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PADA Nominates Walmart Lady to Lead ISKCON India

[PADA: The ISKCON preaching in India is "going strong." Why? Because they are teaching people the GBC's apa-siddhanta, i.e. that India's acharyas are often drunkards, drug addicts and debauchees who are maybe "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children"? And they are burying sexual predators and pornography swamis in samadhis in the dham! In India. And they are making Kirtanananda's glorious henchmen the biggest authority there! In India. Great preaching indeed! 


Meanwhile! Any ordinary "mundane woman" walking down the street -- actually anywhere in the USA -- knows that God's successors, gurus and messiahs are not EVER "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." Nor can people engaged as such "vote in another wave of messiahs." Yep! Any woman from the USA could defeat the entire GBC board, whether India board or Western board, and even after drinking a six pack of beer! They know better! 

Same basic problem we have with Hanuman Croatia, Bhakti Vikas Swami et al. they think its ok to have their men's program preaching that God's successors are often debauchees but we cannot allow women to do that. Very silly really? What difference does it make "what is the gender" of the people they allow to promote apa-siddhanta?   

Sorry, the GBC needs to find any ordinary woman to be their new leader. Even any Walmart woman clerk, and make her the head of their ISKCON India bureau! She will immediately make a policy, let's get these sexual predators out of these bogus samadhis, and quit telling little children that God's gurus, acharyas, messiahs and successors are often drunkards and debauchees! 

This is amazing, the India board promotes the same bogus apa-siddhanta as the Western board. Who cares "what gender" they make out of the people preaching that deviation, whether male or female? Amazing, we should continue to preach that acharyas are often drunkards, debauchees, and criminals, but we should not have women preaching that? 

A lot of good that does, hah hah! This stuff is getting ritvik-diculous! Yep, only men bodied souls should be preaching that God's gurus / acharyas / successors are often fools, sexual predators, drunks and debauchees, women should not be allowed into our circle to do that. Yep, that will fix things, hah hah hah! ys pd]

Feminist Diksha Gurus are Coming


If you thought that because all was quiet on the Western front in regard to Feminist Female Diksha Gurus and that the issue had died then you were wrong. While ISKCON India was lulled into a false sense of security the opposing party has been furiously but quietly working to have Female Diksha Gurus become a fact in ISKCON by the next AGM in 2019!

The iGBC secretly had discussions about FDG at the mid term meeting in October but there is no mention of them in the publicly available GBC minutes. Why? It appears that the plan is to ambush ISKCON India and suddenly foist it on us so that we (ISKCON India) will have no time to react and it will then be a fait acompli. This has been a successful strategy for the North American controlled iGBC in the past and this is how we ended up with Female GBCs, the Women's Vaisnavi Ministry, women giving class in Mayapura and several other abominations.

The current proposal is that "suitably qualified" senior ladies will be allowed to give first initiation, but not second initiation. This restriction presumably is to mollifying ISKCON India. But it is a crazy idea because who will get first from one guru and second from another? So the next step will be to let women give both since they already give first. Once the nose of the camel is in the tent, the rest of the camel will soon follow.

Once the proposal is rammed down ISKCON India's throat and passed some women have already been selected and will immediately be allowed to initiate. It is reported that Devaki dd has stated that Badrinarayana Swami already nominated her to be a diksha guru at the next AGM.

This is all coming from ISKCON West[1] which is in disarray with very few successful projects. Where you will find more Deities than devotees at mangala arotika. These GBCs think they are the "New East India Company" and can shove their diktat down the throat of ISKCON India. But, it is ISKCON India that is the only successful part of ISKCON. Yet the failed part of ISKCON (ISKCON West) wants to to impose their strategies for "success" on us.

Just to remind you, the iGBC has no legal authority in India. The Bureau is the legal authority for ISKCON India. In the past ISKCON India humbly acquiesced to the iGBC in a spirit of cooperation and allowed them to manage Mayapura and Vrndavan which they turned into feminist enclaves and managerial nightmares in contrast to the rest of India which is reasonably well run and greatly flourishing in every category. It got so bad that the Bureau flexed its muscle and evicted the iGBC from Mayapura. The same needs to be done for Vrndavana, but we digress.

Reverting back to Feminist Diksha Gurus. No one should have any illusion that this is about spiritual qualifications. No. This all stems from feminism which has completely infiltrated ISKCON West and thus the drive for women to take over traditional male roles. The dominant players pushing for FDG are the usual suspects like the Women's Ministry which, as previously reported, is run by a divorce lawyer and a woman who was blooped for 15 years during which time she married a sannyasi, became a Satan worshiper, ran a brothel, and was a drug addict. And their male supporters like Praghosa, Anuttama, and others.

They have the misguided idea that somehow, mystically, if we make women gurus and have female leadership that ISKCON in the West will again be relevant. That ISKCON West was ruined by the men but that women will make it all better again. That "whatever a man can do a woman can do better." And that women are expert at cleaning up after the messes that men make. So what better idea than to let women take over the leadership of ISKCON?

This of course is all feminist mythology. That the world is a mess because of men and that if women were in control we would be in a paradise. Fifty years ago people fell for this rot but now 50 years later we can see what female leadership has given us. The female president of Brazil was impeached and is facing criminal investigation. The female president of S Korea impeached and jailed. Angela Merkel of Germany has single handedly destroyed the EU because of her misguided immigration policies. The female president of Argentina totally corrupt, and destroyed the Argentinian economy. In Bangladesh both opposing sides are led by women, both corrupt. The same happened in Sri Lanka. And of course here in India we had Indira, in the past and now Mamta, Jayalalita (recently died) and Mayawati, all corrupt and somewhat crazy.

As previously reported the National Church of Sweden which at one time had a membership of 95% of the population is now female led for some time and membership has dropped to 60% with further losses of 15% expected in the next few years. The female Bishop of Germany who was leader of the German Lutheran church had to resign her position after she ran a red light while drunk and crashed her car.

Returning again to FDG we should not expect help from the so-called conservative GBCs because they have now compromised and are supporting this proposal. These are the same people who were formerly staunch opponents of the Indophobic leader of Krsna West, Hrdayananda dasa Goswami, but who then voted unanimously to put him back on the GBC.[2] What kind of people do these things?

In previous news items we reported that the new generation in both India and the West is projected to be the most conservative and traditional since WW2. And also that in India there is a huge surge in recruits to the RSS with the reported reason that people want to get back to their roots. Why do I point this out? Because our customers, the public, are as a demographic going to be much more attracted to conservative and traditional values than left wing feminism. So going the feminist route of Feminist Diksha Gurus is not going to help us, just the opposite.

ISKCON would already have FDGs because the first one was nominated in 2003. Then the GBC made official proposals in 2005 and several others over the years. Why do we still not have Female Diksha Gurus in ISKCON? Because ISKCON India has protested that this is against Krsna's Vedic culture. That Srila Prabhupada wanted ISKCON to re-establish Vedic culture (bhārati samskriti) in India and the world. And it is because of the strong stance of ISKCON India that the iGBC is using sneaky tactics to get over and around our protests and force this on us. So it is up to the leaders of ISKCON India to resist this and kick it out completely. That the GBC must stop and desist and repeal any proposals for implementing FDGs and instead pass laws prohibiting FDGs.

To put it simply if ISKCON India does not act strongly now there will be Feminist Diksha Gurus in ISKCON for Gaupurnima 2019. It is now up to you.

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