Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PADA pioneered the DOM

LS: This type of approach is equivalent with throwing bombs on the civilian population, ISKCON's rank&file.

[PD: Yes, we now have 77 other vaishnava sites linked to our one main site, and many other vaishnava sites linked to our blog and videos sites and so forth, so our bombs seem to be working. At least people have heard of us. So far no one is hardly discussing the DOM since 1977, because most people have no idea what it is, because for starters the idea they could vote out the local gurus is not practical for most people. The DOM is for people who have already grasped guru tattva, otherwise they will no be able to vote for the right thing. However, as one ISKCON guru told me recently, everyone in ISKCON knows about PADA. Incidently, we were the first to put the DOM on the web, at least a decade before anyone else ever even thought it was important enough to do so. We pioneered the DOM argument here in 1985 in Berkeley, when no one else was discussing it at all. We pioneered the DOM argument at least 20 years before anyone else was using it in public.]

LS: Prabhupada's DOM is solving the whole issue by correcting the control center.

[PD: Well it might do that eventually, but it has not made any Prabhupadanugas that we know of so far? Our Prabhupadanuga documents have made many.]

LS: In other words, when the brain functions all other parts of the body function.

[PD: The idea that its ok for debauchees to be gurus means the brain is not funtioning at all, this idea is rejected by Srila Prabhupada.]

LS: Prabhupada: "Brain, brain of the society. That is the teachings of Bhagavad-gita. You cannot say that, "We can do without brain." Suppose from your body if the brain is cut off, your head is cut off, then you are finished.

[PD: Right, we had the DOM on the web more than a decade ago, because we understood the importance of the DOM document way before anyone else had it on the web. But that is one document among many others, most people need to understand that debauchees are not gurus before they can vote on the DOM.]

LS: What the hands and legs will do if there is brain, if there is no brain? So at the present moment there is scarcity of brain in the whole human society. Therefore, it is in the chaotic condition."

[PD: And that is why proponents of the DOM such as Bangalore are linked to our sites, they know you need to present all of the materials and you cannot focus on one single documents, all of Prabhupada's citations are relevant. Otherwise people will not be able to vote for anything unless they are educated.]

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