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Update on the poison issue


(1)Please click here for the highlighted sound background conversations between Bhavananda and Tamal Krishna ( If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 34:06 – 34:42)  ) while the Kaviraj (Indian doctor)  is conversing with Srila Prabhupada in Hindi on Nov 10th 1977 in Vrndavana, (77/11/10/RCVRNMP3
(Please pay special attention to the background English conversations going on between Bhavananda  and Tamal, despite the loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj in the very beginning).
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Bhavananda: ( in low whisper mode) (Background -loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj ),
 “Prabhupada is trying to trap us”
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Tamal Krishna: (in louder clearer mode, practically on the level of a low sound conversation), (Background -loud Hindi speech from the Kaviraj ),  
 “ Put the poison , Put the Poison in different containers, that’s all, its alright, - - - -  no other way”
Tamal Krishna (in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)
 “Ultimately what Prabhupada decides, we will do”
Bhavananda:  Indistinct
Tamal Krishna:( in louder clearer mode, practically on level of a low sound conversation)
“ Yeah, but it goes onas Prabhupada goes on, his disciples also go on”.
(2A) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “SP Whatever Energy is conserved in Parikrama- - - “
Transcript: FIRST PART:
Kaviraj : (Speaks loudly in Hindi)
Tamal Krishna : (Speaking in Background while the Indian Kaviraj (doctor) is speaking loudly )  “   - - - - - - - -  - - -    Poison For”
Gopal Krishna:  “ Whatever energy is conserved in Parikrama, the plan has to - - - - - -  - - - - - 
(2B) Please continue to listen  
Transcript: SECOND PART  
(While Hansadutta is singing, there are many devotees whispering to each other for quite some time. All these whispers need to be enhanced professionally for us to understand  as they seem quite sinister.
Hansadutta: (Leads Kirtan)
Devotees: (Many Devotees whispering to each other while Hansadutaa is singing)  (THESE ALL NEED TO BE ENHANCHED)
(3) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal Whispering “Prabhupada is gonna wanna get out “
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering to Bhavananda) “Prabhupada is gonna wanna get out, going through palanquin gates “
(4Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal Instructing Bhavananda to Carry “(Whispering while devotees are speaking amongst themselves)”
Devotee :  “We will bring it along “
Gopal Krishna :  “  - - - - -     in the van “
Devotees: (Speaking amongst themselves)
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering while devotees are speaking loudly amongst themselves)  “You should carry the  - - - - -
Bhavananda : (Whispering) Yeah !
Tamal Krishna : (Whispering) “ Carry it with you - - - - “
Devotees: (Speaking amongst themselves)
(5Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Devotee whispering “Its your man” (While Lokanath Maharaj is speaking to Srila Prabhupada)
Lokanath Maharaj (speaking to Srila Prabhupada) “The cart could be turned into (a) house”
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling)
Lokanath Maharaj: “ Have Bamboo sticks”
Devotee: (Whispering very low ) “ Its your call ,
Another Devotee (Whispering louder): Its your Man, Gopal”
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling Again)
Devotee: ((Whispering Again) “Its your Man -  - -  (Indistinct)”
(6) Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP HE IS AS SLY (SLAY) AS THEY COME  (Whispers spoken while Hansadutta is requesting for Kirtan, twice)
Hansadutta: “We have some Kirtan “
Tamal Krishna (Whispering)   “GBCS in charge  -- - - - - - - - (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Hansadutta: “We have some Kirtan, Srila Prabhupada
Devotee: (Whispering):  (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Tamal Krishna (Again Whispering)   “   - - - - - -  GBCS - - - - - - - - (THIS AGAIN NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED) – - - - HE IS AS SLY (SLAY) AS THEY COME”
(7Please open the attachment in this e mail that says “ SP Tamal whispering Gopal Laughing ” , (Whispers spoken while Srila Prabhupada is speaking to Lokanatha Maharaj)
Srila Prabhupada(speaking to Lokananth Maharaj) “That you are experienced - - - -  I am not “
Gopal Krishna : (Giggling)
Tamal Krishna (Whispering to Gopal Krishna)  “ - - - - - - - - -- - experienced - - - - - - - - - - - - “(THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Lokanath Maharaj: (speaking to Srila Prabhupada) “When you sent me to experience this Bullock cart programme so that you could in future - - - -  “
Gopal Krishna : (Laughing even more louder)
Srila Prabhupada: “For me it is experience”
Tamal Krishna : (Continues to whisper, but whispers are covered by sound of moving of the microphone) (THIS NEEDS TO BE ENHANCHED)
Bhakti Svarupa Damodara“We also ask the Kaviraj to come along?
Srila Prabhupada: “Invite Him”
Gopal Krishna : (Laughing while speaking) “He can come - - - - - van’
(8) Please open the attachment that says SP Swelling Poison is going down
Tamal Krishna (Whisper) : “The swelling/poison is going down , The swelling/poison is going down
(9) For hearing the whisper by Tamal Krishna to Bhavananda of “Put some Poison in the Milk”, one can click here for the audio sound (If on Windows Media Player, MP3 CD timer is on 4:09- 4:13)
Tamal Krishna :  “Put some Poison in the Milk “
To hear the whole CD of the Nov 10 1977 Conversations from beginning to end, please click here  or
And for Individual highlighted louder version of the whole CD , please go to

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  1. ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA!---Listening to these recorded whispers,there can really be no doubt that there actually was a conspiracy to poison/murder HIS DIVINE GRACE.If one looks in a good dictionary,you will find that the definition of "Sneak"/"Sneaky" is "to move quietly".So to whisper like this around SRILA PRABHUPADA Himself is actually a type of evidence.You see--Why must they whisper so very quietly?Why are they being "sneaky"?---The reason is that they were "up to no good". I shudder to think of their future. JAI RADHE!


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