Saturday, December 15, 2018

ISKCON Preaching Site's Failing Finances

[PADA: Apparently, ISKCON is not funding what is advertised as one of their main preaching Web Sites. Meanwhile, at least apparently, there is always a spare $100,000,000 on hand for lawsuits. In fact one follower of Jayapataka told PADA that they would not hesitate to spend "$100,000,000 over the next 100 years suing the ritviks," if need be. Yep, plenty of money on hand to STOP the preaching, yet not so much on hand to maintain, and CREATE or HELP the preaching.

This web site was being questioned about a year ago when one of the speakers was saying gurus can fall into illusion. And thus some people thought they were linking gurus and acharyas like Srila Prabhupada to being prone to fall down and illusion. 

Well yep. The speaker was from the Jayapataka Bangalore program, so of course they are preaching that acharyas are often fallen debauchees and deviants. Anyway, its self evident that even what they call their "big preaching" is not supported very much. ys pd] 


Dear Devotees,

Greetings from ISKCON Desire Tree.

One of our widely visited website which contains unique collection 30,000 + audio lectures for slokas of Srimad-Bhagavatam given by senior ISKCON leaders was taken down recently.

The reason being large storage size of audio lectures and Server company wanted us to upgrade Hosting plan to Dedicated server which would cost us additional expense of 15,000/- rs per month, we couldn't afford.

Thousands of devotees get their daily spiritual nourishment through this website.

We request you to kindly donate generously so that we can upgrade server and make this site available again.

Your valued donations will not only benefit Website, but will also earn unlimited mercy of Vaishnava's who take shelter in this vast online audio library.

Any amount of monetary donations is welcome and we will be highly honored and obliged for the support.

Thanking you for your generous consideration.

Our mailing address is:
E-mail :
Phone: +91 9321 164 690
Phone: +91 8767 845 845

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