Sunday, February 21, 2016

Narendra Modi Attends Gaudiya Matha Centennial

Lord Chaitanya Festival Calcutta  

Shri Narendra Modi today is at Gaudiya Math centenary celebrations. In his speech he states Lord Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Truth and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is Krishna himself. ‪#‎pmatgaudiyamath‬ trending on twitter

Lord took birth in Bengal to change the Human society. Gaudiya Math is the flag bearer of that.. Gaudiya Mission is established upon the strong pillars of age old vedic philosophy The Gaudiya Mission intends to promote the spiritual welfare of all souls irrespective of their caste.

PM quoting Chaitanya Mahaprabhu that jivatma being in tatastha nature can over come the illeffects of kaliyuga by chanting names of Krishna. Regardless of time or place, one who chants the holy name, even while eating or sleeping, attains all perfection.

PADA: There are many different Vaishnava programs all over the world and the mission of Lord Chaitanya will go on in some form or other for the indefinite future. And it seems, many Vaishnavas are reading this blog and our other sites ... ys pd

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