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Prayers for Jayapataka Surgery

Srila Prabhupada warned us not to be diksha gurus and take karma!

[PADA: Nope, despite false rumors, we are not praying for him to die. We like people seeing his living in this state, because he is our best poster child for what happens when neophytes absorb sins without authority. Its a life lesson that needs to be taught, and he is doing a great job teaching it!]




14th August 2018

Dear disciples and well-wishers of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Guru Maharaja,

Please accept our humble obeisances.

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Today we need your prayers for Guru Maharaja, to ensure a successful transplant surgery!

We have just received a message from Guru Maharaja’s secretary HG Maha Varaha prabhu that suitable organs are finally available for Guru Maharaja. The liver and kidney transplantation surgery may start any time based on Doctors approval and will last for 8-12 hours. Although it will be conducted by one of the best surgeons in the world, it is still a complicated surgery and there are some risks involved due to the nature of this surgery.

We humbly request each of you to kindly intensify your prayers now to the maximum possible level for the success of the surgery and Guru Maharaja’s well being.

Let us all unite again in Zoom for 24 hour kirtan and chant together the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra and the prayers to Lord Narasimhadeva.
What we can do:

*** Chanting of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra (better if in groups or in the temple)
*** Yajnas for the success of operation
*** Tulasi parikramas and Tulasi puja
*** Narasimhadev prayers (including Kavacham)
*** Mrityunjaya prayers
*** Read Bhagavatam and Chaitanya Charitamrita
*** Nirjala fasting during the time of surgery
*** Mayapur and few other places can do Sudharshan homa
*** If you cannot go to the temple, but have Deities you may offer special Puja today
*** Please pray for the surgeons and the transplant team too
*** Whether you are alone or in groups please join us on zoom.

Zoom Link:

Please spread this message as much as possible so that more souls can join us to pray for Guru Maharaja.

We sincerely thank all of you for your prayers for Guru Maharaja!

JPS Seva Committee
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Grand Jury Reports 300 Sexual Predator Priests


PADA: Wow. Predators pose as religious leaders to attack religions -- because Church people are sentimental and not as likely to report the crimes? ys pd

Radhanath's $3,900 Yoga Class


[PADA: Sign me up! I need to get certified as a Yogi! Hee hee! ys pd]

Bhakti Caru Swami: Srila Prabhupada Did not Appoint A Successor

PADA: Every now and then one of the GBC's gurus says something nice, for example that every person in ISKCON should accept Srila Prabhupada as their guru. And more importantly, all of the leaders are "representatives" of Srila Prabhupada. OK basically this is the ritvik idea. NOTICE! BCS admits that no successors were ever appointed, so how did BCS and all these other GBC folks become the guru successors? Didn't they self-appoint themselves (as happened in the Gaudia Matha)?

And moreover, failing to recognize this point of uniting under the acharya is making ISKCON more splintered and fractured. Therefore, the only thing that will hold ISKCON together is -- to unite under the principle of accepting Srila Prabhupada as the acharya. OK, begs the question, why did they fracture the movement in the first place?

All of this "Srila Prabhupada is so wonderful" sounds great, but its not being implemented factually. Instead, we keep finding Bhakti Caru Swami is encouraging bogus guru's people like Jayapataka, the founder father of the illicit sex acharya's program. 

It seems Bhakti Caru Swami wants it both ways? 

And worse, BCS is still conducting his own Vyasa Poojas and so forth. Why does BCS think he is equals with Vyasadeva, and he should therefore be worshiped as such? And why does BCS help the GBC guru program of having other Vyasa Poojas for the other members of the GBC's illicit sex and debauchee acharya's process -- now going on throughout modern ISKCON? The only good news is, they know they are responsible for fragmenting ISKCON, and causing it not to be united. Of course, who wants to unite under the principle of worship of an illicit sex acharya's club?

Did we forget to mention that BCS encouraging neophytes to absorb sins as diksha gurus is causing his brothers to get sick, fall down -- and die prematurely -- because Srila Prabhupada says we neophytes cannot be diksha gurus and absorb sins? Anyway, this is both good news, and bad news. The good news? He knows what is right, and he preaches that from time to time. The bad news? He never makes a concrete proposal for how to implement the Prabhupadanuga process. OK never mind, we will do that for him. ys pd      

All glories to the successors to Srila Vyasadeva, 
Srila Prabhupada --
and ME!

Wow! How humble is that?

The voted in sin-absorbing new Jesus? 
Or cracker pots Jesus wanna-bes?

And why has BCS allowed this process to go on for so long without making a major protest a long time ago?

Monday, August 13, 2018

Radha Krishna Dolls (For Children) Updates

Mass Christian Conversions in India

[PADA: The smarta brahmanas holding artificial positions are creating problems all over. And this is one of the results, the "lower castes" are bailing out of Hindu culture. ys pd]

Ahimsa Milk Org (UK)

Very Mellow Krishna Bhajan (Video)

Dey Family Claims BBT Copyrights

Dey Family Claims BBT Copyrights 


On June 8, 2015, the ownership of the 60 titles of Srila Prabhupada's books published through 1977 were claimed by the Dey family - Prabhupada's sons and relatives. Also claiming the copyrights (of 65 titles) is the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International. Hmmm. In 1998, a Los Angeles Superior Court probate judge ruled that the copyrights belonged to the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust - the original Trust established by His Divine Grace. Both the Dey family and the BBTI are now claiming those rights, but there is no court order removing the copyrights from the BBT.

Note that the BBT and the BBTI are two different entities. The BBT is a trust. The BBTI is a California corporation with Greg Stein aka Gopal Bhatta das as the CEO. So what happened to make the Dey family a claimant of Srila Prabhupada's copyrights? And what legal motion was ruled on by a judge that would have given the BBTI - a corporation - the copyrights? There is no record of such a ruling.

Scratch the surface of the Dey/BBTI's claim for the copyrights and the waters muddy even more. In a few countries, copyrights revert to the relatives upon the death of an author - but not in the U.S. There is no basis for the copyrights ever leaving the BBT. After the Krishna Books settlement in '98, the trustees of the BBT became H.H. Jayadwaita Swami, Brahma Muhurta das, Nareshwara das, and Svavasa dasa. The BBTI officers are Gopal Bhatta, Svavasa das, et al. How did the Dey's get involved in claiming the rights to 58 and / or 60 of those 65 titles? Why? What's the scheme? There's a back story, but can you figure out how it plays into the 2015 twist? Here's the beginning taken from:www.harekrishnamalaysia.com:

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. was not and is not the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust created by Srila Prabhupada in 1972 was a valid, legal trust. Srila Prabhupada vested it with the copyrights to all his books, manuscripts and other documents written by and translated by himself, including copyrights and publication rights.
Prabhupada appointed Hansadutta as a lifetime trustee of his trust. There were only ever 3 trustees at a time, although provision was made in the trust for 5. Srila Prabhupada was himself one of them, and upon his departure, there remained two.
There were many people claiming to be BBT Trustees who were never trustees of Prabhupada's BBT.
ISKCON GBC had no legal mandate or power to direct or interfere with the operation of Prabhupada's BBT.
ISKCON and the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. had taken over the publishing operations of Prabhupada's BBT and diverted the proceeds from it Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. never owned the copyrights to Prabhupada's books.

I'd like to clarify here that in this post, 'BBT' stands for Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, whereas 'BBT International, Inc' stands for Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. They are not one and the same. In fact, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. is not even a trust — it's a corporation.

Creation of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust in California, May 1972

While there are different kinds of trusts, in principle, a trust is established for the benefit of someone(s). The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust created by Srila Prabhupada in California, May, 1972 was Srila Prabhpada's legal construct to carry out his intentions while still living and afterwards, in perpetuity, and his designated trustees were entrusted to execute the functions of the trust for the benefit of ISKCON. 

Srila Prabhupada explicitly stated that the BBT was independent of ISKCON, although he needn't have stated it, because a beneficiary of a trust DOES NOT OWN the trust and has no say in its execution. The trust belongs to the creator of the trust, Srila Prabhupada.

ISKCON attempts to bypass the trustee and take over the BBT.

Practically from the time of Srila Prabhupada's departure in 1977 until 1980 book printing had come to almost a halt. There were stocks of books that were being distributed, but printing had stopped, and gradually stocks declined. Sometime between 1980 and 1981 a dispute arose between Ramesvara and Hansadutta over funds that Ramesvara claimed were owed to the BBT by temples under Hansadutta's management. 

In 1982 Hansadutta published 20,000 sets of Srimad-Bhagavatam in Singapore for distribution through contract sales. He also printed at the same time 10,000 of the black hard-copy Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 10,000 copies of the pocket size black vinyl Bhagavad-gita As It is, and 10,000 copies each of the pocket size newsprint Bhagavad-gita As It Is and hardcover Golden Avatar (Teachings of Lord Chaitanya). Ramesvara, who was never a BBT Trustee, moved to boycott the books in North American ISKCON centres and in other centres around the world, including Mayapur. 

Sometime in 1983 ISKCON GBC passed a resolution to remove Hansadutta as trustee of the BBT (and please note that while Hansadutta was sanctioned for lapses in strictly following the regulative principles of devotional life, he was not involved in criminal activity). They also passed a resolution to transfer the copyrights to Srila Prabhuapda's books from the BBT to a corporation. THEIR RESOLUTIONS DID NOT EFFECT LEGAL REMOVAL OF THE TRUSTEE AND COPYRIGHTS FROM PRABHUPADA'S BBT because they never had legal standing to do so.

Shortly afterwards Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc. was incorporated and assumed operation of publishing Srila Prabhupada's books. Legally, however, it had no connection whatsoever to Srila Prabhupada's BBT. They simply tagged the same name onto their corporation. Prior to this, Ramesvara informed the GBC that ISKCON of California, Inc had been carrying out BBT functions under the fictitious business name 'BBT'. 

The rank and file devotees had no knowledge of any of this and for that matter, probably most of the GBC had no clue either. No doubt they thought that the BBT was going on and that ISKCON GBC had authority over it. ISKCON never had legal authority to direct, appoint or remove the trustees or to take over operations of the trust or to seize its assets and properties. 

They created BBT International, Inc. as a smoke screen, an illusory device for taking over Srila Prabhupada's trust and bypassing the trustee. BBT International, Inc is a California corporation — not a trust, and has directors — not trustees. Most importantly, it owned neither the copyrights to Prabhupada's books nor the publishing rights.

The plot thickens, but the fact is that the BBTI or the Dey family are only claimants. They have no legal control over the copyrights. A court challenge would show that the copyrights never left the BBT – if they were really registered in the Trust in the first place. The only impediment to someone printing Srila Prabhupada's original books is the legal cost of defending that right. BBTI would most certainly challenge any publisher with as much cash as required.

For the BBTI, the same people who brought you Jayadvaita's Vanity Karma book, perpetuating the idea that they own the copyrights is an existential issue. Jitarati das recently printed 5,000 sets of the Srimad Bhagavatam - Prabhupada's words only, not Gopiparanadhana's / Hridayananda's completion of the 10th, 11th and 12th cantos, replaced instead by Krsna Book 1 & 2, printed nearly identically to the originals. 

It is a purely Prabhupada Bhagavatam set. The BBT in India (a real Trust) sued Jitarati, and the sets were frozen at the printers for a year and a half. However, an enlightened judge ordered that the parties settle. The gorgeous sets are now being sold in North America with the profits benefiting Bhaktivedanta Archives.

The question remains: how did the Deys get involved in claiming the copyrights to Srila Prabhupada's original books? If you ask any BBT or BBTI associates, they will brush off this question with a "it's too complicated" excuse or give some superficial answer that they hope will deter more sleuthing. The agenda seems to be not to rock the boat. 

They are happy to push the 2nd edition of the Bhagavad Gita as the flagship book of the Hare Krishna Movement despite thousands of Prabhupada followers remaining dissatisfied with the wholesale editing that puts words in Prabhupada's mouth that he never said. Not just Bhagavad Gita, but Bhagavatams, Caitanya-caritamrtas, etc. They are even putting additional changes to a vote through an online survey.

Notables like Ramesvara das, Garuda das, Govinda dasi, Rupanuga das, and so many hundreds of others are crying foul, but the BBTI directors have turned a deaf ear to the naysayers. They just cut the communication with such intimate servants of Srila Prabhuapda. Which brings us back to the Dey family. How did they get involved? Who brought them into the mix? What did they get out of it? Was there money exchanged? Promises made? By whom? When? Why?

You are not supposed to know. You don't understand. You are not an elite. Sorry.

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"Worst Flooding Ever" In Kerala India

Gaura Govinda Maharaja's Stinky Sewage Samadhi

The Acharya is Buried Around Here?

Petition to Establish the Gour Govinda Maharaj Samadhi Mandir 
in Mayapur by a dedicated trust

Ajit Dasa: We demand that the holy body of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj be returned to Sridham Mayapur where he himself decided to enter samadhi and that his Samadhi Mandir be built there and its seva be maintained by an independent trust of caring devotees.

The amount of abuse leading to the traumatic demolition of the Samadhi Mandir of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj clearly expose that the temple authorities of the Krishna-Balaram temple have completely neglected the service of our beloved Acharya and are unqualified to continue it.

Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj entered samadhi under most auspicious circumstances in the holiest of holy places – Sridham Mayapur. The fact that he himself chose this holiest place for his samadhi should never have been doubted. Still, his disciples approached the senior-most Gaudiya Vaishnava of that time, Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Maharaj, who said that naturally his Samadhi Mandir should be in Mayapur. 

They disobeyed this instruction and took his body out of Sridham Mayapur to Bhubaneswar. They tried to justify this by saying they didn’t want to be dependent on the unfavorable ISKCON Mayapur management, but they could have easily established a separate trust in Mayapur. Removing a saint who just entered samadhi from of the holiest place without his clear instruction has never happened before and is senseless.

[PADA: Some folks said the reason they took his body out of Mayapura was that it was suspected he had been poisoned by GBC agents in Mayapura?]

When Maharaja's holy body arrived at the Bhubaneswar Krishna-Balaram temple, the then temple president, Caitanya-candra Das, denied his traditional final temple darshan by saying that a dead body cannot enter the temple. 

[PADA: Well, hee hee, as long as you are a living body you are worshiped as the messiah of the jagat, the sum total of the demigods etc., but as soon as you are a dead body, you are a contaminated piece of manure. These GBC followers are a hoot. Of course, the body of an actual acharya would not be considered as a contaminated object not suitable to be taken in for darshan.]

This offence alone makes clear what kind of people the local leaders are. Instead of granting him a peaceful place away from the highway, they hastily buried him in a pit in his own straw hut Bhajan Kutir right next to the roaring highway. 

[PADA: Correct, we are told that there was never any proper consideration of the permits required for burying a person in that spot, apparently nor was there consideration of the waste water / sewage drainage problem?]

The tradition would be to make a dedicated Samadhi Mandir, not mixing it with the Bhajan Kutir. There was an empty new building readily available - today’s Smriti Mandir. But to save that for other future purposes they buried his body in the straw hut.

For the last fifteen years, the floor in front of the hut has constantly been wet or flooded with sewage spills from nearby pipes. The stench was intolerable. 

[PADA: Swell, so the body of their acharya has been kept under stinky and smelly sewage water, and in fact he was kept in an "intolerable stench" of sewage spill? Jeepers, please do not sign me up to be a GBC messiah, I'd rather not have them in charge of my bodily remains. 

OK! My remains are not very significant. 

And its not that I really care a whole lot where my remains will be resting, but its just that I'd rather not have my remains located under GBC managed sewage water spill samadhis, with no proper permits etc. -- just on principle. Hee hee! Well they placed a sexual predator in a samadhi in Vrndavana, that is like burying sewage itself. Burying sewage, having their acharyas remains swimming in sewage, that is the result of the GBC's wonderful expert managing process? 

It is said that an offender to the Vaishnavas has to take birth as a worm in stools on the lower planets. Wow, and this guy's body ALREADY ended up with the worms in stools society -- here on this planet? Is this a coincidence, or a divine way of showing us what is the fate of these false acharyas?]  

After years, the stench has cowardly been swept under the carpet by cementing the floor. That the holy body is also drenched in sewage was evident from the fact that the nearby well that reached deeper than the body was shut due to sewage contamination. After nobody was able to solve the flooding, some devotees demanded that the holy body be lifted out of this disaster but they were completely ignored by the management. 

Funds was not the issue. To politically safeguard his own position after it was compromised, Murli Krishna Swami funded a new 7 cr Rs residents ashram while he and the management refused to care for our beloved Acharya’s holy body.

From the beginning of the temple, the management knew well that especially the land near the highway is under threat of town development. 

[PADA: Apparently "the management" knew the city wanted to dig up the area to relieve the waste water / sewage spill problem too? Why was this not taken into consideration at the outset?]  

A few years later the temple managers got the first warning, which they ignored. After the demolition of part of the hut by the government, devotees rebuilt it and tried to protect it with political means. But this year, due to need of prevention of intense flooding, the government was forced to demolish the entire hut besides other nearby buildings like a school. 

Some devotees resorted to stone pelting and demonizing the government for executing their duty to prevent flooding, thus damaging the reputation of their society. Many other devotees, however, are appreciating the fact that the demolition is finally leading to the liberation of the holy body from the horrible fifteen years of sewage bath.

[PADA: Wow, the government had to liberate their acharya from swimming in the sewage. The government also had to help us liberate hundreds of children from their gurukulas with a lawsuit. Why does the government have an apparent better sense of managing than these people?]

The reason why ISKCON is out of the question to qualify for the seva of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj is that their Governing Body Commission (GBC) are envious of his exposing their wrong position on philosophy and planned to evict him from ISKCON. 

[PADA: OK except Gaura govinda maharaja is the person who has wrong siddhanta. GGM said we did not originate with Krishna in His leela, and that is mayavada according to Srila Prabhupada. GGM does not oppose the wrong philosophy, he is preaching the wrong philosophy in direct defiance of the acharya. Never mind GGM is voted into the GBC's sex with taxi driver's guru parampara, which will be re-assembling on the lowest planets according to shastra. Maybe the sewage link is a sign of their future?]

Srila Prabhupada says we originated in Krishna's leela or sport. GGM says no, that means GGM is WRONG! 

This was already written in the minutes of the Mayapur GBC meeting that was supposed to have taken place the very next day after His Holiness entered samadhi there. We have two eye witnesses for this. The minutes were erased after Maharaj left his body. Some claim he was poisoned. 

[PADA: Yep, and some think Suhotra was eliminated for "making waves" in Mayapura.]

One of his disciples pointed out that whatever happened, he himself decided to leave to protect his Godbrothers from committing the heinous offense of evicting him. All ISKCON temples are under the GBC who still hasn’t changed their wrong philosophy as proposed by Maharaj. Thus the only way Maharaj can be given service with actual respect, love and care is in a separate organization.

We, the global community of admirers of Srila Gour Govinda Maharaj, demand the immediate handing over of the service of his holy body to an independent trust of qualified and dedicated devotees to return him to Mayapur and to establish his Samadhi Mandir and proper worship there.

[PADA: What difference does it make where GGM is buried now? He is voted into the bogus GBC's sex with taxi driver's guru parampara, that is already a part of the giant sewage ditch of Kali yuga? That his samadhi has become officially in the sewage is a sign from above? Hee hee! Personally, I don't care if a pack of dogs eats my bodily remains, my only request is -- please do not place my body in the care of these fools. Lord have mercy! ys pd] 

Brooklyn Temple Legal Imbroglio (Update)

[PADA: Latest news we heard recently, the ISKCON GBC has filed a lawsuit for Ramabhadra to vacate the Brooklyn temple premises. Why should he? The GBC signed the property over to his charity, the Bharatiya Society, apparently -- in order to avoid having the property included in the Windle Turley lawsuit (?). So it seems like cheating upon cheating upon cheating. In any case, this is exactly what Srila Prabhupada said we should not do, start a bunch of lawsuits over properties (like the Gaudiya Matha).

And now, the thieves are fighting over the stolen bread? And they are bringing in more and more totally bogus people to lecture in the ISKCON temples, even those who are advocates of the Rama Krishna mission. And all this is getting ISKCON more and more advertised as "Hindu temples"? Which Srila Prabhupada does not want us to be advertised as? As one ex-kuli says, they want to be advertised as Hindu temples in order to bilk the Hindus out of cash, so they can keep their jet set guru's lifestyle going.

OK this is no longer factually ISKCON in any case? 

Rocana for his part now agrees that there are only 32 acharyas listed in the Gita, but he never explains why his "constitution" allows for "voting in" more and more gurus / parampara members into Rocana's "new parampara," to add to the list of 32. Meanwhile we all see that most of his alleged parampara members are not only bogus, they caused the Brooklyn lawsuit program? And this is the whole problem, none of these deviations are being conducted by acharyas. 

Same problem with Hanuman Croatia, he thinks all this imbroglio is about "sannyasas having secretaries." He overlooks or forgets that all the banning, beating, molesting, and murders were always about one goal -- gaining control of the assets, ok these buildings. The reason everyone was driven out was to seize the properties, same thing they did in the Gaudiya Matha. Has nothing to do with secretaries. 

As one devotee pointed out, we actually want to see them with female secretaries, that way we know they are maybe not having sex with their male secretaries, hee hee! Anyway, all this is making more public media scandals, expensive lawsuits etc. -- and as all of that gets more and more into the media, it makes the movement look like infighting among cats and dogs. Instead of saving the cat and dog fighting folks in  the material world, we have become the cat and dog fighting material world? Oh, heaven help us? ys pd] 

Let's look at this in a spiritually pragmatic way
Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Govinda care nothing for 60 million dollars
Their Lordships care only for their creation
Their little spirit souls
You and me

Srila Prabhupada wanted all his followers
To study his original unchanged books
His Divine Grace gave the example of
Lawyers in a court of law
Must know the laws in order to win their arguments
His Divine Grace wanted all his followers
To know and understand sastra like that
I would like to make my case here
Using sastra but
I'm not a learned sastra guy
That ain't me
If someone is so VAIN
That they believe
That they have surpassed His Divine Grace
And the entire sampradaya
And can change the sastra
What is the value of learning sastra
Or using sastra to prove or disprove anything

We should count our blessings
Shh don't tell anyone but
So far the maha mantra is the same

I'm just a little guy
Who lived in a community of Srila Prabhupada disciples
Immediately after His Divine Grace left us
So I couldn't be his initiated disciple
Too late prabhu
And everyone in the community knew it
They knew I could not be one of them
And still
They took me in and gave me their guidance
And their transcendental, for the most part, association
Not because I was a big book distributor
Not because I donated a lot of money
Not because I was a famous musician or actor or politician
Not because they loved me
Krsna knows how unlovable I am
It was because they loved His Divine Grace
And had no desire other than to please Srila Prabhupada
I'm talking about the little guys
Not the management
I had no association with management

It would be easy to play the blame game:
Look deep in your heart to where Supersoul resides
And ask your Self
Who is guilty of offending Sri Sri Radha Govinda, Srila Prabhupada, the entire sampradaya, and the aspiring Vaisnavas of NYC

NY TP and Associates GUILTY
NY Congregation GUILTY
Unknown Parties GUILTY

Everyone is to blame in that regard
Is this really about the money or the building
Except for the greedy materialistic hopelessly fallen individuals
I don't believe so
I believe
The real root of the situation in NYC
Is the karmic result of the poisonous weeds which were never rooted out
It all began with uttama-adhikari worship of 11 fallen conditioned souls
It may be said it began even prior
For the elites of 2018 "ISKCON"
You don't want to be reminded of your non-bonafide origins
You don't want to be exposed as frauds at this late date
Your ill-gotten material gains and faux spiritual reputations
Will be lost
In Naraka


If we don't follow Srila Prabhupada's
We will get the same results
We are experiencing now
Over and over and over
And Spiritual Fatalities

I am flawed
I am a fool
I am what I am
I speak from my heart
I belong to Krsna
I offer my fallen obeisances to all the aspiring Vaisnavas

[PADA: Consensus more and more is that Rocana's voted in / lawsuits ki jaya gurus are headed for naraka loka. We would have to agree. ys pd]

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dr. Pradeep K. Goel, DrPH, MS, MPH, MBBS vs PADA

Dr. Pradeep K. Goel, DrPH, MS, MPH, MBBS 

Dr. Pradeep Goel's Page

Profile Information

Name / Initiated name Dr. Premananda Gaura Das 

Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra 16. When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement? In Meerut, Bharat. Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple / centre and name few of the devotees whom you know. Delhi-Radha Parthasarthi. 

Mohan Rupa das, Dr. Krishna Priya das. Los Angeles: Rukmani Dwarkadish-Svavsa prabhu. Boston-Niranjan Swami. NOIDA Radha Govind Dev Mandir.

Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.Dr. Goel, trained in India and at Harvard in United States, is a physician, professor, senior advisor and consultant who has mostly worked in U.S. He is a pujari and lecturer on Bhagvad Gita, having been involved in ISKCON's missions in India, United States and West Africa. 

Currently, Dr. Goel is endeavoring to emulate the trails left by the multitudes of sages and saints who showed how to do selfless service to the global Sanatana Dharma and Bharat Bhumi. This is his life's mission.What are your expectations from this community? 

Same guy? https://www.mantrayoga.org/founder.php

[PADA: Dr. Pradeep Goel is a typical GBC guru supporter, and is advertised as a disciple of Gopal Krishna swami. Recently he was advertising Radhanath's lectures. OK wait a minute, aren't these two the self-same fellows who helped bury "Srila Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada" (Keith Ham) in a samadhi in Vrndavana? Isn't Kirtanananda a known sexual predator, and the founder father of a criminal operation known as New Vrndavana, which was raided by the Federal Authorities for all sorts of crimes? 

And weren't various New Vrndavana leaders implicated in various crimes, including inciting murders of dissenters? And weren't some New Vrndavana folks implicated in the $400,000,000 child abuse lawsuit? What is so wonderful about these folks, can someone explain? Why would anyone accept the folks who assist a program of burying sexual predators in a samadhi -- as their guru?] 

Burying sexual predators in the holy dham project?

Too many crimes from the Kirtanananda / Radhanath regime 
to detail herein / Read the above book for more details.


Pradeep Goel: Freedom for the Self, Service to the World

Swami Vivekananda gave this motto from the Rig Veda to the Rama Krishna Mission that he founded. This Mission runs many charitable hospitals and dispensaries in India and neighboring countries. I was fortunate to be of a little service in their humanitarian mission in the holy land of Vrindavan, near Mathura, the birthplace of Shri Krishna. Their hospital in Vrindavan sees over 1500 patients of all kinds every day and has 160 inpatients. All of their needs, medical, drugs, hospitalization, diagnostics, and meals, are almost virtually taken care of by the Mission. Please see some of the attached pics, and yes, do let me know if you want to serve there with your talents!

[PADA: With all due respect, Srila Prabhupada is not a fan of the Rama Krishna mission, nor is he a fan of various "swamis" who are opening hospitals. "Let me know if you want to serve the Rama Krishna operation"? And this is from a disciple of a GBC guru? As Srila Prabhupada says, there will always be sick and dying people in the material world. Therefore, the duty of a "swami" is to help the poor citizens get their SOULS out of the material world. In sum, a swami must try to save their SOULS and not try to save their temporary BODIES. These mayavadas are according to Srila Prabhupada going down in their future lives.  

Radhanath swami has also been criticized (even by the Bhakti Vikas swami folks) for advertising various mayavada gurus in his book. And Srila Prabhupada says Rama Krishna mission is teaching the self-same mayavada / impersonalism. Why are the ISKCON GBC's folks allowing their leaders and / or congregation members to advertise these side-tracked programs, including various babajis etc. which Srila Prabhupada is NOT in favor of? 

Pradeep Goel has also been advertising a link (from ISKCON Desire Tree) of hearing lectures from Mahanidhi swami, who has been characterized even by some of the other GBC's folks as a sympathizer with the Radha Kunda babajis. Again! Why are the GBC's folks allowing ISKCON to become juxtaposed with these programs,  which Srila Prabhupada criticized as false and / or "sahajiya"? The Rama Krishna mission, the babajis, the sahajiyas, the swamis opening hospitals, and all the rest of these things, are CONTINUOUSLY condemned by Srila Prabhupada. He warned us repeatedly to avoid these out - croppings.]

Premananda Gaura Dasa (Dr. Pradeep Goel) was until recently a university professor and health advisor to the American federal and state governments. Having entered the third stage of Vedic life, vanaprastha, he spends time now on preaching Krishna consciousness and mentoring devotees. He has been with ISKCON for close to thirty years and is a senior disciple of His Holiness Gopala Krishna Goswami.

[PADA: Fine, but if Gopal Krishna swami is our guru, and he is "voted in" to the GBC's guru illicit sex guru sampradaya, then what is that sampradaya? According to Jayadvaita swami, their guru sampradaya contains: illicit sex with men, women and possibly children. And now, we are "mentoring" people to understand that Krishna's guru parampara is chock full of: debauchees, deviants, drug addicts, sexual predators, orchestrators of child abuse, Vodka drinkers, Reno gamblers, and so forth? Why would any devotee of God want to be voted into such a guru parampara?

And worse, we are apparently preaching that the guru parampara from God is contaminated with all manner of deviants for 30 years? Where does Srila Prabhupada say the guru parampara FROM GOD is contaminated? Krishna says, acharyam mam vijnaniyam, the acharya is as good as My very self, or as pure as My very self. And Krishna's "very self" is what -- a bunch of debauchees and deviants? Or God's "very self" are the people -- voted in -- by the debauchees and deviants? Are any of these people even reading the Vedas?

Mr. Dog Pada, belongs in a samadhi in Vrndavana?

And Pradeep says he is teaching sanatan dharma? Really? Sanatan dharma is preaching that Krishna's guru successors are a pile of debauchees and deviants and / or those "voted in as guru" by the same people who voted to reinstate illicit sex with taxi drivers as their Vishnupada acharya in 1986? Ooops! Sanatan means eternal, wow, a program of worship of debauchees and deviants as acharyas is -- the eternal religion of mankind? Nope! Its a VERY temporary deviation of the disciples of Kali Yuga. No one else EVER worships an illicit sex guru parampara except, the disciples of Kali yuga? When else is this deviation established? 


Mr. Dog Pada is part of the eternal chain of gurus from God, and so are the people who buried him in a samadhi? And why wouldn't "Bharat Bhumi" Pradeep Goel know this is bogus, and yet we "Western" Vaishnavas have to remind these self-advertised Bharat Bhumi folks that -- they are supporting a deviating process?]

Kirtananda samadhi project described here:


PADA would thus like challenge Pradeep Goel to a debate on these and other issues. 

A few of the questions we might ask:

1) What is a sexual predator's "samadhi" program, and what would a sexual predator be "meditating on" in his alleged samadhi state? And why would we bury known sexual predators as gurus, or bury their cheer leaders, in the holy dham?

2) Gopal Krishna swami is "voted in" to the GBC's illicit sex with taxi driver's guru parampara. OK fine, and what is a sex with taxi driver's guru parampara? Where is such a parampara described in shastra?

3) The GBC's folks like Jayadvaita say that their GBC guru parampara contains: illicit sex with men, women and possibly children. Why would anyone say that God's guru succession often contains debauchees and illicit sex predators?

4) How can the founder fathers of an illicit sex guru parampara "vote in" more gurus?

5) Why is ISKCON telling people to offer their bhogha to the members of an illicit sex guru parampara?

6) Should children be told that God's gurus and successors are often sexual predators, debauchees, deviants, drunkards, criminals and / or those voted into the above mentioned "guru sampradaya" group? Is this not illegal corruption of minors?

7) Gopal Krishna's wife Ekayani has started a web site complaining about Gopal Krishna's mis-treatment of her, and women as a class. Why would we want these types of people to be representing the parampara of Krishna? 

8) Apparently, Pradeep Goel was formerly a Christian. Then he allegedly converts to Sanatan Dharma, and then he attacks the Christians:

Pradeep Goel: What's Next?

Having had a first-hand experience of the terrible tactics of foreign missionaries in converting Indians to their religions, Dr. Goel has a special commitment to propagating Sanatana Dharma. More so now when the swarming from the so-called secular media and its degenerative values occlude the minds of young and old alike. The nexus of Marxists, Christians, and Muslims has successfully eroded the teachings of Sanatana Dharma in India's education system and thus our children are being raised in a so-called secular environment that is basically antagonistic to our ancient culture and history. 

Dr. Goel is preparing for the next Ashram in a Vedic life, Vanaprastha. Swami Paramarthananda of Chennai, an ocean of knowledge on Sanskrit and Vedic scriptures, defines it as the ashram where one broadens one's sphere of thoughts and actions, to benefit the masses, and to purify one's Atma for a deeper association with the Paramatma. That's the path Dr. Goel seeks to undertake. Study of Sanskrit, mother of Indo-European languages, Vedas, especially Upanishads, and Bhagvad Gita are the top priorities while endeavoring to emulate the trails left by the multitudes of sages and saints who showed how to do selfless service to Sanatana Dharma and Bharat Bhumi.

[PADA: Wait a minute? Pradeep Goel is attacking the Christians, but they are VASTLY superior to himself! Almost ALL Christians know:  (A) God is pure -- therefore (B) God's guru successor (like Jesus) is also pure. Now he has gone way off the Christian's path to follow the GBC's idea, that (A) God is pure -- therefore, God's guru successors are often sexual predators, drunkards, debauchees, deviants, criminals, and so forth? 

That means he has gone backwards? The Christians have the right idea, God is pure, and so are His successors. That is CORRECT.

And worse, the deviant messiah's class has "voted in" another wave of gurus, their "successors," namely Gopal Krishna. And members of this process have been promoting the Radhanath program, which is still in league with the Kirtanananda samadhi program. And worse, all of the people voted in by members of the first wave of deviants -- are the current gurus now? Or what? 

9) How can deviants vote for acharyas?  

10) Why reject the Christian's idea that God is pure, therefore His successor is also pure (which is also the Vedic principle), and adopt the sahajiya idea that pure devotees are mixed with debauchee behaviors? Srila Prabhupada says the people who merge pure devotees with debauchee are GLIDING TO HELL. 

These people are cheer leaders for the GBC's guru program, but not taking responsibility for their actions and history. Anyway! This is just pointing the way, we have many more questions. If Pradeep or his pals want to discuss these points, write us @ angel108b@yahoo.com.



Pradeep and the Gita:

PADA: Why would the GBC make debauchee and deviants acharya's programs, and then "declare war" on those of us worshiping Prabhupada, and have us banned, beat and assassinated for protesting their bogus process? ys pd

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Ritvik System Is Authorized (Sattvic Dasa)

Recently a devotee objected to the validity of the Ritvik system based on the following contentions:
1) SP would introduce a totally new system to the parampara, and
2) if somehow Krishna wanted this introduced, then SP surely would have given us extensive instructions on how to do it and what it means. He did neither.
This is my reply:

Dear prabhu. Hare Krishna. By your own logic Srila Bhaktisiddhanta also introduced something 'New" in the Parampara.
1) He asked his disciples to form a GBC, something that no other Acharya in our parampara has ever done and
2) He did not ask any of his disciples to initiate but to work under the direction of the GBC and wait for the "Self-effulgent" Acharya to manifest.

Both these ideas were totally unprecedented and therefore were not accepted by his disciples, albeit for the same reason the GBC did not accept Srila Prabhupada's order on intitations. (Not traditional). They (the disciples of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta disobeyed his order and created chaos in the Institution. The Gaudiya Math broke into many factions and each disciple became an acharya thus disintegrating the Institution he worked so hard to build.
Srila Prabhupada did the same. He formed a GBC and did not ask any of his disciples to initiate but to act on his behalf. These are the facts.
Introduction of different means to carry on the work of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the prerogative of the Acharya. The Acharya, being a Nitya Siddha, is in direct contact with the Lord and he receive instructions and is thereby authorized by the Lord to accept way and means by which the Parampara is maintained. They make tradition as the meaning of tradition is a time-honored practice or set of such practices which starts at some point, a custom to be carried on through generations or until some other tradition is created.
There is no change in the principle of the Parampara but the details differ from one Acharya to the next. Srila Prabhupada did give us extensive instructions especially when the GBC asked for guidance on what to do about initiations 'especially at a time when he was no longer with us'. He sent a document to all the officers of his Institution directing them to follow the system of initiations he adopted for his Institution. How more extensive instructions do we need to convince us that Srila Prabhupada, knowing he was about to leave this miserable world, did in fact establish the system of initiations to be carried on until Sri Krishna makes arrangements for carrying on the Parampara?
When did we question Srila Prabhupada about whether what he introduced in Iskcon was indeed "traditional"? Can you imagine what he would have said to such an audacious fool?
Yet, on this count (Ritvik initiations) the GBC decided to question the validity of the order and rejected it because it is not traditional.
Was chanting 16 rounds traditional?
Was giving brahmana initiation to westeners traditional?
Was giving brahmana to women traditional?
Was allowing women to worship the deities in the temple traditional? The list goes on and on.
There is no plausible reason not to follow the order of the spiritual master because "It is not traditional".
The repercussions of the offense committed are there for everyone to see. The Hinduization of Iskcon, the continuous falldown of anointed gurus by a disobedient GBC, The fragmentation of Iskcon into feudalism. Gurus having their own separate Institutions, The Gopi bhava club and..... where do we stop?
Your servant
Sattvic Das.

"Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, “Both the Supreme Personality of Godhead and My spiritual master, Isvara Puri, are completely independent. Therefore neither the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead nor that of Isvara Puri is subject to any Vedic rules or regulations."
(CC Madhya 10.137)

"No. Tradition, religion--they are all material. They are also all designation."
(SP Conv., March 13, 1975)
"Our only tradition is how to satisfy Vishnu."
(SP Lecture, July 30, 1973)

In addition to ISKCON’s current guru system not having any order from Srila Prabhupada to justify its existence, the GBC’s official “brain”, the “Sastric Advisory Council” (SAC), has said that the process by which it does authorise gurus, via voting them in, is not based on “guru, sadhu and sastra”:

“Our present system has institutionalized a process of senior devotees voting or offering no-objection to prospective gurus. But we do not find that this institutionalized blessing seeking process is mentioned by guru, sadhu or sastra as the way that one is authorized to become a guru.”

(Balancing the roles of the GBC and the disciple in Guru selection, SAC)

Flat Earth vs Bhu-Gola

Stampede and Lathi Charge at Atheist's Funeral

[PADA: Yep, only in India would crowds come to offer respects to a departed atheist politician, and then people would get killed in the stampede. Mr. Karunanidhi had said "there is no Rama," well now "there is no more Mr. Karunanidhi." This indicates that Srila Prabhupada is correct when he says, India is overcome with mundane politics and the mass of people are gradually more forgetful of Krishna. ys pd]

Monday, August 6, 2018

God Has Feelings (Srila Prabhupada Video)

Atmavidya Das "Butchering the books"

After a four-months break I am back on Facebook.

However, I am not going to be active here much.

In particular, I do not want to see any glorification of present-day ISKCON, its so-called leaders, and its laughing stock sannyasis. I consider them old fools – which, in some cases might be a bit harsh but in most cases I feel that I am being charitable in my statement. Collectively they have turned a once spiritual movement into a dead branch of the Caitanya Tree. 

First and foremost, by at least silently giving their consent to the butchering of the original literature of my spiritual master.

I hold that glorifying the wrong people is also an offence – an offence to the genuine Vaishnavas who are not easily found within institutions. Some of them may be a bit weak in their daily practice – however, temporary weakness is one thing, deviation is another, and much more severe.

So, before you send me any friendship request I humbly ask you to think at least twice – after reflecting on what I wrote above.

Atmavidya Das