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Disappearance of Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja Feb 24

Disappearance of Srila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja, 

Monday, February 24

Shrila Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja lived for one hundred forty-four years. He took diksha from Shri Madhusudana Dasa Babaji and did bhajana for many year at Surya Kunda in Vrindavana. Thakura Bhaktivinoda received valuable instructions on pure devotional service from Jagannatha Dasa Babaji.
His practice was to live six months in Shri Navadwipa dhama and six in Vraja mandala. "During his time," said Thakura Bhaktivinoda, "Shri Jagannatha Dasa Babaji was the.most advanced rasika Vaishnava in Gaura and Vraja mandalas, and Purushottam Kshetra (Jagannatha Puri)." Bhaktivinoda Thakura gave him the title Sarvabhauma, the chief of the Vaishnavas.

At one hundred twenty-five years old his body appeared bent like a semi-circle. His eyelids hung over his eyes like heavy stage curtains. Standing on either side, two disciples would lift his droopy eyelids so he could offer Tulasi manjaris to his Deity of Shri Giriraja Govardhana.

Since Jagannatha Dasa Babaji could barely walk, Bihari, his Vrajavasi servant, used to carry him on his shoulders. But whenever there was a Nama kirtana Jagannatha Dasa Babaji would bolt out of his basket and leap four feet into the air. In great ecstasy he would begin to sing and dance. He performed vigorous bhajana despite physical limitations.

He was fond of chanting loudly in both japa and kirtana. During kirtana he would sing: "Nitai ki nama enechi re! Ki nama enechi rei Ki nama diteche re"! "0h Lord Nityananda, what a wonderful name You have brought. 0h Nitai, what a wonderful name You have given." After chanting almost the whole night, the next morning he would offer 1,108 dandavats to the Deities. He was always enthusiastic to serve the Vaishnavas.

He lived as an ascetic following a strict diet and the yearly Chaturmasya (four month fast). The first month he ate only four bananas in the evening; second month only guavas; third month only whey; fourth month only boiled banana flowers without salt.

Once he begged a roti (flat bread) from a Vrindavana street sweeper. Hearing about this, the leading men of Vrindavana said to Jagannatha Dasa Babaji, "Baba, you are the crest jewel of Vraja. It pains us to hear anyone criticizing you. But now everyone is talking against you. They are saying, 'Baba's gone mad. If he defies the age old traditions what will happen to society.'"

Babaji Maharaja replied, "You are all learned people. Don't you know the importance of the dust of Vrindavana? It is so surcharged with Krishna prema that even Lord Brahma desires to become a particle of Vraja raja (dust of Vrindavana). Therefore, isn't a Vrindavana sweeper who is constantly serving the dust; breathing it, rolling in it, and bathing in it more pure than anyone else?" Silence filled the air indicating everyone's acceptance of Babaji Maharaja's reply.

While living in Navadwipa dhama Jagannatha Dasa Babaji showed deep respect toward all residents. Even when some puppies ate from his plate he didn't protest. Bihari, his servant, became disgusted to see dogs devouring his guru's Prasadam and he drove them away. Jagannatha Dasa Babaji scolded Bihari, "These puppies are residents of the holy dhama. They are not ordinary living entities. I will not eat until they come back to share the Maha-prasadam from my plate."

At the age of one hundred forty-two he couldn't see or walk. To confirm his findings Thakura Bhaktivinoda requested Jagannatha Dasa to see Lord Chaitanya's appearance place. Intoxicated with Gauranga prema, Jagannatha Dasa Babaji lept high in the air and began chanting and dancing at the discovery of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Yogapitha. "Out of compassion for all the conditioned souls Jagannatha Dasa Babaji transferred his power of bhajana, knowledge of the sastras, and prema bhakti directly into the heart of Bhaktivinoda Thakura,"

Jagannatha Dasa Babaji had many disciples. He often gave the following instructions:

"You must avoid women, men who associate with women, or with a man who in any way associates with a man who associates with a woman.ura does not take your offenses into account. Whereas, Krishna is more interested in the dispensation of justice, Gaura is more interested in the distribution of mercy. From this point of view, Gaura-kirtana is more useful than Krishna-kirtana. Gaura-kirtana means: Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Shri Advaita, Gadadhara, Shrivasadi, Gaura bhakta vrinda.

"Krishna is the avatara of Dvapara-yuga. Gaura is the Kali-yuga avatara. We should sing the name and glories of the avatara in whose age we live; just as in a kingdom we praise the ruling king." jaya saci-nandana gaura hari, jaya saci-nandana gaura hari.

The Sonar Gauranga Temple in Gopala Bagh, Vrindavana houses Gaura-Nitai Deities once worshiped in Surya-kunda by Shri Jagannatha Dasa Babaji. In Krishna lila he serves as Rasika-manjari. 

GBC Poison Conspiracy Video Re-emerges

TO PADA: Seems like a big difference in the revised video if they didn't use a forensic toxicologist in the video. The main difference being that pharmacologists deal with the experimentation and synthesis of therapeutic drugs, whereas forensic toxicologists examine the effects of toxins when a crime or poisoning has been committed, in order to aid a legal investigation.

PADA: Yes, they had a "forensic sound expert" in their original book who was actually a guy who ran a rock and roll recording studio, that went bankrupted.


[PADA: Yep, comments are still disabled. As usual, one way street, our way or the highway! Anyway, there are major un-filled holes in their explanation, and contradictions and so on. However the GBC policy of not allowing comments is how people came to think they are the conspirators in the first place. 

Nor does it explain why these tapes, and actually all of the 1977 tapes, were hidden for such a long time. Why was PADA editor given this tape in -- 1997? Why was it hidden, at all? Nor does it explain why the person who gave me the tape fears for his life and does not want his name mentioned. Nor does it explain why Srila Prabhupada says he is being poisoned and devotees and doctors on site at the time agreed he said there is poisoning going on. 

Nor does it explain why one of their chief speakers here, Amarendra, defended the GBC over the child abuse making him an evil man in the eyes of various victims. Nor does if explain why Dhanurdara is still self evidently welcomed after they clearly made a mistake defending his agenda in 1997, and why anyone from this group has credibility and etc. etc. etc. 

Of course immediately, some of the ex-gurukuli molesting victims (and / or their mothers) were unhappy that one the biggest GBC guru defenders / legal advisors / lawyers / named "Amarendra das" was featured as a keynote speaker on that video, considering he was one of the main persons to defend the GBCs when their child abuse issue surfaced. 

As one person said "Amarendra is the arch nemesis -- Simon Bar Sinister -- of all the children of the universe, and so these people wanted to promote him as their main truth talker?" And we even posted testimony from a woman claiming to have been a secretary of Amarendra when the abuse lawsuit was going on, saying -- they were all well aware that children were still committing suicide at the very exact time they were acting to defend the child molester regime. 

In other words, they were pouring gasoline on the victims and tossing burning matches around the place. Why is this person the person we now need to follow on -- any issue?  

Bottom line, there is no good explanation for the poison complaint from Srila Prabhupada. Even Harikesh, who was one of the members of their team at one time said that too, there is no good explanation for this complaint. Sorry! Your video does not explain it, and apparently, even you know it -- so it had to go down. 

I really cannot print herein what some of the ex-kuli victims wrote to tell me is their opinion of Amarendra and his associated pals, since we don't print a lot of cussing and swearing as a matter of etiquette. Of course, various victims were also cursing at Sanat / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks when they heard how these guys joined with GBC and Amarendra types and they attacked PADA to defend their favorite molester regime too. 

One of their pals named Gopijana was complaining that he had put a lot of time making buildings in New Vrndavana. And thus PADA was bad for helping getting rid of these buildings by encouraging lawsuits. OK so we can toss children into a wood chipper, to save a building? And we also need to remove PADA from the internet, to save the Judas people who may have been part of the poison conspiracy by suppressing our presentation of the evidence? Why are we always trying to save the devious guys, and not the victims?

Maybe by now people should have this figured out, defenders of child molesting regimes should not try to then paint themselves as experts in other fields? Just saying! And if there is a good explanation for the poison complaint, whispers, arsenic, testimony of doctors and witnesses and so forth, lets have it. We have been waiting for years for that to happen. This was supposed to be "the final nail in the coffin of poison conspiracy" headed by PADA and so on. OK maybe not so fast. Lets see what is going to be the next rabbit out of their hat trick. ys pd] 

ys pd]

Donald Trump Gets "Rock Star" Welcome in India

PADA: Not a big fan of politics. However, we do have to be thankful for the "freedom of religion" governments that allow us the religious freedom to be Krishna's devotees. That process is suppressed and sometimes forbidden by governments in other areas of the world. And we are also glad the USA backs India's military security -- when they are surrounded by unfavorable elements in various other countries around them. 

Narendra Modi does understand that India's cultural heritage is under attack, and he wants to try to preserve it in different ways. And moreover he is right, their heritage is in danger of being compromised or - lost. Srila Prabhupada said the same thing, India is in danger of becoming too much influenced by other cultures, which will water down their spiritual heritage. ys pd 

The Seven Temples of Vrndavana Pt. 1 (VIDEO)

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Only Cleansed Heart Can Understand God (SP Video)

Raghunath Cappo on Joe Rogan Show



RE: Dhanurdara swami


Dhanurdara at the Radhanath program in NYC

PADA: Thanks for this link LD. My comment? Well a whole lot of "ISKCON seniors and elders" and of course GBC leaders -- have been promoting Radhanath swami as their star acharya of ISKCON. So the fact that some of the youth and others got sucked into following him and thinking he is a great saint is not a surprise. And here we see that child abuser Dhanurdara is part of the Radhanath brotherhood, again no surprise there either.

Of course we have the book "Monkey On A Stick" and later on the Henry Doktorski "Killing for Krishna" book, and other medias writing all kinds of exposes on the "New Vrndavana Regime." And Radhanath's name keeps coming up in many of these types of exposes. Yet despite all that, and the fact that Radhanath buried a deviant in the dham, there seems to be some sort of odd attraction for him. Yep it is bizarre. Never mind ISKCON was sued for $400,000,000 for mass child abuse and many of these seniors, elders and leaders were at the helm when all this was going on. 

When we were at a Rathayatra once, we were suddenly surrounded by a group of about 20 teen aged boys. As soon as Radhanath walked up the stage and spoke about five words, one of the boys said "he is gay" and the whole group walked away laughing. So it is odd that often the "regular mundane people" can figure out IMMEDIATELY that the GBC has some sort of problem with their leaders and even messiahs that they are promoting, while many people "inside the program" cannot. 

Anyway, yep I agree -- this photo of them together looks very creepy indeed, and all this is the result of GBC's "living guru-ism." What will ordinary people think by looking at this type of photo of them together? 

They have run out of people who wanted to sign up to be the next messiah so they get goofy people like Mahavishnu swami, or persons implicated in the New Vrndavana scandal -- and so forth. And we also have some former residents of New Vrndavana who were severely victimized there and they tell PADA that just seeing Radhanath gives them PTSD trauma. And yes, there are a number of ex-kulis who cannot stand Raghunatha for promoting these guys. So the goal of life is, to give PTSD to former residents of New Vrndavana?

And you are probably right that there is a connection to child beater Dhanurdara floating around and Radhanath swami pulling some strings behind the scenes. Anyway, we blame the leaders but also a lot of rank and file went along with all this: "Bad people flourish when good people do not speak up." ys pd       

Birds of a feather flop together

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Bhakti Vikas Swami Fights ISKCON's Anti-Christ (Video)

Requesting Prayers for Jasomatinandan Prabhu

Your prayers required for the good health of
HG Jasomatinandan Prabhu Ji.
Home Base: ISKCON Baroda
Camp: ISKCON Baroda

Dear Maharajas and Prabhus,

Namonamaha. Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

This is to inform you that Jasomatinandan Prabhu has been admitted to the Zydus hospital at Ahmedabad, this afternoon, as he was suffering from breathlessness. Now it seems the doctors who are treating him advise he undergo triple coronary bypass surgery for his ailing heart.

This is complicated as he suffered three brain strokes over the past several years, and also suffers from diabetes, and high blood pressure. He is now in the ICU and is intubated (on artificial ventilation / breathing machine). Until his condition improves, the doctors cannot perform the bypass surgery.

In fact, I spoke with him over the phone this morning, and he seemed to be OK, "as usual". Tomorrow morning I will go to Ahmedabad to check up on everything, but he has a team of devotees and doctors who are looking after him. Please pray to Lord Nrsimha to protect him. Lakshmi Nrsimha mama dehi karaavalambam!

Hope this meets you all well.

Basu Ghosh Das

[PADA: Jasomatinandan prabhu was one of the people who in 1986 said -- the GBC are giving a homosexual acharya as their gift to Lord Chaitanya. Then he was apparently given some sort of GBC ultimatum to keep quiet, or he would get the boot, and he seems to have went silent after that. 

The guru for Ahmedabad is Gopal Krishna swami, who helped Radhanath bury a homosexual pedophile in a samadhi in Vrndavana. Later on they buried a porno swami in the dham. JD has to work under the authority of these clowns. So its seems like he has had to compromise with all sorts of deviations in order to keep his post. That being said, we still wish him well at this stage. 

Bhakti Vikas swami has also worked closely with Basu Ghosh and these Gujarat folks, and just now BVKS says he is mortified to have to go to Mayapura and meet with his co-residents of Vaikuntha -- because they are causing him fear, anxiety and he cannot sleep because of the dread of meeting his fellow Vaikuntha residents. 

Wow! So Bhakti Vikas is saying that meeting his fellow acharya residents of Vaikuntha is just like -- a trip to hell? And this is the good associate of Basu Ghosha and etc.? Why would anyone want to bother being a pure devotee when meeting other pure devotees is like the worst headache one could imagine? 

Amazing, they are openly saying meeting with the other pure residents of Vaikuntha acharyas is something that you should fear and dread because of their horrible asura behavior. No wonder then their people are getting strokes, heart attacks, cancer and so on and so forth? How can we preach that association with the residents of Vaikuntha is like falling into a hellish pit full of viper snakes, and expect to live a healthy and peaceful life? ys pd]  


Oddly, we just made a video about their hero guru -- 
"Bhakti Vikas Swami" just now:

We Have Enemies ... And So Does God (SP Lecture)

"So even God, Kṛṣṇa, has got enemies, so why not of the devotees? The devotees' enemy... Just like Hiraṇyakaśipu. He is enemy of his son, five-years-old son. So you don't think that because one has become Kṛṣṇa conscious, he has no enemy. Don't judge in that way: "Oh, he is Kṛṣṇa conscious. Why there is enemy? Why somebody criticizes him? Why one finds fault with him? Then he is not kṛṣṇa-bhakta." 

The enemies will do that. That is enemies' business. Even Kṛṣṇa has enemy; why not the... Just like Jesus Christ, he had enemies. He was killed by the enemies. Sometimes it so happened. Haridāsa Ṭhākura had enemies. So enemies there will be. Because he has got enemy, therefore it is not that he is kṛṣṇa-bhakta. He is kṛṣṇa-bhakta, even having his enemies, just like Kṛṣṇa, despite having enemies, is Kṛṣṇa. 

But the difference is that Kṛṣṇa or Kṛṣṇa's bhakta will never be defeated by the enemies. That is the distinction. Enemies may have, but he will never be defeated. God or God's devotee cannot be defeated by the enemies. Otherwise Kṛṣṇa's declaration will be false. He says, kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśyati [Bg. 9.31]."

Lectures : Srimad-Bhagavatam 6.3.18 -- Gorakhpur, February 11, 1971

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No Need to Become Brahmana (SP Video)

Joaquin Phoenix Rescues Mother Cow and Her Baby (VIDEO)

[PADA: I know, Krishna's devotees are supposed to be doing this type thing on a big scale. Yet it is not going to happen as long as the leaders decide a pile of hokey messiahs are more important than cow protection. ys pd]

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ISKCON GBC Ignores Women Abuse Issue (Russian Mataji VIDEO)

[PADA: Yep, we just have to oppose and expose them. Another devotee woman just told me the real reason the GBC and their dedicated lackeys like Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur people want to remove PADA from the internet is, we are giving a voice to these types of women and children victims. Otherwise many folks have to suffer in silence, which is harming and not helping them. 

If its one thing women and children abuser agenda lover folks are infuriated by, its when their agenda's victims are being given a voice somewhere. Too bad! There seems to be more and more and more folks coming forward these days. That has to be a good sign. 

As we can see from the recent Bhakti Vikas Swami's video, even he is saying that association with his GBC pals aka "messiahs from the highest Goloka planets" are giving him fear, anxiety and a loss of sleep. Satsvarupa also said he cannot attend the GBC meetings way back in the early 80s because -- its gives him a giant headache and he gets so sick he has to walk out of the meetings. Meeting with the residents of Vaikuntha makes me so sick -- I have to take psychotropic pills to remedy the pain? Ok so better to watch football, which is what Satsvarupa says he was doing. 

Wow, so Bhakti Vikas swami thinks when we are in association with the residents of Krishna loka, we will feel fear, anxiety, cannot sleep, get a headache, and have to take a pile of percodans and a shot of Vodka to make us feel better (as Hansadutta did). That is the worst advertising for being a devotee of Krishna there is, once you become a pure devotee, you will be giving people fear, anxiety, loss of sleep, and headaches. And once you are in Vaikuntha, you will end up taking percodans and drinking Vodka after associating with the residents of Vaikuntha there, because they will be giving you so much grief. Really?

And then Hanuman Croatia says what is the problem, any neophyte can also absorb sins like Jesus -- (as long as he has some percodans and Vodka to help with the headaches)? Hee hee! Bravo Russian lady, kick em in the hind end, we are with you. ys pd]


We Must Work For Krishna (SP Video)

ISKCON Bhakti Vikas Swami Cannot Sleep at Night from "Duress"

[PADA: Bhakti Vikas swami cannot sleep at night from GBC duress. Jeepers, well what about the gurukulis and others who had to commit suicide to avoid GBC duress?

First of all, a guru does not have to answer to a mundane influenced committee. Neither is a guru is "managed" by a "management committee," and then advised, monitored, censured, suspended, and perhaps excommunicated by said committee. Neither the guru is voted in by "2/3 show of hands" from a committee that also makes illicit sex with men, women and children debauchees into its gurus. None of this is found in Vedic society -- or the guru parampara from Krishna. This is all speculation manufactured by Bhakti Vikas swami and his pals. 

People like Rupanuga said that Srila Prabhupada -- and Krishna -- wanted their 11 conditioned souls to be worshiped as good as God on Krishna's altars. However Krishna never said He wanted conditioned souls to be worshiped as His successors, this is what the GBC wanted, its not what Krishna wanted.

And now Bhakti Vikas swami is complaining that he cannot sleep because he might get booted out after doing 45 years of service. Yes, well after 45 years of serving an illicit sex with men, women and children (and maybe goats) guru parampara, you should be losing some sleep. 

You have been an "enforcer" in "the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophiles as messiahs process," and losing sleep is the least of your problems. Wait till Yamaraja wants BVKS to explain what is his illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara, and Yamaraja will demand such an explanation from BVKS, that is for certain.

Anyway, this is a good sign. The GBC wants to create another wave of deviations, making some of their female cheer leaders into gurus and BVKS knows this will cause more disintegration of ISKCON so he is resisting. Why was he not resisting when the GBC reinstated a known homosexual, in fact a "sex with taxi drivers in the dham" deviant, as the BVKS' society's "Vishnupada." And instead he was voted in as guru by these reinstators?

And why does Hanuman Croatia tell us that people who are voted in with "sex with taxi drivers in the dham as their Vishnupada acharya" people like BVKS are bona fide? So BVKS is maybe going to be attacked by the GBC and he is fearful and cannot sleep, but what about the thousands and thousands of other people already booted out by the same GBC? 

Why has he not been showing hardly any concern for them? And what about the banning, beating, molesting and assassinating going on left, right and center with his guru parampara? He is in part responsible for that result as well due to being their cheer leader. So their empire is crumbling more and more, goody.

And why is BVKS even going to Mayapura where they hug and touch the feet of child beaters? Why does he keep giving them credibility, at all? And why is he the sannyasa disciple of the leader of this place? And why doesn't Hanuman Croatia know BVKS cannot be bona fide when he is part of all this process?

And BVKS is the sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka.
Why does BVKS tell Jayapataka to take sins,
when absorbing sins is clearly killing him?

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GBC Reply to the Poison Issue (Video)

[PADA: Lots of contradictions in the GBC replies, as usual. Of course, this shows how much they are concerned about the issue, which is, a lot of people are taking it seriously despite all their counter propaganda.  

Before we released the poison tapes -- we first took the tapes to a Bengali editor in 1997 to translate them for us. He listened to a tape for less than a minute and he said "this man (Srila Prabhupada) is being poisoned." This is just from hearing the statements of Srila Prabhupada briefly, never mind later on the whispers and so forth came out. 

A Brijabasi friend of Srila Prabhupada's also listened to the tape for us in 1997. Again, in less than a minute, and he actually started crying saying "they poisoned him." Tamal Krishna also says that Srila Prabhupada "had asked to be given something to make me disappear," which apparently means Tamal was saying Srila Prabhupada wanted to commit suicide by poison. This is all on a tape he made with Satsvarupa. Where is the good explanation of such statements? 

Meanwhile, no one can explain why the tape itself was hidden until we got a copy in 1997, which means it was hidden for 20 years. And the person who gave me the tape still tells me not to mention his name, for fear of being oppressed by the GBC folks. What is the need for all this secrecy if there is nothing to hide? Why is the person who gave me the tape in fear of his life? Then again Nanda Kumar said they were all laughing in November 1977, and he had to leave the place because he knew something awful was going on there. 

And the person who gave me the tape in 1997 said he saw Bhakti Caru crying outside Srila Prabhupada's room in 1977. And when asked why he was crying, Bhakti Caru said, "Because Srila Prabhupada says someone is giving me poison." That is also what Srila Prabhupada says on the tape. Oddly, Bhakti Caru is one of the people who is trying now to advertise this tape made herein. 

Meanwhile, more than a few people are writing to say that the GBC is poisoning ISKCON in other ways by allowing Dhanurdara swami types to float all over the place, as we see in this recent TOVP building photo below. We are supposed to accept the version of truth -- from the same people who do everything they can to bend, twist, pervert and change up the truth -- on any issue, as the best examiners on the poison issue, or any other issue? 

In any case, this is good. The person who helped counter the child molesting complaints of the gurukula children is GBC fixer lawyer Amarendra, and he is one of their big speakers on their tape herein. He is clearly an "expert" at countering bona fide complaints, and so he is the "expert" they consulted here? Children are committing suicide and so forth, and that is the time to come forward to counter their complaints to suppress their complaints? An expert at countering complaints is the person we select to counter the poison complaint.

Anyway, eventually someone will make a video to counteract their video, but right now we have to say, their credibility is in the tank. A whole lot of ex-kulis are upset that the Amarendra party countered their child abuse complaints to save the evil doers. And now Amarendra is being recruited to do the same over the poison issue? Really? Anyway good luck. Whether it is: Molester messiahs; Dope head gurus; Illicit sex with men, women and children "God's successor acharyas"; Gurus watching porn; Burying homosexual pedophiles and porno swamis in the dham, or any other issue, it always seems like the same group of people are sent forward to defend the regime. 

Do they have much credibility at this stage? 

OK not so much. This is looking more and more like desperation. Meanwhile, even followers of Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Gaura Govinda Maharaja, Krishna Balaram swami (Vrndavana) various other sadhus and gurus in India, and of course even sometimes GBC followers, are all agreeing with us -- there is enough evidence of poisoning, and various of them have wrote to explain that they agree with this issue to me. 

Its going to be an uphill battle for the GBC to gain traction on any issue at present, so go ahead, try your best. However, all your previous attempts to explain away various crimes and dubious actions -- have for the most part, failed. Most people think the people who conspire against children to promote child beaters, pedophiles and / or porno swamis etc. as "God's gurus" are the real conspiracy afoot here. And they are very likely part of the poison complaint group, which is also a conspiracy. It seems all these issues are connected to the same basic group of individuals? ys pd    

Dhanurdara at the TOVP, thanks to the
"credible GBC managers." 
Fer sure pilgrims!
This is the party that has credibility on any issue?



KT: Hare Krishna my dear prabhus.

I am the mother of a son who was horrifically abused in Vrindaban gurukula — personally by Dhanurdhar and indirectly by him sanctioning the cruelty of other abusers and pedophiles. After many many years I just reread The description of the things they did to my son that were truly monstrous and sickening.

Additionally, I worked in the legal office with Amarendra prabhu during the time that the declarations of abuse were submitted and I was the one who opened them. As far as I know, I am one of only two people that ever actually read all the descriptions of the abuse in Vrindaban.

And of course, Dhanurdhar’s name came up over and over again, and the unbelievably cruel things he did were described by person after person. But the most heartbreaking part of that service were the phone calls I answered from the desperately in pain petitioners. Many times they whispered thru tears that they were going to tell me things they had never told another human being about the terrible things that were done to them.

Others would tell me they were contemplating suicide.

And then despite my best efforts to be there for him, we lost our dear Ananda. That breaks my heart to this day. I spent so many hours listening to their pain, desperation and anger that at times I had to stay all night at the office to finish my work. But how could anyone with a heart and an equally damaged child, not talk to them for as long as they needed. I tell you all this because I want to explain why I am so committed to doing anything I can to prevent the travesty of the of them having to see Dhanurdhar sitting on a Vyasasan being worshipped as good as God.

[PADA: Why has Amarendra and his pals been defending anyone from this group? And now he is the hand selected spokesman for the GBC over the poison issue? Children are committing suicide, or contemplating suicide, so lets counter their complaints to suppress and attack them all the more? This is the person the GBC hand selects as their spokesman? People are dying from this form of poison, that form of poison, or the other form of poison, and we know which party has been causing this process. Suppressing complaints of victims is what evil dictator regimes do every day since the time of Kamsa. And now we are going to suppress the complaints from AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as well?]

Hare Krishna Movement Chennai Inauguration

PADA: Goody. We get very nice questions from various folks participating in this program in India and elsewhere. One of them has been listening to PADA's videos @ and he says he really likes them and he is asking about some of the details. Other people in a lot of other programs, ok not asking so much questions, self-evidently because they really do not like our idea of re-establishing the acharya as Srila Prabhupada. Anyway, we need to make independent programs separate from the ISKCON GBC, and we are glad at least some people are doing that in different ways. 

A PADA friend in Alachua says "the biggest devotee community in the USA" has a lot of illicit activity going on -- and many people there simply boycott the temple. And he says -- there are drug problems, illicit sex problems, even criminal problems. And he says instead of Krishna's materials, there is a lot of interest in things like New Age style "relationships counselling," or things which amount to helping couples with their sex lives, and other types of New Age self help psycho-babbling etc. 

Very little interest in actual Krishna consciousness, and moreover he is convinced the GBC are using some sort of black magic tantrics to control people by devious means. Umm, heard that before too. 

And he credits all that with -- a lack of enthusiasm for Krishna consciousness -- due to the corporate guru process promoted at the temple there. So its a problem when the community is promoting the wrong acharya, its dispiriting for the entire community. So we are very glad when people anywhere promote the proper acharya, that is at least a foundation point for further progress. Without accepting the real acharya Srila Prabhupada, things seem to deteriorate. At least these people are making some others who inquire about the issues, educated people are required for any progress. 

ys pd

Reading From Krishna Book (Dhruva Maharaja Podcast)

Death Means: Forgetting Past Life (SP Lecture)


The example is given, dehāntara. Just like I was boy. Then I became young man. So the body changed. And now I have become old man. The body changed. But I am existing, dehi, the proprietor of the body. So where is the difficulty to understand? Dehinaḥ. Dehinaḥ means "of the proprietor." The body is changing. I can understand that my body has changed. So next life the body may change. "May" not; it will change. But I may not remember. That is another thing. Just like in my last life, what was my body I do not remember. So forgetfulness is our nature. Because I forget something, that does not mean the things did not take place. No.

In my childhood I did so many things. I do not remember. But my father, mother who have seen my childhood, they remember. So forgetting does not mean that things did not take place. Similarly, death means I have forgotten what was..., I was in the past life. That is called death. Otherwise I, as spirit soul, I have no death. Suppose I change my dress. In my boyhood I was in a different dress. In my youthhood I was in a different dress. In my old age, or as a sannyāsī, I am in a different dress. So dress may change. That does not mean the owner of the dress is dead or gone. No.
This simple thing, transmigration of the soul, is explained. And individual. All of us individual. There is no question of mixing together. Every one of us, individual. God is individual, we are also individual. That we have explained yesterday. Nityo nityānāṁ cetanaś cetanānām [Kaṭha Upaniṣad 2.2.13]. Only difference is that God does not change His body; I change my body. That is also in this material world. When I shall go to the spiritual world, there is no more change of body. Eternal. 

As Kṛṣṇa has got His eternal body, sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahaḥ [Bs. 5.1], form, eternal blissful of knowledge, similarly, when we go back to home, back to Godhead, then we get also similar body, sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahaḥ. Īśvaraḥ paramaḥ kṛṣṇaḥ sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahaḥ [Bs. 5.1]. That is the difference. When Kṛṣṇa comes, He does not change His body. In this material world, Kṛṣṇa does not change. Therefore His name is Acyuta. He never changes. He never falls down, because He is the controller of māyā. And we are controlled by māyā. That is the difference. Material energy.... We are controlled by the material energy. But Kṛṣṇa is the controller of the material energy. Not only material energy---spiritual energy, all energies.

Excerpt from Bhagavad Gita As It Is Lecture by HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada - 2.13 - August 19th, 1973, London.

Meat Diet Linked to Chronic Disease (Yahoo News)

Monday, February 17, 2020

Prayer Request for Dharamatma Das ACBS

Dear friends, Asking for prayers for my husband, Dharmatma Das Acbsp, who is in Birla Hospital in Kolkata after suffering from sudden burning chest & arm pains & extreme exhaustion. He will be having angioplasty in the morning -much appreciate your good wishes.

[PADA: We have had a bumpy ride with Dharamatma prabhu in the distant past, but he has said some good things in recent times and he has tried to be friendly with some of our associates etc. In any case, we now wish him well and hope all the best for him. At this stage, I feel very sad and sorry for the devotees who got side tracked into various problems, even the leaders. After all, Krishna wanted all of us to go back to Him, so even Krishna is not happy when He sees us getting victimized by the material process. So we hope people pray for his well being.  

Chest and arm pains are often due to a weak if not failing heart condition. And a number of devotees have had various heart failure problems, including some who departed and others who have had major open heart surgeries etc. -- so its something to look out for. Exhaustion also happens when the heart does not pump enough oxygen around, its another symptom of heart issues. We will update on his status here -- as and when -- we get reliable reports. 

Nice photo on the bead bag prabhu, its good for your personal consciousness and it makes a positive statement for others. ys pd]

Top PADA News Viewers (by Country) Feb 2020

Krishna wants us to be in knowledge, because 
"all suffering comes from ignorance."

PADA: A devotee wanted to know "which countries view PADA news the most." It varies, but these are the top countries that have been viewing PADA news this week. This gives an average idea. Overall PADA posts and video sites seem to be getting 4,000 -- 6,000 hits a day, sometimes more. For example we had one month with 60,000 hits just on this blog alone, but that does not happen often. Now we keep finding hits coming in from lesser known countries -- which we have not had much action from previously -- which means our readership is expanding. 

We even have a Christian Church group regularly posting links to PADA on their bulletin board oddly enough, or maybe not, maybe its very relevant to their own internal issues. There are also a few sites that lift our articles in total and get their own readers, so its hard to tell how many views they get on our materials over there. 

Various book writers, news article writers, college kids writing religion papers etc. sometimes ask copyright permission to use our materials and so on. A couple of people copied the audio of our videos and they reposted on youtube and so forth. So its getting around -- at least to some extent. 

Very recently some folks from India wrote questions to us about the whole Dhanurdara swami issue, so it appears that our stuff is filtering around here and there. Yep, these folks from India told me straight up "The GBC is not really informing people about the Dhanurdara problem over here, we get very little information over here." 

Well yep. 

And we can thank guys like Bhakti Vikas swami and others of that ilk for that process. BVKS keeps his people in the dark as a couple of them wrote me some challenges recently, and they had no clue about any of the history I was talking about. Clueless, on purpose, as part of GBC policy. The good news is, Krishna does not want all of the people to be in illusion all the time, gradually a few of them get to see what is what over time, and then those informed people inform others and so forth.

Anyway, here is our current week's viewer list, top numbers of views first:  

01. USA
02. India
03. Russia
04. Ukraine
05. United Kingdom
06. Canada
07. France
08. Poland
09. Germany
10. Netherlands
11. Brazil
12. Australia
13. Austria
14. Ireland
15. Unknown Region
16. Switzerland
17. Sweden
18. Croatia
19. Czechia
20. Mexico
21. New Zealand
22. S. Africa
23. Saudi / UAE
24. China
25. Taiwan
26. Philippines
27. Japan
28. Malaysia
29. Moldova
30. Bulgaria
31. Greece
32. Spain
33. Bangladesh
34. Romania
35. Qatar
36. Puerto Rico
37. Bulgaria
38. Estonia
39. Iceland
40. Peru
41. Bosnia & Herzegovina

[PS: Places like Russia and China numbers go up and down quite dramatically sometimes, makes me think their internets are being messed with over there.]

Save ISKCON Adelaide Temple (Krishna in the ghetto update)

[PADA: OK good idea. Wait! Except to "petition the GBC" is more or less asking the foxes to count the chickens in the chicken house. The people who are causing the problems are not always the best people to ask to fix the problems. That is why Sanaka Rsi and others are having limited success, they keep thinking the GBC will follow some sort of CPO guidelines and all the rest of it, like the GBCs really care about following some sort of rules and guidelines. The GBC are the people who -- most of the time -- try to bend the rules, not follow them. 

Anyway, once again, more people are waking up and writing to PADA. At least we are giving some of these folks a voice in these matters. More importantly, we have been saving other people from becoming future victims. And at least we have been setting some folks straight on worship of the proper acharya. Its a little like using a garden hose on a forest fire, but its better than nothing. 

Meanwhile, a devotee from India wrote to complain that Jayapataka has such a big giant entourage of servants, medical personnel, giant amounts of baggage, requiring reserving three airline seats just for himself, reserving many car rentals and so on and so forth, so its costing ISKCON about a million dollars a year for all his elaborate travel expenses, never mind all the other expenses for him just in Mayapur etc. 

OK then we wonder why there is no money left to fix the temples? 

As another devotee said, Krishna gets to live in the ghetto and many of these GBC folks get to live in mansions, any questions? So anyone who is involved in promoting a process of putting deviants into mansions and Krishna into the ghetto gets a future birth in a bad ghetto. Meanwhile, Krishna gets to stay in His mansions in Vaikuntha. He is not actually affected by all this foolishness, but the evil doers who want Krishna to be moved into the ghetto will be affected in malefic fashion. Did I forget to mention, "told ya"! ys pd]

Saturday, February 15, 2020

A Few Eye-Witness Accounts of ISKCON Dhanurdara's "Auschwitz for Kids"

[PADA: Some ex-kulis have told PADA that their experience in the GBC's gurukula school system was like "Auschwitz for kids." More than a few of them told me they had contemplated suicide. More than a few of them have committed suicide. More than a few of them said to us -- thanks to our efforts to address the issue, that saved them from suicide. It is amazing that so many people have just ignored PADA, if not berated and harassed us, if not threatened to kill us, when we tried to bring these "gurukula student" problems to the attention of the society starting around 1979-1980. 

Worse! Lots of senior devotees, including leaders and rank and file, have said PADA is "speaking garbage, lies, stools" and so on, self evidently not having much concern for the plight of the society's children -- either back in the day or even nowadays. 

That simply means -- a whole lot of people are therefore complicit in acquiescing, empowering, enabling and thereby co-making the "Auschwitz for kids" process by omission or commission. Anyway, below are a few eye-witness testimonies. Maybe all this is not "PADA lies," maybe there has been a big problem, and the society's denial / suppression / harassing / threatening has been enabling and empowering this problem. 

Worse, after being so badly mistreated, and horrifically, the society as a whole then blamed the children victims for "being fringies who are not following the principles." OK rubbing salt into their wounds. No wonder then that a number of these victims ran off to eat meat, take drugs, go bonkers, criticize the religion, or die untimely. And they are still being neglected, ignored, disregarded and cast off now -- almost as much as they were then. As more than a few victims have testified to PADA "we are the best examples of "varna-sankara" (unwanted children) maybe anywhere on the face of this earth."

I am glad to have been at least trying to fix this issue, either with some success or maybe not, because I do believe that the people who allowed / encouraged / enabled / empowered this regime will meet some karmic fate at some point. As we all know, anyone who beats a Vaishnava has to go into the stone rollers at Yama's planet. 

And lets not forget how many of these children were emotionally, psychologically, and / or physically abused, mis-educated, and then tossed out into the world with little or no assist from their society. Then we wonder why some of them feel suicide is the best solution? Some of them tell me simply seeing people like Radhanath, Dhanurdara etc. gives them PTSD stress, but who cares? They already know, almost no one gives a hoot about them or their experiences and feelings.

As for those who beat Vaishnava children, or who enable that process, well lets say, its going to be a very bumpy ride indeed. As for those who tried to suppress us over the years, to enable this process, they are part of the Auschwitz regime direct or de facto. I do hope some people will do the right thing and try to make amends to these victims now, before its too late and they leave this planet with no absolving process then available -- other than what happens on Yama's planet. 

I know a lot of parents were pretty much overwhelmed by learning their kids had been victimized, but they could have and should have called the cops and pressed charges, if for no other reason than to show their children how this issue has to be dealt with. It is astonishing to any outside observer how these levels of abuse could have gone on without being checked, and that some of the perps are walking around being worshiped as God's successors, being buried in samadhis and so on -- now as we speak. 


ys pd]

KT: Hare Krishna my dear prabhus. 

I am the mother of a son who was horrifically abused in Vrindaban gurukula — personally by Dhanurdhar and indirectly by him sanctioning the cruelty of other abusers and pedophiles. After many many years I just reread The description of the things they did to my son that were truly monstrous and sickening.

Additionally, I worked in the legal office with Amarendra prabhu during the time that the declarations of abuse were submitted and I was the one who opened them. As far as I know, I am one of only two people that ever actually read all the descriptions of the abuse in Vrindaban. 

And of course, Dhanurdhar’s name came up over and over again, and the unbelievably cruel things he did were described by person after person. But the most heartbreaking part of that service were the phone calls I answered from the desperately in pain petitioners. Many times they whispered thru tears that they were going to tell me things they had never told another human being about the terrible things that were done to them. 

Others would tell me they were contemplating suicide. 

And then despite my best efforts to be there for him, we lost our dear Ananda. That breaks my heart to this day. I spent so many hours listening to their pain, desperation and anger that at times I had to stay all night at the office to finish my work. But how could anyone with a heart and an equally damaged child, not talk to them for as long as they needed. I tell you all this because I want to explain why I am so committed to doing anything I can to prevent the travesty of the of them having to see Dhanurdhar sitting on a Vyasasan being worshipped as good as God.

BG: Why has no one ever had Dhanurdara arrested? Then he would be on probation and he would be restricted from associating with children, or with the society.

BW: While in my second year at BSIG (10 years old) my mother’s authorities neglected to pay my school tuition, even though she was a full-time teacher at the Los Angeles Gurukul for many years prior. As a single mother with a long blooped husband, I guess she had no real pull, and I had no real advocate. 

As a non-payer, I was informed I didn’t get to use the Dhobi, get any new clothes, a trunk, lock or any of the basic supplies issued to returning students. The rest of that year, I was purposely passed over for Maha Prasad, couldn’t leave the grounds, and was barred from the many field trips. 

Luckily, I had a reputation of being a little feisty and couldn’t be groomed by sexual deviants like Sastra and Niragadev though I would routinely get caned for not showing due respect and eye rolling when these people told me of their authority over me. Things definitely took a turn for the worse after Adesh pushed me down the stairs on the way to Guru Puja, and I snapped my collarbone. 

I spent a week or two in the Mathura hospital where patients would keep me up at night coughing and gasping with Tuberculosis. I was finally released when the doctor reset some bones and wrapped me in an upper body caste that held my arm against my body for three months. I didn’t have pain medication, and boy was it ever the most excruciating pain. The sweat and heat pickled my body, it itched in my cast uncontrollably, and I dropped so much weight that my eyes sunk in to my skull and I would routinely get delirious. 

I begged Krishna to take me, and I fantasized about having my limbs tied like Vishnujana and thrown into the Yamuna so I could return BTG and be liberated. As I was cut off, I didn’t get any perks during the Vrindavan festival, when the 12 Gurus and many Sanyasis and big wigs would show up and be showered with adoration from fellow students along with personal attention and sumptuous feasting. 

To his credit Ramesvara recognized me in Krishna Balaram Mandir made me follow him to his room, and could see the sorry state I was in. He was furious! He summoned Dhanudhar and chewed him anew one and immediately arranged for my tuition. Post haste my situation changed, but Principal Dhanudhar was absolutely the orchestrator of everything at BSIG and is culpable for everyone under him and everything that happened.

RM: That is truly horrifying.

GD: So effed up. Love ya.

VC: I’m so sorry for what you went thru. I guess husband’s tuition was never paid either. Husband has really closed his mind off to the torture you guys went thru. The little I hear it’s so horrifying.

DS: I lived on the top floor of the Vrindavan gurukula building, reserved for temple brahmacharis. From up there we could hear the sounds of beatings, crying, various sounds of human torment and terror. But the mood from the management was to mind our own business, keep our mouth shut, don't get involved, don't talk about it -- or we would be kicked out.

So us temple brahmacharis lived up there in our little world, and down below us the schoolboys were being tortured and abused. We just had to live with it. And it was disgusting seeing characters like Niragadeva parading around, speaking and acting as "gay" as possible. And as mean as possible too. Constant harshness to those poor boys.

If only we could change history. Those of us observing from the sidelines that "something was off" really had no idea of the extent until decades later when the interviews came out. But in real time, what if a single tortured boy came up the stairwell and asked us to help? What if us older guys went storming down there and challenged the abusers "What the hell is going on here?" We just had no idea. And no one told us a thing. And the boys were under a gag order too. Just as they are today in Mayapur, they have to sign the gag order to be admitted.

VC: What an idiot I decided to read his resignation letter.

BD: Iskcon has turned into shitcon and every single leader is responsible. That is right, every single leader, even your pure guru is no better then a worm in stool if he is not standing up and outraged.

BB: Haribol. Poor Sanaka dude! He got mind fu**ed by the GBC. The GBC always make people feel like they are the demons when they report the bad things going on. Now this poor Sanaka guy has self doubt about "naming names" and "making offense to so many people." Yea, code for "offense" to the GBC people. We can't name the names of the bad guys, its an offense because the bad guys are the GBC.

Children are getting a beat down, beaten to a pulp, teeth knocked out, molested, starving and worse. And we are worried about "being too offensive" pointing out this? They told me the same thing, one finger is pointing at them and the rest of your fingers point to you, you are the problem. You are an offender prabhu.

Yea, my one finger is pointing to them, and the rest are pointing at me for being worried about making offense when we know how children were being beat down. This poor Sanaka guy has been drinking their kool aid, but its true he did more than most. We should point out beating children to a pulp is a bad thing or all our fingers are pointing at us for not helping. I wish I had done more myself, at least I know its not offense when I curse these people.

These children were screaming in pain from Vrndavana gurukula ashram while being beaten to a pulp. And a lot of people nearby heard them screaming, and they did nothing. They were afraid of naming names and making offense. So when they are being beat down someday and they are screaming in pain, no one will help them either. Karma will come back to bite their a**. This is really bad when we are worried about making offense for protecting children. This is too much kool aid and we should know that. That's why I do not associate with them, they will mind fu** you.

[PADA: Well yup.]

Friday, February 14, 2020

Apology from Sanaka Rsi Das / ISKCON's Abuse Coronavirus Problem



An Overdue Apology BY: SANAKA RSI DAS / EUROPE 

I looked into my heart and I found envy, pervasive, harsh and unforgiving; it poisoned all my relations. This envy had compromised every aspect of my life.
In this letter I will first talk about some of the shortcomings / anarthas I recently came to identify in my heart, I then try to convey the necessity that my mistakes do not take away or negate the gravity of the child protection problem in ISKCON, and in closing I offer my apologies to all the devotees I have offended along the way.

A crucial, and perhaps overly ambitious part of this letter is my attempt to navigate the troubling and complex dilemma of offering genuine apologies, accepting that I am not the doer, and that reforming is Krsna's job; juxtaposed with the need to be socially and spiritually responsible and coherent in endeavouring to protect the most vulnerable.

[PADA: Yep. All sorts of "senior devotees" told me over the years, "Prabhu, why are you so upset with the child abuse problem / books changing problem / gurus taking drugs problem / embezzling problem / police raids problem / Srila Prabhupada poison complaint etc.? Don't you know Krishna is the doer, not you"? 

OK! So when one's toilet gets plugged up, one need not bother to fix it, because "Krishna is the doer," so surely He will fix one's broken down toilet plumbing? Hee hee. OK maybe not! Maybe Krishna wants you to "be the doer" for a change, and get off your cushy sofa and clean up your own toilet mess yourself? Just saying! 

This is foolishness, if we don't fix our society's child molesting process, then no one else will do it for us. It will simply destroy the society by destroying the new seedlings meant to eventually take over the society in future. If the farmer's crops are being destroyed over and over before they can ever grow, he will go bankrupt and eventually have no farm.

One mother wrote recently to us to say: PADA is just like the Chinese coronavirus doctors in China who were alerting people to the dangers of the virus, but who were ignored and swept under the rug, if not suppressed and arrested. If PADA alerts about the child abuse process were listened to in the early 1980s, we never would have had the catastrophic process widespread "to every nook and cranny" as more than one ex-kuli told us. 

So she said that allowing this child abuse "coronavirus" to spread has been a huge mistake on the part of everyone who did not think this is a big problem. And the people who spread this virus are still strutting around as if nothing is wrong, which means they never even understood how bad this virus is. 

And the people who did not help us check it also never understood how bad this virus is either. She said, its just the same as the China government's squashing dissenters who were trying to alert folks about the dangers of this virus. And the result was the same, squashing the dissenters made the virus problem ten million times worse than if it had been nipped at the start. Right!]  

Coronavirus-pada and associates 

SRD: Is it possible to emphasize the importance of child protection, without watering down my apology? Would I be escaping my responsibilities if I didn't speak out? I fear I haven't managed this dilemma very well.

Pure devotional service is not an external form or activity, rather it is a state of consciousness. The external actions constitute unalloyed service only when they manifest from a pure heart. When envy dwells in the heart there is not a lot of room for service, for they are incompatible. I cannot truly serve when I envy.

[PADA: What difference does it make if the fire department people are envious or not envious -- when they are putting out the fire in our house? Its not really relevant to the victims burning inside the house. When PADA is saying, the house is on fire and children are burning up inside, then people began to say, "Stop PADA! Don't put out that fire, first answer our questionnaire about your personal motives." Even our friend Kamadeva was very worried about our motives. 

OK fine, but worried about kids burning up in the house? Not so much. Yep, let the kids in the house burn to ashes, we need the fire department folks to fill out our "motivation" questionnaire before they can put out the fire. Really? So lets keep the fire burning, harass the fire department folks, and allow more kids to die in the fire? That is the plan?]  

SRD: I never really grasped the magnitude of the envy clouding my heart, nor did I ever fully acknowledge its existence, and therefore take responsibility for it. I now see that it was connected to a desire for pratistha; to be at the centre of attention, to be noticed, to be recognized. This envy has been directed both, towards those who did not put me in the centre of their attention (competition with peers), and towards those who are recipients of attention and worship (my superiors). 

Except that to be worshipped and to be at the centre of attention is the place of God, and perhaps it is only His authentic representatives that can be in the centre, and worthy recipients of worship and attentions without compromise, because such representatives know that the worship is ultimately an offering to Krsna and not to their false ego.

[PADA: Even the karmi police, courts and media know that the child molesting issue in ISKCON has been an out of control coronavirus for the society. This is not really about false ego -- or not false ego -- its about taking a stand on a moral issue, and saving people from a fatal viral attack.]

In truth I have been allowed to see that I am envious of God, that I want to be God… I was also blessed to see the extent of my identification as a victim. Seeing myself as the victim was attractive, because I believed it gave me the right to seek revenge. As a victim I did not have to take responsibility for my predicament; for my life. What I didn't see was that the price I was paying was my very life, because as a victim I was also powerless to change. Whereas when I stand fully responsible for my life and my karma, then I can begin to choose and direct the course of my life.

[PADA: OK well that is also what Narayan Maharaja said, the children are getting their karma. Who authorized the GBC and their cheer leaders like NM to dish out karma to children? And this reminds me of my friend here who announced to me he started eating hamburgers, telling me "the cow has the karma to become a hamburger, so there is no karma for me eating them now." Ummm, nope. 

Even if it is "my karma" to be killed and eaten, that does not give someone else a licence to kill me and eat me. This is called karma chakra, the victimization of another produces a new round of karma. And to say that the ISKCON children have had bad karma is also not a very good advertisement for the society? Yep, our Vaikuntha children are simply by-products of bad karma. Thanks for the good advert pal! 

Neither does this help when we say, we helped spread the coronavirus, and when our children died from it, this was "their bad karma." OK fine, but wait a minute, don't you also "get bad karma" of helping in spreading the virus?]

One of the names of Allah is "The Punisher". And, in the Old Testament God says "Vengeance is mine, and I will repay". There is a fine line between raising awareness about a problem and pursuing personal revenge, a line that I crossed too many times over the years. It is a subtle yet substantial difference, that hinges on the intention that motivates action. Because a consciousness of pure service is absent from my heart, what externally may have appeared to be commendable and selfless, was in fact contaminated by ulterior motives. In this way, even my most noble efforts become corrupted.

In truth, I (ab)used and exploited the suffering of these children for my own motives. I used the righteous cause of child protection to disguise and further my ignoble agendas of 'righting wrongs', exacting revenge, distributing punishment; to be the hero, the saviour and to be at the centre of attention. I used something as sacred as their suffering, to serve my desire for vindication.

[PADA: Great, but we still have Dhanurdara swami walking around giving PTSD symptoms to his ex-child victims -- and some of the mothers of said child victims. A few of these mothers told me recently they feared making waves against Dhanurdara swami even now, because they feared for their physical safety, or for the safety of their ex-kuli children. Women and children have to live in fear of their physical safety for reporting a child beater posing as a guru in their midst? And people have to live in fear of reporting the coronavirus?

What kind of society makes mothers fearful to report a child beater is being worshiped as a guru in their society, because they are afraid of that society harming them, or perhaps worse? What kind of society is that? That means Sanaka Rsi was only partly fixing the issue despite all his efforts. This means the child abuse coronavirus is still being spread -- and the main "virus spreaders" are still sitting in big seats of authority in ISKCON, still spreading the virus and so are its enablers etc.] 

I believed that the choices, mistakes and sinful activities committed by some devotees gave me a free pass; the right to lash out, dehumanize, abuse, vilify and humiliate them publicly. All the while focusing on other people's sins, I was blindsided to my own. The campaign, that at the beginning appeared like a worthy crusade to fight evil, transformed me from the role of the victim into that of the perpetrator of the very evil I set out to fight. Thus my efforts turned out to be a disturbance; often ineffective and counterproductive, and finally offensive in nature.

I cannot overstate my shock and disbelief when I was finally given to see my motives; I am horrified. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of my objective (or perhaps that was never clear), and in attempting to punish those who had wronged, I stepped outside of my jurisdiction, into that of God. For, whereas child protection is everyone's duty and righteous, revenge is neither.

Child abuse is the ugliest manifestation of the consciousness of exploitation that is symptomatic of the conditioned jiva; it is perhaps the darkest corner of Kali Yuga. Blinded by ignorance and pride, I believed that I could fight and 'fix' this infinite evil from the same state of conditioned ego consciousness (where I am the doer), that caused it in the first place. But I wasn't fighting this injustice or that perpetrator, in actuality I was fighting human evil; Kali Yuga personified.

[PADA: Right, same thing Gaura Govinda maharaja told me, Kali Yuga has taken the top posts of ISKCON. Great, so we should simply allow that process? And allow children to be victimized? And allow people even now to accept Dhanurdara as a guru, because we should not fight injustice. Srila Prabhupada says if we allow injustice, we are equal culprits. And if these leaders are Kali personified, and we allow them to manage our religion and be the gurus of our religion, where is our love for the religion? Yep, we handed off our religion to the personality of Kali, good idea right? Any questions? 

Even a Berkeley policeman said, you mean everyone just walked away from the Krishna religion, and left us police to make 72 arrests in one year at their temple? Where is their love for the religion if they placed the job of controlling crimes in their religion to -- us police?]

Perhaps it is only the person who has been called to serve in this capacity, and is uniquely empowered for this purpose who has transcended any ulterior motives that will manifest the pure consciousness of service, needed to reverse the onslaught of Kali Yuga, without being compromised.

So long as I identify as the doer, I do not have a fighting chance. In fact, any efforts may bind me deeper in the endless dark web of guna and karma. If, however, by some exceptional Grace I am able to surrender my desire to be the doer and truly become an instrument in service, then suddenly the impossible may become easy…

"Upon hearing this, Satyarāja said, "How can I recognize a Vaiṣṇava? Please let me know what a Vaiṣṇava is. What are his common symptoms?" (verse 105)
Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu replied, "Whoever chants the holy name of Kṛṣṇa just once is worshipable and is the topmost human being". (Verse 106) Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu then finally advised, "One who is chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra is understood to be a Vaiṣṇava; therefore you should offer all respects to him." (Verse 111) (Madhya Lila chapter 15)

By the mercy of Vaishnavas, the heart is gradually purified even by a motivated and impure offering. It would appear, that perhaps by some inconceivably good fortune, at least some Vaishnavas, in their infinite compassion, may have nonetheless accepted my offensive and contaminated offering, and blessed me, thus opening my eyes. I think this was my saving Grace.

I wish to honour the hope and perfection of the very unexpected Grace and Glory that somehow I encountered, through, or in the midst of, my grave mistakes. When I first decided to actively focus on child protection, I had some idea of my shortcomings, but I never imagined the extent and true nature of my ulterior motives. I had some awareness that I would be threading on thin ice, and that many devotees would come to be offended. 

After much prayer and deliberation, rightly or wrongly, I concluded that, I would have rather gone to hell for speaking out, trying to imperfectly serve these children, than for remaining silent. I like to hope that along with my personal motives, I also had a little genuine desire to serve. At the time I believed that the benefits of my flawed attempts, would justify and outweigh the devastation they would cause, and I still hope I made the right choice.

[PADA: A number of victims told PADA, Sanaka is among the main persons helping reveal our plight to help us. Without him, we would have almost no voice or representation. So the victims should not have any representation? There should be no doctors trying to cure the ISKCON abuse coronavirus? Well that explains why it has spread "to every nook and corner" as more than a few victims have testified to PADA. The doctors are few, and the disease is everywhere, then what?]

These recent revelations are reassuring, for they give me great hope in the Grace of Krsna and the Vaishnavas.

[PADA: The recent revelations are -- that the GBC guys are more dogged and determined to give a place of worship to these "Kali chela" deviants like Dhanurdhara, and even people like Kirtanananda and Gunagrahi, by giving them a samadhi. And they are also promoting Devamrita, Kuladri, Umapati, Radhanath and many other former perp lovers' club members from New Vrndavana. The people who originally created the whole coronavirus abuse problem, are the same people we want -- to cure and fix it?] 

This is the most difficult letter I have ever written. On the one hand there was the obvious resistance from my false-ego identity, fighting for self-preservation, but a greater struggle was the awareness that this letter could be easily misconstrued and misused. I am concerned that that it may be perceived as a recant on the importance and necessity to raise child protection standards in ISKCON, and misinterpreted to mean that we are not faced with a grave and urgent problem.

[PADA: Right, what difference does it make if the fire department people think they are the doers or not the doers, they just have a job to do and they do it. And so should we.] 

I am not advocating to refrain from endeavouring to protect children until the heart is free from envy and other anarthas, I am simply suggesting caution. I do not intend to discourage anyone from speaking out against child abuse, and I am certainly not condoning it, or suggesting that ISKCON should overlook the social responsibility of deterring perpetrators and holding them accountable.

I apologize because along the way I made many egregious offences and mistakes. There are two separate issues here: the first is that my mood and consciousness were mostly ill motivated, inappropriate and therefore offensive. The second, but far more important is that, the general attitude and culture that underpins child abuse in ISKCON, which can be briefly described as: "having too high a threshold of tolerance, and inadequate in addressing and deterring child abuse", remains a pressing and current problem; based on facts.

[PADA: Correct, so the issue still needs to be addressed whether we think we are the doer or not is not the primary concern.]

The enduring devastation and pain, suffered by successive generations of Vaishnava children is often exacerbated by the readiness of our society to 'forget, forgive' and minimize. This suffering is very real, and whilst from the absolute perspective one can argue that it was our karma, it is nonetheless problematic when, in the name of forgiveness, a spiritual society honours perpetrators and entrusts them to uphold and represent righteousness, and to be role models for our schools and education.

[PADA: Right, the problem persists, and is actually getting worse when we consider that deviants are being buried in samadhis, to perpetuate their worship for indefinite time to come.]

When it comes to child protection there is a need for consistency, for an unambiguous and clear stance on the part of ISKCON throughout. The official ISKCON Child Protection Manual, which has been duly ratified by the GBC, thus making it ISKCON law states:

"Thus, for ISKCON, the protection of children is paramount … The GBC directly, through its influence within ISKCON and its participants, and particularly through the ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (CPO), is committed to make every reasonable effort to protect children and to prevent abuse of children".

[PADA: Seeing child beaters walking around with many followers in ISKCON, and worse -- being patted on the back by big ISKCON leaders, is child abuse right out of the gate. Teaching children to worship pedophiles in samadhis is also child abuse, ad infinitum.]

Whilst the word 'paramount' is unambiguous, what exactly constitutes 'reasonable' is open to interpretation.

But at any rate, the reality on the ground is a different story altogether. The 2018 official investigative report on the Vrindavana Gurukula states that during the 73 days of observation covered by the report, 62 cases of child abuse were reported. The abuse was almost evenly divided with 30% sexual, 30% physical and 30% emotional / neglect. The report also raised concerns of under-reporting, and gives reasons why the actual figures are likely to be higher.

[PADA: OK but the ISKCON gurukula system currently teaches children that God's successive acharyas are often illicit sex with men, women and children deviants. Again, to teach children that God's successors are often debauchees is abuse in itself aka spreading the virus.]

The Vrindavana Gurukula has been under the same management for the past 12 years. While this is the most recent report I have seen, it is by no means unusual or out of the ordinary. In the last decade there have been dozens of similar reports describing all categories of severe and extensive child abuse; it is a persistent problem. What are the actual figures of the total number children that have been abused over these past 12 years in the Vrindavana Gurukula alone? How about over the last 50 years?

Despite continued protests, the oldest Gurukula in Mayapur remains under the direction and influence of a person who has a lengthy record of child abuse spanning over 4 decades.

[PADA: OK so CPO rules, and / or going to the GBC with protests and petitions doesn't work, we just need to expose them. And that is working more and more, we keep getting more and more new folks on board saying, "hey we have got to stomp out this abuse coronavirus and its aiding and abetting process, before it kills everything"!]

I'm always puzzled when I see high ranking ISKCON leadership make far greater efforts to defend the perpetrators of child abuse than they ever made to protect their victims... It is also not uncommon to see them fraternizing in public with known, serious offenders.

[PADA: Again, that is re-victimizing the victims, to see the GBC's big leaders "fraternizing" with the child abusers. It also speaks to their whole "good ole boys" culture which has been the problem from the get go.]

The optics and implications of these realities, are factors that continue to threaten the safety of our children and tarnish the Hare Krishna movement. There is no escaping from the fact that the public interactions of our leaders represent a statement of the ethos of the entire society. Arguably their actions exert a far greater influence on the values of the society than policies and resolutions ever will (BG 3-2).

[PADA: Yes, the GBC has made "good friends" with the whole Kirtanananda regime leadership, despite knowing New Vrndavana has been a giant criminal and child abuse empire. To embrace the same leadership which gave ISKCON the black eye of being a MAFIA style crime family regime is -- continuing to give Krishna a bad name. Never mind we know ex-children who get PTSD symptoms simply seeing Radhanath strut around. Why would we want to re-victimize victims? The folks who gave our society's children the abuse coronavirus and killed many of them, still need to be worshiped as the hero messiahs of our society? What kind of society is that?]  

At the time of writing this letter the ISKCON GBC still only invests about $10,000 USD annually (this hardly reflects the 'paramount' importance of child protection) to fund the operations of the international Child Protection Office throughout the world.

A significant increase in funding for the CPO is arguably the most urgent and important step required at present. There are many countries with ISKCON affiliated schools, such as Russia and in Latin American that have never been visited by CPO staff.

[PADA: The GBC does not even follow CPO rulings, the CPO is simply a feel good program to make it appear as is they are taking action. Meanwhile, they are teaching children that God's messiahs are often debauchees every single day.]

For me it is heart-breaking to see how, although the extent and severity of the suffering of our children is relatively well known, there doesn't seem to be the collective will necessary to do what it takes to adequately address the problem... The abuse of these Vaishnava children is not treated as a priority!

[PADA: So you should continue to make it a priority, because hardly anyone else even knows there is a problem, never mind how to address it.]

The problem is old and complex, and only a concerted, collective effort, can hope to tackle it effectively. It is so old that it seems to have become almost 'normalized', many devotees I have spoken to, that are aware of the problem, have come to accept it with resignation; as an unavoidable reality.

The issues mentioned above need to be addressed urgently, and they constitute real problems regardless of my motives. The alternative is of course to pretend that the problems don't exist...

The story of Jagai and Madhai is significant. On one hand Mahaprabhu showed no mercy, forgiveness or leniency; He was ready to kill them for assaulting a vaishnava. On the other we have the exceptional and unconditional forgiveness of Nityananda Prabhu.

Is not our place to 'forgive' those who have abused others! This is not compassion! We are NOT to hide behind some misplaced notion of forgiveness, and look the other way while Vaishnava children are at risk!

Perhaps we are also on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, and from the absolute perspective everything is perfect, the conclusion is foregone, and though He does not need our participation to ensure His intended outcome, we are the ones who have the necessity to be engaged in His service. 

We are not to escape our responsibility, but rather pray and strive for the ability to fight for the protection of these children (serve dharma) with a pure heart, unattached to the results, unencumbered by fear, ulterior motives or sentimentality. Trusting that Krsna will guide our steps and protect us from the gravest dangers. Such noble service would undoubtedly be truly glorious and beneficial for ourselves and the world at large!

This letter is an offering of my own blunders, an analysis of the pitfalls I encountered, and the imperative necessity to pray for Guidance and protection; it is also a testament to the greatness of the mercy of the Vaishnavas. It is an invitation to exercise the highest degree of introspection and integrity in service, and to be mindful of ulterior motives.

I have offered some suggestions, but I do not claim to have the solutions, to address the extremely complex, yet all too often neglected, service of child protection in ISKCON. The complexity of the problem does not, however, diminish its utmost importance, nor does it relieve us of our duty to endeavour to address it responsibly, both as individuals and as a society.

In closing, I wish to acknowledge, that driven by ulterior motives, out of ignorance and envy, I acted and spoke out of turn, I used the suffering of Vaishnava children to further my personal agendas. I offended thousands of Vaishnavas, including the children I set out to serve. 

I have offended so many that I do not even know who they all are. I pray that you will accept my inadequate and flawed apology. I fall at the lotus feet of all the Vaishnavas that I have directly offended, and of all the Vaishnavas that have felt offended by my actions, and the disturbance I caused; I beg for your forgiveness, for it is my only hope.

Please forgive me!

Initially I wanted to include the long list of all the Vaishnavas I know I have personally offended. But I decided against it, for in doing so I would come to offend many more. I expect that some will welcome this letter and others will think that I have gone mad. But the truth is, I have finally found my sanity.
Aspiring to serve the Vaishnavas with a grateful and honest heart

February 13th 2020, Appearance day of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur

Sanaka Rsi das

[PADA: You have done a lot of good work and it has been seen as a good thing by many victims, as various victims have told us. As for naming victims, we have to avoid that since that is not going to help them. As for naming perps and their enablers, we have been doing that for years. 

Our web sites name lots of names and give specific examples of the leaders and others participation, acquiescing, or mis-handling the child abuse process. If we don't "name names," we simply set up another round of victims of the process because innocent people won't be aware of who is spreading the virus around.

Unfortunately, if we don't have any "named" victims and "named" perps, we have no crimes to report. That is what happened in Haight Ashbury in the early 1970s. Criminals were getting out of jail and moving to the Haight, because the hippies would barely report crimes to "the dirty cops." 

So there was a bunch of muggings, robberies, rapes, open drug deals, stabbings, and who knows what else, because no one wanted to "name names." That simply makes a huge magnet for crooks, criminals, sexual predators, molesters, drug dealers, and bad actors -- as it has done in ISKCON. Of course eventually the city made a big new budget for 25 new cop cars and 100 new cops to patrol the Haight, and that helped a lot. ISKCON has not done anything similar.

Of course as soon as PADA started "naming names" of perps and their GBC enablers in the mid 1990s, some GBC thugs wrote threats of "blowing up" our little 98lbs. lady who managed PADA's little internet company at the time. She said, "These guys are arrogant **s-holes" and she would not stop our service. She totally understood what PADA was doing and she supported. And over the years various people have tried to hack, whack and harass our expose process.  

That is also why the Sanat (Steve and Linda Voith) / Mukunda UK / Prahlad UK (Paul Coats?) / Dayalu Nitai his "Hare Krishna Community" Jaipur people started a petition to have PADA removed from the internet. We cannot "name the names" of their perp pals and their GBC child molesting enabler friends. We have to remove anyone who exposes their coronavirus abuse process, so they can make a new set of children victims who are unaware of the virus problem. We need to stop the people who are trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and help the people spreading the disease. Great, then we wonder why it has spread? 

Are they starting even one petition to remove even one perp from anywhere in the universe? Well nope, the perps and their enablers get to stay in their perp post, but the coronavirus doctors and abuse exposers have to be removed. Then they make pretend they wonder why there are so many molesting problems going on under their jack boots? Sulochana called these people "boot lickers of the butt busters." 

And Sulochana was saying the same type things, this child abuse process is a severe disease and ISKCON will either cure it, or get killed by it. So these GBC ilk folks all along wanted to remove the doctors who are trying to stop the disease, but apparently they will not start a petition to remove even one of the contaminated people spreading the disease.

Anyway, there is good news and and bad news. There are more and more folks aware of the child abuse coronavirus, and they are helping us protest in various ways. Then there are the people who spread the virus and enabled the virus to spread, and they are still strutting around like nothing wrong has happened. 

Overall, there are signs that progress is being made because the GBC is running out of rabbits to pull out of their hat to explain all this, and more and more people are catching on. And that is why our blogs and sites keep getting more and more hits and viewers. Anyway, next time someone says, "Hey watch out for the child abuse coronavirus attack," maybe they will be taken more seriously, next time. Lets hope so, for the sake of children everywhere. 

Hare Bol! ys pd]    

Coronavirus-pada enabler

Yes, we need our little kiddies to worship Jayapataka's:
Illicit sex with men, women and children "guru successors to God."
Then we wonder why ISKCON is in trouble?

Don't worry, GBC is in charge!

Open Letter To Dhanurdhara Swami

by Shakuntala devi dasi

May 22, 2006

I regret to inform you that your former gurukula student, Ananda, just shot himself in the head last Thursday. Remember what you did to him so long ago …it may not be alive to you any more but I assure you it was still very much alive to him… At his funeral the people in his life who were not devotees mentioned repeatedly that much of his unhappiness and suffering in life was attributed to his upbringing. Over and over I heard this from strangers as I slunk further in my chair not wanting to be associated with "them", those people from his past…you. This was still very much alive in his life.

When you came to Los Angeles for a meeting regarding your history as an ashram teacher some years ago, Ananda was there. He chose not to enter the room because he did not feel he would be able to control the rage he felt against you and you are lucky because he is a decorated Gulf War veteran. He stood across the street instead, fist clenched for an hour, staring in your direction full of rage.

You came up in a meeting last year where ISKCON leadership was promising us that you are no longer in good standing, but others said that you "did your time, you tried to make amends with the past." They quoted the sloka that states a devotee even if he commits an abominable act if he comes back to his position of devote and chants the holy name he should be forgiven. 

Where was that sloka when you had your fist to Ananda's face beating him repeatedly, till blood came from his ears, he was a vaishnava too. With your fists, you pounded down his spiritual creeper by teaching him to equate Krsna with being abused. Have you checked in with your former gurukula students lately—your very "first" disciples? Do you know that others are also dead? 

Those who are not dead are on medication, or medicate their pain with various forms of intoxication. Many are not even able to function well in society because you have emotionally crippled them. Day in and day out they look those scars in the face and deal with their emotional disfiguration while you frolic on parikram in the holy dham giving lectures and caring for your disciples. It may be easy for you to move on and leave the past behind … but who knows who of your former students may at this very moment have a gun to their head? 

Where do they have to turn??? Not Krsna…not after what you taught them about Krsna consciousness when they were scared orphans left under your protection. And people have the nerve to criticize them for not coming to the temple anymore, or for medicating their pain with intoxication, "Oh they are in maya." What choice did you leave them? 

You robbed them of their Krsna consciousness and left them with emotional and spiritual scars and then laugh that they "don't have it together" or that they "eat meat", or wonder to yourself why they don't just "chant more japa"……..Would YOU ? Could YOU? Will YOU? 

We believe in karma prabhu. What lurks in your future? You have not made amends with these souls? What can you do now to serve these vaishnavas who, with their pure childlike souls, were undoubtedly more elevated than you at the time? What of the mad elephant offence of crushing the spiritual spark of these devotees? For your safety in this lifetime and the next, I ask you to make amends with these devotees. 

Take responsibility and fall at the feet of each and every single one of them individually even if they spit on you like you are Jad Bharat. Do this for them because who else may be teetering on this same edge like Ananda? Prabhu, how much more blood do you want on your hands? How dare you accept worship! You must first break this cycle of suffering while you still have the opportunity to rectify your own mistakes. Not with a generic letter like the one you impersonally sent out to please your friends at the GBC. 

It never reached Ananda. As a so called personalist, go person to person and beg each of your former students for their forgiveness. Give them this closure. Please see what can be done to stop their suffering.

I know that you are not a purely evil person and I know that today you lead a very different life than you did long ago when you were an ashram teacher. I have never been harmed by you personally on the contrary I have actually had a few cordial interactions with you before I knew you were "that" Dhanudara. And though you have not hurt me directly, my own faith is attacked by the suffering my friends have endured. How can I have faith in the spiritual integrity of our leadership, our society, what to speak of you personally if you are still being worshiped and keeping ISKCON disciples without receiving the forgiveness of each and every single one of these devotees, whose lives you have devastated. 

You lost your opportunity to make amends with Ananda. Let's celebrate his life by allowing his loss to become a catalyst for change. He has reminded us all that even though the court case has been settled this is not over yet. We must end this cycle. If not for your spiritual evolution then at least for the sake of the others involved. So go find your students chewing on a burger at McDonalds and beg their forgiveness. Leave no stone unturned. And just imagine what could take place in this society if by your example we each begin taking responsibility by asking those we have wronged for their forgiveness.