Sunday, April 29, 2018

GBC must resign (Sugata das ACBS)

Now that more of the pedophilia is coming out and people are finally demanding the governing body Commission resign in mas and the proper federal and state agencies in the countries investigate the murders of whistleblowing reforming devotees and the continued horrible child abuse going on in the international Society for Krishna consciousness schools particularly in India.

In India the state and federal government have never investigated. I would urge all victims from however long ago for family and friends to put the maximum pressure on the Republic of India. To have their Federal police like CID investigate these matters. Could some devotees kindly research the Ambassador to the Republic of India for the various countries you post in? Would someone be kind enough to get the prime minister of India's secretaries office and name along with phone number, postal address and email.

Remember a phone call is worth approximately 40 emails and a Written Letter is worth about 5000 emails and you get a written reply unofficial stationary signed by the prime minister. Ditto that for the head of federal police, the head of both houses of Parliament that oversee law enforcement, and oversee religious charities. The corruption and Scandals are so monstrous and India that only the media and federal and state investigations can break up the corruption of the Demonic Cabal trust in the Garb of devotees that Shrila Prabhupada repeatedly and vociferous Lee warned us disciples about.

Perhaps in India there is a committee on child welfare and pedophile , sodomy rape of minors

I know it's getting more media Traction in India. I don't know what the statute of limitations are civilly or criminally in each country. I do you know from a lifetime of experience, vocalizing, committing and liaising with military, and state, local and federal law enforcement that both nonviolent civil disobedience gets the lot of media attention and direct action even more. I'm shocked there haven't been more sit-ins, Effigy burning, and property destruction to get media attention and arrests more media attention by the young people who are now in their 40s and have endured this hell on Earth that ruined their childhood and relationship, I'm emotional and sexual dysfunction to this day.

My God some of the victims are grandparents with teenage kids why don't they get their minor kids that beat the crap out of these so-called Guru's, filthy Rich, phoney so-called sanyasis and worst of all the corrupt, hypocritical governing body commissioners that have engineered, supported, covered up this organized crime syndicate called the international Society for Krishna Consciousness Incorporated. I challenge the governing body Commission to publish their Now secret votes on all these issues for the last 20 years.

There are a few that I would really like to punch in the nose at the very least, but at my age I'd like some young people have my back, my children are thoroughly disgusted with me even being involved and such a criminal Enterprise.

I won't get any help from them they would even set their feet in the temple. they're probably a lot smarter than I am I guess I'm being sentimental and attached to my vows to help further my Guru's Mission the international Society for Krishna consciousness Incorporated.

I remember when prabhupada said, I'm paraphrasing "I created ISKCON INC, it's merely an external vehicle for propagating Lord chaitanya's movement, and if I like I can dissolve it anytime I want to."

I'm shocked that only one person tried to kill Kirtanada and no one is even really beaten up any of these other horrible sick sociopathic, Predator pedophiles.

Where I come from Barn Burning has always been the rage especially when they're full of hundreds of thousands of dollars of tobacco or cotton. Far as I know no victim is even given one of these demons a flat tire or broken window in their house or sue them directly many of them are multi multi-millionaires.

I've about had it I'm 61 years old going into surgery today, to try to regain my eyesight in my left eye. I have no sense of smell from being on the losing end of a security detail with a drunk young buck that I was too merciful on. I've had handicap tags on my car since 2000 for my arthritis. I wore my body out farming for Srila Prabhupada.

I work as a private consultant and contractor mostly out of Washington DC and Atlanta Georgia but I gave all my guns to my kids over 6 years ago. I've been ISKCON since when I joined the temple in 1974 for many years I wore a badge and a gun 24/7 at the mandir and of course with my concealed carry permit to festivals like the festival for India or Rathyatra.

There's no security forces ISKCON in North America at least. They just call the police For Better or For Worse. All the temples I visited in North America are wide open for fanatic fundamentalist Christian and Muslim attacks as well as just a Lusty drunk teenager raping the bramacharinis in their quarters. It's happened many times before!

The Indian Community is particularly pathetic. they're Urban professionals, upper-class, live in wealthy or gated communities. By culture from the police state of Indial they have no experience with Firearms. They're so stupid they don't keep Firearms at home, nor do they know how to use them.

Since they haven't had a good war with Pakistan since the 1970s I've met no one in the last 30 years that has combat experience at the temple from India, not even a good communal violence blood bath. What a dangerous mess!!!

Most of the parents of the abused children are dead or in their declining years with terribly disabled children from PTSD Etc.

No help from iskcon, the local temples that were involved in the child abuse filed bankruptcy so they wouldn't have to pay the children for therapy, Rehabilitation, education, restitution Etc.

ISKCON's Sanyasis more often than not are filthy rich Oni multi-million of dollars

To be continued...

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