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Lost Temples of Narasimghadeva

Harinama Festival (by Madhu Pandit das)

George Harrison's "ritvik song" (?)

[PADA: We do not think this is really George, but a pretty cool work over of his song. George did say he was not happy with the post 1977 gurus. Yes, that means he was de facto a ritvik. ys pd]

Political Row over Vrndavana Widows

Earth's Last Hours - Leonardo Dicaprio

Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio, yes friends, the species of life will be killed off, this is Kali Yuga. As Srila Prabhupada says, finish off your business now, do not come back to be born again in Kali Yuga. ys pd

RE: Srila Prabhupada's Book Changes

The Gold Standard


Deconstructionism is a theory of textual interpretation that challenges the belief in ultimate or objective meaning. It rejects claims to objective truth by asserting there is no direct, single interpretation of a literary work, but rather many valid interpretations, as the meaning of literature is dependent on the reader's experiences and the impersonal forces that surround the work's creation. At its core, it is decidedly "anti-metaphysical," and is therefore opposed by anyone who accepts the principle of absolutes, including the belief that bona fide religious texts are dictated by a supernatural being.

In the view of the deconstructionist, the author's intent is not particularly significant, as the work's meaning is defined by the reader's perception. Srila Prabhupada was not on board with this sort of open interpretation, "The author of a book knows very well what is the purpose of (his) book. That is my statement." In a lecture in Vrndavana in 1976, he elaborated on this point by referring to the book Shah Jahan by D.L. Raya. Shah Jahanappears to be the story of the Shah's son, Aurenzab. However, because Raya's intent was to show how all the exploits of Aurenzeb tortured the soul of his father, it is the Shah who is the main character and therefore the book is named Shah Jahan. Prabhupada quotes the author, "Because Shah Jahan was living, sitting in the Agra Fort as a prisoner, and all the reactions of Aurangzeb's activities, the killing of his other sons, usurping the empire, that was beating on his heart; therefore he was suffering. He is the hero."

This endorsement of direct, objective understanding of a text does not mean that there is no scope for new spiritual insights. These insights are invigorating and encouraged by Srila Prabhupada, and as such, he approved philosophical speculation. "Anyone may read Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagawatam repeatedly throughout his whole life and yet find in them new light of information." (SP purport SB 1.1.19) However, he carefully distinguished philosophical speculation from mental speculation by insisting such contemplations never lose their grounding in the clear explanations of the acaryas. The authorized meaning of the text must not be lost in the process. The deconstructionist, however, is really only limited in his interpretation of a book or passage by his own imagination.

The impropriety of relying on a reader's subjective perception to create new and fanciful meanings for a religious text is certainly familiar to all devotees. Nevertheless, over the years I have seen the same mistaken idea promoted (sometimes overtly, sometimes tacitly) in relation to creatively defining a person's spiritual position. As deconstructionism calls for the observer (reader) to be the arbitrator of what a text means, the same flawed practice of "constructing meaning" has been used as a process for determining a person's spiritual qualifications. As a result, devotees who lack the objective qualifications for accepting an exalted spiritual position are nevertheless "awarded" such transcendental status and heedlessly forge ahead on the "strength" of their followers' perceptions. But if anything is to be based on objective standards, would it not be the credentials for assuming the most esteemed spiritual posts? Without objective measures, every devotee swiftly becomes a "law unto himself", with the awesome power to create a spiritual master by his or her individual fiat.

It is essential to maintain unassailable objective standards, based on qualities of consciousness, as the basis for representing the Divine at the highest level. For example, a person must have manifestly transcended the four defects ("without trace of mistake, illusion, cheating, and imperfection" SB 1.3.25). If we abandon these, out of either expediency or vanity, and gauge a person's spiritual status via subjectively constructed measures, we are left with a form of spiritual anarchy. Consider it in this light, if we should take such a notion seriously, it would also necessarily work in the other direction— meaning, the self-realization of exalted souls such as Narada Muni would be somehow dependent on our acknowledgement!

The qualifications of a spiritual master, such as the above mentioned freedom from the four defects, are true and objective standards that require one to possess a state of consciousness untouched by the material energy. Real standards have nothing to do with what a conditioned soul believes or doesn't believe. In this domain, there is no place for the "construction" of anything, specifically none via a perceiver who sees the world through a conditioned mind and imperfect senses.

If I can be allowed to make a poetic leap, the entire enterprise all seems sadly akin to Berkeley's idealism, a philosophy that can be debunked, as they say, with a wooden bat in a dark closet. The point being, there is a world that exists independent of our perceptions. Imagining doesn't make it so. Krishna defines what is real and we are well-served to follow His guiding principles. True knowledge is reality distinct from illusion, and so it is that both the objective standards for understanding sacred texts, as well as the objective standards for recognizing people of super-consciousness, must be eternally preserved and treasured. It is non-negotiable.

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A Razor's Edge

PADA: Lots of devotees have not heeded this warning, and they have got -- cut. Some have got cut so badly they already died spiritually. Spiritual life has to be one of renouncing this material world, and this can only be done on a steady basis by experiencing the alternated world, i.e. the ruci (taste) of Krishna. One can only truly give up the lower taste by experiencing the higher taste. That takes practice! Anyway, as soon as we are not paying attention to Krishna, we are in trouble. Its a living and active process. Srila Prabhupada says -- "Somehow or other you have grabbed onto Krishna's lotus feet, now whatever you do, DON'T LET GO." Good advice! ys pd

Widows Of Vrndavana

[PADA: Big discussion in India media right now on this topic ... ys pd]

Indira Ekadasi (9/19/14)

Indira Ekadasi, Friday, September 19, 2014 

in California USA (fast from grains and beans)

If a person fasts on this day, all his sins are eradicated and his forefathers who have fallen into hell are liberated. Oh best of kings, one who simply hears about this sacred Ekadasi achieves the great merit earned by performing a horse sacrifice.

In the Satya-yuga there lived a king named Indrasena, who was so powerful that he destroyed all his enemies. His kingdom was called Mahishmati-puri. The glorious and highly religious King Indrasena took good care of his subjects, and therefore he was rich in gold, grains, sons, and grandsons. He was greatly devoted to Lord Sri Vishnu as well. He especially enjoyed chanting My name, calling out 'Govinda! Govinda!'. In this way King Indrasena systematically dedicated himself to pure spiritual life and spent much time meditating on the Absolute Truth.

One day, as King Indrasena happily and peacefully presided over his assembly, the perfect orator, Sri Narada Muni, was seen descending. White as a conch, shining like the moon, like a jasmine flower, like a lightening bolt, Narada Muni descending from the sky. He is decorated with matted locks of reddish hair. The king offered Devarishi Narada, the saint among the devas (demigods), great respect by greeting him with joined palms, inviting him into the palace, offering him a comfortable seat, washing his feet, and speaking sweat words of welcome. Then Narada Muni said to Maharaj Indrasena, 'Oh king, are the seven limbs of your kingdom prospering?'

The seven limbs of a king's domain being; the king's well being himself, his ministers, his treasury, his military forces, his allies, the brahmanas, the sacrifices performed in his kingdom, and the needs of the king's subjects. 'Is your mind absorbed in thinking of how you can properly perform your occupational duty? Are you becoming more and more devoted and dedicated to the service of the Supreme Lord, Sri Vishnu?'

"The king replied, 'By your kind grace, Oh greatest of sages, everything is quite well. Today, just by your presence all the sacrifices in my kingdom are successful ! Please show me mercy and explain the reason for your kind visit here.'

"Sri Narada, the sage among the devas, then said, 'Oh lion among kings, listen to my astonishing words. When I descended from Brahmaloka to Yamaloka, Lord Yamaraja praised me very graciously and offered me an excellent seat. As I glorified his truthfulness and wonderful service to the Supreme Lord, I noticed your father in Yamaraja's assembly. Though he had been very religious, because he broke an Ekadasi fast prematurely, he had to go to the Yamaloka. Your father gave me a message for you. He said, "In Mahishmati lives a king named Indrasena. Please tell him about my situation here - that because of my past sinful deeds I have somehow been forced to reside in Yamaraja's kingdom. Please give him this message from me: 'Oh son, kindly observe the coming Indira Ekadasi and give much in charity so I can go upward to heaven.' "

Philosophically we can understand that every living entity is an individual, and individually everyone has to practice Krishna consciousness to traverse back to home, back to Godhead. As stated in Garuda Purana, someone who is suffering in hell cannot practice Krishna consciousness, because this requires some mental peace, which the reactionary tortures of hell make impossible. If a relative of a sinner suffering in hell gives some charity in the name of the sinner, he can leave hell and enter the heavenly planets. But if the sinner's relative observes this Ekadasi fast for his suffering kinsman, the kinsman goes directly to the spiritual world, as stated in this narration based on Brahma-vaivarta Puranam.

"Narada continued, 'Just to deliver this message, Oh king, have I come to you. You should help your father by observing the fast of Indira Ekadasi. By the merit you gain, your father will go to heaven.' "King Indrasena asked, 'Oh great Naradji, please be merciful and tell me specifically how to observe a fast on Indira Ekadasi, and also tell me during what month and on what day it occurs.'

"Narada Muni replied, 'Oh king, please listen as I describe to you the full process of observing the Indira Ekadasi.

1. This Ekadasi occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Ashwin.

2. On the Dashami tithi, the day before Ekadasi, rise early in the morning, take bath, and then do some service for God with full faith.

3. At noon, bathe again in running water and then offer oblations to your forefathers with faith and devotion.

4. Be sure not to eat more than once on this day and at night sleep on the floor.

5. "When you awaken on Ekadasii morning, cleanse your mouth and teeth thoroughly and then with deep devotion for the Lord take this sacred vow: 'Today I shall fast completely and give up all kinds of sense enjoyment. Oh lotus-eyed Supreme Personality of Godhead, Oh infallible one, please give me shelter at Your lotus feet."

6. At noon, stand before the sacred form of the Sri Shaligram Shila and worship Him faithfully, following all the rules and regulations; then offer oblations of ghee into the sacred fire, and tarpana directed to help your forefathers.

7. Next, feed qualified Brahmins (obviously non-grain prasadams) and offer them some charity according to your means.

8. Now take the food pindas you offered to your forefathers, smell it, and then offer it to a cow. Next, worship Lord Hrishikesha with incense and flowers, and finally, remain awake all night near the Deity of Lord Sri Keshava.

9. "Early in the morning of the next day, Dvadasi tithi, worship Sri Hari with great devotion and invite Brahmin devotees to a sumptuous feast.

10. Then feed you relatives, and finally take your meal in silence.

Oh king, if you strictly observe a fast on Indira Ekadasi in this way, with controlled senses, your father will surely be elevated to the abode of lord Vishnu.' After saying this, Devarishi Narada immediately disappeared from the scene to bless someone else with his presence.

"King Indrasena followed the great saint's instructions perfectly, observing the fast in the association of his relatives and servants. As he broke his fast on the Dvadasi tithi, flowers fell from the sky. The merit that Indrasena maharaj earned by observing this fast released his father from the kingdom of Yamaraja and caused him to attain a completely spiritual body. Indeed, Indrasena saw him rising to the abode of Lord Hari on the back of Garuda Vahan. Indrasena himself was able to rule his kingdom without any obstacles, and in time when he handed over the kingdom to his son, he also went to the spiritual realm of Vaikuntha.

"Oh Yudhishthira, these are the glories of the Indira Ekadasi, which occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Ashwin.

Whoever hears or reads this narration certainly enjoys life in this world, is freed of all reactions to his past sins, and at the time of death returns home, back to Godhead, where he lives eternally."

Thus ends the narration of the glories of Ashwin-krishna Ekadasii, or Indira Ekadasi, taken from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana.

Srila Prabhupada Changes Consciousness

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Srila Prabhupada's Last Instructions

Prabhupadanugas EU promoting molester messiahs program

[PADA: Thanks for that prabhu, yes these people are very worried about GMO in their food, but they are meanwhile promoting a Genetically Modified Bogus Guru program. Hee hee.]

PADA: Thanks prabhu, yes this raises a good question, why are some of the GBC / and their new allies like Prabhupadanugas EU / and HKC Jaipur -- quoting, citing and promoting Bhakta das, knowing that he supports the GBC's and their homosexual and pedophile guru's program? Why don't these people even know the basics of the Krishna religion, that homosexuals and pedophiles are not God's messiahs and acharyas, and we should not support the spokesmen and the defenders of the homosexual messiahs group -- like Prabhupadanugas EU / HKC Jaipur is now doing?

And yes, we have plenty of WRITTEN evidence of a number of the HKC Jaipur folks (Ashish Kumar and others) ALL quoting Bhakta das's article as their authority. Why does HKC Jaipur folks promote the cheer leaders of the homosexual pedophile acharyas program? Why doesn't HKC Jaipur even know that homosexuals and child molesters are not Lord Krishna's acharyas, rather they quote and cite -- IN PUBLIC -- the people who support this abominable homosexual acharya's programs as the HKC Jaipur's authority? Why are the even promoting this homosexual messiahs program to children?

Even a dog is a higher authority than the promoters of homosexual acharyas? Dogs do not promote the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as acharyas and gurus, like the HKC Jaipur program is now aligned with. The HKC is not advanced enough to have a dog as their authority?

What we cannot understand is, why is it that when myself or someone else says homosexuals and child molesters are not acharyas, then some of the GBC / HKC Jaipur folks / Ashish Kumar / Prahlad das / Prabhupadanugas EU / Bhakta das and others attack that person as "a mad man"? Do they not know that 999999.99999 percent of the human population agrees with us, that deviants are not acharyas? Even the dogs agree with us, even they refuse to worship deviants as their acharyas?

For example, as soon as Madhu Pandit says homosexual pedophiles are not acharyas, then immediately Prabhupadanugas EU attacks that person as bogus, and they forward Bhakta das as their spokesman, a defender of the pedophile gurus project. The promoter of illicit sex worship is their spokesman? As soon as someone is promoting what Sulochana called the "semen sucking sampradaya" then the Prabhupadanugas EU has found their new spokesman and hero?

In sum, why does Prabhupadanugas EU support the leading cheer leaders of the worship of homosexuals pedophiles as Jesus - like messiahs / saints / acharyas project? And they attack anyone who opposes that agenda as "mad fools"? And they forward the defenders of that program as their spokesman?

Why does Prabhupadanugas EU insult God and the acharyas by assisting those who promote this -- "homosexuals and pedophiles as God's acharyas" -- agenda? Did we forget to mention their agenda molested a lot of children, and murdered some of us who protested their pedophile pooja plan? Are these people atheists? They are proud they had children molested and us assassinated? They think they did a good job causing mass molesting and murders? Then they blame us for THEIR program's bad publicity?

Sulochana used to say that there are basically three types of people who support this homosexual pedophiles acharyas program: (A) the ignorant, (B) the perverts or (C) the homosexual pedophiles themselves. Prabhupadanugas EU cannot say they are (A) ignorant (because they know we have opposed this agenda for 30 years), that would mean, at least according to Sulochana, they are (B) perverts, or (C) homosexual pedophiles themselves.

Why do these people always defend the child molester acharyas program by attacking anyone who tries to bring it down? Anyway, that is why these deviant child molester gurus programs have stayed in power all this time, these Bhakta das and co. people keep them there since 1977. Yes, anyone who opposes child molesters being worshiped as good as Jesus is a "mad man." That is exactly what Prabhupadanugas EU is all about today, and that is also EXACTLY what their ACTUAL guru Kirtanananda said, me and Sulochana are "mad men" for opposing their regime. They not only love Kirtanananda, they quote him as their guru / authority too.

The good news is, we have already exposed this bogus Prabhupadanugas EU / Bhakta dasa / Kirtanananda / et al. homosexual and pedophile messiahs agenda / program so badly, it will never be revived. EVER! That means FOREVER! Anyway, yes, the Prabhupadanugas EU is now promoting the cheer leaders for the homosexual messiahs program, and yep they say anyone who does not help them and Bhakta das establish the worship of their homosexual pedophile acharyas project is a mad man. Fine, of course that means 9999999.9999999 percent of the population are all mad men too, because they ALL do NOT support the cheer leaders of homosexual molester messiahs programs like these Prabhupadanuga EU people are doing.

Anyway, yes, that ALSO means they are also promoting the "poison sabha" agenda that poisons pure devotees. Anyone who does not worship Judas and Pontius Pilate is a mad man? Well ok then, this will not fly very far. Bhakta das has no credibility over here in  the USA for sure, and thus -- anyone who promotes him will not have any credibility either.

At the same time this is all good news, we wanted all along for the Prabhupadanugas EU homosexual pedophile messiah lovers club members to just come out and admit that, and lets just get on with things after that. This agenda is not going very far, that's all we can say for certain. After all we ALREADY exposed this program to the bone, some folks think they can revive it? Amazing!

Wow! Good thing we ALREADY exposed their agenda so much so, its revival is simply not possible anymore. That means we did the right thing hammering this down, their molester messiah's agenda is now unable to get back up -- and move out of the casket that we have nailed it into. Hee hee! Yep, Krishna wanted em' nailed in and its not going to make a come back, its over for these people except for a few hassles they can give us in their bogus courts, and the few remaining molester messiah lover's club flag wavers on Prabhupadanugas EU. We ALREADY smoked em!

ys pd


Thanks, yes Suren Singh Katana is another HKC person who is promoting the Bhakta das program, and he is with that agenda.

Yes, thanks very much Ashish Kumar of Jaipur for your quoting the Bhakta das article. We said you are citing the cheer leaders of the homosexual pedophile acharyas, and you are. We can prove it easily, we took a snap of the page.

Why does Ashish Kumar of Jaipur promote the cheer leaders of the homosexual pedophile acharyas program? Why does he not know this is a deviation? Any ten year old Christian child who eats hamburgers knows that deviants are not messiahs, why doesn't Ashish Kumar know that? Promoting the cheer leaders of the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as messiah's program is the way forward? Ooops, Ashish apparently forgot to promote the worship of sex with goats? Are these people smoking some bad weed or what is it exactly? ys pd

The Hansadutta Era in Berkeley

Gangster Prankster Guru

Dear Laksmi Kary. I am sorry to see that you are blaming me for all the bad public media stories that have come out of ISKCON post 1977. I did not create ANY of these stories, they were all in the media and I merely commented on them. You are blaming the messenger.

Hansadutta, on the other hand, was one of the primary ring leaders of the bogus post-1977 "GBC guru" party that made all this bad publicity. He knew better than any of us that Tamal, Satsvarupa, Jayapataka, Ramesvara, Jayatirtha, Harikesh, Bhagavan, Bhavananda, Kirtanananda, Hrdayananda, -- and his humble himself, were not qualified to be worshiped as Srila Prabhupada's and Krishna's guru successors. Hansadutta knew this better than any of us because -- he knew all these people were having all kinds of management problems, and a few of them would call each other "goof balls," and in sum they were not qualified to be gurus. Hansadutta knew that from the get go, better than any of us knew.

Hansadutta told me himself, that he had helped the other ten cook up their "appointed 11 guru's program" at SECRET meetings held among these eleven where they PLOTTED this deviant scheme. Hansadutta said ALL of them knew their "11 guru's program" was a bogus and essentially a criminal takeover scam -- but they did not care -- since they ALL wanted to take over Srila Prabhupada's mission (money, buildings, assets and important manpower) for themselves.

This was a criminal conspiracy to "usurp the assets" just like the Gaudiya Matha's deviants "usurped the assets." And when I went to Berkeley temple in 1975, there was a huge five foot high photo of Hansadutta sitting at the feet of Sridhara Maharaja, the founder father of the post 1936 homosexual guru's deviation. Srila Prabhupada said the Gaudiya Matha are the "usurpers" of the guru seat program, and that is where Hansadutta went for shelter? This also helped make the spin off of several thousand ISKCON devotees to the Gaudiya Matha's program.

Hansadutta admits this guru appointment fraud was due to the fact -- these leaders were all personally MOTIVATED for power, prestige, money, glory, worship and so forth. Hansadutta at least admits that was their motivation, i.e. they had material motivation. OK all the more reason that these eleven are not qualified to be gurus, people who are self-interested and personally motivated are not qualified to be worshiped as God's successors. As Berkeley police officer Joe Sanchez said, there was Srila Prabhupada, and then there were those who thought they were Srila Prabhupada.

In sum, Hansadutta supported this regime because he wanted a piece of the stolen Judas gold for himself. And devotees like Nanda Kumar say that their "kali chela" conspiracy against Srila Prabhupada was full blown even when Srila Prabhupada was still present, it was being cooked up at that time already.

And this is why some people like Prithu das said -- even in the mid-1970s -- that Srila Prabhupada had told him, "Most of my devotees are praying for me to live, but Hansadutta is praying for me to die (so he can sit in my seat)." And Tamal Krishna swami told me in 1976, "I know you Puranjan, you are waiting for Srila Prabhupada to die so YOU CAN SIT IN HIS SEAT." Yep, the Hansadutta group was meditating on -- sitting in their guru's seat. In sum, Tamal and Hansadutta then became best buddies after 1977, because they were both in agreement that they should sit in his seat.

Then there was the 1973 (?) incident where both Hansadutta and Kirtanananda had placed their photos on the altars even while Srila Prabhupada was here, and Srila Prabhupada said, "At least my God brothers waited for guru maharaja to depart before they did this." He was disgusted with their greed for being in his seat.

Hansadutta's history went way back to the early days with all these people like Kirtanananda, and he therefore should have known that Kirtanananda was a renegade from Srila Prabhupada more than a few times, and thus he should not be posted as the acharya. Of course, Harikesh had insulted Srila Prabhupada more than a few times, and this was known to a lot of us. Satsvarupa messed up the book keeping in Boston so they could not even pay their electric bill. Bhagavan was almost removed from the GBC at one point because he had refused to pay the trash bill -- so the Paris temple got a huge fine from the city. Bhavananda had blooped more than a few times to go stay at Andy Warhol's place, and so on and so forth.

It would seem Hansadutta would have known all these details probably more than any of us, since he was intimately connected to ALL of these folks ALL along from the start of ISKCON. For Hansadutta to want to place these KNOWN severely conditioned souls in the Vyasasana seat of Srila Prabhupada was certainly a big blunder, at the very least. Naturally this would lead to a VERY dangerous "Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate" cult environment, and it did. Hansadutta knew that was going to be the result because -- this is well known to be the result of posting conditioned souls as messiahs.

And who was it that was reading about Hitler and Joeseph Goebels? OK it was Hansadutta, he often quoted "tell a lie so big no one could challenge it" -- and many times. Even Srila Prabhupada had to say to Hansadutta, we should not be reading books about Hitler. These 1930s folks in Germany were experts at the deviated psychology of "mass mind manipulation" in order to promote themselves. Hansadutta's studying their writings was to enhance his personal ambitions and desire for their mundane mind manipulation skills, which has no basis in spiritual understanding. Of course, Srila Prabhupada says the demons use black magic style mind control techniques to fool and thus control the mass of people, so they can cheat and exploit the mass of people.

After 1978 people like Mahamsa swami complained that Hansadutta's people were making death threats against him, so right away we had a violent criminal cult going on to remove all of the original Srila Prabhupada disciples. Yasodananda was told that some of them were going to break his legs if he stayed. I was getting threats from the Jayatirtha people, and so on and so forth. Hansadutta's folks were making death threats against the devotees of Srila Prabhupada, and Srila Prabhupada says, -- the way you treat the master's dog is how the master gauges how you would treat him. Well, Hansadutta's program wanted to have us killed.

By 1985 Hansadutta had got rid of all but two original disciples of Srila Prabhupada from Berkeley, one was gay and one was a criminal, these guys got to stay. And the police were making constant visits to the temple to make arrests there in Berkeley for all sorts of felony crimes, because Hansadutta wanted to make Krishna's ISKCON into his own personal criminal empire, and he did. Later on the newspapers had a big article, "Machine Gun Swami," ok that was Hansadutta who was arrested for possession of a machine gun, making horrific publicity for ISKCON, not me?

Hansadutta convinced poor Vipra das to "take the rap" for the machine gun to save himself from going to jail. He just destroys others lives with no thought or consideration. Vipra took the rap thinking he was helping save ISKCON from a scandal, and Hansadutta was expert at exploiting these sentiments to use and abuse others.

Yes, Hansadutta eventually thought he was going to die from drug overdose, so he invited me to come to the temple to "preach about Prabhupada," but he never really made it clear to his flock that he was on my side. Rather he would also glorify Kirtanananda as "the only pure devotee on the planet," so he was at best causing (intentional?) confusion among his followers. Hansadutta was sort of backing both our "Prabhupadanuga" idea and the "Kirtanananda swami is pure" idea, simultaneously, at the same time. That means our lives were in danger, because Kirtanananda's program sometimes assassinated dissenters.

When I was living there at the Berkeley temple in 1985, fifty of Srila Prabhupada's original devotees came to Berkeley to attend a new age festival. I invited them to come over the Berkeley temple with me and they said, "Hell no, we are not going to go over there to get our faces pounded in by Hansadutta's thugs, he is a dangerous criminal." And this "violent cult mood" had been the exact mood that Hansadutta wanted to project, that he is a dangerous criminal, so all of Srila Prabhupada's ACTUAL devotees would stay away and he could thus promote his deviants and friends like Kirtanananda as saints.

And then there was a big problem in the overall society of things like child abuse, in addition to the other problems of Srila Prabhupada's devotees being banned, beaten and assassinated. And so, while all these children were suffering and getting abused, and people like Sulochana were being chased by angry mobs of these guru's goondas, meanwhile Hansadutta for his part was just getting stoned on various intoxicants, including apparently percodan, and having illicit sex with various lady disciples. He could care less that his victims, including children, were suffering so badly like this. And that is one main reasons almost all these children today are not coming to ISKCON, they have had their faith shattered by the Hansadutta regime's leaders.

Lets look at some other victims of this bogus guru regime, for starters -- the example mother Tribhuv. She was PREMATURELY removed from her pujari service by the Hansadutta regime, then she told me because of that  -- she had "lost her will to live." She did not want to live any longer without seeing her dear lord Jagganath. One year later, I was sitting in the hospital by her bed side as she lay dying of terminal cancer. She was dying PREMATURELY.

Why was she dying?

Because, she had "lost her will to live" -- because of the actions of others, that means she was killed. Who killed her? She was de facto murdered, that's my opinion, because taking away her service killed her. And the person who orchestrated taking away that service? That would be Mr. Hansadutta and his regime, and that means he has her blood on his hands. And that is merely one out of of thousands of victims of this regime.

Then again, what happened to Buddhimanta? Died prematurely. Himavati? Died prematurely. The disciple of Hansadutta who committed suicide, being fried that his guru was a hoax? Died prematurely. Sulochana das? Died prematurely. Its endless really, Mula Prakrti, Kulashekhar. Tribhuvanath, ok really the list is endless of ALL these people who died WAY before their time. And up to a recent event where a local devotee died of alcohol poison because of being discouraged by these contaminated gurus. OK that means the Hansadutta regime has caused the untimely death of hundreds of vaishnavas, premature or otherwise.

Of course, the spiritual deaths would be in the millions if we consider that this movement was supposed to save millions in the world. Its like a mass spiritual abortion program going on here ...

Never mind that many ex-gurukuli children were also discouraged en masse by these false gurus and many of them ended up thinking the religion is a fraud, Many of them have had drug problems, never mind a suicide problem, and so many other problems, no one can start to count them, all thanks to Hansadutta's crazy guru process which alienated them wholesale. Yet the laws of nature are most strict, someone is going to have to be accountable and pay the price for each one and all of these victims, that's all there is to it. And that is why the Isopanisad says, better for a bogus acharya to have never even heard of the Vedas, his future is very dark. Even the ordinary man has a much brighter future than false acharyas, that is what shastra says.

Anyway, thanks to fraud gurus like Hansadutta, some numbers of these poor ex-kulis children ended up eating hamburgers and cursing at Krishna. Hansadutta mis-represented Krishna to them and this caused them to revolt against Krishna. Hansadutta's eleven guru's regime thus caused hundreds if not thousands of people to become faithless, if not millions if we include the bad media he caused, and that is what Srila Prabhupada says, bogus spiritual leaders make the masses become faithless, basically Hansadutta and his pal's program post 1977.

If a person is born as a devotee, is then mistreated by his religion's leaders, and the victim starts eating hamburgers, guess who is responsible? Yep, the leaders who caused the alienation are responsible, they aborted this child's spiritual life.

So now you are citing some outsiders who are upset with the religion, because of the actions of fools like Hansadutta who misrepresented the religion, but the Hansadutta guru process also alienated and upset even MOST the adults in ISKCON, and they almost ALL left in a huge exodus. And worse, Hansadutta's program furthermore alienated MOST of the children BORN inside the movement. These children are NOW gone and ARE not coming back! EVER! That means FOREVER!

Srila Prabhupada said he was counting on these children to make a new wave of people to promote his mission, and almost all of them were spiritually killed off by these false acharyas. What is the karma for that? I hate to even think what it would be, killing off and aborting the children of Srila Prabhupada and bringing a number of them back to hamburgers instead of Krishna? Who caused this to happen? The leaders of course, this did not happen by chance or accident.

Never mind that, Hansadutta's process caused mass public alienation of the religion, so he caused most people outside AS WELL AS most of those already inside the movement to be fried and alienated from the religion. He fried out the first generation of devotees, second generation of devotees, and millions in the public, all in one big swoop. Fried them all to toast so that he could sit in a big seat for a few years.

I had nothing to do with his actions in this regard, except, I reported on him in my newsletters. You are quoting the outsiders who are alienated, forgetting that Hansadutta' program also alienated 99 percent of the Srila Prabhupada INSIDE ISKCON devotees and 99 percent of their children from participating in ISKCON. He created a massive exodus to get away from the putrid stink of his motivated ego-tism and self-appointed acharya's program. The 99 percent of devotees who left will never return, they are totally disgusted with this guru program and want nothing to do with it, ever again. Forever.

And all the while as Hansadutta's program was stomping giant jackboots on all these innocent people, he was just getting stoned on intoxicants, and shooting guns at occupied buildings, while he was carrying $15,000 cash in his pocket. He had only been interested in taking care of himself. Who was ordering all these children they had to worship deviants like Kirtanananda? Who made all this mess for all these children? Who said we are demons when we said there is a problem with these children's treatment? And who helped demonize us to get us killed when we protested Hansadutta's criminally abusive guru cult?

We all know whom that is, we just do not know when these people are going to accept individual or collective responsibility for generating all this criminal mayhem, but they will have to accept responsibility either now or in their future lives, what we sow is what we reap. On the other hand, we convinced a number of Hansadutta followers to worship Srila Prabhupada, and many of them still shake my hand when they see me today being thankful we set them on the right path.

If a person has to go to hell for some years -- for each hair on the body of a cow that he helps get slaughtered (by eating meat) -- then what about each hair on the head of Sulochana? And Tribhuv? And so on and so forth? Who will have to answer for all these untimely deaths? We say, and shastra says, it the people who caused all these deaths.

OK that means Hansadutta and his 11 guru's regime, individually and collectively, they caused all this, they are responsible for all this. I reported on it, because it was an important issue, that these gurus were ruining the lives of countless people and ruining the mission of Lord Chaitanya. That means of course, the agents of the Lord will deal severely with these people who exploited this mission in their own way, and I'm glad not to have been part of this gang of usurpers of property that belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY.

Hansadutta was thus demonizing me and Sulochana on purpose, to get us killed, he wanted us to die and he got his wishes partly fulfilled. Hansadutta knew FULL WELL that Kirtanananda had a dangerous cult going on, and he knew we were complaining about that cult, then he sided with the child abusers and devotee assassins club because -- he supported them and crammed all this down the throats of the devotees, the women, and the ISKCON children, and the public. He crammed these molester messiahs down the throats of others, so he is fully responsible for the results. I was saying lets not cram these bogus gurus down the throats of others, so this was done by him and not me.

Narayana Maharaja says the false guru program of the Gaudiya Matha was torturing and brutalizing the devotees, and Hansadutta just followed in their footsteps. He was torturing these hundreds if not thousands of people by forcing them to stay away from their beloved Krishna, sometimes causing their death, and causing many spiritual deaths to boot.

Worse, some of these deaths were due to slowly dying of cancer like Tribhuv, which means, the Hansadutta regime tortured her to death. Its hard for us to even think of the karma these people will be enduring for all this oppression upon these innocent souls, especially these poor women and children. Anyone who causes Krishna's  devotees to suffer and even die will never expect to get much mercy from the Lord or any agents of the Lord, that is the opinion of shastra.

If Hansadutta had said this is all bogus from the get go, he could have save a lot of these people, At least Berkeley could have been saved and there would be not so many victims here. He did speak up somewhat to his credit, but he waited until it was too late for most folks to say a few words, and its not a complete explanation either. Neither Hansadutta has explained why his best pals were saying "the poison is going down" in Srila Prabhupada's room. And why did Nanda Kumar say he had to leave Vrndavana in 1977 because these kali chelas (Hansadutta's associates) were mistreating Srila Prabhupada? Why does Hansadutta not explain any of this?

If you want to know why there is a bad image of the movement, first ask them why they created this mess and it had to be reported by the police, media, FBI and so on? Hansadutta created a bad image of the movement all over the world. causing even a number of the children to reject the religion and start eating hamburgers. His program caused this alienation.

Another among countless victims is Bhakta das. After Hansadutta's people stole his briefcase and started using his credit cards he went into a tail spin and has never recovered, he also ran off to the Gaudiya Matha. His service and association was destroyed just like hundreds of others had their lives destroyed. No one is authorized to destroy the lives of Krishna's devotees, there is a heavy penalty for that. Indeed, the heaviest penalty, which is why these false gurus are destined for the most obnoxious regions, they have to pay back what they stole from all these thousands of people, what they stole from Krishna and His pure devotee, and all this is compounded daily with interest.

Hansadutta also took those big Krishna deities and placed them in a shed where he lives. Doesn't that say it all? He drove away all the devotees and was left with deities he cannot care for properly, and he has Krishna kidnapped away in a isolated shed. Srila Prabhupada said we need fifty brahmanas to worship Radha and Krishna, and now there is no one there for them, just a shed in the country. Srila Prabhupada wanted hundreds of devotees, kirtanas, pujaris, programs, he did not want Krishna to be stuck in a shed somewhere?

Your own husband told me that Hansadutta had ordered him to divorce you so he could marry you. What kind of guru orders a married woman to divorce so he can marry her? Again, he is another victim, and you are an unkowing victim. Then your own husband, i.e. another victim, left the place in disgust. And his devotee brother went with him too, and so on and so on and so on and so on, all so that Hansadutta could manipulate these poor souls for his own personal gratification. Of course, one devotee was going to shoot Hansadutta with a shot gun for having sex with his wife, and I saved Hansadutta by restraining this person who was going to drive to the farm to blow off Hansadutta's head. So before you condemn me, realize that I am the person who saved Hansadutta's life.

You folks have to start to get this history in order, I did not cause any of these crimes, I reported them. After Sulochana was killed Hansadutta sent everyone to New Vrndavana, he wanted to be in all the bad media, he sent everyone there because he knew these people were murderers of Vaishnavas and he wanted the murderers to be worshiped. And because he sent everyone to New Vrndavana, Berkeley was a basket case and still is, he burnt that place to the ground be sending all the sevakas away. So he should just admit to all this and get it over with instead of still trying  to still defend himself as some sort of victim himself, he is the perpetrator, not the victim. ys pd

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hrdayananda's Evangelicals

Bombay vs Bangalore Court Update

[PADA: Not sure if this is all accurate, but anyway we will comment on the story as it is being presented.] 

Hearing of the Main SLP Commenced in Bangalore Case


Sep 16, 2014 — NEW DELHI, INDIA (SUN) —

[PADA: Sun "Correspondent" is probably Dayarama das (JPS), who told me that I am right, his GBC leaders have been making homosexuals and other fools into their acharyas. How these people even got into a court is beyond my comprehension, homosexuals are God's successors, and thus that agenda is accepted by the courts?]

Today the Supreme Court started their hearing of the main SLP in the Bangalore vs. Mumbai lawsuit. ISKCON's main senior counsel, Sri K. K. Venugopal, was not keeping well (he had fever) and therefore wanted the matter to be adjourned for a week. Madhu Pandit dasa's senior lawyer strongly opposed, however, and there was a heated exchange of words between Madhu Pandit's lawyer and Krishnan Venugopal, the son of K. K. Venugopal who is also senior counsel, but is junior to his father in representing ISKCON reg. in Mumbai.

[PADA: Really? A program that says homosexuals and deviants are Lord Krishna's successor acharyas -- has a lawyer to defend them? Amazing!]

The Judges were inclined to grant the adjournment but as Madhu Pandit's senior was not relenting, the Judges made the decision to hear the matter till lunch and then post it to next week for further hearing. After hearing the matter for more than two hours, the court posted it for hearing on next Thursday, 25 September, 2014.

During the course of the hearing Madhu Pandit's lawyer made the judges go through the 'Direction of Management' of Srila Prabhupada as well as some of the letters of Srila Prabhupada. The senior Judge commented that from the letters, it appears that Srila Prabhupada, apart from being a spiritualist, was a very accomplished administrator. His appreciation of Srila Prabhupada in the open court was very pleasing to hear.

Madhu Pandit's lawyer took the judge through the July 9th, 1977 Letter (appointment of ritviks etc.), indicating a theological discussion, but the senior Judge told Madhu Pandit's lawyer that this is not the issue the court should be involved in, and it this is not the dispute before them.

Madhu Pandit's lawyer said just as all Muslims accept Prophet Mohammad as authority, so everyone in ISKCON accepts Srila Prabhupada. The Judge said, but they may disagree on interpretation of the teaching. So court cannot get involved with that. Fortunately, the Judges did not allow this issue to cloud or derail the main issue.

It is a fact that in Madhu Pandit's suit there is no prayer for enforcement of the Ritvik system in ISKCON. The suit is only for the ownership and management of the ISKCON Temple at Bangalore.

[PADA: OK so lets get this straight, its ok to support a program of worship illicit sex with men, women and children as God's acharyas and messiahs -- because its a matter the court cannot deal with since, its a theological argument? No -- its a basic moral argument, are deviants God's successors or not? Any ten year old child in the USA knows that a program of "deviants as God's successors" is bogus, why is this so baffling for these assembled folks?

Worse, this "clouds the main issue"? Why isn't this the main issue, that saying deviants are acharyas is a criminally FRAUDULENT mis-representation of Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON, dharma, the Vedas, and India's culture and etc? Why are we not asking these judges -- why such a perverted deviation from dharma is being allowed, and why aren't the people promoting this deviation under criminal charges of fraud?

This is similar to what happened in 1997 when we said, this court case should be about the criminal fraud of misrepresenting ISKCON and its aims, ideals, objectives and the instruction of the founder, and moreover saying deviants are acharyas is an attack on India's heritage and culture. But the IRM folks, ok Krishna Kanta, said this is "too heavy, its bad language," and so forth, and they wanted to make a debate based on some inner circle ISKCON legal documents, which avoids the main fraud and misrepresentation complaint.

Of course nowadays we still have people like the GBC gurus / Bhakta das / et al. saying that our complaints are "using bad language." This is why I am so fortunate to have grown up in the USA. If someone walks into a bar in the USA and says, "homosexuals, sexual predators, molesters and criminals are successors to God," that person would be treated very severely by the bar patrons, because people here have basic respect for God. The common man would not allow someone to insult God in this manner. Its amazing to me that this is being allowed, even legally allowed, by these folks? 

Of course, since 1977 as soon as we say, homosexuals, sexual predators, molesters and criminals are NOT God's successors, then immediately the GBC and their goody two shoes defenders like Bhakta / Prahlad  / Prabhupadnauga EU etc. -- all come out of the wood work and say, oh forsooth this is "stooly language"! We have to allow these deviants to sit in the seat of God's successors, and only use nice language around them, while we get Bhakta das to offer them a chamara fan! We have to "use nice language" regarding the people who created Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint? Amazing cry babies! 

I also easily can imagine what would happen to all these assembled deviants in Vedic times, the pious king would take such offenders to task immediately and not allow them to function in his society, -- the whole group would be ALL marked as criminals. Saying deviants are NOT acharyas is what people HAD TO SAY in Vedic times, saying otherwise was FORBIDDEN. Of course this is why the people saying "this is bad language" never debate with us, we defeat them right out of the gate with this one argument alone. 

But hey its Kali Yuga, so now, anyone who says deviants are not God's successors is "using bad language" and not only the GBC deviants but even their new followers on Prabhupadanugas EU are crying like a baby that we are insulting the deviants posing as messiahs with "bad language." I thank God every day I grew up in USA, so I'd have the sense to know that one should NOT endorse and defend the people who are insulting God by saying His successors are deviants. 

Anyway, we are glad someone had put these documents into court, that is a great start. And Madhu Pandit is the only person with enough sense to even try to forward this in court, so that is also good. Now there are some critics of PADA who say we were causing all the trouble by using bad language, going to the police and media for back up and so on. Well fine, except -- that means none of these folks can defeat our original argument, that deviants are not God's successors? And this means, they are just upset that the police and media backed up my version all along, and they still do today. 

These police and media folks are on my side eternally, and so are ALL the people in any USA bar, they are also on my side, as is any ten year old child on my side, and so is God on our side of this argument, God does not want to see deviants to be listed as His guru successors, its just not what He agrees to -- eternally. We will win this eventually, of that I am quite confident, because its what God wants, to see only His pure devotees listed as His successors. Satyam eva jayate. ys pd]         

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Little More Courage Please

Krishna Kirtan das comments:


Nanda Kumar Prabhu's sharing was quite nice and it seemed quite heartfelt as well, although he would appear at times to be holding back a bit, perhaps he wanted to say more (but couldn't?). Due to the fact that he is sitting right inside the ISKCON of Dallas temple room, was invited to speak there, he ends up giving too much credit and credibility where it doesn't deserve.

I think I could go on pointing out somethings I liked and disliked about this, but instead I will try to sum up my overall impression and take on this.

For instance, if he was Srila Prabhupada's body guard, specially when Srila Prabhupada needed the most, while in his bed and in the presence of Kali's agents (as he himself points out), Nanda Kumar admits he decided to leave the battlefield and did not come through with his duty. Certainly the situation at the time may have been such, and so difficult to overcome, that he may not have had much power to do much anyway to stop any agents of Kali. He points out their presence and their mentality around Srila Prabhupada, but he stops short of elaborating any further.

So as far what he is saying here is concerned, we are all left with the question: who were these people he was talking about? Could he give us names please?

With all due respect to Nanda Kumar Prabhu, why isn't he brave enough (today) to simply state the name(s) of those who he found to be agents of Kali, after all that has already been said-done-exposed-etc by others in countless other ways outside the context of that temple room speech? At one point in the video he says there was someone laughing around Srila Prabhupada's bed, which he found inappropriate, and from that he could tell that person was an agent of Kali.

So anyway, Nanda Kumar Prabhu, why don't you just tell the world who that person(s) was? Why hold anything back? Obviously sharing the important details with all of us would not need to happen in that temple room, or in a video like this, but is there anyone courageous enough out there to come out boldly and simply SPEAK OUT and be a little more direct and thoroughly truthful? Everyone is waiting.

So for anyone reading this, these would be some of the things to think about a little more and consider.

Krishna Kirtan

13 September 2014

RE: Is this related to the poison issue? We think yes! ys pd 

Harinama Samkirtana Revival

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Thanks for all your great service over the years Madhuvisa Prabhu! ys pd