only takes himself down, while these false gurus and sannyasa take many others down with them, hence their enhanced punishment for the crime. 

Chicken Salad Guru Sampradaya?

A former GBC guru was eating at a health food restaurant here some years ago, and I happened to be walking through to get to the entrance to the health food store. I noted him sitting at a table and went over and noted he was eating a chicken salad. And we had that confirmed by others, that this alleged "previous link in the guru parampara from Krishna" person in the Hanuman Croatia guru parampara is now is a non-veg. And this is one of the previous acharya "gurus" in the Hanuman guru sampradaya? Almost forgot, these bogus "previous links" then 2/3 show of hands "voted in" the current links. 

The chicken salad guru sampradaya?

PADA: Of course, we never get any answer from Hanuman Croatia to the question, what exactly is his chicken salad guru sampradaya? And why would Bhakti Vikas Swami get voted into that sampradaya? And how come we have to offer bhogha to the chicken salad guru sampradaya's folks, at all? 

BVKS program's editor in chief

Of course another problem is that the Bhakti Vikas Swami guru's program is "re-writing" the books of Srila Prabhupada, much to the disdain of us folks. And Bhakti Vikas swami says we Prabhupadanugas are the bad guys for complaining about such things, but wait, we are the main people complaining about the changed books. Why hasn't BVKS stepped up to help us forward this complaint, and instead we see him sitting around having tea and crumpets with the bogus GBC's folks who support the book changers policy? 

Did we forget to mention -- Jayadvaita swami is the person who says the BVKS guru program contains "illicit sex with men, women and perhaps children." And maybe goats? And this is a bona fide guru sampradaya? Why doesn't Hanuman Croatia know that God's successors are not "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children" which is a key pillar principle of his BVKS guru process?

And recently a follower of BVKS wrote to tell me "you are a small fry nobody, and you need to keep your mouth shut." OK so they advised everyone to keep their mouth shut, and most folks did. Thus, when we said there is an abuse and molesting program going on, and people shut up about it -- the end result was that the BVKS guru program was sued in Dallas for $400,000,000. That is "a small fry problem"? Yep, $400,000,000 is a small fry's chump change for the BVKS process! Who knew! Why does the BVKS guru program think that being sued for $400,000,000, and bankrupting ISKCON, is a "small fry problem"? 

Did we forget to mention?
The Bhakti Vikas Guru program buries deviants in samadhis?
In the dham!

PADA: Sexual predators and porno swamis do not belong in samadhis, and yet the BVKS program is burying these deviants right next to the samadhis of the acharyas. Why don't these people know that this is wrong? Did we forget to mention that the GBC reinstated a known sex with taxi driver's deviant as their acharya, and then voted in Bhakti Vikas Swami as a member of that guru sampradaya? 

And they are even saying their porno swami "definitely went back to Godhead." Watching porn while posing as a sannyasa and acharya, takes a person back to Godhead? The good news? A devotee wrote to tell me he had been watching porn from time to time, but after learning that some of these GBC acharyas are interested in pornography, its made him turned off from having anymore interest. "I cannot be interested in anything they are, it makes me puke to think that I am like them in any way, shape or form." Hah hah!  

Not sure how we can keep saying that a member of this "guru parampara" is bona fide, and that they can take us back to Krishna. And now after all this defending a member of this mess, Hanuman Croatia is advising the ritviks how they should conduct things? Anyway, the good news is, Hanuman's chicken salad guru parampara is being rejected more and more each day and we are getting more and more people to become Prabhupadanugas. In sum, even if some of the so-called ritviks are not up to high standard, and admittedly some are not, they at least do not worship a chicken salad, and illicit sex with men, women and children guru sampradaya. At least they know who is the acharya, and who is not. ys pd 

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