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Update on the poison issue


(1)Please click here for the highlighted sound background conversations between Bhavananda and Tamal Krishna ( If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 34:06 – 34:42)  ) while the Kaviraj (Indian doctor)  is conversing with Srila Prabhupada in Hindi on Nov 10th 1977 in Vrndavana, (77/11/10/RCVRNMP3
(Please pay special attention to the background English conversations going on between Bhavananda  and Tamal, despite the loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj in the very beginning).
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Bhavananda: ( in low whisper mode) (Background -loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj ),
 “Prabhupada is trying to trap us”
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Tamal Krishna: (in louder clearer mode, practically on the level of a low sound conversation), (Background -loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj ),  
 “ Put the poison , Put the Poison in different containers, that’s all, its alright, - - - -  no other way”
Tamal Krishna (in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)
 “Ultimately what Prabhupada decides, we will do”
Bhavananda:  Indistinct
Tamal Krishna:( in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)
“ Yeah, but it goes onas Prabhupada goes on, his disciples also go on”.
(2A) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “SP Whatever Energy is conserved in Parikrama- - - “
Transcript: FIRST PART:
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Tamal Krishna : (Speaking in Background while the Indian Kaviraj (doctor) is speaking loudly )  “   - - - - - - - -  - - -    Poison For”
Gopal Krishna:  “ Whatever energy is conserved in Parikrama, the plan has to - - - - - -  - - - - - 
(2B) Please continue to listen  
Transcript: SECOND PART  
(While Hansadutta is singing, there are many devotees whispering to each other for quite some time. All these whispers need to be enhanced professionally for us to understand  as they seem quite sinister.
Hansadutta: (Leads Kirtan)
Devotees: (Many Devotees whispering to each other while Hansadutaa is singing)  (THESE ALL NEED TO BE ENHANCHED)
(3) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal Whispering “Prabhupada is gonna wanna get out “
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering to Bhavananda) “Prabhupada is gonna wanna get out, going through palanquin gates “
(4Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal Instructing Bhavananda to Carry “(Whispering while devotees are speaking amongst themselves)”
Devotee :  “We will bring it along “
Gopal Krishna :  “  - - - - -     in the van “
Devotees: (Speaking amongst themselves)
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering while devotees are speaking loudly amongst themselves)  “You should carry the  - - - - -
Bhavananda : (Whispering) Yeah !
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering) “ Carry it with you - - - - “
Devotees: (Speaking amongst themselves)
(5Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Devotee whispering “Its your man” (While Lokanath Maharaj is speaking to Srila Prabhupada)
Lokanath Maharaj (speaking to Srila Prabhupada) “The cart could be turned into (a) house”
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling)
Lokanath Maharaj: “ Have Bamboo sticks”
Devotee: (Whispering very low ) “ Its your call ,
Another Devotee (Whispering louder): Its your Man, Gopal”
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling Again)
Devotee: ((Whispering Again) “Its your Man -  - -  (Indistinct)”
(6) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP HE IS AS SLY (SLAY) AS THEY COME  (Whispers spoken while Hansadutta is requesting for Kirtan, twice)
Hansadutta: “We have some Kirtan “
Tamal Krishna (Whispering)   “GBCS in charge  -- - - - - - - - (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Hansadutta: “We have some Kirtan, Srila Prabhupada
Devotee: (Whispering):  (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Tamal Krishna (Again Whispering)   “   - - - - - -  GBCS - - - - - - - - (THIS AGAIN NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED) – - - - HE IS AS SLY (SLAY) AS THEY COME”
(7Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal whispering Gopal Laughing ” , (Whispers spoken while Srila Prabhupada is speaking to Lokanatha Maharaj)
Srila Prabhupada(speaking to Lokananth Maharaj) “That you are experienced - - - -  I am not “
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling)
Tamal Krishna (Whispering to Gopal Krishna)  “ - - - - - - - - -- - experienced - - - - - - - - - - - - “(THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Lokanath Maharaj: (speaking to Srila Prabhupada) “When you sent me to experience this Bullock cart programme so that you could in future - - - -  “
Gopal Krishna : (Laughing even more louder)
Srila Prabhupada: “For me it is experience”
Tamal Krishna : (Continues to whisper, but whispers are covered by sound of moving of the microphone) (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Bhakti Svarupa Damodara“We also ask the Kaviraj to come along?
Srila Prabhupada: “Invite Him”
Gopal Krishna : (Laughing while speaking) “He can come - - - - - van’
(8) Please open the attachment that says SP Swelling Poison is going down
Tamal Krishna (Whisper) : “The swelling/poison is going down , The swelling/poison is going down
(9) For hearing the whisper by Tamal Krishna to Bhavananda of “Put some Poison in the Milk”, one can click here for the audio sound (If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 4:09- 4:13)
Tamal Krishna :  “Put some Poison in the Milk “
To hear the whole CD of the Nov 10 1977 Conversations from beginning to end, please click here  or
And for Individual highlighted louder version of the whole CD , please go to

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George Harrison comment on post 1977 ISKCON

GEORGE HARRISON: “I am always a bit dubious about organisations and since the Swami died it does seem to be chaotic, with all kinds of guys thinking they’re the gurus. To me, it’s not important to be a guru, it’s more important just to be, to learn humility." (George Harrison interview with BP Fallon, The Sunday Tribune, October 18th, 1987) 

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Problems with bogus GBC gurus

Letter from HH Jayapataka swami

HH Jayapataka Swami’s letter to Bangalore devotees
Dear Devotees of Hare Krsna Movement , 
We managed to get this letter (written on or about August 25, 2012) that His Holiness Jayapataka Swami had written to you all. It was given to Madhu Pandit Dasa. We hear that none of you were shown this letter. So here it is:

My dear Madhu Pandit Das and group members, 
Please accept my best wishes. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. 
I know that if we discuss philosophy then you may have lots of things to say and I may also have many different things to say. In this letter, I am just trying to go beyond these philosophical disagreements to seek a way in which we could work to integrate you back to ISKCON. So please just consider this proposal calmly although your first knee jerk reaction maybe that my presentation in this letter is not what you want. Please deliberate and consider what would be more pleasing to Srila Prabhupada. 

There is definitely agreement between both you and me and the GBC that Srila Prabhupada holds the most prominent/pre-eminent position in every ISKCON devotee’s life since he is our Founder-Acarya. Let us use this common and most essential understanding to forge unity. I remember that you were very concerned that you wanted a direct relationship with Srila Prabhupada and if somehow that can be obtained by maximizing your shelter of Srila Prabhupada as your primary spiritual authority and minimizing the role of the diksha guru, that could be something that could be worked with immediately. A physically living person that doesn’t really have a role more than the fact that he is imparting the initiation or mantra as diksa guru or mantra guru but you really take shelter in Srila Prabhupada as your primary spiritual authority and as ISKCON’s Founder-Acarya. Somehow in this way if you adjust then there is no reason that you cannot be a part of ISKCON. Of course as I said, philosophically you may have others things to say but practically you can achieve so much and I am sure that your influence in ISKCON would be a positive one if you accept these guidelines. 

If you want establish Srila Prabhupada’s position as the ultimate spiritual authority in ISKCON and take maximum shelter of him, that is very similar to the system of Bhagavat parampara presented by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur. But if you say that Srila Prabhupada is your diksa guru although he is not physically present then this a big obstacle in finding a solution. You are asking the Bureau to stand against a world wide movement and against the GBC which is a difficult thing. You are saying that you will give the properties to the Bureau but asking what is the safe guard? I am looking a step further that Srila Prabhupada wanted Unity in Diversity. Srila Prabhupada told the GBC that this Unity in Diversity should be the first agenda in their list. There is however a limit. The ISKCON GBC obviously has to stay with the tradition of the Guru Parampara, Sastra and Sadhu. At this point, the possibility of Srila Prabhupada giving initiations after his departure may not be something that the GBC is considering but as I said this is not at all an obstacle for you to have a direct relationship with Srila Prabhupada as your primary spiritual authority, as ISKCON’s Founder-Acarya. You can call yourselves Prabhupadanugas or whatever you want. 

You can really show how to present yourselves, how to surrender to Prabhupada and so on. You could worship Prabhupada, and follow Srila Prabhupada, and that would be very inspiring to have somebody completely sold out to Srila Prabhupada. Maybe some people want a diksa guru in a regular sense and to say that is wrong is not approved by Prabhupada either. To say that someone wants to take maximum shelter of Srila Prabhupada as their primary spiritual authority, as ISKCON’s Founder-Acarya or as the pre-eminent Siksha Guru and they want to minimize the role of the Diksa guru as monitor guru or the like, that is also not wrong. In this way by accommodating both these scenarios simultaneously we can achieve Unity in Diversity. Of course if you want to discuss your points further, the GBC may be willing to send a person or a team of persons to discuss with you,maybe even non-guru members of GBC, but as you know,they probably won’t be convinced and you wont be convinced either. 

The bureau has already offered in the mediation that whatever your beliefs are, no one will be penalized or persecuted. So, in view of all this the proposal that I have presented in this letter would allow you to be a part of ISKCON in a full sense and not just namesake. This would be akin to the situation within the catholic church where there are certain orders, such as the Benedictine, Franciscans, Cistercian (Trappist), Opus de, etc., similarly you could be one type of Prabhupadanugas in ISKCON who take more shelter of Srila Prabhupada than anyone else. So let this be your vaisistya or specialty. 

There is a GBC resolution that says that one can be a member of ISKCON without accepting a Diksha Guru. But this GBC resolution is not comprehensive or all encompassing because it does not address questions such as how to go on the altar, etc., So the present proposal covers all these different aspects. 

I don’t really know what more to say. This is just an attempt to bring peace between us. 

I have proposed something similar to the bureau and they have accepted it. So there will be no problem from the bureau side. Since the GBC has accepted Srila Prabhupada as founder acharya, pre-eminent Siksha Guru and primary spiritual authority and is only against portraying Srila Prabhupada as Diksha Guru of disciples initiated after his departure there should not be any problem from them either.  Through this adjustment you can achieve all your spiritual objectives.

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What is a pure devotee?

‎"A pure devotee is always thinking of the lotus feet of the Lord (sa vai manah krishna-padaravindayoh). A pure devotee cannot remain a moment without being absorbed in thoughts of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This constant thinking of the Lord is described in Bhagavad-gita as satata-yuktanam, always engaging in the Lord's service. Bhajatam priti-purvakam: this is devotional service in love and affection."

Purport Srimad Bhagavatam 4.29.46

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Aindra prabhu quote

AINDRA PRABHU SAYS: If our GURUS instruct us NOT to concentrate our energies and resources on the performance of YUGA-DHARMA HARI-NAMA SANKIRTANA, then, with all due respect, they are NOT OUR GURUS. We should be prepared to disobey the instructions of millions of “gurus” who in any way dissuade us from surrendering to the YUGA-DHARMA. HARI-NAMA-SANKIRTANA is the best and MOST POWERFUL PROCESS for awakening one’s taste and attachment for the Holy Name.

Kala dasa in for heart surgery

KALA DASA prabhu has been admitted to the hospital last week and is scheduled for a coronary by pass surgery this coming Friday afternoon, Vancouver BC time (PST). His condition is stable at the moment.The prayers of his god-brothers, god-sisters and other fellow devotees and well wishers is greatly appreciated at this time. Hari Hari bolo

[PADA: Cannot help but wonder why so many vaishnavas are getting these severe health problems, indeed it seems almost an epidemic, while not being that old? Kala dasa once told me he reported molesting and other serious child abuse problems in the Mayapura Gurukula to the bogus GBC's authorities there, and they chastised him and told him to be quiet. He told me he left Mayapura in disgust. Cannot help but think that some of this ISKCON "health epidemic" is related to severe frustration with these leaders, and subsequent repression, depression, oppression, suppression, compression of the Vaishnavas, which is making them severely ill prematurely. Not sure if there is another good explanation other than this? ys pd]  

Father gets revenge for son's kidnapping

And he was given five years probation and not jailed. ys pd

Rocana goes backwards update

Now Rocana is promoting Mayesvara dasa, who has close connections to ISKCON's gurus, and he has Tripurari swami and similar others come to his programs to lecture. So Rocana has revealled that he is with the GBC's false guru program and -- the Gaudiya Matha's false guru program. ys pd

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Radhasthami in Sunnyvale (San Francisco area)

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online
Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir, Sunnyvale, CA
Radhastami Festival on Saturday & Start of new year for Sunday school
Start of new curriculum for Sunday school...

Our experienced teachers have drafted a very nice curriculum for the upcoming Sunday school year (started on 9/16), taking into account a nice mix of devotional, cultural and logical subjects.
 Registrations open for the Sunday school, with some wonderful goodies to give away!
  • Damodar class (age group 3-5 years) - New school year started from 9/16
  • Madhava class (age group 6-10 years) - New school year starts from 9/23
  • Class every Sunday 12:15 pm to 1 pm, followed by Arati and prasadam
  • You are welcome to view a sample curriculum book that your child will get to keep and get to bring for every class. 
Sri Radhashtami 
(Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012)

Please join us for grand celebration of the appearance day of Sri Radha, the internal pleasure potency of Sri Krishna. There will be abhisheka for Sri Radha Krishna, special video on Radhastami, sumptuous lunch prasadam feast and sweet jhulan seva for Their Lordships Sri Radha Krishna!

Program schedule on Saturday :
11 am : Special bhajans on Radhastami
11:45 am : Japa yajna
12 noon : Abhisheka
12:30 pm : Special Video
1 pm : Arati, Announcements and lunch prasadam feast
1:30 pm onwards : Jhulan seva
For seva opportunities on this auspicious Radhashtami occasion on Saturday, please visit :

Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir
1235 Reamwood Ave, Sunnyvale, CA

India Heritage Foundation
(Serving the mission of H.D.G. A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada)
408 657 8485

Join Us


Darshan timings :

Weekends/hollidays :
7 am to 8:30 pm

Weekdays :
7 am to 1 pm
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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CNN -- billionth meal Akshaya Patra

Sureshvara "Establishing Prabhupada's position"

PD: After 35 years we are now discussing, "who is Srila Prabhupada"? And there is a big GBC committee to "research" -- what his position is? Suresvara says that he was probably one of the fools promoting false gurus in the Gaudiya Matha, and now he has taken birth again to resolve that mistake, except, he is now promoting ISKCON's false gurus? He says he is promoting Kalakantha as a guru, and Bhakti Vikas as a guru, except that Kalakantha has banned BVKS swami from preaching in Alachua? And SD says everyone should become a diksha guru after being a devotee for 10 years, which is what caused the ruination of the Gaudiya Matha, they had gurus who were premature? Anyway, at least there is now a committee to study, and Suresvara says "we have had a lot of hits and misses" --- in other words, they are gurus, and they are admitting they are mundane speculators? The words of gurus are -- hits and misses? ys pd   

Muslims Rioting Against Insults

PADA: Not saying we should endorse acts of violence, however Vaishnava scriptures (shastras) also say: We should challenge and protest offenses to the acharya. Christians also came out in force and protested a movie that offended Jesus here in the USA. ys pd      

"Cloud Atlas" movie about reincarnation

Vaiyasaki / BVKS / and PAMHO forum problems

[PADA: "PAMHO forum" is an internal e-mail system for ISKCON leaders, gurus, and other members, which is apparently managed by AJAMILA DASA. Problem with that program is: Anyone who writes to the forum may have their messages MONITORED by the "sys-op" system operator, ok AJAMILA DASA. Hence, your messages may thus be simply ERASED without getting to the intended recipient. Your messages may also be sent to other GBC leaders for their information. As has happened, according to some PADA readers. Ajamila also writes all kinds of public things against the Prabhupadanugas on a regular basis. 

IF YOU WRITE TO A PERSON ON PAMHO, THE MESSAGE IS BEING MONITORED, AND MAYBE CENSURED (ERASED). Why cannot these gurus get their own private e-mails and instead they use this highly restrictive, ok cult like internal system, where most of our messages are bounced back as "not wanted." This is the problem with any bogus cult, there is an out of touch inner core of managers who cannot see the writing on the wall.  

Ajamila recently said something to the effect that: The main purpose of the GBC is to monitor their gurus from going crazy, flipping out, and going completely off the rails. Jeepers, was I foolish to think the main purpose of the GBC was -- to spread Lord Chaitanya's mission? I am amazed that Vaisyasaki's letter was allowed on the PAMHO forum at all? Of course the next problem is, most of the members of the PAMHO forum are the same people who are doing all the banning and harassing of the Vaishnavas. Vaiyasaki thus should have wrote this letter of complaint 20-30 years ago, and to us and not the GBC's internal guru forum, and to other public forums, a long time ago. This banning has been going on since 1977, we are glad that Vaiyasaki has finally begun to address this problem. Better late than never.]    

*** The following letter written by the famous Vaishnava kirtaneer/preacher, Vaiyasaki das Prabhu, appeared on the Pamho Forum. The Pamho Forum is having a field day discussing the pros and cons of banning devotees from temples (or private domains, whichever they are perceived as). The whole point of banning was brought up by the Sampradaya Sun in the article about HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami, though Pamho's offical policy towards the Sun is that it is a "tabloid". Nonetheless, it seems that very little else has as much influence over at the Pamho Forum as the Sun, when it comes to the news. Since the original article in the Sun appeared, there have been 34 lengthy comments on the subject in the Forum, though the Sun's Editor, and anyone associated with the Sun, are banned from the Forum. See the irony!

Here is Vaiyasaki's testimony: A few days back Ajamila prabhu stated: "If the GBC were to go seriously off track in one way or another I would be the first to be vocal about it and try to rectify the situation in a respectful way through the correct channels."

[PADA: Oh oh, same Ajamila that monitors the PAMHO forum?]

VD: Based on this statement, I request Ajamila prabhu to now investigate the fact that GBC men, some of whom are gurus, ban devotees in good standing from preaching in their zones without Due Process. The latest casualty of this mentality is HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami. Although I may not agree with many of BV Swami's points, that is not a reason to ban him from expressing his own realizations. 

Indradyumna Swami told me personally that the NA GBC banned him (BVKS) from preaching in the USA.

Similarly, HG Srutakirti is also banned in some zones, as well as several other godbrothers in good standing.
Another recent banning incident was against Jayapataka Swami and it was this shock to his system that almost killed him and caused his present condition. Several of his disciples told me they were ready to murder the offenders except for Maharaja expressly forbidding them to do so (his great mercy towards his detractors).

[PADA: Jayapataka is being banned by ISKCON, simultaneously, he is one of the Jagat Guru messiah's of ISKCON?]
VD: I was also banned by Romapada Swami from preaching in his zone based on a letter sent to him from a fallen godbrother that was full of lies and innuendo against myself and my wife. Without even inquiring as to the validity of the letter, RSwami immediately believed the contents and banned me from preaching although I had been invited by the Temple President and congregation and at my own expense arrived at the temple where I was notified of the ban. I wrote to the GBC chairman stating that I was deprived of Due Process which is guaranteed by GBC law for all devotees, and I called for the censure of Romapada Swami.

[PADA: HOW CAN WE CENSURE THE ACHARYAS! Wake up Vaiyasaki, you cannot censure the acharyas, you have no idea about Vaishnava acharyas!]

VD: Subsequently I received a letter of apology form Romapada Swami and Badrinaryana prabhu for denying me due process and they asked me to withdraw the call for censure, which I agreed to do. (I can reproduce their letter if necessary since I was never told to keep it confidential). After that I left the USA and have never returned as instructed by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu: asat sanga tyaga - ei vaisnava acara.

[PADA: Oh great, the acharyas of ISKCON are "asat sangha," at the same time, the acharyas of ISKCON!]
VD: When I asked my own GBC rep, HH Guru Prasada Swami, why some leaders ban their godbrothers from preaching, he replied, "They don'tlike competition." Other GBC godbrothers have told me it's about money,especially from the Indian community, and about attracting new disciples.

[PADA: Oh goody, the GBC gurus are all about making money and making followers, they are full of pratistha! So how come people full of pratistha are being worshiped as the gurus of ISKCON?]

VD: This apa-vaishnava mentality of banning began during the zonal acharya days and we all saw how those people all fell down as a result of this practice. Perhaps the mot egregious case was the banning of HH Gaura Govinda Maharaja by Harikesa ex-swami.

[PADA: This is amazing, they have known all along that some ISKCON "acharyas" are banning other ISKCON acharyas, and yet no one protested this foolishness all along, they are only noticing that is wrong 35 years later? How can any of them be acharyas if they are banning one another?]
VD: Any person who has studied 9th Canto is aware that Vaishnava aparadha means that person is cut from the mercy of Visnu unless and until they apologize to the offended Vaishnava.

[PADA: Oh great, they are acharyas, and they are Vaishnava ninda at the same time!]

VD: Apology does not mean simply saying "I'm sorry" just to get relief from the offense. No, Krishna is not so foolish. Apology means a genuine change of heart toward the offended Vaishnava, and welcoming him back to preach where previously he was banned. So we have a situation in ISKCON where gurus are offending various Vaishnavas and are thus cut from the mercy of Visnu, according to 9th Canto.

[PADA: They are offenders, and they are gurus? Vaiyasaki has no idea what is a guru even. Offenders are not gurus, and the people (the entire GBC) who are supporting offenders as gurus are also not gurus.]

Therefore, as Ajamila prabhu stated, we should all preach via the proper channels to rectify this fault in our society.I think this would be an outstanding service on behalf of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada, and the disciples of such gurus who are now cut from the Lord's mercy.

In grateful service, Vaiyasaki Das

[PADA: And Ajamila is the apparent administrator of the forum for the fools who are in charge of the banning, and he thinks we need to monitor gurus from falling down into illicit affairs and thus our prime job, is to keep gurus from going completely stark raving bonkers? ys pd]

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Man thinks he is Jesus (in Russia)

Mukunda Goswami admits GBC gurus are offenders


From Srila Prabhupada Vyasa-puja book.

My dear Srila Prabhupada,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to you!

While maintaining undiminished enthusiasm for the amazing progress ISKCON is making, I am saddened to see that sometimes these days the "house in which everyone can live" slogan is being used as the basis for followers to defect from your movement, seeking "shelter" elsewhere.

[PADA: And Mukunda Goswami has been one of the ISKCON leaders sending tens of thousands of ISKCON members of to the Gaudiya Matha for "shelter," and he did that ever since 1978 when the GBC first of all went to Sridhara Maharaja. Mukunda Goswami endorsed that policy, and he later endorsed the ISKCON leaders who have had a policy of going to Narayana Maharaja, BV Puri, BP Puri and more recently Fakir Mohan and so forth. And now the "gurus" promoted by Mukunda Goswami are inviting in Mayavada Kirtans and Hindu gurus, pyschics, new age philosophy, interfaith, new age healings, and so on and so forth. And he endorses the people bringing in all these outside ideas.]

MG: So I think it appropriate to recount in more detail a passage from your biography by His Holiness Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, Srila Prabhupada-lilamrta. It is found in Volume Three, Chapter Five, called "Swamiji's Departure."

It was summer of 1967 at Stinson Beach, California. Your slow rate of recuperation from deteriorating health had alarmed several of us. You were going back to India, and we thought, we might never see you again.

One of the devotees in the house asked me to inquire of you whether someone should take over in your absence. He wanted to know if there would be a process to continue our education about Krsna consciousness if you were to leave your body. It would be a request about a procedure for continuing education. According to the person asking me, this should entail a particular teacher or guru who would carry on the specific work you had started so that it would proceed under the wise direction of someone you would recommend or appoint. The logic of a person’s being involved was that, unless you recommended an individual, the personal attention aspect of Krsna consciousness, which we depended so much on, would be absent. It didn’t really occur to me that the spiritual master's potency could carry on after they die. But I thought it should be asked anyway, not realizing the implications of what I would be asking and not anticipating the kind of answer I would get.

[PADA: And this idea that the guru is dead and gone is what the bogus GBC and Mukunda Goswami began to preach after 1977, that the potency of the guru no longer continues after he dies. They said, you need to worship a living person instead. And so Mukunda Goswami started a program of worship of his GBC friends, some of whom were his former homosexual and deviant friends from Mott Street in 1967, and he began to promote these deviants as "Srila Prabhupada's guru successors." In sum Mukunda Goswami promoted the idea of worship of deviants to replace Srila Prabhupada's worship, and he SIMULTANEOUSLY promoted the idea we need to "go elsewhere" -- to the Gaudiya Matha -- for shelter. He has been one of the number one leaders of this deviation.] 

MG: Suddenly, I found myself alone in the room with you. When you die, I queried, who would take over the movement, your work, our training and education? I think that the notion of becoming a spiritual orphan had crossed my mind. Your answer did not come forth quickly. After what seemed several minutes of silence, you almost distractedly uttered the name of one of your God brothers. Because you didn’t look decisive, I expected you to say more. I would have gladly accepted any recommendation, but you didn’t seem satisfied with your answer. Finally you said, ‘Actually, it is an insult to the spiritual master.’

[PADA: Right, so now Mukunda Goswami admits that his whole idea of support for the GBC gurus and their Gaudiya Matha "shiksha guru advisors" is an insult to Srila Prabhupada.]

MG: If I could have manifested anima-siddhi at that point I would have instantly shrunk into the carpet. Another long silence. And you were looking wistful, this time, apparently miles away from the house we were in ,from Stinson Beach, from America, from our planet. I knew I had committed some kind of offense, but I didn’t know what it was. I had absolutely no intention of insulting you, but I had done it anyway and I knew that ignorance would be no excuse. I had done something wrong, and I was going to pay for it. What was a spiritual master, anyway? I was going to have to find out the hard way. I was preparing for the worst, a rebuke, a stern lesson, an explanation of why my seemingly innocent question had taken on the contours of an offense. Then you closed your eyes. I waited and watched and waited.

Your next response was completely unexpected and astonishing. Though you didn’t open your eyes, change your expression, or say a word, a shallow stream of tears appeared below each of your lotus eyes. You sat perfectly still. Slowly you wiped away the tears, which had gathered into little puddles covering both cheeks. Then you gasped, ‘My spiritual master’, more was coming. But again you were quiet, as if to regain composure. This time you seemed to be crying, ’He was no ordinary spiritual master.’ After another long pause, you said in a choked voice, ‘He saved me.’

I was too emotionally overwhelmed, almost crying myself, to even apologize for what I knew then was a grave error. Maybe I muttered something about being sorry. I should have. I can’t remember. But I really wished I could have just vanished into the woodwork or turned back the clock and started over.

Now the answer was crystal clear. It couldn’t have been more obvious. Your weren’t just telling me; you were showing me, imparting a lesson I would and could never forget. It was a lesson told by the spiritual emotions of a pure devotee. Vani was greater than vapu, words I then did not know. How could it have been said more poignantly? What I had never known was brought home in a way words alone could never express. You were no ordinary spiritual master. Not only were you saving me, but you were saving countless others. You were teaching by practice, not precept. How brilliant! How wonderful! In this one incident I learned volumes about a spiritual master. I learned that the spiritual master does not die with the passing of the physical body; that you must love the spiritual master unconditionally; that love for the spiritual master means fidelity, loyalty, and obedience first; that there could be no ther shelter than you; that you were no ordinary spiritual master you started a movement that would save not only me but the whole world as well.

Mukunda Goswami

[PADA: Fine except that Mukunda Goswami has been a leader of the worship of the "vapuh" of persons "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children," since Mukunda Goswami could not even find a nice pious trash man to worship, he had to establish the worship debauchees as the successors to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. The good news, he now admits he is a severe offender for doing that. ys pd]