Saturday, December 29, 2018

Aligarh Rounds Up Stray Cows / Locks Them in Schools

Be nice to the cows!

[PADA: OK, big surprise here folks! Cows need to be cared for -- by the humans, and given a place to live, as well as food, water, shelter and so on. And not just having them freely running around in the vehicle clogged streets, eating plastic bags full of trash and rotten old newspapers. And did we forget to mention, some of the "free roaming" cows accumulate horrible injuries from falling into holes, being hit with vehicles, and they freeze in winter and etc. 

Can we put a two year old child out on the street and expect the child can take care of itself? Nope! Not working! 

Well at least now these poor cows are in the schools, maybe that will inspire people to figure out -- something finally needs to be done to actually care and manage these cows. Poor cows were herded here by being beaten with huge sticks in the video, which is why I am not posting it, its too horrible to see. Aligarh type places are where cattle rustlers are beaten up or worse. OK goody, so they let the cows live, but then -- don't care for them? What is the actual program then? ys pd]

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