Saturday, February 20, 2016

PADA's Summary of Mayapura Situation

Who is really in charge of their movement? They are!

Dear prabhu, Right, the GBC's and Bhavananda's homosexual guru program alienated thousands and thousands of Srila Prabhupada's devotees permanently OUT of ISKCON, and turned most temples into ghost towns. 

Then their homosexual guru program alienated thousands of gurukulis OUT of ISKCON, and many of them never even visit ISKCON today because they were mistreated so badly under the Bhavananda / GBC "guru school" program. And these victims are sickened to see people like Bhavananda still in posts of power, and that the rest of the GBC supports keeping these rogues in power.

Then, their homosexual guru program alienated thousands of women OUT of ISKCON. 

Now, their homosexual guru program is alienating Bengalis OUT of ISKCON. 

Meanwhile, their program is spending $20 million dollars to remove all the Bangalore devotees OUT of ISKCON, so they can have another pack of ghost town empty temples. The Bangalore devotees are being demonized, how did you guess, because they do not accept that homosexuals are in Krishna's guru parampara -- as we find in the GBC's guru parampara.

Meanwhile, New York temple has been sold and there is no settled place for the deity, and there is allegedly some talk of putting the deity in storage, so even Krishna might become homeless and alienated. And this is driving members of that community OUT of ISKCON in alienation. They are crying and in anxiety, which is what happens when you are in the kingdom of Ravana.

Meanwhile, the 7 ft. tall Seattle Radha Krishna deity is living under a carport and He is homeless and alienated from His pooja. And worse, all the members of His temple are now OUT of ISKCON. And Hansadutta says we can take these deities back to ISKCON, but only if we pay him $1,000,000. So he not only kidnaps Krishna, he wants a ransom if we want Him back. Yep, even the deity is kicked out of ISKCON, and hijacked. 

Meanwhile, Jayadvaita says why in the hell are people chanting Prabhupada's name? And he is re-writing all the books, which is alienating thousands of other people who do not want changed books. And this is driving more people OUT of ISKCON.

Meanwhile, the GBC gurus are getting cancer and other terminal ailments because they are taking karma without authority, like Gunagrahi who has stage four cancer, and yet we saw that people are STILL touching his feet (giving him more karma) as he is going out the door -- on the way to the hospital! ISKCON folks are saying he is dying from taking karma, and he wants more karma? 

Meanwhile, a disciple of Kadamba Kanan says his guru is getting cancer from taking their karma, but no one told these guys to take karma? They were told just the opposite, neophytes cannot take karma, it is forbidden. So taking karma without authority is making these gurus get OUT of not only ISKCON, but out of their bodies! Even they cannot keep living in their self-created hellish situation!  

Meanwhile, some of them want women to start taking karma, so they can get terminal illness, fall down and etc.

Meanwhile their biggest gurus like Ramesvara, Hamsadutta, Bhagavan, Vipramukhya and many others, they also cannot live in the hell they made out of ISKCON, even they had to leave. Hrdayananda has been living in a condo in Venice beach because he too cannot live in ISKCON. 

Satsvarupa was living in Howard Johnson motels because he could not live in the hell he had made out of ISKCON. And some cows were sold to a slaughter house because there was no money left to care for them, and there has been many other problems with cows being mistreated because even cows cannot live in the hell they made out of ISKCON.  

Meanwhile, the public courts, FBI and media have made millions and millions and maybe billions of people permanently alienated OUT of ISKCON, by all the scandals and crimes these gurus have committed, and all these people will remain OUT of ISKCON indefinitely. They have made it so almost no one wants to be IN ISKCON. The only question is, did they do that on purpose because they are demons who filtered themselves into Krishna's movement to destroy it, as some claim has happened?  

Meanwhile, Badri writes in the 1990s that there is a toxic child abuse program, but he could not get funding for the child protection program not even -- to pay the phone bill for their office, just before the child molesting suit was filed. And his letter was ignored and the lawsuit was filed. 

He actually predicted that unless action was taken, there would be a lawsuit -- and yet no action was taken. That means, they wanted the lawsuit, so they could waste MORE money on a $400,000,000 lawsuit and take much more money OUT of ISKCON. So we need to take the devotees out of ISKCON, the money out of ISKCON, the deities out of ISKCON, the gurukulis out of ISKCON, the women out of ISKCON, the Bengalis out of ISKCON, who will be left standing to turn out the lights?

Meanwhile, Hrdayananda supports gay marriage etc. and he says Badri and other GBC gurus who disagree with him are toxic poison, because apparently acharyas are fighting like cats and dogs in public. This is driving more people OUT of ISKCON.

Yep, this begs the question, what else can these guys do to ruin Krishna's movement? Do they have any tricks left to destroy what little is remaining? Allowing Bhavananda, Hari Sauri, Jayapataka and company, i.e. those who are of the prime causes of a lot of these crises and issues, to stay in power, pretty much sums up the whole problem. 

And that problem is  -- the GBC still practically worships the people who destroyed ISKCON, and thus ISKCON will continue to be destroyed as long as this process continues. The only good news is, from time to time we pick up a few of their discarded rejects and they want to help us. ys pd

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  1. **** DD: Bastard! Bavananda or whatever crap you are! It's doomsday for you soon! May Lord Narasim rip u apart soon! May you get into a horrible accident and die without anyone helping yr dead body to the pit! Hare Krishna!

    PADA: Correct, they are getting sick, falling down, and dying, because Lord Narasimgha is taking them down. Every day another one of them has a fall down, sickness, death, or they are losing lawsuits left, right and center etc. Lord Narasimgha is wiping them out! Even Hrdayananda says the other GBC are poison, hah hah, even their own gurus are saying the others are poison, we do not even have to comment, they are fixing this themselves! ys pd

    SKD: Vaishnava means Vaishnava... they are not Vaishnava at all.... they are rascals. .... who think that they are Vaishnava ... they and their followers are nothing but stupid fellows. ...

    PADA: Good!


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