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RE: Kailash Chandra (by Eric Johanson)

Kailash Chandra dasa

Eric Johanson: Puranjana prabhu, Pranams, Jaya Srila Prabhupada. I am no longer with Kailasa Candra dasa, although I don't expect you to believe it. A couple of years ago I posted this real history of the cows on a site I manage. Either you ignore it or haven't seen it.

During his stay at Mt. Kailasa Farm from 1986-88 Kailasa Candra dasa initially allowed a couple of would-be disciples to treat him as their prospective guru. Bhakta Eric also later got caught up in the fervor. Kailasa Candra dasa went so far as to write his own Sanskrit pranam mantra which was then used when the would-be disciples offered him or the Deities obeisances. At one time there were as many as four possible disciples, and they were all given Sanskrit names by him. Bhakta Eric’s was Riktaharsan dasa.

The names are what led Puranjana dasa, who had been sharing an apartment with Kailasa Candra dasa in 1986 when he moved to the farm, to tell others and later write on his PADA website that Kailasa Candra dasa had initiated bhakta Eric in secret. By the time the farm was sold in the summer of 1988, bhakta Eric was the only would-be disciple left. When the ordeal ended later that year, Kailasa Candra dasa told him that he never intended to initiate any of the would-be people, and that he had only done it to entertain their misplaced desires.

Another rumor circulated by Puranjana dasa was that Kailasa Candra dasa and bhakta Eric had allowed the farm’s cows to be sold for slaughter. As is often typical of Puranjana dasa, however, he gave practically no evidence for this. In 1988 bhakta Eric received an inheritance from his grandmother and used the money to buy a used Ryder moving van. The roof was temporarily removed from the rear and a hefty livestock gate installed. Seven or so cows and calves were taken by night to Paramesvari dasa’s land in Oregon. He also received $5,000 and promised never to allow them to be slaughtered.

The dangerous bull Bhima dasa was initially boarded at a veterinarian in Petaluma, Ca. and later taken in the truck to an animal sanctuary near Dallas, Texas. On the trip Bhima dasa was quite happy to recognize bhakta Eric, and that someone from the farm was seeing to his welfare. Although quite large for a brown Swiss, Bhima dasa was puny compare to the vet’s Guernsey studs, whose bellows could remind one of dinosaurs.

The other half of the farms cows were taken by Ken and Merrill Snell (Advaita Acarya dasa and Madana Mohan dasa), two other so-called disciples of Hansadutta dasa who retained directorship of the Mt. Kailasa Foundation, the original non-profit of the farm that Hansadutta dasa had taken over in 1978. When the farm was sold to settle its bankruptcy case in 1988, the Mt. Kailasa Foundation and The Vaishnava Foundation split the approximately $80,000 that remained after the creditors were paid.

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PADA: This is great, of course when many people asked Kailash about these cows for many years, they never got a proper response, or maybe no response. Then again Kailash is living like a hermit, its hard to find any way to communicate with him at all, period. Neither does he communicate responses to his site from the experience of some folks. 

I never said the cows had been slaughtered for sure or not, that was what some folks here in Berkeley speculated. I simply said the cows are MIA according to some local Berkeley devotees, and so is the money Kailash took for the cows. I said what happened is, the people here never got any proper accounting of the cows, they simply vanished and so did Kailash, and so did the money, thus some people presumed the cows ended up in bad hands. 

MIA things often are assumed to be in bad hands? 

I have posted questions about these cows on my blogs and sites for decades now, and also tried to send messages to Kailash, but he is sort of like a hermit and its hard to locate him apparently. We never got any response to our repeated stories on this issue and assumed or presumed, there was no good explanation? I am glad some explanation has finally come forward and I will explain that to some of the local people here who never got any explanation previously. 

Kailash apparently wrote a "ritviks are bogus" paper for the GBC, that is what Trivrikrama swami advertised at least for some time. I have not seen that verified, however his other papers seem to be of the same exact tone and tenor, so I presumed Trivrikrama was correct. Actually the Trivrikrama paper and Kailash's own papers are pretty much identical wording, not many people write in his excessive verbiage style. Anyway, we will post this clarification, of course many will wonder why this was not done a long time ago. 

Of course many GBC guru folks quote the Kailash site and links to me even today, so its self-evident he is arguing the same thing they are, otherwise they would not cite him as their authority as a number of them do even up to now. I am also glad Kailash has finally moved to Moab Utah so he can associate exclusively with the ritvik followers of Jesus. He has found his home, he lives with the ritviks and no one else.

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