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Killing for Krishna / Professional Podcast Format

Henry Doktorski III

I'm happy to report that today I signed a contract with a Los Angeles company which produces podcasts. I'm now a consultant for a five-episode dramatic / non-fiction series about the Hare Krishnas, New Vrindaban, and the murder of Steven Bryant. In her introductory inquiry letter to me, the company's Associate Producer wrote, "You are clearly the expert in this field." 

My job is to review the scriptwriter's work, and make suggestions and corrections, as their company specializes in non-fiction documentaries (they have produced shows on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports, corrupt state politics in New York, and the Iran Contra scandal), and the producers want their product to be as historically accurate as possible. I am pleased that my book "Killing For Krishna," and my name as an author / Hare Krishna historian is getting around in mainstream circles. I will, of course, post a link to the individual episode podcasts when they become available.

Kathi: Congrats! Awesome adventure!

Charlotte: That is great Henry. Thanks for sharing and keep us all informed!

Matty Dread: Dear Henry Doktorski. I've been reading your book and transparency is the only righteous way forward for all faiths. Thank you for bringing the story of what really happened concerning the cold blooded murder of Sulochan Prabhu, and exposing all the deviants that plotted to kill him. One of those deviants is now the "golden boy" of today's ISKCON, and has been for many years. 

It's time that people finally get to the know the truth, and the atrocities that happened in the community of New Vrindavan all those years ago. This is indeed a great contribution to exposing just how present day ISKCON has drifted away from the original desire of it's founding Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Kunti Devi: How does a former Gurukuli victim like myself, get involved in this. I have a story to tell, I'm one of the first GK kids and had personal association with Srila prabhupada and Vishnujana Swami. I also knew Sulochan, and he interviewed me for the book he was writing, on the very day he got shot. I also helped his parents get custody of his children, whom they rescued from NV by giving depositions on their behalf. 

I have to admit, and I think a lot of GK survivors would agree with me. That when we see stuff like this go on people profiting on it. Yet some of the most famous and well-known GK survivors I've never been interviewed or involved in this, it smacks of exploitation. Forgive me if you take offense by what I'm saying. But it's the truth.

Henry Doktorski III: Kunti Devi, thank you again for sharing your thoughts. You have asked me to explain my motivation for writing "Killing For Krishna," and I will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. For this, I have to go back to 2003, when I had already completed a 300-page manuscript of the history of New Vrindaban. I think I'm qualified to write about New Vrindaban, as I lived there for 15 years. 

At that time, I showed my manuscript to Tapahpunja, who said, "Come with me! I have something to show you!" He took me up to the gravel parking lot behind Sankirtan and Ruci's house, unlocked the double doors to a semi-truck trailer, and we climbed up inside. In the trailer was dozens and dozens of boxes containing New Vrindaban publications, ISKCON publications, photographs, negatives, sound recordings, hundreds of letters from Bhaktipada's personal correspondence, trial transcripts, investigative reports, and more. 

I felt I had discovered Captain Kidd's buried treasure. (This is all explained in the Acknowledgements chapter of my book.) Tapahpunja gifted me the entire collection, tens of thousands of pages. 

Anyway, it took me about ten years in my spare time to read everything. I discovered documents which shocked me. I discovered the inside story of the conspiracy to murder Sulochan prabhu. I didn't know Sulochan personally. When he was living at New Vrindaban I was always out on the "pick" on traveling sankirtan. However later, I knew his wife and I taught piano to his children. Jamuna played violin in the New Vrindaban Temple Orchestra, which I directed. (BTW, Jamuna graciously accepted my invitation for an interview, and her memories of her former husband appear in my book.) 

My daughter was close friends with Jamuna's two daughters. In the archive, I discovered documents which incriminated Radhanath Swami in Sulochan's murder. So many details I found in trial transcripts and investigative reports. This was earth-shaking news to me. I decided then that I would compile all this information into a book and get it published. 

I did talk to Mrs. Bryant by telephone. I corresponded with Sulochan's only surviving son, Sarva Dharma. In fact, his interview with me appears in my book. I contacted Sulochan's girlfriend in California, but she flat out refused to talk to me. What can I do? After so many years, my book was 660 pages. It was time to publish. So I did. I hope this answers some of your questions. Thank you for the opportunity to share the story of how "Killing For Krishna" came to be. 

I can only request others who have not read my book not to jump to conclusions about things like motivation, etc. If you read the book, I think you will understand what I tried to do: reveal the truth, or as close to the truth as Krishna allows us to know, about a very sad chapter in the history of New Vrindaban and ISKCON, with the express purpose of warning others about "The Danger of Deranged Devotion."--Henry

Mathura Pati Das: You can start Killing for Krishna part 2 !

Kunti Devi: Henry Doktorski III I like your explanation thank you. These things are actually very hard for a lot of us who grew up in iskcon.

Henry Doktorski III: Kunti Devi, I cannot imagine what you went through, and are still going through. I have spoken to many ex-gurukulis, and some are able to share their traumatic memories, and others are not able to do so, the trauma is still affecting them. This topic, the abuse of children at New Vrindaban, is briefly discussed in my book, as much as it relates to the murder conspiracy. Others will have to tell this tale in detail.

Michael: Congratulations .. the end is nigh for the creep ... and his mates...

Nanda Gopal Swami: Killing it prabhu!

Barbara: Wow!! Bravo!

Annapurna: May Krishna bless you and protect you!

Carol: Congratulations!!

[PADA: Yes, its very painful for so many of the victims -- that they had to experience incredible troubles that went on, and on, and on for such a long time. And they had to wait before the "real story" started to get out. And the "full story" is still not very well known, or widely known, or else the people implicated in the whole bogus molester messiah's guru regime would have been removed from office a long time ago. 

And that is why we still get questions all the time from innocent ISKCON orbit people who have little or no idea of the actual history. So this is going to take decades of time and work to counter and correct.

The deviants are simply capitalizing on people's ignorance of the facts, so its important that these facts become more widely known. Its amazing that we have had not only so many bogus GBC guru people as opponents who wanted to suppress our efforts, but also their fake "Prabhupada only" allies like Sanat (Steve Voith) / Mukunda / Prahlad (Paul Coats UK) / Krishna Kirtan / Janardana / Tamohara / HKC Jaipur types criticizing that PADA had been providing money, many hours of research etc. to help  Sulochana's efforts, including encouraging him to leave New Vrndavana the whole time before the crisis point arrived. 

Yep! They complained that Sulochana is a rotten person for accepting money from my "dirty taxi driving money" -- so he could buy a can of beans! Yep, lets starve the opponents to their molester messiah's pals project.

And how did you guess, all these people said PADA needs to be kicked off the internet, so they can hide their molester messiah's agenda as much as possible. 
Same identical thing the bogus GBC guru people wanted to do. Yep! Sulochana needs to be kicked off the information giving process, and so do we. Clear to see where the real pro-deviant agenda is rooted from. Suppressing the opposition is how all these crimes were enabled and empowered, as even the police have confirmed to me. 

In other words, all these deviants are combined and joined at the hip with the GBC's guru process, who wanted no opposition at all to their molester messiah's agenda project. And that is why they are angry that we dissenters even had a can of beans to subsist on. Instead of saying, wow, Sulochana helped liberate people from worshiping illicit sex as their messiahs (by eating only from the canned food warehouse) they are holding grudge that their program was exposed. 

And they are even angry he had a can of beans, so he could live! 

No wonder it has taken so long for the truth to come out, the GBC -- and all of these GBC's hand maiden assistants -- are trying to suppress the facts from emerging all along. So that means the small effort we made to bring this out was full of opposition, and that is why it has taken so long for the real story to emerge, and its still emerging. And that is why a lot of innocent folks are still clueless about the real events here because so many people wanted the story suppressed, and they wanted it suppressed the whole while.

Anyway, hee hee, it looks like the cat is more and more out of the bag and all of the deviants and their hand maidens are going to be made famous for -- being the deviants that they are. Thanks to all who are helping expose these guys, bravo indeed! ys pd]  

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