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Madhuram-Astakam (video)


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Questions to New Dwarka Authorities

The hokey messiah's club in 1978

[PADA: Vidura Mahatama das is a newly initiated disciple of Srila Prabhupada. He self-evidently knows the siddhanta better than most of the original disciples, which means, Srila Prabhupada's mercy is available to anyone even now. It would have been nice if many "senior" disciples had been writing nice materials like this all along, but they failed to do so because they failed to understand the siddhanta. In sum, they took their connection to Krishna for granted and did not develop it properly, nor did many of them think defending Krishna and His religion is important.] 

Some questions for the New Dwarka assembly of devotees

by Vidura Mahatma dasa

What about the actual meaning of the samsara song ... does it only apply to a particular type of devotee or spiritual master? A good question but not the kind of questions we are seeing from the New Dwarka community or any other ISKCON center for that matter.

Yes, the samsara-dava prayers definitely do apply to a very particular type of devotee or spiritual master:

"This song is offering obeisances particularly to the spiritual master, and the symptoms of the spiritual master are described in this prayer. The spiritual master has two kind of symptoms in his activities. One kind is called constant, and other kind is called temporary. 

So the first verse says that the constant symptom of the spiritual master is that he can deliver his disciples from the blazing fire of this material existence. That is the eternal qualification of spiritual master. Trāṇāya means for deliverance, andkāruṇya means compassionate, very merciful. The spiritual master comes to the deliverance of the fallen souls out of his causeless mercy. 

Nobody has any business for the sufferings of others. The best example is Lord Jesus Christ, that he suffered for others. And it is the principle in the Bible that he accepted all the sins of others. 

[PADA: Right, this is the problem in New Dwarka and all over ISKCON, they say that their gurus are falling down because they have taken too many sins. Yet, who authorized these gurus to say that they are like Jesus and they can absorb sins? 

And if they are falling from taking sins, why are they still being allowed to make pretend they are like Jesus and they can take sins, when it is self evident they are not qualified? Svavasa says most of their GBC gurus have fallen, so we should emphasize Srila Prabhupada more, and that is good, but why then is he still allowing placing the GBC gurus photos on the altars, and having them worshiped as de facto messiahs, and bhogha is still being offered to these unqualified persons on the altars?]

This is the sign of spiritual master, that he voluntarily accepts the sinful activities of others and delivers them. That is the qualification of spiritual master. How it is? Just like ghanāghanatvam. Ghanāghanatvam means dense cloud in the sky. The first example has been said, that this material existence is just like forest blazing fire. 

Now, to extinguish the forest blazing fire, there is no use of sending fire brigade. The firebrigade cannot approach the forest fire; neither any man can go there to extinguish the fire. One has to depend completely on the mercy of nature. That means one has to completely depend on the cloud in the sky. Otherwise, there is no question of pouring water on that blazing fire. 

So the example is very appropriate. As man-made engine or fire brigade is unable to extinguish the forest blazing fire, similarly, the material existentional blazing fire cannot be extinguished by any man-made method."
Song Purports : Purport to Sri-Sri-Gurv-astakam -- Los Angeles, January 2, 1969

[PADA: Right, the GBC's gurus are claiming to be the fire department who can absorb the sins of others, but they cannot even absorb their own sins. Of course now the GBC are worshiping Kirtanananda's dead carcass in the holy dham as a messiah in their chain of gurus, because they think sexual predators and criminals are in samadhi with Krishna, and deserve to be buried in Krishna's holiest land. 

New Dwarka's samadhi acharya?

Thus, the GBC and New Dwarka leaders are STILL training their followers to worship such sexual predators and criminals as "samadhi messiahs" even now. And Bhakta das is a big promoter of these people and the HKC Jaipur / Dayalu Nitai / Prahlad / Sanat / Mukunda folks have been promoting Bhakta das, because they are part of this program of encouraging innocent people to worship sexual predators and criminals in samadhis. Svavasa and Sura have made some progress in addressing that the GBC's gurus are not very reliable, and thus we need to worship Srila Prabhupada, and that is a good start, but more needs to be done to fix this imbroglio.]

"So guru means spiritual master means who can deliver one from this forest fire. Just like when there is forest fire, the animals are very much disturbed, and they die mostly. The snakes, they die immediately. So this forest fire, saṁsāra-dāvānala,is going on perpetually, and the person or the authorized person who can deliver you from this forest fire of material existence, he's called guru, or the spiritual master. Saṁsāra-dāvānala-līḍha-loka-trāṇāya kāruṇya-ghanāghanatvam. [...] Just like cloud takes the water from the sea-cloud hasn't got its own water; cloud takes water from the sea—similarly, a spiritual master brings mercy from the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Just see the comparison. He has no own mercy, but he carries the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is the qualification of spiritual master."
Lecture on Gurvastakam at Upsala University -- Stockholm, September 9, 1973

The Gurvastakam is meant for:
Spiritual master who can actually deliver his disciples
Spiritual master who is directly receiving the mercy of Lord Krishna
Spiritual master who is authorized
Spiritual master in the same category of Lord Jesus Christ (a śaktyāveśa avatāra)

If there should be no change from the standard that Srila Prabhupada set, why are there even other initiating gurus to begin with?

This is the real question which nobody wants to ask. It had always only been Srila Prabhupada as the initiating guru in ISKCON. Upon his disappearance this changed and many gurus sprouted and began initiating their own disciples, splitting the world into zones and having their disciples in those zones chant their own names in the temple instead of Srila Prabhupada's name. New Dwarka leaders acknowledge this history and assure us that the GBC, however, "outlawed" this practice. So the GBC has a record of changing the standard that Srila Prabhupada set but for some reason all of them still rely on the conclusions of the same GBC instead of what Srila Prabhupada actually says.

Now for some reason the devotees in New Dwarka insist that Srila Prabhupada is only the siksa guru of new devotees in ISKCON today. This is a huge change in the standard Srila Prabhupada set. Srila Prabhupada established himself as the spiritual master and initiating guru for all members of the institution:

"I am the Spiritual Master of this institution, and all the members of the Society, they're supposed to be my disciples. They follow the rules and regulations which I ask them to follow, and they are initiated by me spiritually" (Srila Prabhupada Radio Interview, 12 March 1968, San Francisco)

Srila Prabhupada never said that his status as spiritual master of the institution depended on his physical presence, just as he never said that the morning prayers being dedicated to him depended on his physical presence. Srila Prabhupada simply set a certain standard and practice for the society to follow and that's that. There should have never been any change to that standard. But while the devotees of New Dwarka take shelter of the principle of no change to support one aspect of the established standard in ISKCON (mangala-aratik), they reject the very same principle when applied to an even bigger established standard - initiations!

If my guru can "bloop", in which case I would have to take shelter of Srila Prabhupada, why can't I / shouldn't I just take shelter of Srila Prabhupada from the very beginning?

This is a very sensible question. But we can hardly expect such intelligent inquiry from the new devotees when the most senior devotees who have been actively serving in the movement since their 20's - who are supposed to be the bright and shining examples for the new devotees - say things like "I don't know one way or the other...whatever the GBC, whatever the big sastric authorities, pandits saw...I just wana do the right thing. [...] Whatever you guys say is the right thing to do i'll do it." - Senior book distributor at New Dwarka.

[PADA: Yep, these advanced devotees like Banubhatta do not know whether we should worship sexual predator criminals -- or Srila Prabhupada -- as the guru of ISKCON. That is why we have had all these criminals in Vyasa seats in the first place. At least Banubhatta is favorable to some of our ideas, such as the original books, but seriously, he does not know that all these hokey gurus are bogus, and who should be the guru instead?]

Regarding the samsara-dava prayer's dedication, the temple president of New Dwarka asked another senior brahmachari of the temple "there are many regular gurus who have blooped from Krishna consciousness. So who do they (the disciples of the blooped guru) chant it to?

"Obviously Srila Prabhupada." the brahmachari replied.

The temple president continued "And the point being is yes your guru can bloop. And if he's blooped then what do you do?"

"Go to Srila Prabhupada" they both concluded.

But Srila Prabhupada teaches that an actual bona fide guru can never "bloop" or fall down and that a guru falling down means he was never a real guru to begin with! So why is New Dwarka trying not to change the standard in one place but then drastically changing the standard in another place? It is clear that none of them know the actual standard.

Srila Prabhupada says regarding the position of the spiritual master:

"One should take initiation from a bona fide spiritual master coming in the disciplic succession, who is authorized by his predecessor spiritual master. This is called diksa-vidhana." (SB 4.8.54 Purport)

"A bona fide spiritual master is in the disciplic succession from time eternal, and he does not deviate at all from the instructions of the Supreme Lord..." (Bg 4.42 Purport)

"The guru must be situated on the topmost platform of devotional service. There are three classes of devotees, and the guru must be accepted from the topmost class." (Cc Madhya-lila 24.330 Purport)

"One should not become a spiritual master unless he has attained the platform of uttama-adhikārī." (Nectar of Instruction 5)

"There is no possibility that a first-class devotee will fall down, even though he may mix with nondevotees to preach." (Cc Madhya-lila 22.71 Purport)

"...sometimes, if a spiritual master is not properly authorized, and only on his own initiative becomes a spiritual master, he may be carried away by an accumulation of wealth and large numbers of disciples. His is not a very high grade of devotional service."(Nectar of Devotion 14)

Compare these statements by Srila Prabhupada with the GBC resolution:

"...it should be clearly understood that if such diksa or siksa gurus deviate from strictly following, they may fall down from their position." (Res. 303)

Clearly a deviation from the standard taught by Srila Prabhupada. Yet New Dwarka openly endorses it. This is called a double-standard.

[PADA: That is why Jayadvaita swami sums this all up by saying that in ISKCON they are often worshiping illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as their gurus. 

When I was in New Dwarka I told Svavasa that Harikesha is NOW advertising that gurus can wear condoms when they have illicit sex, and his photo is on the New Dwarka altars being worshiped as good as GOD -- today. Why is that? Svavasa, Nirantara, Govinda Datta etc. all told me, this is the problem for the GBC deity worship program, its not our problem. 

That means they are saying gurus are conditioned souls, and worse, the guru is often a debauchee. Anyway we are glad this is finally being more openly discussed. 

The Los Angeles police once stopped me on my bicycle and told me, "stay away from Watseka, don't you know, these people want to kill you!" And they drove behind me and escorted me home in their cop car. Yep, basically the whole world and the LA cops for sure know all about the program of having people beaten and killed for the crime of worship of Srila Prabhupada. 

That is the question, "Why did you make is a criminal offense to worship the pure devotee in his own building"? That is what they will all have to answer for, and we should actually pray for the souls of those who make it a crime to worship bona fide gurus and they want us to worship their false messiahs instead, and they will beat and kill us if we don't. 

The good news is, the police have had mercy on me and they have saved me from this lot. Without the police, these guru goonda people would have eaten me alive for supper a long time ago. ys pd] 

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More false Godmen caught in India



Another related case --


Sounds familiar?

Sources in the locality said the ashram Trustees, after setting up the ashram, have fraudulently acquired nearby agricultural land from farmers and later converted these land into gharabari category with the help of some tehsil and Revenue staff.

Though there was resentment among the people of the locality against the fraudulent activities of the ashram authorities, the matters were allegedly hushed up by some influential political leaders, senior bureaucrats and police officers.

Allegations of criminal activities have also been levelled against the ashram authorities by local people. Locals have said on condition of anonymity that the ashram authorities, through the help of their goons, have permanently driven out some families from Jhiinti village. These homeless families have brought the matter to the knowledge of the district administration and the police, but to no avail.

In a revelation that speaks volumes about the clout that the Baba enjoys with the government of the day, it has been found that the state Tourism department has provided Rs 28 lakh for the infrastructure development of the ashram for which tendering process has been completed since June this year.

The Tourism department has also listed the Ashram as a premier ‘tourist destination’ in Khurda district. The people of Jhiinti area, who had lost all hope of ever stopping the Baba from his nefarious activities, now see ray of hope after ‘Sambad’ turned the spotlight on the Trahi Achyuta ashram in the wake of the arrest of the two Bihari criminals. The phones at ‘Sambad’ have not stopped ringing since then with people volunteering information about the shady goings-on in the ashram.

Atheistic "Idol Worship Critic" Assassinated

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Los Angeles' Svavasa Das on Guru Issue

PADA: One of the main reasons we worship Srila Prabhupada is -- that the GBC's gurus keep falling down ... oh really! That is what we said to the GBC -- in 1979, we cannot worship people who are falling down. Of course Los Angeles ISKCON is still putting GBC guru's photos on their altars, so they are still worshiping conditioned souls -- on their altars, and on Krishna's feet. Anyway, all this is a day late, and a dollar short, but hey some improvement is better late than never! ys pd

Pilgrims Prepare for Kumbha Mela

Sunnyvale Balarama Jayanthi Aug 30th

Today is the Holy Appearance of Supreme Godhead Sri Balaram. We know Him as Sevaka-Bhagavan (God-servant). He never challenges Krsna`s position, unlike we are, although He is fully qualified. He is God Himself & Krsna`s elder brother. 

"May Lord Balarama, who is the master of Goloka, who is the supreme controller of all controllers, and whose fame is spotless, protect me. May Lord Balaraama, who on His head holds the earth as if it were a single mustard seed, protect me in this world."

Sri Balarama Kavaca Stotra

Srila Prabhupada: So Balarāma… In the Vedic literature it is said, nāyam ātmā bala-hinena labhyaḥ; na bahunā śrutena. So bala means strength. Sometimes some rascal philosophers, they take it that bala means bodily strength. They propagate this philosophy that "Unless you are bodily stout and strong, you cannot achieve spiritual salvation. You must be very strong and stout and eat meat and fight, and then you'll get next spiritual birth" No. This bala, this strength, is different. This is spiritual strength.
The difficulty of the present situation is that actually we are moving on account of spiritual strength, but they have no information of the spiritual strength. They are thinking of material strength. That is expressed here (by Narottama dasa Thakura in his bhajan about Lord Nityananda), that
ahaṅkāre matta hoiyā, nitāi-pada pāsariyā,
asatyere satya kori māni
This is due to ahaṅkāra. Ahaṅkāra-vimūḍhātmā kartāham iti manyate [Bg. 3.27]. Those who are vimūḍha, especially rascal… Mūḍha, rascals, and vi means viśeṣa, viśeṣanam, particularly. Ahankara-vimudhātmā. The same thing which is spoken in the Bhagavad-gītā, Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura says the same thing in a plain Bengali language. Ahaṅkāre matta haiyā, nitāi-pada… By the spell of māyā-ahaṅkāra-vimūḍhātmā kartāham iti manyate [Bg. 3.27]— they are thinking that "We are independent. We can do whatever we like." This is called ahaṅkāra-vimūḍhātmā.
Under false pretext, false prestige, everyone is thinking that "We are independent. We can find out the solution of the problems of life by material adjustment," so on, so on. So that is our material disease. Ahaṅkāra-vimūḍhātmā. Bewildered, they do not understand that the real strength is spiritual strength. We see daily, see daily that a very strong man, very powerful man, very good brain, very good scientist…
So where is the strength? The strength is ātmā. As soon as the ātmā, or the soul, goes out of this body, so intelligent, so strong, and so many things, that is nothing. That is the difference between dead man and the living man. A living man is very powerful, very good position, everything. As soon as he lies down, he is lying down on the floor, and if you kick him on his face, he'll not protest. So where is that strength? The strength is gone. That is spiritual strength.
On the spiritual strength, the body moves. Suppose you have got a very good car, Mercedes car or Rolls Royce car. But when there is no petrol, how the car will move? It is not possible. There is spirit, petrol spirit. Similarly, real strength is spiritual strength. That spiritual strength is Balarāma. Bala means strength. Therefore we have to take shelter of the lotus feet of Balarāma, guru-tattva
Balarāma means guru-tattva. Balarāma represents guru. Yasya prasādād bhagavat-prasādaḥ. If we want to understand Caitanya Mahāprabhu, if we want to understand Kṛṣṇa, then we must take shelter of Balarāma. Nāyam ātmā bala-hinena labhyaḥ. This bala-hinena labhyaḥ, this Vedic injunction, means "Without the mercy of Balarāma you cannot understand, you cannot realize your spiritual identification." So that Balarāma comes as Nityānanda Prabhu. Balarāma hailā nitāi. Therefore we must take shelter of Balarāma.
(Lord Nityānanda Prabhu's Āvirbhāva Appearance Day, Bhubaneswar, India February 2, 1977)

Village Temple in India

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Los Angeles ISKCON vs Jayadvaita swami (Sura lecture)

This is Sura's response to Jayadvaita swami's lecture ...


PADA: Sura Prabhu sauces Jayadvaita swami's idea that we no longer need to chant the pranam prayers to Srila Prabhupada. Good job. It appears that some of the "ISKCON moderates" can no longer tolerate the increasingly harsh diatribes from Jayadvaita swami. Of course this begs the question, how can such a wrong headed person like Jayadvaita swami then be entrusted by the GBC to re-edit all the books? Its self-evident he is not qualified for the job, nor is this job required.

There are some folks who say, "PADA's ideas are not being accepted, he is the lone wolf in the woods, he thinks the sky is falling," etc. Well jeepers, sorry to have to reports this but -- the sky really has been falling, just as we reported. And when we said that ISKCON would eventually revert back to chanting the pranams of Srila Prabhupada, even we did not expect that to happen as soon as it has, but its another prediction that is factual. Its happening, despite everything else, and that's the main thing. ys pd

Feeding Pilgrims at ISKCON Bangalore

Help Fund the ISKCON-spiracy folks!

New Zealand Recognizes Animals as Sentient Beings

Vaishnava Calendar For September 2015

(Saturday -- August 29th, Purnima / Appearance of Lord Balarama)


01 Tuesday
02 Wednesday
03 Thursday
04 Friday
05 Saturday. Sri Krsna Janmastami (fast till midnight)
06 Sunday. Nandotsava / Appearance Day of Srila Prabhupada (fast till noon)
07 Monday. Labor day USA
08 Tuesday. Annada Mahadvadashi Ekadasi
09 Wednesday.

10 Thursday.
11 Friday.
12 Saturday.
13 Sunday.
14 Monday.
15 Tuesday.
16 Wednesday.
17 Thursday.
18 Friday. Srimati Sita Thakurani Appearance Day
19 Saturday. Lalita Sasti : Appearance of Sri Lalita Devi
20 Sunday.
21 Monday. Radhastami : Appearance of Srimati Radharani (fast till noon)
22 Tuesday.
23 Wednesday.
24 Thursday. Parsva Ekadashi
25 Friday. Sri Vamana Dwadashi : Appearance of Sri Vamana Deva
Appearance Day of Sri Jiva Goswami
26 Saturday. Appearance Day of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura
27 Sunday. Ananta Caturdasi Vrata : Appearance Day of Padmanabha
Disappearance Day of Srila Haridasa Thakura
28 Monday. Acceptance of sannyasa by Srila Prabhupada
Sri Visvarupa Mahotsava
29 Tuesday. Third Month of Caturmasya Begins (fast from milk)
30 Wednesday.

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Ajit Krishna / Torben Nielsen / Kim Moller / Phantom Guru?

Kim Moller: No Kim is not in favour of JAS, this is propaganda, we have to behave and act like gentlemen. This PADA on the other hand is notorious for lying and inventing stories. So when it comes to quote we follow Prabhupada and shastra who says "Kṛṣṇa is the first spiritual master, and when we become more interested, then we have to go to a PHYSICAL spiritual master. Lecture on BG 4.34 -- New York, August 14, 1966" However PADA is rejecting Srila Prabhupada's clear instructions regarding guru and parampara.


PADA: Fine except Ajit Krishna, Torben Nielsen, Kim Moller  -- and Jayadvaita and company -- still have not named their "physically present" guru who -- actually exists? Kim and Jayadvaita's programs both say that we need to surrender to "the principle" of the living guru, but then they fail to tell us who that is? Its the no name, no photo, no books, nobody, non-existing acharya, again! A phantom.     

Of course this begs the question, why are Kim, Ajit and Torben quoting the exact statements and ideas of Jayadvaita, i.e. that there is a "living guru" out there somewhere or other, but we cannot give his name? Many of you living guru folks, including Jayadvaita swami, are combinedly telling others to surrender to your non-existing phantom guru. 

Meanwhile our Prabhupadanugas are moving ahead because we have hundreds of "living persons," aka shiksha gurus, who are doing actual real time preaching all over the place, and we can identify our guru. Meanwhile you folks cannot identify the worshiped person or persons in your program, but we can identify ours?

What we are simply asking all you folks -- including your hero Jayadvaita -- is that if you folks have a physically present spiritual master on the planet now, why can't he be identified? Kim, you and your pals like Ajit Krishna, Torben Nielsen, Jayadvaita swami and others have told us that there is no need for an actual "named" guru, rather "guru is only the principle." 

Where do we find in Vedic culture that there is no actually identified guru, there is only "the principle" of a guru? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we do not need to worship any actual guru, we only need to worship "the principle" -- or idea -- of a non-existing guru?

It seems that the "principle" of surrender to a guru has no meaning -- if there is no guru to surrender to? Of course, worship and devotion to a non-existing person makes no sense to anyone. We have to surrender to, and worship, a person -- who does not factually exist? That is not the teachings of the Vedas. All glories to -- nobody? You are saying we are wrong to have people offer their bhogha to Srila Prabhupada, nope, they have to offer their bhogha to -- no one? What is that?

*** Can we buy actual things with no actual money but "the principle" of money?

*** Can we drive to Los Angeles with no actual car, but "the principle" of a car?
*** Can we drink no actual water but drink "the principle" of water?

*** Can we not show up for work and tell our boss that we are no longer going to be engaged in real work, but only engaged in "the principle of work" -- while staying at home?

More importantly, how can we base a religion on the idea that we have to worship a person who MAYBE exists somewhere, but we do not know any of the details -- whom, how, when, or even the whereabouts of this alleged person? We have a guru out there somewhere, maybe, but who knows for sure, thus we cannot tell you if our guru actually even exists. Then you guys wonder why we are making progress and you are not?

This is exactly what Jayadvaita Swami says, there is a no named physical person we have to worship and not Srila Prabhupada. We have to worship a person who cannot be named, that is what JAS says and that is what Kim's team says. No we did not invent anything, JAS says we have to worship the unspecified living person and Kim is his topmost disciple, he says the same thing.

Why does Kim repeat JAS? And Ajit Krishna, Torben Nielsen are thus disciples of Jayadvaita, since they repeat JAS saying we need to worship the unspecified living person, and so so these guys. Why are they repeating JAS as their living guru? Sorry, Srila Prabhupada says we have to give the name of our guru or we are mayavada. 

And of course Kim cites the HKC Jaipur / Dayalu Nitai / Prahlad das / Mukunda das program's support for Bhakta das, a big cheer leader of the GBC's gurus and their "living guru" idea. Ummm, they just do not get it do they, we are not going to worship debauchees as our messiahs? 

This is just not going to fly anymore, its over and out for this program. Its been exposed too much, not only by us but the public medias and etc, its amazing to us that anyone thinks their illicit sex pooja program can be revived? People keep asking us, why is the HKC Jaipur party surrendering themselves to the biggest promoters of the illicit sex messiahs program, meanwhile, artificially making pretend they are against this program?

The good news is that the big writer for this team, Sanat das (Steve Voith), has insisted that a devotee associate has to place a photo of Bob Dylan on his altar. Is this their living guru? So we would rather have this, they have at least identified their living guru as Bob Dylan. To us that's good because it more honest, and we appreciate that. At least these guys have a living guru! Whether or not their idea will be accepted in Vaishnava circles is another thing ...

Anyway, Jayadvaita swami told me personally, we have to worship the living person, but he would not identify this living person, and Kim's program does the same exact thing. That would make JAS the authority of Kim's team, they are repeating him. Sorry! We are supposed to act as the agents for the pure devotee, and not as the replacements and successors for the pure devotee, that's all there is to it. And as for your idea that we have to worship nobody, well, even a kindergarten child knows this is as bogus as it gets, "worship no one and nothing" is not a religion, its atheism aka mayavada. ys pd

Lord Jagganath Street Art by Citizenkane

Tulsi Maharani (by Krishna Prem Dasi)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today is Ekadasi (26 Aug 2015)

Pavitropana Ekadasi on 26 - Aug - 2015

Shri Yudhisthira Maharaja said, "Oh Madhusudana, Oh killer of the Madhu demon, please be merciful to me and describe to me the Ekadasi that occurs during the light fortnight of the month of Shravana (July-August)."

The Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna, replied, "Yes, Oh king, I shall happily narrate its glories to you, for just by hearing about this sacred Ekadasi one attains the merit of performing a horse sacrifice.
"At the dawn of Dvarpara-yuga there lived a king by the name of Mahijita, who ruled the kingdom of Mahismati-puri.

Because he had no son, his entire kingdom seemed utterly cheerless to him. A married man who has no son gains no happiness in this life or the next. The Sanskrit word for 'son' is putra. Pu is the name of a particular hell, and tra means 'to deliver.' Thus the word putra means 'a person who delivers one from the hell named Pu.' Therefore every married man should produce at least one son and train him properly; then the father will be delivered from a hellish condition of life. But this injunction does not apply to the serious devotees of Lord Vishnu or Krishna, for the Lord becomes their son, father, and mother.

Furthermore, Chanakya Pandita says,

satyam mata pita jnanam
dharmo bhrata daya sakha
santih patni ksama putrah
sadete mama vandhavah

"Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, my occupational duty is my brother, kindness is my friend, tranquility is my wife, and forgiveness is my son. These six are my family members."
Among the twenty-six leading qualities of a devotee of the Lord, forgiveness is the topmost.

Therefore devotees should make an extra endeavor to develop this quality. Here Chanakya says "forgiveness is my son," and thus a devotee of the Lord, even though he may be on the path of renunciation, may observe this Ekadasi and pray to attain this kind of "son." For a long time this king tried very hard to obtain an heir, but to no avail. Seeing his years advancing ever onwards, King Mahijita became increasingly anxious.

One day he told an assembly of his advisers: 'I have committed no sin in this life, and there is no ill-gotten wealth in my treasury. I have never usurped the offerings to the demigods or brahmanas.
When I waged war and conquered kingdoms, I followed the rules and regulations of the military art, and I have protected my subjects as if they were my own children. I punished even my own relatives if they broke the law, and if my enemy was gentle and religious I welcomed him. Oh twice-born souls, although I am a religious and faithful follower of the Vedic standards, still my home is without a son. Kindly tell me the reason for this.'

"Hearing this, the king's brahmana advisers discussed the subject among themselves, and with the aim of benefiting the king they visited the various ashrams of the great sages. At last they came upon a sage who was austere, pure, and self-satisfied, and who was strictly observing a vow of fasting.
His senses were completely under control, he had conquered his anger, and he was expert at performing his occupational duty. Indeed, this great sage was expert in all the conclusions of the Vedas, and he had extended his life span to that of Lord Brahma himself. His name was Lomasa Rishi, and he knew part, present, and future.

After each kalpa passed, one hair would fall out of his body (One kalpa, or twelve hours of Lord Brahma, equals 4,320,000,000 years). All the king's brahmana advisers very happily approached him one by one to offer their humble respects. "Captivated by this great soul, King Mahijita's advisers offered obeisances to him and said very respectfully, 'Only because of our great good fortune, Oh sage, have we been allowed to see you.'

"Lomasa Rishi saw them bowing down to him and replied, 'Kindly let me know why you have come here. Why are you praising me? I must do all I can to solve your problems, for sages like me have only one interest: to help others. Do not doubt this.' Lomasa Rishi had all good qualities because he was a devotee of the Lord. 

As stated in the Srimad-Bhagavatam (5:18:12),

yasyasti bhaktir bhagavaty akinchana
sarvair gunais tatra samasate surah
harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna
manorathenasati dhavato bahih

"In one who has unflinching devotional service to Krishna, all the good qualities of Krishna and the demigods are consistently manifest. However, he who has no devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead has no good qualifications because he is engaged by mental concoction in material existence, which is the external feature of the Lord."

"The king's representatives said, 'We have come to you, Oh exalted sage, to ask for your help in solving a very serious problem. Oh sage, you are like Lord Brahma. Indeed, there is no better sage in the entire world. Our king, Mahijita, is without a son, though he has sustained and protected us as if we were his sons. Seeing him so unhappy on account of being sonless, we have become very sad, Oh sage, and therefore we have entered the forest to perform severe austerities. By our good fortune we happened upon you.

Everyone's desires and activities become successful just by your darshan. Thus we humbly ask that you tell us how our kind king can obtain a son.' "Hearing their sincere plea, Lomasa Rishi absorbed himself in deep meditation for a moment and at once understood the king's previous life. Then he said, 'Your ruler was a merchant in his past life, and feeling his wealth insufficient, he committed sinful deeds. He traveled to many villages to trade his goods. Once, at noon on the day after the Ekadasi that comes during the light fortnight of the month of Jyeshtha (Trivikrama - May-June), he became thirsty while traveling from place to place.

He came upon a beautiful pond on the outskirts of a village, but just as he was about to drink at the pond a cow arrived there with her new-born calf. These two creatures were also very thirsty because of the heat, but when the cow and calf started to drink, the merchant rudely shoved them aside and selfishly slaked his own thirst. This offense against a cow and her calf has resulted in your king's being without a son now.
But the good deeds he performed in his previous life have given him rulership over an undisturbed kingdom.' "Hearing this, the king's advisers replied, 'Oh renowned rishi, we have heard that the Vedas say one can nullify the effects of one's past sins by acquiring merit. Be so kind as to give us some instruction by which our king's sins can be destroyed; please give him your mercy so that a prince will take birth in his family.'

"Lomasa Rishi said, 'There is an Ekadasi called Putrada, which comes during the light fortnight of the month of Shravana. On this day all of you, including your king, should fast and stay awake all night, strictly following the rules and regulations. Then you should give the king whatever merit you gain by this fast. If you follow these instructions of mine, he will surely be blessed with a fine son.'

"All the king's advisers became very pleased to hear these words from Lomasa Rishi, and they all offered him their grateful obeisances. Then, their eyes bright with happiness, they returned home.
"When the month of Shravana arrived, the king's advisers remembered the advice of Lomasa Rishi, and under their direction all the citizens of Mahismati-puri, as well as the king, fasted on Ekadasi.
And on the next day, Dvadasi, the citizens dutifully offered their accrued merit to him. By the strength of all this merit, the queen became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a most beautiful son.

"O Yudhisthira," Lord Krishna concluded, "the Ekadasi that comes during the light fortnight of the month of Shravana has thus rightfully become famous as Putrada ["bestower of a son"]. Whoever desires happiness in this world and the next should certainly fast from all grains and legumes on this holy day. Indeed, whoever simply hears the glories of Putrada Ekadasi becomes completely free of all sins, is blessed with a good son, and surely ascends to heaven after death."

Thus ends the narration of the glories of Shravana-sukla Ekadasi, or Putrada Ekadasi, from the Bhavishya Purana. Joy can only be experienced when we offer our love to Krishna.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Always think of the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna and you will find no difficulties in executing the tasks allotted to you by Krishna. The holy name of Krishna has extraordinary spiritual potency because the name of God is non different from God Himself
Chant these names with love and you will feel ecstasy:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare ...
Hare Krishna ... Jay Jagannath ...

Song From Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura

Song From Srila Bhaktivinoda
jñānī jñāna-yoge, koriyā jatane, brahmera sākṣāt kore
brahma-sākṣātkār, aprarābdha karma, sampūrna jñānete hare
1) The learned man, endeavoring in the practice of jñāna-yoga, eventually achieves direct perception of the Supreme Brahman. That realization of Brahman awards one with fully complete transcendental knowledge, which removes all of one’s aprārabdha, or unfructified karmic reactions accrued in previous births.
tabu to’ prārabdha, nāhi hoy kṣoy, phala-bhoga binā kabhu
brahma-bhūta jīva, phala-bhoga lāgi’, janama-maraṇa labhu
2) However, by dint of Brahman realization one’s prārabdha, or karmic reactions that are presently fructifying, are not diminished unless one actually undergoes the suffering of those reactions. Therefore, despite being a Brahman-realized soul, one must still experience the present reactions of his karma and thus be implicated in the cycle of birth and death.
kintu ohe nāma, tava sphūrti ha’le,ekāntī janera āro
prārabdhāprārabdha, kichu nāhi thāke, vede gāya bāro bāro
3) But, O holy name, if You are manifest on the tongue of Your unalloyed devotee, then all of his sinful reactions of both past and present lives are completely destroyed. This truth is sung by the Vedas again and again.
tomāra udaye, jīvera hṛdoya, sampūrna śodhita hoy
karma-jñāna-bandha, saba dūre jāya, anāyāse bhava-kṣoy
4) O holy name, when You arise within the living being’s heart, it becomes completely purified. The shackles of materialistic activities and intellectual knowledge are cast far away, and the soul’s worldly existence comes to an end without any difficulty.
nāma-ḍaṅkā-dhvani, koriyā jāibe, nāmera niśāna dharo
nāma-ḍaṅkā-dhvani, koriyā jāibe,bheṭibe muralīdharo
5) Bhaktivinoda raises his arms and says, “Take up the banner of the holy name and walk along sounding the drum of the holy name. In this way you will surely obtain the direct audience of Lord Muralīdhara, the holder of the flute.”