Saturday, April 28, 2018

ISKCON Youth's Prayer to Lord Narasimha

K Dasa: On this day of Lord Narasimhadev let us pray like Prahlad and ask for protection from the demons dressed as devotees. Srila Prabhupada warned us about them. Some of them are very powerful yogis, but they serve themselves and the darkness with their power that steal from their followers. Gaining affection through flowery compliments, they suck the ojas from thousands of devotees, while behind the scenes they ritually abuse children, and even engage in human sacrifice and cannibalism. 

These Raksasas are real, and there are quite a few in leading positions in our ISKCON movement. The new temple in Mayapur has limbs of dead children in its foundation. Let us all pray for protection from Lord Narasimhadev, and take shelter of Srila Prabhupada. Take a very close look at who people are.

F: It would be nice to identify and name them

K Dasa: Radhanath, who I used to consider my guru. It was very painful to find out the truth, so i don't expect to be met with acceptance on this. It's a very depressing and painful truth. Jayapataka is another.

F: For the world to know! Nothing is better or more valuable than the truth

K Dasa: Let today be the day where everything is exposed! Where no one is able to hide his or her true colors! Let all shadow that is hiding behind superficial light be seen and exposed for what it is, a harmful cheating mentality! And let light which may be hiding behind surface shadow also come forth and be known and shown for what it is, true heart felt devotion and painful vulnerability wanting to be healed in Spirit, but long fearing the fangs of Maya and Kali. 

Let true devotees take heart and step forward, no longer fearing the false power of the fakes and perpetrators, but let them be emboldened by the faith of Prahlada Maharaja who always took shelter of Lord Nrsimhadeva, even before He appeared, through every dangerous circumstance! May Srila Prabhupada who is Abhay Caran, always fearless at the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and who came to this spiritually desolate place as Lord Chaitanya's Senapati Bhakta, His Devotee General, kindly and powerfully lead us under the shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Nrisimhadeva, to take up our weapons of Truth and march forward without deviation or discouragement to spread the Holy Names into every corner of every heart and thereby chase away all shadows and lies which have tried to take hold and rise. 

We are the warriors of the Golden Age of Mahaprabhu! We are being called, each and every one, to own our sh*t and clear it, to own our shift and feel it, to own our Shakti and wear it! We are the PandavaSena, the PanchatattvaSena, with Srila Prabhupada at our forefront! ...Namami Bhakta Shaktikam! Param Vijayate Sri Krishna Sankirtanam! Sri Nrsimhadeva Bhagavan ki Jai!!!

PADA: Yes, we need to weed out the weeds of devotional service in our own hearts, and in our guru's house.

K Dasa: Yes, weed out the weeds from the gardens of devotional service... 

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