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Mayapura Meltdown: Keeping Evil Empire in Power

Srila Prabhupada says, anyone who claims acharyas are deviants is 
ALREADY a resident of Hell (Narakah sah).

PADA: Bhavananda was one of the original GBC's "good ole boys" people who co-orchestrated and co-caused some of the worst scandals that ISKCON has had to endure, including -- establishing that acharyas are often engaged in illicit sex -- if not homosexual actions. 

In addition, there was the $400,000,000 child abuse lawsuit which was a direct by-product -- end result -- of their "gay partee" program in their "gurukula" schools. Normally, after a person causes their religion to go bankrupt, and their program creates giant bad publicity all over the public news media, then -- he is banned from the premises. Yet that is not the case with our "good ole boys network." They seem to keep the arsonists and remove us (the fire department).

In addition, the "good ole boys network" GBC's regime's anti-family, anti-women, anti-children, and pro-homosexual's agenda, drove out thousands of families and ladies from ISKCON. In addition, Bhavananda is still insulting women by telling men their wives are foolish maya (which is what Kirtanananda said).   

This was their program's whole problem all along -- i.e. their anti-family-ism agenda -- and that has had devastating consequences for ISKCON and its citizens -- ok and all along since 1977. This is ultimately an ANTI-VARNASRAMA program, its discouraging householders to participate. Clearly, Bhavananda, Jayapataka, Hari Sauri and other "good ole boys" have been among the king pin leaders of this agenda. Yet! The deviants get to stay, while thousands or even millions of householders have to go, because the normal householders cannot stomach the pro-homosexual "acharya's parampara" agenda, or ongoing "good ole boys" regime's remnants thereof.

So here is Bhavananda, a guy who orchestrates causing his religion a $400,000,000 lawsuit; And he co-causes many children to be victimized -- which devastates and alienates MOST of the second generation of the entire ISKCON children population -- and thus MOST of them leave the religion en masse; And he co-causes bad media publicity from his sexual predator messiah's program which devastates the whole religion as well -- because the court case against his agenda is widely publicized in public media; And he co-causes the expense of his corrupt empire to bankrupt ISKCON; And -- so on and so forth. 

Yes, he gets to stay, and all the rest of us have to go? Radha Jivan is not a saint mind you, but he is at least aware that the "good ole boys" program has to go, which means even the crooked know better than the GBC? 

Yep, Bhavananda and associates are among the apparent worse fire bomb throwers -- destroyers -- of ISKCON in spades. OK, they have orchestrated an evil agenda, and yet they get to stay. And then Amburish and the GBC's "good ole boys managers" network are apparently crying because they still want this deviated person to stay in a seat of managing the biggest project of ISKCON, despite their "main man" is despised all over the place, despite their support of this person bankrupted the whole society and turned it into a ghost town, and children victims of their agenda have been -- committing suicide etc etc etc. 

Yep, he is a keeper! This corrupt program and its protectors and defenders stay, all other programs have to leave?

So, when we are on a race to the bottom of the barrel to finish off ISKCON, lets step on the gas pedal to accelerate going downwards and promote the biggest scandal creators and bankruptors of the entire religious society, and make sure they are in the big posts of authority. Why would they take the same identical person who burnt our society to ashes, and make him their director, of anything? Why would he even be allowed onto the property of our religion? 

So this shows that the pro-homosexual, and anti-family, women, children and anti-varnasrama program is still largely in charge, or else they would have booted this guy a long time ago. Many of the ex-kuli victims are simply appalled at the way the ring leaders of the abuse culture are practically protected on all sides at every step.

Meanwhile, one of the defenders of this rogue messiah's regime tells PADA that "the new people are taking over, don't worry." Nope, the new guys like Radha Jivan are being booted out, so the GBC's pro-debauchee messiah's club can preserve and save their "good ole boys" biggest leaders. And the new guys are being booted out ALSO in New York City, Phoenix, Bangalore and etc. to save the old boys network. Oddly, even Jayadvaita says the old boys network in Brooklyn is out of hand these days, even he has to agree with us that their messiahs are out of control. 

Anyway! The bad news is, there has been no reform, the bogus messiah's good ole boys club are still in charge, but the good news is, more and more people are finally realizing that factoid. And only a few fools like Rocana think his pro-sexual predator and anti-family messiah's program simply "needs better enforcement legislation (more reforms)." We cannot reform corruption, we have to remove it.

Hrdayananda swami is apparently smarter than the entire GBC put together, not that this says too much, but at least he is the among those saying that ISKCON is in an unsustainable "state of collapse," and unless it changes -- it will die out. True dat!

Unfortunately, the reform changes he proposes are not including that people should STOP worship of the GBC's illicit sex acharya's lineage and revert back to worship of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. Telling people they need to worship their illicit sex guru's program is not going to attract new people, period, except for a few sentimentalists and "Hindu congregations" who are there for a social beeja program mainly and not to seriously study siddhanta.

And whatever Bangalore is doing, why spend apparently $20,000,000 since 1997 trying to stop them? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we have to stop other devotees with giant lawsuits? Meanwhile some of the GBC's temples have rats, bed bugs, and bad plumbing etc. Radha Jivan says he donated money to Alachua, because their kitchen was a giant mess and needed all sorts of repairs. 

Why spend $20,000,000 on lawyers, when your kitchen is a mess? 

And a brahmachari ashram was allegedly shut down by the government last year, its reported not safe for humans. So we should have Krishna living with rats, mice and cockroaches, and have the brahmacharis house out of repair, all so we can spend $20,000,000 to put lawyers in mansions? Why? And now the GBC has re-certified Bhavananda as their manager, and he causes ISKCON to be sued for $400,000,00. Why are the GBC always pouring millions down the rabbit hole to defend their deviant pals?


Sunanda das: In reality, no one has come out publicly and defamed or disgraced or insulted Radha Jivan as you mentioned, though he has vehemently done so towards Ambarisa and others in print and speech. He was relieved of his TOVP service only after creating great disturbances in Mayapur last week. Perhaps you are not aware, but he incited hundreds of local devotees to riot against Western managers there, threatening the lives of some individuals and causing the local GBC to flee Mayapur, he denounced Ambarisa and others in public and private, even causing Ambarisa to cry, and conspired to take over the entire TOVP project thinking himself the only qualified manager.

If you were insulted jokingly by another devotee friend and comrade you knew for 30+ years (and RJ and Bhav have known each other for 30+ years), given the possibility that what Radha Jivan says is 100% true, would you go out of your way to do all of the above and risk the sanctity and integrity of the whole TOVP project and ISKCON just to get revenge? I think most level-headed devotees would just take it with a stride and let it go. To me it sounds a little self-centered and childish, like a cry-baby that can't have his way and has to create a big disturbance to vent his anger. What I see is an ambition to control and be in charge. That was my personal experience traveling with Radha Jivan. I give him all credit for what he's done and all the sacrifices he made, and he's a fantastic fundraiser and storyteller, but Krishna has revealed to the world the other side of Radha Jivan which I got to know. If anyone is to blame for disgracing Radha Jivan, it's he himself by his own actions.

The only recourse was to take away his service and responsibilities towards the TOVP. He has become extremely hostile and antagonistic and has declared to Ambarisa that there will be a fight. This leaves little room for allowing him to be heard and receive a proper forum to express his thoughts as you suggest. There is not much left to consider here. He has broken the limits of decency and Vaisnava etiquette. [end Sunanda post]


[PADA: Right, so we need to keep the person who was posing as Krishna's Vishnupada acharya while he was enjoying the genitals of taxi drivers in the holy dham; And he caused the society to be sued for $400,000,000; And his program bankrupted the entire institution; And his molesting empire ruined the second generation that was supposed to continue the religion. Yep, he is a keeper! Keep this guy and do not be a cry baby, never mind there is a trail of devastated and even dead kulis in his trail, and a bankrupt institution ad infinitum.

And in sum, his program turned ISKCON into a unsustainable, bankrupted, empty ghost town shell with no credibility (as has been noted by the general public, heck -- even by Hrdayananda, never mind PADA). We are crying that this person will have to leave! Save the arsonists who burnt our house down! Even Badrinarayan says their fallen guru program has no credibility. OK, so if you want your religion to have no credibility, it won't! You get what you wish for!

Yet, as soon as someone says we need to remove the fire bomb thrower who burnt ISKCON to ashes, then Amburish is allegedly crying and Sunanda says we should not be little cry babies and desire to remove the bomb throwers who burnt ISKCON to toast. So this is how all of the crimes of ISKCON happened ... anyone who objects is a cry baby.

And now our friend Bhakta das has allegedly tried to side with the GBC in saving ISKCON's main arsonist's agenda. This is why PADA came down so hard on Dayalu nitai, HKC Jaipur, Prahlad, Sanat, Mukunda, Janardana etc., when they began advertising and supporting Bhakta das. In fact these guys created and advertised a video tape they made of Bhakta das' speaking, since they accept him as their shiksha guidance authority. Worse, this group even began promoting the writings of another major GBC guru groupie, namely Hari Sauri. 

That means -- this group simply joined forces with those who are direct or de facto supporting the debauchee acharya's agenda in the holy dham. And while allegedly stating that they are against deviant acharyas, meanwhile they wanted their genital sucker messiahs program to continue by joining forces with its prime cheer leaders. 

These types of hand maidens are ALSO the co-causes of all this corruption. They even claimed that Tamal is right, PADA is a liar. In sum, anyone who says acharyas are not debauchees is a liar in this camp! And anyone who tries to remove the good ole boys network is an offender. Birds of a feather flop together, as Sulochana said often.   

Well jeepers, you'll get what you deserve then, and if almost everyone wants an illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's program in their holy dham, and known sexual predators to be buried in Vrndavana as their acharyas, then, that's what they'll get. 

Unfortunately, one also gets the karma of pouring all this manure into the holy dham. According to shastra, false acharyas and their supporters ALL go down to the lower regions of the universe. 

However! Don't be discouraged! We have made some new good contacts as a result of this recent fiasco, and its looking good for PADA, more people are joining our idea, we will win in the end. And whether people will admit or not, even ISKCON is being forced to emphasize Srila Prabhupada as the main link everyone has with Krishna, its being forced into ISKCON over time. Our idea is going ahead, plain and simple. ys pd]

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