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ISKCON Mayapura Management's Clarification

Lord Chaitanya Deserves A Pure Holy Dham 

[PADA: Thanks prabhu, but if a GBC was hung upside down by his ankles from a three story building with threats to drop him off, that does not sound especially safe to me? And, you say -- they have not even removed the people who were doing this? So how is this protecting the program, I don't get it? 

The first root issue that was never resolved there is -- that under the regime of Bhavananda, Jayapataka, Hari Sauri, Nitai chanda, Satadhanya and company -- there was a lot of homosexuality and child abuse going on in the holy dham of Mayapura. Dayarama even admits to me once -- there was homosexuality going on, and some of their "acharyas" were homosexual predators. 

Then, after it was reported that these things were going on, Bhavananda was suspended. Yet shortly after that, he was reinstated so that "Amburish's money would continue." This is called corruption of the holy dham. 

So it seems to some of us -- the GBC has made Mayapura uninhabitable for many or most devotees, so they can get money from Amburish. At least that is the perception. 

Amburish does not apparently even live in ISKCON, so if he makes it uninhabitable for tens of thousands of others, while he lives in a big house separate from the whole mess, yes, you are right, it almost looks like he is trying to drive people away from the Krishna religion by having it contaminated with a sexual predator acharya's program, headed up in Mayapura. 

Even Jayadvaita says their acharyas are often illicit sex deviants. Lord Chaitanya's successors are illicit sex deviants? Why are they building anything if they are teaching that God's successors are often engaged in illicit sex, drugs, crimes and -- orchestrating murders? 

For sure, many ex-kulis won't go near ISKCON as long as people like Bhavananda, Jayapataka and Hari Sauri are still in charge there, because they remember how these guys were the orchestrators of the evil Mayapura regime which exploited children. 

And now you got guys like Radha Jivan, who stole Raghunatha's business away from him rendering Raghunatha almost homeless, it creates the perception that criminals, deviants, sexual predators and so on -- are being rewarded with big posts and salaries etc. And Raghunatha was another kuli who was severely mistreated by this crew by stealing his money. There seems to be no compassion for any victims, rather they reward the victimizers with posts and salaries?

So that is the root issue in my opinion, there is the perception that the Mayapura management overlooks all sorts of deviations, including sexual predators, criminals and bogus acharyas, in order to "keep the money flowing." That is not what happens in bona fide spiritual organizations, the purity is more important than money. Apart from that, alienating tens of thousands of people away from ISKCON stops the flow of money anyway? They are losing way more money than they would normally have had if they kept the holy dham pure.]   


Dear Vaisnava Community,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
The Mayapur Management would like to report to the community regarding the recent disturbances. As you are aware, tension has been building up over the past number of weeks and boiled over on the evening of the 18th February, Ekadasi.
It is true that our community is going through a difficult time and there is a need to resolve some deep-seated problems. The majority of the problems are management related, but they have been fuelled by passionate and offensive behaviors between devotees. Some of the deep hurt has resulted in further volatile and extreme actions. These have saddened us all. 

At this point, we feel that it is important to report on the events of the 18th evening—as best we understand them—to quell any further speculation or rumours and to restore calm among the devotees.
On the 18th, a devotee lady who felt herself compelled to address what she considered to be recent offensive actions of a male devotee was heading toward the Conch Building with a stick. By the time the first devotee arrived she had been convinced to not follow through with her intention. Instead, she entered the temple.

However, information of the impending assault had gone out. As nerves are already on edge, the news provoked a group of devotees who intervened when the first devotee was leaving the temple to return home.
At this point a [GBC] devotee arrived and stepped in to protect the lady, and was set upon by the crowd. Both were eventually shuffled away to safety. The overall mood was aggressive and tense and a fair size crowd congregated in front of the Conch Building. 

Our temple security, the head of security, and a number of cool-headed devotees stood firm and held back the angry crowd while protecting other senior devotees present, and sending them to safety as well. Bhavananda prabhu was confronted with great agitation. He was pushed and jostled about but not injured nor hit. 

[PADA: Well there you have it, Bhavananda is once again the root source of troubles over there. Yep I know, we need to keep him so "the money flows in." This is the entire problem, the whole place is compromised with money. Meanwhile, Dayarama blew allegedly $20,000,000 suing Bangalore, so they are tossing money down the manure pit by the bucket load on a daily basis, meanwhile, crying they have no money? 

And the entire reason for the lawsuit is, so they can make more temples into empty ghost towns, and then, they will have even less money etc. Its a giant race to the bottom of the barrel.] 

Eventually the crowd moved to the Lotus Garden where one by one they expressed their agitation to some members of ISKCON Management who were there to calm the crowd. Complaints and anger were directed towards devotees in various senior management positions. 

At that time, a devotee was seen taking a video of the crowd. This sparked anger in some and was set upon by a large group. He was rescued and taken to the Long (Chakra) Building for safety. By that time, local police and government enforcement agents intervened to keep peace. Some of our Deputy Directors and other devotees also stepped in and tried to calm the situation. 

Later, various leaders and managers present met with the police. The police and government officials requested that the devotees maintain social decorum while trying to sort out our internal problems. Together all present promised to endeavour to hold the peace.
Mayapur Management would like to reassure all the devotees that the management is working very hard to navigate through these turbulent waters in an effort to reclaim unity and harmony amongst the devotees here in ISKCON Mayapur. We have to all work together in an effort to heal from such hurt and avoid committing further offences.

Sincere desire to maintain the appropriate Vaisnava etiquette is essential for our advancement in devotional service. We therefore beseech the devotees to remain calm and be extra patient and respectful to ALL devotees, both resident and visitors, including pilgrims, especially during our Mayapur Festival.
We also request you to please refrain from spreading rumours without first confirming the authenticity of any information. Otherwise we risk instigating further reactions or aggression. 

[PADA: There is no rumor, the Mayapura management is responsible for creating a homosexual and child abuse situation under Jayapataka's, Hari Sauri's and Bhavananda's regime, and they refuse to get rid of these guys despite they are upsetting so many people, and they continue to do so.]   

And let us remember that we are in the Holy Dham to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s desire for us to join together to peacefully glorify the Holy Names:
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
your servants

Mayapur Management

[PADA: Sorry, you cannot place homosexuals and deviants into Vyasasana seats, and claim these deviants are the successors to Lord Chaitanya, and then create untold worldwide chaos including molesting and murders by doing that, then chant the holy names to cover up your offenses. 

It does not work that way. 

Mayapura management needs to address why they are saying since 1977 that acharyas are often debauchees having illicit sex left, right and center, and why they are abusing anyone who disagrees. And why do they STILL allow the SAME people who orchestrated a horrific child abuse regime in the holy dham to remain the leaders there. That's just for starters, we have many other questions after that. ys pd]

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