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Varsana Swami in Distress


[PADA: Varsana swami was in New Vrdnavana for a long time, and was loyal to the GBC guru program. He needs apparently a ton of money for all sorts of multiple ailments. It is amazing how the GBC does not seem to care even for the loyal members of their program. I saw another "fund me" for a woman who is a long time servant of ISKCON -- and who is still seeming to be serving in ISKCON, yet she needs $10,000 for her teeth and other medical issues. Why is it that the only thing the GBC apparently funds properly, are their lawyers so they can sue us? Varsana swami was born in 1950, he is younger than many of our contemporaries, yet he has major physical issues. This seems to be a pattern. ys pd]  

Super Mario Kirtana (Times Square)

Narendra Modi Meets Female Politicians

ISKCON's Bogus Offering Program

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Bangalore Live Darshan Site


[PADA: Here is where I often go to get a temple program, nice lectures too! ys pd]

Chote Baba Criminal Investigation


Gone Missing?


Sevak Das’s body found in Alaknanda River


Vrindavan, 2014.09.21 (VT): Missing for almost 50 days, the decomposed dead body of Ram Sevak Das (Chhote Baba) was found near the river Alaknanda at Benakul, in Uttarakhand. Two teenaged sisters who accompanied him are still missing. The mystery has deepened further as no clue of the girls who accompanied him has been found. Hundreds of devotees started to gather at the Devraha Baba ashram on hearing this sad news. Many of them suspect that this is a case of murder.

The Junior Mahant of the Devaraha Baba ashram situated across the Yamuna River from Vrindavan on the Yamuna flood plain left the ashram on 27th July for meditation in the Himalayas. His elder god brother and the Senior Mahant Dev Das (Bare Maharaj) went looking for him everywhere but found no trace of his whereabouts.

On 5th August two brothers Gopal Jha and Gyan Das lodged a missing complaint for their two sisters Radha aged 16 and Sharda aged 18 from Hanuman Chatti along with the Chhote Baba. According to the report lodged with the Badrinath police station while going to Badrinath on 1st August, Baba Ram Sevak Das performed some ritual near the road with their sisters and went missing from there.

On Friday, some villagers informed the police of a decomposed dead body in the river. The body of Ram Sevak Das was identified by a surgery scar on his knee. The Chamoli police is investigating the case from the angle of murder.

Meanwhile, the Senior Mahant Dev Das ji Maharaj revealed his suspicions that the two brothers Gopal Jha and Gyan Das are responsible for Chhote Baba’s death. Interacting with the media Dev Das Maharaj wonder why it took two days to inform the ashram about Chhote Baba’s absence. They could have made telephone calls from the time they found Baba had gone missing.

Gyan Das was Chhote Maharaj’s driver, while his brother Gopal Jha played tabla during his satsangs. In a complaint made to the SSP Mathura, Bare Maharaj alleged that they stole cash worth Rupees 10 lakh, a cheque book and other valuables from Chote Maharaj’s room. The keys to the room were always kept with Gyan Das. No one could enter without his permission. Even Bare Maharaj had to take permission from Gyan Das to meet Chhote Maharaj. Chhote Maharaj appointed Gyan Das’s own uncle as the treasurer of the Trust, but he was removed from his post after objection from the other trustees.

The two sisters who accompanied Chhote Maharaj on his last journey were adopted by Choote Maharaj. He was bearing the cost of their education.

Ramsevak had been observing mauna vrata (vow of silence) for the last three years. He was given jal samadhi in Yamuna on Sunday as per his wish.

20 Families Banned from ISKCON

Narendra Modi Attends NYC Festival

Queen Kunti Stuti

Catholic Archbishop Arrested

Ananta Das Babaji (Radha Kunda Babaji)


[PADA: These folks are giving people "siddha deha" initiations, where one is told what spiritual body one will have. OK, except Westerners in particular are really not ready for this. Its called sahajiya (imitation). There are some GBC gurus who are associated with this program (and use his books), and then they wonder why these Babaji people "initiate dozens of Western disciples." Ummm, because you GBC folks are taking people there? I am not sure if this is the program Mahanidhi has been connected to or not. Anyway, this is what Srila Prabhupada warned about, if devotees start going off to these babajis, then the preaching effort will be hampered -- and worse -- ISKCON people will be siphoned off to these other programs. That has happened. ys pd]  

Bombay vs Bangalore update 9/28/14


By Madhu Pandit das

Update on Supreme Court hearings....

On 25th, after hearing us for the full day the Supreme Court passed the following order:

"Leave granted. Heard learned counsel for the parties in part. The Registry is directed to take steps to secure the original record pertaining to Civil Suit No.7934/2001 before the 9th Additional City Civil & Sessions Judge, Bangalore. List the matter on 18th November, 2014 as part heard."

By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Leave has been granted as per our Special Leave Petition (SLP) after hearing our preliminary merits for granting the leave in spite of the opposition by opposite party ISKCON Mumbai to reject the Special leave petition SLP from the day we entered the portals of the Supreme Court in 2009.

For those not familiar with the Supreme Court procedures please read below:

What is this granting leave?

The Supreme Court of India does not accept appeal directly wherein they are bound to hear any petition against High Court orders like lower courts below them do. In India, suit begins at munsiff court, then district court then High court and then Supreme Court. Only for Constitutional matters like fundamental rights etc one can go directly to the Supreme Court.

One normally starts litigation based on the jurisdiction of the property etc. We started with the district court as our Temple was located in the city. In Bangalore there are rural munsiff courts also.

Anywhere you lose in a lower court, you can appeal in the next court and it will be called appellate court of the court below where you can go in appeal. We won in the Trial Court in 2009 and ISKCON Mumbai went on an appeal in the High Court and won in 2011. That is when we came to the Supreme Court against the order of the High court.

As I said in the Supreme Court, you can only enter with a special leave petition SLP seeking permission to file an appeal and cannot file directly an appeal. It is the petition seeking leave or permission to file the appeal. If it is granted only then your appeal will be heard.

SLPs are heard on Mondays and Fridays. Each court will have about 250 matters on that day. There are 13 courts in the Supreme Court. Two judges preside over these courts. In Supreme Court single judges don't preside over the court. On Mondays and Fridays they will they either say 'issue notice' to other side or will refuse to issue notice and reject the SLP. If they issue notice then SLP will go to next stage of hearing the SLP on a subsequent date in the queue. 

If they refuse to issue notice that is the end of your story. On that day you only get two minutes before the judge. That is the first critical point for any litigant who enter the Supreme Court. Mostly the judges would have read two three para 'synopsis' in advance in their Chambers and come. Many cases not even two minutes. They would have read and come and just lift the file and say SLP dismissed. Less than a minute. They won't even allow the lawyer to speak. They will say, we have read it.

In 2011 we crossed that stage without getting thrown out. We got one leg into the Supreme Court that day. The most dangerous stage mainly because there are limitations how much the lawyer can communicate and judges can understand in two minutes. Once rejected, you simply have to go home even if you had so much merit.

Any Supreme Court judge who reads our High Court judgement will get shocked that there is a finding given of such a huge number of documents being fraudulently fabricated. No judge will get opportunity to see the documents at this stage to verify if it is true or not and they won't think of verifying also. By default they will think it is true. 

If you tell a very big lie people don't verify. We tend to think 'how can such a big thing be a lie'. Our high court judgement is like that. Out of two fifty three documents , High Court has given a finding that 106 documents filed by us are tampered and manipulated by insertions and affixing of seal of Karnataka society to make it look like our society document which really according to them are Bombay society's documents. 

No judges at the SLP entry stage will think that two high court judges will make such a big mistake. Actually if you go into the documents and verify you won't find any seal or insertion on any of these. On this point (so called seal and insertions), the judges rejected these documents as having no evidentiary. 

With such a judgement with finding of fraud, normally the party won't cross the first stage of ‘issue notice’. In our case, ISKCON Mumbai appeared on the first date of hearing to support the judges to get the SLP thrown out without issue notice. By Prabhupada's and Krishna's mercy instead of two minutes the court took half an hour on that day in 2009. 

Not only 'issue notice' to them was ordered but the court gave a two page status quo order allowing us to continue in management since we showed newspaper cuttings that they are trying to forcefully enter the temple on the strength of the High court judgment. It is then that the Supreme Court gave us the status quo order saying we only will continue to manage. That was our first victory in the Supreme Court against their opposition to get the SLP rejected without even issue of notice. This, ISKCON Mumbai could not digest.

Once ‘issue notice’ happens in a case, they have to file counter and we file a rejoinder to the counter and SLP is heard as to whether leave to be granted to file an appeal against the high court order or not on a listed date. It is during one such date of hearing they also filed an application saying that since fraud is the basis of high court judgement they wanted to be jointly managing the property in the interim period by telling stories about real estate diversion of temple funds etc. But we vehemently opposed it but agreed to an alternative to have a supervisory Oversight Committee headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge. That is how Oversight committee was appointed, but with no change in management; only supervising the Bangalore Society who will continue to manage. That was our second victory against them.

After the Oversight committee was formed the SLP was getting listed on several dates but our number was not reaching before the court closed for the day. This is very normal. Two years have passed by like this. Unlike Mondays and Fridays where they ensure atleast 250 matters for each court. On other days only about 20 to 25 items are listed. Still our matter was not reaching.

This is the stage after 'issue notice' to other side where the court will decide to hear on preliminary merits to admit the case by granting leave (permission) on our SLP to file the Civil Appeal (CA). If they see no merit in converting it into an appeal you get thrown out at that stage. That is again end of your story. If they see merit in hearing the appeal then only they will grant leave. 

When this is done, automatically the court converts the SLP papers into a civil appeal CA with a new number. Such leave granted matters will come in the normal course after 4 to 5 years. In our case on 25th, last Thursday we crossed this second stage where leave was granted which means after hearing a full day the Supreme Court saw merit in giving us leave or permission to convert the SLP into a CA. The court could have rejected the SLP by dismissing it. This was the lurking danger on all the hearing dates till now since 2011. The court could have potentially said: 'we heard you, but we don't see any merit in hearing in depth through a Civil Appeal therefore dismissing the SLP.'

Once leave is granted, every CA has to be heard in full and a detailed judgement will have to come out. SLP is disposed off as merely orders without a judgement. Only CA will have a judgement and an operating order. Now the court has ordered to get all the documents from the original court in Bangalore. If our side takes ten days to show every document, the court won’t push us to hurry but will patiently hear both parties. Till leave granting stage the pressure of time before the court is always there. The court before granting leave can say 'no we don't want to hear anymore and get into details and we are not granting leave and dismissing the SLP'. 

Now having granted leave they are hearing the CA or Civil Appeal and not the SLP. Both sides will take their own time and judges will have to write detailed judgement. This is the stage we are in today after leave being granted. We crossed two major hurdles and now both our legs are in the Supreme Court. When notice was issued we put one leg into the Supreme Court and when leave was granted our second leg is also in. Now it is a full fledged fight on merits of the CA or Civil Appeal.

Why our matter, after granting leave is coming so fast for hearing instead of four or five years?

In our case there is an application of urgency before the court from us saying that all our projects which are not even connected to litigation are affected due to Oversight Committee insisting on having jurisdiction to supervise over not only Hare Krishna Hill, but over all the properties of Bangalore society by interpreting the wordings in the order which created this Interim Oversight Committee. 

In between this application was heard, and the court said it will be heard with the main matter as it had no time and gave a short date for final disposal. So we have been showing urgency by mentioning that fact several times to the court. So that is why after granting leave it is posted for immediate disposal in November instead of going into the que to come after four years. 

Plus you see in the order there is mention of the word 'part heard'. This is another good thing. It won't be going from one bench to another and delaying. These two judges won't sit together in November as mostly the roster changes after holidays. But on November 18th and for further dates they will sit together only to hear our matter and will go on for about ten to twelve sessions like that till the case is closed. 

Now we have ample opportunity to show the perversity of the High court judgement by showing each of the 106 documents. Plus we can prove that how they have fabricated an audit report of 1991 by forging the signature of our then auditor to show as if he was their auditor. We have filed a separate criminal case against them in Bangalore for this.

To get to hear the matter immediately instead of after three or four years is our third victory against their strategy to go on dragging the SLP just to harass our Vaikunta Hill Krishna Lila Theme Park project through the Oversight Committee who have already taken a stand that we cannot create any liabilities on the land where Krishna Lila Park is to be built.

Before the court rose it made a request to the counsel for both sides. Being august institutions, they expressed the opinion that the counsels for both the sides help the parties to come to some mutual settlement if possible. Our counsel said we have tried everything. Then one of the judges asked ISKCON Mumbai’s counsel as to why don't they try to accommodate ISKCON Bangalore under the big umbrella of ISKCON. The ISKCON Mumbai’s counsel replied that in a month long gap till next hearing he will speak to his clients on the same.

Please continue with your prayers to Srila Prabhupada and Deities to ensure that Srila Prabhupada's position as our dear spiritual master as well as our service to His Divine Grace is protected through the final outcome of this case as it pleases them, which can come out by December.

If you need any clarification please ask me.

George Harrison "Art Of Dying"

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HKC Attack Poison Issue as LOL

[PADA: Thanks Ashish but we said all this before there was any IB? This has nothing to do with IB. The GBC attacked us as LOL liars -- way before -- there was any IB, and you are joining the GBC types NOW by attacking us. Anyway, the GBC and you folks have said since 1978 that our claims are all lies -- bogus -- rascaldom -- LOL and so on, again -- since 1978.  

Jeepers! That means, the karmi police, FBI, mass media and mass of public -- are the only ones who know we are right. Whereas the criminal GBC's cult and their parrots like you guys, maybe never will. That is why we never worry too much about you guys, because most of the entire population of the people on earth, including many devotees who are with us, ALREADY agree that our claims are valid, that these GBC gurus are the crooks and liars, not PADA. As of today its only a teeny teeny few cult hold outs -- that do not agree with us and still say we are LOL liars.   

Read the story below, some karmi women on roller skates showed us some concern for Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint, whereas not one single person from HKC has ever even mentioned one single word to us about their feelings, their emotions or their compassion about this poison complaint, ever. It would seem to us, you folks are concerned mainly about your own selves. Even these karmi women showed some emotion, you people are like dead rocks. ys pd]


PADA: When we told Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks (like Ashish Kumar) that we originally brought out: (A) the bogus appointment issue, (B) the child abuse issue, (C) the changing the books issue, and even in 1997 -- (D) the poison issue -- HKC Jaipur's Ashish Kumar responded -- this is all PADA's lies and tricks -- and moreover, Ashish says all these PADA issues are laughable foolishness -- LOL (laughing out loud)! Thank God the FBI, police and media did not this all this was LOL, or some of us would be dead by now.

Jesus was killed, LOL?

Sulochana was killed, LOL?

Changing the books is LOL?

Homosexuals posing as acharyas is LOL? Really amazing!

Umm, basically PADA has been saying all along that Srila Prabhupada says -- just like Jesus was killed -- they may kill me also. And that is what we think has happened, Jesus of Nazareth was crucified -- and our guru was complaining he was being poisoned. And the HKC Jaipur folks compare PADA's forwarding our guru's "complaint of being poisoned" issue -- with LOL? They think Srila Prabhupada's complaint is "all PADA lies" or worse, its a funny issue?

Jesus was killed = LOL -- Laughing Out Loud?

Children were molested, LOL?

Devotees were assassinated, hysterically funny LOL?

Women were abused -- LOL?

We would have been killed except the FBI saved me, LOL?

Children were dying, LOL?

This is amazing, the HKC Jaipur folks think a systematic program of devotee banning, beating, molesting, assassinating dissenters, and even killing someone like Jesus is -- LOL? And PADA is foolish to oppose this agenda because this entire agenda is LOL. Astonishing! PADA was the first person to publish the "poison tapes"; First person to get the tape translated by a Bengali gentleman in Los Angeles; First person to publish the transcript; First person to announce the poison issue and hand out copies of the tape at the LA temple etc; -- and now this whole issue is all "PADA lies" and LOL material? The HKC Jaipur thinks the poison complaint from a pure devotee is all some sort of weird FUNNY LOL JOKE?

That is what the atheists think, Jesus deserved to die, its all LOL to these people. I have to admit, even many of the karmis we spoke to have cringed, almost cried, and felt extreme compassion and empathy when we tell them about all these crimes, and that our guru complains he is being poisoned.

Whereas these HKC Jaipur folks are the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who EVER told me they think all these issues, like banning, beating, assassinating people like Sulochana, and even crucifying and poisoning pure devotees, is all -- LOL. I have to say, that makes them very sick people. When they see others suffering, they are laughing out loud?

I am saying our guru complains he is poisoned, and the HKC Jaipur folks say -- that is all some useless and LOL dirty tricks. Repeating what Srila Prabhupada says is LOL and dirty tricks? That is what some of the GBC's folks say? And there is evidence some of the poisoner sabha were actually laughing in the room when Srila Prabhupada says he is being poisoned, and HKC has now joined that LOL group? Srila Prabhupada says, someone is giving me poison, and they are laughing out loud and attacking us for addressing this issue?

Anyway, this is good, we'd rather know what they really feel. I am saying Srila Prabhupada is complaining about being poisoned, and HKC folks are LOL laughing out loud, so they can cover up the issue and help the poisoners of pure devotees. And HKC joins Tamal and the poisoner sabha by saying this is all "PADA's lies." That means, the HKC are still tethered to the killers of pure devotees, and they are repeating GBC guru slogans "this is all lies." No, there is an actual complaint from the pure devotee, its not a lie, its not LOL.

Worse, some of the GBC's gurus also say this same EXACT same thing as the HKC Jaipur folks say, all these crimes are "PADA's lies." Hence, LOL. In short -- the HKC folks are in bed with the people who kill pure devotees -- and put deviants and sexual predators in the pure devotee's seat and they are LOL --  "laughing out loud" about all this to boot? Putting sexual predators in a Vyasasana is LOL? Even the karmis have more respect for the Vyasa seat than these people!

Nanda Kumar das was in Srila Prabhupada's room in November of 1977, and he said the poison sabha folks were -- laughing -- (LOL) in that room in 1977. Thus, he had to leave Srila Prabhupada's service because Srila Prabhupada was surrounded by the laughing hyena "agents of  Kali Yuga." Notice, the "agents of Kali Yuga" were laughing at the poison complaint of the pure devotee, and now, the HKC folks are also LOL with that group? The HKC folks are openly telling us, our forwarding the poison complaint of the pure devotee is LOL. The people in the room in 1977 were laughing, and so are the HKC folks laughing LOL as well? Killing pure devotees is LOL? Well yes, for the -- killers and their sympathizers.

These people apparently feel no compassion whatever for their own countryman Srila Prabhupada, who was saying he is being poisoned? That amazes me as well. They are not even loyal to a fellow citizen of Bharat, never mind he is also a pure devotee. Anyway, I am glad all this has came out.

This proves Srila Prabhupada is correct when he says in the Chaitanya Charitamrta -- there are deviant people who chant Hare Krishna for millions of years, but they STILL have a steel framed hearts for all that time. They may chant Hare Krishna for millions of lifetimes, but it will not produce any good result because they have not developed even basic qualities like mercy and compassion. These folks see a pure devotee suffering from being attacked by demons, and the pure devotee is saying -- "my only request is, do not torture me and put me to death," and the demons are LOL and so are the HKC folks LOL along with them. And these people are trying to preach to us about what is right and wrong?

These HKC Jaipur people ALSO told us if they saw a starving child -- they would give the starving child a Bhagavad Gita and not anything to eat. Srila Prabhupada says -- starving people cannot think of Krishna because they are in too much distress. I know, I forgot that starving children is simply more LOL for these people. Why are they saying that the way to fix a starving child is to give the child a book? It makes them look heartless, maybe because, they are?

No, we should give a starving person some prasadam, that is how we should treat a starving person. Where does Srila Prabhupada say we should give a starving person a book and no food? I just do not see where he said that? And -- where does Srila Prabhupada say we should waste our entire lives complaining about the people who are feeding the children in need? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we should complain about mundane companies, and let the poisoners of pure devotees off the hook, and not even bother to make a public protest in front of the courts for their -- not addressing that issue?    

This really does amaze me from time to time, people claiming to be great devotees are sometimes more heartless than the karmis even. When we first bought out the poison issue in 1997 -- some ordinary ladies in bikinis -- being pulled along on roller skates by their dogs at Venice beach -- they asked me for a leaflet. And these ladies were very sad and upset (because they have been given God's mercy to have heartfelt feelings) and so they said to me, "This poor man said he was poisoned, that is terrible." These ladies would never even DREAM -- or think for a second -- that anyone complaining of poison is -- LOL, like the poison sabha and their HKC Jaipur laughing along joker disciples are. These women are WAY more advanced than this lot.

The HKC Jaipur's people's response -- vs -- the ladies in bikinis with their dogs?

Oh, Srila Prabhupada says he is being poisoned, that is PADA's foolish lies and LOL program. Amazing, even some ordinary women being pulled along by their dogs, while riding along on their roller skates at the beach, they have more compassion for a pure devotee than these HKC people -- maybe ever will. Even these ordinary women know this is not an LOL issue -- because Krishna has blessed them with devotee qualities like COMPASSION and MERCY.

This all proves what the VEDAS say, one cannot change one's heart by simply an external show bottle of devotion, one needs to actually develop compassion, mercy, and feelings for others and other Vaishnava qualities. To say that we are liars and fools for pointing out that our Jesus was killed, and the whole issue of pure devotees being killed is LOL, shows to me, these people have no heart at all.

I am glad they allowed me to see how they really think, this is all for the best. Its better to know than not. Jesus was killed, LOL. Even dogs have more compassion for others than this. Why are the ordinary mundane women in bikinis more compassionate for pure devotees -- who are complaining they are being poisoned -- than the original poison sabha and their laughing along clowns at the HKC Jaipur?

Why are HKC Jaipur folks saying that the issues PADA has forwarded, like poisoning pure devotees, is LOL? Why are HKC saying that child abuse is LOL? Why are HKC saying PADA's opposing homosexuals and sexual predators posing as acharyas is all LOL? And when are they finally going to just answer the question for a change? After saying this is all LOL, they blocked me from making a response.

That means they are guru poisoner / molester messiah lovers and proud of it. There is an old saying, "Those who give no mercy -- shall receive none," what to speak of LOL at Jesus being crucified. I am not even shocked anymore, we have seen many examples of how persons posing as great Vaishnavas are more cruel than the materialists. This is just another example. I just thank Krishna every day that He saved me from this LOL hyena pack, who thinks pure devotees being attacked is a comedy show.

ys pd

Why is HKC Jaipur "laughing out loud" when we tell them Jesus was crucified?


Prabhupada: This is our position. Gradually they will show Hare Krsna movement. In India also, although India's... They will want to crush down this movement. So this will be up to Him. Krsna or Krsna's movement, the same thing. And Krsna was attempted to be killed by Kamsa class of men and his company, the demons. So it will be there; it is already there. Don't be disappointed, because that is the meaning that it is successful. Krsna's favor is there, because Krsna and Krsna's movement is not different, nondiff..., identical. So as Krsna was attempted to be killed, many, many years before He appeared... At eighth child, if the mother produces child yearly, still ten years, eight years before His birth, the mother was to be attempted to be killed. So there may be attempt like that. And Lord Jesus Christ was killed. So they may kill me also.

[Room Conversation May 3, 1976, Honolulu]

Prabhupada: That is my only request, that at the last stage don't torture me and put to death. So I am not eating anything, and if we chant, by batches chant, I’ll hear.

[S.P. Room Conversation November 3, 1977, Vrndavana


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Another Devotee in Distress


[PADA: While the GBC wastes millions on lawsuits ... This devotee in need is named Swarup Hebel. I actually like Swarup Hebel, really honest! But he and his pals like Bhakta das just seem to not comprehend why PADA protests the GBC's guru regime the way we do? Well OK, its in part because we do not think devotees like Swarup Hebel should be treated this way, to be living like peons -- while the big gurus drive around in Town Cars.

Swarup says his health is bad from living in stress of being so poor, and thus he has been moving around looking for a cheap place to live. And yet meanwhile the GBC gurus are living like kings in ISKCON, which is Swarup's house. They kicked Swarup out of his own house, so they can live like kings, and some of us have to live like homeless beggars, and try to get some money together for rent on a cheap place to live. Why should we not protest that?

Swarup's pal Sruta Srava eventually went off to the Gaudiya Matha, and I think he died a few years back, and in my opinion, because of the severe oppression he endured. This is not what Srila Prabhupada wanted for his disciples and followers. We should not allow a pack of false messiahs to take over our guru's house, that's pretty much our opinion. I have no idea why our fellow victims do not seem to think our protesting plan is a good idea. If we were kicked out of our father's house by a liar brother who changed the will -- so he would inherit the whole house -- and we would inherit nothing, would we not protest that? I have no idea why they do not see the need to protest this? ys pd]