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Gauridas Pandit re: Akshaya Patra

Gauridas Pandit das:

Madhu Pandita Prabhu receives Govt. Award!
Dear Prabhu,
Pamho, Agsp.

I am very happy to inform you that Shri Madhu Pandit Prabhu has been awarded the prestigious Padma award this year in recognition of Akshaya Patra’s services to India. Padmashri Award is the first of the 4 highest civilian awards given in India. Padma Bhusha and Padma Vibhusan are the next and highest of course is Bharat Ratna.

This year over 3000 people were recommended and 112 persons were awarded--10 Padma Vibhushan, 19 Padma Bhushan and 83 Padma Shri awardees. It was earlier in last September the MPP’s name was recommended to the central government by Karnataka State government.
It has been announced on 26th Jan 2016, Republic day but will be actually conferred during the last week of March.

Devotees are not after recognition, but this award will significantly help in expanding our preaching in India. I just thought I will share this good news with all of you. We have a published a detailed article in ISKCON News:

I dedicate the Padma Shri to Srila Prabhupada – Madhu Pandit Dasa

We have uploaded the media coverage on ISKCON Times today.…/

Your servant,
Bharatarshabha Dasa.

Gauridasa Pandita: By cooperating to serve Srila Prabhupada amazing mercy is being distributed in the form of Prasadam And Original Books Distribution. New spectacular temples are rising up too, to attract more fortunate souls to Krsna Consciousness. Srila Prabhupada is the uniting force behind all this recognized service. Surely he and our sweet Lord are pleased by all this.

RKD Thank you for sharing , and yes great news!

Gauridasa Pandita: We can judge by the results ~ which are phenomenal! Congratulations to all these Prabhupadanuga's!🤓😎😀🤗

AA: Oh! Its for food distribution!!!! And I thought he was awarded for preaching krishna consciousness....

DK: Haribol!! This is not only for food sitribution.It is for Prasadam distribution .Imagine 15 lakh people having prasadam everday!! It is indeed preaching Krishna Consciousness!!

CD: I was once told that the cooks are all paid, non-devotees, and there is not a qualified devotee to offer the bhoga. If this is true, then this is not preaching, it is simply charity work. Can someone confirm what is the truth re: this matter?

Gauridasa Pandita I visited the Bangalore and Vrindavan projects and all I saw was devotees and long lines of guests all day every day. It's all offered to Srila Prabhupada. The Bangalore devotees have been criticized for years and I don't like it. The mercy is flowing more there more than anywhere else in my humble opinion. As for hired cooks etc. they are in many temples.

CD: I understood that the kitchen for this program was not on the temple premises, but somewhere else. The people who are fed are not coming there to the temple for this food distribution program, prabhu.

Gauridasa Pandita There is Prasadam distributed to the thousands of pilgrims everyday at the end of the darshans. Also they pass by and wait by Prasadam and book tables that they see and buy. The Award was awarded for the outside School distribution. In Vrindavan the Prasadam is made at the temple by devotees. There are other branches all over India. President Obama recognized the great service too and asked that the Prasadam distribution be spread to Africa also. It's all good!

DK: Yes. Temple has also started Annadana seva for all devotees who visit to temple .

Gauridasa Pandita It's getting better all the time!

RR: Appreciate the recognition ... but this award is not the definition of Krishna's mercy... hope these 15 lakh become Krishna Conscious one day.

TA: They will become Krishna Conscious one day. Are you doubting the power of Prasadam?

RR: I have full faith in Prasadam (if that is what they are fed.) whether it is Akshay Patra or Annamrita. I hoped, if you can read my comment above, all of these could become KC.

TA:  ...if that is what they are fed.. This means you are still in doubt. I suggest you to visit AKSHAYA PATRA kitchen first and then make comments in public.

RR: First my doubt is on what is being served not on Prasadam. Also, my doubt doesn't confirm that I disagree. If it is being cooked for Krishna & offered by devotees then nothing better than that. All glories.

TA: I know your doubt is about Children who receive Prasadam whether they become Krishna Conscious or not. That will happen definitely. In Temple, when you distribute Prasadam to visitors, do you really consider when would they become KC. Rather most of us came in KC due to Prasadam. Supersoul is seated in each of us hearts and Krishna said svalpam apyasya trayate mahato bhayat... whosoever honors Prasadam goes to his eternal credit.

And if at all we are concerned instead of pondering "When these children become KC" we should rather expand such services more and more. Instead of criticising Madhu Pandit Prabhu, GBC should at least learn the positives from him and support such services in other parts of World as well...

RR: MP Pr Vs GBC AkshayPatra Vs Annamrita Nice...distribution of mercy.

[PADA: Right, we have to judge by the results. The people who are attacking Madhu Pandit are not able to do this type of large-scale of program at all, whether so-called bona fide or not bona fide program. At least he has a large-scale program. 

And yes, some of the student recipients of Akshaya Patra later on become Krishna's devotees. Some of these Bangalore affiliated folks are also friends with PADA, and they always seem to ask us really nice questions about the siddhanta, the history, the guru issue etc. 

Whereas we get sometimes crank messages from other parties, and these parties seem almost unable to get even a teeny small-scale program organized, what to speak of larger scale program. And then again some of these critics seem obsessed with topics like: Hitler, NWO, Draco constellation serpent people, Monsanto, WW III, and other dubious things like this, which (as Sulochana used to say) -- is about as popular as finding a dog stool in your sweet rice. 

These types of critics are basically not attracting almost anyone to their program, and it seems as if they are intentionally trying NOT to attract anyone. Meanwhile! The GBC is tossing everything but the kitchen sink at Madhu Pandit das to stop his program -- and for a good reason -- having Srila Prabhupada established as the acharya, this is their biggest nightmare problem. 

That is why the GBC has wasted so much time, energy and funds going after his program. Whereas the GBC folks are really not going after these crank critics, because they are not a threat to anything they are doing. 

Now there are some folks, ok like Kamsahanta, Prahlad, Mukunda, HKC Jaipur and others who are saying "PADA is a Bangalore fanatic." Not at all, I am a simply a fanatic for seeing programs that actually work and function. That is what we need. Gauridas Pandit says its clear that the mercy is flowing to Bangalore folks, and that is his opinion all along.

It should be noted that Dayalu nitai dasa of HKC Jaipur said to me that Gauridas Pandit endorses what they are doing, nope he does not. He clearly says herein that this bashing of Bangalore program is counterproductive, he does not approve. 

In any case, we like to see positive programs being developed. If anyone is doing that, we will assist them by advertising. As for Bangalore, they do not need our advertising, they are constantly making good media all over the place by themselves, and that is what is needed to refresh the image of Krishna and His devotees. ys pd]  

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