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Notes from Discussion on Vishnu Expansions / Yoga Nidra / Etc.

PADA: Lord Chaitanya teaches acintya bhedha bhedha tattva, we are inconceivably both one and different from God. We are the infinitesimal particles of God, the jeeva tattva, and Krishna is the infinite, the source of the jeevas. Thus Krishna is not subject to being subordinated to material conditioning of maya, because He is the source of maya and all other energies. 

He is the energenic source, we are the energy or by-product. The electrical power house and by-product electricity are one, but they are also different. And that is also why the teeny jeeva particles can potentially get covered with material energy and suffers, and is subject to birth and death, but Krishna is never overcome by the materiel energy, because He is the source of the material energy existing eternally, and thus He is never subject to mundane conditioning. 


Madhvacarya says God is like the sun planet, and we jeeva tattva are like the infinitesimal sun's ray particles. When the sun's teeny ray particles enter a cloud, the little particles appear to lose their heat and light quality. Similarly, when we little jeevas desire to become independent of God, we fall away from the sun globe and we become overwhelmed by entering the cloud of maya or material energy. 

Of course God is a person and we are also persons, and so the reason we fall is that we became envious of God. Thus He sends us envious souls to suffer in the material energy -- which is like a prison for the envious souls. And only by agreeing to surrender back to serving God can we re-enter our original position with the sun globe. So although there is never any real separation of the Sun globe and the sun rays, it appears that way due to our entering the cloud of the material energy, which covers the soul with an overcoat of material body. And then the soul transmigrates from one body to the next, until the souls re-surrender and go back to Krishna's loka (called goloka). The cloud is under the control of Mahavishnu, as we see in this illustration. 


Actually we Vaishnavas are in the Brahma-Madhva sampradaya. And of course Madhva accepts the Bhagavad Gita which describes how the conditioned souls are covered by maya. 

This is also a supportive verse from the Brahma saṁhitā (5.44):
sṛṣṭi-sthiti-pralaya-sādhana-śaktir ekā
chāyeva yasya bhuvanāni bibharti durgā
icchānurūpam api yasya ca ceṣṭate sā
govindam ādi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi
"The external potency, māyā, who is of the nature of the shadow of the cit (spiritual) potency, is worshiped by all people as Durgā, the creating, preserving and destroying agency of this mundane world. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda, in accordance with whose will Durgā conducts herself." Material nature, the external energy of the Supreme Lord, is also known as Durgā, or the female energy that protects the great fort of this universe. 

The word Durgā also means fort. This universe is just like a great fort in which all the conditioned souls are kept, and they cannot leave it unless they are liberated by the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


Madvacarya says all material creation (and objects therein) are real, because its ALL a manifestation of Vishnu, but its only existing for a temporary time in the material creation. Yes, Vishnu thinks and it becomes real for us, and its called Vishnu's "yoga nidra." Yes, its a dream in one sense, but even God's dream is real for us because we are subordinated to the material energy created by His yoga nidra. That is why we jeevas have to work so hard to serve our mundane bodies, because we are subordinated to His material energy. 

This man in the video which says there are no objects would not last more than a week if he quit drinking water. Water is one of the objects of the material world, and that is fine, but this man could not survive without having these objects to keep himself alive, because he is subordinated to the material world built on these objects. To say there are no objects has no practical application. 

Anyway, a Vaishnava takes objects, like a mango, and he offers that object to Vishnu. He thanks Vishnu for making all these objects that are keeping him alive, and he is grateful for them. To have no connection to Vishnu's objects means, a person would die in no time flat. A devotee of Vishnu on the other hand appreciates all the wonderful objects made by Lord Vishnu, because the devotee knows the source of these objects. 


SB 1.6.30, Purport: The duration of a day in the life of Brahmā is 4,320,000,000 solar years. This is stated also in the Bhagavad-gītā. So for this period Brahmājī rests in yoga-nidrā within the body of the Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu, the generator of Brahmā. Thus after the sleeping period of Brahmā, when there is again creation by the will of the Lord through the agency of Brahmā, all the great ṛṣis again appear from different parts of the transcendental body, and Nārada also appears. 

This means that Nārada appears in the same transcendental body, just as a man awakes from sleep in the same body. Śrī Nārada is eternally free to move in all parts of the transcendental and material creations of the Almighty. He appears and disappears in his own transcendental body, which is without distinction of body and soul, unlike conditioned beings.
SB 1.16.26-30, Purport: The living beings can appreciate the qualities of the Lord as the ultimate goal, but they cannot attain the status quo of such equality. This material world is a product of the mahat-tattva, which is a state of the Lord's dreaming condition in His yoga-nidrā mystic slumber in the Causal Ocean, and yet the whole creation appears to be a factual presentation of His creation. This means that the Lord's dreaming conditions are also factual manifestations. He can therefore bring everything under His transcendental control, and thus whenever and wherever He does appear, He does so in His fullness.
The Lord, being all that is described above, maintains the affairs of the creation, and by His so doing He gives salvation even to His enemies who are killed by Him. He is attractive even to the topmost liberated soul, and thus He is worshipable even by Brahmā and Śiva, the greatest of all demigods.

SB Canto 2
SB 2.10.3, Purport: The first puruṣa incarnation of Govinda, Lord Kṛṣṇa, known as the Mahā-Viṣṇu, goes into a yoga-nidrā mystic sleep, and the innumerable universes are situated in potency in each and every hair hole of His transcendental body.
As mentioned in the previous verse, śrutena (or with reference to the Vedic conclusions), the creation is made possible from the Supreme Personality of Godhead directly by manifestation of His particular energies. Without such a Vedic reference, the creation appears to be a product of material nature. This conclusion comes from a poor fund of knowledge. From Vedic reference it is concluded that the origin of all energies (namely internal, external and marginal) is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And as explained herein before, the illusory conclusion is that creation is made by the inert material nature.


First of all in the Vaishnava idea, the infinitesimal jeeva souls originated with Krishna, and that was their status as His servants originally. Then, some of the jeevas desired to be independent from Krishna, and so they had to fall to the material world. The material world is a sub-set of Krishna's energies, managed by Krishna's expansions. Garbhodakaśāyī Vishnu is an expansion of Mahā Vishnu. 

In Gaudīya Vaishnavism the Sātvata-tantra describes three different forms of Vishnu as: Mahā Vishnu, Garbhodakaśāyī Vishnu and Ksirodakaśāyī Vishnu (Paramātmā). Each form has a different role in the maintenance of the Universe and its inhabitants.

"For material creation, Lord Krishna's plenary expansion assumes three Vishnus. The first, Mahā Viṣhṇu, creates the total material energy, known as the mahat-tattva. The second, Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu, enters into each of the universes to create diversities. And the third, Kṣīrodakaśāyī Vishnu, is diffused as the all-pervading super soul in all the universes; in the heart of every living being, is known as Paramātmā. 

He is present even within the atoms.The real objective of meditation in Yoga is first of all, attaining a state of realizing that Paramātmā exists in the hearts of all the jeevas. Anyone who realises that God is present with him at all times in the heart as the paramatma expansion, can start the process to be liberated from material entanglement."

Garbhodhakaśāyī Viṣṇu is an expansion or overload of Mahā Viṣṇu (expansion of Saṃkarṣaṇa of second caturvyūha, which expands from Nārāyaṇa in Vaikuṇṭhaloka). Garbhodhakaśāyī Vishnu is realized as the form of Pradyumna within the material universe . He is the father of Brahmā who appeared from His navel and hence Garbhodakashayi Vishnu is also called Hiraņyagarbha.


Universes coming out from Vishnu. OK agreed, sounds like it could be a fairy tale. Then again, since no jeeva could view such a giant process, its really impossible for us to say its not a fairy tale. And in fact I would agree with the Vedas, the universes are a by product of the body of the Lord. I would also say, this is a logical idea to me, that the universes are expanded from the body of an expansion of God. Why not? 

As for inert objects or inert matter, yes objects might be described that way in one sense. In another sense, Lord Vishnu expands into each atom and thus the atoms are conscious and moving by intelligent design. Hence atomic movement is considered to be made in specific patterns .. its coming from conscious intelligence. ys pd

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Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist: -- Is Gay?

PADA: Hee hee, go gay if one has to do that. Just don't wear priest suits or monk robes and claim to be renounced if one wants to go that way. Just saying! Then again, some people have asked me, is the real reason people like Mukunda UK and some of his fanatical supporters are so much anti-women, anti-children, anti-family, anti-justice etc. its -- that they are another secret gay agenda trying to hide their real process, and sneak into the Prabhupadanuga's process

Who knows? 

But! Yep, just come out of the closet, and be honest. And in fact we have number of gay devotee associates who like what PADA does, because -- they are honest and they are not hiding behind some "holier than thou" false personna mask. A devotee who cannot follow is a devotee who cannot follow, no big problem, but a devotee who cannot follow and also claims to be advanced, that is the whole problem in a nutshell. ys pd

Contact Info for Thomas Drescher (Tirtha das)?

Dear PADA, How do we contact Tirtha das in prison? What prison is he staying at and how would we write to him? Or does he have an e-mail or etc.? 

Your eternal sevant,  

[PADA: Good question. If anyone knows how to contact Tirtha please send info to:

ys pd]  

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ISKCON Gurukuli: GBC ISKCON is a Personality Cult Process

Written by Radha Madhava Dasa

Having survived the trauma of the abuse we went through as Kulis, I wonder if the de-programmers were right. Most of you older generation don't know what happened, or who was involved and how dark and deep the rabbit hole goes. But for those who lived it, it's clear that Kali Yuga is in full swing and you can't judge a book by it's cover. The test is to see who still carries the torch of faith in Srila Prabhupada forward, without adulteration and without allegiance with perpetrators.

The trouble is, if you start to name names, people target you, ostracize you, demean and belittle you, and so they go undetected, and continue their nefarious activities.

Some of them are your "best friends". Who are you going to believe? The old friend with accolades on their shirt, or a kid with such depraved insane horror stories that don't fit the mold of what modern society is willing to accept?
It's all there in Krishna Book and Srimad Bhagavatam, but people don't actually have faith in the Sastra.

They have faith in social circles, the legal system and whatever conveniences they get by being part of the personality cults of the hijackers of Srila Prabhupada's legacy.

[PADA: Much being said here is very sad -- but true. A lot of the "older generation" don't know about the victimization that happened to many ISKCON children, or for that matter -- about the victimization that happened to a lot of other vulnerable people in the whole ISKCON society. Hence some of our "God brothers" still want to attack PADA for "being too heavy" in defending victims, or in other words -- shoot the messenger, thinking that advocating for the victims is foolish because -- there are hardly any real victims. Yep, its all PADA's "made up lies." And that is typical of how cult mentality works.

For example:

Tirtha dasa (Thomas Drescher), now serving life in prison for the murders of Chakradhari dasa and Sulochan dasa, writes to Henry Doktorski and tries to discourage him from continuing research for and writing his proposed book, "Killing For Krishna." Tirtha threatens, "For your sake, I just hope you don’t continue with your attempt to publish your book. You can’t see it, but you are riding toward oblivion on Vaishnava aparadhas [offenses to Vaishnavas]. You have no standing in these matters, since you are no longer within the family of Vaishnavas. You will gain nothing but pain and suffering in your life."


How do these people like Tirtha think they are authorized to kill other Vaishnavas in the first place? We know! Because they have been participating in a cult mentality program. And the killers of Vaishnavas claim to be "in the Vaishnava family." And we are not? Who has been teaching them this foolishness? Well -- a lot of our God brothers, from their concocted bogus guru personality cult program, whom else?

Which begs the question about some of our God brothers, they "don't know -- or don't care to know"? Yes, most of these "older generation" are not really taking the time or trouble to interview hardly any of these ex-gurukula students -- or other victims -- like exploited women etc. -- to really investigate and find out "what really happened" to all these victimized folks. Nor did they really stand out much -- protesting -- that the entire New Vrndavana program has been going off the rails. That is how Tirtha gets to think he is authorized to commit crimes, even murders, because for starters he is not being checked by our other God brothers. If anything, he was being encouraged to be the GBC's goonda enforcer by many of our misguided (bogus guru cult) God brothers. 

For that matter, isn't this sad case Tirtha fellow (who is now in prison for life)  simply another victim when it comes down to it? He was mislead by many of our God brothers to think conditioned souls are pure. Then he became the goonda enforcer of that program. And then -- many senior devotees -- and some of the GBC -- encouraged him to protect their bogus guru program, with violence. 

And then -- this created the crisis where he is now in jail for life. He was made to become a goonda for a bogus guru cult, and it cost him his freedom. He probably has some idea now that he was made into cannon fodder in some bogus guru persons war. So all along all of this is cult mentality, plain and simple.

At the same time, Tirtha never writes to ask me about the real story? Nor do a lot of our other brothers ask me about the real story. For example, a few years back one senior devotee told me he wanted to know all about the poison issue. Yet after ten minutes into the conversation -- he doubled over and said his ulcer was killing him, and he could not talk anymore. 

Why? He is good friends with the GBC's guru program folks, like Radhanath supporters etc. and thus he could not accept that he has been associated with deviants, or worse he has been promoting and supporting said deviants.

Another "senior devotee" told me that everyone really knows about all these problems, but they are in denial. This devotee also tried to kill himself by pounding on his own skull with a hammer. Great! When your own guru's society is in trouble, its time to beat on your own head -- and not help the crisis. This devotee then ran off to the Narayan Maharaja camp and started preaching that Srila Prabhupada was wrong to say we were originally with Krishna. 

Of course, this explains why so many ISKCON youth ran off to follow Narayan Maharaja, one of the biggest cheer leading promoters of Tamal and the GBC's guru process -- because many GBC leaders and their parents acted as pied pipers leading them there.  

Fortunately for at least some victims, we took the time to have heard elaborate and detailed testimony, and thus we do know a lot about these problems. And that is why we have tried to give these victims a voice. 

Anyway! As soon as we said there is a child abuse problem, never mind all sorts of other criminal problems going on at places like New Vrndavana, we were shunned, banned, ridiculed and threatened with death etc. In sum! There has been a pattern of major support for the criminals and their bogus guru's regime -- and almost no support for the dissenters group (like me and Sulochana and ilk). 

Then again, there has been a sort of "silent majority," of people who knew things were going WAY off the rails, but who just did not think ISKCON was important enough to correct or defend. Sulochana used to say these folks are the "heads in the sand" group. They just do NOT seem to think there has been any urgent need to fix and assist ISKCON, or its victims. And worse, a lot of the silent majority "goody two shoes" people thought our dissenting efforts to address issues was "too aggressive" and so on. Hence, there are people (like the above victim) who think this is a sort of brain washed cult process (which the de-programmers claim it is).  

Then what? Naturally, the criminal guru's regime has been able to crush down the opposition. Thus, the criminal guru's regime has been -- encouraged, enabled, facilitated and empowered by oppressing the opponents of said regime. As we know by now, the dissenters to the corrupt GBC's gurus are often painted as offenders, liars, demons and so forth -- and as such -- the dissenting class may be subject to banning, various forms of repression -- or even violence. As famous people like Albert Einstein apparently complained -- many died, because as they were being killed -- no one said anything. A conspiracy of silence.   

The good news? 

That process is CHANGING gradually, as more and more people (especially victims) are speaking up and challenging the GBC's status quo guru process. Albeit a lot of damage had to be done first of all, before many people were able to come to the stage of joining the opposition. Unfortunately, this process also happens in the ordinary mundane world's criminal exploiting and / or abuse cases, especially sexual abuse cases, rape cases and so on. Nothing happens for some time, but eventually enough victims start to compare notes and they start to bring the issue out.

Even recently in the ordinary world, we see that more of the various victims of abuse are challenging persons in high posts of authority (especially corporate leaders, movie moguls, famous actors and singers, religious clerics etc.) -- of course -- then the victims are often harassed, shamed, minimized, maybe even counter sued, paid to remain silent etc. and this is called the phenomena of "blaming the victims." However eventually the tide will turn, or is starting to turn now, because simply oppressing victims cannot last as a long range policy.

Recently we posted some writings from some dissenters to an India guru who claim there has been a pattern of sexual predatory abuse in their mission. Yet, even after many of the mass of followers of this guru gradually found out about these problems, they have not stood up properly to defend themselves or other victims, or to contain the abuse. 

Some of the dissenters are simply amazed that law enforcement has not taken this mission down already. OK same type things have gone on in ISKCON, the abuse has been widely known, but it has not been contained properly, and / or the orchestrators of the abuse regime are still in charge to a large extent, or at the very least -- they have never really been punished substantially.

And worse, some people like Swarup Hebel still think its wrong to expose the leaders of the molester messiahs project ...

Anyway! We at least planted various red flags on the path warning others of danger ahead. If those flags went unheeded, so be it, there was nothing else we could have done. Then again Srila Prabhupada planted the same type of red flag warnings all over the place himself, and repeatedly. If people did not pay attention to his warnings, why would they heed ours? Right! Hee hee! 

To sum!

If we want the Krishna religion to have credibility now, after the fact, then the people in the religion will have to stand up and correct these issues. ys pd 

Hawaii Dairy Closes, Devotees Saving Some Cows (fundme)

PADA: Dairy is closing! Cows will be sold off (for slaughter most likely). These "save the cows" folks are from the Narayan Maharaja group, but hey, they are doing the job. Very nice, saving the cows is what devotees should be doing. Apparently these cows are from the last large dairy in Hawaii (which is closing). I know, why haven't "the ritviks" got more of these things going on. Good question! ys pd

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Putrada Ekadasi, Thursday, January 16, 2019

Putrada Ekadasi, Thursday, January 16, 2019 

(Fast from grains & beans)

Putrada Ekadasi (Pausha-shukla Ekaadasi) The pious and saintly Yudhisthira Maharaj said, "Oh Lord, You have so nicely explained to us the wonderful glories of the Saphalaa Ekaadasi,which occurs during the dark fortnight (Krishna paksha) of the month of Pausha (December - January). Now please be merciful to me and explain to me the details of the Ekaadasi that occurs in the light fortnight (Shukla or Gaura paksha) of this month. What is its name, and what Deity is to be worshiped on that sacred day? 

Oh Purushottama, Oh Hrishikesha, please also tell me how You can be pleased on this day? Lord Sri Krishna then replied, "Oh saintly king, for the benefit of all humanity I shall now tell you how to observe fasting on the Pausha-shukla Ekadasi. As previously explained, everyone should observe the rules and regulations of the Ekadasi vrata, to the very best of their ability. This injunction also applies to the Ekaadasi named Putradaa, which destroys all sins and elevates one to the spiritual abode. 

The Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Narayana, the original personality, is the worshipable Deity of the Ekaadasi, and for His faithful devotees He happily fulfills all desires and awards full perfection.Thus among all the animate and inanimate beings in the three worlds (lower, middle and higher planetary systems), there is no better personality than Lord Narayana. 

"Oh King, now I shall narrate to you the history of Putradaa Ekaadasi, which removes all kinds of sins and makes one famous and learned. "There was once a kingdom named Bhadraavati, which was ruled by King Suketumaan. His queen was the famous Shaibyaa. Because he had no son, he spent a long time in anxiety, thinking, 'If I have no son, who will carry on my dynasty?' In this way the king meditated in a religious attitude for a very long time, thinking, 'Where should I go? What should Ido? How can I get a pious son (putra)? 

In this way King Suketumaan could find no happiness any where in his kingdom, even in his own palace, and soon he was spending more and more time inside his wife's palace, gloomily thinking only of how he could get a son.Thus both King Suketumaan and Queen Shaibyaa were in great distress. Even when they offered tarpana (oblations of water to their forefathers), their mutual misery made them think that it was as undrinkable as boiling water. 

They thus thought that they would have no descendants to offer tarpana to them when they died and thus become lost souls (ghosts). The king and queen were especially upset to learn that their forefathers were worried that soon there would be no one to offer them tarpana also. After learning of their forefather's unhappiness, the king and queen became more and more miserable, and neither ministers, nor friends, nor even loved ones could cheer them up. 

To the king, his elephants and horses and infantry were no solace, and at last he became practically inert and helpless. The king thought to himself, 'It is said that without a son, marriage is wasted. Indeed, for a family man with no son,both his heart and his splendid house remain vacant and miserable.Bereft of a son, a man cannot liquidate the debts that he owes his forefathers, the demigods (devas) and to other human beings. 

Therefore every married man should endeavor to beget a son; thus he will become famous within this world and at last attain the auspicious celestial realms. A son is proof of the pious activities a man performed in his past one hundred lifetimes, and such a person achieves a long duration of life in this world, along with good health and great wealth. Possessing sons and grandsons in this lifetime proves that one has worshiped Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in the past. 

The great blessing of sons, wealth, and sharp intelligence can be achieved only by worshiping the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. That is my opinion.' Thinking thus,the king had no peace. He remained in anxiety day and night, from morning to evening, and from the time he lay down to sleep at night until the sun rose in the morning, his dreams were equally full of great anxiety. Suffering such constant anxiety and apprehension, King Suketumaan decided to end his misery by committing suicide.

But he realized that suicide throws a person into hellish conditions of rebirth, and so he abandoned that idea. Seeing that he was gradually destroying himself by his all consuming anxiety over the lack of a son, the king at last mounted his horse and left for the dense forest alone. No one, not even the priests and brahmins of the palace, knew where he had gone. 

"In that forest, which was filled with deer and birds and other animals, King Suketumaan wandered aimlessly, noting all the different kinds of trees and shrubs, such as the fig, bel fruit, date palm, jackfruit,bakula, saptaparnaa, tinduka, and tilaka, as well as the shala, taala, tamaala, saralaa, hingotaa, arjuna, labheraa, bahedaa, sallaki, karondaa, patala, khaira, shaka and palaasha trees. All were beautifully decorated with fruits and flowers. He saw deer, tigers, wild boar, lions, monkeys, snakes, huge bull elephants in arut, cow elephants with their calves, and four-tusked elephants with their mates close by. There were cows, jackals, rabbits, leopards, and hippopotamuses. 

Beholding all these animals accompanied by their mates and offspring, the king remembered his own menagerie, especially his palace elephants, and became so sad that he absent mindedly wandered into their very midst. "Suddenly the king heard a jackal howl in the distance. Startled, he began wandering about, looking around in all directions. Soon it was midday, and the king started to tire. He was tormented by hunger and thirst also. He thought, 'What sinful deed could possibly have done so that I am now forced to suffer like this, with my throat parched and burning, and my stomach empty and rumbling? I have pleased the devas (demigods) with numerous fire sacrifices and abundant devotional worship. 

I have given many gifts and delicious sweets in charity to all the worthy brahmins too. And I have taken care of my subjects as though they were my very own children. Why then am I suffering so? What unknown sins have come to bear fruit and torment me in this dreadful way?' "Absorbed in these thoughts, King Suketumaan struggled forward, and eventually, due to his pious credits, he came upon a beautiful lotus bearing pond that resembled the famous Lake Maanasarova. 

It was filled with aquatics, including crocodiles and many varieties of fish, and graced with varieties of lilies and lotuses. The beautiful lotuses had opened to the Sun, and swans, cranes and ducks swam happily in its waters. Nearby were many attractive ashramas, where there resided many saints and sages who could fulfill the desires of anyone. Indeed, they wished everyone well. 

When the king saw all this, his right arm and right eye began to quiver, a sakuna sign (for a male) that something auspicious was about to happen. "As the king dismounted his horse and stood before the sages, who sat on the shore of the pond, he saw that they were chanting the holy names of God on japa beads.The king paid his obeisances and, joining his palms, addressed them with glorified praises. Observing the respect the king offered them, the sages said, 'We are very pleased with you, Oh king. Kindly tell us why you have come here. What is on your mind? Please inform us what is your heart's desire.' "The king replied, 'Oh great sages, who are you? 

What are your names, surely your presence reveals that you are auspicious saints? Why have you come to this beautiful place? Please tell me everything.' "The sages replied,'Oh king, we are known as the ten Vishvadevas (the sons of Vishva; Vasu, Satya, Kratu, Daksha, Kaala, Kaama, Dhriti, Pururavaa, Maadrava and Kuru). We have come here to this very lovely pond to bathe. The month of Magha (Madhava mase) will soon be here in five days (from the Magh nakshatra), and today is the famous Putradaa Ekadasi. One who desires a son should strictly observe this particular Ekadasi.' "The king said, 'I have tried so hard to havea son. 

If you great sages are pleased with me, kindly grant the boon of having a good son (putra).' 'The very meaning of Putradaa,' the sages replied, '…is "giver of a putra, pious son." So please observe a complete fast on this Ekaadasii day. If you do so, then by our blessing and by the mercy of Lord Sri Keshava invested in us - surely you will obtain a son.' "On the advice of the Vishvadevas, the king observed the auspicious fast day of Putradaa Ekaadasii according to the established rules and regulations, and on the Dvasdasi, after breaking his fast, he paid obeisances again and again to all of them. 

"Soon after Suketumaan returned to his palace and united with his queen. Queen Shaibya immediately became pregnant, and exactly as the Vishvadevas had predicted, a bright faced, beautiful son was born to them. In due course of time he became famous as an heroic prince, and the king gladly pleased his noble son by making him his successor. The son of Suketumaan took care of his subjects very conscientiously, just as if they were his own children. 

"In conclusion, Oh Yudhisthira, one who wishes to fulfill his desires should strictly observe Putradaa Ekadasi. While on this planet, one who strictly observes this Ekaadasi will surely obtain a son, and after death he will achieve liberation. Anyone who even reads or hears the glories of Putradaa Ekadasi obtains the merit earned by performing an horse sacrifice. It is to benefit all humanity that I have explained all this to you." Thus ends the narration of the glories of Pausha-shukla Ekaadasi, or Putradaa Ekaadasi, from the Bhavishya Purana of Veda Vyasadeva.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Killing for Krishna / Professional Podcast Format

Henry Doktorski III

I'm happy to report that today I signed a contract with a Los Angeles company which produces podcasts. I'm now a consultant for a five-episode dramatic / non-fiction series about the Hare Krishnas, New Vrindaban, and the murder of Steven Bryant. In her introductory inquiry letter to me, the company's Associate Producer wrote, "You are clearly the expert in this field." 

My job is to review the scriptwriter's work, and make suggestions and corrections, as their company specializes in non-fiction documentaries (they have produced shows on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports, corrupt state politics in New York, and the Iran Contra scandal), and the producers want their product to be as historically accurate as possible. I am pleased that my book "Killing For Krishna," and my name as an author / Hare Krishna historian is getting around in mainstream circles. I will, of course, post a link to the individual episode podcasts when they become available.

Kathi: Congrats! Awesome adventure!

Charlotte: That is great Henry. Thanks for sharing and keep us all informed!

Matty Dread: Dear Henry Doktorski. I've been reading your book and transparency is the only righteous way forward for all faiths. Thank you for bringing the story of what really happened concerning the cold blooded murder of Sulochan Prabhu, and exposing all the deviants that plotted to kill him. One of those deviants is now the "golden boy" of today's ISKCON, and has been for many years. 

It's time that people finally get to the know the truth, and the atrocities that happened in the community of New Vrindavan all those years ago. This is indeed a great contribution to exposing just how present day ISKCON has drifted away from the original desire of it's founding Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Kunti Devi: How does a former Gurukuli victim like myself, get involved in this. I have a story to tell, I'm one of the first GK kids and had personal association with Srila prabhupada and Vishnujana Swami. I also knew Sulochan, and he interviewed me for the book he was writing, on the very day he got shot. I also helped his parents get custody of his children, whom they rescued from NV by giving depositions on their behalf. 

I have to admit, and I think a lot of GK survivors would agree with me. That when we see stuff like this go on people profiting on it. Yet some of the most famous and well-known GK survivors I've never been interviewed or involved in this, it smacks of exploitation. Forgive me if you take offense by what I'm saying. But it's the truth.

Henry Doktorski III: Kunti Devi, thank you again for sharing your thoughts. You have asked me to explain my motivation for writing "Killing For Krishna," and I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. For this, I have to go back to 2003, when I had already completed a 300-page manuscript of the history of New Vrindaban. I think I'm qualified to write about New Vrindaban, as I lived there for 15 years. 

At that time, I showed my manuscript to Tapahpunja, who said, "Come with me! I have something to show you!" He took me up to the gravel parking lot behind Sankirtan and Ruci's house, unlocked the double doors to a semi-truck trailer, and we climbed up inside. In the trailer was dozens and dozens of boxes containing New Vrindaban publications, ISKCON publications, photographs, negatives, sound recordings, hundreds of letters from Bhaktipada's personal correspondence, trial transcripts, investigative reports, and more. 

I felt I had discovered Captain Kidd's buried treasure. (This is all explained in the Acknowledgements chapter of my book.) Tapahpunja gifted me the entire collection, tens of thousands of pages. 

Anyway, it took me about ten years in my spare time to read everything. I discovered documents which shocked me. I discovered the inside story of the conspiracy to murder Sulochan prabhu. I didn't know Sulochan personally. When he was living at New Vrindaban I was always out on the "pick" on traveling sankirtan. However later, I knew his wife and I taught piano to his children. Jamuna played violin in the New Vrindaban Temple Orchestra, which I directed. (BTW, Jamuna graciously accepted my invitation for an interview, and her memories of her former husband appear in my book.) 

My daughter was close friends with Jamuna's two daughters. In the archive, I discovered documents which incriminated Radhanath Swami in Sulochan's murder. So many details I found in trial transcripts and investigative reports. This was earth-shaking news to me. I decided then that I would compile all this information into a book and get it published. 

I did talk to Mrs. Bryant by telephone. I corresponded with Sulochan's only surviving son, Sarva Dharma. In fact, his interview with me appears in my book. I contacted Sulochan's girlfriend in California, but she flat out refused to talk to me. What can I do? After so many years, my book was 660 pages. It was time to publish. So I did. I hope this answers some of your questions. Thank you for the opportunity to share the story of how "Killing For Krishna" came to be. 

I can only request others who have not read my book not to jump to conclusions about things like motivation, etc. If you read the book, I think you will understand what I tried to do: reveal the truth, or as close to the truth as Krishna allows us to know, about a very sad chapter in the history of New Vrindaban and ISKCON, with the express purpose of warning others about "The Danger of Deranged Devotion."--Henry

Mathura Pati Das: You can start Killing for Krishna part 2 !

Kunti Devi: Henry Doktorski III I like your explanation thank you. These things are actually very hard for a lot of us who grew up in iskcon.

Henry Doktorski III: Kunti Devi, I cannot imagine what you went through, and are still going through. I have spoken to many ex-gurukulis, and some are able to share their traumatic memories, and others are not able to do so, the trauma is still affecting them. This topic, the abuse of children at New Vrindaban, is briefly discussed in my book, as much as it relates to the murder conspiracy. Others will have to tell this tale in detail.

Michael: Congratulations .. the end is nigh for the creep ... and his mates...

Nanda Gopal Swami: Killing it prabhu!

Barbara: Wow!! Bravo!

Annapurna: May Krishna bless you and protect you!

Carol: Congratulations!!

[PADA: Yes, its very painful for so many of the victims -- that they had to experience incredible troubles that went on, and on, and on for such a long time. And they had to wait before the "real story" started to get out. And the "full story" is still not very well known, or widely known, or else the people implicated in the whole bogus molester messiah's guru regime would have been removed from office a long time ago. 

And that is why we still get questions all the time from innocent ISKCON orbit people who have little or no idea of the actual history. So this is going to take decades of time and work to counter and correct.

The deviants are simply capitalizing on people's ignorance of the facts, so its important that these facts become more widely known. Its amazing that we have had not only so many bogus GBC guru people as opponents who wanted to suppress our efforts, but also their fake "Prabhupada only" allies like Sanat (Steve Voith) / Mukunda / Prahlad (Paul Coats UK) / Krishna Kirtan / Janardana / Tamohara / HKC Jaipur types criticizing that PADA had been providing money, many hours of research etc. to help  Sulochana's efforts, including encouraging him to leave New Vrndavana the whole time before the crisis point arrived. 

Yep! They complained that Sulochana is a rotten person for accepting money from my "dirty taxi driving money" -- so he could buy a can of beans! Yep, lets starve the opponents to their molester messiah's pals project.

And how did you guess, all these people said PADA needs to be kicked off the internet, so they can hide their molester messiah's agenda as much as possible. 
Same identical thing the bogus GBC guru people wanted to do. Yep! Sulochana needs to be kicked off the information giving process, and so do we. Clear to see where the real pro-deviant agenda is rooted from. Suppressing the opposition is how all these crimes were enabled and empowered, as even the police have confirmed to me. 

In other words, all these deviants are combined and joined at the hip with the GBC's guru process, who wanted no opposition at all to their molester messiah's agenda project. And that is why they are angry that we dissenters even had a can of beans to subsist on. Instead of saying, wow, Sulochana helped liberate people from worshiping illicit sex as their messiahs (by eating only from the canned food warehouse) they are holding grudge that their program was exposed. 

And they are even angry he had a can of beans, so he could live! 

No wonder it has taken so long for the truth to come out, the GBC -- and all of these GBC's hand maiden assistants -- are trying to suppress the facts from emerging all along. So that means the small effort we made to bring this out was full of opposition, and that is why it has taken so long for the real story to emerge, and its still emerging. And that is why a lot of innocent folks are still clueless about the real events here because so many people wanted the story suppressed, and they wanted it suppressed the whole while.

Anyway, hee hee, it looks like the cat is more and more out of the bag and all of the deviants and their hand maidens are going to be made famous for -- being the deviants that they are. Thanks to all who are helping expose these guys, bravo indeed! ys pd]  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Corruption at Bhaktivedanta Manor (re: Matty Dread UK)

[PADA: Thanks prabhu, yes this confirms what we have been saying the whole while. Agreed! ys pd]

From: Matty Dread

Here is a sure fire way to cut down on your friends and find out who your real true friends are. Cutting the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Not airing no dirty laundry here, but speaking the truth whilst sharing with you what has been going on in my heart and head for many, many months now. I'm away for a week as from today, will check back next weekend maybe?


It is a sad, sad day indeed, when my wife turns around to me and says, "I will never step one foot passed the gates of Bhaktivedanta Manor to do seva again." Myself and my wife, have both been attending Bhaktivedanta manor since our teenage years, separately before we met, and then later on as a married couple, we our both now in our forties. I personally, will never do any seva at Bhaktivedanta Manor again. Well, not at least until there is a big change in the managerial structure there. After this letter, I’ll probably be lucky to even take darsan, but I am beyond the point of caring about being shunned by an increasingly sectarian "community" because what I have to write about here is so serious.

We have both been treated like dirt, for want of a better expression by Syamasundara dasa, the farm manager at Bhaktivedanta manor and head of ISKCON'S European farming and goshalla's, and also by his wife, Lalita Sakhi devi dasi, the new dairy manageress, for allegedly stealing seventy jars of honey, Then, two weeks after Janmastami 2013, this had escalated to now also include £1000.00 or so.

All this, we allegedly took from the goshalla craft shop that we created over two years ago. We were asked to create a craft shop on the wishes of Syamasundara dasa. Back in September 2013, my wife, Lainey was sent a text by Syamasundara dasa “to urgently check her email.”

By the way, Syamasundara dasa didn't even have the gumption to tell us to our faces. He had written in his email that, "that she was suspended from her position as craft shop manageress." Suspended!!! The laughable thing is, is that neither of us have ever been on a wage. That’s right folks, it’s called good old fashioned bhakti, remember that?

Please, please ask yourselves one rational question here. Why would Lainey work so tirelessly, over two years on building up such a beautiful craft shop, getting all the devotee crafters on board, which was a logistical nightmare, whilst supporting the goshalla, and mainly grihasta devotee’s from our very own UK yatra, only then to shoot herself in the foot by dipping in to the `honey pot?

My dear wife Lainey, would do anything to help anyone, especially within the devotee community. Sad to say that both of our seva, and the kripa of our bhakti, has been well and truly trampled over. May I ask the questions?

A: Where is the proof of these alleged allegations?
B: If we are guilty, then why haven't the police been called on us?

This whole honey-gate "suspension" was a smoke screen ruse to get rid of us, plain and simple, as we obviously served our purpose of getting the shop established, and were also always seen by the management as "lose cannons." Plus, since Syamasundara's wife, Lalita Sakhi devi dasi, took over as dairy manageress, and started to stock the shop with her dairy products, she has had her beady eye’s on the New gokul Craft shop right from the start.

I myself, have been doing unpaid ox-seva, for what would have been four years last November, and I was asked, in yet another email, by Syamasundara, again not in person, to return all my farm keys. I take this as indirectly telling me, that my service to the oxen, and the goshalla at Bhaktivedanta manor was no longer required. This is yet another bullying tactic by the Bhaktivedanta Manor management, and i am sorry, but I will not be bullied by anyone.

The basic problem with most of the devotees on a wage at Bhaktivedanta manor, (not the one’s living in the derelict, rat infested "dog house" just up the road from the temple.) Is that most of them are also living in temple owned accommodation outside of the temple, and they also take a wage from the temple. So thus, by speaking out against any injustices or cover ups at the manor, they have everything to lose because Bhaktivedanta manor has them, for want of a better expression by the short and curlys. So basically, they’ll either lose their job(s) or lose their house(s), simple. Yet another well thought out strategical plan by the Bhaktivedanta manor managers?

Where as, on the other hand, for those of us who do not rely on the temple for a salary, and accommodation, we stand to lose neither. We own our small one bedroom flat, where we live a modest life, and we have stood on our own two feet from when we were both, coincidentally, at the same age of sixteen years old. As I said before, Lainey, my dear wife has vowed that she will never engage in any seva at Bhaktivedanta manor again, and I now too have taken this vow also.

As far as any alleged theft was concerned, I proceeded to contact the temple president, Srutidhama dasa by email regarding the unfair `suspension`, and treatment of me and my wife. I received a punitive email that, directed me to the `grievance / complaints department ` at Bhaktivedanta manor. Like i could just be cheaply fobbed off. There was no `sorry` or, `i will be looking into this matter.` Or, I will be making sure that an independent body oversees the investigation, as the person who is accusing you of theft, is the same person who is heading up the investigation. I wouldn't` in reality of expected anything less then this sort of email from him to be honest, maybe if I was a Hindu and not white bodied then I may of received a slightly different reaction or reply?....Who Knows?

Now here is the real crux of the matter. I, nor my wife will not be party to a Bhaktivedanta manor management team, that thinks its `OK` to cover up the alleged rape of a twenty one year old wwoofer volunteer, who was staying at the manor on Pigotts farm, the temples agricultural plot, where she was allegedly raped by two other male wwoofer volunteers, on temple ground. What is a definite fact though, is that the girl in question, after entering a completely packed out busy Sunday temple room the following morning, completely dazed, confused and naked, where no-one tried to help her, was then escorted and man handled into a car, and dumped at the gates of the temple.

She was then covered up with some clothing by the girl who heard the alleged rape take place the night before, taken down the road a few hundred yards to Piggotts farm. Another volunteer at Piggots farm, who is a follower of Sai Baba, and acts on piggotts farm, and at Bhaktivedanta manor goshalla as some sort of unpaid coordinator/mediator for the wwoofers, and recently released criminals from prison who are on probation, ended up paying for her taxi fare from the farm property of Bhaktivedanta Manor, to Kings Cross train station, London. Not a cheap taxi fare may I add. So she was shipped back to France on the Euro Star train, ASAP. Out of sight, out of mind?

The poor girl had allegedly been drugged, and has allegedly suffered severe internal bruising. I for one, will not be an active part of a temple where, the management team think that it is OK, not to report the alleged rape of a twenty one year old wwoofer volunteer, while the alleged perpetrator's of the crime are possibly still on temple grounds.

Ask yourselves one question please. Especially to all you Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Son’s out there. How would you feel if this happened to your daughter, sister or your mother, and would you want it reported? And, if you do not report such a serious incident to the police, then does that make you almost as bad the perpetrator? This is not yet a police matter, as wwoofer head quarters UK are looking into this very serious matter, and are yet to question the wwoofer volunteer girl who heard this alleged rape take place. Unfortunately, as we all know, sadly through out the history of ISKCON there have so many cover ups, so this will most likely not be the last.

I am sure that Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Gokulananda are OK with this, no?
This is part of the real reason why Syamasundara dasa the farm manager had got rid of us, because my wife dared tell Syamasundara dasa, that this alleged rape should not be covered up, and should of been reported to the police immediately. He then went in to a complete demoniac rage, locking the craft shop shop door, pointed his finger a few centimeters from my wife's face whilst shouting at her, and reduced her to tears. Big, big man huh?....Small brain. May i add that she does not cry so easily.

But hey.....guess what? There cant be any bad publicity, especially as the new Halawi multi purpose wedding centre is due for construction at Bhaktivedanta manor soon. You must get your priorities right.

Whilst on the subject of wwoofers though, may I please also add. These wwoofers spend a lot of their evenings five hundred yards away down the local pub getting drunk. They smoke dope, cigarettes and have even been known to have meat barbecues, on temple grounds. Seeing as they are left to their own devices in the evening, because no-one is there to over see them. Well, at least not back in 2013 any way. All this while the farm manger, Syamasundara dasa turns a blind eye, all at the price of him getting his free labour from the wwoofer organization. What is this? Eat steak of an evening, and then work oxen the next day? May i also add, that none of these wwoofers are experienced oxen workers, and this is putting the lives of the oxen at risk, as well as those of the wwoofer volunteers.

I personally witnessed one wwoofer, who was so shaken up, because the oxen that he was working with got spooked, especially the younger oxen, which they can do very frequently. He hadn't tied them up properly, and the seated plow that he was just about to mount turned over, and as it tipped over it grazed one of his legs narrowly escaping what could have been a serious injury. May I add that the blades on these plow’s are extremely sharp, this could of caused a far more serious injury than just a grazed leg.

He was so shaken up that he couldn't work and had to take rest.

Also, I witnessed another wwoofer, whilst discing the fields with the younger, faster oxen, standing on the discing machine, which has extremely sharp skewer type blades that break up the soil. He was standing on this machine like he was surfing the waves on the sea, using young oxen that can travel at some speed. Whilst all that stood between him and the skewer blades, and the danger of getting his foot, feet or legs mangled, was a thin piece of ply wood, at least no less than one inch thick. To me it is only by Krsna`s mercy that neither of these wwoofer volunteers were not seriously injured.

Also, what about the care of the oxen? Aren’t we meant to be protecting the cows and the oxen? Syamasundara dasa has also had selective female wwoofers at his house, with his wife present, for prasadam. Everyone who knows this man, in fact all of the older devotees, and those younger ones who have lived in the temple ashram for many years, know that he is a womaniser. He was found having sexual intercourse with another devotees wife in the hay barn some years ago. It wasn’t just one woman either that he did this too. Yet although he wrecks marriages he still retains his position at Bhaktivedanta manor goshala, and as head of ISKCON European farms and goshallas. I would also like to add that it was both women who were banned from the temple and not him. Well of course he serves a purpose, why get rid of him right?

It Is very true that WE ARE ALL guilty of forgetting Lord Krsna, and for sure, we should, and are receiving the results of our past and present karma. But still the questions begs to be asked. How can `senior` devotees act like this on the strength of the Holy name? The reaction that they will suffer is sure to come back to them at least ten fold. I can only pray for Syamasundara dasa, and his wife Lalita Sahki devi dasi, that they somehow regain their initial attraction, inspiration, honesty, love and compassion that first led them to the path of Srila Prabhupada`s ISKCON, and that of Krsna Consciousness. I sincerely hope that they can act in a way that would set an example to newcomers, guest’s, neophyte devotees such as myself, and devotees less senior then them.

Would Srila Prabhupada be happy with the way things are conducted at Bhaktivedanta manor and it’s well renown Hindu wedding circus? Personally, for a lot of what goes on there, i think not.

Since, some of what I am writing here, which may i add took place back in September 2013, like the naked girl incident, and alleged rape, has now spread like wild fire on the gossip mill at Bhaktivedanta manor. Lalita Sakhi devi dasi conveniently took a five week break/holiday back then to South Africa, and then onto India to join her daughter for a wedding in Mayapur.

Also, it should be known here that, all three of their grown up offspring, who are now in their twenties, attend private school, which is not a free state school, and has huge quarterly bills. Also the fact that Syamasundara dasa owns a £400,000 house, and also owns two other properties that he rents out to other devotees. Please ask yourselves. All this on a frugal managerial farmers wage? So please can we now lets talk about thievery, and who has their fingers in the ghee and creaming of the top whilst milking the cash cow?

May i ask the GBC. What are you doing about this wwoofer scheme in ISKCON, because it is is fundamentally flawed on so many levels?

I was due to take Hari Nam initiation this year, but was warned that if I spoke out about any of these incidents that I would not get initiated. I`ll be honest. It has taken me five months to weigh up the situation and all the circumstances involved here, and has torn at my heart and soul, but all my life, I have always tried to stand for truth and rights, I will miss my boy’s the oxen. Krsna knows how, after I was stopped from my seva with them, I would wake up from dreams where I was with them in the fields, but it was only a dream and then the tears would come. Yes, I am attached.

Not so sorry either to say that I will not be a part of any dogma, where speaking the truth is deemed and seen as a wrong. Surely Srila Prabhupada wouldn’t want that? To me, the ISKCON of today is far, far removed from what Srila Prabhupada had set up, and had intended it to be.

Shame on you GBC. No doubt you can all vote me demon of the month or even the year!

And finally. A personal message from me and Lainey to all the management at Bhaktivedanta manor. Ban us or not, oh go on! You know you’ve just been waiting for an opportunity like this for ages! I am now beyond caring anymore. You have picked the wrong people to bully this time, and only time will tell. Lord Krsna sees all....Chant and be happy, if your conscious would only allow you too?

Yours truly. In the service of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga,

Bhakta Matty.

Aniha Das: This is a truly nasty business and my heart goes out to you and your good wife. Unfortunately it is not so shocking considering the various offences committed over the years that have brought shame upon Srila Prabhupada's wonderful society. Thank you for having the courage to speak out. Connection with a genuine Vaisnava is a matter of the heart and Lord Krsna will make an arrangement for your Harinama initiation sooner or later, so do not be too distressed over missing the opportunity. Cultivate the desire to surrender to a pure Vaisnava, a Vaikuntha man, and Krsna will direct you.

Bhagavati Serry: I am very sorry to read this. Having been in and around temples for 33 years, I know how relationships between devotees and management can get really messed up. Still, for the sake of your Krsna consciousness I would advise you to seek the help of an ISKCON Ombudsman to sort this mess out. You can go to ISKCON for more information. I have been trained as an ombudsman myself by Braja Bihari prabhu and I can guarantee that an ombudsman is independent (from management), informal, neutral and, of course, confidential. 

Please prabhu, you don't want to spend the rest of your life feeling angry and frustrated with a whole list of devotees. Even if you never want to do service in the Manor again, still try to resolve the issues, so you can have some peace of mind.

[PADA: What happens when the GBC "resolves" that Krishna's guru successors are often debauchees, and their alleged "parampara from God" contains "illicit sex with men, women and children." And then those who protest (like us) are banned, and that is minor when we consider -- in addition we have been getting death threats etc? And why would any religion teach their little children that God's successors are often debauchees? And how can this be "resolved" in any other way, other than to expose this deviation (or crime?) of corrupting the morals of minors? The people who are promoting the debauchee messiah's program -- are going to resolve complaints about it?]

Janardan Das: Not surprised. Sorry for both of you. Guess now you know why I decided to walk away from all these nasty stuff. Forget about them. Seek association form real Vaishanavas and keep chanting Harinama. Krishna will somehow guide you.

Jim: Very sorry to hear about all this man. If you guys ever need a listening ear, I'm always about. x

Mark: I'm sorry to hear about this also, i will say just because I know for a fact that none of their kids have ever gone to private school. X

Mukunda Kishore Das: We are also very sad to hear this, and our thoughts and prayers are with you both, I would agree with Bhagavati, get independent help and advice. And as you rightly say, Krsna see's all and the truth will come out eventually, it is just so saddening that you have to go through these things. Take care and trust in Prabhupada and Krsna to support and always inspire you to be honest and humble devotees. 

Chandi: I understand you are upset by what may or may not have happened last year, but please do not insult my family with fabrications, a lot of what you have said in regards to my parents and our lifestyle is simply not true. Its not necessary to spread negativity. If any of what you say is true, then Krsna will take care of it in the appropriate way.

Johnny: Well f**k me sideways this is f**ked up beyond belief, from the outside looking in -- its the age old story of using enlightenment as exploitation, get away from these vampires!

Acaryavan Das: Sorry Matty ans Lainey to hear that there is some troubles between you and the management at the bhaktivedantan manor. I wish to both of you all success in your devotional life.

Eileen: I didn't watch but I can guess, makes me depressed, but I still wish u a lovely week away from all the hustle and bustle of nothingness lol xx

Jasoda Dasi: How in heavens name can you "resolve" such stuff by taking it to an ombudsman or such... who does that serve; saving face of the GBC? Matty and his wife have done their service above and beyond the call of duty. And I personally have experienced Matty's kindness and heart felt mood. For those who have eyes which can see purity and bhakti Matty has nothing to be criminalised about!...why should he further associate with corruption which many of us have been aware of years? .... cut lose while you can and save your sadhana like we have in the provinces!!

For the sake of Srila Prabhupad don't allow further contamination to yourself or your good wife! When the temple is finally so crude that even the simplest of people can see it is bogus, its a no brainer. Then a new movement can start a new temple which we have been waiting for for 20 years!!
All Glories to Srila Prabhupad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dharmatma Das Acbsp: So sorry you are going thru this! Sadly, it's rampant in Iskcon society. Unfortunately, they'll just shut you out and hope that you go away. I would suggest Iskcon Resolve, but don't get your hopes up, the Iskcon Bureaucracy is quite amazing. If you're not deemed important, you just don't matter to them.

Jasoda Dasi: Yes huge hugs to you both .. you are always welcome here, we have spare rooms... remembered when you offered bullock training classes to my youngster friend ... changed his life!! There are now 9 cows local to us that need a lot of love too!

Eileen: Hi I did just read your words and its the same ole same ole the world is full of conniving, corrupt, controlling people, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer, the so called underdog will always be brow beaten and bullied by controlling hierarchy, its the sad truth but we have got to hold our head up and fight back even if we lose at least we tried and didn't go down without a fight its sad to read of your problems but it seems to have been brewing for a long time and as u say karma will swing around hope u and your wife find another meaningful path to walk as u have a lot to give, as one door closes another opens good luck to u both x

Bhagavati Serry: Sorry Matthew, I'm an ISKCON resolve ombudsman - although not such an active one - and what you're saying is nonsense. An ombudsman is confidential, neutral and completely independent. ISKCON resolve does not work for the GBC or for temple management. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I've followed the different training and I know this to be a fact. All the negative comments really don't help solve the problem, nor do they help Matty and Lainey in dealing with the emotions that accompany problems like this. Please, say something constructive in stead of using other people's problems as a forum to shout your own discontent. That's what your own site is for.

Jasoda Dasi: Bhagavati Serry this is not logic. Airing ones one analogous issues serve to reassure Lainy and Matty that they will not have to stand alone and be bullied anymore as we are fully awake and aware of the sea of hypocrisy and deceit. Calling a spade as spade is important when dealing with shadows.  Bhagavati Serry said these words further up on this post.." All the negative comments really don't help solve the problem, nor do they help Matty and Lainey in dealing with the emotions that accompany problems like this." 

Why deal with psychology when we are dealing with crimes? And hasn't Matty had enough ... he has nothing to prove or disprove, he is just another reject from the manor ... we are getting to be quite a crowd with different styles of rejection ... it is more the norm than some strange case requiring investigation.
Perhpas now it the time for a census we may have enough to start a new temple.

 Thank you all for your guidance and support. I firstly would like to say I did report the alleged rape to Hertfordshire police and to the woofer head quarters who promised that they were cutting all ties with the manor. This past 6 months have been a very hard time for me and my lovely husband. Especially matty as his ox seva meant everything to him and he loved the oxen like family.
That has been the most heart breaking part for me.

As far as the goshalla craft shop goes I did all the ground work for that shop to succeed and I hope it goes from strength to strength. I know in my heart I poured a lot of my love and contacts and experience into that shop.i know this and more importantly Krishna knows this. Why would I do hundreds of unpaid hours just to take a box of honey. I am diabetic for Krishnas sake!!! I forgive those that have lied about me and my husband. I will quite happily turn the other cheek so they can slap that one too.

I am not sad about being branded a thief as I can not be upset by something I haven't done. When I met my maker it will be with a clean heart. I hope god is merciful to those who cover up such abhorrent acts. But I guess when you are going to hell what difference does it make? I am not a liar or a thief my sin is that I do speak unpalatable truths without any qualms. I love people and I loved all the crafters and wanted it to succeed as a craft shop.

But others clearly didn't care about the craft element it was a lazy way for them to get an operating shop. And that's fine.i still would have got the shop together. shame others aren't as honest. As I said I forgive those that have branded me a liar. Because anyone who knows me has laughed at this accusation. I feel nothing but pity and forgiveness as I feel that they do not know what they do.
Forgiveness is my path.

Love and light lainey. X

Matty Dread: A big thank you to all our friends and sincere well wishers,  especially Sarva and Jasoda. Strange that the only response as regards my post as to where my facts were off was that Syamasundara`s offspring didn`t go to a private school. For that i apologize. What a massive over sight given the seriousness of the post. As for negativity Chandi, I'll leave that to some of you guy's Bhaktivedanta manor. There are people that have either commented, or liked comments on this thread, some of whom have known me for nearly thirty years or more. They will all tell you that I am a very, very positive person, but will always speak out against injustice and corruption, no matter where it emanates from, a temple, on the hillside, on the street, place of work or at home. 

If you see that as a negative then you are in an illusion about what is truth and what is lies, and what is positive and what is really a negative. I have also had a few friends PM me with there revelations and also some other incidents that have gone on recently at Bhaktivedanta manor. I am awaiting their replies, because i want to post their comments on the main thread.

Elaine: I am actually a second degree usui reiki master so I have been able to heal any wounds with love and positive vibrations. That's why after the initial shock of what had happened had sunk in I was able to re balance and project positive vibes to those who had sinned not just against me but against all of the good hearted crafters that had been cast adrift. I am normally spot on when it comes to people as I can reach in and see their true self's.

But I have to say bravo to the wolf in sheep's clothing.

You had me fooled until about a year ago.

Chandi I mean you nor your sibling's any upset.i feel sorry for you all and your mum. I know the shame that was bestowed onto you all. May God be with you in your hearts and steer you all to the path of goodness honesty and love. May the sins of the father not blemish his children.

Hare Krishna

Namaste Amen Love and light lainey.

Matty Dread: 

To Matty Prabhu. Did you know that Pranabhandu Dasa was suspend for four months from the temple for trying to get me into bed with him. I was a victim of his mad behaviour. They are covering everything up, and now in less then a few weeks he his allowed to go on again with his madness. What a shame. I like some of your points that you made in your letter. You are quite right. HK ~ 

(Anonymous private message to me today by another devotee.)

Mikki: Thanks for sharing, the truth is always enlightening, thought you two were having a bit of a hard time but wasn't sure why. So glad i know now. you are both lovely people and don't deserve to be treated like sh*t by anyone for any reason. brave of you to speak up too. respect x x x

Matty Dread: Well done guys .. was wondering when u where going to speak out!!! Such a shame & makes me sooo angry that just because u / we don't fit the mold or there are hidden agenda's ...some judge & use us for their own gain... we are our own people strong in who we are. With love in our hearts & those that don't see that or feel that well they are the sad people living a life of so called faith!! Almost laughable as totally hypocritical. Luckily we have our own friends who understand... bless both of u. ~ Anonymous private message to me today by another devotee.

Lilavati: Yes Matty I am not surprised, you know Gauri the child abuser represents ISKCON regularly in the media, and with politicians, and even met with a Queen. The court found him guilty, but hey Bhaktivedanta Manor rewards him for the crime! And in fact he is about to become kind of president again.

Utpal: Quite shocked to hear all this...........

Parividha Das: I'm written you previously that I hope you could leave it to our Sweet Lord, who is in everyone's heart, and by Whose will nothing can happen in this world. Please try to let go of this resentment. However painful it was, it is the past. Try to live now peacefully, and just wait what the future will bring you. 

Sakhya Prema: ISKCON is a Big Daddy organisation these days and along with Big Daddy comes Big Saddy. So ISKCON GBC have recognised the need for OMBUDSMEN to help unravel the complications that arise due to so many different people with different agendas and values. We can never expect others to be like ourselves and must learn to accept the differences between us, as the liberated souls do in Vaikuntha and Goloka Dham (that's why they are liberated - no envy). 

So please take the advice of these devotees and contact ISKCON RESOLVE and you'll get justice, satisfaction and peace. Always remember the bottom line Matty, that we are all here in this world because we are inimical and envious toward the Lord and Supreme Enjoyer of All. Our envious mentality will leak out from time to time and these situations are often a form of test to help us get an objective understanding of our true level of love and bhakti. I hope you and Lainey make the right decision and go forward to becoming the great servants of Srila Prabhupada that you can be and in fact are.

Oh another thing Matty, I have conducted many funerals and have attended many too. In fact I'm going to my uncle Gerald's funeral this Friday as it happens. A great self made wealthy man in his own right! There are two ways to speak at a funeral ceremony, the pampering paid priest style or the truthful well wishing word wrangling style. In every case I have chosen the latter, even at the cost of my 'paid priest' status. I would rather say 'to hell with the pay' rather than 'to hell with the people'. Always choose the right path Matty and even if it looks like you're losing the battle, you will eventually win the war, because every dog has his day, today or tomorrow and tomorrow is in fact another feature of today. This is the law of time and karma and this is God's law, an infallible law.

Lilavati: Well dear Parividha Das -- why you say let it go? How do you know how the Lord working? Do you think He will personally come and stop all of this nonsense? No!!! He will act through us, His devotees and why not Matty? He has Him in his heart too. Matty can be agent just as anyone can. Too many crimes and abuse are ignored in the Manor and too many corruption as well. The truth can come from any source.

The duty of the management is to protect woman and children. . So if they fail to do so, that is wrong. No matter is the past or whenever. And having sexual intercourse with someone else's wife, well according Srimad Bhagavatam the result is hell.

Elaine: I appreciate everyone's input. however I do not accept bullying in my life or my husbands. To keep ones mouth shut on such matters is making a grave mistake. By doing this you are enabling the bullies. This is the biggest problem in the movement, people are too scared to speak truths. And that is totally wrong. Matty has thought about this long and hard, this decision has weighed heavily on his heart for 6 months.

If I had in fact been guilty of taking a box of honey that apparently had a value of 2k I would have nothing to say on the matter. The truth is this is between me and the farm manager but he choose to drag my lovely husband into it. I have even emailed him and said as much. So please ask yourself why keep quiet?
We all know people that have been bullied and mistreated. AND IT'S WRONG SIMPLE AS.

I wish those who have lied and cheated me and matty forgiveness.
Love and light lainey.

Sakhya Prema: I agree with the bullying programme in Srila Prabhupada's movement, unless we are bullied, we won't become pure devotees! Duh!!! Some people actually think like this and therefore we have bully boys and girls to hand out the bananas!!!

Hari Ananda Yogi Das: Ma, and prabhu. keep shri hari naam in your heart... and your temple travels with you... also, i have a hanuman murti for your home... couldn't keep it secret, i'm rubbish...but he'll keep you strong. OM JAI SRI RAMA! HARE RAMA!

Matty Dread: Sakhya Prema. Yes, when you analyse the word `believe` it contains the word `, maybe it has it`s roots in Christianity?....To be-lie-eve, but on this I only speculate, unlike my article that contains truth and things that I know for a fact, as I experienced and witnessed them. I like yourself therefore appreciated Srila Prabhupada's books because I was always searching for the ultimate truth. I also don't belong to this or that party or clique and never will, and have always appreciate and supported the underdog too. Thank you Sakhya for your honesty. If you cannot be honest and the speak truth openly, in whatever society you`re in then that is a dogmatic situation.

Thank you Hari Ananda Yogi Das. You are a diamond. :-)

Hari Ananda Yogi Das: I think radha gokulananda would be proud of your lion heart. are their any other temples/ mandir/ satsangh?

Matty Dread: Yes Ash there are plenty. As you know I grew up in Southall so I have had a wealth of experience of visiting different Mandirs and Gurudwara`s. No worries on that one dude, and I really, really appreciate your spirit of looking out for us.

Anita Yogamaya Cannon: Radha Gokulananda will miss you both and all the wonderful service you performed for them out of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elaine: Thank you Anita. I will miss being there but I can't be a part of such lies and corruption. Xxxxxxx

Rama Nrsimha Das: Wish you well guys, the lack of your warm & cheery presence is a loss for the Manor. Krishna bless :)

Utpal: I personally will miss Matty although it's not very often we come face to face, but relished his company whenever we met. Get in touch here. I'll definitely miss you and so will many others at the Manor. I'm sure...

Elaine: We really will miss all our friends very much.x

Malini Nitai: Matty and Lainey, it is all very sad and shocking and I know how much you hurt. Most of us have been through a very tough time in our spiritual life and it is very testing time . It is time to grab your japa beads, no matter what, and stay on the path of KC . Please don't loose your faith and do not forget that the Lord Krishna has his plan and way of dealing with devotees that are very dishonest. Lots of love to you both ,keep chanting and be strong .xxxxxx When Pandavas were at exile, Krishna appeared to Yudishtira who was suffering a lot and just said two things - "Everything is temporary " and "All must pass" With those instructions within his heart he carried on without anxiety.

Elaine: Thank you Malini Nitai you and nila are like family to us. Nothing can shake our love and faith in god. If anything it has made it stronger. I really do hope Krishna rights a lot of wrongs that are happening to good devotees. We have had many private messages from devotees telling us abhorrent things that have happened to them also. It's truly heartbreaking. And for me as a healer its hard that they are scared to go public with what's happened to them. That's just so sad that people of God are living in fear of speaking out against horrific things done to them. What has happened to this movement? We should be about love and compassion not fear and bullying.

It's a mess and I fear it will just get worse as all I can feel is a downward spiral of cover ups and lies. May God be merciful to those that are acting against his word. Love and light Lainey

Judy: I remain deeply disturbed about the series of events described here. I rely on devotees to help me stay sane, in other words to maintain a degree of attachment to Srila Prabhupada and his dear Lord Krsna and Srimate Radharani. Not to speak of all the other great personalities who hold Radha Krsna deep within their hearts. I have never been part of a well established KC community, partly due to my own streak of independence amongst other reasons, so I am not qualified to comment in an intelligent manner upon the issue in question. 

My heart goes out to you for your pain and I admire your decision to speak out, especially on behalf of the girl who is a victim of rape, which from what I read, was dealt with in an appalling and inhumane manner. I have high regard for Lord Krsna's devotees and am totally jaded to hear of this management. However, I remain affectionate towards the devotees with whom I have a personal relationship with, Srila Prabhupada and the dharma of Lord Caitanya. This, I am sure, is what you must do, while standing in a space of honesty and truth. Continue to care for each other, exchange loving relationships with your dear friends and family and never forget Lord Krsna! With love xxx

Krish: Ignore and move on to the next service, it is what service The Lord him self wants you do next that is benefitting and rewarding for all devotees. Hare Krishna.

Jasoda Dasi: Just dont shoot the messenger! Matty and Lainy are in fact in the role of whistleblowers... and this is a service not to be appraised by those whose seva is different ... Hari Bol!! I got my story too ... of being held at arms length when applying to gurukul .... and fobbed off repeatedly as not from the 'in crowd' .... and given the scullery maid treatment as assumed to be a newbie .... so I developed a new adendum to 'humbler than a blade of grass ... not so humble as you get eaten by the goat!..

Elaine: Krish this is a serious matter and it's that keep your mouth shut attitude that allows such misjustices to continue. It has to stop, and I am engaged in service always have been. i serve my fellow humans by helping them heal. The Manor isn't the centre of my universe. theres a whole wide world out here. I am so proud of everyone that is speaking out. Truth is truth.

Jasoda Dasi: and the attitude that devotees must tolerate above the call of duty towards the truth. My Gem also doesn't want to go back there anymore, and Lewis who had hoped to learn bullock training with Matty is saying here he doesn't want to come there either... I am telling him that Prabhupad had said that 5 miles radius of the temple no one goes hungry... so all is the people's temple.. There is another big bad story on a teacher who was given marching orders after years of voluntary teaching .... I will ask the detail and post it up too.....time to ring the changes..

Matty Dread: Didn't Srila Prabhupada say that the only way that ISKCON could become corrupted was from the inside? Looks like the cookie has really started to crumble?

Jasoda Dasi: When there is a big enough number of us, I vote we march in and occupy Iskcon with continous kirtan....and not settlle for the existing management continueing unless complete change of practice and accountability starts....

Matty Dread Just a little reminder of who this guy is, if he gets voted in as the new temple president of Bhaktivedanta Manor.....

Former temple leader continues paid work despite child abuse verdict


Judy: Deary deary me, this is really not good.

Jasoda Dasi: Its time us beleagered devotees with clear cb checks came for some paid work ....

Parividha Das: To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.
~ Confucius

Jasoda Dasi: This time no dirt is going under the carpet! Commemorate the gurukul heros and heroines and keep their stories alive ...

Ros Ramya Murphy: Sorry to hear about all this, you two. Unfortunately the Manor bears absolutely no resemblance now to how it used to be. Neither does Iskcon, come to that.

Matty Dread: Parividha Das to be wronged on any level is wrong. As I have said before. If people do not speak up against injustice, especially on these matters regarding so called `men of God` who should know better. These men are nothing more than politicians dressed as saints. 
Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.~ Confucius

Srila Prabhupada also said. "A sincere sweeper in the street is far better than the charlatan meditator who meditates only for the sake of making a living."

Thank you Ros, We are well and truly over it, just needed to make devotees and the public aware of our situation. I`m sure that Srila Prabhupada wouldn't`t be happy with what is going on there. I feel sad for him that the manor bares his name at the beginning of it.

Janardan Das: It's not only at the manor. It's everywhere that falls within the umbrella of this movement. Truth should be known but don't let this eat you up. I've moved on, learned more in a short time than all my time at this corporation. Devotion does not depend on the environment or on the dealing of others. It is ahaituky apratihata. Nothing can obscure that flow except our own ego - Srila Bhakti Rakshak Sridhar Dev Goswami.

[PADA: Well yes, but Sridhara Maharaja should not support debauchees as his acharyas and then create dangerous personality cult road blocks on the spiritual path of others. Simply put, Sridhara Maharaja has no authority to support debauchees as his acharyas, which then ban, beat, molest, sue and kill Vaishnavas.] 

Lila: Well people who want not to remember perhaps have a reason for it. No one acts in certain way unless they have a benefit. Sorry. You know Matty in the Manor they always made sure give protection to the "men" and completely ignored the women. They considered us to be just a problem.

Matty Dread: What ever happened to the philosophy that we are not the body?

Lochan Das Thakur Das: It's a shame Matty, you are venting your frustration at the whole 'society'. I am sure its just that you are upset but remember we are persons first. We have a personal philosophy. The manor isn't all 'ISKCON' in it's entirety. It seems this thread has become a typical venue for old axes to be ground and is in danger of distracting from some of the genuine issues you have raised.

Judy: Bhaktivedanta Manor administration and management does, however, majorly represent ISKCON. And what of the woman who was raped and allegedly mistreated further? I have no axe to grind but so far, we have not heard the other side to this saga from the other side, as it were but I am so disappointed to hear of this "management". So I agree, lets stick to this issue alone.

Lilavati: I heard from someone else, who is more in the temple than me, so it is true. And the new management will make it worst.

Nityalila Devi Dasi: Hare Krishna! PAMHO Dear Matty Dread and Dear Lainey's Love. What has happened to you both and how you have been treated is disgusting. However in some ways maybe you shouldn't take it personally.

[PADA Yep, they wanted to hi-jack the craft store so they would have booted out anyone else who was there.]

Matty Dread: It`s a shame Lochan Das Thakur Dasa that you do not fully understand the seriousness of what is going on right under your nose in the UK yatra, or like the majority are you happy and content just to sit back and ignore it? I am really, really not upset, but please try to understand that the girl who was raped at the manor is also a person too. What would you do if that was your wife, mother or sister?

You say that, "The manor isn't 'ISKCON' in it's entirety." Yet it still remains the head quarters for ISKCON UK. I in no way have detracted from my original post on my initial thread, only to point out who the new (old) TP at the manor will be. I have no axes to grind as I am done with it all. Yes Jude. Funny how no one else from `the other side` has piped up yet. I wonder why?

Elaine: Dearest Natalie Thank you for your love as always. The truth is that me and my lovely husband have been over the hurt for quite some time. But as seekers of truth I was getting sick and tired of devotees coming back to me telling me the rubbish that certain manager were saying about me. So Matty decided to go public with the real truth.

I am totally sick and tired of spineless people who know truths but are too dumb or brainwashed to speak out. People forget me and matty are not new comers we have been around for 30 years. I am happy to have been the sacrificial lamb to cover up a real crime and I would do it all again. Anyone who thinks it's on to cover up crimes against women are going to hell. My soul and my beliefs will not allow me to be part of a corrupt regime. A blind man can see what's happened here. Or are people really that sick in the head that they are so brain washed.

This is cultish behaviour. Last time I checked I was a free spirit with my own values and opinions. There are no axes being ground on this it's called TRUTH you spineless little man. SHAME ON YOU. How small minded and disgusting you actually are. There's nothing more toe curling than some idiot being artificially humble. While I'm thinking about it what service do you actually do? Oh I forgot you prance around Brighton like you are a big man. Now I suggest you crawl back into your cave and drag your missus around by her hair. Ok! !!!!

And loctus, I have fronted you to your face before now. And all you could do was go red. Maybe you should sort your own house out before judging a situation you know sweet fa about.

Janardan Das: Change of our old and new TP, its a political stunt. Fact remains that TP always has been the same policy, no change.

Elaine Saunders: Yes totally Jason khoo. Shame so many sheeples exist and are deaf dumb and blind.

Matty Dread: Yes Lochan Das Thakur Das you are missing the point because this has given devotees a chance to speak truths about wrongs that have been done to them, but they have obviously been too scared to speak out publicly before against a dogmatic regime, and they are all devotees like you who are also busy holding programmes, distributing books, sharing prasadam and chanting and dancing together.

Janardan Das: Devotees do not leave ISKCON. ISKCON is eternal and springs from the spiritual world. Devotee always remains in ISKCON. However, there is a difference between the real ISKCON and an imitation one as pure devotional life is free from contamination. Nama and svarup is non different. 

Therefore, ISKCON and Krsna is non different.......they who are in their own league of controlling can do what they wish but others cannot which is simply hypocrisy (rightly so full of them in Kali Yuga). This is so transparent even but so many decided to turn a blind eye as they are too afraid to uphold the truth. Afraid to be without the majority. Afraid not to have so called friends. Afraid to be snubbed, the list goes on. Anyway, everyone will only see where they are at the moment. Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga has the plan.

Sakhya Prema: I just read quite a few posts but there is no mention of taking this issue to the local GBC secretary. It strikes me as odd that he isn't mentioned. If not him (Praghosa Dasa), then it could be presented to the Euro GBC who is Prahladananda Swami or even higher. ISKCON has a lawbook to protect its members rights and can be referred too. All these issues are covered there with laws and by-laws endorsed by the GBC body. 

Nobody within this institution is bigger than the ISKCON judicial system. If members are out of order they can be brought to undergo reformatory measures via this system. Every bhakta has a right to ISKCON justice and those who transgress will have to face the consequences for their wrong behavioural attitude or wrongdoings. I have personally undergone this system in the past and respect it and expect other revered members to uphold and honour it.

[PADA: The guru needs to be rectified by the GBC judicial committee?]

Sajjanasraya Das: Most disturbing prabhuji. In the end:"Satyam vijayate!"

Sakhya Prema: Well said Haridasa Thakura prabhu. There are six principle impurities (anarthas) in the heart. Three are visible and three invisible. The human nature will naturally promote the three visible anarthas as overcome and conceal the three subtle ones from public scrutiny. In Sanskrit this is sometimes called 'hrda daurbalyam' and more directly 'Vipralipsa'. Looking good and being good are often two completely separate items.

Jasoda Dasi: yes avoid offenses, kick the merchants out of the temple and stand against the false prophet...thats a lot to do by lunchtime..but hey ho..!

Matty Dread: What is the point of going to local GBC about this issue when they are more than aware of this situation, and Praghosa dasa is best buddies with Syamasundara dasa? Or even taken it higher? Autumn leaves lie as thick as thieves. We reported this matter to the police when it first happened and to me that's higher than the two previous sources mentioned by Sahkya Prema?

Elaine Saunders: The real problem here is that why report it in house? We tried that and we're lied to about that. Then 3 days later the shop was taken away from me. It doesn't take a genius to see what is going on. I am happy in my life. i have no axe to grind. Neither does my lovely husband. But I will always speak out against wrong doings. This thread has given devotees a chance to come forward. And that as a professional healer is amazing. Truths need to be spoken.

And abuses of power should not exist. It takes people to feel supported and loved to do that. Me and matty live in an atmosphere of love compassion and gratefulness. I am blessed to have such a sweet husband. We have been married for a long time. A lot longer than most devotees. Love and light.

Jasoda Dasi: Just listening to a whistleblower who uses auditing of accounts to detect fraud and malpractice... interesting she says it usually accompanies rape and even murder of mostly women to keep things under wraps ....perhaps time we had public viewing of accounts ... stand against the false prophet in Prabhupads temple still holds Radhe Shyama Das .... the issue in this time and place is that we have lost a standard and we must admit it in the temple...This is the heart of Prahbupada's mission not the bus terminus.

Matty Dread: Hi Matty Prabhu. So I'm following your thread. I'm not sure whether I sent this info to you. It was the letter I wrote to the woofer head quarters on the day we were talking on the phone and you told me about it. I've deleted my name and email from it. In the end I received a phone call from them and a reply which you can see below. They told me on the phone that police investigations would be sought. I also asked Syamasundara Pr face to face about it, after you told me on the phone that time. He told me that there was going to be investigations also, and that the woofer girl had left. 

So, at that point i felt satisfied that I had done my duty by informing the relevant authorities outside, who then told me they were conducting investigations. My take is zero tolerance. But a person can only do what they are able to do. But, as you can see in my letter to the woofers below, I will try to notify the right people if i hear of a problem. ~ anonymous

****** wrote:

Hello. I'm a regular visitor and friend of the Bhaktivedanta Manor Community
Temple in Hertfordshire. Over the last few days, several volunteers have been
making it known publicly that one of your female Woofers from France who was staying and volunteering here - was actually drugged and raped by two other wwoofers. She was then sent home quickly before any police investigation began, and apparently the issue has been covered up by management of the Temple.

I'm am hoping that some investigation will be undertaken by you in order to establish the truth behind this matter, and, alert the police. If you do or do not do this - someone will since this shocking event is now exposed. I hope the truth can be established and the victim given due care. Obviously any perpetrators should be immediately deal with. Thanks for reading. ~ anonymous

Srila Prabhupada ~ 1974 Correspondence. Letter to Mahadeva -- Mayapur 3 March, 1974: We will present our program at Bhaktivedanta Manor exactly in the line of Lord Caitanya, by kirtana, prasadam distribution and speaking from Bhagavad-gita. We cannot deviate even an inch in order to attract the followers of the ecology philosophy or any other materialistic, utopian movement. You say you know a number of influential leaders of this group, but what is the use of knowing them, since you yourself found them deficient and left them? Our ideal Vedic community will attract everyone on its own merit, and we shall be glad to welcome and accept everyone who comes without our compromising in order to attract them.

As far as your plan to convince Prince Charles, heir to the throne, about Krsna Consciousness, this is another utopian idea. Do not work at it. I request you to live with your God brothers as a regular brahmacari and prosecute our standard practices for spreading Krsna Consciousness by book distribution, distribution of prasadam and preaching to interested people.

I think you should stay in India. Our Mayapur temple is better than any temple in the U.S. and Europe, and everyone is appreciating it as very gorgeous. So there is a full program here and I request you to take on duties here and do not go wandering around. I have heard of the report of your stealing from the temples, and Mukunda has requested that you do not go back there. Therefore I recommend as the best thing that you make a fresh start and stay here in India where there is such a great need. You English boys have good facility here, not having the visa trouble that the U.S. devotees have, so take advantage of this and cooperate with me in this way. That is my request.

Jasoda Dasi: Wow thank you for that valve release... We've all suffered the hypocrisy, lies and even aggression, and being shunned. And you have given us closure. Keep up your position of integrity ..We can say that Prabhupada's mission was not in vain .. tear. ALGTSP!

Emma: Hi matt, always there is good and bad. Seems where you've loved to be going has many many bads. Such a shame when you have enjoyed this since late teenage years. It's disgraceful how they have treated you and lainey. You're closer to the truth than there comfortable with. But to call you thieves after all lainey does and you're unpaid work. 

You were both coming as devotees, it's never for gain. I don't blame you for not going again. But it's such a shame that although you've done no wrong, you have lost out on what you both enjoyed doing. I thought the one true places to go for peace and truth were them of faith. It seems there corrupt too. And that poor, poor lady going through rape, people knowing of it and doing nothing. Shame on them. As you said, this could be a relative of there's! I pray she finds help and is not suffering any more. 

Its very hurtful and it shows many lessons are still to be learnt no matter what age you are. Sometimes the people we trust the most, are hiding to many injustices, secrets and really have a dark heart and mind. I hope the truth comes out and you're innocence is made public as no one wants that hung over their heads. It's too Jack and nory to me, they could say nothing eise about you both so have gone for theft, as we know that crime is taking seriously within the temple and anywhere especially when a tight knit if people, within what's trying to build togetherness, love, peace community spirit and he honnesty. I bet lainey beside herself. I think you're both dealing with it very gracefully as mature adults. As it must hurt you alot. Be patient as the truth does come out in the end, it's a shame you have now got to change you're routine, doing something you enjoyed because others are not who they made out to be. Very naughty. Praise that you have each other. Much love

Nanda Gopal Swami: I'm very glad to hear it, as we have the same, but worse situation on New Govardhan, Australia. Only, it's a young French army escapee whose taken over, and no one can oppose him, only me(40 years service, 2m collected). He just killed our biggest book distributor by banning him, and I'm putting the lot of them up for murder, beginning with Prabhupads. I'm sure George is pleased with you for coming forward, I've always felt this about the Manor.

Michael: Well ... here we are in January 2019.  Shyamasudara was finally interviewed by the police 2018. Shyamasudara admitted to 3 counts of sexual harassment.. The ladies involved didn't want to take it further.. However shyamasudara has been put on a sex offender's register. The police team dealing with the case apologized ...they said more should have been done at the time.

As for the honey was Acharya sevak das who took it...he admitted it to a friend of mine. Were the management cooperative ... not at the time ... but once the police got involved ... they were obliged to cooperate. Please remember ...

Shyamasudara das was part of the management team that was pressuring the Bhaktivedanta Manor devotees to sign a Confidentiality Agreement wherein they can be banned and legally prosecuted should anyone divulge any information without the blessings of the management.

Ys m

Narayan: Yikes Prabhus,!!! You are always welcome here, Krishna Cow Sanctuary!

Ralph: Hare Krishna all Glories to Srila Prabhupada and to George Hari son.

Rasika: Matty Dread ... Prabhu please activate a share button. As I'm very active and outspoken with regards to cow protection, I do feel it necessary to share and expose this. Devotees dont know about the hidden character of our economy GBC minister for ISKCON cow protection. The more that they know, the better for us succeeding in doing Varnashram and Prabhupada's desire justice. Thank you for revealing the facts.

PADA: What about the ISKCON cows that were sold for slaughter and Prithu went to try to save, them but they were already gone. And they were sold because the cowherd devotee said he could no longer stand seeing them starving and suffering with no funds to keep them alive? Meanwhile, there is a spare $20,000,0000 on hand to sue the India devotees in the Delhi Supreme Court who want to worship Prabhupada? ys pd

Bhrigu Pandit: hare krishna

Sila: Years ago a nice professional couple were taking a lot of interest in Kc Some 'devotees' stayed at their house whilst they did 'sankirtan'. There was an issue with misappropriation of takings and the couple reported to then TP Akandhadi dasa to hand the matter over to the police, but he refused saying it would be dealt with as usual, in-house. The couple left in disgust and did not return. I could write a book, but so could most of us.Has anyone else heard of the practice of taking any 'disruptive' bhaktas to the local mental hospital to get them on sedatives? So many broken hearts and disrupted spiritual lives...

Michael: Akandadhi now sells booze at Bukland Hall in Wales.

PADA: Yes, the family of the 11 year old girl who was being touched for a week by Lokanath swami was told not to go to the police, because the GBC was going to remove Lokanath as a guru and make sure he never has a post of authority in ISKCON. So the family held off going to the police, but a few months later, the family saw that Lokanath swami was right back to getting his guru pooja again as if nothing ever happened and the GBC was promoting him as "the sum total of the demigods" guru. This happens all over the place, it not simply a problem in UK. This girl is now a woman and is a friend of mine, and she is still totally mortified at the way she was treated. ys pd

Robert Duke Maha Bhuja Acbsp, here comes all the negativity, Akandadi sells booze in Wales, but if it hadn't been for Akandadi now we wouldn't have the Manor, and Michaell, Don't keep on about taking a bath, you were always heavy at the Manor when I first met you.

Michael: Robert are an embarrassment to yourself ... you have no idea how delusional you are. Neither do have any idea what Akandadhi got up to...

Jane: I'm sickened to the core to hear that cows were sent to slaughter by supposed devotees from the manor how could that ever happen.

Sila: Once at the Manor i and a group of friends and others, witnessed two louts trying to get a ring through an oxen's nose, by one forcing his nose through a metal grid, to hold him still- and the other pushing the ring through his nostrils. The poor animal was struggling and its eyes rolling in fear and pain. I reported this to an authority standing close by, but they gave a kind of helpless shrug and did nothing. Is this common practice i wonder at the hell--on-earth the Manor has become? It would have broken George Harrison's heart. He had already commented on the deterioration he was witnessing there.

Kevin: With all due respect to you both Matty and Lainey I hope I remain your friends because I respect both of you. Although we have rarely ever met or spoken to each other I feel I have got to know you both through Facebook to a certain extent and I have always enjoyed with interest both of your postings. I read the letter above with interest and you have raised many valid points and much of it is certainly an eye opener. I used to live at Bhaktivedanta manor many years ago in the late seventies and early eighties and seen many changes over the years and heard of some incidents that would raise eyebrows, but some of them would pale in comparison to what you have written about in your letter. Anyway Prabhus I hope I remain your friends and still keep you as friends on Facebook. Please accept my humble Obeisances.

Dhira Bhakta Dasa: Robert Duke Sri Krishna is non different either in the home or temple, this Sri Krishna himself makes clear, his manifestation is down to the person's own sincerity and humbleness. The Manor has sadly banned individuals either by dubious stories or because they are questioning why Srila Prabhupada instructions aren't being followed; it may be the European headquarters of ISKCON but also the headquarters of some rather strange goings on Sadly.

The pay roll at the Manor eclipses that of some care agencies here in Wales, and Sava is done only for laxmi reward this I've seen. But seriously check out what Sri Krishna states about himself before making comment on how he manifests

Matty Dread: I'm just seeing all these comments now that have been posted from Friday 11th January 2019 onwards. I'm only just seeing them on my wife's timeline from when I tagged her in my original post back in 2014. The confusing world of Facebook! Just going to read the recent comments now.

William: Well done for standing up for yourself and Lainey Matty.

Stephen: Love you Matty......

Matty Dread: Emma Dear cousin you speak the truth. You know that this all happpend five years ago right? xXx

Matty Dread: Sila Prabhu, maybe we should all combine our stories and write a book? anda Gopal Swami Thank you for your kind words Maharaja. Jane Not sure that the cows were sold for slaughter from the manor but I could be wrong????

PADA: No the cows that were sold was here in USA, but many other USA farm cows were not treated well, some were frozen to death, not given medical care and so on and so forth. Of course same things were going on in the gurukula, various children reported they were not being fed properly, could not get soap, blankets, medical help etc. Basically the leaders kicked out all sorts of people left, right and center and then there was almost no one left to care for the cows, the temples, the deities, the children and etc. ys pd

Sila: Matty Dread Love the book idea, but would anyone believe it?

Kevin: Wow I'm shocked matty and lainey ... feel for you both ... its difficult pill to swallow about manor ... some rotten apples in the barrel ... that surely need to be sorted out some how ... it reminds me of a corrupt police force with officers on the take ..or a goverment that lies ... politicians always avoid a direct question to a simple .. yes or no etc ..this has really put me off going to manor in the future.. i gotta know that i can trust the leaders etc ..i wanted to help in my own little way to do service and made a donation to a devotee for a sponsored walk to help raise laxmi to help build the new place at manor ..i dont know how that donation was used..feel angry and sad about it all really x HARE Krishna

Sila: Sadly not just the Manor, the whole organisation corrupted and broken from within, as Srila Prabhupada predicted could happen. Re donations: leaders- supposed to be renunciates- are having marble apartments built in India. I've seen videos of them standing in front of these 'palaces' advertising them, like any estate agent would. And that is only the tip of the iceberg..

Kevin: Thank you for this ..oh what to do .. feel powerlessness .. im a karmi of sorts chant a round a day .. where will i put any donations in k.c ? Im thinking of helping the animals out ..but prabhupada said to try to give to continue service to him and devotees. Yes that is why these forums can be so helpful. Re donations, if you are interested in distributing Srila Prabhupada's original (unchanged) books, you could contact Ramya Ros Murphy, who with her son Mukunda (Mikey), run a small business ..

***** I think ISKCON is undergoing a grass roots outside revolution.