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"Little Krishna" -- Espanol Subtitles (Video)

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Sulochana's "Guru Business" In Russian Language

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Prayers by Queen Kunti (Video)

Jayadvaita Protests Brooklyn Temple Sale

Sell books not temples (notice button on his sweater). Right! This is what happens when the GBC makes false acharyas like Romapada, they become rogue operators. ys pd

Hansadutta In Hospital

Seeking your prayers and blessings for Hansadutta Prabhu who is in the hospital. He was found in his home unconscious a few days ago. Not sure right now what the details are but please send your love to Hansadutta who is very dear to Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: We will update as we find out more details. He looked very frail and weak the last time we saw him. ys pd]

Mayapura Meltdown: Keeping Evil Empire in Power

Srila Prabhupada says, anyone who claims acharyas are deviants is 
ALREADY a resident of Hell (Narakah sah).

PADA: Bhavananda was one of the original GBC's "good ole boys" people who co-orchestrated and co-caused some of the worst scandals that ISKCON has had to endure, including -- establishing that acharyas are often engaged in illicit sex -- if not homosexual actions. 

In addition, there was the $400,000,000 child abuse lawsuit which was a direct by-product -- end result -- of their "gay partee" program in their "gurukula" schools. Normally, after a person causes their religion to go bankrupt, and their program creates giant bad publicity all over the public news media, then -- he is banned from the premises. Yet that is not the case with our "good ole boys network." They seem to keep the arsonists and remove us (the fire department).

In addition, the "good ole boys network" GBC's regime's anti-family, anti-women, anti-children, and pro-homosexual's agenda, drove out thousands of families and ladies from ISKCON. In addition, Bhavananda is still insulting women by telling men their wives are foolish maya (which is what Kirtanananda said).   

This was their program's whole problem all along -- i.e. their anti-family-ism agenda -- and that has had devastating consequences for ISKCON and its citizens -- ok and all along since 1977. This is ultimately an ANTI-VARNASRAMA program, its discouraging householders to participate. Clearly, Bhavananda, Jayapataka, Hari Sauri and other "good ole boys" have been among the king pin leaders of this agenda. Yet! The deviants get to stay, while thousands or even millions of householders have to go, because the normal householders cannot stomach the pro-homosexual "acharya's parampara" agenda, or ongoing "good ole boys" regime's remnants thereof.

So here is Bhavananda, a guy who orchestrates causing his religion a $400,000,000 lawsuit; And he co-causes many children to be victimized -- which devastates and alienates MOST of the second generation of the entire ISKCON children population -- and thus MOST of them leave the religion en masse; And he co-causes bad media publicity from his sexual predator messiah's program which devastates the whole religion as well -- because the court case against his agenda is widely publicized in public media; And he co-causes the expense of his corrupt empire to bankrupt ISKCON; And -- so on and so forth. 

Yes, he gets to stay, and all the rest of us have to go? Radha Jivan is not a saint mind you, but he is at least aware that the "good ole boys" program has to go, which means even the crooked know better than the GBC? 

Yep, Bhavananda and associates are among the apparent worse fire bomb throwers -- destroyers -- of ISKCON in spades. OK, they have orchestrated an evil agenda, and yet they get to stay. And then Amburish and the GBC's "good ole boys managers" network are apparently crying because they still want this deviated person to stay in a seat of managing the biggest project of ISKCON, despite their "main man" is despised all over the place, despite their support of this person bankrupted the whole society and turned it into a ghost town, and children victims of their agenda have been -- committing suicide etc etc etc. 

Yep, he is a keeper! This corrupt program and its protectors and defenders stay, all other programs have to leave?

So, when we are on a race to the bottom of the barrel to finish off ISKCON, lets step on the gas pedal to accelerate going downwards and promote the biggest scandal creators and bankruptors of the entire religious society, and make sure they are in the big posts of authority. Why would they take the same identical person who burnt our society to ashes, and make him their director, of anything? Why would he even be allowed onto the property of our religion? 

So this shows that the pro-homosexual, and anti-family, women, children and anti-varnasrama program is still largely in charge, or else they would have booted this guy a long time ago. Many of the ex-kuli victims are simply appalled at the way the ring leaders of the abuse culture are practically protected on all sides at every step.

Meanwhile, one of the defenders of this rogue messiah's regime tells PADA that "the new people are taking over, don't worry." Nope, the new guys like Radha Jivan are being booted out, so the GBC's pro-debauchee messiah's club can preserve and save their "good ole boys" biggest leaders. And the new guys are being booted out ALSO in New York City, Phoenix, Bangalore and etc. to save the old boys network. Oddly, even Jayadvaita says the old boys network in Brooklyn is out of hand these days, even he has to agree with us that their messiahs are out of control. 

Anyway! The bad news is, there has been no reform, the bogus messiah's good ole boys club are still in charge, but the good news is, more and more people are finally realizing that factoid. And only a few fools like Rocana think his pro-sexual predator and anti-family messiah's program simply "needs better enforcement legislation (more reforms)." We cannot reform corruption, we have to remove it.

Hrdayananda swami is apparently smarter than the entire GBC put together, not that this says too much, but at least he is the among those saying that ISKCON is in an unsustainable "state of collapse," and unless it changes -- it will die out. True dat!

Unfortunately, the reform changes he proposes are not including that people should STOP worship of the GBC's illicit sex acharya's lineage and revert back to worship of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. Telling people they need to worship their illicit sex guru's program is not going to attract new people, period, except for a few sentimentalists and "Hindu congregations" who are there for a social beeja program mainly and not to seriously study siddhanta.

And whatever Bangalore is doing, why spend apparently $20,000,000 since 1997 trying to stop them? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we have to stop other devotees with giant lawsuits? Meanwhile some of the GBC's temples have rats, bed bugs, and bad plumbing etc. Radha Jivan says he donated money to Alachua, because their kitchen was a giant mess and needed all sorts of repairs. 

Why spend $20,000,000 on lawyers, when your kitchen is a mess? 

And a brahmachari ashram was allegedly shut down by the government last year, its reported not safe for humans. So we should have Krishna living with rats, mice and cockroaches, and have the brahmacharis house out of repair, all so we can spend $20,000,000 to put lawyers in mansions? Why? And now the GBC has re-certified Bhavananda as their manager, and he causes ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,00. Why are the GBC always pouring millions down the rabbit hole to defend their deviant pals?


Sunanda das: In reality, no one has come out publicly and defamed or disgraced or insulted Radha Jivan as you mentioned, though he has vehemently done so towards Ambarisa and others in print and speech. He was relieved of his TOVP service only after creating great disturbances in Mayapur last week. Perhaps you are not aware, but he incited hundreds of local devotees to riot against Western managers there, threatening the lives of some individuals and causing the local GBC to flee Mayapur, he denounced Ambarisa and others in public and private, even causing Ambarisa to cry, and conspired to take over the entire TOVP project thinking himself the only qualified manager.

If you were insulted jokingly by another devotee friend and comrade you knew for 30+ years (and RJ and Bhav have known each other for 30+ years), given the possibility that what Radha Jivan says is 100% true, would you go out of your way to do all of the above and risk the sanctity and integrity of the whole TOVP project and ISKCON just to get revenge? I think most level-headed devotees would just take it with a stride and let it go. To me it sounds a little self-centered and childish, like a cry-baby that can't have his way and has to create a big disturbance to vent his anger. What I see is an ambition to control and be in charge. That was my personal experience traveling with Radha Jivan. I give him all credit for what he's done and all the sacrifices he made, and he's a fantastic fundraiser and storyteller, but Krishna has revealed to the world the other side of Radha Jivan which I got to know. If anyone is to blame for disgracing Radha Jivan, it's he himself by his own actions.

The only recourse was to take away his service and responsibilities towards the TOVP. He has become extremely hostile and antagonistic and has declared to Ambarisa that there will be a fight. This leaves little room for allowing him to be heard and receive a proper forum to express his thoughts as you suggest. There is not much left to consider here. He has broken the limits of decency and Vaisnava etiquette. [end Sunanda post]


[PADA: Right, so we need to keep the person who was posing as Krishna's Vishnupada acharya while he was enjoying the genitals of taxi drivers in the holy dham; And he caused the society to be sued for $400,000,000; And his program bankrupted the entire institution; And his molesting empire ruined the second generation that was supposed to continue the religion. Yep, he is a keeper! Keep this guy and do not be a cry baby, never mind there is a trail of devastated and even dead kulis in his trail, and a bankrupt institution ad infinitum.

And in sum, his program turned ISKCON into a unsustainable, bankrupted, empty ghost town shell with no credibility (as has been noted by the general public, heck -- even by Hrdayananda, never mind PADA). We are crying that this person will have to leave! Save the arsonists who burnt our house down! Even Badrinarayan says their fallen guru program has no credibility. OK, so if you want your religion to have no credibility, it won't! You get what you wish for!

Yet, as soon as someone says we need to remove the fire bomb thrower who burnt ISKCON to ashes, then Amburish is allegedly crying and Sunanda says we should not be little cry babies and desire to remove the bomb throwers who burnt ISKCON to toast. So this is how all of the crimes of ISKCON happened ... anyone who objects is a cry baby.

And now our friend Bhakta das has allegedly tried to side with the GBC in saving ISKCON's main arsonist's agenda. This is why PADA came down so hard on Dayalu nitai, HKC Jaipur, Prahlad, Sanat, Mukunda, Janardana etc., when they began advertising and supporting Bhakta das. In fact these guys created and advertised a video tape they made of Bhakta das' speaking, since they accept him as their shiksha guidance authority. Worse, this group even began promoting the writings of another major GBC guru groupie, namely Hari Sauri. 

That means -- this group simply joined forces with those who are direct or de facto supporting the debauchee acharya's agenda in the holy dham. And while allegedly stating that they are against deviant acharyas, meanwhile they wanted their genital sucker messiahs program to continue by joining forces with its prime cheer leaders. 

These types of hand maidens are ALSO the co-causes of all this corruption. They even claimed that Tamal is right, PADA is a liar. In sum, anyone who says acharyas are not debauchees is a liar in this camp! And anyone who tries to remove the good ole boys network is an offender. Birds of a feather flop together, as Sulochana said often.   

Well jeepers, you'll get what you deserve then, and if almost everyone wants an illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's program in their holy dham, and known sexual predators to be buried in Vrndavana as their acharyas, then, that's what they'll get. 

Unfortunately, one also gets the karma of pouring all this manure into the holy dham. According to shastra, false acharyas and their supporters ALL go down to the lower regions of the universe. 

However! Don't be discouraged! We have made some new good contacts as a result of this recent fiasco, and its looking good for PADA, more people are joining our idea, we will win in the end. And whether people will admit or not, even ISKCON is being forced to emphasize Srila Prabhupada as the main link everyone has with Krishna, its being forced into ISKCON over time. Our idea is going ahead, plain and simple. ys pd]

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India's Secular Nationalism On The Rise

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says Nationalism is an extension of bodily identification. We are ultimately spirit souls and we are not part of any material "upadhi" or temporary designations.]

Bhagavad-gita As It Is Lectures

Bhakti means you have to get yourself free from this designation. Designation. Sarva upadhi. Upadhi means designation. Lecture on BG 8.20-22 -- New York, November 18, 1966:

This is the definition of bhakti: sarvopadhi-vinirmuktam tat-paratvena nirmalam (CC Madhya 19.170). 

Now we are encumbered with so many designations, designation. This body is Indian—this is a designation. Your body, American body — it is a designation. You are not this body, not these designations. 

Suppose if your university gives you one degree, M.A. or B.A., Ph.D., oh, that degree you are not. It is a designation. So bhakti means you have to get yourself from this designation. Designation. Sarva upadhi. Upadhi means designation. So somebody, if gives me title, Sir Anatole, or this or that, oh, I become very happy: "Oh, I have got this 'sir' title." 

But I forget that this is not my actual designation. It will exist so long I have got this body. But the body is sure to vanquish, so this designation will also vanquish. When you get another body, then you get another designation. Suppose in this body I am American, and in the next body you are in China. Then you become Chinese designation. 

So we are simply changing our designation. We should stop this business of designations. You see? So sarvopadhi-vinir... If one is determined to get out of all these nonsense designations, then he can attain bhakti.

Appearance of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati

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[PADA: From Gauridas Pandit das]

Happy Appearance Day to our Param Guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur who appears on Saturday Feb.27th ~ Fast until noon and celebrate all day!
I was in Atlanta Temple in 1975 when Srila Prabhupada was there on his Guru Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's appearance day. It was awesome.
On March 2nd 1975 Srila Prabhupada gave a lecture that was both humorous at times and intense. It was Srila Bhaktisidhanta Sarasvati Thakur's Appearance Day. Srila Prabhupada started out by leading an emotional ecstatic Kirtan and he played the mridanga which was rare and relishable for us.
Here are a few of the highlights:

"When I was seventy years old I decided, “Now I must do and execute the order of my Guru Maharaja. And thus this movement was started in 1965 from New York. And I was not very much hopeful because it is very difficult task, just opposite the European and Western culture. I came... When I first came, I had no money. So I got a free passage through some Indian steam navigation company. So I came by ship. So when I was on the ship at Boston port, Commonwealth port, I was thinking that “I have come here. I do not know what is the purpose because how the people will accept this movement? They are differently educated, and as soon as I will say, ’So, my dear sir, you have to give up meat-eating and illicit sex and no intoxication and gambling,’ they will say, ’Please go home.’” (laughter)

Because that was the experience of one of my Godbrother. He went to London, and he had the opportunity to talk with one big man, Marquis of Zetland. Marquis of Zetland was formerly governor of Bengal. At that time I was student. He was Scotsman, and I was student of the Scottish Churches’ College. So he came to see our college, and he was standing in front of me in the second-year class. So he was very nice, good gentleman. So he proposed to my Godbrother, Whether you can make me a brahmana? So my Godbrother proposed, “Yes, we can make anyone brahmana provided you follow this principle: no illicit sex, no intoxication, no meat-eating, no gambling.” So that Lord Zetland immediately replied, “Impossible.”

So I was thinking that, “I will propose something which is impossible. Anyway, let me try.”

Devotees: Jaya! Haribol!

Prabhupada: So now, by the grace of Krishna and Caitanya Mahaprabhu and in the presence of my Guru Maharaja, you are so nice boys and girls. So in front of Caitanya Mahaprabhu you are chanting Hare Krishna mantra, and you are taking part in it very seriously.So my Guru Maharaja will be very, very much pleased upon you and bless you with all benefits.

So he wanted this, and he is not... (Srila Prabhupada chokes up with tears then continues)
It is not that he is dead and gone. That is not spiritual understanding. Even ordinary living being, he does not die. Na hanyate hanyamane sarire. And what to speak of such exalted, authorized personality like Bhaktisiddhanta.He is seeing. I never feel that I am alone. Of course, when I came to your country without any friend, without any means...Practically, just like a vagabond I came.

But I had full faith that “My Guru Maharaja is with me.” I never lost this faith, and that is fact. There are two words, vani and vapuh. Vani means words, and vapuh means this physical body. So vani is more important than the vapuh. Vapuh will be finished. This is material body. It will be finished. That is the nature. But if we keep to the vani, to the words of spiritual master, then we remain very fixed up. It doesn’t matter. Just like Bhagavad-gita. It was spoken five thousand years ago.

But if you keep to the words of Krishna, then it is always fresh and guiding. Not that because Arjuna personally listened to Krishna about the instruction of Bhagavad-gita, therefore he knew it. That is not the fact. If you accept Bhagavad-gita as it is, then you should know that Krishna is present before you in His words in the Bhagavad-gita. This is called spiritual realization."

... We have got this human form of life. It will be finished, as the cats’and dogs’ life also finished. But if we try through the guru and Vaishnava, then, we can achieve in this life the full success, not failure like cats’ and dogs’ life. That is the opportunity. So as far as possible, we are trying to lead you in this line, and you kindly follow. Then your life will be successful. That is the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He wanted to deliver these fallen souls, the conditioned souls rotting in this material world. So Krishna Himself... Krishna comes Himself, Krishna sends His devotees, Krishna comes as devotee— just to execute this mission to reclaim the fallen souls from the clutches of illusory energy, material world. Thank you very much." (End)
It was amazing to see the humility, the love and the dedication Srila Prabhupada had for his Guru Maharaja. He even said he sent us to help him with the mission. I heard him say the same thing in the last year when his Godbrothers and devotees would come and offer praise. Srila Prabhupada always humbly bowed his head and gave credit to his guru Maharaja and the devotees. We are so fortunate to have such a sweet spiritual master! May we all follow him back home and be with Them again.
One of the best things about being on the Sri Sri Radha Damodar Traveling Sankirtan Party was that when Srila Prabhupada was in America we could go see him and get very enlivened.
Srila Prabhupada arrived in Atlanta on February 28th 1975. When he first took Darshan of Sri Sri Goura Nitai he was very ecstatic and pleased. He told us he was pleased that the devotees were doing such nice Deity worship. He said he started most of the worship in most of the temples, but the devotees started it in Atlanta. He started talking about how Lord Krsna asked us to surrender; but Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda are so merciful they didn't even ask us to surrender. When he said that his voice choked up.
We got to meet Srila Prabhupada in his room. We all wore matching vests and Prabhupada hats that were made by Minaketana Ramdas. He also made one for Srila Prabhupada and he offered it to him personally. The hat was too small so it sat high on Srila Prabhupada's head. It looked funny and we all laughed heartily except for Minaketana Ramdas. He was devastated! But since Srila Prabhupada was smiling nicely and chuckling it eased his pain and we were in bliss.
In the room Srila Prabhupada told us that if we remained brahmachari's we would go back to Godhead; but if we got married it would be a 50% chance.
Srila Prabhupada told us if we studied the 7th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita we would be good preachers because everything is in that chapter.
Srila Prabhupada went on morning walks and talked about scientific preaching a lot. Swarupa Damodar Swami was there learning so much from Srila Prabhupada as we all were.
A devotee asked Srila Prabhupada what pleases him the most. Srila Prabhupada replied, "If you develop your love for Krsna, that will please me the most."
All the devotees loved that answer.
Hoping this meets you well and Happy in Krsna Consciousness

Your eternal friend and servant 

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Temple Worship Produces -- USA Visas?

Pilgrims flock to Indian temple said to grant U.S. visas

[PADA: Classic example of worship to obtain material benefits, anyway, at least they are worshiping.] 

Even with material desires, stick to Krishna


Even if you have got material desires, sarva-kāma, still you be attached to Kṛṣṇa so your material aspiration will be fulfilled; at the same time, you’ll get Kṛṣṇa. When Dhruva Mahārāja refused to take any benediction, Lord Viṣṇu informed him that “Don’t bother. You had some desire for material fulfillment, so there is Dhruvaloka. You enjoy, and after your life is finished, you’ll come to Vaikuṇṭha.” So Kṛṣṇa is so nice, so liberal, that if you have got a little tinge of aspiration He will fulfill you, and at the same time, you’ll go back to home, back to Godhead. Therefore it is recommended, yajeta paramaṁ puruṣa. If you have got some material desire, still you worship Kṛṣṇa. He’ll fulfill; at the same time, you will be able to go back to home, back to Godhead. Kṛṣṇa is all-powerful, almighty, full with six opulences. So if you have got any material desire, that also Kṛṣṇa can fulfill, but you stick to Kṛṣṇa so that your āsakti will be increased. If you divert your attention to other demigods, then this āsakti will fail. Therefore for a devotee who sticks his faith in Kṛṣṇa, he has no chance for worshiping other demigods. So the Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura says, anya devāśraya nāi, tomāre kahinu bhāi, ei parama bhakti karaṇa. For a devotee of Kṛṣṇa there is no scope for worshiping other Deity, because that will not help him to increase his attachment for Kṛṣṇa. But if we want our āsakti, attachment, to increase for Kṛṣṇa, then absolute… ~ Srila Prabhupada Lecture December 27, 1975

Court Will Rule on Ram Janmabhoomi Temple

Natwar Nagar Nanda (video)

We Cannot Cheat Krishna - Srila Prabhupada

Mayapura Summary / New York Temple sale

[PADA: These New York devotees are finally talking about going to the government, after decades of abuse. Goody, except they do not even need to do that. Just get 50 people together with protest signs saying things like, "This is the headquarters of the homosexual and child abuse messiah's program, we want them out" and call a press conference, and ask the TV people to come witness the protest. 

All you have to say is, these people caused the society to be sued for $400,000,000 by their promoting an illicit sex and child abuse guru program, and we want them out. You'll get all sorts of sympathy immediately.  

That protest will get the government, the media, and everyone in New York City on their side in an hour. In India there are public protests with people burning signs, fist fighting, yelling into loud speakers etc. -- every day, and it all gets on public news and TV, again, every day. Now there are giant protests in India over the fact some student union guy said something, and everyone is talking about it all over the country because of PUBLIC PROTESTS.    

I subscribe to India news feeds and we see this public protest thing happening all the time. And this was also Lord Chaitanya's process, public protest of the Kazi. We do not need expensive lawyers, we need card board signs with magic markers to write on them. This will force the government to look into all this. For starters, saying that GOD's acharyas are homosexuals, sexual predators and debauchees is FRAUD, it is not the teaching of Krishna and the Krishna religion. 

I feel sorry for Radha Jivan to some extent for being blasted out at Mayapura, unfortunately, he might be a crook as the GBC claims because a few people have told me they had some rocky dealings with him. 

At the same time, while he claims to be all about helping Krishna's movement in Bengal, promoting Bengali culture, and helping Lord Chaitanya's mission, why then has he been serving the people who say Krishna and Lord Chaitanya's acharya lineage successors are "illicit sex with men, women and children"? Does he not know that God's successors are NOT debauchees? 

Even dogs are not having illicit sex with men, women and children like Radha jivan's acharyas are doing left, right and center. And yet Radha Jivan has been faithfully promoting an acharya lineage that acts worse than dogs? He is serving the people who are making a total mockery of Lord Chaitanya's movement by saying His successors are not even up to the standard behavior of dogs? 

That is not promoting Lord Chaitanya, that is promoting less than dog behavior as the successors to God, and that is a demoniac attack on God. Even the atheists are not saying God's successors are illicit sex with men, women and children because even they have some basic respect for God. 

Radha jivan should be teaching us Westerners that acharyas are not engaged in debauchee behaviors, instead he is working hand in glove with the people who say acharyas are often deviants, drug addicts, sexual predators, embezzlers, criminals, debauchees of the worst order, and in fact acharyas are having homosex with taxi drivers in the holy dham. And he has been a huge supporter of this deviant ideology.

Why has he been supporting this incredible attack on Krishna and the parampara? So he is sort of getting what he deserves, he served the illicit sex messiahs program, and now they have turned on him. What would he expect anyway? Unfortunately, Yamaraja is not a fan of people who help finance a guru lineage that says God's successors are usually fallen and debauchees.

At the same time, PADA is now getting at least a few Bengalis to get on board with some of our issues, including the poison issue. To sum, our idea will win, because no one except maybe a few fools and deviants accepts that God's successors are usually debauchees. Its not going to win, period. Public protest would accelerate our cause, but our cause will win either in the slow or fast lane, its just a question of time. 

And the fact the GBC is losing control over their New York situation, Hrdayananda situation, Radha Jivan situation, Narayan Maharaja program situation, Radha kund babaji's situation, and so many other things, means our idea was correct all along, a governing body cannot "manage" acharyas, it will never work over the long haul. 

This has never been done before, that the church's managers control and administer the messiahs, its a non-starter. The letter below offers a laundry list of complaints, and these are the same complaints PADA was basically making in 1985. And that means, people are starting to catch up. So there is a gradual awakening, finally, and that means our program is effective, people are now copying our complaints all over the place. 

Why do these people always try to argue that behavior less than dogs are sometimes acharyas in God's guru chain of messiahs, when everyone over the age of ten in the USA knows that is -- offensive and bogus? Anyway! PADA blog readership is WAY UP, so this is a good sign, more people are catching up, and catching up all over the place.    

ys pd]


A Rapidly Declining Situation at
Radha Govinda Mandir


There is a tidal wave of support growing in opposition to the sale of the NY ISKCON temple, both locally and on a worldwide level. It should be realized by all devotees that once ISKCON GBC members and temple presidents see Srila Prabhupada's temples as commodities, like Radha Govinda Mandir is currently viewed, as opposed to the homes of Sri Krishna and all accompanying Deities, the abolition of Sri Chaitanya's movement to spread the Holy Name to every town and village is mere steps away.

Why is it that the temple in Brooklyn is for sale when it is in such a fertile ground for preaching, what to speak of an area on the rise, while the areas around the temples in both Chicago and Dallas leave so much to be desired but aren't on the selling block? There are 60 million reasons for this and they are all about dollars. In Srila Prabhupada's Will he stated that his desire was for temples not to be sold for the most part nor mortgaged against, yet here we are faced with the harsh reality that Radha Govinda's home could be sold once again. How can this be?

The answer is quite clear. The North American GBC body has completely lost their minds. Srila Prabhupada named Tamal Krishna Maharaj, Adi Kesava and Ramesvara Prabhus as property trustees of the NY temple for Life. (See Srila Prabhupada's Will, pg. 1, pg. 2.) However, Ramesvara Prabhu is no longer listed as a trustee even though he is still a member of ISKCON in good standing. This is in opposition to Srila Prabhupada's written declaration concerning the NY temple. Are the GBC meant to act as independent managers, or chaste to the instructions of the ISKCON Acharya? They have no independence in this matter.

Two weeks ago during the Sunday feast, Ramabadra Prabhu mentioned that he was going to create a donor member program which would enable members privileges that non members wouldn't have. When this same idea was presented to Srila Prabhupada, he shot it down. This donor program is a farce meant to quell the tide of opposition to the temple's sale by making those that are and have signed a petition and sent letters to the New York Attorney General's office, look as if they aren't members of the congregation.

However, any elected official would see through this nonsense even while wearing blinders. I have personally received a letter from the NY Attorney General's Office stating that they are reviewing this matter. Oddly, the State government is acting on behalf of Srila Prabhupada, Radha Govindadev , and the devotee community while the GBC does nothing. How can they be seen as the Governing Body when they aren't able to manage Srila Prabhupada's society according to his own expressed desires?

It should also be known that one Mataji was being labeled as subversive by Ramabhadra Prabhu during the time meant for the evening class, while the temple was filled with guests. He was upset when made aware that this woman and many others had taken matters into their own hands and gone to local government officials after feeling completely misled by not being made aware that the temple is on the verge of sale and that a contract for sale has been signed.

Ramabhadra Prabhu took it upon himself to trash the woman against the sale, and after a few minutes of being referred to but not having mentioned her name, this mataji spoke up and said please tell the devotees that you're referring to me. She simply stated we didn't need to sell the temple and that we could build on top of it much like the air rights over many buildings are being sold in NY. Ramabhadra took offense to her voicing her thoughts and began screaming for Adidev das to come and remover her. He yelled through the microphone 5 times for her to be removed.

This woman is married and her parents are both initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada, but Ramabhadra went to great lengths to label her as not being an ISKCON devotee although she attends the temple morning program on a daily basis, which Ramabhadra Prabhu doesn't. Would you as a woman want a man to remove you from the temple, or as a husband to have your wife removed simply because she voiced her own views? 

I'm sure any rational devotee would strongly object to such a heinous act. However Ramabhadra, much like Romapad Swami, has made a habit of banning devotees. It should also be noted that Ramabhadra's wife, Satya dasi banned Yadunandana-pada Prabhu on the day after Nityananda Trayodasi. When will these so-called authorities realize that they are meant to serve the devotees and not to act as forces of intimidation?

How is it that Srila Prabhupada created a "Home for the Whole World to Live In", yet these men feel they can deprive devotees of their right to worship the Supreme Lord? This demonstrates just how out of touch they have become. When one devotee stood up in defense of this woman, Ramabhadra Prabhu proceeded to yell through the microphone for others to call the Police. Is ISKCON governed by the GBC or some new American version of the KGB? Devotees attend the temple to bow before Srila Prabhupada and their beautiful Lordships. Sri Sri Radha Govindadev, to hear Hari katha, associate with devotees, to chant and dance in ecstasy as well as to honor Sri Krishna prasadam, and NOT to be intimidated or threatened with removal or arrest.

Once a bum wandered into the temple at 26 2nd avenue while Srila Prabhupada was giving a lecture. He came with toilet paper and Srila Prabhupada was pleased and remarked that everyone is trying to serve the Lord and his devotees. Even when chastising his disciples Srila Prabhupada always did so with love, not through fear. Why should those managing his society act any differently? A cult suppresses the minds of its members and doesn't allow them to think on their own. It is scary to realize that this is the current situation all over Romapada Swami's zone. Much of the ISKCON society is ruled the same way now. Those that know Romapada Maharaj see clearly that he is a power hungry, untrustworthy tyrant.

Romapada Maharaj acts differently, however, when dealing with his cronies. Look at the incidences that occurred at the Chicago temple involving his hand-picked president. This Indian devotee/businessman was found to be having an illicit relationship with one temple bhaktin, but this wasn't enough to warrant action by Maharaj. Sometime later this same president was confronted by an axe wielding husband in the temple lobby, who had found that his wife had been seduced as well by the same so-called devotee.

One other thing that should be known by all is that Maharaj has stated one reason for the sale of the temple: that it is in need of repairs which can't be afforded. However he has somehow bought 2 buildings near the Ralph avenue subway station in Brooklyn. He claims that they were bought by an anonymous donor. Why buy 2 buildings when the one temple you're the GBC responsible for is in need of repair? 

Shouldn't the home of Radha Govindadev be more important than taking on new properties? Maybe not, especially when you have 60 million reasons to sell. Another important element here is that the parking lot has also been sold, as was the building adjacent to the Freeport Long Island temple. Keep in mind that this building has been under the control of Nimai Pandit and his band of Ritvik devotees. This happened under the mismanagement of Romapada Swami.

How long can the GBC continue to sit on their hands and allow Maharaj to act with impunity? Today it is the NY temple. Who knows which temple will be placed on the selling block next. I almost forgot, there is a similar situation brewing in Miami. Your temple could be next if we all fail to take a stand against this behavior.

Ramabhadra and Romapada Swami are telling everyone that they plan to move to Queens, when in fact they are planning to move to New Hyde Park which is located on Long Island. Most people rely on public transportation in urban areas which means that most devotees will no longer be able to make it to the temple in a convenient manner due to there being no subway system even remotely close to their new proposed location. How can anyone believe that Srila Prabhupada would ever approve of such a move? Srila Prabhupada opened his first ISKCON Center in NYC and by no means should it be moved any further from Manhattan than it already is.

The GBC should learn a big lesson from the recent events in Mayapur. ISKCON managers have made many devotees feel unwelcome and now their own GBC man was run out of Sridham Mayapur! What manager runs from responsibility? 

In the military this is an offense punishable by law. Yet here we have Praghosh Prabhu running away with his tail between his legs. This incident clearly illustrates that the ISKCON managers don't appreciate intimidation when it is being applied to them. A great number of devotees have also been threatened here in NY to remain silent about the temple sale. If Romapada Swami and Ramabhadra Prabhu are so convinced that what they are doing is correct, then why have they LIED to the GBC and completely kept the sale secret from the congregation up until their scheme was spotted by a few concerned devotees?

In this current situation it would seem an istagoshti would be the correct avenue to take, but there has been no dialogue at all. By banning and intimidating devotees these so-called managers are making themselves look more like dictators than actual devotees. ISKCON has operated as if there is an endless supply of manpower and donors for years on end. They have taken for granted that the congregation plays an incredibly important role in the day-to-day service of the Deities. I have witnessed Satya treat one Indian donor with the utmost respect when in fact, this man owns a deli which sells MEAT, TOBACCO and LOTTERY tickets. But she takes it upon herself to ban a devotee that joined Srila Prabhupada's movement before she was even born.

To further illustrate the mismanagement in NY it should be noted that in the last year the 55th Street temple was open there were 238 devotee residents. There aren't even 200 regular attendees for the Sunday feast and in a building as big as the NY Temple there are less than 15 devotee residents. No preaching means no devotees. No devotees means a serious lack of GBC oversight. We need a new GBC in NY and we are also in dire need of a new Temple President.

The days of tyrannical rule must come to an end and Romapada Maharaj and Ramabhadra Prabhu as well as Satya dasi must be held accountable. So many devotees have been alienated by these mismanagers. How can we preach love of God and against offending devotees yet allow devotees to be banned on a routine basis. The time has come to bid adieu to these so-called authorities so that we all may unite to serve Radha Govinda with love and devotion.

The state government has been alerted to our predicament here in NY. If need be, we can also go to the Federal government and ask them to launch an investigation into the lack of financial transparency as well as the disposition of millions and millions of dollars given to the service of ISKCON. There is certainly no force more intimidating than the Feds. Will the GBC members be willing to have their bank accounts scrutinized, or those of Ramabhadra and Romapada Swami?

Does anyone believe the Pope could be given a donation on behalf of the Catholic Church and then deposit it into his own personal account? Why are there so many sannyasis with endless streams of cash? Aren't they supposed to be the most renounced of all our members? Why is it that so many of Srila Prabhupada's temples are in disrepair, yet the ISKCON leaders are living a life of luxury? Srila Prabhupada was the living perfect example of a true renunciate who had absolute faith in the words of his Guru and in the Supreme Lord, and didn't feel the need to intimidate, lie to or mislead his disciples.

Under GBC rule here in North America most of Srila Prabhupada's temples have been centralized, and this is NOT what he wanted. If the devotees worldwide don't wake up and see the grim reality facing ISKCON the loss of temples will be just the beginning. Srila Prabhupada endured many things to establish ISKCON, and as sincere devotees we should all be willing to go the extra mile to assure him that we will not accept failure as an option.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Krishna Stickers for Sale

Narada Muni story from Bhagavata Kathamrta

Maharaja Ambarisha had brother who was very very sinful. Ambarish tried to preach to him, but with no success. So he asked Narada Muni to preach to his brother. Narada did not want to, but finally he reluctantly agreed.

When Narada came to see the sinful Raja, he was first greeted with respect, but upon hearing preaching words of Narada Muni, Raja started to scream and to throw wine’s bottles at Narada. So Narada had to escape, but from a distance he shouted to Papa-Raja (sinful king) “When you will be in front of Yamaraj (lord of death ), just ask him this one question -

"What is the result of having sadhu sanga for a lava-matra (a moment’s association with a pure devotee of God)"?

After death, Papa-Raja was certainly taken to Yamaraja’s court. Upon hearing from Citragupta about sins committed by Papa-raja, Yamaraja felt compassion and he said – "You will certainly be thrown to hell for an eternity, but I can fulfill your last request now, what do you want"?

Hearing such words, Papa – raja recollected Narada's advice and said – "Could you tell me what is the result of having sadhu sanga for lava matra"?

Yamaraj became amazed. He said – "I’m sorry, but here we deal with sinners, not with sadhus, so i don’t know the answer, but since I’ve promised to fulfill your last desire, I’ll take you to Lord Brahma and he will answer your question.

And so they flew to Brahmaloka. Upon hearing such and elevated question, Lord Brahma said – "I’m sorry, I am too busy with my creation, and pure sadhus are not subject to the rules of my creation. You'll have to go to see Lord Siva."

When they arrived on Lord Siva's planet, Siva, after hearing what’s the matter, said – "How can I answer such question?, I am too busy with such ghastly creatures who follow me, I do not deal with sadhus, you will have to ask Lord Narayan himself."

After that, they approached Lord Narayan in Vaikuntha. Hearing such a nice question the Lord smiled and said – "The result is -- that one is delivered to Vaikuntha by all means. And because you have already brought him here, he will stay, and you my dear servants, can go back to do your duties. Thank you."

Such is a result of lava matra sadhu sanga

Delhi's Water Supply Crisis Worsens

All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)

Radha Jivan is now "Unauthorized"

Response to Radha Jivana Prabhu's Recent Unauthorized Communication

Below is a letter from Ambarisa Prabhu to all ISKCON leaders and devotees and TOVP supporters in response to a recent unauthorized communication from Radha Jivana Prabhu. It assures everyone that the decision to relieve him of his TOVP services was done in the best interest of the project and that there will be no distractions to the current pace of progress on account of this unfortunate occurrence. It should also be noted that Radha Jivana Prabhu without authorization used the North American TOVP email database to send this communication, and illegitimately signed it as 'The NA TOVP Team'.

P.S. To ensure that all future donations and remittances are genuinely received and utilized only for TOVP purposes, no further donations and remittances are to be sent or given to the SACRED DEEDS FOUNDATION controlled by Radha Jivan Prabhu. Very soon an alternate foundation/entity shall be set up in the USA to receive your donations. In the meantime, please send all donations and remittances directly to the TOVP bank account in India: Please do not mail any checks to the Sacred Deeds office in Florida. We will keep you informed as to when and where these should be sent.

The North America TOVP Team

Mayapura Update: Radha Jivan / Bhavananda / Amburish 02/25/16

Radha Jivan video:


Dear Respected Donors to TOVP,

You may or may not have heard that in recent days there has been some controversy in Mayapur regarding the management of the TOVP project. Since many of you know Radha jivana Prabhu as the moving force behind the vigorous campaign to raise funds for the TOVP, and since his good name was maligned during the turbulence in Mayapur, it is his desire that you hear from him firsthand what went on.

Please, when you have time, read the following letter that he wrote in response to how he's been treated by Bhavananda Das, and also please read Ambarish Prabhu's letter (which follows). There is also a link to a Hindi talk he gave to Bengali devotees.

We are sorry to bring any disturbance to your mind, yet Krishna says in Bhagavad - gita, "For one who has been honored, dishonor is worse than death."-so to save Radha jivana Prabhu from a worse-than-death situation, he asks that you please hear him out.

Your servants at the N American TOVP office.


Radhajivana's presentation in Mayapur regarding TOVP
on 22 February 2016.

Respected Maharajas, Prabhus, and Matajis,

Three weeks ago in Mayapur, my son Balaram asked me a question. He said, "Until a few years ago you were completely engaged in serving the cause of the Yamuna in Vrindavan. What convinced you to leave that important project and take up the service of collecting Laksmi for the TOVP?"

I answered, "In the maturity of my life, I have understood that the only way dharma and Vaishnavism can save the world in Kali Yuga is through the preaching mission of Srila Prabhupad's ISKCON society. And the only way ISKCON society can become strong and flourish is when Sri Dham Mayapur, the world headquarters of the society, will prosper. 

By building the TOVP temple, the spiritual morale of the entire international congregation of ISKCON will be strengthened. Therefore I have given priority to this work even above the Yamuna cause." To this, my son in appreciation applauded and commended my clarity of thought and vision in regards to my service.

In 2012 I joined the TOVP team as the fundraising director and orchestrated ways and ideas of motivating the entire world of ISKCON with awareness and participation to build this temple. I made presentations from GBC level down to temple devotees to solicit contributions in order to complete this half-finished project, which at present stands at 100 million dollars until completion.

Since then I have tirelessly traveled, made presentations, spent a night in a South African jail, suffered from heart troubles, and went to the hospital three times in an ambulance. But I never stopped for a day to consider my health, my family, or my business. As a result, I have been able to motivate over 17,000 devotees to pledge 35 million dollars in pledges to the TOVP of which 15 million dollars has already been realized and spent on the construction.

Just in 2015 alone, I was able to collect $7 million dollars in cash and 20 million dollars in pledges. In USA and Canada, from March to July, in those four months I travelled to 45 cities and visited 450 homes, collecting in pledges 16 million dollars. Besides this, I have taken time on weekends to travel to various temples in the USA and collect for their individual projects in Central New Jersey, Parsippany, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Las Vegas.

During my tour, I personally made pledges to the amount of $150,000 to local temples in USA to encourage them and impress upon them that together we can serve Prabhupada, and my services are always available indiscriminately to any temple in ISKCON. Other than this I also visited UK for 15 days and collected 1 million pounds by doing home programs every night.

I made presentations in Vrindavan, Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Delhi, and at Vyasa Puja celebrations and any other opportunity that I could possibly get to motivate people to contribute. This is how, with a begging bowl, I have travelled. With mostly small money being pledged and collected, I have been able to give the money required to construct the TOVP temple for the last 3 years.

Two weeks ago I came to Mayapur, having extensively travelled all over India, and met with Bhavananda das outside the TOVP with Ambarish and other TOVP devotees standing next to me. He asked me, "How are you." I replied, "I am ok, but I'm travelling too much." His immediate reply in front of everyone was, "You like travelling. What is your problem? "Followed by, "You don't like your wife anyways, and therefore you can't stay home. So it is good that you are travelling."

[PADA: Hee hee, right, the homosexual sabha likes to preach "you don't really like your wife, or need your wife, and your wife is maya," etc. And that is how they have brought in their homosexual's agenda and smashed down the householder's agenda. 

Of course, Srila Prabhupada has said we need varnasrama BASED ON HOUSEHOLDERS. Why are the biggest leaders of the pro-homosexual's agenda, and anti-householder's agenda, still allowed to even be in any post of any authority? Umm, unless there is a homsexual agenda ... as some suspect?] 

My days are spent travelling and struggling with temple authorities all over the world trying to get my foot in the door of their temples and congregations to do fundraising for TOVP. It is not an easy job. The only place I expect some sympathy and appreciation is from my own department devotees, the TOVP.

I met Bhavananda after one year, and this is the greeting I get from him? As a respectable Indian man, it is impossible for me to tolerate a statement that insults my wife. I was brutally hurt but still in that condition I performed my service and made a presentation to the 50 devotees that were visiting the TOVP site with Vaisesika prabhu.

[PADA: Insulting wives and householders, that is what this agenda is doing now for years. Others are just now catching up to speed, that's all.] 

Bhavananda never took the opportunity or time to approach me and appease the situation. The next day, feeling very hurt, my wife and daughter took me on a parikrama with Vaisesika Prabhu. 

I was at the Goshala when I received a phone call from Bhavananda das, he says, "Radha Jivan Maharaj. I fall at your feet and ask for forgiveness. We are at the TOVP site and want you to come where we are making a film for the GBCs in which you are needed." Even at that point I was thinking that I should go back, but I told him that I am presently at the Goshala. His reply was, "Oh, ok. Have a good day." A stiff apology is second insult. By his sarcastic tone, I concluded that he didn't really need me in the TOVP.

I returned from Parikrama in the afternoon and I was walking outside the TOVP office with my wife, where Bhavananda approached me from behind on the street. He said, "When can I talk to you." By then I was already feeling very dejected and insulted by his behavior in the last 24 hours. In the emotion of feeling so rejected, I blurted out to him in pain, "There is no more talking. I am resigning."

In brief I tried to explain to him my pains and the efforts I have put into my service. My wife was standing by my side as my witness and she mentioned later that anyone who would have heard my painful words at that time would have cried. Bhavananda das, instead of showing me any sympathy for my pains, points to Ambarish who was walking away from me, and says, "You want to resign? Then go. Go right now and resign. You are saying resign. So go right now, go to Ambarish." 

That attitude and those words and the confidence in which he pointed out to his friend Ambarish completely broke me. In retaliation, while I was shaking, I said to him, "Who are you to tell me to resign? I work on behalf of the GBCs to collect money for TOVP. I will resign to them." Then he looks to me strongly in the eye and says, "You think you're a big man don't you?" By then, my wife pulled me to Prabhupada's lawn where I sat in total disgust and disappointment at how I was being dealt with by this man in the last 24 hours. 

[PADA: This is how many of these GBC folks treat even their own people, never mind us dissenters.]

I came back to my room and called my three sons in America. I relayed the entire incident and asked for their advice. They unanimously recommended resignation, and that I return back home in the USA. Brajavilas can be a witness to this, since he was present.

The next morning, I went to Pancattatva and Radha Madhava at Mangal Aroti and prayed, "Till yesterday, I was enthusiastic to give up my life to build this temple for You. And today I am resigning and leaving. What is the correct course of my action? Kindly become an inspiration and guide me in my heart." When I came out of the temple, my mood had changed. Now I wanted to leave, but after getting justice and being heard by those who appreciate my efforts to TOVP.

I therefore called a few of the Mayapur devotees who were in Mumbai at a meeting and they gave me assurance that they would come the next day and will hear my case. I relayed my story to Jayapataka Swami, Bhima Prabhu, Doyaram, Bhakti Purushottam Maharaj, Devakinandana Prabhu, and other senior leaders. 

[PADA: Dayarama admits to me that the GBC is making homosexuals into their acharyas. Is this why he is fighting to uphold them, and he is spending alleged $20,000,000 in court to defend their homosexual messiahs project? Is this an effort to defend the pro-sexual predator acharya's program and it's odious agenda?]

They all unanimously showed sympathy and support. 

[PADA: But they have known Bhavananda is a bad actor since the 1980s, why are they still protecting his constant crises making program?]  

The local Bengali devotees organized a meeting with the community so that I could present the insult and pains I was feeling from Bhavananda das's behavior. This meeting took place on Tuesday last week in Namhatta hall. I spoke in Hindi for 45 minutes and everything has been recorded without any editing, which I have sent to several leaders for their perusal.

On Wednesday afternoon I received a letter signed by Ambarish Prabhu that I am being expelled from my services because I have become very strident in my personal ambitions concerning my position in TOVP (The letter is attached). This letter has been signed by Ambarish prabhu who was not even present in Mayapur at the time. 

I have noticed from the day I joined the TOVP project that Bhavananda das has taken complete control of the TOVP project, keeping Ambarish Prabhu in the front as his instrument. Ambarish prabhu is a docile, meek, and a humble Vaishnava.

[PADA: But Ambarish knows that the Bhavananda's "gurukuli" program caused ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,000. If Amburish was really protecting ISKCON, why doesn't he get rid of the people who created these lawsuit crises programs? Instead it seems, Amburish takes the very same people who caused all these crises and giant lawsuits -- and puts them in charge -- again!]

Bhavananda das takes full advantage of him in running the TOVP according to his whims. It is very difficult to approach him with any ideas or needs that may be good for the project because his first reaction is always a very stiff "No" and then with much pleading he may let you explain in very short and keeps all the decisions completely unilateral to himself. 

In taking my complaints to other leaders, I realized that many of them had similar complaints of him offending them. Such as Jayapataka Swami, Bhakti Purushottam Swami, Doyaram das, and many other devotees. 

[PADA: But ISKCON was sued for $400,000,000 in the 1990s due to Bhavananda's program's orchestrated homosexual's acharyas and child abuse regime, why didn't they get rid of this influence way back then? Is Bhavananda paying any of the $400,000,000 back to ISKCON?]

My observation about him is that he is very flamboyant in his expenses in the TOVP. 

[PADA: This was known in the 1980s, and its still allowed to go on?]

This is his nature. I have known him for the last 37 years. In my estimation, he does not care about using materials that will be long lasting for enduring the use by millions of people that will be visiting this temple. 

I had even mentioned this to him one time to which his reply was, "I don't f****** care, I will build this temple and die. And they can do the repairs." Last year during my presentation at the All India Temple Presidents' meeting, I impressed upon the Mayapur management the importance of TOVP receiving some bulk money in order to purchase marble. 

To which I got a verbal agreement of a loan of 2 million dollars from Bhakti Purushottam Maharaj through the Mayapur temple funds. In my excitement I immediately called Bhavananda das in Australia and relayed my success story. His response: "Take the money and f*** them. Don't pay them back." 

[PADA: OK use cheap materials, lets cheat people out of money, and this is still the person the GBC places in charge of their biggest program? After ISKCON was told to pay $400,000,000 to fix this guys "little problems"?]

Last year, when the GBCs took a tour of the temple, and some of them voiced concern about the straight shape of the altar in a round temple room, he became very angry and was using F****ing words all over the place to express his rejection of their recommendation. I have constantly noticed this kind of attitude in his service to TOVP and in years it has only becoming more and more evident, ugly and intolerable.

With all these experiences of so many senior Vaishnavas being offended by this man, I have come to the conclusion that the stand I am taking to have this man removed from the TOVP is not only my fight and experience, but it is on behalf of all these Vaishnavas and ultimately on behalf of Srila Prabhupada's TOVP project.

[PADA: Right, we do not need a flamboyant homosexual who causes $400,000,000 lawsuits against ISKCON to be in charge of anything? These deviants should not be allowed onto the property in the first place.]

As for ambitions in life, it is important for me to mention some of the sevas I have done with my own Lakshmi: building a temple in Dwarka, a school building in Rajkot, a huge Namahatta building in Mayapur, collecting and having Ekachakra temple opened just last week, amongst others. 

You will not see a plaque or any kind of recognition for me in these projects. A few years ago, I donated $80,000 to Alachua temple and collected $150,000 for building a kitchen for the temple and the installation of Krishna Balaram. Against my donation, the name was written anonymously. Till today, very few people in my community in Alachua know of my contributions to the temple and community.

I personally run a clothing business for the last 25 years employing 15-20 people, and I have always given 100% opportunity only to devotees to be employed in my company. 

[PADA: Umm, right, this is the business he stole from Raghunatha das?]

Every day when I'm in Alachua, I deliver the butter my wife makes for the deities and take the opportunity to sweep the entire temple every day. I do this because it's my greatest joy. I lived in Varshana for 9 years with Ramesh Baba, doing various meaningful services for the Brajabasis: spreading Harinam kirtan in 10,000 villages, fighting the local mafia in Braj for 7 years, and working for the cause of the Yamuna for 5 years. 

[PADA: Why is ISKCON affiliated with the Babajis?]

I slept on the streets in front of the Parliament in Delhi for 17 nights with 2,000 supporters for the cause of the Yamuna. With all this work, every day I would still sweep the streets of Varshana for at least two hours. Whether it would be winter, summer, or rain. It is important for me to mention all of these things from my own mouth even though it is not proper. This is so that you understand the standards that I accept for my spiritual enhancement.

Bhavananda das has used Ambarish Prabhu, a docile and a humble Vaishnava who is also my family friend for the last 35 years. His wife and my wife are like sisters; not a day goes by when she does not call our home. With such a family relationship, Bhavananda das has used Ambarish against me like a Brahmasthra.

The letter that Ambarish Prabhu has circulated to all the temple presidents, which by now may be in the hands of every devotee of ISKCON, has defamed me with the allegation of being ambitious. This is worse than calling me a thief, because if he had alleged misappropriation of money, I stood a chance of explaining myself by showing accounts. 

But ambition is an allegation to which there are no explanations. I am receiving phone calls from friends who are saying that ISKCON community is suspecting you have misappropriated money and your expulsion is only a cover up in the form of ambition. I ask you esteemed members of the GBC to consider that such a brutal attack on my character has been made, without showing any cause or proof, or even first approaching the GBC with this complaint. Rather, by going to the entire world of ISKCON, Bhavananda das has caused me and my children such damage that everywhere we go now people are going to look at us suspiciously.

I have been a devotee for the last 38 years, coming from a very respectable family in Patna, Bihar. The only world I gave to myself and to my four grown-up children is the world of ISKCON. With this one letter, he has taken my entire world away from me and left me with nowhere to go. My daughter is presently in Mayapur with me and was planning to attend and participate in the ILS meetings is now too troubled to do so, and is forced to leave Mayapur. 

My son Balaram and his fiancé who have come all the way from USA to do service at the ISKCON Varshana eye camp are experiencing the same emotions there. My youngest son, Shri-Ram, who has left the comforts of his own home to join the Krishna House in Gainesville while going to college, called me yesterday and mentioned that all day at the Alachua temple he was being approached by devotees with so many doubts and questions.

This false allegation on me through the letter signed by Ambarish Prabhu, a devotee in impeccable standing in ISKCON movement, leaves no choice for my family and I but to leave shamefully. 

[PADA: Amburish apparently wants the people who caused ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,000, and whose program causes molesting victims to commit suicide etc. to stay on in positions of power, and we have to go, its pretty clear that is their policy.]

This is the reward I have received from serving Srila Prabhupada's most important project, the TOVP, in a tireless manner, with extreme sacrifice to my business and family. My conclusion to whatever trouble Bhavananda das has brought to me is that I go away from Mayapur rejected, disappointed and helpless. 

I will definitely take this letter, orchestrated by Bhavananda das and signed by Ambarish prabhu, enlarge it and frame in my home for my family to see, knowing that this is the remuneration their father has received for his extreme sacrifice and hard work to build the TOVP temple.

[PADA: But you did not know that the GBC was sued for $400,000,000 for promoting the Bhavananda "gurukula" program? And! If they did not really care about their previous victims, why would they care when they make you a victim?]

I leave my matter now in the hands of the GBC and the Vaishnava community of ISKCON. My stand and request is that for the good of TOVP, Bhavananda das should not be allowed to be a part of this project. 

The execution rests on all of you, since you are all the seniors and protectors of Prabhupada's movement. I go away from here completely broken hearted. However, one last thing I want to say is that if you ever need my services in the TOVP to collect from the devotees, I will be willing to come back. Not as the director of fundraising. But with the title, "Beggar for TOVP".

I beg to remain always in your service, in the service of Lord Chaitanya's movement, and pray to you all that you will give me a place in this society of ISKCON, since we have not learned where to survive elsewhere. This can only be done if my name is cleared in the world of ISKCON and justice is given: Justice delayed is justice denied.

Humbly and sincerely yours,

Radhajivana das and family

Victims of Bhavananda das.

Below is the letter that Ambarisa Prabhu sent out.


From Amburish das: Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

It is with deep regret that the TOVP team is severing its ties with Radha Jivan Prabhu. Radha Jivan has done tremendous work for the TOVP fundraising effort at great personal expense. Lately however, he has become very strident in his personal ambitions concerning his position, and therefore we are ending all association between him and the TOVP. This will mean he no longer represents the TOVP under any circumstance and thus should not be facilitated at any ISKCON temple or project as far as TOVP fundraising is concerned.

You should though rest assured that we have a very competent team who will continue to work with the ISKCON temples worldwide. Our program will continue unabated. I am sorry it has come to this, but Srila Prabhupada's TOVP project is no place to exercise such personal ambition.

Wishing to remain your humble servant, Ambarisa das

[PADA: Right, we cannot "offend" the people who caused ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,000. Yep! The people who bankrupted ISKCON have to stay, whereas the people who object to the Bhavananda program of orchestrated child abuse, bankrupting ISKCON, giant bad publicity over bogus gurus etc. have to go, that has been their policy all along. Join the club. ys pd]