Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Canberra Australia Crisis Report

[PADA: More trouble in river city? If any eye-witness wants to: Confirm or deny these accounts; Add other details; Can provide more history here; Or wants to make your own comments, please write us @ ys pd] 

From: Frank Adams <>
Sent: Saturday, 14 April 2018 10:36 AM
Subject: Hare Krishna Group

Dear Hare Krishna Canberra Group,

We would like to update you with events that are unfolding:

1. The temple president Adi Purusa Das, has been arrested and been jailed for domestic violence and porn. He is under investigation now by the AusFedPolice for child porn and abuse of temple funds. We have been informed that he still continues to abuse his wife and her family with the help of Bhakta Das and the local GBC. He has told his wife he was going to kill her and has pulled a knife on her.

Currently he has been removed from his position as TP and is no longer allowed back into the Hare Krishna temple in Canberra. AFP have been updated he has taken the temple car (Ford) without permission and stolen the temple computer to remove all his porn. There are a number of reports of him stealing temple funds.

He is actually now residing on New Govardhan Farm, Murwillumbah.

”We as the congregation of ISKCON Canberra don’t want him or the current management team back to manage our temple.”


a. Congregation have “NO” faith in the leadership of the current management team, led by the corrupt full of ego husband / wife team of Ananda Dasi and Swayambhur Das, both divorcees with broken families.

b. There is also a unanimous vote of “NO” confidence in the GBC Rami Swami and these officer bearers of the temple:

c. GBC- Rami Swami- Bulling ISKCON women (asking wife Lila Manjari Dasi to drop Domestic Violence Order and covering up Adi Purusa’s porn addiction. Rami Swami has removed the temple computer to cover up his mate’s dirty act.

d. TP- Reports made to the AFP regarding child porn and about theft of the temple property and funds.

Adi Purusa is as well using the state with disability and unemployment benefits.

Due to the Canberra Temple also manages the HK Food For Life program, which gets state grants of AUD.       

20,000 yearly, with tax deductions on state bills, levies, energy biils and company cars, he is on a gravy train

with his GBC mate Rami Swami.

e. We have reported the treasurer / accountant to the Australian Taxation Office ATO regarding his involvement in smuggling of donations out of Australia to fund Bhakti Charu`s 18 millions USD bankruptcy fund and stealing of donations by Peruvian Mahadya Dasi and others at the temple.

Mahadaya Dasi, once a deported and banned alien from USA immigration, collected and transferred AUD 100,000 in every 3 years to Peru; she is now an AUS citizen after lying in her application form that she has at one time been in immigration fraud in the US. She was deported from LA in 2016 after trying to re enter, due to her previous fraud.

We have reported that they are asking the public for money and without telling them that they are going to pocket half this money and are doing so anyway. The ATO was also told about the tax fraud used by the TP and treasurer to buy fancy SUV cars for Rami Swami.

f. During recent investigations by Rami Swami and Bhakta Das, Lila Manjari was abused and asked to drop the DVO against Adi Purusa as a big cover up. No support for our ISKCON women.

2. We as the congregation would like the current management team removed from any management of Hare Krishna temple Canberra.

3. We asked to be informed on what is happening regarding these investigations, till today we have no communication of who is running this temple until a new TP is elected.

4. We ask that there will be a vice TP- When this crap happens there is a second person to manage the temple.

5. We as the congregation of ISKCON Canberra would like to be part of the management team election. We know the GBC appoints the TP (We hope this can be done fairly and with the local devotee’s well being in mind).

We want young dynamic local devotees to be appointed and people we can trust in the management team. We don’t want any of the old members back because of their failure to act in this roles.

6. Adi Purusa is also involved in sponsoring on Religious workers visa, his whole wife`s family from Peru, and then they are daily sent to do Food For Life collections around shopping Malls in Canberra in the lie to cheat the public to feed the poor and needy, all this in breach of their religious status visas.

He was once jailed by Border force, before his Peruvian wife's daughter Yamunaja Dasi was finally deported for overstaying her visa.

We hope the local GBC, led by HH Anirudha nad Ajita Das, other than “Rami Swami” take these matters seriously or we going nationally and to the media.

You’re Servants

Hare Krishna Canberra Group

Frank Adams ( Krishna Rupa Das ACBSP )


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