Monday, April 9, 2018

Do women have equal rights to men in ISKCON? (Video)

[PADA: The "women of ISKCON issue" is, as she says, "a hot topic." Well for starters, if some of our women had more input, or had even been more in charge of the gurukula's children's situation, then things would have turned out MUCH better for these children. Many women aided us in complaining about all sorts of deviations, and these dissenting women were treated like us -- shunned, minimized, harassed, driven out and so forth. 

Now Bhakti Vikas swami says women as a group should be "mothers and not masters," ok maybe, but what happens if these women are way ahead of the "men leaders" in realization and practical management understanding? What happens if some of these women have mastered the issues and topics better than a lot of these so-called men? And what if these women know more about raising children and how to make a proper school for the children than a lot of these men leaders?

She says some of the gurukula children were subjected to homosexual activity, ok and that is what happened under the GBC / Bhakti Vikas swami guru's regime. Why didn't BVKS and his other GBC "men" fix the problems with their program way before it had to go to court? And why is Hanuman Croatia supporting these BVKS people, knowing full well that these wonderful "men leaders" made a homosexual infiltration into ISKCON and its schools, and this program SUPPRESSED the women, children and families process?  

As for her idea that we should not find dirt on the leaders and publish that like the National Enquirer, well that has unfortunately been the only means of addressing these crises, such as the gurukula abuse issue. We had to come out in public and make people aware of these problems in public, or else the issues never would have been discussed much less resolved.   

She says women like Yamuna were forced into exile and living separated from the society by these men leaders. Right, the homosexual, sexual predator and abuser process could not have gone on without suppressing the people who opposed that agenda. Now our friend ISKCON's Mahatma das seems to be in favor of women gurus, but he is only going to make the women who are subservient to his illicit sex guru program into his "women gurus?" Regular women need not apply? And how are these neophyte women going to be able to absorb sins and be diksha gurus -- any better than the men GBC gurus who are failing and suffering from taking the sins of followers?

This site has some good stuff, but still says the GBC guru process is authorized. Nope. Anyway, her video is right, the movement is stagnated and dying out without the women, children and families participating on all levels, including getting their input into the management. ys pd


Meanwhile, are some of these gurus repressed sexually, which explains why they artificially try to repress women?

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