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Changes to the Gita (Yadavendra das)

Further Considerations on "Bhagavad-Gita As It Is" Deviations, Part Two



As I compared BGAII OT 2.9 and BGAII 2.9 V1 & V2, –V1 and V2 are basically similar–, I realized that the editors have introduced “and fell silent”, which is conspicuous by its absence in BGAII OT by Srila Prabhupada Himself.

In the word for word, Srila Prabhupada indeed gives:

Tusni=silent and Babhuva=became ...

It may therefore be said that “tusnim babhuva” is Sanskrit antecedent for “fell silent.” Now if this is the case, the question is: In the translation itself, did Srila Prabhupada overlook or ignore this detail about Arjuna’s subsequent silence?

But then on the other hand, I realized that in their haste to show their small mastery of Sanskrit and AUDACITY to correct Srila Prabhupada, our glorious and superlatively qualified Spiritual Master, the original editors unceremoniously dropped not less than three (3) important and essential, informative conceptual elements of translation mentioned by Srila Prabhupada in BGAII OT as follows:

1) Arjuna as “master of controlling ignorance.” (gudaakeshah)

2) Krishna as “the master of the senses”, i. e. master of all senses of all living entities, in Sanskrit “Hrsikesam.”

3) Krishna as Govinda or “the pleasure of all senses”, as Srila Prabhupada puts it so elegantly.

At best such behavior is childish and irresponsible. We may call it mischievous as well. However because of the stakes involved, it must be considered very serious matter. When children disturb one’s activities, one may ask them to go home and play at home.

These considerations answer my question as well.

Srila Prabhupada decided not to mention the unimportant “fell silent” and concentrate on the essentials. It will be best for all parties to follow in His Lotus Footprints. We all know that Arjuna fell silent at that point of time. Srila Prabhupada clearly defines the nature and use of silence in Nectar of Instruction, Text 1, purport: “Silence may appear helpful for some time, but ultimately it proves a failure.” And what can be learned from a silent teacher? Nonsense editors should definitely remain silent and away from editing! Let them chant Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra 24 hours a days. That will save them.

BGAII V3 suggested reading will be as follows:

Sanjaya said: “Thereafter Arjuna, the chastiser of enemies and master of controlling ignorance, informed Krsna, the master of the senses, as follows: “Oh Govinda, the pleasure of all senses, I shall not fight.”

Or even closer to Srila Prabhupada’s own rendition as follows:

Sanjaya said, “Thereafter Arjuna the chastiser of enemies and master of controlling ignorance, informed Krsna, the master of the senses, saying like this: Oh Govinda, the pleasure of all senses, I shall not fight.”

What is wrong with the Srila Prabhupada’s expression: “saying like this”? For my esteemed reader’s convenience, BGAII OT reads as follows:

Samjaya said, “Thereafter Arjuna the chastiser of enemies and master of controlling ignorance informed Krsna the master of the senses saying like this: Oh Govinda, the pleasure of all senses, I shall not fight.” The “m” is Sanjaya is not a typographical error, neither mine, nor Srila Prabhupada’s.

Same reasoning would have to apply to BGAII 2.14, were the editors with their super intelligence and super audacity again correct our Srila Prabhupada by adding “O scion of Bharata”. Srila Prabhupada perhaps forgot to mention it due to his old age. (Sarcastic mode). But He certainly didn’t forget to comment on it in the purport. We expect this nonsense to be repeated.

Let us always remember and never forget that insulting or displeasing Srila Prabhupada in any way –or in a broader sense, insulting or displeasing Guru–brings us undoubtedly one step closer to sure spiritual failure. In Shastra we find many illustration of these adverse personal spiritual dynamics.

“Don’t jump over God, crossing the spiritual master. Then it will be failure. You must go through. We are observing Vyaasa-puujaa ceremony, the birth anniversary of our Guru Maharaja. Why? We cannot understand Krishna without spiritual master. That is bogus. If anyone wants to understand Krishna, jumping over the spiritual master, then immediately he becomes a bogus. 

Therefore Caitanya Mahaaprabhu says, guru-krishna-kripaaya paaya bhakti-lataa-bija [Cc. Madhya 19.151]. That is Vedic injunction. Tad viddhi pranipaatena pariprashnena sevayaa [Bg. 4.34]. Nobody can understand Krishna without going through His most confidential servant. This is the meaning of this Vyaasa-puujaa. You cannot surpass. If you think that you have become very learned and very advanced, now you can avoid the spiritual master and you understand Krishna, that is the bogus. That is the meaning of this Vyaasa-puujaa ceremony. We should always pray, yasya prasaadaad bhagavat-prasaadah. Yasya prasaadaad: only by the grace of spiritual master we can achieve the grace or mercy of Krishna. This is the meaning of this Vyaasa-puujaa, offering obeisances by paramparaa system.” 750302BA.Atl

At last in BGAII OT 2.2, we also get Srila Prabhupada’s verdict on “values of life”, in favor of V1 presentation” values of life.” Should it have been “values of life” as in BGAII V1 or “value of life” as in BGAII V2? This has been my brainteaser for many, many years and while examining the Vedabase, one may argue for either one. Both expressions have got a different meaning though. They are not at all interchangeable. But under the circumstances, to change it from a plural to a singular would denote a pretty peculiar character, to put it politely.

This particular move actually represents the ultimate materially diseased expression of wanting to lord it over. The relevant editor is thinking “How can I influence and steer this most powerful man, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami? Oh what a challenge! Now that will be an achievement for MY EGO!” THIS MENTALITY is totally WHIMSICAL, CALLOUS, WITH NO CARE FOR OTHER’S WELFARE, LOW CLASS and ABSOLUTELY EGOTISTICAL. It is meant to confuse and waste time. It is therefore a nasty mentality. It is Maya or illusion. It is spiritually suicidal and it is deemed to be a failure. It is to be rejected by all means.

If that’s the type of Bhagavad Gita you want, that’s fine. After all the great Mahatma Gandhi himself saw the Bhagavad Gita as a treatise on non-violence, until his assassination clearly proved him wrong. We already have about 650 renditions of Bhagavad-gita and you can have any type of Bhagavad Gita you wish indeed. With preliminary license from BBT International, you can fabricate any additional Bhagavad Gita you want and call it accordingly.

But please don’t try to cheat and mislead the entire world and call it “Bhagavad-gita As It Is” because it is not! It is too far removed from the original intentions of the two authors, Sri Krishna and His appointed representative Srila Prabhupada!

It may be noted that the main editor of BGAII version one was NOT AT ALL free from drug addiction as late as 1973, whereas “The first principle of Vedic civilization is the avoidance of meat-eating and intoxication.” CC M 1.197 P. Here is the evidence:

“I am sorry to inform you that your co-founder Hayagriva Prabhu is little disturbed. Sometimes before you told about him participating in intoxication. Then I did not take it seriously, but the same thing is again revived and I am little perturbed. So is it possible to save him from this dangerous position? His is important man in our Society and we cannot allow him to deviate from our principles. Please try to save him.” (730306Let.Kirtanananda)

and what can be expected under the circumstances???

Currently in USA, the scourge of drug abuse is killing 116 citizens every day, says the White House. And when I showed some enthusiasm for HH BB Govinda’s Maharaja Bhagavatamrta class, he jokingly replied; ”Have you taken some drugs or something?” I just laughed it off. But I should have asked him instead:” Maharaja, are you trying to export an American problem?” 

BTW and for the record, I am lucky enough to be able to state that I have never taken drugs in my whole life. Maharaja’s question is also symptomatic of the serious drug problem in USA. But for those judicious individuals who seriously take to Krishna consciousness, all problems will be solved in due course, including drug dependency if applicable.

Sri Caitanya Caritaamrita, 9.49 says:


mahaa-maadaka prema-phala peta bhari’ khaaya
maatila sakala loka—haase, naace, gaaya


mahaa-maadaka—great intoxicant; prema-phala—this fruit of love of God; peta—belly; bhari’—filling; khaaya—let them eat; maatila—became mad; sakala loka—all the people in general; haase—laugh; naace—dance; gaaya—chant.


The fruit of love of Godhead distributed by Caitanya Mahaaprabhu is such a great intoxicant that anyone who eats it, filling his belly, immediately becomes maddened by it, and automatically he chants, dances, laughs and enjoys."

In all cases, let us take enthusiastically to this particular “fruit of love of Godhead distributed by Caitanya MahaaPrabhu” redemptive type of intoxication!!!

In the light of such and similar numerous other misrepresentations, of which I have pointed out just a few, I have come to reject both presentations of BGAII as not totally genuine and authentic. They are not totally “Bhagavad-Gita As It Should Be”, as per Srila Prabhupada’s wishes. They are not fully “Bhagavad Gita As It Is.” We may call them:

Bhagavad-Gita That Needs Substantial Improvements or BGTNSI. In some quarters I can immediately hear the protests that: ”But Srila Pabhupada personally accepted version one of BGAII. Totally true, how could we deny this fact? He did point out however that passages such as “cattle raising”, to name only one, must be corrected. (And fortunately they have now been corrected). That means to me by inference, that ALL deficiencies of BGAII presentations must be corrected. Neither did Srila Prabhupada have an opportunity to micro examine His Bhagavad-Gita As It Is. Subsequently the Governing Body Commision of ISKCON, which is supposed to be the expression of Srila Prabhupada’s will, endorsed BGAII V2. Does it mean that Srila Prabhupada contradicted Himself? Let us not look at it that way.

The quest for better quality is a natural one and Srila Prabhupada’s broad order is:”Do the needful.” Srila Pabhupada writes as well: “When a person wants something done, He / she has to do it him/herself!” My simple ambition is to offer Srila Prabhupada the most faithful Bhagavad-gita As It Is. It will be called Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Third Edition. In that regard the help of a first class Krishna conscious typist and graphic designer will be highly appreciated at some stage. It will speed up things as well. 

A qualified Sanskrit scholar may also be required. Location is Queensland, the Sunshine state, Australia. No one can stop me in this project. It is my constitutional and disciple’s right to endeavor in this way. Whether Srila Prabhupada will accept it, that we shall see in due course of time. In the meantime this enterprise has already begun. I am simply begging for the benediction and blessings of the assembled Vaishnavas for the grand success of this wonderful and transcendental service adventure. Thank you very much.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and His distinguished family!

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Christian Bible's Translation Method Questioned

Krishna Mahabharata Theme (Video)

Gargamuni Speaks Out (ritvik etc.)

Flat Earth vs Ships on Horizon.

[PADA: Right, this what we see here in San Francisco bay, ships going lower on the horizon. I am surprised that a number of devotees are still trying to convince us the earth is a flat plate, when that does not seem to be validated. ys pd] 

ISKCON is finished (Video)

GBC must resign (Sugata das ACBS)

Now that more of the pedophilia is coming out and people are finally demanding the governing body Commission resign in mas and the proper federal and state agencies in the countries investigate the murders of whistleblowing reforming devotees and the continued horrible child abuse going on in the international Society for Krishna consciousness schools particularly in India.

In India the state and federal government have never investigated. I would urge all victims from however long ago for family and friends to put the maximum pressure on the Republic of India. To have their Federal police like CID investigate these matters. Could some devotees kindly research the Ambassador to the Republic of India for the various countries you post in? Would someone be kind enough to get the prime minister of India's secretaries office and name along with phone number, postal address and email.

Remember a phone call is worth approximately 40 emails and a Written Letter is worth about 5000 emails and you get a written reply unofficial stationary signed by the prime minister. Ditto that for the head of federal police, the head of both houses of Parliament that oversee law enforcement, and oversee religious charities. The corruption and Scandals are so monstrous and India that only the media and federal and state investigations can break up the corruption of the Demonic Cabal trust in the Garb of devotees that Shrila Prabhupada repeatedly and vociferous Lee warned us disciples about.

Perhaps in India there is a committee on child welfare and pedophile , sodomy rape of minors

I know it's getting more media Traction in India. I don't know what the statute of limitations are civilly or criminally in each country. I do you know from a lifetime of experience, vocalizing, committing and liaising with military, and state, local and federal law enforcement that both nonviolent civil disobedience gets the lot of media attention and direct action even more. I'm shocked there haven't been more sit-ins, Effigy burning, and property destruction to get media attention and arrests more media attention by the young people who are now in their 40s and have endured this hell on Earth that ruined their childhood and relationship, I'm emotional and sexual dysfunction to this day.

My God some of the victims are grandparents with teenage kids why don't they get their minor kids that beat the crap out of these so-called Guru's, filthy Rich, phoney so-called sanyasis and worst of all the corrupt, hypocritical governing body commissioners that have engineered, supported, covered up this organized crime syndicate called the international Society for Krishna Consciousness Incorporated. I challenge the governing body Commission to publish their Now secret votes on all these issues for the last 20 years.

There are a few that I would really like to punch in the nose at the very least, but at my age I'd like some young people have my back, my children are thoroughly disgusted with me even being involved and such a criminal Enterprise.

I won't get any help from them they would even set their feet in the temple. they're probably a lot smarter than I am I guess I'm being sentimental and attached to my vows to help further my Guru's Mission the international Society for Krishna consciousness Incorporated.

I remember when prabhupada said, I'm paraphrasing "I created ISKCON INC, it's merely an external vehicle for propagating Lord chaitanya's movement, and if I like I can dissolve it anytime I want to."

I'm shocked that only one person tried to kill Kirtanada and no one is even really beaten up any of these other horrible sick sociopathic, Predator pedophiles.

Where I come from Barn Burning has always been the rage especially when they're full of hundreds of thousands of dollars of tobacco or cotton. Far as I know no victim is even given one of these demons a flat tire or broken window in their house or sue them directly many of them are multi multi-millionaires.

I've about had it I'm 61 years old going into surgery today, to try to regain my eyesight in my left eye. I have no sense of smell from being on the losing end of a security detail with a drunk young buck that I was too merciful on. I've had handicap tags on my car since 2000 for my arthritis. I wore my body out farming for Srila Prabhupada.

I work as a private consultant and contractor mostly out of Washington DC and Atlanta Georgia but I gave all my guns to my kids over 6 years ago. I've been ISKCON since when I joined the temple in 1974 for many years I wore a badge and a gun 24/7 at the mandir and of course with my concealed carry permit to festivals like the festival for India or Rathyatra.

There's no security forces ISKCON in North America at least. They just call the police For Better or For Worse. All the temples I visited in North America are wide open for fanatic fundamentalist Christian and Muslim attacks as well as just a Lusty drunk teenager raping the bramacharinis in their quarters. It's happened many times before!

The Indian Community is particularly pathetic. they're Urban professionals, upper-class, live in wealthy or gated communities. By culture from the police state of Indial they have no experience with Firearms. They're so stupid they don't keep Firearms at home, nor do they know how to use them.

Since they haven't had a good war with Pakistan since the 1970s I've met no one in the last 30 years that has combat experience at the temple from India, not even a good communal violence blood bath. What a dangerous mess!!!

Most of the parents of the abused children are dead or in their declining years with terribly disabled children from PTSD Etc.

No help from iskcon, the local temples that were involved in the child abuse filed bankruptcy so they wouldn't have to pay the children for therapy, Rehabilitation, education, restitution Etc.

ISKCON's Sanyasis more often than not are filthy rich Oni multi-million of dollars

To be continued...

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Vrndavana Sri Radha Damodara (video)

ISKCON Youth's Prayer to Lord Narasimha

K Dasa: On this day of Lord Narasimhadev let us pray like Prahlad and ask for protection from the demons dressed as devotees. Srila Prabhupada warned us about them. Some of them are very powerful yogis, but they serve themselves and the darkness with their power that steal from their followers. Gaining affection through flowery compliments, they suck the ojas from thousands of devotees, while behind the scenes they ritually abuse children, and even engage in human sacrifice and cannibalism. 

These Raksasas are real, and there are quite a few in leading positions in our ISKCON movement. The new temple in Mayapur has limbs of dead children in its foundation. Let us all pray for protection from Lord Narasimhadev, and take shelter of Srila Prabhupada. Take a very close look at who people are.

F: It would be nice to identify and name them

K Dasa: Radhanath, who I used to consider my guru. It was very painful to find out the truth, so i don't expect to be met with acceptance on this. It's a very depressing and painful truth. Jayapataka is another.

F: For the world to know! Nothing is better or more valuable than the truth

K Dasa: Let today be the day where everything is exposed! Where no one is able to hide his or her true colors! Let all shadow that is hiding behind superficial light be seen and exposed for what it is, a harmful cheating mentality! And let light which may be hiding behind surface shadow also come forth and be known and shown for what it is, true heart felt devotion and painful vulnerability wanting to be healed in Spirit, but long fearing the fangs of Maya and Kali. 

Let true devotees take heart and step forward, no longer fearing the false power of the fakes and perpetrators, but let them be emboldened by the faith of Prahlada Maharaja who always took shelter of Lord Nrsimhadeva, even before He appeared, through every dangerous circumstance! May Srila Prabhupada who is Abhay Caran, always fearless at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and who came to this spiritually desolate place as Lord Chaitanya's Senapati Bhakta, His Devotee General, kindly and powerfully lead us under the shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Nrisimhadeva, to take up our weapons of Truth and march forward without deviation or discouragement to spread the Holy Names into every corner of every heart and thereby chase away all shadows and lies which have tried to take hold and rise. 

We are the warriors of the Golden Age of Mahaprabhu! We are being called, each and every one, to own our sh*t and clear it, to own our shift and feel it, to own our Shakti and wear it! We are the PandavaSena, the PanchatattvaSena, with Srila Prabhupada at our forefront! ...Namami Bhakta Shaktikam! Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam! Sri Nrsimhadeva Bhagavan ki Jai!!!

PADA: Yes, we need to weed out the weeds of devotional service in our own hearts, and in our guru's house.

K Dasa: Yes, weed out the weeds from the gardens of devotional service... 

Prayer to Lord Narasimha (Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura)

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has written five beautiful prayers in “Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga” for receiving the mercy of Lord Narasimha. These prayers are certainly assurance to all sincere devotees that the worship of Lord Narasimha is purely in the line of aspiring love and devotion to Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. Those prayers are as follows.

e dusta hrdaye kama adi ripu chaya

kutinati pratisthasa sathya sada raya

hrdaya-sodhana ara krsnera vasana

nrsimha-carane mora ei to’ kamana

Within my sinful heart the six enemies headed by lust perpetually reside, as well as duplicity, the desire for fame, plus sheer cunning. At the lotus feet of Lord Narasimha, I hope that He will mercifully purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Lord Krsna.

kandiya nrsimha-pade magibo kakhana

nirapade navadvipe jugala-bhajana

bhaya bhaya paya yan’ra darsane se hari

prasanna hoibo kabe more daya kari

Weeping, I will beg at the lotus-feet of Lord Narasimha for the benediction of worshipping Radha and Krsna in Navadvipa, perfectly safe and free from all difficulties. When will this Lord Hari, Whose terrible form strikes fear into fear itself, ever become pleased and show me His mercy?

yadyapi bhisana murti dusta-jiva-prati

prahladadi krsna-bhakta-jane bhadra ati

kabe va prasanna ho’ye sa krpa-vacane

nirbhaya karibe ei mudha akincane

Even though Lord Narasimha is terrifying toward the sinful souls, He offers great auspiciousness unto the devotees of Lord Krsna headed by Prahlada Maharaja. When will He be pleased to speak words of compassion unto me, a worthless fool, and thereby make me fearless?

svacchande baiso he vatsa sri-gauranga-dhame

jugala-bhajana hau rati hau name

mama bhakta-krpa-bale vighna jabe dura

suddha cite bhajo radha-krsna-rasa-pura

He will say, “Dear child! Sit sown freely and live happily here in Sri Gauranga-dhama. May you nicely worship the Divine Couple, and may you develop loving attachment for Their Holy Names. By the mercy of My devotees, all obstacles are cast far away. With a purified heart, just perform the worship of Radha and Krsna, for such worship overflows with sweet nectar.”

ei boli’ kabe mora mastaka-upara

sviya sri-carana harse dharibe isvara

amani jugala-preme sattvika vikare

dharaya lutibo ami sri-nrsimha-dvare

Saying this, will that Lord delightedly place His own divine lotus-feet upon my head? I will experience sublime love for the Divine Couple Radha-Krsna and undergo the ecstatic transformations called sattvika. Falling on the ground, I will roll about at the door of Sri Narasimha’s temple.

(Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, – “Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga”, 36-40)

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Narasimha Caturdasi (Sat April 28th in Los Angeles)

Sri Narasimha Caturdasi, Saturday April 28, 2018 , Los Angeles, CA, USA time.  

Sunday, April 29, 2018  Mayapura, India time

Srila Prabhupada explains Sri Narasimha Lila

compiled by Yasoda nandana dasa

As described in this chapter, Hiraṇyakaśipu was ready to kill his own son Prahlāda Mahārāja, but the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in front of the demon as Śrī Nṛkeśarī, half lion and half man, and killed him.

Following the instructions of Prahlāda Mahārāja, all the sons of the demons became attached to Lord Viṣṇu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When this attachment became pronounced, their teachers, Ṣaṇḍa and Amarka, were very much afraid that the boys would become more and more devoted to the Lord. In a helpless condition, they approached Hiraṇyakaśipu and described in detail the effect of Prahlāda’s preaching. 

After hearing of this, Hiraṇyakaśipu decided to kill his son Prahlāda. Hiraṇyakaśipu was so angry that Prahlāda Mahārāja fell down at his feet and said many things just to pacify him, but he was unsuccessful in satisfying his demoniac father. Hiraṇyakaśipu, as a typical demon, began to advertise himself as being greater than the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but Prahlāda Mahārāja challenged him, saying that Hiraṇyakaśipu was not God, and began to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead, declaring that the Lord is all-pervading, that everything is under Him, and that no one is equal to or greater than Him. Thus he requested his father to be submissive to the omnipotent Supreme Lord.

The more Prahlāda Mahārāja glorified the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the more angry and agitated the demon became. Hiraṇyakaśipu asked his Vaiṣṇava son whether his God existed within the columns of the palace, and Prahlāda Mahārāja immediately accepted that since the Lord is present everywhere, He was also present within the columns. When Hiraṇyakaśipu heard this philosophy from his young son, he derided the boy’s statement as just the talk of a child and forcefully struck the pillar with his fist.

As soon as Hiraṇyakaśipu struck the column, there issued forth a tumultuous sound. At first Hiraṇyakaśipu, the King of the demons, could not see anything but the pillar, but to substantiate Prahlāda’s statements, the Lord came out of the pillar in His wonderful incarnation as Narasiṁha, half lion and half man. Hiraṇyakaśipu could immediately understand that the extraordinarily wonderful form of the Lord was surely meant for his death, and thus he prepared to fight with the form of half lion and half man. 

The Lord performed His pastimes by fighting with the demon for some time, and in the evening, on the border between day and night, the Lord captured the demon, threw him on His lap, and killed him by piercing his abdomen with His nails. The Lord not only killed Hiraṇyakaśipu, the King of the demons, but also killed many of his followers. When there was no one else to fight, the Lord, roaring with anger, sat down on Hiraṇyakaśipu’s throne.

The entire universe was thus relieved of the rule of Hiraṇyakaśipu, and everyone was jubilant in transcendental bliss. Then all the demigods, headed by Lord Brahmā, approached the Lord. These included the great saintly persons, the Pitās, the Siddhas, the Vidyādharas, the Nāgas, the Manus, the prajāpatis, the Gandharvas, the Cāraṇas, the Yakṣas, the Kimpuruṣas, the Vaitālikas, the Kinnaras and also many other varieties of beings in human form. All of them stood not far from the Supreme Personality of Godhead and began offering their prayers unto the Lord, whose spiritual effulgence was brilliant as He sat on the throne.

Books : Srimad-Bhagavatam : Canto 7: "The Science of God" : SB 7.8: Lord Nrsimhadeva Slays the King of the Demons : SB 7.8 Summary 

taṁ śyena-vegaṁ śata-candra-vartmabhiś
carantam acchidram upary-adho hariḥ
kṛtvāṭṭa-hāsaṁ kharam utsvanolbaṇaṁ
nimīlitākṣaṁ jagṛhe mahā-javaḥ


tam—him (Hiraṇyakaśipu); śyena-vegam—possessing the speed of a hawk; śata-candra-vartmabhiḥ—by the maneuvers of his sword and his shield, which was marked with a hundred moonlike spots; carantam—moving; acchidram—without any weak spot; upari-adhaḥ—up and down; hariḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; kṛtvā—making; aṭṭa-hāsam—loud laughter; kharam—extremely shrill; utsvana-ulbaṇam—very fearful due to its great sound; nimīlita—closed; akṣam—eyes; jagṛhe—captured; mahā-javaḥ—the greatly powerful Lord.


Making a loud, shrill sound of laughter, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Nārāyaṇa, who is extremely strong and powerful, captured Hiraṇyakaśipu, who was protecting himself with his sword and shield, leaving no gaps open. With the speed of a hawk, Hiraṇyakaśipu moved sometimes in the sky and sometimes on the earth, his eyes closed because of fear of Nṛsiṁhadeva’s laughter, Sb 7.8.28

viṣvak sphurantaṁ grahaṇāturaṁ harir
vyālo yathākhuṁ kuliśākṣata-tvacam
dvāry ūrum āpatya dadāra līlayā
nakhair yathāhiṁ garuḍo mahā-viṣam


viṣvak—all around; sphurantam—moving his limbs; grahaṇa-āturam—afflicted because of being captured; hariḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Nṛsiṁhadeva; vyālaḥ—a snake; yathā—just as; ākhum—a mouse; kuliśa-akṣata—not cut even by the thunderbolt thrown by Indra; tvacam—whose skin; dvāri—on the threshold of the door; ūrum—on His thigh; āpatya—placing; dadāra—pierced; līlayā—very easily; nakhaiḥ—with the nails; yathā—just as; ahim—a snake; garuḍaḥ—Garuḍa, the carrier of Lord Viṣṇu; mahā-viṣam—very venomous.


As a snake captures a mouse or Garuḍa captures a very venomous snake, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva captured Hiraṇyakaśipu, who could not be pierced even by the thunderbolt of King Indra. As Hiraṇyakaśipu moved his limbs here, there and all around, very much afflicted at being captured, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva placed the demon on His lap, supporting him with His thighs, and in the doorway of the assembly hall the Lord very easily tore the demon to pieces with the nails of His hand.


Hiraṇyakaśipu had received from Lord Brahmā the benediction that he would not die on the land or in the sky. Therefore, to keep the promise of Lord Brahmā intact, Nṛsiṁhadeva placed Hiraṇyakaśipu’s body on His lap, which was neither land nor sky. Hiraṇyakaśipu had received the benediction that he would not die either during the day or at night. Therefore, to keep this promise of Brahmā, the Lord killed Hiraṇyakaśipu in the evening, which is the end of day and the beginning of night but is neither day nor night. 

Hiraṇyakaśipu had taken a benediction from Lord Brahmā that he would not die from any weapon or be killed by any person, dead or alive. Therefore, just to keep the word of Lord Brahmā, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva pierced Hiraṇyakaśipu’s body with His nails, which were not weapons and were neither living nor dead. Indeed, the nails can be called dead, but at the same time they can be said to be alive. To keep intact all of Lord Brahmā’s benedictions, Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva paradoxically but very easily killed the great demon Hiraṇyakaśipu. Sb 7.8 29

vyāttānanāntaṁ vilihan sva-jihvayā
yathāntra-mālī dvipa-hatyayā hariḥ


saṁrambha—because of great anger; duṣprekṣya—very difficult to look at; karāla—very fearful; locanaḥ—eyes; vyātta—expanded; ānana-antam—the edge of the mouth; vilihan—licking; sva-jihvayā—with His tongue; asṛk-lava—with spots of blood; ākta—smeared; aruṇa—reddish; keśara—mane; ānanaḥ—and face; yathā—just as; antra-mālī—decorated with a garland of intestines; dvipa-hatyayā—by the killing of an elephant; hariḥ—the lion.


Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva’s mouth and mane were sprinkled with drops of blood, and His fierce eyes, full of anger, were impossible to look at. Licking the edge of His mouth with His tongue, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Nṛsiṁhadeva, decorated with a garland of intestines taken from Hiraṇyakaśipu’s abdomen, resembled a lion that has just killed an elephant.


The hair on Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva’s face, being sprinkled with drops of blood, was reddish and looked very beautiful. Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva pierced Hiraṇyakaśipu’s abdomen with His nails, pulled out the demon’s intestines and wore them as a garland, which enhanced His beauty. Thus the Lord became very fearsome, like a lion engaged in fighting an elephant.SB 7.8 30 

visṛjya tasyānucarān udāyudhān
ahan samastān nakha-śastra-pāṇibhir
dordaṇḍa-yūtho ’nupathān sahasraśaḥ


nakha-aṅkura—by the pointed nails; utpāṭita—torn out; hṛt-saroruham—whose heart, which was like a lotus flower; visṛjya—leaving aside; tasya—of him; anucarān—the followers (soldiers and bodyguards); udāyudhān—having raised weapons; ahan—He killed; samastān—all; nakha-śastra-pāṇibhiḥ—with His nails and other weapons in His hands; dordaṇḍa-yūthaḥ—having unlimited arms; anupathān—the attendants of Hiraṇyakaśipu; sahasraśaḥ—by thousands.


The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who had many, many arms, first uprooted Hiraṇyakaśipu’s heart and then threw him aside and turned toward the demon’s soldiers. These soldiers had come in thousands to fight with Him with raised weapons and were very faithful followers of Hiraṇyakaśipu, but Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva killed all of them merely with the ends of His nails.


Since the creation of the material world, there have been two kinds of men—the devas and the asuras. The devas are always faithful to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whereas the asuras are always atheists who defy the supremacy of the Lord. At the present moment, throughout the entire world, the atheists are extremely numerous. They are trying to prove that there is no God and that everything takes place due to combinations and permutations of material elements. Thus the material world is becoming more and more godless, and consequently everything is in a disturbed condition. 

If this continues, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will certainly take action, as He did in the case of Hiraṇyakaśipu. Within a second, Hiraṇyakaśipu and his followers were destroyed, and similarly if this godless civilization continues, it will be destroyed in a second, simply by the movement of one finger of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The demons should therefore be careful and curtail their godless civilization. They should take advantage of the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement and become faithful to the Supreme Personality of Godhead; otherwise they are doomed. As Hiraṇyakaśipu was killed in a second, the godless civilization can be destroyed at any moment 7.8 31

Asaram Bapu Sentenced in Rape Case (NYT)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

5,000 Gujarat Farmers seek permission to die

Canberra Australia Crisis Report

[PADA: More trouble in river city? If any eye-witness wants to: Confirm or deny these accounts; Add other details; Can provide more history here; Or wants to make your own comments, please write us @ ys pd] 

From: Frank Adams <>
Sent: Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:36 AM
Subject: Hare Krishna Group

Dear Hare Krishna Canberra Group,

We would like to update you with events that are unfolding:

1. The temple president Adi Purusa Das, has been arrested and been jailed for domestic violence and porn. He is under investigation now by the AusFedPolice for child porn and abuse of temple funds. We have been informed that he still continues to abuse his wife and her family with the help of Bhakta Das and the local GBC. He has told his wife he was going to kill her and has pulled a knife on her.

Currently he has been removed from his position as TP and is no longer allowed back into the Hare Krishna temple in Canberra. AFP have been updated he has taken the temple car (Ford) without permission and stolen the temple computer to remove all his porn. There are a number of reports of him stealing temple funds.

He is actually now residing on New Govardhan Farm, Murwillumbah.

”We as the congregation of ISKCON Canberra don’t want him or the current management team back to manage our temple.”


a. Congregation have “NO” faith in the leadership of the current management team, led by the corrupt full of ego husband / wife team of Ananda Dasi and Swayambhur Das, both divorcees with broken families.

b. There is also a unanimous vote of “NO” confidence in the GBC Rami Swami and these officer bearers of the temple:

c. GBC- Rami Swami- Bulling ISKCON women (asking wife Lila Manjari Dasi to drop Domestic Violence Order and covering up Adi Purusa’s porn addiction. Rami Swami has removed the temple computer to cover up his mate’s dirty act.

d. TP- Reports made to the AFP regarding child porn and about theft of the temple property and funds.

Adi Purusa is as well using the state with disability and unemployment benefits.

Due to the Canberra Temple also manages the HK Food For Life program, which gets state grants of AUD.       

20,000 yearly, with tax deductions on state bills, levies, energy biils and company cars, he is on a gravy train

with his GBC mate Rami Swami.

e. We have reported the treasurer / accountant to the Australian Taxation Office ATO regarding his involvement in smuggling of donations out of Australia to fund Bhakti Charu`s 18 millions USD bankruptcy fund and stealing of donations by Peruvian Mahadya Dasi and others at the temple.

Mahadaya Dasi, once a deported and banned alien from USA immigration, collected and transferred AUD 100,000 in every 3 years to Peru; she is now an AUS citizen after lying in her application form that she has at one time been in immigration fraud in the US. She was deported from LA in 2016 after trying to re enter, due to her previous fraud.

We have reported that they are asking the public for money and without telling them that they are going to pocket half this money and are doing so anyway. The ATO was also told about the tax fraud used by the TP and treasurer to buy fancy SUV cars for Rami Swami.

f. During recent investigations by Rami Swami and Bhakta Das, Lila Manjari was abused and asked to drop the DVO against Adi Purusa as a big cover up. No support for our ISKCON women.

2. We as the congregation would like the current management team removed from any management of Hare Krishna temple Canberra.

3. We asked to be informed on what is happening regarding these investigations, till today we have no communication of who is running this temple until a new TP is elected.

4. We ask that there will be a vice TP- When this crap happens there is a second person to manage the temple.

5. We as the congregation of ISKCON Canberra would like to be part of the management team election. We know the GBC appoints the TP (We hope this can be done fairly and with the local devotee’s well being in mind).

We want young dynamic local devotees to be appointed and people we can trust in the management team. We don’t want any of the old members back because of their failure to act in this roles.

6. Adi Purusa is also involved in sponsoring on Religious workers visa, his whole wife`s family from Peru, and then they are daily sent to do Food For Life collections around shopping Malls in Canberra in the lie to cheat the public to feed the poor and needy, all this in breach of their religious status visas.

He was once jailed by Border force, before his Peruvian wife's daughter Yamunaja Dasi was finally deported for overstaying her visa.

We hope the local GBC, led by HH Anirudha nad Ajita Das, other than “Rami Swami” take these matters seriously or we going nationally and to the media.

You’re Servants

Hare Krishna Canberra Group

Frank Adams ( Krishna Rupa Das ACBSP )


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mithiladisha Das (Will depart soon)

Kishori Mohan:

Hare Krishna!

Update on my father Mithiladhisa Prabhu (acbsp).

A few days ago, my father was found without a pulse and was rushed to the emergency room. He remained in critical condition, unconscious, on artificial life support for a few days until the doctors could diagnose the severity of his condition. They have determined that he won't survive. 

My father didn't want to remain on artificial life support for any prolonged period. So, we have decided to stop the machines at an auspicious time, on the morning of Mohini Ekadasi (Pacific time) Wednesday, April 25th between 6:00-7:00am.

We are petitioning all Vaishnavas and aspiring Vaishnavas to please send their prayers and good wishes for the benefit of his soul. Please pray for his successful journey forward on the path of bhakti and that Srila Prabhupada, Srila Gurudeva and his Guru Varga will keep him close to them.

And please share at least some portion of the benefit of your Ekadasi vrata for him. His final message to me was, "Trying to focus on Guru and Mahaprabhu-Radha Vinodebihari as best I can....Your good wishes are valuable. Hope all is well with you and Sudevi and that both of you are abundantly inspired.
Regards to all I know and don't know yet."

[PADA: He was always kind and friendly with me. May Krishna bless his future destination. God speed and good luck! ys pd]     

Friday, April 20, 2018

"Smallville" Actress Arrested in "Self Help Guru" Scandal

[PADA: Self styled guru -- and sex scandal. Who knew this could happen! Apparently, this guy had various disciple - like "servants" helping along his program. Fanatics? Isn't this what has been happening on GBC guru scandal loka? Did we forget to mention, some GBC guru types are promoting various "self help" style programs? An Indian businessman friend of PADA's said recently, all that people really have to do is to read the books of Srila Prabhupada -- if they truly want -- to help themselves.  ys pd]

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Chef Gordon Ramsay to Try Vegan Style

Yet another Bhagavad Gita?

By Garuda das (Graham M. Schweig). I am told he is also taking disciples. He can absorb sins like Jesus? And Garuda das is the best person we have to tell the GBC not to use the Jayadvaita version? It does seem like another level of exploiting the legacy of Srila Prabhupada going on here. Meanwhile, the GBC has sued the devotees and locked up Srila Prabhupada's books at the printers in India. You can however get theirs and their pal's books, no problem! ys pd 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Visiting Akshaya Patra Vrndavana (video)

RE: Kailash Chandra (by Eric Johanson)

Kailash Chandra dasa

Eric Johanson: Puranjana prabhu, Pranams, Jaya Srila Prabhupada. I am no longer with Kailasa Candra dasa, although I don't expect you to believe it. A couple of years ago I posted this real history of the cows on a site I manage. Either you ignore it or haven't seen it.

During his stay at Mt. Kailasa Farm from 1986-88 Kailasa Candra dasa initially allowed a couple of would-be disciples to treat him as their prospective guru. Bhakta Eric also later got caught up in the fervor. Kailasa Candra dasa went so far as to write his own Sanskrit pranam mantra which was then used when the would-be disciples offered him or the Deities obeisances. At one time there were as many as four possible disciples, and they were all given Sanskrit names by him. Bhakta Eric’s was Riktaharsan dasa.

The names are what led Puranjana dasa, who had been sharing an apartment with Kailasa Candra dasa in 1986 when he moved to the farm, to tell others and later write on his PADA website that Kailasa Candra dasa had initiated bhakta Eric in secret. By the time the farm was sold in the summer of 1988, bhakta Eric was the only would-be disciple left. When the ordeal ended later that year, Kailasa Candra dasa told him that he never intended to initiate any of the would-be people, and that he had only done it to entertain their misplaced desires.

Another rumor circulated by Puranjana dasa was that Kailasa Candra dasa and bhakta Eric had allowed the farm’s cows to be sold for slaughter. As is often typical of Puranjana dasa, however, he gave practically no evidence for this. In 1988 bhakta Eric received an inheritance from his grandmother and used the money to buy a used Ryder moving van. The roof was temporarily removed from the rear and a hefty livestock gate installed. Seven or so cows and calves were taken by night to Paramesvari dasa’s land in Oregon. He also received $5,000 and promised never to allow them to be slaughtered.

The dangerous bull Bhima dasa was initially boarded at a veterinarian in Petaluma, Ca. and later taken in the truck to an animal sanctuary near Dallas, Texas. On the trip Bhima dasa was quite happy to recognize bhakta Eric, and that someone from the farm was seeing to his welfare. Although quite large for a brown Swiss, Bhima dasa was puny compare to the vet’s Guernsey studs, whose bellows could remind one of dinosaurs.

The other half of the farms cows were taken by Ken and Merrill Snell (Advaita Acarya dasa and Madana Mohan dasa), two other so-called disciples of Hansadutta dasa who retained directorship of the Mt. Kailasa Foundation, the original non-profit of the farm that Hansadutta dasa had taken over in 1978. When the farm was sold to settle its bankruptcy case in 1988, the Mt. Kailasa Foundation and The Vaishnava Foundation split the approximately $80,000 that remained after the creditors were paid.

Who We Are | Bhaktivedanta Climate Change Collaboration…


PADA: This is great, of course when many people asked Kailash about these cows for many years, they never got a proper response, or maybe no response. Then again Kailash is living like a hermit, its hard to find any way to communicate with him at all, period. Neither does he communicate responses to his site from the experience of some folks. 

I never said the cows had been slaughtered for sure or not, that was what some folks here in Berkeley speculated. I simply said the cows are MIA according to some local Berkeley devotees, and so is the money Kailash took for the cows. I said what happened is, the people here never got any proper accounting of the cows, they simply vanished and so did Kailash, and so did the money, thus some people presumed the cows ended up in bad hands. 

MIA things often are assumed to be in bad hands? 

I have posted questions about these cows on my blogs and sites for decades now, and also tried to send messages to Kailash, but he is sort of like a hermit and its hard to locate him apparently. We never got any response to our repeated stories on this issue and assumed or presumed, there was no good explanation? I am glad some explanation has finally come forward and I will explain that to some of the local people here who never got any explanation previously. 

Kailash apparently wrote a "ritviks are bogus" paper for the GBC, that is what Trivrikrama swami advertised at least for some time. I have not seen that verified, however his other papers seem to be of the same exact tone and tenor, so I presumed Trivrikrama was correct. Actually the Trivrikrama paper and Kailash's own papers are pretty much identical wording, not many people write in his excessive verbiage style. Anyway, we will post this clarification, of course many will wonder why this was not done a long time ago. 

Of course many GBC guru folks quote the Kailash site and links to me even today, so its self-evident he is arguing the same thing they are, otherwise they would not cite him as their authority as a number of them do even up to now. I am also glad Kailash has finally moved to Moab Utah so he can associate exclusively with the ritvik followers of Jesus. He has found his home, he lives with the ritviks and no one else.

ys pd

Friday, April 13, 2018

World's Ocean Currents "Weakest in 1600 years"

Kailash Chandra Das "Flaws in the Ritvik Concoction" (pt. 1)

Guru Tattva Meister of the Jagat Kailash Chandra Das

Cattle rustling-pada:

From an IRM paper (with PADA comments) 

Kailasa Chandra Dasa (pictured above), has written one such paper called “Flaws in the Rittvik Concoction” (FRC), which can now be added to the long list of papers by the GBC and others, which consist of nothing more than ‘straw-man’ arguments, or challenges against a phantom position rather than that actually put forward by the Prabhupadanugas. Consequently these papers spectacularly fail in challenging the actual ritvik position. 

Another characteristic of such non-existent ‘challenges’ is that in the main they do not even attempt to substantiate their assertions by quotes from Srila Prabhupada. Rather they simply wave the magic wand of stating terms such as ‘sastra’, ‘tradition’ etc., and claim their conclusions are proven simply by the mere utterances of these words. 

[PADA: Right, the Gaudiya Matha folks, GBC, Hanuman Croatia, Kailash, Rocana, Torben, Kim Moller, Ajit Krishna, and similar others complain that because the "Prabhupadanugas" are worshiping a so-called physically departed pure devotee, they are "not following the tradition." OK, so we need to worship the "living body" of their conditioned soul acharyas and not worship the pure devotee? The "tradition" is to worship less than pure devotees as one's acharya? 

How is that working out for these folks? 

Did we forget to mention that many of the previous "living gurus" of their process -- like Jayatirtha, Kirtanananda, Suhotra, Gaura Govinda Maharaja, Narayan Maharaja and many similar other alleged "living people" eventually departed anyway? Did these people forget, no one stays on this planet for a long time in any case whether conditioned souls or acharya's souls? 

Thus, their "living body guru" will cease to exist at some point, and then they have no one to worship anymore. And then their living guru's programs tend to disintegrate and fall apart, as we have seen locally and in other places. And what about their "living gurus" who failed and / or blooped, like Gunagrahi, Ramesvara, Hansadutta, Bhagavan, Prithu and many others? 

Again this policy is creating major chaos in the lives of the ISKCON citizens when the "pure devotee" is found to be fallen. Notice that nowadays most of the living guru advocates do not even give us the name of their living guru, because then we could analyse who this person is, what positions he has supported, and who voted him in as the current acharya etc. Torben for example says he worships the principle of a living guru, and not an actual living guru? That is the tradition? We offer bhogha to the principle of a guru, and not any actual guru? Where is this found in the tradition?] 

“The order of the spiritual master is the active principle in spiritual life. Anyone who disobeys the order of the spiritual master immediately becomes useless.”
(CC, Adi, 12:10)

This means that before we act we must have an order from Srila Prabhupada to do so. Attacks on the phantom ‘ritvik’ position however involve appealing to some undefined and unquoted notion of ‘sastra’ or ‘tradition’, rather than orders from Srila Prabhupada. In the following rebuttal to Kailash Chandra’s FRC paper we will see how his paper consists basically of nothing but the use of these two techniques - the use of lazy mythical ‘ritvik straw man’ arguments, and the use of the ‘sastra / tradition’ magic wand instead of orders from Srila Prabhupada to support his assertions. Quotes from FRC will be boxed in speech marks with my responses following. Kailsh Chandra will be known as the ‘author’ throughout.

KCD: “The rittviks--although they may, for their own purposes, say that a spiritual master could emerge in the future -- in fact consider that all of Srila Prabhupada's disciples are only, at most, capable of being rittviks. Such "stand-ins" cannot be advanced devotees, obviously. In practical terms, the rittviks consider all others to be, more or less, perpetual kanishta-adhikaris, like themselves.”

So the very first statement from FRC starts with a classic ‘straw man’ argument. We state that we all should and can become pure devotees, providing we follow, rather than disobey, the orders of Srila Prabhupada, regardless of what these orders are.

“A madhyama-adhikari can be a diksa-guru or regular guru and can initiate his own disciples.”

[PADA: Amazing, after these "living guru" folks produced various illicit sex, debauchee and / or drug addict gurus, and indeed made a number of these false gurus left, right and center, now they are talking about how their alleged gurus are medium level / madhyama level devotees. Sorry, the illicit sex guru parade is not even kanistha level. Illicit sex and drugs are tamasic guna and not even kanistha. If they have produced so many madhyama or perhaps uttama gurus, who are they?]

Srila Prabhupada states this should NOT be done, and gives the reason why:

“One should not become a spiritual master unless he has attained the platform of uttama-adhikari. A neophyte Vaishnava or a Vaishnava situated on the intermediate platform can also accept disciples, but such disciples must be on the same platform, and it should be understood that they cannot advance very well toward the ultimate goal of life under his insufficient guidance.”
(NOI, Text 5, purport)

[PADA: Right, a madhyama should not be accepted as a spiritual master anyway.]

“Now, the rittviks obviously believe that there are no madhyama-adhikaris amongst Srila Prabhupada's remaining disciples. Or they think that madhyama-adhikari is attained at a level that is still below the threshold of diksa-guru qualification, or that it's the (so-called) madhyama-adhikari that automatically converts to a Rittvik (Rittvik-for-perpetuity?) after the mahabhagavat enters nitya-lila pravishtha.”

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says a disciple must be careful to accept an uttama as his guru. He does not recommend madhyama devotees being gurus. Of course, since all of Srila Prabhupada's original disciples are gradually becoming very elderly and they are dying out, its a mute point what level they are at since they are not going to be here "for perpetuity" -- or even much longer. 

Whatever level they are at no longer really matters much? They are not going to be here for long, what to speak of "for perpetuity" and especially since none of them to date has displayed the qualifications of an acharya. The mass of people are still going to need to worship a mahabhagavata either now, or after all these disciples and assorted followers physically depart in any case. This is a very foolish idea from the get go, we will worship the original disciples of Prabhupada, when they are departing left, right and center. We could not worship these original disciples and followers of Srila Prabhupada in perpetuity in any case, they are leaving the planet more and more every day.]

The qualification of the disciples is not the issue. The orders they received are. They received an order to act as ritvik. But they did not receive an order to transmogrify from being ritvik into diksa Gurus, and therefore should have remained ritviks, since as quoted earlier, it is the order of the spiritual master which is the ‘active principle’ in spiritual life. Not our desires to occupy the Guru post.

[PADA: Right, what happens when a neophyte takes the post of diksha guru and absorbs sins? He falls down, gets sick, and maybe dies prematurely, as we have seen already in spades.]

KCD: “None of Srila Prabhupada's directly initiated disciples is obligated to believe that there was even one legitimate madhyama-adhikari amongst his flock after he departed. The track record strongly indicates otherwise. But, if there was one -- or even more than one -- that devotee or those devotees could become diksa-guru (and not merely a Rittvik) after Prabhupada departed. This, of course, would be contingent upon their having received the order from Srila Prabhupada to initiate new disciples, and those new disciples would then become "the disciples of my disciple."

[PADA: OK someone could become a guru if he gets the order. However he will not get the order until he is an uttama devotee.]

Finally FRC states something approaching the truth. The author admits that:

a) We do not need to accept that any of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples was qualified to act as diksa Guru.

b) That the track record indicates that none of them were thus qualified.

c) But if some rare soul did exist who was qualified, he could act as diksa Guru only provided he received the order to do the same from Srila Prabhupada.

Kailash never produces in the rest of his paper, or elsewhere, the ‘order’ from Srila Prabhupada to his disciple or disciples that they initiate new disciples, who would become ‘disciples of my disciple’, then according to the author, there was no order from Srila Prabhupada which necessitated the ritviks to change their position into diksa Gurus.

“For the many of Prabhupada's disciples who have concluded that no one was qualified to even be a regular or monitor guru, your conviction looks more accurate every passing year. […] After so many guru falldowns and "re-initiation" ceremonies, these new people have concluded that all of Srila Prabhupada's disciples must be nothing better than kanishtha-adhikaris.  Actually, that's a liberal perspective. There's very possibly any number of sahajiyas, covert impersonalists, atheists, and non-devotees in the mix as well.”

[PADA: OK, so why would we keep promoting the living guru process knowing that its not only failing, its producing deviants, sahajiyas, covert impersonalists, atheists and non-devotees in the role of ISKCON's acharyas? Why would we still promote the idea that Srila Prabhupada is not the acharya, and the people producing all this rubbish -- are the acharyas of ISKCON? 

And if Srila Prabhupada is not the acharya, who is? Notice that when we ask Rocana, Torben, Ajit Krishna, Kim Moller, Hanuman Croatia etc. -- whom  do we offer the bhogha and disciples to, they cannot answer. They do not even know how to make simple and basic bhogha offerings to Krishna, never mind more advanced items. And Kailash is not helping things by telling  folks, its not in the tradition to offer bhogha and disciples to pure devotee. ys pd] 


We have to offer bhogha and disciples to -- conditioned souls, or worse, nobody they can name? Kailash is right, these people are mayavadas.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Man vs Mother Nature (Steve Cutts Film)

Gopis become an elephant

A rare Picture of Gopis formed an elephant for Krishna to ride on.....that lila takes place the village of Kunjera which is just one mile from Sri Radhakund's north.

When Krishna was leaving Vrindavana, the gopis entreated him not to leave. Krishna put an impossible condition on them and said that if they could produce an elephant, he would not leave. Not being able to find an elephant, nine gopis came together and formed an elephant and this is called 'Navanarikunjara.'

Do women have equal rights to men in ISKCON? (Video)

[PADA: The "women of ISKCON issue" is, as she says, "a hot topic." Well for starters, if some of our women had more input, or had even been more in charge of the gurukula's children's situation, then things would have turned out MUCH better for these children. Many women aided us in complaining about all sorts of deviations, and these dissenting women were treated like us -- shunned, minimized, harassed, driven out and so forth. 

Now Bhakti Vikas swami says women as a group should be "mothers and not masters," ok maybe, but what happens if these women are way ahead of the "men leaders" in realization and practical management understanding? What happens if some of these women have mastered the issues and topics better than a lot of these so-called men? And what if these women know more about raising children and how to make a proper school for the children than a lot of these men leaders?

She says some of the gurukula children were subjected to homosexual activity, ok and that is what happened under the GBC / Bhakti Vikas swami guru's regime. Why didn't BVKS and his other GBC "men" fix the problems with their program way before it had to go to court? And why is Hanuman Croatia supporting these BVKS people, knowing full well that these wonderful "men leaders" made a homosexual infiltration into ISKCON and its schools, and this program SUPPRESSED the women, children and families process?  

As for her idea that we should not find dirt on the leaders and publish that like the National Enquirer, well that has unfortunately been the only means of addressing these crises, such as the gurukula abuse issue. We had to come out in public and make people aware of these problems in public, or else the issues never would have been discussed much less resolved.   

She says women like Yamuna were forced into exile and living separated from the society by these men leaders. Right, the homosexual, sexual predator and abuser process could not have gone on without suppressing the people who opposed that agenda. Now our friend ISKCON's Mahatma das seems to be in favor of women gurus, but he is only going to make the women who are subservient to his illicit sex guru program into his "women gurus?" Regular women need not apply? And how are these neophyte women going to be able to absorb sins and be diksha gurus -- any better than the men GBC gurus who are failing and suffering from taking the sins of followers?

This site has some good stuff, but still says the GBC guru process is authorized. Nope. Anyway, her video is right, the movement is stagnated and dying out without the women, children and families participating on all levels, including getting their input into the management. ys pd


Meanwhile, are some of these gurus repressed sexually, which explains why they artificially try to repress women?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Demons and karmis in disguise (Nityananda das)


Kali-Chelas - disguised as devotees

Download: demons-and-karmis-in-disguise.pdf

Srila Prabhupada: "There are many jealous people in the dress of Vaishnavas in this Krishna Consciousness movement, and they should be completely neglected. A false acarya may try to override a vaishnava by a high-court decision, (2/3 hand vote) but Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that he is nothing but a disciple of Kali-yuga."

Srila Prabhupada: "If one thinks that there are many pseudo devotees or nondevotees in the Krishna Consciousness Society, one can keep direct company with the spiritual master, and if there is any doubt, one should consult the spiritual master."



(1). Devotee: “Can demons become devotees?”

Prabhupada: “Of course – by chanting Hare Krishna and agreeing to serve Krishna. And devotees may temporarily fall down and act like demons. That independence is always there.” (Lilamrita Ch. 26)

(2). Prabhupada: This is also another Vedic civilization, that if you are benefited by somebody, you should always remain obliged to him. Siksito yad-anugrahat. There is one Bengali proverb, guru-mara-vidya. “Guru, you learn from him first of all, then kill him. Don’t care for guru.” This is demonic. By the grace of guru you learn something. Then when you learn something, then you become greater than him, don’t care for guru. This is demonic. Even if you have learned something, you must feel always obliged, atah padarsayat(?) (SB lecture Oct. 4, 1976)

(3). Prabhupada: “If anyone strictly follows the regulative principles of Krishna Consciousness then he will always remain enthusiastic and dynamic. So if there are any defects within our Society it is only a symptom that the instructions of the spiritual master are being neglected. Follow my instructions strictly and always think for giving this gift of Krishna consciousness wherever you go and to whomever you meet, this is the advice of Lord Chaitanya.” (SPL to Karandhar, Feb. 10, 1973)

(4). “This forgetfulness of his constitutional position is due to anger or envy. The living entity, being eternally a part-and-parcel servitor of the Supreme Lord, can never, by constitution, be an equal enjoyer with the Lord. When he forgets this, however, and tries to be one with Him, his condition is called tāmisra. Even in the field of spiritual realization, this tāmisra mentality of the living entity is hard to overcome. In trying to get out of the entanglement of material life, there are many who want to be one with the Supreme. Even in their transcendental activities, this lower-grade mentality of tāmisra continues.” (SB 3.20.18)


“A jealous person in the dress of a Vaishnava is not at all happy to see the success of another Vaishnava in receiving the Lord’s mercy. Unfortunately, in this Age of Kali there are many mundane persons in the dress of Vaishnavas, and Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura has described them as disciples of Kali. He says kali- chela. He indicates that there is another Vaishnava, a pseudo-Vaishnava with tilak on his nose and kanthi beads around his neck. Such a pseudo-Vaishnava associates with money and women and is jealous of successful Vaishnavas. Although passing for a Vaishnava, his only business is earning money in the dress of a Vaishnava. 

Bhaktivinoda Thakura therefore says that such a Vaishnava is not a Vaishnava at all but a disciple of Kali-yuga. A disciple of Kali cannot become an acharya by the decision of some high court. Mundane votes have no jurisdiction to elect a Vaishnava acharya. A Vaishnava acharya is self-effulgent, and there is no need of any court judgment. A false acharya may try to override a Vaishnava by a high-court decision, butBhaktivinoda Thakura says that he is nothing but a disciple of Kali-yuga.” (Cc., Madhya, 1.220, Purport)

“Chanakya Pandit says that there are two envious animals: serpents and men. Although you may be faultless either may kill you. Of the two Chanakya Pandit says that the envious man is more dangerous because a serpent can be subdued by chanting a mantra or some herbs but an envious man cannot be subdued. In Kali- yuga practically everyone is envious but we have to tolerate this. Envious people create many impediments to the Krishna consciousness movement but we have to tolerate them. There is no alternative.” (Madhudhvisa das, 1995)

“You are also one of the members of the GBC, so you can think over very deeply how to save the situation. It is a fact however that the great sinister movement is within our Society." (SPL, Hansadutta)

Simply because someone has the dress of a devotee, wears tilak, knows the walk and the talk, does not mean he cannot be capable of the crime of killing the spiritual master for his own material benefit. Rather than being a fantasy, it is considered by many that agents of Kali entered ISKCON and conspired to assassinate His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada by poison. We pray to Srila Prabhupada to help us root out his poisoners so they may be criminally indicted and tried in courts of law. If the suspects are neither cleared nor convicted by the evidence, they should "honorably" resign their posts for the sake of the mission. Lord Rama banished Sita simply because of one person’s criticism; to be widely suspected of poisoning Srila Prabhupada is not a good qualification for continued leadership in the Hare Krishna movement.


Four kinds of persons come to Krishna, including those in search of wealth. “These are not pure devotees, because they have some aspiration to fulfill in exchange for devotional service…. As long as such a purified stage is not attained, devotees in transcendental service to the Lord are tainted…” (BGita 7.16 Purport)

Although engaged in devotional service, the motive may be for material benefits. This explains how one can be participating “in good standing” and still be aiming for personal ambitions. Actually it is often seen that even long-standing ISKCON unauthorised gurus such as Jayapataka Swami are censored by their peers for not chanting japa, their required rounds, or watching karmi movies or pornographic videos, or all sorts of activities improper for either a sannyasi or an initiating guru. What is not understood by most general devotees is that one cannot become an initiating spiritual master unless one is a pure devotee mahabhagawat on the liberated platform, free from all effects of the materialenergies.


The conditioned souls in this material world have a combination of divine and demoniac natures, and according to their association and their choices by their free will, they can behave divinely or in the lower modes, or demonicly. Those who joined the Hare Krishna movement as participating devotees may revert to the pursuit of demonic or sinful ambitions, simply by their free will. A person may thus act as a devotee in the service of the Lord or at another time as a “demon” in the service of his mundane desires, such as envy of the pure devotee’s status as the most worshipable of all people. This explains how many devotees may appear externally as Vaishnavas, but may have the consciousness of a karmi or fruitive worker, or worse, that of a demon who would exploit his situation for sense gratification, even to the extent of poisoning the Acharya so to take his place. How can anyone think that the poisoners of Srila Prabhupada were anything other than “demons” in the disguise of devotees?

“One who is conducted by false ego and thus always distressed, both mentally and sensually, cannot tolerate the opulence of self-realized persons. Being unable to rise to the standard of self-realization, he envies such persons as much as demons envy the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” (SB 4.3.21)

COMMENT: Obviously Srila Prabhupada’s poisoners fit thisdescription.

Another perspective on this:

“Everything depends on the strength of the recipient. For example, due to the scorching sunshine many vegetables and flowers dry up, and many grow luxuriantly. Thus it is the recipient that causes growth and dwindling. Similarly, mahīyasāṁ pāda-rajo-’bhiṣekam: the dust of the lotus feet of great personalities offers all good to the recipient, but the same dust can also do harm. Those who are offenders at the lotus feet of a great personality dry up; their godly qualities diminish. A great soul may forgive offenses, but Kṛṣṇa does not excuse offenses to the dust of that great soul’s feet, just as one can tolerate the scorching sunshine on one’s head but cannot tolerate the scorching sunshine on one’s feet. An offender glides down more and more; therefore he naturally continues to commit offenses at the feet of the great soul. Offenses are generally committed by persons who falsely identify with the impermanent body.” (SB 4.4.13 Purport)


“There are many renegades from the Brahma-sampradaya whose only business is to make men more forgetful of the Lord and thus entangle them more and more in material existence. Such persons are never dear to the Lord, and the Lord sends them deeper into the darkest region of matter so that such envious demons may not be able to know the Supreme Lord…” (SBhag 2.9.20)

“There are many karmīs in the dress of devotees, but the Supreme Personality of Godhead can detect their purpose. The karmīs want to use the property of the Lord for their selfish sense gratification, but a devotee endeavors to use the Lord’s property for God’s service. Therefore a devotee is always distinct from the karmīs, although the karmīs may dress like devotees. As confirmed in Bhagavad-gītā (3.9), yajñārthāt karmaṇo ’nyatra loko ’yaṁ karma-bandhanaḥ. One who works for Lord Viṣṇu is free from this material world, and after giving up his body he goes back home, back to Godhead. A karmī, however, although externally working like a devotee, is entangled in his nondevotional activity, and thus he suffers the tribulations of material existence. Thus from the results achieved by the karmīs and devotees, one can understand the presence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who acts differently for the karmīs and jñānīs than for the devotees.” SB 8.9.28- purport

BHAGAVAD GITA 16.4: TRANSLATION: Arrogance, pride, anger, conceit, harshness and ignorance--these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, o son of Prtha.

PURPORT: In this verse, the royal road to hell is described. The demoniac want to make a show of religion and advancement in spiritual science, although they do not follow the principles. They are always arrogant or proud in possessing some type of education or so much wealth. They desire to be worshiped by others, and demand respectability, although they do not command respect. Over trifles they become very angry and speak harshly, not gently. They do not know what should be done and what should not be done. They do everything whimsically, according to their own desire, and they do not recognize any authority. These demoniac qualities are taken on by them from the beginning of their bodies in the wombs of their mothers, and as they grow they manifest all these inauspicious qualities.

And a very heavy quote:


“After the time of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, those faithful to Him kept apart from non devotees, to avoid contamination. Seeing this, the personality of Kali sent his representatives in disguise to pollute the Vaisnava sampradaya. Posing as Vaisnavas, they spread their wicked doctrines, and appeared so intelligent and devoted that only pure devotees could detect their real identity. Most devotees - not only the most neophyte – were enchanted by their tricks. In this way Kali's agents expertly introduced karma, jnana, and anyabhilasa in the Vaisnava sampradaya and caused suddha-bhakti to vanish from the world.”


"If one thinks that there are many pseudo devotees or nondevotees in the Krishna Consciousness Society, one can keep direct company with the spiritual master, and if there is any doubt, one should consult the spiritual master. However, unless one follows the spiritual master's instructions and the regulative principles governing chanting and hearing the holy name of the Lord, one cannot become a pure devotee. By one's mental concoctions, one falls down. By associating with nondevotees, one breaks the regulative principles and is thereby lost." (CC Mad 19.157 Purport)

Revised/ adulterated edition: "Even if one thinks there are many pseudo devotees or nondevotees in the Krsna Consciousness Movement, still one should stick to the Society; if one thinks the Society’s members are not pure devotees, one can keep direct company with the spiritual master, and if there is any doubt, one should consult the spiritual master. However, unless…" (COMMENT: Amazing changes by the BBT to the meaning !)

Impersonalism is the main disease in the material world. All conditioned souls are deeply contaminated with the mayavadi misconception, and when attracted to the Hare Krishna movement, some will apparently become devotees of Krishna but retain their mayavadi mentality. This results in a class of pseudo- devotees who have strong material desires which they will try to fulfill while participating in the society of devotees. Eventually their real nature rises to the forefront as they display the tendencies of envy, controlling others, secret sense gratification, and all types of maya. This pretty much describes many of the early “big shots” who were attracted to Srila Prabhupada in the late sixties. “Devotees” such as Tamal and Kirtanananda were constantly struggling and vacillating between their ambitious designs and serving the puredevotee.

Pseudo-devotees become absorbed in desires for profit, distinction, and adoration, and they eny the pure devotee and his throngs of loving, faithful, surrendered disciples. Just as we all originally chose to envy Lord Krishna and thus were exiled to the material world, many who come into contact with Srila Prabhupada also will envy his position and great glories. They want what he has! Why is it such a surprise that the demons, karmis, and pseudo-devotees have entered the movement? They are everywhere in this material world, the movement is canvassing amongst them, and so many will “join” with secret agendas of exploiting any opportunity they can find.

When we study the lives of the biggest zonal acharyas such as Tamal, Kirtanananda, Bhavananda, and others, we see conditioned souls who tried to get on the proper spiritual path but were overwhelmed by their own conditioning, causing havoc in the movement. We see cults in the outside world where many followers stupidly surrendered themselves to various false gurus, such as David Koresh, Jimmy Jones, and Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh. And this won’t happen in the Hare Krishna movement? Of course it did, and it is up to the general devotees to become educated and advanced by studying Srila Prabhupada’s books to avoid these cheating false gurus and misleaders.

Persons envious of Srila Prabhupada have entered the Hare Krishna movement because all conditioned souls are prone to envy. We see from shastric history that Daksha, although highly situated, was envious of Lord Shiva. So how is it a surprise that poisoners could enter the movement?


From one of the administrators of the Facebook Srila Prabhupada Disciples Sanga, a closed “reunion” discussion group, which has over 800 members, we received this:

“…this quote from Nanda Kumara, who was Srila Prabhupada's servant at the time. He posted it in our group several times in the past:” (Uttamasloka das)

“Srila Prabhupada told me something personally. His Divine Grace said... "There are those among us wearing dhoti, sikha, tilaka and neck beads, but they are not devotees. They are agents of kali who are here to try to stop our movement. You (said to me, but meaning all of us, especially those with a ksatriya nature) should find out who they are and weed them out. That's an exact quote.” (Nanda Kumara das)

“I have watched all of Nanda Kumara’s Srila Prabhupada memories, and I remember him from the early seventies while visiting Los Angeles and Mayapur, so I know him to some extent. We spoke at length a few times He was one of Srila Prabhupada’s longtime personal servants before Hari Sauri das came on board in 1975. Based on these experiences I have no reason or suspicion to doubt the absolute veracity of what he says here. The danger is that everyone will claim to know who are agents of Kali and then create havoc. 

The campaign to “cleanse” the movement of such agents of Kali should be not be undertaken by anyone less formidable than a broad committee approved by a major body of devotees, consisting of at least several dozen mature and senior, pukka devotees of a brahminical nature. They would identify those that should be removed, and that would be executed by the ksatriyas or managers. Sound extreme? Or should we just allow the Lord’s mission to be spoiled? That would be more extreme. Weed them out!” (Nityananda das)


Prabhupada: Everyone is envious. This world is envious. They have declared that God is dead. You see. (laughs) (Bengali) There is a proverb in Bengali that one person wanted to see how many thieves are there in this village, and when he began to scrutinize, he saw that everyone is a thief. (laughter) Similarly, envious, you begin from President Johnson and go to anyone, they are all envious of God consciousness. You see? Otherwise in Los Angeles city, there are millions and trillions of people, and only a dozen people are coming here. You see? Why? They are envious. "What is this nonsense God consciousness, Kṛṣṇa consciousness?" You see? (Lecture, Dec 30 1968)

Prabhupada: So psychiatrists, generally their patients are crazy fellows. Generally they treat crazy fellows. Is it not? No sane man goes to a psychiatrist. (laughter) Is it not a fact? So all these crazy men sometimes makes the psychiatrist a crazy also. So more or less, everyone is crazy. That is the... It is not my layman's opinion. It is the opinion of a big medical surgeon. There was a case in the court, murder case. The murderer pleaded that "I became crazy, mad, at that time." That is generally... So the medical man was called to examine. He was great civil surgeon in Calcutta. So he gave his opinion in the court that "So far I have treated many patients, so my opinion is that everyone is more or less a madman. 

More or less. It is a question of degree." So our opinion is like that, that anyone who is not under the direct connection with God, he's a crazy man. He's a madman. Now you can treat. So we are also psychiatrists. We are pushing this Kṛṣṇa consciousness. So because anyone who is in this material world—more or less crazy, madman. Because he doesn't care for God, therefore he's crazy. He is completely under the control of God, but still, he has the audacity to say, "No, I don't believe in God." Crazy man. So anyone who does not believe in God, he's a crazy fellow. You can treat him. Everyone is patient. (Conv, Melbourne, April 23, 1976)

These two excerpts from Srila Prabhupada show that everyone in the material world is somewhat crazy, more or less. Those that came to the movement came from this stock of crazy persons, so it can be expected that until their insanity is cleared up, which may take a whole lifetime or many lifetimes, they will be prone to acting crazy. Even ten year “devotees” could poison their guru. Will ten years purify ten million creations worth of material desire, envy, and contaminations? It could, but not easily.

“It is a simple fact that ‘demons’ take birth, exist, and work in Hare Krishna Movement; Srila Prabhupada has warned about them in his books. I have a CD/DVD done by Gargamuni and Bramananda called ENVY which is 3 hours of words by Srila Prabhupada about the character of his Godbrothers in the Gaudiya Math and a first class presentation of how they destroyed the work of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta and also envied Srila Prabhupada. So there is proof of destructive elements in our sampradaya. What is so hard to understand that some would actually try to poison Srila Prabhupada? After all, they stood to gain more than they could have ever imagined, or so they thought.

“After reading your exchanges with this ISKCON guru, I must admit I cannot find it within my heart to feel the same way about any of these people within ISKCON who have either directly or indirectly usurped Srila Prabhupada’s position. Call them in maya, demons, whatever, they collaborated and benefitted in destroying Srila Prabhupada’s, the 6 Goswamis’, and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s mission. I have, like many others, a situation locally here where some of our so called Prabhupada Anuga asociates just don't seem to grasp the severity and results of bad association. Even before this letter from you came up I was composing a file of some quotes from Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja about the dangers and pitfalls of wrong association and so called ‘faith’, or sraddha. 

I don’t know your situation there much, why you do what you do, but as far as what our acharyas write, I think we must be very careful about this important element of bhakti called ‘association’. After all, it was the first instruction Mahaprabhu gave to grihasthas wherever He went: asat sanga tyaga ei Vaishnava acara- give up unwanted association and associate only with Vaishnavas. He meant real Vaishnavas. There are many quotes on this.” (Damaghosadas)

Prabhupada: People are so intelligent that when the representative of Krishna speaks, they (indistinct) enemies, and sometimes they crucify, kill. So, people are so kind that they are not killing. Otherwise, why Christ, (?) was killed? What fault? What is his fault? Just see. Was there any fault in his words? He advised, "Don't kill," and he was crucified. We have to deal with such rascals. I may be representative, but he is directly son of God. People are so rascal that they did not believe even the son of God, what to speak of His representative. What is that? Why Jesus Christ was killed? What was his fault?

For ordinary people, it is hard to understand, but here the Srimad Bhagwatam explains envy again: “When a person is very great and famous, many unscrupulous persons become his enemies, for envy is the nature of materialists.” (SB 4.21.21 PURPORT)


When Krishna or His empowered representative come to the material world, they are accompanied by their associates as well as opposed by the demons. Putana appeared like a demigod, and all the Vrindaban residents allowed her access to Yasoda’s house and the baby Krishna, fooled by her external charms. She was a demon in disguise. Many people who are envious of the pure devotee of the Lord appear in the garb of devotees. In Kali Yuga demons are dressed in disguise as devotees.

“There are many karmīs in the dress of devotees, but the Supreme Personality of Godhead can detect their purpose. The karmīs want to use the property of the Lord for their selfish sense gratification, but a devotee endeavors to use the Lord’s property for God’s service. Therefore a devotee is always distinct from the karmīs, although the karmīs may dress like devotees.” (SB 8.9.28 : PURPORT)

“An actual Vaiṣnava is very pleased to accept another Vaiṣṇava who is bestowing the Lord's mercy. A mundane person in the dress of a Vaiṣṇava should not be respected but rejected. This is enjoined in the śāstra (upekṣā). The word upekṣā means neglect. One should neglect an envious person. A preacher's duty is to love the Supreme Personality of Godhead, make friendships with Vaiṣṇavas, show mercy to the innocent and reject or neglect those who are envious or jealous. There are many jealous people in the dress of Vaiṣṇavas in this Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement, and they should be completely neglected. There is no need to serve a jealous person who is in the dress of a Vaiṣṇava. When Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura says chāḍiyā vaiṣṇava sevā nistāra payeche kebā, he is indicating an actual Vaiṣṇava, not an envious or jealous person in the dress of a Vaiṣṇava.” (CC Madhya 1.218 : PURPORT)

“A person who is very faithfully engaged in the worship of the Deity in the temple but does not know how to behave toward devotees or people in general is called a prākṛta-bhakta, or kaniṣṭha-adhikārī. A prākṛta devotee, or neophyte devotee, is still on the material platform. He certainly engages in worshiping the Deity, but he cannot appreciate the activities of a pure devotee. It has actually been seen that even an authorized devotee who is engaged in the service of the Lord by preaching the mission of Kṛṣṇa consciousness is sometimes criticized by neophyte devotees. Such neophytes are described by Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura: sarva-prāṇi- sammānanāsamarthānām avajñā spardhādimatāṁ tu bhagavat-pratimaiva pātram ity āha. For those who cannot properly appreciate the activities of authorized devotees, Deity worship is the only way for spiritual advancement. In the Chaitanya-caritāmṛta ( Antya 7.11) it is clearly said, kṛṣṇa-śakti vinā nahe tāra pravartana: without being authorized by Kṛṣṇa, one cannot preach the holy name of the Lord throughout the entire world. nevertheless, a devotee who does so is criticized by neophyte devotees, kaniṣṭha-adhikārīs, who are on the lower stages of devotional service. For them, Deity worship is strongly recommended.” (SB 7.14.39 Purport)


From the Srimad Bhagwatam (7.4.13-14) we read:

“Hiranyakashipu was so powerful that everyone but the three principle demigods- namely Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu- engaged in his service… The asuras sometimes become so powerful that they can engage even Narada Muni and similar devotees in their service. This does not mean that Narada was subordinate to Hiranyakashipu. Sometimes, however, it so happens in this material world that great personalities, even great devotees, can also be controlled by theasuras.”

A similar situation exists in ISKCON wherein a powerfully demoniac atmosphere of disobedience and offenses towards Srila Prabhupada prevails so strongly by way of political and social repression that no devotee is even allowed to philosophically consider topics which are banned, at risk of punishment or expulsion. Even sincere and pure-hearted devotees in ISKCON, provided they succeed in not becoming infected by their pretentious senior leaders, are compelled to serve Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna through the personalities of ambitious, unauthorised gurus and those who aspire to become gurus. This theme is more fully developed in Book Two.

NOTE: In the following essay about organized religion, we see that perhaps Lord Chaitanya has arranged ISKCON as a place for the Kamsas and Putanas, for the cheaters and cheated to establish themselves. On the other hand, ISKCON was not intended to be another mundane religious institution.

ORGANIZED RELIGION by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

Sri Krishna manifests His eternal birth, the pure cognitive essence of the serving soul who is located above all mundane limitations. King Kamsa [the demon king who wanted to kill Lord Krishna] is the typical empiricist, ever on the lookout for the appearance of the truth for the purpose of suppressing Him before He has time to develop. This is no exaggeration of the real connotation of the consistent empiric position. The materialist has a natural repugnance for the transcendent. He is disposed to link that faith in the incomprehensible is the parent of dogmatism and hypocrisy in the guise of religion. He is also equally under the delusion that there is no real dividing line between the material and the spiritual. He is strengthened in his delusion by the interpretation of scriptures by persons who are like-minded with himself. This includes all the lexicographic interpreters.

The lexicographical interpretation is upheld by Kamsa as the real scientific explanation of the scriptures, and is perfectly in keeping with his dread of and aversion for the transcendental. These lexicographical interpreters are employed by Kamsa in putting down the first suspected appearance of any genuine faith in the transcendental. King Kamsa knows very well that if the faith in the transcendental is once allowed to grow it is sure to upset all his empiric prospects.

There is historical ground for such misgivings. Accordingly if the empiric domination is to be preserved in tact it would be necessary not to lose a moment to put down the transcendental heresy the instant it threatens to make its appearance in earnest. King Kamsa, acting on this traditional fear, is never slow to take the scientific precaution of deputing empiric teachers of the scriptures, backed by the resources of dictionary and grammar and all empiric subtleties to put down, by the show of specious arguments based on hypothetical principles, the true interpretation of the eternal religion revealed by the scriptures. Kamsa is strongly persuaded that faith in the transcendental can be effectively put down by empiricism if prompt and decisive measures are adopted at the very outset. He attributes the failure of atheism in the past to the neglect of the adoption of such measures before the theistic fallacy has had time to spread among the fanatical masses.

But Kamsa is found to count without his host. When Krishna is born, He is found to be able to upset all sinister designs against those who are apprized by Himself of His advent. The apparently causeless faith displayed by persons irrespective of age, sex and condition may confound all rabid empiricists who are on principle adverse to the Absolute Truth Whose appearance is utterly incompatible with the domination of empiricism. But no adverse efforts of the empiricists whose rule seems till then to be perfectly well-established over the minds of the deluded souls of this world can dissuade any person from exclusively following the Truth when He actually manifests His birth in the pure cognitive essence of the soul.

Putana [the demoness who tried to kill Krishna] is the slayer of all infants. The baby, when he or she comes out of the mother's womb, falls at once into the hands of the pseudo-teachers of religion. These teachers are successful in forestalling the attempts of the good preceptor whose help is never sought by the atheists of this world at the baptism of their babies. This is ensured by the arrangements of all established churches of the world. They have been successful only in supplying watchful Putanas for effecting the spiritual destruction of persons from the moment of their birth with cooperation of their worldly parents. No human contrivance can prevent these Putanas from obtaining possession of their pulpits. This is due to the general prevalence of atheistic disposition in the people of this world.

The church that has the best chance of survival in this damned world is that of atheism under the convenient guise of theism. The churches have always proved the staunchest upholders of the grossest form of worldliness from which even the worst of non-ecclesiastical criminals are found to recoil. It is not from any deliberate opposition to the ordained clergy that these observations are made. The original purpose of the established churches of the world may not always be objectionable. But no stable religious arrangement for instructing the masses has yet been successful. The Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in pursuance of the teachings of the scriptures enjoins all absence of conventionalism for the teachers of the eternal religion. It does not follow that the mechanical adoption of the unconventional life by any person will make him a fit teacher of religion. Regulation is necessary for controlling the inherent worldliness of conditioned souls.

But no mechanical regulation has any value, even for such a purpose. The bona-fide teacher of religion is neither any product of, nor the favourer of, any mechanical system. In his hands no system has likewise the chance of denigrating into a lifeless arrangement. The mere pursuit of fixed doctrines and fixed liturgies cannot hold a person to the true spirit of doctrine or liturgy. The idea of an organized church in an intelligible form, indeed, marks the close of the living spiritual movement. The great ecclesiastical establishments are the dikes and dams to retain the current that cannot be held by any such contrivances. 

They, indeed, indicate a desire on the part of the masses to exploit a spiritual movement for their own purpose. They also unmistakably indicate the end of the absolute and unconventional guidance of the bona-fide spiritual teacher.The people of this world understand preventive systems, they have no idea at all of the unprevented positive eternal life. Neither can there be any earthy contrivance for the permanent preservation of the life eternal on this mundane plane on the popular scale. Those are, therefore, greatly mistaken who are disposed to look forward to the amelioration of the worldly state in any worldly sense from the worldly success of any really spiritual movement. It is these worldly expectants who become the patrons of the mischievous race of the pseudo- teachers of religion, the Putanas, whose congenial function is to stifle the theistic disposition at the very moment of its suspected appearance. But the theistic disposition can never be stifled by the efforts of those Putanas. The Putanas have power only over the atheist. It is a thankless but salutary task which they perform for the benefit of their unwilling victims.

But as soon as theistic disposition proper makes its appearance in the pure cognitive essence of the awakened soul, the Putanas are decisively silenced at the very earliest stage of their encounter with the new- born Krishna. The would-be slayer of herself slain. This is the reward of the negative services that the Putanas unwittingly render to the cause of theism by strangling all hypocritical demonstrations against their own hypocrisy. But Putana does not at all like to receive her reward in only form which involves the total destruction of her wrong personality. King Kamsa also does not like to lose the services of the most trusted of his agents. The effective silencing of the whole race of pseudo-teachers of religion is the first clear indication of the appearance of the Absolute on the mundane plane. The bona-fide teacher of the Absolute, heralds the Advent of Krishna by his uncompromising campaign against the pseudo-teachers of religion. (END)


Every morning, a different devotee comes up to Paradisio to visit Swamiji for a day. Although there is no formal initiation ritual or fire sacrifice, Swamiji chants on the initiates’ beads and bestows spiritual names: Aniruddha, Uddhava, Murari, Devananda. One day, when Janaki visits, she takes exception to the painting of Lord Nrishingadev tearing out the entrails of the demon Hiranyakashipu. ‘It’s really ghastly, Swamiji, she says, making a face.’ ‘For the devotees, it is beautiful,’ he says. ‘The devotee praises Lord Nrishingadev: dalita hiranyakashipu tanu bhringam. “With the nails of Your beautiful hands, you have torn apart this wasp-like demon.” Hiranyakashipu was such a great demon that he even tried to kill his small son, Prahlad Maharaj, just because he was a devotee. 

So the Lord killed Hiranyakashipu to protect His devotee and liberate the demon.’ ‘But there are no such demons now, Swamiji,’ Janaki says. ‘Oh yes,’ Swamiji says. ‘Demon means nondevotee.’ ‘Maybe we shouldn’t call them demons,’ Kirtanananda suggests. ‘People will never come if we call them demons.’ ‘But they are demons,’ Swamiji says. ‘If you are not a devotee, you’re a demon.’ ‘Aren’t most people somewhere in between?’ Kirtanananda persists. ‘“In between” means demon,’ Swamiji says. ‘But most people never heard of Krishna,’ Kirtanananda says. ‘How can they be called demons?’ ‘Everyone has heard of God,’ Swamiji says. ‘Krishna is God. Anyway, they may be innocent; therefore we are informing them. But actually, because they’re here in this material world, they are not really innocent. Somehow, they’ve chosen to forget Krishna, and are therefore demons.’ ‘I thought that in Krishna consciousness, you see Krishna in everyone,’ Kirtanananda says. ‘Yes,’ Swamiji says, ‘Krishna is also in the demon. But does this mean that we aspire to be demons? Unless you distinguish between demons and devotees, you cannot progress in Krishna consciousness.’”


PRABHUPADA: "At present, this world is being managed by the rakshasas. The rakshasas are man-eaters who eat their own sons for the satisfaction of their senses. Now great regimes have been created to smash so many people for the satisfaction of the rakshasas senses, but they do not realize that their senses will never be satisfied in this way. Nonetheless, the rakshasas are prepared to sacrifice everything to satisfy their whimsical desires." (Raja-Vidya by Srila Prabhupada)

If the world is filled with karmis and demons, even rakshasas, who are in control of great political regimes, is it any surprise when the spiritual movement of a great acharya such as Srila Prabhupada sometimes becomes burdened with participants who are not standard or gentlemanly devotees at heart? That they are looking to exploit the material opportunities in the movement? No, this should be no surprise at all.

A letter from Ugrasrava das in Australia on Feb. 12, 2017 is shared in this connection:

“The ‘titles' of Swami and Goswami are for devotees who are meant to be highly advanced and fixed in their service. I refuse to address the below mentioned asuras by these titles, as they do not deserve that respect. They are demons dressed as devotees. On a morning walk with Srila Prabhupada in Mayapur, he discussed this exact topic with me and a few others, that ISKCON was infiltrated by demons dressed as devotees, and he has written about this in his purports. Now nearly 50 years later, one can clearly see how more demoniac they have become. They will get what they deserve; I do not see any redemption for them. In the early seventies when I was in Mayapur with Gopikanta, I was sharing the roof of the Lotus building for accommodation with four of the so called leader ‘swamis’ of ISKCON. One morning Gopi asked me what was it like staying with these so called elevated men and my response was, ‘They are the biggest pack of crooks I have ever met.’ Nothing has changed, they have become more crooked any which way they can.Your humble servant, Ugrasrava das”


Once Ambarisha das, always a good friend of Bhavananda, confided in Naveen Krishna das about a situation in New York during the early eighties. Ambarisha shared a large apartment with Bhavananda, who would go to the temple every morning for the full program, then meet with disciples, attend to temple affairs and business, and later in the day return to the apartment. In the evening Bhavananda would change clothes and go out to the city’s gay bars all night, returning for the morning program again. Day after day, the same routine was witnessed by Ambarisha das. Finally, he pointedly asked Bhavananda, “How can you do this?” Bhavananda looked down and replied, “It’s not easy…” Devotee and demon in the same body?


THE WORLD IS FULL OF DEMONS. Some become devotees, out of which some are more interested in material gains from the professions of guruship, business, or in social life, distinction as a great philosopher or preacher, etc. We must be alert to detect persons behaving like devotees but who may be introducing deviations into the movement in the disguise as a devotee. Putana is the historical example. She tried to poison Lord Krishna and some also tried to poison Srila Prabhupada.

We should not always be so kind and forgiving as Srila Prabhupada was when the interests of the mission are at stake. It is our responsibility to manage the mission according to the methods, prescriptions, and formulas given by Srila Prabhupada, and to reject those who would utilize the assets of the mission for their own sense gratification rather than in pure devotional service. There are many so-called leaders in the movement whose purpose is not at all favorable for the mission. They may cause great disruptions and havoc and it is up to faithful disciples to protect Srila Prabhupada and his mission from these rascals, pseudo- devotees or demons in disguise.

Prabhupada: No, there are always two classes of men: devata and demons. […] This struggle will always be there. (Sanskrit) There are two classes of men throughout the whole universe. One is called daiva and the other is called asura. The Viṣṇu-bhaktaḥ bhaved daivaḥ.(?) […] And there is always fight between the two, even in higher planetary systems. Only Brahmaloka, Satyaloka, there are no more asuras. So asura class will always fight like that, and devatā class will always defy. But for God everyone is equal, because all of them are sons of God. Therefore an attempt is always going on to turn the asuras to become devotees. For this purpose God Himself comes, He sends His representative, how these rascal asuras can be turned into devotees. Otherwise the asura class will always be there. (Conv, Aug. 11, 1976)

“…throw him away, ‘Go away. I have now learned.’ Guru-mara-vidya: the knowledge of how to kill guru. Guru-mara-vidya. Their…the philosophy is that you cannot rise up. You take a ladder. But as soon as you rise, throw away the ladder. No more. No more needed. That is mayavada philosophy.” (SP Morning Walk, 12/5/1973, Los Angeles)

“The same principles can be applied to demoniac persons, even though they be in the sampradāya of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Without receiving the Lord's special power, one cannot preach His glories all over the world. Even though one may celebrate himself as a learned follower of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, and even though one may attempt to preach the holy name of the Lord all over the world, if he is not favored by Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu he will find fault with the pure devotee and will not be able to understand how a preacher is empowered by Lord Caitanya. One must be considered bereft of the mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu when he criticizes the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement now spreading all over the world or finds fault with this movement or the leader of the movement.” (CC Mad 11.103)

The above excerpt shows how some souls will not get the mercy of Lord Chaitanya because they have found fault with the pure devotee. If poisoning Srila Prabhupada is not finding fault with him, then what is?

Srila Prabhupada

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