Saturday, September 29, 2012

George Harrison comment on post 1977 ISKCON

GEORGE HARRISON: “I am always a bit dubious about organisations and since the Swami died it does seem to be chaotic, with all kinds of guys thinking they’re the gurus. To me, it’s not important to be a guru, it’s more important just to be, to learn humility." (George Harrison interview with BP Fallon, The Sunday Tribune, October 18th, 1987) 


  1. George Harrison did more preaching than all of these so-called gurus put together. I was greatly influenced to join ISKCON by his release of the Hare Krishna 45 and his paying for the publication of Krishna Book in 1969. My wife was greatly influenced to join because of his release of My Sweet Lord in 1970. "If George Harrison is into it, then it must be cool!" :-)

  2. right the stool fly class over at facebook argue George said Prabhupada died. To bring things in proper context, George simply wanted to point out that since Prabhupada is no more physically present, ISKCON has become rudderless.

  3. ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA!--What a shame that they lost George Harrison's good will--thus he did not leave even one penny to ISKCON in his will.Think of all of SRILA PRABHUPADA's books that could have been printed and distributed had George donated $50-$100 Million pounds.... JAI RADHE!

  4. I MISS George... Have you checked out the full George Harrison multimedia discography at

    It's got every George Harrison release with lyrics, YouTube videos and wikis! Keep that love sweet George Harrison lovers!


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