Saturday, February 6, 2016

Priests and Businessmen Protest Vrindavana Plan

[PADA: There has been some complaints recently that Bangalore should not build a big temple in Vrndavana, because "its a farm village." Have any of these folks ever even visited Vrndavana? Apparently, nope, because its being developed anyway, and badly, because its not a very well organized and planned development. So we have a car problem, water supply problem, electrical supply problem, toilet problem, river pollution problem, monkey problem, sewer problem etc.

Thus! Its getting a lot of out of control road traffic and it needs infrastructure repairs and development, not only for the road traffic but in other areas. Well guess what? The government is now taking an interest in: cleaning up the rivers and ghats; financing temple building repairs; improving roads; getting the wi-fi and electrical up to date; getting the water supply and sewer up to date; making toilets; and recently -- there was a big announcement that Vrndavana will host the biggest "homeless widows" building in India, which is being built -- by the government. That is because they do not want all sorts of homeless widows living out on the street -- so the tourists will not see them living out there. OK that is a good thing for these widows.

OK and guess what? All this improvement has happened because the devotees went there and starting attracting big crowds of visitors. Its amazing to me that there are some devotees who oppose developing Vrndavana, which means, they want it to continue to be a messed up place where no one is fixing anything properly, and it just deteriorates. Ooops, sort of like ISKCON leader's plan. Hee hee! Sorry, that plan does not work.

We need to fix things everywhere in the material world, or it will deteriorate. And the development and traffic is coming anyway, so its better that the government gets involved in trying to sort things out. Anyway, as soon as there is a plan to restrict traffic, the biggest people in the town are up in arms, they want traffic, they want development, because, they are not "farm villagers" anymore.

They want the place developed, so its better to get behind a PROPER plan of developing it and help them organize that, rather than "dream on" that this place is simply a farm village. Its going to be a tourist city in any case, and we should want people to visit the holy dham and get some focus on Krishna.

Of course, if someone wanted to make a farm there that would be nice, we do not see that happening. The devotees who think there are simple farm village folks living in Vrndavana are simply dreaming. The big leaders, priests and business people there want the place developed and its either going to be done with a good plan and government help, or chaotic and piece meal as has been going on there up to now. ys pd         

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