Friday, September 7, 2012

A quote from Sulochana Dasa

GOVIND DASA:  (quoting from Sulochana's book) "As a final point, we are not claiming to be saints. We have all kinds of problems dealing with the material energy that seem insurmountable. We are not pretending to be always absorbed in the love of the gopis like the Sridhara Maharaja club. Nor are we pretending to be scholars or brahmins like the smarta club of Subhananda, Ravindra Svarupa, and those who talk a lot but still get their bread and butter by handouts from demons. 

Nor are we members of "the end justifies the means" ISKCON "gurubhava" club that sits on thrones between semen breaks, drug deals, nervous breakdowns, wife stealings, child molestations, etc., etc. It is not necessary to join any of these clubs to understand Srila Prabhupada's books. He wrote his books for people just like us: simple but honest. In fact, it is only honest people who can understand Prabhupada's books. 

That's because honesty is the only leg left in this age and we are proud to be tightly hanging on that one leg. So for those of you who don't like this simple, direct, often crude, often angry, but at least honest way of speech, then why don't you come forward and do something better to remove these demons who have ravaged Prabhupada's movement? Dheera says guru is one, and Keith Ham-asura says we are trying to crucify Prabhupada. Both these statements are in essence the exact same thing: trying to place yourselves equal to Prabhupada, and that is an offense no real disciple of Prabhupada will tolerate, for long.
Your servant in the exclusive service of Srila Prabhupada: Sulocana dasa, Dec. 12, 1985

[PADA: Sulochana set the standard for describing these bogus GBC gurus. Of course, as soon as we write like this ourselves, the people Sulochana called "ISKCON's goody two shoes -- go along to get along -- crowd" like the GBC and folks like Naranaryan Dasa Visvakarma, will complain. They think our writing exactly like Sulochana is "destroying ISKCON." Yep, goody two shoes, which Sulochana said was covering up to aid the bad guys. Sulochana had these bogus guru people, and their hanger on blood sucking leech goody two shoes lackeys, totally pegged. ys pd]

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