Wednesday, April 4, 2018

GBC cannot find more messiah recruits?

ISKCON needs more diska gurus!

Here's is what is posted on this years GBC meeting in Mayapur:

"Whereas the issues of implementation of Vaishnavi dikṣa-gurus and disciples initiating in the presence of their initiating guru in ISKCON remain unresolved;

Whereas there is a critical need for many more devotees to serve as diksa-guru in ISKCON; Whereas there are at least 9 million congregational members in ISKCON; Whereas ISKCON has less than 80 devotees available to give diksa to potentially 9 million people; Whereas if every congregational member sought initiation each ISKCON guru would have to accept approximately 112,500 disciples;

Whereas the moratorium on both Vaishnavi and second-generation devotees serving as diksa-guru remains until the GBC concludes its research on guru-tattva in ISKCON; Whereas the GBC Body previously committed to that research and to annually review, until its conclusion, a comprehensive and inclusive understanding that delineates how diksa- and siksa-gurus unitedly work within the framework of ISKCON; Whereas the GBC stated it “is steadfastly dedicated” to accomplish the above".

Is this mad or sad?


[PADA: This is great news. The ISKCON GBC cannot barely find any candidates to sign up to be their next messiahs of the jagat. Who wants to take the karma of others, and suffer the same falling down / severe sickness / early death / fate as most of the other GBC gurus? Who wants to be part of an illicit sex with men, women and children guru program? 

Who wants to answer questions from the public and from followers about all their guru scandals? Who wants to explain to children that God's successors are often debauchees? Not many people want to sign up for this! No kidding. So this is great news, their bogus guru's program is dying out all by itself. Meanwhile, more people want to be part of our Prabhupadanuga's program. ys pd]  

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