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A Fire in the Matha

Srila Prabhupada with Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura at Radhakunda:

In November of 1935, Srila Prabhupada visited Srila Bhaktisiddhanta at Radhakunda in Vrindavana. At this time, he had some confidential discussion with his spiritual master. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta was concerned about how his disciples were (already) fighting over who would occupy which rooms in the big new temple in Baghbazar, Calcutta.

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta told Srila Prabhupada: “Agun jvable—there will be fire.” The fire he was speaking about was the fire of party conflict, a fire that could spoil the whole Gaudiya Matha. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta said, “When we were living in a rented house, if we could collect two hundred or three hundred rupees we were living very nicely at Ultadanga. We were happier then. But since we have been given this marble palace in Baghbazar, there is friction between our men. Who will occupy this room? Who will occupy that room? Who will be the proprietor of this room? Everyone is planning in different ways. It would be better to take the marble from the walls and secure money. If I could do this and print books, that would be better.”

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta then said to Srila Prabhupada. “I had a desire to print some books. If you ever get money, print books.” After 1936 the Baghbazar temple was taken over by Sridhara Maharaja, Professor Sannyal, and Madhava Maharaja, and they conjoined to establish Ananta Vasudeva as the acharya there. 


[PADA: Same thing really is what happened also in ISKCON. The leaders started fighting over who would be the "rising moon," who would get this asset or that asset, who would get this zone or that zone, and they did exactly what the Gaudiya Matha deviants did, they illegally declared that they are acharyas. 

And then they removed almost all of the disciples of the acharyas and "AGUN JVABLE" -- they started a fire of devastation in the math that has basically burnt ISKCON to toast. Srila Prabhupada said, "Gaudiya Matha, finished." So this is what happens when people are self-interested, and they want to become worshiped as good as God, this burns down the house. 

After the house has been burnt to toast, there is not much left for anyone else. The photos below illustrates the results of burning down the house, and in the same way there is basically almost nothing left for the poor citizens of ISKCON either. Srila Prabhupada said these Gaudiya Matha guru people are "severe offenders" for making this bogus guru program, and seeing the results makes it clear they are not pleasing Krishna, because they made His temples into devastated if not empty ghost towns, just like these photos illustrate. ys pd]  

Results of: A fire in the matha?

Radhastami Montreal Canada

- Ne manquez pas la prochaine Radhastami
qui aura lieu le 6 septembre (De midi à 17 hre) à cette adresse:- Do not miss the next Radhastami
to be held on September 6 (Noon to 17 hr) at:
Centre Père Sablon
4265 Papineau
Salle 21
Carte ici.
Map here.

- Il y a un stationnement payant à côté du bâtiment.
Le coût est de 2.00$ de l'heure ou 9.00$ pour la journée.

- There is a paid parking lot next to the building.
The cost is $ 2.00 per hour or $ 9.00 for the day.

- Pour le bon succès de cette fête
votre don est grandement apprécié
- For the good success of this festival
your donation is greatly appreciated. 


Au programme:
- Introduction (10 minutes)
Arotika avec kirtan (30 minutes)
- Lecture par Nandikesvara Dasa (40 minutes)
- Abhiseka avec kirtan (40 minutes)
- Video de Radharani (20 minutes)
- Récital avec le groupe Bhakti Bhajan (20 minutes)
- La danse Bharat Nathyam (20 minutes)
Balançoire - Swing avec Bhajana (40 minutes)
- Prasadam (90 minutes)

Vrndavana Widows Land Under Attack

Hare Krishna Hill Construction Continues

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Radhastami In Sunnyvale

Radhastami is Tuesday September 2 California Time

PADA Appreciation of Madhu Pandit Das

PADA: Over the years we have found very "far and few between" Krishna devotees who see the need for any legal challenges to the bogus GBC's post - 1977 gurus. Madhu Pandit das is one of those very few rare people on earth who understands this point -- that we have to challenge the bogus GBC's gurus in court. Of course, in actual Vedic times the pious king would not allow anyone to say "deviants are God's successors," there would be a much more severe chastisement for such odious activities than a mere court case. Yet, a court case is better than doing nothing.

What is result of doing nothing? When the mass of devotees here in the USA wanted to do basically nothing after 1977, and they did not want to help us make court challenges in the 1980s, that process simply handed the job of enforcement off to the mundane society's police and courts.

Thus, there was a Federal Marshall's SWAT raid on the Berkeley temple and its farm; Various well publicized drugs busts; Various arrests of devotees for all types of crimes; Criminal prosecutions; Various Felony arrests; Federal FRAUD lawsuits (which ISKCON lost); A SWAT raid on the Mississippi oil painting business; Various murders; A full scale FEDERAL raid of New Vrndavana; Gurus being whacked with rebar, gurus distributing drugs like ecstacy, gurus having their heads decapitated -- and so on infinitum, all of which was posted prominently in the news media all over the world. In sum, the devotees decided not to act legally, so the mundane society was forced into action.

And so, for quite a long time, it was mainly me and Sulochana who were publicly asking the devotees for help with a legal process to be used on these bogus gurus, and he was assassinated for doing that. I also would have been assassinated since the FBI said I was "next on the (GBC guru's) hit list," but the police saved me. Of course, this begs the question, why should we Westerners have to undertake the job of correcting any of the guru lineages of India -- at all?

Why aren't the India nationals themselves saying, hey we cannot have homosexuals, sexual predators, deviants, criminals, drug addicts and various fools posing as India's "tradition of acharyas." Why are any of us Westerners even involved at all in this issue? Why didn't India's own people such as: BR Sridhara Maharaja, BV Narayana Maharaja, BV and BP Puri maharajas, Gopal Krishna swami, Bhakti Caru swami, Svarupa Damodar swami, Gaura govinda maharaja etc etc etc -- start to take this bogus molester acharya's program down -- at the get go in 1977, or at least assist us later in the 1980s? Why did they wait for a few Western cranks like us to take this bogus program on, much later?

Why was the job of correcting these whacky-doodle "Krishna's successor acharyas" handed off to a few isolated cranks like me and Sulochana, and our main help has been the mundane law enforcement of the West -- such as the Berkeley Police? At least to his credit Madhu Pandit das is one of the few rare "Indian bodied" folks who knows that having all these fools posing as India's saints is -- wrong, and it discredits the entire Vedic religion, the concept of Dharma, and it ruins the entire India cultural heritage worldwide, and therefore this deviation should be legally challenged, at the very least. Really, we should have at least 1,000 people with signs protesting the courts for even allowing the molester messiahs into their doors, but that is not likely to happen because most people there are too compromised and apathetic.

Why aren't there many hundreds of thousands of the self-appointed "defenders of Lord Krishna's and India's culture" in India saying, hey!, we cannot have fools and deviants posing as the topmost representatives of Vedic culture, as the head "guru representatives" of Vaishanvism, as LORD KRISHNA's and India's parampara successors etc., -- because this is juxtaposing deviants with India's supreme ancient religious system of acharyas and spiritual masters, a succession of gurus direct FROM GOD. For starters, allowing deviants in the role of India's "successors to God" impacts how India's religion is seen overall by other nations and people's around the world.

Of course this attack on the acharya process would never occur in the USA with our acharya here, Lord Jesus. If someone here were to say that homosexuals, sexual predators, deviants, drug addicts, criminals (and so on) are the GURU successors to Jesus, there would be an immediate public outcry, and mass opposition to this travesty including public protests, lawsuits, if not riots and so forth. Juxtaposing Jesus with miscreants would never be accepted over here, it would be challenged by almost everyone.

Its amazing to us that only a few people like Madhu Pandit are taking up that same challenge in India? For example, when someone made an offensive statue of Jesus in an art display in New York City, immediately hundreds and hundreds of Christians came there with big protest signs. They were loudly chanting and singing protest songs with bull horns, and they basically protested outside the art show until they shut the whole thing down, and thus the show had to remove that item. In India, we cannot seem to raise up even one person with one sign in front of the bogus courts in India that empowers the molester acharyas process? At least MPD has gone into the court and said, hey guess what, we do not agree that deviants are Lord Krishna's acharyas and neither does Srila Prabhupada. At least he has tried to do something.

The juxtaposing of Jesus with criminal deviations would be VIGOROUSLY opposed here in the USA, so it is surprising to us that this almost never seems to happen in India. In sum, INDIA as a nation should NOT LEGALLY allow homosexuals and assorted deviants to be LEGALLY listed as part of their system of bona fide India's saints, messiahs, gurus and acharyas. Yes, this makes the entire India nation look somewhat suspect if not foolish, and worse, it mis-represents the entire VEDIC heritage of India to have miscreants LEGALLY listed as Lord Krishna's guru successors and so forth. Then again, I am glad to know this is wrong, and to have been on the forefront of challenging this issue. I would rather know this is wrong -- than to not know, and I'd rather be in danger from speaking up than to simply roll over and do nothing.

It seems to us then, that hardly anyone recognizes this "sanctity of the guru lineage" issue in India, apart from a very few people like Madhu Pandit das. OK, apparently some courts finally ruled that Sridi Sai Baba cannot be worshiped as a deity, but that is rare and almost never happens.

Meanwhile, in India we can easily gather together 100,000 people -- in an instant -- to protest out in the front of a corporation that owns an industrial building that exploded. Yet if someone says homosexuals, deviants, criminals and sexual predators are God's guru successors in the eternal GURU LINEAGE OF INDIA, we cannot see hardly even one person with a sign protesting this odious process at the Supreme court, where this very topic was brought in by Madhu Pandit das?

Not only there is no one joining the MPD protest, but people like the some of the GBC's, Dayaram, HKC Jaipura folks and their Prabhupadanuga eu friends are protesting that Madhu Pandit is protesting homosexuals and deviants being legally listed as God's successors? Their protest is, lets harass, check and try to stop the people who do not want to have homosexuals and deviants to be legally listed as God's guru successors in India. Great, and that is how these same clowns have kept this whole criminal molester messiahs project in LEGAL power for the past 35 years.

Its easy to get thousands of people in India to protest government corruption, high food prices, raising train fares, bad corporations etc., but not so easy to find even one person to protest bogus messiahs posing as "the tradition of India"?   

So this is really a job for Indian folks, they are the ones who should be saying they do not want to see homosexuals, deviants and criminals to be LEGALLY associated as Lord Krishna's GURU successors, and worse, for these homosexuals, deviants and etc. to be LEGALLY listed ALL OVER THE WORLD as "in the parampara of India's saints, successors, messiahs and acharas." Madhu Pandit Das is most rare, he has at least gone to court to try to give the pure parampara a say in the courts, i.e. to establish LEGALLY that deviants are NOT Lord Krishna's successors. Yep, as Sulochana used to say, most of these alleged devotees are boot lickers for the molester messiahs, brain washed zombies, buffalo brains, etc. because they are not helping us with a LEGAL challenge.

How did you guess, instead of helping MPD by protesting in front of the court with signs, saying MPD is correct, i.e. deviants and homosexuals are not Lord Krishna's successor acharyas:  we find -- various GBC folks, including apparently all their Indian bodied gurus, along with Dayaram, The HKC Jaipur folks, and their heros Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad, the Prabhupadanugas eu folks and others joining the GBC goondas to chop off the legs of Madhu Pandit's protest in court, which of course will simply help the homosexuals and deviants continue to be LEGALLY listed as the successors to Krishna. The HKC is even promoting the Dayarama lawsuit, because they have more sympathy for their molester messiahs program than for Srila Prabhupada's. Of course that is -- when the HKC folks are not promoting their Illuminati beef eaters as their authorities.

Instead of saying, wow, we really need to join MPD to legally establish Srila Prabhupada as the LEGAL acharya, they say wow, we have to pound on the heads of MPD and anyone else who wants to legally establish Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, so we can keep the molester messiahs in the legal driver's seat. As Sulochana often said, boot lickers for the molester messiahs.

Why do these people always want to check the court protest of homosexuals and deviants posing as God's successors? Why do these people always want to keep the GBC's status quo of deviants being legally linked as the successors to God? Why do ALL these folks always help the GBC gurus by curbing protests to the deviant acharyas? At least now we all know why this madness and mess has continued for 35 years, the GBC gets help all along the way from all these assembled hand maidens.

Forget the GBC's folks, even the Prahlad folks, Dayarama's folks, the HKC's Jaipur folks, the Prabhupadangas eu folks, they are ALL conjointly protesting that MPD is protesting their molester acharya's lineage in court at all. They want to chop off the legs of MPD's protest, so they can keep their favorite molester messiahs program legally listed as God's messiahs in legal court. They not only love the molester messiahs, they want them to be the legally established acharyas of the entire world, and not for Srila Prabhupada to be the legally established acharya.

Now some of the HKC folks are even saying to us that we in the MPD program is Shudras. Right, we Shudras know that homosexuals and molesters posing as messiahs needs to be challenged in court, you HKC Jaipur do not know that. You instead want to check our protest and save the homosexual messiahs program as being the bona fide legally recognized entity. You have a long way to go to be as advanced as us Shudras.

As soon as someone says, we need to challenge legally homosexuals and deviants posing as INDIA'S acharyas and messiahs, then the GBC's camp, some from the Gaudiya Matha folks, Prahlad's folks, the HKC Jaipur folks and their Prabhupadanuga eu buddies, and all these assembled folks -- come out to protest our protest. Why are you trying to establish Srila Prabhupada legally as the acharya, that will take our precious homosexuals and molesters off the Vyasa seat as the legal acharyas? They want the status quo of homosexuals LEGALLY listed as India's succession of acharyas, ALL OVER THE WORLD, plain and simple. The molester messiahs should NOT be legally challenged, and anyone who makes a legal challenge should be beaten with shoes, because -- ok these folks love and protect the molester messiahs program, what else is new?

This simply HELPS the deviants REMAIN as the legal representatives of INDIA'S ACHARYA lineage. The GBC, Prahlad group, HKC group, Prabhupadanuga eu types of folks even say its a waste of money to stop molesters and deviants from being legally listed as India's acharyas. So apparently, having homosexuals and molesters in the guru chain from Krishna is fine, because protesting "costs money." I hope they can take all their precious money with them into the next life. Oh forsooth, lets save our precious molester's messiahs, do not support a lawsuit to oppose them, oh boo freakin hoo, its costing our precious money. Sheesh!

Of course all these assembled people are ALSO complaining that MPD even has ANY money at all, "why does he have money" they all complain in unison, jack boots stomping in time. Right, because if he has no money he has no court case, so that means they want the molester's guru lineage to remain intact and untouched legally, and that is why this bogus lineage has remained for such a long time already, the GBC and these attack dogs for the GBC have suppressed legal action. They do not want MPD to have any money, and the same group even complained I was driving a taxi and making some meager money, in sum the opposition to the homosexual gurus should have no money at all, so they can keep their molester messiahs project running without opposition.

The GBC and their hand maidens have thus legally allowed deviants to be listed as the legal, and so far at least, INDIA SUPREME COURT APPROVED acharyas of India. I am not even an India born citizen, but if I was there and a citizen, I'd be there with a sign protesting the courts for allowing homosexuals and deviants to be legally listed as INDIA's acharyas. Forget the HKC folks ever making a public protest of the homosexual acharyas, they are never doing that, rather they will come with signs protesting MPD, because they are boot lickers for the GBC, as Sulochana himself often explained.

It amazes me that the even these self-proclaimed HKC Jaipur brave hero folks, mostly India born folks, are also trying to stop our idea of having homosexuals, deviants, criminals and molesters officially declared as NOT being LEGALLY listed as their nations's messiahs. They are not even loyal to India's image in the world, much less the Vedas. Well if you guys want homosexuals and deviants to be legally listed as your county's saints and messiahs, and you want to block anyone who opposes that agenda, you just might get what you want. Don't complain when people think you are idiots and fools.

Of course, for your program of allowing all this to go on up till now, and not making public protests even now, the general population of the world has ALREADY not got much respect for you folks as it is. Now that you are attacking the people who want to have molesters legally out of your parampara, you are looking downright awful. ys pd

[PADA: Yes, prabhu this has been our problem all along for 35 years, as soon  as we say homosexuals and deviants are not Lord Krishna's acharyas, and this should be established LEGALLY in court, then the GBC, HKC Jaipur, Dayarama, Jayapataka, Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad, Prabhupadanugas eu, and all these assembled handmaidens of the molester messiahs come out to harass and check us because they want the homosexuals and deviant messiah's program to continue as the legal achayas for ISKCON. 

Dayarama even wrote to tell me he knows they have homosexual "acharyas" in their line, and yet he still defends them. Yep, how did you guess, the HKC Jaipura / Prahlad / Prabhupadanugas eu folks quote Dayarama's lawsuit as their authority. They are not only with the homosexual messiahs program, they love their court case to have Srila Prabhupada tossed out as the legal acharya, and to have their molesters to remain as the acharyas, and that is why they are acting as Dayarama's cheer leaders.

Dayarama even makes a public protest of the Prabhupada program in front of the Bangalore temple, in sum he makes a public defense of the molester gurus. Where are the HKC's public protest of the molester messiahs? You'll never see that. They do not publicly protest the way we did for 35 years. Dayarama is protesting, and the HKC Jaipur / Prabhupadanuga eu is protesting with him, molester messiahs lover's club birds of a feather. 

These assembled people are exactly what Sulochana said they are, boot lickers for the buggery messiahs. Yes, they are totally disgusting. They are protesting the fact we are protesting the molester messiahs, because they are aligned with the molester messiahs and have been all along. They will never publicly protest the molester messiahs, because they want them to stay in the legal seat of acharyas, rather they will protest anyone who tries to legally drag their homosexual messiahs program off the Vyasasana, and they have been doing that all along since 1977 . ys pd]    

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RE: Radha Krishnadas Brahmachari + Caste Goswamis

RKDB: The Historical Launching of 'Caitanya Nidhi' Quarterly Hindi Magazine

A Hindi quarterly magazine of high printing calibre and solely dedicated to the preservation and propagation of the subtle intricate concepts pertaining to the theological system of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu known by the designation of ‘Caitanya-nidhi’ or ‘The Great Treasure of Lord Caitanya’ – is going to be launched from the October of 2014.

The Honourable Founder of the said journal is Gaudesvara - sampradayacarya Astottarasata Pujya Srī Pundarika Gosvami Maharaja (Shri Pundrik Goswami Ji) of historical Radharamana Temple in Vṛndavana, the worthy scion and successor hailing from the disciplic succession of Srila Gopalabhatta Gosvamipada, the eternal and contemporary associate of Srīman Mahaprabhu Krsnacaitanyadeva.

For identification purposes, the links to the photographs of the Honourable Founder and the Respected Primeval Editor-in-Chief of the said magazine are as follows -

1) Srī Pundrik Goswami Maharaja

2) Srī Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari Prabhuvara 

PADA: OK, well great luck with your publication. We wish you well in promoting the teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and we have to admit you are a genuine scholar. The first problem however is that Srila Prabhupada did not accept the modern day caste lineages of India, nor did many of the recent acharyas. The system of caste has become corrupt in India, and that is well known both in and out of India. And if you publish in Hindi only, none of us Westerners will benefit from your writings in any case. This itself seems a little caste conscious by itself.

Of course all this does not mean the Goswami caste folks are not nice people, but it may mean they are not factually pure devotees, Goswamis and /or Paramahamsas. For example, Srila Prabhupada complained that some of the caste Goswamis are married, whereas the title of Goswami normally only applies to the sannyasa order.

The devotee Radha Krishnadas Brahmacari was challenged by us for quite a long time to identify his lineage, because he was found to be posting in the apparently ISKCON GBC friendly forums. He would not, or could not, identify his line for a long time, although he did agree with us that deviants are not in any bona fide line. 

Now he has gone full on supporting the caste Goswamis, and we think that is because he realized that he could not endorse the GBC's guru lineage, despite his attraction for Vaishnavism. So the Goswamis seemed a better option. Unfortunately, we have to agree with this analysis, the Goswamis have a better program of following the Vaishnava system than most of these GBC gurus. 

So this is another symptom of the GBC's guru program, people keep going off to other programs, and the exodus continues. ys pd   

How Do We Know Liberated Status?

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Narasimha Prayers / Lost Prabhupada Kirtana

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World Needs Ancient India's Philosophy

Grand Janmastmi and Vyas Puja Celebrations + news

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Actor Becomes Krishna Monk

Jaya Srila Prabhupada

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

You simply come and hear, and this hearing, it is followed by nice music and singing. And beginning with music, ending with music, everyone will like it. And we have no means.....of course, whatever means I have got, I am distributing little fruit.
Lect, NY, July 28, 1966

HKC Jaipur Secular Agenda

Brief Video on this topic ...


PADA: Why does the HKC Jaipur (Dayalu Nitai etc.) always support and cite Prahlad das? As we have pointed out for some years now, Prahlad das supports the Illuminati web site of Mukunda das -- which advertises the DVDs of "Illuminati" speakers aka -- mostly beef eaters and animal hunters. See photo below of the Prahlad team's web site, where the Prahlad team freely mixes Srila Prabhupada's image with their beef eating speakers and authorities, painting Srila Prabhupada as approving and authorizing these bogus speakers.

Yep, some of the folks Prahlad's program advertises say we need to learn how to hunt animals -- so that when the war starts, we will be able to eat dead animals. And they are placing the names of these animal hunter promoters right along with a photo of Srila Prabhupada, making it appear that Srila Prabhupada supports animal hunting. Why is the HKC always citing and promoting the Prahlad people who are juxtaposing Srila Prabhupada's photo along with their agenda of beef eating speakers and using guns for animal slaughter?

And Prahlad's program is also selling the DVDs of his beef eating speakers as his authorities, to brain wash the poor masses with their hideous propaganda. Where does Srila Prabhupada tell us to promote beef eating speakers? And why are they using a photo of Srila Prabhupada to promote their beef eating and animal hunting agenda? And why has the HKC Jaipur promoted Prahlad das, despite their knowing FULL WELL from us, and from looking at their site, that Prahlad is supporting this Illuminati web site and its agenda, and its beef eating authorities?

In short, why is the HKC Jaipur promoting Prahlad's program which is placing Srila Prabhupada's photo together with mostly beef eaters, animal hunters and so forth? The HKC agenda seems to be: making it look like Srila Prabhupada promotes and endorses these mostly beef eater speakers, if not animal hunting speakers and so forth. Of course, Srila Prabhupada says if we promote someone as our speaker and our authority, we have made him our de facto guru.

Why is the HKC Jaipur promoting Prahlad, and thus, his beef eating and animal hunting folks program, as their de facto gurus / authorities? And the HKC Jaipur is promoting this program's leaders like Prahlad, who told us they are "getting lots of hits" on their beef eating speakers programs, so its bona fide. Well yes, and making beef stew recipe web sites also get lots of hits!

These Prahlad people, who are making money selling their beef eater and animal hunter folks DVDs, and making these Illuminati folks into some sort of gurus / higher authorities, are the HKC folks heros and leaders, the people who represent the HKC? And worse, the HKC / Prahlad team are using an image of Srila Prabhupada for their dubious "fund raising" program. Of course they criticize feeding the poor with VEGETARIAN FARE, but eating beef and hunting animals / and promoting this agenda as authorities / speakers are what THEY ADVERTISE as their speakers / authorities / de facto gurus!

[Conversation condensed and edited for brevity, since these guys keep repeating themselves, i.e. anyone who does not support their juxtaposing Srila Prabhupada's photo with beef eaters is bogus.]

Ashish Kumar: See Prahlad das site.

PADA: OK. Right, lets look at a web site above that Prahlad promotes. Why does Ashish Kumar promote Prahlad, knowing full well that Prahlad promotes this Mukunda Illuminati program? OK and that program uses the names of mundane people mixed with Srila Prabhupada's photo? In addition, Prahlad is also citing Bhakta das on his site, and Bhakta das supports Radhanatha swami. Why doesn't Ashish know that we cannot promote Radhanath groupies in the Prabhupadanuga program?

Why are the HKC with Prahlad's program of promoting the GBC's spokemen and sympathizers like Bhakta Das, and various crack pot Illuminati-ites mixed with photos of Srila Prabhupada etc.? And the Prahlad folks are selling the DVDs of these Illuminati speakers to make money.

This means they are exploiting Srila Prabhupada and Krishna for their commercial money making BUSINESS, never mind mixing Srila Prabhupada with Illuminati "gurus" which simply exploits and confuses the poor public. Why doesn't the HKC join us in opposing this foolishness, instead they are promoting the number one cheer leader of this agenda, Prahlad das? Even the GBC is not mixing beef eating speaking with a photo of Srila Prabhupada to make money. This is how to make money? And the HKC is supporting the main henchman / promoter of this web site? Why?

Ashish Kumar so hope all devotees have understood PADA's mental situation. Be careful, Hari Bol

PADA: Saying deviants are not gurus is "mental illness," that is what Kirtananada said. Why is Ashish always quoting Kirtanananda? Sorry, we are right, deviants and homosexuals are not gurus. This is not mental illness, its a fact. As soon as we say deviants and homosexuals are not acharyas, Prahlad's team says that is mental illness, its offensive, a deviation, and that is how these people have de facto supported the molester gurus all along, they attack anyone who opposes deviant gurus as "mentally ill."

Prahlad says our attacks on the molester gurus is wrong, we should listen to supporters of Radhanath like Bhakta das. And Radhanath just buried Kirtanananda in the holy dham. Why does the Prahlad's team support the Radhanath groupies program, which means they support burying dead molesters in the holy dham? Meanwhile the Prahlad team opposes our idea of making a temple for Prabhupada in Vrndavana. Only Kirtanananda deserves a place in Vrndavana?

Why is the HKC supporting and even citing Radhanatha's groupies like Bhakta das? HKC leaders like Dayalu nitai wrote and told me that since the courts of India are supporting the GBC's guru program and their lawsuits in the courts, we also have to accept. We did not lie, the HKC folks just wrote that again recently. So we should write now -- that the HKC says -- anyone who does not accept homosexuals and molesters are gurus is a psycho, because the courts accept?

Ashish Kumar Here is HKC:

PADA: OK, so the official position of HKC is that homosexuals are gurus, because they courts allow and approve of that agenda? OK we will quote you ... We also have written evidence, HKC leaders like Dayalu nitai wrote and told me that since the courts of India are supporting the GBC's guru program and their lawsuits in the courts, we also have to accept. We did not lie, they just wrote that again recently. So -- we have to accept homosexual gurus and their lawsuits?

Ashish Kumar: Listen to Prahlad (PADA: because he merges Srila Prabhupada with beef eater speakers)?

PADA: Why doesn't HKC know that homosexuals are not acharyas, never mind courts approve homosexual acharya programs?

Suren Singh Why are you repeating same distorted lies again and again ?

PADA: Sorry, you are citing Prahlad, who is quoting the Bhakta das, Radhanatha pogram. And Prahlad supports the Illuminati beef eater and animal hunting speakers program, as we have shown many times here. Why does the HKC cite Prahlad, knowing full well he supports this Illuminati program, and he has for years together?

Ashish Kumar PADA lie , you are already exposed. CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Understand

PADA: This is not a lie, Dayalu Nitai wrote to tell me he supports the courts, the same courts that support the homosexual acharyas program.

Ashish Kumar Suren Singh prabhu, this is PADAs old disease

PADA: HKC leadership wrote that also recently, that they accept the karmi laws

Ashish Kumar he he he

PADA: The laws says the homosexual acharyas programs are bona fide, why does the HKC support that?

Suren Singh High court had given the judgement against I.B not HKC. !!!

PADA: And you HKC said you support the courts -- the same court that support the homosexual acharyas program? This is what you HKC said all along ...

Ashish Kumar PADA go away.

PADA: And Dayalu nitai says we have to accept the courts, and the courts accept homosexual acharyas. Why doesn't HKC know homosexuals are not acharyas, even if the court approves? Why does Dayalu Nita accept homosexual acharyas and their courts? HKC leaders like Dayalu nitai wrote and told me that since the courts of India are supporting the GBC's guru program and their lawsuits in the courts, we also have to accept. We did not lie, they just wrote that again recently. So -- we have to accept?

Ashish Kumar Something more "glorious" about PADA, go ask Prahlad.

Suren Singh Again , according to pada's logic , If A=B and B=C, then A must be Z

PADA: Yep, (A) You HKC said your supported Prahlad and the courts, (B) you repeated that, (C) you repeated that, all the way to (Z) you repeated that.

HKC leaders like Dayalu nitai wrote and told me that since the courts of India are supporting the GBC's guru program and their lawsuits in the courts, we also have to accept. We did not lie, they just wrote that again recently.

PADA: Why does HKC support homosexual gurus and their courts?

Suren Singh Again , according to pada's logic , If A=B and B=C, then A must be Z

PADA: Yes, Dayalu nitai said we have to accept the courts. Anyway, we do not accept your homosexual acharya courts ...

Suren Singh It is actually ISKCON Bangalore and iskCON GBC who are accepting the court's authority. Both groups are paying millions to the demoniac courts.

[PADA: So if the homosexual gurus are in court, we should not oppose them. Why does the HKC support that homosexuals should be the legal gurus of India?]

Suren Singh So PADA please answer this question why ISKCON banglore is following the court and paying millions, if they dont accept the court ??

[PADA: Ok so if the homosexuals take you to court, you will surrender to the court and accept that homosexuals are gurus. That means you have surrendered to the court. Now you are also saying, we should not establish Srila Prabhupada in the courts, that means you want the homosexuals to be established in the courts. Why do you want the homosexuals to win in the courts?

Ashish Kumar Ohhooooo, this Tim is quite attached to homosexual, you see.

[PADA: Well so far you HKC are supporting homosexual gurus by saying you do not want them opposed in the courts, that is when you are not supporting animal killing Illuminati programs. We should not fight the homosexual acharyas, they should win!  I am quoting you. OK so thats final, you support the homosexual acharyas court and do not want Srila Prabhupada defended in court. ys pd]

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mahesh Raja's Quotes on Temple Buildings

PADA: Thanks Mahesh Raja for compiling these quotes!]

"PADA: Thanks for your question prabhu, why are people opposing Srila Prabhupada having his own temple in Vrndavana like the GBC / HKC / Prahlad / Janardana / Prabhupadanugas eu folks? This is very astonishing if you think about it! We have an India saint, a pure devotee no less, whose whole siddhanta comes from Vrndavana. He loved Vrndavana, he wanted people to come visit Vrndavana, he lived a big part of his life in Vrndavana, and he wanted to build places of Krishna worship in Vrndavana — so that at the very least HIS OWN FOLLOWERS could have a place to visit there."

Mahesh: This is EQUALLY a VALID point. The only thing that concerns me is the BIG structures HAVE been under attack before. There is TWO ways of looking at the BIG Temple project:

1) Would Srila Prabhupada want it

2) What would happen in War

680817SB.MON Lectures
So this church building or temple building or mosque building is coming down from time immemorial. People are investing their money, hard-earned money. Why? Uselessly? Nonproductive? No. They do not know. They do not know how much productive that is. Therefore in this Godless civilization they have stopped building nice, decorated temples...


So does it mean that those kings or rich men, they were all fools? Simply at the present moment we are very intelligent? No. They are not fools. That is explained in the Prahlada Maharaja's prayers. Naivatmanah prabhur ayam nija-labha-purno. You cannot satisfy the Supreme Lord by constructing a nice temple, but still He is satisfied. Still, He is satisfied. He is nija-labha-purno. He is fully satisfied in Himself because He has no want. We are in want. SUPPOSE I AM RENTING ONE SMALL APARTMENT. IF SOMEBODY SAYS, "SWAMIJI, COME ON. I SHALL CONSTRUCT A VERY NICE PALATIAL TEMPLE. YOU COME HERE." OH, I SHALL BE VERY MUCH OBLIGED.

[PADA COMMENT: Right, building big temples has gone on since time immemorial. Of course Krishna does not need any house, but if we give Him one, He is obliged in appreciation to us. So, why should we give Krishna only a small apartment, why not make Him a palatial building? 

We simply cannot understand why some people are saying we need to make only a small place for Krishna, when many of the temples in South India (for example) are huge buildings, made under the auspices of the Vaishnava acharyas like Madhvacarya and others. 

Big temples have been made since time immemorial, it is the standard for the past billions of years. Even the Christians make huge Churches, big Vatican castles and so on, to glorify God. The Buddhists have made big buildings, the Muslims make big Mosques, ... its done universally all over the planet. I am not sure why this process is not understood by some so-called vaishnavas?] 

Madhya 17.86 The Lord Travels to Vrndavana
This Bindu Madhava is the oldest Visnu temple in Varanasi. Presently this temple is known as Veni Madhava, and it is situated on the banks of the Ganges. Formerly five rivers converged there, and they were named Dhutapapa, Kirana, Sarasvati, Ganga and Yamuna. Now only the River Ganges is visible. THE OLD TEMPLE OF BINDU MADHAVA, WHICH WAS VISITED BY SRI CAITANYA MAHAPRABHU, WAS LATER DISMANTLED BY AURANGZEB, THE GREAT HINDU-HATING EMPEROR OF THE MOGUL DYNASTY. IN THE PLACE OF THIS TEMPLE, HE CONSTRUCTED A BIG MAJIDA, OR MOSQUE. 

Later, another temple was constructed by the side of the mosque, and this temple is still existing. In the temple of Bindu Madhava there are Deities of four-handed Narayana and the goddess Laksmi. In front of these Deities is a column of Sri Garuda, and along the side are deities of Lord Rama, Sita, Laksmana and Sri Hanumanji.

Note: the masses of India are very much into BIG set-ups, and if they are going to put money into drinking establishments /cinemas etc, best to put into a Temple instead. This is one PRO argument. And Srila Prabhupada DID encourage centers and temples to be built.


[PADA: Clearly Srila Prabhupada wanted prominent buildings in prominent places, Vrndavana is certainly a prominent place.]

SB 7.15.21 P Instructions for Civilized Human Beings
For spiritual advancement, one should be materially satisfied, for if one is not materially satisfied, his greed for material development will result in the frustration of his spiritual advancement. There are two things that nullify all good qualities. One is poverty. Daridra-doso guna-rasi-nasi. If one is poverty-stricken, all his good qualities become null and void. Similarly, if one becomes too greedy, his good qualifications are lost. Therefore the adjustment is that one should not be poverty-stricken, but one must try to be fully satisfied with the bare necessities of life and not be greedy. For a devotee to be satisfied with the bare necessities is therefore the best advice for spiritual advancement. Learned authorities in devotional life consequently advise that one not endeavor to increase the number of temples and mathas. Such activities can be undertaken only by devotees experienced in propagating the Krsna consciousness movement. ALL THE ACARYAS IN SOUTH INDIA, ESPECIALLY SRI RAMANUJACARYA, CONSTRUCTED MANY BIG TEMPLES, AND IN NORTH INDIA ALL THE GOSVAMIS OF VRNDAVANA CONSTRUCTED LARGE TEMPLES. SRILA BHAKTISIDDHANTA SARASVATI THAKURA ALSO CONSTRUCTED LARGE CENTERS, KNOWN AS GAUDIYA MATHAS. THEREFORE TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION IS NOT BAD, PROVIDED PROPER CARE IS TAKEN FOR THE PROPAGATION OF KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS. EVEN IF SUCH ENDEAVORS ARE CONSIDERED GREEDY, THE GREED IS TO SATISFY KRSNA, AND THEREFORE THESE ARE SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES.

[PADA: Yep, the Vaishnava acharyas are organizing big buildings for Krishna since two trillion BC.]

JSD 3.3 Krsna, Enchanter of the Soul

[PADA: Of course, we should be careful of material things, because possession of buildings, money, followers and assets can become an entanglement for neophyte devotees. That is also why the Catholic church became so corrupt in Medieval times, there was a desire for control of the assets, and it became a sort of religious business -- as Martin Luther pointed out. 

That is also why the Gaudiya Matha failed, they became interested in the assets and forgot about the preaching. All that is fine, at the same time, we cannot stop everything being fearful that some folks will be overwhelmed by the assets of the mission? 

We have big, big billionaires like Bill Gates, he has huge buildings, massive amounts of money, tens of thousands of workers (de facto followers) and so on, but he is not overwhelmed because he has some basic humility and proper perspective. Having huge assets can be done, and its being done even by people like Bill Gates every day, its just needs to be done in the proper mood. 

Preaching in any case requires money, followers, buildings, book printing operations, assets and so forth. The question we have raised over they years is, why are the people who criticize the Bangalore program for making a temple in Vrndavana, not building any temple in Vrndavana themselves since 1977? These folks are also not building anything in the UK, where some of their spokesmen come from. 

IN ANY CASE! There has to be some building made for Srila Prabhupada's exclusive worship in Vrndavana, and if Bangalore should not build it, who will? The answer since 1977 seems to be, no one. If there is not going to be any temple for the exclusive worship of Srila Prabhupada in Vrndavana that is: (A) a severe offense and (B) its what Tamal always wanted, he wanted GBC's guru temples there only. ys pd  

Christian Cathedral

Haridas Thakur Saves a Prostitute

25 Qualities Of Radharani

San Francisco Rathayatra report

Decorating the carts

PADA: San Francisco Rathayatra is always interesting. In the past we have always had a few big shot GBC gurus, and maybe Tripurari swami, and maybe Narayana maharaja people walking around distributing their books, and maybe a few others like them, but this year these folks did not appear. There was instead, a pretty good mood of focus on Srila Prabhupada. We really did not see much "show boating" from any of these self-appointed acharyas this time around, and that was really refreshing.

Basically we had: (A) Vaisesika's crew from San Jose, (B) ISKCON Berkeley temple folks, (C) Various ritviks, and (D) A small group from the Fremont Hindu temple. Of course we also had the (smaller sized) ISKCON LA rath cars and the Prabhupada Festival folks from North Carolina.

The good news is that the ISKCON leaders are finally getting smart enough to know they cannot sit around in big seats and try to hi-jack the Srila Prabhupada programs anymore, people are tired of that, especially around here. More and more people just want to glorify Srila Prabhupada, and we noticed that all the "guru mantra" kirtans were being done to him exclusively. OK it is more and more like the good old (1970s) days. Good progress.

I think its finally starting to sink in to some of the GBC's management -- they need to work with some of the ritviks -- at least some of the time -- for a festival like this, or else risk that there will not be enough people to manage the program. So its sort of a marriage of convenience that all these people come together, ok for once a year at least, knowing that everyone has to join forces or there may not be any festival at all. In other words, the GBC's program is not strong enough by itself to do things like this on their own anymore, and there are not enough ritviks as of yet to do a complete program either.

Its sort of a stalemate in that sense. However it is more and more noticed by many of us -- that the lectures, announcements, guru mantras and so forth are very much SRILA PRABHUPADA CENTERED. For example, one of the ladies doing the bhajan made an announcement that this bhajan was one of Srila Prabhupada's, and so on. The San Jose folks were also handing out little packets of Srila Prabhupada's small books, and so there were a lot of public people walking around with these packets of Srila Prabhupada's books.

We really did not see the "living guru" book tables this year, which was a really good sign of progress. Without making a direct admission from the GBC, the GBC's guru program is rather self-apparently slowly fading out and the Srila Prabhupada program is coming back, slow but sure. It seems to be finally dawning on them that either they emphasize Srila Prabhupada, or they may end up with nothing, of course they barely have anything left at this stage already.

Sunnyvale's Prabhupadanuga folks -- on the other hand -- for the most part simply avoided coming at all because they are not too happy that the GBC is suing the Prabhupada devotees in India. This is really a shame because they have some very talented people who could do a lot to make the festival a greater success. So their financial and manpower help will be absent until the GBC makes some reconciliation with this group. Of course, their own programs and festivals are already very successful and they really do not need to form a cooperative alliance with the GBC.

Most of the people talking to us were asking about the status of the Bangalore court case. Just about everyone is watching that case around here, and the clear consensus is that the San Francisco devotees want Bangalore to win. People were saying things like, "When are all these GBC guru bums going to be where they really belong -- on Patala loka? We can hardly wait for the Yamaduttas to cart them off!; When are all these bogus gurus going to get a real job?; When are all these bogus gurus going to quit kicking us all out, harassing us?" and so on. OK nobody came up and said, we are rooting for the GBC's gurus! Yep, locally they appear to be about as popular as the black plague. A few people also told me, yep, the poison case is real.

One devotee who used to be very prominent in ISKCON told us how he is retired but does not have dental insurance, so he has to struggle to get his teeth fixed. Its very painful waiting to get them fixed -- one at a time. When I told him the GBC was spending $20,000,000 suing the Prabhupadanugas, he almost fainted. He said, "You mean I have to struggle in pain with hardly any money, and fix one tooth at a time while being in pain with the other bad teeth -- while these GBC guru guys pour dump truck loads of money into the sewer"? I said, "Yup! You got it, that's their plan all along"!

Everyone is amazed that the GBC is wasting all this money on lawyers so they can kick out the very few people left in ISKCON. I told him that several GBC temples have rats, and again that is apparently another part of their entire plan all along: they want to make sure that more and more and more temples have rats, and its apparently very expensive to make sure the temples are filled with rodents and not people, indeed it costs millions of dollars to drive out all these people. No wonder they are always asking for more funds!

An ex-kuli said he was not happy that there is no place for him and his friends in ISKCON. He has a karmi job and he is happy to have any job at all these days when its tight to find one. I also told him the GBC is spending millions to drive more people like you out, and he could not believe how cruel and foolish they are. He also said "I will be the first person to come out and dance on their graves." I said, "No, you'll have to race with thousands of others, you'll have to be fast to be the first." He laughed hysterically. Its hard to believe how the GBC could not know how badly they have alienated all these thousands and thousands of people?

Of course there were also a lot of general high fives from people who are encouraged our program is progressing.  Overall, it was a great festival because the living gurus were conspicuous by their absense and the focus on Srila Prabhupada was very strong. One devotee has made a dramatic health improvement and he said that is because Krishna wanted him to see the better Prabhupadanuga mood changes in ISKCON. That is the trend and tendency, more and more people want to see Srila Prabhupada given his rightful place, and it is developing that way.

Its getting harder to see any difference from the 1970s Rathayatras and this one. And all this is the result of the hard work of many Prabhupadanugas all over the world -- who have made these issues change by their preaching. OK, they forced the issues. So, this is what we wanted to see happen and its happening by Krishna's grace. We are sorry some of us had to often use the "buzz saw chopper technique" to get some of these things fixed or changed, or even addressed, but the results are promising, and that is all that really matters to us. We have to judge a thing by the result, and the result clearly is, Srila Prabhupada is re-emerging as the acharya of ISKCON. Goody! Anyway, here are a few photos from the event: ys pd

Looking good!

Park Ranger Security Forces Getting ready for the march

Well done!