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Hanuman Croatia: Acharyas Will Need Correcting for Deviations

Hanuman das: With a devotee from India about rtviks philosophy and the future of ISKCON.


Dear Hanuman Prabhu

Dandavat Pranam
All Glories To Śrīla Prabhupāda

First of all, I wish to introduce myself. My name is X, I am 18 years old and I live in Bangalore, India. This email is sent by me to seek Your association and understand a few things, which I have mentioned in this mail.

As You can see from my name, I am, so far, not an initiated devotee within any of the ISKCONs, either the one run by “Gestapo” GBC or the ṛtviks (MPD). But I have been visiting the ṛtvik temple (mainly because it’s the more well-known ISKCON in Bangalore) for the past 8 months, and that’s where I first got the chance to know about Prabhupāda and His Hare Kṛṣṇa Movement (all because of Prabhupāda’s causeless mercy). Since then, Prabhupāda certainly has helped me to understand the purpose of life and the original teachings of the great Ācāryas of the Gauḍīya Vaisnava paramparā.

You may be surprised that how is it that just within 8 months of me associating with Prabhupāda and His movement I could actually differentiate between the two “movements”, let alone calling the “bonafide” ISKCON “Gestapo”. The main reason is Your website (lastingimpression.info). I was shocked to know how much deviation has been going on from Prabhupāda’s original teachings. 

How would Prabhupāda feel after seeing all this nonsense going on in the pristine movement which, once upon a time was led by prominent and great devotees such as the Śaḍ gosvāmīs, Narottama Dāsa Ṭhākura, Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura, Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Gosvāmī Mahārāja and many great Vaiṣṇavas? The way things are turning out certainly turn the idea of Kṛṣṇa consciousness upside down. Certainly Prabhupāda would have expected His disciples to act in a mature manner, adhering to the injunctions of the Śāstras and living a very Kṛṣṇa conscious life, other than doing all unwanted, nonsense things which are against the scriptural injunctions (as is happening now).

Prabhu, now that I have been visiting the ṛtvik temple, there is a very important question that I have. I’ve been told in the temple about the 9th July directive of Śrīla Prabhupāda regarding initiation (letter on behalf of Śrīla Prabhupāda to all temple presidents dated 9th July 1977) and they say that it is the reason they split up from the actual ISKCON. I wish to know Your stance regarding this Prabhu.

Prabhu, please note that I know and understand that You are also very much against the ṛtviks, for they too seem to deviate (maybe not to that extent as that of the actual ISKCON, but nevertheless, still) from Prabhupāda’s original teachings. I don’t want to be fanatic in this regard and I would like to look at this situation from a neutral point of view and hence practice Kṛṣṇa consciousness without deviating from the original teachings of the Ācāryas.

Kindly help me with this Prabhu so that I may actually understand and practice Kṛṣṇa consciousness in its right spirit. I ask of this now because even though I’m in contact with Prabhupāda’s movement only for 8 months (that too only because of His mercy on me), I wish to be engaged in service to Prabhupāda in the right spirit, and I somehow feel You would help me in this regard.

I sincerely look forward to have Your association.

Thanking You

Your servant


My response

Hare Krishna prabhu,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

9th July 1977 is directive is the letter where Srila Prabhupada authorizes 11 of his senior disciples to help him with initiations. Srila Prabhupada was seriously ill, and this letter was supposed to eliminate the big queue of initiation candidates.

Both Gestapo ISKCON and rtviks misused this letter to push their own agenda.
ISKCON leaders used this letter to enthrone 11 fake acharyas to be worshipped on the same level as Srila Prabhupada. Krishna dismantled them after some time. The purest of the pure blooped pretty quickly and one of them even got decapitated. After that, they established licensed puppy Gestapo gurus who must sign a gag-order before they can initiate. 

And if they ever dare to say the truth, their puppy guru license will be revoked. And they are living a comfortable life provided that they constantly preach that we should not criticize devotees. And “devotees” in this context are the GBC members and puppy gurus themselves. This cheating goes to this very day. We don’t find anywhere in the scriptures that guru has to be “approved” by the corrupt administrative Body. Srila Prabhupada also never presented such a concept. The same goes for signing the gag-order. Anybody who signs a document that prevents him to speak openly is not a real guru.

Rtviks evolved as a reaction to all atrocities performed ISKCON Acarya wannabes. 

[PADA: False. We started out saying that Srila Prabhupada should still be the acharya -- and that the bhogha and disciples need to be offered to him -- because only a pure devotee can accept such offerings. This idea did not "evolve later on," this was the entire system established by the acharya the whole time. 

How can we say "worship of the pure devotee" is something "no one knew about" through the whole 1970s, and it only "evolved later on" -- when this was the whole idea the entire time? Recently Hanuman said we can accept someone like Kailash Chandra or Bhakta das as our diksha guru, and offer our bhogha to them and have them acting as another Jesus accepting the sins of other people. 

OK, but Bhakta das says Radhanath is a saint. How is he authorized? Of course even our friends like HKC Jaipur and their spokesman Prahlad have accepted Bhakta das as their shiksha guru, because like a lot of people, they cannot stop kissing the jack boots of the molester messiah's program advocates. We keep hearing "the idea of worship of pure devotees is a recent concoction," ummm nope, that is the teachings of Krishna for the past 50 trillion years already.] 

Those are devotees who saw something terribly wrong in the GBC Gestapo charade. And they were mostly right in recognizing that ISKCON is a crazy censorship organization full of brainless, blind followers who have nothing to do with Srila Prabhupada’s vision of Krishna conscious society. Although rtviks correctly recognized the problem, their mitigation strategy was wrong, bringing another deviation.

I am very skeptical regarding the rtvik interpretation of 9th July directive. My reasoning is very simple. Srila Prabhupada was not some mystic who preached cryptic, hard-to-understand philosophy. On the contrary, Srila Prabhupada was very straightforward, very down to earth preacher. His instructions were always very simple, very clearly explained and very easy to understand. His teachings are also very logical because he explained the Krishna consciousness perfectly. Srila Prabhupada very rarely changed anything in the practices of Vaisnava traditions. But, when he did change something, he always explained the reasoning behind it.

[PADA: If everything is so simple, why is Hanuman telling people to worship Bhakta das as their diksha guru and offer their bhogha to a guy who was busted for selling designer drugs, and was then arrested for some sort of sex crime charge in Puri India? And worse, Bhakta das promotes Gaudiya Matha folks like BV Puri Maharaja, who also said Radhanath is a saint.]   

Similarly, if Srila Prabhupada wanted to change the initiation system, he would surely give an extensive explanation of such a big change. But, he didn’t. Srila Prabhupada wrote extensively in his books about the diksa initiation system, and how parampara works. And he never explained the idea that he will remain diksa guru. If he really wanted to change the sampradaya in such a significant way, he would surely dedicate at least a few paragraphs in his letters, lectures or books to explain the reasoning behind this change.

So, rtviks are simply cheaters with hippy-new age-Christian bija who imagine themselves to be the only ones who “deeply understand” Prabhupada. But there is no need to “deeply understand” Prabhupada because Prabhupada very nicely explained all the changes he made in his movement when he introduced it in the west. And rtvik-change is unfortunately not one of these changes because it is not explained anywhere.

Therefore, rtviks are forced to convert Srila Prabhupada into a mystical saint who spoke cryptically to sound spiritual. And now we need somebody to “decipher” Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. But there is nothing to decipher, Srila Prabhupada’s instructions are very clear. Similarly. criminals from the Gestapo GBC mafia syndicate don’t have any arguments for their gag-order puppy licensed guru system.

Once you go above and beyond Gestapo licensed guru system and above the rtvik New age Christianity nonsense, you will find out that real Krishna consciousness is very natural and very beautiful. 

[PADA: OK but Hanuman now has no diksha guru to promote, except maybe Bhakta das or Kailash Chandra? Worship of the GBC gurus is bogus, worship of Srila Prabhupada is bogus ritviks, so he worships these conditioned soul guys as his diksha guru. Naturally, almost cent percent of people already know that Bhakta das and Kailash are not qualified to be offered bhogha and to accept sins like Jesus, so there is no program to have their "eternal guru pooja" being established. 

Where is Hanuman's beautiful program? There is none. The guru is shaksat hari -- in quality the same as God, and that includes designer drugs salesmen who think Radhanath is a saint?]

Whoever dedicated his life in preaching Srila Prabhupada’s message is naturally qualified to initiate disciples. And he doesn’t need “approval” from corporate jet-flying sannyasis with girlfriends and luxury apartments. And in case Srila Prabhupada disciple deviates from the pure Krishna consciousness, his peers, his Godbrothers will start writing articles and giving lectures to protest against this deviation. 

[PADA: There are not many "Prabhupada disciples" remaining who follow strictly, many don't even follow somewhat, and on top of that, many of them died already. More die every day. Worse, Hanuman expects them to be deviants who have to be corrected. We should accept persons who are prone to deviations as our gurus? And what happens when all the original Srila Prabhupada disciples are no longer here?]

Kailash Chandra is our diksha guru? 


This is a very simple system that worked fine for hundreds of years. 

[PADA: Who is the actual diksha guru?]

This beautiful and natural Krishna consciousness waits to be re-established and this task will fall on the next generation of Srila Prabhupada followers. 

Current ISKCON gurus will hopefully leave the stage soon and take their Gestapo legacy with them. But people leading the revolution need to read Srila Prabhupada’s books, they need to be sincerely dedicated to his mission and then, Srila Prabhupada and Krishna will no doubt empower them to re-establish Krishna consciousness. Whoever remains an ISKCON member will surely not be empowered to instigate the change. 

Because by becoming ISKCON member you are actually certifying your stupidity. There, the revolution will most probably come from independently thoughtful people who chewed by and kicked out by ISKCON. And they will need to start initiating. I don’t see any other way. And ISKCON will either disintegrate or remain a powerless sahajiya organization like Christianity.

ys Hanuman das

[PADA: OK worship of people who will have to be corrected for deviations means, Hanuman Croatia admits he is promoting conditioned souls, or worse persons prone to be deviants, as acharyas. If correcting bogus acharyas is so easy, why hasn't Hanuman and his pals been doing that already since 1978? And where is shastra does it say acharyas are prone to deviations? 

And if we assume Hanuman makes a devotee, there is no devotee community for them to integrate into? And once all of the original Prabhupada devotees are gone, then who will take the post of diksha guru, when even now their people are already not signing up to be gurus, seeing the karma that afflicts these conditioned gurus. ys pd]

Lord Krishna's Wives and Children (VIDEO)

PADA: Very interesting. Not really checked to see if this is all verified. If anyone has further details, or a better historical account, send to: angel108b@yahoo.com


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Acharya Srila Gaurahari Das Babaji (William Zodda) (Update)

Acarya Srila Gaurahari Das Babaji, Guru and Gauranga, Guru Tattva, is the natural successor to Srila Prabhupada, is here now waking up grateful hearts who are naturally attracted to ecstatic devotional love of Gauranga, God.

Handfuls of devotees have given their appreciative witness testimony to a gentleman who is giving benefit, experience, grace, guidance that he has of half a century of journey on the path Love of God that awoke in 1973 reading book of John, in the Bible. And in the 1980's reading Prabhupada's books. 

He received the approval Srila Prabhupada to continue, to do more of the ecstatic devotion he was doing at that time in Stockholm, Sweden 1996 in a lucid dream from Prabhupada. Devotees became ecstatic in worship of the Acarya Srila Gaurahari Das, devotion that he was sharing with them, reading and relishing Caitanaya's pastimes. A lady had an amazing darshan of Krsna and that is abundantly happening here everyday in Gauranga's Amazing Grace Place - Srila Gaurahari Das Live.

Those naturally attracted to attaining God receiving this beautiful gift, like the effulgent prasadam picnic parcel that it is, as it is passed from Acarya to Acarya and given to grateful, happy child like hearts. Others will not be attracted to this daily Goloka gift, but those child like in heart will appreciate it. 

Those naturally overjoyed at Chaitanya's Congregational bhakti Prema bliss overflowing in the beautiful classes my dear spiritual master and dear friend Acarya Srila Gaurahari Das and also able to see in traditional paintings and contemporary ones we painting of the Gracefully Gleeful Golden Gauranga with his dear friends in ecstatic prema bhakti sankitana distribution the whole holy names whole heartedly will understand.

[PADA: OK here we go again. Gaurahari is the natural acharya successor to Krishna. Naturally! And he is also hugging and kissing women, including other's wives, even kissing men. Anyway, its amazing that folks are attracted to these false acharya elements. The only good news is -- some of his ex-people have become disillusioned and they are rejecting him as an acharya. Gaurahari is another guy who lectured PADA about how we should not criticize folks like Radhanath. 

If any Tom, Dick and Harry can become the acharya, that cheapens the whole system of worship of the acharyas. Its like selling Mickey Mouse watches as Rolex watches. All of this is the result of people not consulting with other devotees who know what are the standards of sahajiyas, bona fide sadhakas, and acharyas. And if one is motivated to become a false messiah, he will not consult with other sadhakas, or shastra etc. Essentially, these false acharyas do not believe in shastra which says, false acharyas are cast to the lowest regions of the universe. And sadly, their fanatical followers are also not going to be liberated, because they are misleading others. ys pd]

India's Lockdown Becomes Huge Refugee Crisis



[PADA: Some of our devotee reporters there said, there were not enough busses, or mostly no busses, and little or no government facility was made for supplying food and water to these refugees. Many people had little children and babies they were carrying on their backs, and they had to walk hundreds of miles to get back to their villages. Of course, if they have the virus, they now brought the virus with them far and wide all over the place, including to their villages.  

If they wanted to lock people down to keep them isolated, just the opposite happened, hundreds of thousands of these people were packed like sardines into busses and trucks and instead of sheltering in place, they were moving maybe millions of people all over the place. 

One of our reporters said that people told him they had not eaten in 5 days. Yep, India is still a place where the little guys are squeezed when there is a problem. A lot of us simply don't realize how heavy karma is. If we don't make the effort to become Krishna conscious now, we have to come back and experience all these problems over and over. 

Simply taking birth in India is not sufficient in itself to save us. We need to take the effort to connect with Krishna, or we come back to be packed like sardines into a bus, be forced to walk hundreds of miles, maybe get a bad virus, and so on and so forth. This should be a wake up call, and that is why Krishna arranges all these events, He is trying to wake us up. ys pd]      

ISKCON GBC Malati Dasi Chastises God's Messiahs!

PADA: In current ISKCON maybe 80 of the leaders are (A): "the sum total of the demigods, ... who are simultaneously God's living representatives on earth"; "saksat Hari acharyas ... who are as pure as God"; "diksha gurus ... i.e. those who can absorb sins like Jesus"; "the continuation of the parampara" (God's successors)"; "persons who are getting personal DICTATION from chaitya guru ... God in the heart," and so on and so forth. 

Therefore: (B) these 80 people are foolish deviants who need to be chastised by Malati, because she is superior to Krishna and His guru parampara? Same thing Bhakti Vikas swami has done sine 1978. The ISKCON leaders are: (A) pure devotees of God who can absorb sins like Jesus, therefore (B) God's successors are -- often as not -- idiots, deviants, sexual predators, drunkards, fools etc. who need to be constantly attacked and criticized for wholesale deviations. 

So that means, Krishna is foolish for giving bad directions to His living successors, and therefore Malati and Bhakti Vikas swami are superior to Krishna because they know how to direct the acharyas better than God is doing. And how did you guess, Narayan Maharaja, Gaura Govinda Maharaja, Rocana, Ravindra Swarupa, Badri Narayan, Tripurari swami, Jagat Guru swami, Dhananjaya, the entire 50 man committee of "Guru Reformers" -- and maybe thousands of others of my God brothers -- have been saying the same thing. (A) The ISKCON leaders are God's guru successors, therefore, (B) they are foolish deviants who need our chastisement and "Guru Reform."

OK but a person who need to be "reformed for deviations" is not God's successor, is he? Why don't they know that?  

Did none of the people ever realize that the since the guru is Krishna's successor, he is not subject to their incessant personal attacks, advice and chastisement? So this has always amazed us, yes, Jayatirtha is acting like a fool, therefore, he has to continue sit in a Vyasa seat and be worshiped as God's successor, even AFTER we all admit he is acting like fool? And therefore, we have to re-instate him as Krishna's acharya -- even after declaring he is a fool? 

As Srila Prabhupada says, even the greatest king can be destroyed by constant criticism, and all of these type people have combinedly destroyed the position of Krishna and His successor by constantly criticizing "God's successor acharyas." Yes, God's successors are such fools, they cannot even implement a rule to keep a child beating "guru" from hanging out around ISKCON, causing his victims to get PTSD symptoms, and to commit suicide etc. 

So if the leaders of ISKCON are saying Krishna is a fool for giving bad direction and dictation to His gurus, then no wonder ISKCON is empty? Who wants to follow a religion where they claim God is a fool for giving bad direction to His successors? 

And at the same time some people have recently said I should not be so heavy with Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur / Prahlad people, but these guys publicly told everyone to follow and listen to Bhakta das, and read the writings of Hari Sauri. These are persons who follows the Radhanath process that thinks God's successor gurus need advice and direction -- because God's successors are often falling down, rascals, fools and deviants. Why should we allow people to follow their idea -- that God's successors are fools and deviants? Sorry, its our duty to point out that this is the wrong idea.

OK guess what, this is not what happens with God's successors, they do not behave like fools, deviants, sexual predators, criminals and supporters of the worship of illicit sex etc. Why don't these people just admit that? OK, self evidently, they don't even know that God's successors are not deviants. ys pd  

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I am Coming Home (Skylar Grey) VIDEO

Parasuram Das "London Calling" Free Food Program

PADA: Apparently, they got 20 pallets of donated food ingredients, and they are planning on making 20,000 plates a day. Some important and famous people are behind the scheme. They plan to offer free food to the elderly, the homeless and others in not such good situations. Lets see what happens, but since this is another process that might give Krishna a good name, we are for it. We will post updates as they come in. ys pd 

Spanish Version of 1972 Bhagavad Gita

I just finished my translation of the Bhagavad gita As It Is into Spanish
from the original 1972 book (before the changes). It has the same cover, typesetting, preface, illustrations, and design as the original.

It is available on Amazon:


And if someone needs a discount, contact me at jmd@bhaktiyoga.es

Thank you and Hare Krishna!
Jagannātha Miśra Dāsa

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Why Are Gurukulis Not Managing ISKCON Now? (Video)

George Harrison -- My Sweet Lord (Video)

Brahma-astra Similar to Nuclear Weapons?

According to Mahabharata, the characters Ashwatthama and Arjun used this weapon. It is thought that the Brahmashirsha astra is the evolution of the Brahmastra, and its like a shower of meteors to annihilate the enemy. The weapon manifests with the four heads of Lord Brahma as its tip. The characters Sage Agnivesa, Drona, Arjuna and Ashwatthama possessed the knowledge to invoke this weapon. This weapon can be invoked into any object, even to a blade of grass.

In Mahabharata, it is explained that when this weapon is invoked, "It blazes up with terrible flames within a huge sphere of fire. Numerous peals of thunder are heard, thousands of meteors fall, and all living creatures became terrified with great dread. The entire sky seems to be filled with noise and assumes a terrible aspect with flames of fire. The whole earth with her mountains and waters and trees tremble." 

When it strikes an area it will cause complete destruction and nothing will ever grow, not even a blade of grass for the next 12 years. It will not rain for 12 years in that area and everything including metal and earth becomes poisoned.
Narada and Vyasa came to stop Brahmasironamaka astra used by Aswatthama and Arjuna . Arjuna and Ashwatthama unleashed their Brahmastras against each other, as Vyasa and Narada arrived to stop the collision.

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Palette Knife Portrait of Srila Prabhupada (Video)

Dhananjaya Hospitalized with Virus

HG Dhananjaya prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and pioneer of the Krishna consciousness movement in many countries, has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with coronavirus symptoms. Please send Dhananjaya prabhu prayers for his well being and speedy recovery.

Pioneer of the illicit sex acharya's program in Alachua.

Yes, as a matter of fact: God's guru successors are often debauchees! 
Who knew! And this is what we need to teach to little children?

[PADA: Dhananjaya was one of the people who argued with PADA editor in 1978 when we said "His Divine Grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada Maharaja" is not qualified to absorb sins like Jesus, because he is a conditioned soul. Dhananjaya argued with me -- that we have to follow the GBC's idea, and the GBC wants Jayatirtha (James Immel) to be worshiped on a Vyasa seat as the sum total of the demigods, as the rasika prabhu who is dancing with the gopis etc. so we have to follow them. 

OK that is basically a sahajiya cult, and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati thakur says "when our men become sahajiya, they will be more dangerous." And that is why hundreds of followers of Jayatirtha confronted me once -- and wanted to beat or kill me. And I was only saved at the last minute by a few people who defended me. And the only reason I was saved -- the few people who defended me had the guns, and the Jayatirtha people had none. 

Its easy even for the karmis to figure out that Bhagavan, Hansadutta, Jayatirtha, Satsvarupa, Harikesha, Kirtanananda and others were simply going bonkers, and ISKCON was thus descending into madness. A follower of Jayatirtha was arrested when he pulled out a gun at the Berkeley theater here, and said he wanted to take the star of the show out on a date. He later blamed the designer drugs for that, and there are so many other examples of the followers of Jayatirtha going off the rails. Indeed, there are many examples of how not only Jayatirtha and his fellow guru clan members, but many of their followers -- went totally bonkster insane, including the one who eventually chopped Jayatirtha's head off. 

What does ANY this have to do with the bona fide guru parampara from Krishna? 

Well nothing. So the good news is, I am right, folks like Jayatirtha should not EVER be worshiped as the acharya successors to God Almighty. The bad news is, Dhananjaya will have to explain all the mayhem he caused by supporting these types of conditioned souls as acharyas -- to Yamaraja. Dhananjaya does not have to answer me, fine, but he will have to answer in Yama's court -- why he thinks persons in a "guru chain": Engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children; Taking, selling and indeed widely distributing designer drugs; Orchestrating banning, beating, child molesting, lawsuits and assassinations of Vaishnavas are, were, or could have been, God's successors. 

Guess what? Srila Prabhupada says false gurus, and those who aid, assist, promote and support false gurus, are ALL destined for the most obnoxious regions. And its easy to see why, they create an obnoxious situation for the Vaishnavas, and really, for the whole world. And as far as we know Raghubir / aka Bhakti Chaitanya swami, another Jesus wanna-be, is a cousin of Dhananjaya. 

Of course there are also a number of people in Bellevue mental home situations who also think they are another Jesus. Its simply called madness, and anyone spreading this madness will be held accountable in the court of the higher authority. No one is allowed to take a Bellevue mental  home patient Jesus wanna-be, and make him the messiah of their religion, its forbidden. Its taking the religion down, and its taking all of the people in the religion on a one way voyage on the Titanic ship.

Yep, anyone who "chants their rounds" is another Jesus who can absorb sins, oooops, nope! Srila Prabhupada says us neophytes CANNOT take sins and if we try to artificially, we will fall down, get sick, and many of our contemporaries died prematurely. In sum, they will go down and "eventually become degraded" as the NOI says.

Again, we do not wish Dhananjaya good or ill, its in higher hands. However, SHASTRA SAYS anyone who promotes false gurus will have to go down and suffer for quite a long spell of time, that is what shastra says in so many instances. There are simply NO shastra examples which says conditioned souls can absorb sins like Jesus, its not found anywhere because Krishna never says such foolish things. 

Only fools say such things. And to make pretend the statements of these fools are also the statements of Krishna, is why these people are so badly condemned. They are trying to make Krishna look like a fool by having fools as His successors, and that is why the higher authority will push them down and for probably kalpas of time. Krishna is God. Making fools artificially into His successors will take one down to the lowest regions. Supporting a regime that is banning, beating, molesting, suing and killing the Lord's Vaishnavas takes one to the stone rollers on Yamaraja's planet, any questions?

So, all of the important pioneers of the illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara will assemble later on, but they will not be in Vaikuntha, that's for sure.

ys pd]

Result of Dhananjaya's handiworks:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Payasvini Dasi Reportedly in Ill Health

PADA: Anyone who has further details send to: 



Please pray for our Godsister Her Grace Payasvini Devi Dasi who is actively making her transition from this world. Payasvini was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in New York, July, 1971.

Devoted Mother of three children, Bhakta, Vrnda and Vrindavan. A well loved ashram Mom and teacher who loved children and gave the best birthday parties! Payas was always instrumental in organizing get togethers, picnics and outings with the devotees. Always a devoted friend and well wisher. She will be missed by many.

Payasvini is being lovingly cared for by our godsister Karen Pharmer, Kriyashakti Devi Dasi, in New Dwaraka. May Srila Prabhupada guide her every step.

Please share your memories with Payasvini here!

[PADA: Best wishes to Payasvini and God speed.] 


“Payasvini means one who gives an abundance of milk.”

[Payasvini was into the drug scene but knew she had to make a change. She visited Siddhaswarupa Swami’s ashram in Haiku, Hawaii, where she heard from Teachings of Lord Caitanya.]

Payasvini: Prabhupada’s words in that book answered my dilemma of what I was supposed to be doing and helped me make a change. I went back to where I was staying, went to a nearby field to chant Hare Krishna, and the answer was there for me. Eventually I joined Siddhaswarupa and, ultimately, met Srila Prabhupada.

I saw Srila Prabhupada lecture at the Honolulu temple and was impressed with how graceful and gentle he was. Yet he could be strong in his preaching too.
He knew what we needed to hear and gave it to us–softly, then strongly, then softly.

He was trying to get us to pay attention to what he was saying. I saw him again in New York in July 1970. My room was upstairs, overlooking Henry Street, and when Prabhupada stepped out of his car and into the temple room, just seeing him and knowing I was going to have his association was magnetic.

Devotees had come to Brooklyn from all around the East Coast, and every day for a week, Prabhupada performed initiations. The temple room was full of devotees making japa malas with Tandy Imports beads.

I still have mine. Most devotees collected a little lakshmi and offered it to Prabhupada as a gift, but I was pregnant at the time, so I couldn’t collect and didn’t have any money to offer.

Instead, I got some scraps of silk from a pujari and made a bookmark about 4 inches wide and 7 inches long for Prabhupada’s Bhagavatam. When I was called to receive my beads and name, I laid the package with the bookmark on the steps of his vyāsāsana. He smiled at me, then gave me the name Payasvini Devi Dasi.

He chanted the first couple of lines of the Brahma-samhita: Cintamani-prakara-sadmasu kalpa-vriksha-lakshavriteshu surabhir abhipalayantam, and said,

“Payasvini means one who gives an abundance of milk.”

I offered my obeisances and walked away, thinking, “I didn’t tell him what my gift is for, and he’ll never know.” I was concerned about that, but everybody was so busy it seemed insignificant to write him a message, so I let it go. About a year and a half later, my husband and I were in Pittsburgh when Srila Prabhupada was visiting.

While Prabhupada was out on his morning walk, I was tidying up his desk and saw my bookmark in his big Bhagavatam. He knew what my gift was for.
That was my most intimate exchange with Srila Prabhupada. Sitting on the vyāsāsana, Prabhupada always appeared regal and seemed to know everything.
Sometimes I’d be thinking something and the next thing he would say related to what I had been thinking.

I had to wonder how he knew everything like that, but he knew everything about us and accepted us as we were, and that was special. I’m happy that I’ve made it this far with him. I’m not as good as I should be, but I’m trying.


My CIA / FBI / Illuminati / Taxi Job / Food Stamps Income

Thanks for your question P Bhakti Dasa, "Why are some devotees saying you (PADA editor) are a sahajiya fringie? Others are claiming you work for the CIA or the Illuminati"?  

[PADA: This is really almost the same as the 1952 Detective Noir Novel we read in high school: -- A young woman is working as a dancer at a nightclub that is popular with the MAFIA gangsters. One fateful night she witnesses a MAFIA hit man who murders a patron there, but she does not want to talk to the police being fearful of the MAFIA. Hmmm, sounds like me not wanting to report the GBC's criminal empire, hee hee! 

The police finally convince her to testify against the mob in court. And of course the MAFIA lawyers attack her "profession and income" to discredit her testimony account. In other words, dangerous crooks and criminals will always use various forms of attack on the persons who testify against them. Hmmm, just like me! 

Later on, the nightclub dancer is getting death threats and harassment including mysterious phone calls. Same identical things happened to me, including threatening phone calls etc. A police man befriends the lady and offers to protect her, and the police here also befriended me and offered to protect me. And they did. Wow, my life has been almost identical to the life of this woman in the novel! Except, I did not end up kissing the policeman, hee hee.

So the ISKCON devotees have been worshiping deviants; Meanwhile many devotees are being banned, and some even beaten and assassinated; Children are getting molested left, right and center; The acharya complains of being poisoned etc. Meanwhile -- that is not even registering on our critics radar as a problem? In fact some folks have tried to make a petition to have us removed from the internet, so their MAFIA pals will not be challenged. 

What is the biggest problem? I forgot! I am a dancer in the nightclub? Hee hee! Ok its a smokescreen to keep the MAFIA and / or molester empire afloat. My job has zero anything to do with the issue at hand, just like the lady's dancing job has nothing to do with her issue at hand. 

Some of these people also said that I was sinful for "moving meat products", and prostitutes, drug dealers, and who knows what else -- in my San Francisco taxi job. OK but Jayananda was also driving in the same taxi job, and in the same city of San Francisco? So I am saying that children should not be molested, yet victimized children are not the important issue, rather Jayananda's having an alleged "sinful job" is the now important issue? Wow, one of Srila Prabhupada's dearmost servants Jayananda has to become a deviant for their idea to function?

Then some of them said I am getting a salary from Bangalore. OK but at least I am supposedly getting a salary from the people who promote Srila Prabhupada? And that means some of them are promoting the Radhanath lover's club folks -- like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri's writings -- for free? They are promoting the cheer leaders of the peophile samadhi's process, and doing it for free because the have a love and service attitude for that process. 

They are not even getting paid to promote that agenda? 

Did I forget to mention a nice newer devotee is agreeing, and telling PADA that all these recent bad news world wide events -- like forest fires, floods, locust attacks, plagues, earthquakes, incessant wars and so on -- are a direct result of -- things like burying pedophiles in samadhi in the dham? Krishna is going to punish the whole village for the sins of one man, as shastra says can happen? Its amazing to me how this much younger guy can figure all this out, while a lot of our contemporary seniors are baffled by all this. 

And if the FBI / CIA are paying me, why would they simply sit back and only pay someone to make written protests of crimes? Why wouldn't they just go in and arrest the people who are orchestrating that criminal regime? 

Meanwhile, there is no actual proof positive / verified documented evidence that I am getting a salary from either the CIA / FBI / Bangalore / Illuminati or etc.? 

And the reason I am getting salary from a taxi job, or food stamps, or whatever it is, its because these PADA critic friends of mine are not funding the opposition to the GBC either. They are simply upset that the GBC has any opposition at all, funded by however it is being funded. Even the nightclub dancing girl is getting a salary from there -- because no one else is bothering to support her otherwise. 

So we have to be practical, and lets face it, most devotee are not. They think that my funding should fall out of the sky by golden chariot delivery -- or who knows what. And Krishna will fix everything that is wrong in ISKCON, because He is their personal fix-it handyman servant. OK how is that working out for these folks? Krishna is my personal handyman janitor? Maybe not!

So yes, we had to get a salary elsewhere because no one wanted to fund our program, or fund another or better dissenting program. That means the taxi driver company gets the credit for supporting our effort of trying to re-establish the acharya, before these folks will ever get any credit.

Other people were neither volunteering to make a better newsletter than PADA, or even any newsletters at all. So PADA ended up being in the middle of the whole mess, just like the dancing lady who was a witness to the shooting, she got the job of witness against the mob by default. 

As far as conspiracies, yes there are many layers, and there has been a heavy conspiracy afoot.  

1) Inner core deviants of GBC involved in a poison complaint from Srila  Prabhupada. These are the seeds of the "takeover."

2) Then, many other GBC leaders conspired with the core deviants to make 11 of their people into gurus by claiming there was a "guru appointment."

3) Then, the GBC annointed BR Sridhara Maharaja as the senior advisor of the GBC, because he was advocating that the 11 are in fact diksha gurus. Sridhara Maharaja said "none should protest" the 11 gurus, and he began ghost writing their position papers. He was even saying that acharyas "go mad after money, women and followers," and that was just the formula a lot of people were looking for to start making conditioned souls into gurus.

Then a huge group of ISKCON leaders like Tripurari swami, Pancadravida,  Hansadutta, Jayatirtha, Jagat guru swami, Sudhir Krishna swami, B. Madhava Puri Maharaja, Ph.D. (Princeton), Paramadvaita swami, and many others all ran off to join with Sridhara Maharaja's idea that acharyas are often fallen deviants. And worse, the falling down and deviants class will vote in another wave of gurus. So they joined the conspiracy to make acharyas into conditioned souls. 

And so they all ganged up with the GBC to oppose our idea that acharyas must be pure devotees, and especially, deviants need not apply for that post. Then Narayan Maharaja joined with Tamal and the other conditioned soul guru exponents and so on. 

4) We have even had people claiming to be Prabhupadanugas claiming that the crimes listed on PADA are "PADA lies" and we need to listen to GBC defenders like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri. So they are also working with the original conspiracy idea to suppress the nightclub dancer from testifying against the MAFIA. In any case, we are quite confident that our efforts are working, because simply stated, there are at this point too many people who agree with us on these issues. 

So this happens all the time, there are criminals, then someone wants to testify against the criminals, and they are suppressed. And that is why there are people making complaints about our income sources, and so many other things, they want to suppress testimony against the criminals to enable, empower and encourage criminal activity, which they have been doing all along since 1977. So they had their party time, but their party is gradually coming to an end. 

Our young friend also pointed out that right now ISKCON is shut down, and that is how Krishna is showing them He does not appreciate their worship of illicit sex deviants as His successors project, He is giving them a lesson. Hopefully they will start to learn from these lessons. My young friend simply cannot understand why, after all these problems, they still think they are resident of Krishna loka gurus.

Anyway, I am glad to have been like the nightclub dancer who testified against the Mob. It was a bumpy ride, but no one could say it was boring, it created a very interesting situation where I learned a lot. So this was Krishna's way of teaching me these things. He wanted me to know about these topics, and He put me into His classroom and gave me all sorts of object lessons on the topic.

ys pd]    

PS: Doctors in India are getting discriminated against, same process, blame and attack the messenger.       


Jvalamukhi dasi on "Purely Prabhupada" Video

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vedic Concepts of Time

PADA: Hopefully this is accurate.

Mahavishnu swami Has Dengue Fever

PADA: Mahavishnu swami is another clown prankster joker "sannyasa disciple" of Jayapataka swami. So he is on board with the idea that conditioned souls can absorb sins like Jesus. And while ISKCON children were complaining of not getting sufficient foodstuffs, these guys were eating giant feasts. So they were into absorbing sins and absorbing all the food meant to feed the children. Or what? And Bhakti Vikas swami is another sannyasa disciple of this program. 

His Grace Walrus-pada. 

It always amazed us at PADA at how these type guys are always walking around joking and laughing as the devotees are being banned, beaten, molested, sued and assassinated. They think spreading all these problems is some sort of party time celebration. 

ISKCON Sridhara swami was another one of these guys, the so-called jolly swami, laughing his socks off as their program is creating immense suffering for others. Anyway, now Mahavishnu swami has a severe illness. We really don't wish these folks either good or ill, its not our job to do either, but it does seem like karma is catching up to their process more and more. ys pd

What to do about death? (SP Video)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ISKCON GBC's Report Card: Failed!

PADA: Every day another person says, "Hey, PADA is 100 percent right on ALL of these issues"! True dat! Better late than never.

One more woken up person will create and inspire yet another to wake up -- and so on and so forth. Our prediction all along since 1978 was (and is) eventually, Srila Prabhupada will be re-established as the acharya. 

Time is on our side. Agreed, its been a little slow -- like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube -- a little here and little there, but its steadily moving along. That is why the tortoise won the race against the rabbit, he just kept going.  

Had an interesting video chat with a young mother from Eastern Europe. She agrees that for the most part -- PADA's opponents are still in bed with the false guru process, they are compromised. I told her -- even the average Christian is on my side because they all understand that deviants cannot be God's successors, gurus and acharyas. Therefore a Church group is posting our stuff on their web site's bulletin board.   

She also says Hanuman Croatia is very foolish to think any average temple resident can take the post of parampara acharya, and become another Srila Prabhupada, Vasudeva Datta etc. and absorb sins like Jesus. She says he is still in bed with the false guru program as well. 

Anway, she will teach all this to her kids, thus more woke up people will emerge from the ashes gradually. She also pointed out that the real reason PADA (and her) have such vociferous bully boy opponents: they still would rather have people worship their false guru program than Srila Prabhupada because they are against having people go back to God, they want people to rot here. Well yup. ys pd

Vrndavana Closed / Devotees Stranded


[PADA: All of the temples in Vrndavana are now officially closed until at least March 31st. Some devotees have reported being in India now travelling as pilgrims, visiting various holy sites. However local travel has been suspended in many areas. Some are thus now stuck "sheltering in place" where they are, and not allowed to travel, or even allowed outside where they are staying except for emergency food purchases. 

This is a serious situation and its clearly evident that the entire world is now suffering a reaction for allowing all of the mass wholesale suffering, slaughter and consumption of bats, rats, cats, dogs, pigs, cows, snakes, various rodents and other creatures. Now the humans will have to suffer, its inevitable karma chakra. 

Anyway, we hope these Vrndavana temples will not suffer too badly and they will get back to having people come to see Krishna as soon as practically possible. At the same time, burying a pedophile, and then burying a porno swami in samadhi in the dham is not a good process, and there will no doubt be reactions for such sinful behaviors.

Meanwhile, the WHO says India is the key place for containing the Virus, because if India does not contain it, it will become almost impossible to contain due to the massive size of the population there. Lets see how it all progresses and hope for the best, but from my experience, India is a tough place to get anything organized. In any case, the karma chakra always rolls on. We cannot avoid it, we just have to surrender to the Big Boss, the person Who is rotating the chakra. ys pd]

PS: If anyone wants to send update reports from India, send to:



Monday, March 23, 2020

Food For All London (Update)

[PADA: Just hoping they are offering all this bhogha to the pure devotee. Other than that, we hope these "Food For All" devotees don't get seriously ill while out there making this public service. Good luck to all. 

Seeing some big public festivals still being held in various India programs, not really a good idea at the present time? Anyway, distributing plates of food is probably the best advertising the Krishna religion has got in the past decades anywhere. That pretty much means all the other programs have diminished or failed. 

Bangalore is a good example of a program that is creating good PR for Krishna by feeding students. Everyone seems to like it, big Bollywood people, general public, top government leaders, and of course the students. Not sure why people tell me giving Krishna a good name is -- a bad idea?  

ys pd]  

Hare Krishna Festivals UK  


Tens of thousands of people will struggle for food in London over the next 2 weeks! Food for All is increasing it's prasadam distribution level to 20,000 meals per day across the capital from March 30th!!

If you can help with the effort, contact Parasuram Prabhu (details below). "We are requesting everyone to chant the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra and take prasādam. When you are tired of chanting, the prasādam is ready. Immediately you can take prasādam.

And if you dance, then all of the bodily exercise is Kṛṣṇized, and all of the attempts of the yoga processes are attained by this simple process. So chant, dance, take prasādam. Even if you do not hear at first this philosophy, it will act, and you will be elevated to the highest platform of perfection." - Srila Prabhupada, 1969

Listen to Srimad Bhagavatam (Audio)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tripurari Swami (Tom Beaudry) Heart Attack

PADA: Tripurari swami (Tom Beaudry) had an apparent heart attack and was given an operation (to place in a stent?). Apparently the operation was a success and he is recovering. However, another guy who evidently claims he is a diksha guru -- someone like Vasudeva Datta or Jesus, or Srila Prabhupada. And the diksha guru is one who can absorb other's sins.  

Not so fast pilgrims! 

All of the 11 GBC "gurus" encouraged by Tripurari's guru (Sridhara Maharaja) in 1978 either got sick, fell down, or died prematurely. OK Jayatirtha got his head whacked off, allegedly for having illicit sex with the wife of a follower. And then again Sridhara Maharaja encouraged all sorts of conditioned souls to be gurus after 1936, same things happened -- they took sins, got sick, fell down, created scandals, then there were beatings and murders of dissenters, and so on. 

Yes, now Sridhara Maharaja's "acharyas" are being
buried in samadhi in the dham.
These people are experts at creating delusions of grandeur.

Ok these guys are the chief architects of the process of false gurus and subsequent banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits and murders. Just what ISKCON needs! 

Rather oddly, when a friend of ours told Tripurari swami that we should worship Srila Prabhupada as the guru and not these conditioned beings, he said "we cannot burden Srila Prabhupada." OK so we should not worship the pure devotee and Krishna because -- that is a burden? Wait! All these false gurus endorsed by Sridhara Maharaja and Tripurari etc. kept creating scandals and that is making a HUGE burden for devotees and the whole earth.  

In fact they created such a burden that the 1936 Gaudiya Matha started banning people left, right and center, and it gradually turned into a ghost town. Same events took place in ISKCON -- after Sridhara Maharaja rubber stamped the 11. So there is no evidence that these conditioned souls can absorb the sins of others, rather the evidence is they keep getting sick, falling down, and dying prematurely, and / or getting strokes, heart attacks, cancer ad infinitum. 

Yes as a matter of fact, I can absorb sins like Jesus. Any questions? And then people wonder why we come down so much on Sridhara Maharaja folks, Narayan Maharaja folks, Gaura Govinda Maharaja folks, Bhakta das, Hanuman Croatia etc. -- its because they are persons encouraging neophytes to take the post of diksha guru and absorb sins. Its not possible for a neophyte to take that post, plain and simple. 

Anyway, good luck Maharaja! 

Srila Prabhupada says false gurus, and the people who support false guru systems, are destined for the most obnoxious regions. Clearly this is one of the reasons they go to the most obnoxious regions, they declare that worship of the pure devotee is false, wrong, or a burden for the pure devotee and Krishna, so lets make the worship of conditioned souls, which created hell on earth for the devotees. And lets tell people we can absorb their sins, because we don't want to make a burden for the earth of having people worship pure devotees!

Did I forget to mention, that many of the rank and file, and ex-gurukula children complain to us that these elite jet-set gurus always seem to have top notch buildings, servants, Cadillacs and Volvos, and unlimited medical care, while we peons get -- zilch, zip and nada. That is why Srila Prabhupada calls this a "guru business," and he says when their guru business is over, they fall to the most obnoxious regions of the universe. OK not wishing ill on anyone here, but shastra is what it is. 

ys pd