Thursday, December 13, 2018

ISKCON Moscow Deities Rented for Parties?

[PADA: Not exactly sure what all is going on here. All I know is, this looks like a bad idea. We have heard about various odd ball things going on in Russia zone, and this could be a sign of further deterioration. The only good news is, at least a few people know something is amiss. ys pd]


The deities of the Moscow temple of  Krishna Sri Sri Doyal Nitai Sacisuta go to Nilachala Candra devi dasi for a birthday - 

"Even the day after tomorrow, we will celebrate our birthdays with Janardana Prabhu. Both of us are 30 years old, I was already the birthday before yesterday, and him birthday will be this Sunday. We rented a large hall and called our friends and also viewers and readers from my social networks. 

We are preparing an interesting program: Janardana Prabhu will be a DJ, he will play modern club music from mantras. There will be kirtan and Prasad as well. And Sri Madana Mohini invited Sri Sri Nitai Sacisuta to us on this holiday and They agreed to come!" 

Since when did the Moscow deities of Sri Sri Doyal Nitai Sacisuta go to holidays and birthday parties in rented rooms or halls? But what about daily worship, does it stop? How are deities transported? What does it mean "They agreed to come!"? Nilachala talked with deities? She is alright? Is she crazy? 

Where is the temple president's overseeing, or pujari, or yatra council, or GBC? How much does it cost to order for self for the birthday of the Deities from the temple now? Ah, Vishnu-rata Prabhu -

Announce the price tag. What should be done? What a shame! Just a shame. The most absurdity of the situation is that she writes about this to her guru, Hakimov, Caitanya Candra Caran, a member of the GBC in the Ural.

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