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God, Karma, Heaven and Hell (Video)

2019 Hare Krishna Festival of India Tentative Tour Schedule

2019 Hare Krishna Festival of India Tentative Tour Schedule

*February 16-20.....Tucson, Az Govinda's--Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*February 17, 2019…..Tucson, Az Govinda's--Appearance of Lord Nityananda*CONFIRMED*
*February 24.....Phoenix, Arizona--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
March 20…..Gaura Purnima
April 13…..Lord Ramacandra's Appearance Day
*May 4…..Potomac, Md.—HoliDC (Kirtan and Colors)*CONFIRMED*
*May 18…..Winston Salem, NC-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*May 25 & 26…..Baltimore, Md.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*June 1 & 2…..Atlanta, Ga.—Panihati Cida-dadhi; Ratha-Yatra & Festival of 
*June 8…..New York, N.Y.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*June 15…..Hartford, Ct.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
June 22nd and 23rd.....Contact us for availability in your city!***
*June 30…..Boston, Ma.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*July 1.....Ottowa, Ontario--Canada Day Kirtan Culture Event*CONFIRMED*
*July 6 & 7…..Montreal, Quebec, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
July 7.....San Francisco, Ca.--Ratha-Yatra (Festival of India will not be there this year)
*July 13 & 14…..Toronto, Ontario, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*July 20…..Calgary, Alberta, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*July 27…..Edmonton, Alberta, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*August 4…..Los Angeles, Ca.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
August 10 and 11…..Contact us for availability in your city!***
*August 17 & 18…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
August 23…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada—Sri Krishna Janmastami & Festival of India
August 24…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada—Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja
August 31 & September 1…..Seattle, Wa.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
September 7 & 8.....Bloomington, Illinois--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
September 14.....Bloomington, Illinois--Sri Ramacandra Vijayotsava
September 17 to 25.....Contact us for availability in your city!***
September 28…..Philadelphia, Pa.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
October 5 and 6.....Charlotte, NC--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
October 7…..Sri Ramacandra Vijayotsava
October 28…..Govardhana-puja (FOI is available in the south east of the USA)
October 31…..Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance


Please contact Festival of India, at the below email address, or your local Hare Krishna temple to confirm festival dates before making your travel plans

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Bihar Makes Children Liable to Care for Elder Parents

Michael Jackson "Leaving Neverland" (HBO Movie)

PADA: An ex-kuli (student) sent me this link and said this is apparently what happened to them under the GBC's regime, people in a position of power mis-used their posts of authority to exploit the children. He is also very unhappy the same folks who were "in charge" of the exploiting process are -- still in charge. 

He complains the "changes of management in ISKCON" are simply -- moving the same deck chairs around the deck of the Titanic. Anyway, viewer discretion is advised! I also have not been able to print a few comments from some folks who viewed this movie and wanted me to post their reaction, we have to keep this forum free of bad language, although we sympathize with those who want to use it. ys pd]

Krishna Bhajan (Sudevi VIDEO)

The Many Faces of Impersonalism BY: MAYESA DASA (ACBSP) INDIA

The Many Faces of Impersonalism


IMPERSONALISM is the cancer of humanity. It appears everywhere.

Impersonalism is behind the killing of the unborn. Impersonalism is behind the call for Socialism and Communism. In Vaisnava spiritual circles, impersonalism appears in many guises. Lets analyze a few.

1) Misinterpretation of words

The word rtvik is not a new word. It is found in Visnusmrti, Manusmrti, Puranas. It therefore has a definition. We are not at liberty to invent a new definition for the word anymore than those throughout the ages had liberty to do so. Rtviks were all devotees initiated into the parampara. How in the world could we have the effrontery to define Rtvik as a new form of initiation outside the parampara?

[PADA: Yes, this is good. A layman, a neophyte, a priest or even a madhyama person who "preaches on behalf of the parampara" might be called: a preacher, a brahmana, or a priest (aka ritvik). To say that "we cannot find any examples of layman preachers / brahmanas / priests etc. -- who have been acting as preaching representatives of the parampara -- in shastra" is simply foolishness. 

There are literally millions of neophyte people who are devotees of Krishna that are acting as layman preaching representatives of the acharya, and some of them are acting as brahmana priests, and we can easily find examples of these type folks all over the place, even today in India. To say there is no such thing as neophytes acting as agents of the parampara is simply put, impersonalism.]  

2) Guru is God

We sing in ISKCON temples worldwide Srila Visvanatha Thakur's words that guru is able to give mercy of Bhagavan to his disciple. This can be misunderstood. We see how it is especially misunderstood when disciples think that the guru has the power to change the very process of the parampara itself. This is identifying the guru as God.

[PADA: Yes, God says we have to worship His pure devotee exclusively. There is no instruction from God anywhere to worship the GBC's illicit sex acharya's process. Therefore, the foolish are taking the post of God's manager by changing the system created by God. 

Worse, they say acharyas are (A) getting dictation from God and (B) acharyas are simultaneously conditioned souls who need: reform, censure, suspending for deviations, monitoring, and even excommunication. Sorry! These rules apply ONLY to conditioned neophytes, the neophytes need reform and censure etc., not the acharyas. God has never said that His acharyas need "managing" by a "guru services committee" a "shastra advisory committee" and so on. 

To sum, saying that the acharya is taking instruction from God, and also from the GBC managers, means the GBC is taking the post of having the SAME authority as God. Or worse, the GBC needs to over-ride what God dictates to the acharya, and "rectify" the wayward acharyas. Of course if the acharya is as good as God, and a deviant, then what?  

They are thus falsely claiming to be not only as good as God, but better than God, they are in fact God's parampara's censuring managers. This is how foolish the GBC / Rocana ilk have become, they think they are the "superior managers" of the parampara, not Krishna. In fact they think they are superior to God because they have to take over the "management of the parampara," which is in fact managed by God.]  

At first blush, awarding such authority to the guru seems loving and surrendered. In reality it is banal. Guru takes his authority from parampara. How is it he can deconstruct his own authority?

[PADA: Correct, we cannot change the system that neophytes have to worship only the pure devotee and no one else.]

3) Sastra's source

Sastra is spiritual sound vibration enunciated by the Supreme Lord, who is outside the material nature. Impersonalists think sastra is a material representation of the formless Absolute.

4) The push to create woman guru

There is no more obvious an intrusion by impersonalism into Vaisnava circles than the push to install a class of woman guru. Our philosophy--all Vedic philosophy--begins with realization of one's Self separate from one's material body.

But there is a difference between the fact that each of us is an eternal soul and the realization of this fact. An insect is equal to a man as a spiritual fact. But their consciousness is not equal. Man and woman are not equals because it is the subtle body that carries the soul. It is not just the body that differs.

[PADA: There you have it, the false men gurus are the same people trying to make more false gurus, but in woman's bodies.]

5) Fall down

After His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta departed this earth there erupted the argument of whether souls fall down from Vaikuntha. One prominent disciple I will not name contended that ISKCON had misunderstood the acharya.

He argued that my guru was engaged in subterfuge in order to make Krsna Consciousness more palatable to neophytes when he had taught that fall down is possible at any stage by misuse of free will. Often the argument is used that we come from a place called the tatastha. But Chaitanya Mahaprabhu defines tatastha as our eternal nature, not any place other than the soul himself.

That the Supreme Lord Krsna could relegate souls to millions of lifetimes of suffering for a decision they did not make--a crime they never committed--is to deny God's merciful, loving nature. How is Krsna then all-attractive? Does this not deny His personality to the ultimate degree?

[PADA: Agreed, the false gurus of ISKCON lead the society over to the Gaudiya Matha and Narayan Maharaja camp which preaches impersonal origins of the soul. Narayana Maharaja said that Sridhara Maharaja is correct to say we originated in the brahmajyoti. This is mayavada on steroids, and the false gurus lead people to that bogus apa-siddhanta.]

6) The Personalities of Godhead

It is certainly a difficult concept, but His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta has mentioned in Bhagavad-gita purport, Srimad Bhagavatam purport and his personal letters the Personalities of Godhead, plural.

For a neophyte it is difficult to conceive, but just as the jivatma has his separate individual personality from Krsna so too the Visnu-tattva is situated as individual personalities. In other words, Krsna is not pretending to be a separate personality, Balarama, but Balarama is an actual separate person.

An example is Balarama laughing when Krsna adjusted Govardhana Hill and there was a murmur of fear from the Vrajavasis. Krsna felt a little shame that Balarama had read His mind but Balarama had not guessed the cause of Krsna's movement -- the gopi's breasts.

7) Vedic Cosmology

In a morning walk HDG A.C. Bhaktivedanta mentioned Meru mountain. He said that it was composed of gold and that if men knew it existed they would be mad to go there. He did not say that it was composed of subtle energy. Yet this is the common statement we hear so much regarding so much of Vedic information -- that it is subtle.

These are only 7 ways in which the soul is diverted to IMPERSONALISM.

[PADA: And in ISKCON they say, you need to select a GBC guru, but they cannot name "which one is bona fide" because "the GBC does not guarantee the level of realization of any of its approved gurus." OK, you have to buy one of our used cars, but it might explode when you turn on the key, hee hee. This is not only impersonal, no car dealership can last for long if its selling cars that it cannot even guarantee can be driven off the dealer's lot without exploding in your face. 

It means we are knowingly selling bad products, which is why the temples are empty, which is also impersonal, the persons are being removed. A devotee just told me he remembers having 70 people at morning mangal arotike, and now there is lucky to be even 7 people, and the singing now sounds like a funeral dirge. That is the result of impersonalism, the persons are being eliminated. Mayesa is onto something here!

ys pd] 

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How Krishna Destroyed the Yadu Dynasty

Samba: Making pretend to be a pregnant woman,
which infuriated the sages.  

Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura, however, has revealed that although many demigods had taken birth in the Yadu dynasty to assist the Lord, some members of the Yadu dynasty were actually inimical towards Kṛṣṇa. Because of their mundane vision of the Lord, they considered themselves to be on the same level as Kṛṣṇa. 

Having taken their birth in the family of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, they had inconceivable strength, and thus they misunderstood Kṛṣṇa’s supreme position. Having forgotten that Kṛṣṇa is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they would constitute a great burden, and consequently it was necessary for Kṛṣṇa to remove them from the earth. There is a popular saying that familiarity breeds contempt. 

To destroy the contemptuous members of His own dynasty, the Lord caused a quarrel among them. For this purpose, He arranged for Nārada and other sages to display anger against the Kārṣṇas, the members of His family. Although many Yadus who were devoted to Kṛṣṇa were apparently killed in this fratricidal war, Lord Kṛṣṇa actually returned them to their original positions as universal directors, or demigods. 

It is the Lord’s promise in Bhagavad-gītā that He will always protect those who are favorable to His service. 

SB 11.30.12 — Then, their intelligence covered by Providence, they liberally indulged in drinking the sweet maireya beverage, which can completely intoxicate the mind. 

SB 11.30.13 — The heroes of the Yadu dynasty became intoxicated from their extravagant drinking and began to feel arrogant. When they were thus bewildered by the personal potency of Lord Kṛṣṇa, a terrible quarrel arose among them.

SB 11.30.14 — Infuriated, they seized their bows and arrows, swords, bhallas, clubs, lances and spears and attacked one another on the shore of the ocean.

SB 11.30.15 — Riding on elephants and chariots with flags flying, and also on donkeys, camels, bulls, buffalos, mules and even human beings, the extremely enraged warriors came together and violently attacked one another with arrows, just as elephants in the forest attack one another with their tusks.

SB 11.30.16 — Their mutual enmity aroused, Pradyumna fought fiercely against Sāmba, Akrūra against Kuntibhoja, Aniruddha against Sātyaki, Subhadra against Saṅgrāmajit, Sumitra against Suratha, and the two Gadas against each other.

SB 11.30.17 — Others also, such as Niśaṭha, Ulmuka, Sahasrajit, Śatajit and Bhānu, confronted and killed one another, being blinded by intoxication and thus completely bewildered by Lord Mukunda Himself.

SB 11.30.18 — Completely abandoning their natural friendship, the members of the various Yadu clans — the Dāśārhas, Vṛṣṇis and Andhakas, the Bhojas, Sātvatas, Madhus and Arbudas, the Māthuras, Śūrasenas, Visarjanas, Kukuras and Kuntis — all slaughtered one another.

SB 11.30.19 — Thus bewildered, sons fought with fathers, brothers with brothers, nephews with paternal and maternal uncles, and grandsons with grandfathers. Friends fought with friends, and well-wishers with well-wishers. In this way intimate friends and relatives all killed one another.

SB 11.30.20 — When all their bows had been broken and their arrows and other missiles spent, they seized the tall stalks of cane with their bare hands.

SB 11.30.21 — As soon as they took these cane stalks in their fists, the stalks changed into iron rods as hard as thunderbolts. With these weapons the warriors began attacking one another again and again, and when Lord Kṛṣṇa tried to stop them they attacked Him as well.

SB 11.30.22 — In their confused state, O King, they also mistook Lord Balarāma for an enemy. Weapons in hand, they ran toward Him with the intention of killing Him.

SB 11.30.23 — O son of the Kurus, Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma then became very angry. Picking up cane stalks, They moved about within the battle and began to kill with these clubs.

SB 11.30.24 — The violent anger of these warriors, who were overcome by the brāhmaṇas’ curse and bewildered by Lord Kṛṣṇa’s illusory potency, now led them to their annihilation, just as a fire that starts in a bamboo grove destroys the entire forest.

SB 11.30.25 — When all the members of His own dynasty were thus destroyed, Lord Kṛṣṇa thought to Himself that at last the burden of the earth had been removed. 

More Problems in ISKCON Russia

The Korgashino temple (the Krishna temple in Moscow), led by Bhakti Ananta Krishna non-Goswami, and now due to the incident with his girlfriend, he was removed from his position and Purusottama Caitanya was put in his place, was gifted with 11 million rubles debt. Just think about it. The temple owes 11 million. And it turns out there is on all constantly under pressure to carry money to pay off these debts. Therefore change and trouble are constant..

They think that they are the smartest, typed loans and launched a huge "preaching", but because of their short-sightedness, they will get the consequences to the fullest. People will hate you because you have turned their lives into a nightmare, used them for your fame and personal gain. They will curse you until the end of their days, when the boiling point reaches a non-return position and they leave you, slamming the door loudly.

[PADA: Yep, G.B.C. = Great Bunches of Chaos. Hee hee! Well what do ya know folks, other people are waking up to all this fraud, that's all. They burnt out the West to ashes, bankrupted the society here, then regrouped in India and Russia. And then, how did you guess, started the same process of fraudulent mis-managing there, that's all. 

It's no wonder they demonize us and have us banned, because we asked for accountability, and they don't want that. Remember when they had the "save the France zone from bankruptcy" after Bhagwan blooped? Well they keep having the same process repeated, over and over. Then again there are various people who say we need to get PADA off the internet, because then they will have no accountability and barely no one reporting on that issue. It will be a free for all smash and grab process. ys pd]

PART FORTY-FOUR: The GBC Acting Like Shudras


"…Yamarāja is a GBC, but he made a little mistake. He was punished to become a śūdra. So those who are GBC's, they should be very, very careful to administer the business of ISKCON. Otherwise they will be punished. As the post is very great, similarly, the punishment is also very great."

Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Jun 18, 2019

[PADA: Correct. Various mundane police, media folks, scholars, and just sometimes the average USA "Joe six pack" guy walking down the street asks PADA, "It seems to us that these ISKCON leaders have no actual belief in God, or they would never act with so much disregard for others, or for God's rules and laws. Are we correct to assume, they appear to be atheists?" 

Right, no kidding! 

This is something that is self-evident to the mass of people who have read so many scandalous if not criminal complaints about the GBC's "gurus" in the news papers, or they saw bad media on TV, or in books etc. including their horrific treatment of the society's children. How could pious people act with such wanton disregard for others, and for the laws of the Supreme, unless they are rogues posing as saints? That is a question we get on a regular basis.] 

PART FORTY-FOUR: New Age "Spiritual Practices" and "Motivational Guru" Videos are Shudra Pastimes. The following class by Shrila Prabhupada discusses how the supposedly brahminical body of GBC members could become shudras. It is ironic that the demigod in charge of punishing sinners himself became punished by the curse of a sage he had wronged.

Has it already happened that the GBC has courted punishment? Well, just see the track record of past members of dozens of GBC who deviated because they were puffed and thought of themselves as being above the law. When GBC members and their clones are making motivational videos that have strictly shudra appeal—like "get out and vote" it is quite obvious that the GBC organization is slipping into shudra consciousness.

"The Journey Home" book is another stunning and shocking example of GBC's shudra consciousness. That is because The Journey Home publicizes shudra exploiters dressed as swamis. Its pages indiscriminately mix the photos of such vile shudras with those of the revered acharyas of the Gaudiya sampradaya, including Shrila Prabhupada himself. 

So this is their shudra mentality and the proof that the GBC has become shudra. Shudras are generally known as very dull and crass individuals who listen only when they are threatened. And that is the basis of Shrila Prabhupada's class that is presented in his article. The words of His Divine Grace are like the danda of Yamaraja over the GBC body—and if they know what is good for them they will listen to the voice of reason.

[PADA: The GBC -- as an overall group -- have an apparent secret hidden rule, we really don't listen to reason. Their group has ALREADY experienced: various police raids; huge public mass media scandals; huge court cases; bankrupting the society; alienating the seniors and the second generation -- creating empty ghost town temples; and so many other inauspicious omens. Yet they still plod onwards claiming they are some sort of divine gurus, acharyas, parampara members, and Krishna's living spokesmen on earth etc. That means they cannot be reasoned with and simply need to be exposed.] 

Here is another example of the shudra mentality that is coming down from the GBC and permeating ISKCON like a poisonous gas. A very elder disciple of Shrila Prabhupada, Kisori dasi who used to cook for His Divine Grace, has been banned from the New Mayapura Hare Krishna temple in France for speaking about the tragic suicide of a woman devotee there. While 76-year old Mother Kisori dasi is no longer allowed at the temple, despite her volumes and volumes of past service to Shrila Prabhupada, the temple authorized a typically New Age (read: shudra) healing session to counteract the effects of this poor lady devotee's violent suicide.

[PADA: So many devotees have died already from drugs, alcohol poisoning, suicides, and of course the cancer epidemic. The reactions the GBC will get for creating this mayhem and suffering cannot be counteracted by some new age healing sessions. Of course many of these GBC are themselves suffering from taking the sins of others without authority. As one devotee said, "Everyone suffers in their scheme, even themselves."]  

During this assembly the devotees sat in a circle and gazed into each other's eyes while holding hands. Listen to the memories of Shrimati Mother Kisori dasi and consider whether this is the sort of person the GBC should be banning from the Hare Krishna Movement.

Kisori dasi: banned from ISKCON New Mayapura. When brahminical truth is banned,  

shudra ideas in the form of New Age rush in.

Such is the blatant evidence of ISKCON turning to shudra practices while chasing away the brahminical bearers of the Supreme Absolute Truth. Learn about the tragic saga of Shrimati Kishori's in her struggle to serve the lotus feet of her spiritual master Shrila Prabhupada. And see what ISKCON's so-called "leaders," who have sold out to shudra practices, have responded with ... Just listen to the plight of this worshipable elder, and decide for yourselves, Prabhus, who is the shudra and who is the brahmana. Now here is the lecture we promised you:

"GBCs Will Be Punished to become Shudras"

Lecture Delivered by Shrila Prabhupada, June 4, 1974, Geneva)

Nitāi: "As long as Vidura played the part of a śūdra, being cursed by Maṇḍūka Muni, Aryamā officiated at the post of Yamarāja to punish those who committed sinful acts."

Srila Prabhupāda: abibhrad aryamā daṇḍaṁ yathāvad agha-kāriṣu / yāvad dadhāra śūdratvaṁ śāpād varṣa-śataṁ yamaḥ / (SB 1.13.15)

So Vidura is Yamarāja, the superintendent of death. After our death, we are brought before the justice Yamarāja, what kind of next birth I may have. So Yamarāja is not śūdra. He is devotee of Lord Kṛṣṇa, although he has the duty to punish the criminals. Just like a magistrate is always punishing the criminals. That is his business, but he is not criminal. He is giving judgment to the criminals. Similarly, Yamarāja is the appointed magistrate, superintendent. After death, one has to go before him and take the judgment of his next life. This is the process.

So Vidura was cursed by Maṇḍūka Muni, Maṇḍūka Muni. He was a great sage, but sometimes in his āśrama, some thieves were caught, so police arrested both Maṇḍūka Muni and the thieves, and later on Maṇḍūka Muni was chastised to be punished by śūla. There was a system of punishment. I do not whether (it is) still existing. The śūla means one lance, lancer. Lancer, it is called?

Devotee: Yes.

Shula punishment of Manduka Muni
Prabhupāda: It was to be pierced through the rectum and it will go through the head and the man will die. The pierce was standing, and he was to sit down. What is this punishment? Is there any mention?

Puṣṭa-kṛṣṇa: I never heard of anything.

Guru-gaurāṅga: Arabians have this. It is called pala(?).

Prabhupāda: Śūla punishment. So when he was condemned to the śūla punishment, then the king heard that "Maṇḍūka Muni, the great sage, he is punished like that?" Immediately he stopped. "What is this nonsense that Maṇḍūka Muni has been punished? He is a great sage." So the king stopped the punishment and immediately came to see what has happened. Then he was immediately released. But he was very sorry, that "Why the judge Yamarāja punished him like that?" So he asked Yamarāja, "Why you have punished me like this?" "Now, in your childhood you pierced the rectum of an ant with a...," what is called?

Devotees: Pin, straw.

Prabhupāda: No, not straw. Prick, pricking?

Devotee: Pin.

Prabhupāda: Kāṇṭā, kāṇṭā. We say kāṇṭā, that pricks. What is called?

Devotees: Thorn.

Prabhupāda: Ah, thorn, yes. So therefore he was punished. Now just see. In his childhood he was playing with an ant, piercing the rectum with a thorn. That is also taken account, "All right. You will be punished." Just see how finer laws are there in nature. So the Maṇḍūka Muni did that. Therefore it was recorded he should be punished like that.

This is our position. Anything... If you are walking on the street, if you kill an ant by walking, you will be punished. This is nature's law. We are in such a dangerous position. In every movement there is punishment. Now, if you believe the śāstras, that is different thing. 

If you don't believe, then do anything you like. But from śāstra we can understand the laws of nature, or God, is very, very strict, very, very strict. So Maṇḍūka Muni also chastised Yamarāja, that "In my childhood, without any knowledge I did something and for which you have given me so great punishment. So you are not fit for becoming a brāhmaṇa or kṣatriya. You become śūdra." So he was cursed to become śūdra. Therefore Yamarāja took his birth as Vidura and was born in the womb of a śūdra mother.

This is the history of Vidura's birth.

So in his absence, Aryamā, one of the demigods, he officiated Yamarāja. Therefore it is said, abibhrad aryamā daṇḍam. The office must go on, the magistrate post cannot be vacant. Somebody must come and act. So Aryamā was acting. Yathāvad agha-kāriṣu. Agha-kāriṣu. Agha-kāri means... Agha means sinful activities, and kāriṣu. 

Kāriṣu means those who commit sinful acts. And yathāvat. Yathāvat means exactly to the point, how he should be punished. Yathāvad agha-kāriṣu. Yāvad dadhāra śūdratvam. So long Yamarāja continued as a śūdra, Aryamā was officiating in his place as Yamarāja.

This is the purport. (reads purport:) "Vidura, born in the womb of a śūdra mother, was forbidden even to be a party of royal heritage along with his brothers Dhṛtarāṣṭra and Pāṇḍu. Then how could he occupy the post of a preacher to instruct such learned...? 

Answer is that even though it is accepted that he was a śūdra by birth, because he renounced the world for spiritual enlightenment by the authority of Ṛṣi Maitreya and was thoroughly educated by him in transcendental knowledge, he was quite competent to occupy the post of an ācārya or spiritual preceptor." Vidura was a śūdra, born śūdra. Then how he became a preacher?

So the reason is... "According to Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, anyone who is conversant in the transcendental knowledge or the science of Godhead, be he a brāhmaṇa or śūdra, a householder or a sannyāsī, is eligible to become a spiritual master." Not that because he was born a śūdra, he cannot preach, he cannot take the post of ācārya or spiritual master. That is not Caitanya philosophy. Caitanya philosophy has nothing to do with this body, external body. Caitanya philosophy is concerned with the soul. This movement is the movement of elevating the soul, saving the soul from degradation. Therefore people sometimes are surprised. The bodily concept of life, the same activities will be karma. And on the platform of spiritual life, the same karma will be bhakti. Same karma will be bhakti. So bhakti is not inactivity. Bhakti is all active. Yat karoṣi yaj juhoṣi yad aśnāsi yat tapasyasi kuruṣva tad mad-arpaṇam (Bg. 9.27. This is bhakti, bhakti-yoga. Kṛṣṇa says to everyone, "If you cannot give up your karma, then that's all right. But the result of your karma, give to Me. Then it will be bhakti."

"As the post is very great, similarly, the punishment is also very great"

So Vidura was Yamarāja. Not only he was Yamarāja, ordinary, but he is one of the great authorities. There are twelve authorities mentioned in the śāstra. One of them is Yamarāja. Balir vaiyāsakir vayam. This is stated in the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. Yamarāja is one of the GBC of Kṛṣṇa. Yes. As we have got twelve GBC's, similarly Kṛṣṇa has got GBC's. Now,

svayambhūr nāradaḥ śambhuḥ kumāraḥ kapilo manuḥ
prahlādo janako bhīṣmo balir vaiyāsakir vayam (SB 6.3.20)

That twelve men are authorized to preach Kṛṣṇa consciousness. So we have to follow. Mahājano yena gataḥ sa panthāḥ (Cc. Madhya 17.186. Therefore we have created these GBC. So they should be very responsible men. Otherwise, they will be punished. They will be punished to become a śūdra. Although Yamarāja is a GBC, but he made a little mistake. He was punished to become a śūdra. So those who are GBC's, they should be very, very careful to administer the business of ISKCON. 

Otherwise they will be punished. 

As the post is very great, similarly, the punishment is also very great. That is the difficulty. You can see from this example, Vidura. He was immediately punished. He did little mistake at Maṇḍūka... Because the ṛṣis, the munis, they will curse. Dealing is very... Even Yamarāja is not taking.

(reads:) "He was to play the part of so-called śūdra for years, being cursed by Maṇḍūka Muni. He was the incarnation of Yamarāja, one of the twelve mahājanas, on the level with such exalted personalities as Bhīṣma, Nārada, Brahmā, Nārada, Śiva, Kapila, Bhīṣma, Prahlāda, etc. Being a mahājana, it is the duty of Yamarāja to preach the cult of devotion to the people of the world as Nārada, Brahmā and other mahājanas do. But Yamarāja is always busy in his plutonic kingdom, punishing the doers of sinful acts. 

Yamarāja is deputed by the Lord to a particular planet some hundreds of thousands of miles away from this planet." That is mentioned. He has got a different planet, where the criminals are taken away after death, and he gives the judgment, what kind of body he will have. And not like the theosophists' thinking, "Now I have got human body. It is permanent settlement." No, that is not permanent settlement. According to one's work... Work means all sinful acts. 

Without Kṛṣṇa consciousness, anyone who acts, he acts sinfully. There is no doubt of it. Because he is acting for sense gratification, and sense gratification means almost 99.9% all sinful activities. Duṣkṛtinaḥ. It is very risky job. Unless you act in Kṛṣṇa consciousness... Yajñārthe karmaṇo 'nyatra loko 'yaṁ karma-bandhanaḥ (Bg. 3.9. This is the stringent law of the nature, that you have to act only for Yajña, for satisfaction of Kṛṣṇa or Viṣṇu. Otherwise, you will be entangled. And who is serving Kṛṣṇa? Nobody is serving Kṛṣṇa. So everyone is being entangled. This is the material world.

(reads:) "Yamarāja is deputed by the Lord to a particular planet, some hundreds of thousands of miles away from the planet of earth, to take away the corrupt souls after death and convict them in accordance with their respective sinful activities. Thus, Yamarāja has very little time to take leave from his responsible office of punishing the wrongdoers. There are more wrongdoers than righteous men. Therefore Yamarāja has to do (more) work than other demigods who are also authorized agents of the Supreme Lord. But he wanted to preach the glories of the Lord, and therefore, by the will of the Lord, he was cursed by Maṇḍūka Muni to come into the world in the incarnation of Vidura and work very hard as a great devotee."

The punishment was also reward. Those who are servants of Kṛṣṇa, even they are so-called punished, there is some motive behind this. Just like Jaya and Vijaya. They were also punished to come down and..., just to become enemy of Kṛṣṇa. Kṛṣṇa, when they were very much perturbed that "We are going to the material world from Vaikuṇṭha. So what will be our fate, Sir? There is some little mistake on our part. What we shall do?" So Kṛṣṇa gave him that "If you become My enemy, then you will be relieved in three births, and if you become My friend, then seven births." 

So Jaya and Vijaya agreed, "Sir, we shall become Your enemy." So what is the purport? Kṛṣṇa wanted some enemy to fight. Just like we sometimes want to fight. So this desire is there, Kṛṣṇa. Otherwise, where we get this desire? So actually, it was Kṛṣṇa's service, this Jaya and Vijaya. Kṛṣṇa wanted to have some fight. In the spiritual world there cannot be fight. There is no fight. There is only service. Therefore some of His devotees, this Jaya and Vijaya, agreed to become His enemy, come to this material world and to..., Kṛṣṇa fought with the Jaya and Vijaya. As Rāmacandra, He fought with Rāvaṇa, and as Nṛsiṁhadeva, He fought with Hiraṇyakaśipu, and as Kṛṣṇa, He fought with Yamarā..., er, Kaṁsa.

So similarly, Vidura also, he thought that "I am always busy in this magisterial work, simply to punish. I have no chance to preach." So Kṛṣṇa is very kind to His devotee. So He gave the chance to preach. So this was the arrangement, that he was cursed by Maṇḍūka Muni, came down to this material world. That is also material. Yamarāja's planet is also in the material world. Therefore he was given the chance of preaching. (reads:) "He is transcendental to such divisions of mundane society, just as the Personality of Godhead assumes His incarnation as a hog, but He is not hog." If somebody thinks that He has come as a hog, playing the part of a hog, that is not the fact. 
Even though assumes the... 

(reads:) "The Lord and His different authorized devotees sometimes have to play the role of many lower creatures to claim the conditioned souls, but both the Lord and His pure devotees are always in the transcendental position." Etad īśanam īśasya. That is the authority of God, that even though He accepts some lower position, He is never in the lower position. He is always in the transcendental position. I have given the example yesterday. Just like the sun is sometimes evaporating the urine. This is not very good business. But still, sun is sun. He is never polluted. Similarly, Kṛṣṇa or His devotee, if sometimes apparently does something which is not befitting their position, still, they are in their position. This is the conclusion. Kṛṣṇa has given this concession to His devotee.

It is stated in the Bhagavad-gītā (Bg. 9.30)

api cet su-durācāro bhajate mām ananya-bhāk
sādhur eva sa mantavyaḥsamyag vyavasito hi saḥ

Even sometimes, not by willing, sometimes accidentally, a devotee... Just like the other day in the meeting, somebody was giving the example, "Lord Christ, he ate fish." So he can do that. There was some necessity. But you cannot do that. So even though it is sometimes done, abominable, but still they are in exalted position. This is to be understood. Tejīyasāṁ na doṣāya (SB 10.33.29. Tejīyasām, those who are very, very powerful, anything abominable done by them, it does not contaminate. This is to be understood. But you cannot do that. You cannot imitate.

(reads:) "When Yamarāja thus incarnated himself as Vidura, his post was officiated by Aryamā, one of the many sons of Kaśyapa and Aditi, the Ādityas, or sons of Aditi, and there are twelve Ādityas. Aryamā is one of the twelve Ādityas, and therefore it was quite possible for him to take charge of the office of Yamarāja during his one hundred years' absence in the form of Vidura. The conclusion is that Vidura was never a śūdra, but was greater than the purest type of brāhmaṇa."

Now, have kīrtana. (end)

[PADA: Yes, no question about it, the GBC's policies of orchestrated banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits and assassinations are extremely sinful and they will have to answer to Yamaraja for all these crimes. Of course the shudras worship someone who is pure as their messiah, they do not worship illicit sex deviants nor promote that agenda. In sum, the GBC are less than shudras. ys pd] 

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Another Forgotten Devotee: Mahakratu Dasa

Sakhya Prema

This is Mahakratu Dasa Prabhu ACBSP. He is very dear to Srila Prabhupada having dedicated his life to preaching the mission of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu for nearly 50 years. He recently suffered a stroke and is now a resident at the Dunmurray Manor Nursing Home, 2a Hazel Ave, Dunmurray BT17 9QU in Belfast, Northern Ireland Tel: 00 44 (0)28 9061 0435. It's a UK landline number and his Christian name is Michael Gibson.

At 70 years of age he is experiencing early stages of dementia and would really love to hear or see any devotees. My wife and I just visited him and he repeatedly stated that he thought he'd been forgotten by our ISKCON members. Especially if you're a senior devotee and old friend of Mahakratu prabhu consider his position. Please give him a call or send a get well card to let him know that he is being remembered and supported at this most vulnerable time of his life.

If you can share this post with your friends, it will be a great service to this humble and friendly gentleman.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your servant,

Sakhyarasa Prema Dasa

[PADA: This is a big problem in itself. Some of our critics say "PADA is deviating by working with the karmis." Well yup, because waiting for some "big devotees" to help maintain / assist and / or save us from various GBC's goondas etc. -- is often wishful thinking. A few devotees have helped us in some ways and we appreciate that hugely, however most of our foundation of support comes from the "mundane world." 

The "devotees," coming on their white horses with shiny armor to help us might never arrive on time, or perhaps at any time. And so it is that many other devotees have ended up essentially like us, being dependent on the so-called mundane society. That means their spiritual society failed them, that's all. 

Of course Krishna is God, thus He is also living in the so-called mundane people just as much as He is living in the so-called devotee people, so He helps people with His own methods. Anyway, this is another example of how the ISKCON elderly are not being assisted by the ISKCON society as a whole. ys pd] 


Śrīla Prabhupāda Says

- In the age of Kali, the women and the children, along with brāhmaṇas and cows, will be grossly neglected and left unprotected. In this age illicit connection with women will render many women and children uncared for.

Circumstantially, the women will try to become independent of the protection of men, and marriage will be performed as a matter of formal agreement between man and woman. In most cases, the children will not be taken care of properly.

The brāhmaṇas are traditionally intelligent men, and thus they will be able to pick up modern education to the topmost rank, but as far as moral and religious principles are concerned, they shall be the most fallen. Education and bad character go ill together, but such things will run parallel.

The administrative heads as a class will condemn the tenets of Vedic wisdom and will prefer to conduct a so-called secular state, and the so-called educated brāhmaṇas will be purchased by such unscrupulous administrators.

Even a philosopher and writer of many books on religious principles may also accept an exalted post in a government which denies all the moral codes of the śāstras. The brāhmaṇas are specifically restricted from accepting such service. But in this age they will not only accept service, but they will do so even if it is of the meanest quality.

These are some of the symptoms of the Kali age which are harmful to the general welfare of human society.

[SB: 1.16.21]

Surabhi Kunja Devi Dasi Needs Medical Help (gofundme)

Surabhi Kunja Devi Dasi is diagnosed with several difficult and painful health conditions due to trauma.

[PADA: Right, she is not part of the golden inner circle of GBC's managers who can spend millions on: bogus court cases, their own unlimited travel expense accounts, Mercedes style transport, opulent housing, and of course their own private medical expenses etc. 

Yep, where is the "care department" for these lowly peons? Anyway, if anyone can help this poor lady after her "many years of service" that would be nice. 

More and more rank and file devotees are getting more elderly, thus getting more sick or disabled, and / or having housing and financial difficulties, if not some are dying without enough funds to cover their body's disposal properly, etc., and there is evidently no plan to care for them? The struggling peons have to self-finance their own care -- after giving so many years of service? Yep, that ex-kuli was right when he told me -- these GBC leaders are much like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, the elites are taken care of, the peons, ok not so much. ys pd]

Flat Earth vs Round Earth (update) Rajasekhara Dasa Brahmachari

Prabhupada's Globular Earth


A reply to Mayesvara dasa's denial of a global earth.

My attention was drawn Mayesvara's reply on Sampradaya Sun to an article by Danavir Goswami entitled 'Flat-Earth or Globular Earth?' in which my name was mentioned and the suggestion that I should also put forward further arguments in support of the globular Earth.

In Mayesvara's article he has said:

"Despite Rajasekhara dasa's arguments and contentions being thoroughly refuted in the above debate, and despite being unable to reply further, he unfortunately continues to propagate the same errors and misconceptions to his unwitting audience."

This is undoubtedly Mayesvara's gravest mistake to date because these are not my so-called 'errors or misconceptions', but those of Shrila Prabhupada himself, whose 20 direct quotations that the Earth is a globe are the sole basis of my argument.

And furthermore, Mayesvara says the audience who hears about Shrila Prabhupada's vision of the globular Earth are labeled as 'unwitting'. How offensive and foolhardy you are to have made such a pompous and misguided statement.

Only those who faithfully follow in the footsteps of the previous Acharya are qualified to speak on the Bhagavatam. Not someone who opposes the vision of the Acharya and ridicules those who convey the Acharya's vision to others.

One must be empowered by the grace of the previous Acharya in order to receive the transcendental vision to perceive the secrets behind the mantras contained in the Fifth canto of Bhagavatam.

Not only that, one must be strictly following the sadhana practices given by the Acharya and live a life free from all kinds of material attachment. Explanations on the Bhagavatam by unqualified men or armchair philosophers are of no value and can benefit no one.

The most prominent feature of Danavir Goswami's article is the fact that both Shrila Prabhupada and Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati share the same vision that the earth is a globe.

Therefore it behooves the intelligent class of men to follow in the footsteps of the great Acharyas and reject the opinions of mental speculations, who must be shunned if one is going to make progress on the spiritual path Back to Godhead, which is entirely dependent on the mercy of the great Acharyas.

The Fifth Canto reveals a number of astronomical models that must be appreciated individually in order to comprehend the overall presentation of the Vedic cosmos.

Although it is impossible for a neophyte reader to comprehend the deeper meanings of the Vedic mantras which are composed in the form of sutras that can convey multiple meanings in a single verse, the Bhagavatam does in fact contain verses that convey a model of the globular Earth, and besides the geocentric model with Sumeru at the centre, we also find a discussion on the heliocentric model.

Only by following in the footsteps of the great Acharyas and imbibing their vision can such realizations of the Bhagavatam be obtained.

With regard to your statement, "and despite being unable to reply further", obviously you are again misinformed and unaware that our debate on Sampradaya Sun was curtailed due to the rather 'heavy hand' of the Sun's editors, who were chopping at my articles 'left & right', which I found rather disconcerting, as it disturbed the smooth flow of the presentation.

In the last article I wrote, I first sent it to some of the regular contributors to the Sun for their opinion, and their response was most favorable. I therefore sent the article to the Sun for publishing, with the 'rider', that if they were again going to edit my article, then I would prefer to withdraw it.

And as it happened, the Sun editors informed me that the article indeed needed editing, so I withdrew it. So your claim about my "being unable to reply further" is another piece of misinformation.

Regarding your view that you have emerged victorious from the debate with me is rather far fetched. On the contrary, as you are well aware, your numerous and somewhat voluminous presentations have completely failed to have any effect on the cosmologists at the TOVP.

On the other hand, my articles not only created a massive groundswell of support for Shrila Prabhupada's views on the globular Earth - which had not been properly presented previously – but most importantly, the cosmologists at the TOVP were reminded of Shrila Prabhupada's vision and 'low & behold' introduced the globular Earth into one of their exhibits.

The whole purpose of my articles on Sampradaya Sun was to convey the message to all concerned, that the TOVP presentation of the Vedic Cosmos must include the TOVP founder-acharya's vision of a globular Earth; otherwise they are certainly destined for a catastrophic failure.

To present a model based on the Fifth Canto is not a problem, but to provide a comprehensive explanation of such a model and its relevance to the world that we know, the globular Earth, will undoubtedly be its crowning glory.


For those not familiar with Shrila Prabhupada's opinion on the round globular earth, here are eighteen of Shrila Prabhupada's quotes that confirm his conception regarding the earth as a globe, which is in conformity with the other Vaishnava acharyas, the Surya-Siddhanta, as well as modern science.

These quotes thoroughly expose the concocted 'flat-earth' model of Bhu-mandala now being presented by Iskcon's 'Temple of the Vedic Planetarium' in Mayapur.

Morning Walk. December 9, 1973, Los Angeles:

"In Vedic literature it is bhu-gola, jagad-andha. These words are there. We can see also it is round, jagad- andha. The universe is round. And Goloka. Or Bhu-gola. Bhu-gola, the earth is round. So in the Vedic literatures... Therefore their knowledge is also imperfect because they do not refer to the Vedic literatures. It is already there. Bhu-gola. Bhu means the earth; gola means round. It is already there. And the geography's called, according to Sanskrit, it is called Bhu-gola. Long, long ago, before Galileo".

Lectures, Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.17, Los Angeles, January 12, 1974:

"And again, if you start your plane in sunlight, in the morning, in daylight, so in the morning, and go to the western side, you will find never night. You will find never night, always light, always light. Sometimes we have got experience. We start from a place, say, at ten o'clock, and going western side. Then, after few hours, we see it is still ten o'clock, and the light is there. This is our practical experience".

Lecture, September 25, 1969:

"The Russian sputnik circumambulated the earth in one hour twenty-five minutes and went around earth twenty-five times. That means within one hour & twenty-five minutes the sputnik man (cosmonaut) saw twenty-five times day and night".

Radio interview - The Joe Pyne Show

Interviewer: "According to your cosmology you say the world is flat."

Prabhupada "Now they are actually talking, it is a long story but the plane of the solar system, all the planets – that is relatively flat. That is what the Vedas are talking about."

Interviewer: "You say the world is flat."

Prabhupada "Everywhere I walk it is."

Lecture on SB 3.28.21- Nairobi,Novembre 1,1975:

"Sastra never says flat. No,no,it is not flat. It is round.This is sastra. Everything is round".

Lecture, Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 13.8-12, Bombay, September 30, 1973:

"All the planets and the universes, they are egg shaped. Therefore they are called anda, jagadanda, brahmanda."

Lecture, Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.2.5, Melbourne, April 3, 1972:

"Jagad-anda means this universe is a big, I mean to say, volume. Just like anda, egg. Everything, every planet is just like egg. This brahmanda, this universe, is also like egg. So there are many many, many millions of jagadanda. And in each and every jagad-anda, kotisu vasudhādi-vibhuti-bhinnam, there are innumerable planets also."

Morning Walk, December 9, 1973, Los Angeles:

"In Vedic literature it is bhu-gola, jagad-andha. These words are there. We can see also it is round, jagad- andha.. The universe is round. And Goloka. Or Bhu-gola. Bhu-gola, the earth is round. So in the Vedic literatures... Therefore their knowledge is also imperfect because they do not refer to the Vedic literatures. It is already there. Bhu-gola. Bhu means the earth; gola means round. It is already there. And the geography's called, according to Sanskrit, it is called Bhu-gola. Long, long ago, before Galileo."

Lectures, Bhagavad-gita 2.12, Bhagavad-gita 2.12, New York, March 9, 1966:

"There is a control… Just like here, in this planet, when you go up, you see it is ball, but in this ball there are so many controlling deities here also. President Johnson, prime minister of India, this and that and so many things. But when you go up you see just like a ball. So when you come here you find… "

Philosophy Discussions on Charles Darwin:

"How much big the Varaha animal was to show that it can pick up the whole earth, earthly planet just like a ball. He cannot imagine such big animals."

Letter to Madhava Vrindaban, 3 October, 1976:

"Regarding details of the universe, be satisfied by reading only Bhagavatam. What is the use of reading other books—you are not going there. Some portion of the earth is flat. When you stand in any place you see flat, so for us to some extent it appears flat, but it is round."

Lectures, Bhagavad-gita 1.24-25, London, July 20, 1973:

"You can become immediately out of the scope of maya if you always remain surrendered to Krsna. Maya will not touch you. Just like if you remain always in the sunshine, there is no question of night. Nowadays it is very easy. If you simply drive your plane on the western side, you'll never get night.

You just roundabout. Yes. Just like it is materially possible. You drive your plane simply on the western side. Start your plane in the morning and go to the western side and don't stop it. You go on for three, four, as many days as you like. You'll never get night. This is practical."

Lectures, Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.16.17, Los Angeles, January 12, 1974:

"And again, if you start your plane in sunlight, in the morning, in daylight, so in the morning, and go to the western side, you will find never night. You will find never night, always light, always light. Sometimes we have got experience. We start from a place, say, at ten o'clock, and going western side. Then, after few hours, we see it is still ten o'clock, and the light is there. This is our practical experience."

Lecture: The Nectar of Devotion, Bombay, January 4, 1973

Prabhupada: "Just like the sunrise. As soon as the rises, you start your airplane, and you go on, towards the eastern, western side, you'll find always day. A practical… There will be no sunset. We have seen it while coming from Paris to London. Was it not? There was sunshine. We started from Paris at twelve o'clock and we reached London at three o'clock".

Syamasundara: "Los Angeles".

Prabhupada: "Los Angeles. Yes. Los Angeles at three o'clock. It actually took eleven hours, but it appeared three hours. But there was no sunset. Actually so many hours have been passed".

Lecture on SB, Bombay, September 30, 1973:

"Jagad-anda means this universe is a big, I mean to say, volume. Just like anda, egg. Everything, every planet is just like egg. This brahmanda, this universe, is also like egg. So there are many many, many millions of jagad-anda. And in each and every jagad-anda, kotisu vasudhādi-vibhūti-bhinnam, there are innumerable planets also."

Letter to Madhava, Vrindavana, 3 October, 1976:

"Some portion of the earth is flat. When you stand in any place you see flat, so for us to some extend it appears flat, but it is round".

Discussion about Bhu-mandala-july 3,1977,Vrindavana:

"Yes, it is round. No, we don't say flat. You can take it flat. It is not flat".

Lecture, Bhagavad-gita As It Is, 1.43, London, July 30, 1973

Prabhupāda: "Jagad-anda. Jagad-anda means universe. Brahmanda or jagad-anda. Anda. Anda means it is egg-shaped, round, egg-shaped. Therefore it is called anda, brahmanda. Bhu-gola. Gola means round. I have heard that before the science, the people were under the impression that this world is square. Is it not?"

Devotees: "Flat".

Prabhupada: "Flat. Flat, yes. But in the Vedic sastra, millions of years ago it is mentioned: bhu-gola. Gola means round. Just see. And these rascals say that formerly people were not so intelligent. They are intelligent because they are thinking that this world is flat. And those who have spoken millions of years ago, "It is round," they will have less intelligence. Just see. Bhu, gola. Gola means round. Bhu-gola. Similarly, jagad-anda. Abda means round, just like egg. Anda means egg. Jagad-anda. This universe is egg-shaped. And we can see also, the sky is round. This is the wall of this universe."

Purport to Chaitanya-charitamrita. Adi - Lila (5.119):

"The Lord of Svetadvipa expands Himself as Sesa Naga, who sustains all the planets upon His innumerable hoods. These huge global spheres are compared to grains of mustard resting on the spiritual hoods of Sesa Naga.....'On your thousands of hoods rest the innumerables global spheres......each sustains a global sphere that appears like a grain of mustard."

Purport to Chaitanya-charitamrita Adi-lila (5.121):

"The Laghu-bhagavatamrita gives the following description: "The Sankarshana of the second group of quadruple forms appears as Rama, taking with Him Sesha, who bears the global spheres. There are two features of Sesha. One is the bearer of the globes, and the other is the bedstead servitor. The Sesha who bears the globes is a potent incarnation of Sankarshana, and therefore He is sometimes also called Sankarshana. The bedstead feature of Sesha always presents himself as an eternal servitor of the Lord."


These eight important quotes by Shrila Prabhupada defeats the false notion that the earth is flat and does not rotate on its axis. These statements expose the concocted model of Bhu-mandala now being presented by the amateur cosmologists behind Iskcon's Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur.

Lecture by Shrila Prabhupada on Bhagavad-gita [7.5] Bombay, February 20, 1974:

"The spiritual force behind is moving the material world. Yayedah dharyate jagat. Jagat means gacchati iti jagat, which is moving or going forward. Everything is moving. All these planets are moving. Your earthly planet is also moving—within twenty-four hours covering 25,000 miles, day and night. The whole material planets, earthly planets, you have 25,000 miles, and this is rotating. Similarly every planet is rotating. The sun is also rotating".

Lecture by Shrila Prabhupada on Shrimad-Bhagavatam [3.26.3] Bombay, December 15, 1974

"Just like on account of the sunshine all the planets are resting and rotating. That is scientific. Due to the heat of the sunshine, all the planets in the sky, they are rotating. It is due to sunshine. Similarly, this brahmanda, this universe, not only one universe, but millions of universes, they are also rotating in the brahmajyoti".

Lecture by Shrila Prabhupada on Bhagavad-gita [16.8] Tokyo, January 28, 1975:

"Now, as we see in the street that the cars are moving in high speed but they are within the orbit, within the line, demarcation of line, white line or yellow line, so there is some brain, there is some management, everything is there, Similarly, all these planets, they are rotating with high speed. Just like this planet. It is rotating 25,000 miles in twelve hours. Is it not? The circumference of this earth is 25,000 miles and... Yes, day and night, twenty-four hours. Almost one thousand miles per hour".

Lecture by Shrila Prabhupada in London, September 26, 1969:

"And actually, scientifically, it is true that due to the heat of the sun planet all other planets are rotating; otherwise they'll fall down. But they're floating in the air, in the sky, due to this sunlight. Anyone who knows science, he'll admit, "Yes, that's a fact." And sun is the source of all energy in this material world. All this vegetation, all living condition, minerals—there are so many things—this is due to the sun. So sun in the king of all planets, as it is stated in the Vedic literatures".

Room Conversation with Shyamasundara:

Prabhupada: "Decision means because you are imperfect, human beings are imperfect, so their machine, these motorcars, there are so many accidents, so many killing. But because God is so perfect, although all the planets are rotating in their speed, just like this earth is rotating... What is the speed? At least in twenty-four hours it is completing 25,000 miles. That means its speed is about 1000 miles at least.

And similarly, other planets are also moving, similarly. And the sun planet is moving at 16,000 miles per minute or second, calculated. But all these planets are moving in this way, so much speed, but they are not colliding. The perfect arrangement is there, and they are floating. How it is possible? This is accidental? Do you think this is accidental?"

Room Conversation -- June 15, 1976, Detroit:

Madhavananda: "They say that it's fixed. They say the polestar is fixed, but it doesn't revolve around. They say everything moves, but the polestar is fixed".

Prabhupada: "Polestar is fixed, that is fact. And all, It is like pivot. Everyone round, round. Urdhva-mulam adhah-sakham (BG. 15.1). This tree is spread downwards. The root is upward"

Pusta Krishna: "The scientists also say all of the stars are moving around. But they don't see the earth as moving around.

Prabhupada: Why not? What is this nonsense? If all the stars can move, what is the earth? That is their nonsense".

Lecture by Shrila Prabhupada in New Delhi on November 16th 1973

"Due to the sunshine all the planets are rotating in their prescribed orbit"

Letter to Upendra, Los Angeles, 1st March, 1968:

Shrila Prabhupada, "God means Supreme controller, can you control anything? Not even your own body. What to speak of millions of planets spinning so perfectly in their orbit"

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Henry Doktorski: I am Not A Good Devotee!

An important message to all my Krishna Facebook friends:

More than a year ago, after my first book about the Hare Krishnas, “Killing For Krishna,” was published, I began receiving Facebook friend requests from devotees. Hundreds of requests. For a couple months, I ignored their friendship requests. Yes, of course, I have some Krishna Facebook friends, but they are mostly people I know personally; friends from many, many years ago when I myself was a Krishna devotee.

But I hesitated to accept these new friend requests, because I knew that most of these people would be disappointed to discover that I am not a Krishna devotee. Yes, I wrote a book about the Hare Krishnas, about the conspiracy to murder a devotee. I wrote the book specifically for Krishna devotees, not the general public. I felt that Krishna was charging me with the task of telling an important story, a story with an important lesson: beware of deranged devotion.

I was humbled by the hundreds of copies of books that were sold only by word of mouth, and by the dozens and dozens of letters of appreciation I received from former and current ISKCON devotees. I responded that I felt that any credit must go to Krishna, because He inspired me to research and write this book. 

He inspired one New Vrindaban devotee years ago to give me the entire Keith Gordon Ham / Swami Bhaktipada Archive; tens of thousands of pages of classified New Vrindaban documents, investigative reports, trial transcripts and hundreds of letters from Bhaktipada’s personal correspondence. In this archive I discovered confidential documents which revealed in great detail the activities of the members of the murder conspiracy. After discovering this information, I decided that it was my sacred duty to share this information with others.

Anyway, I hesitated to accept these friend requests from Krishna devotees, because I knew they would be disappointed in me. I am not a great devotee. I am not even a devotee. I am not a disciple. Nor am I a follower. I’m just a karmi. But I consider myself a friend to the devotees. I have a few life-long friends who I knew at New Vrindaban, and while we may not agree on many things, due to our shared history we have a friendship. But what about all these hundreds of new Facebook friend requests from people I never heard of?

After a few months, I decided, “Oh, what the hell! I’ll accept these friends requests, and deal with the consequences.” Soon after, I began getting messages from discouraged or critical devotees.

One fellow in Croatia, a man I admire and respect, who posted a very favorable review of my book on his web blog, and who is also dedicated to fighting corruption in ISKCON, happened to notice a photo of my cat which I posted on Facebook. He wrote to me, “I am extremely disappointed. You are a ksatriya. Your book reveals great courage by an author who dares to point out corruption amongst very powerful and wealthy ISKCON leaders. But I am disappointed because you keep a cat in your house. That is not something a great ksatriya would do, keep an unclean animal in the house.”

[PADA: That is of course Hanuman Croatia, who is still promoting the GBC's guru program -- because he STILL says we all need to worship one of their "voted in" members like Jayapataka's bucket boy Bhakti Vikas swami. OK but the average person on the street who owns a cat, would never tell others to worship a "voted in" member of an illicit sex with men, women and children guru's lineage? 

In sum, the average cat lover knows more about who are God's guru successors -- and who is not -- than Hanuman Croatia. Of course Sulochan used to say -- even a cat will not worship an illicit sex guru's program, cats have more God given sense. Therefore, these people would be better off to worship a cat.]

And that's just the start! Besides keeping an unclean animal in the house, I am also a member of the San Diego Scotch Whisky Club and I attend monthly events in which my buddies and I taste unusual and rare whiskies. This is one of my hobbies. It brings me pleasure. I’ve been doing this for decades. Soon after I left New Vrindaban in 1993. I’ve got quite a few Facebook friends who also appreciate fine whiskies. We have a camaraderie.

But after I posted some photos on Facebook about this hobby, some of my Krishna Facebook friends became critical. “Oh! This man drinks alcohol! He is sinful. He must be shunned.” One extremely critical Facebook "friend" (by the way, this fellow is extremely critical to lots of people, not just me) reposted my photos on his own Facebook wall, with derogatory comments. Really, do I need “friends” like this?

A few others wrote me personal messages. One fellow in Italy, a scholar whom I admire and respect, wrote to me, “Kindly clarify for me the rationale of promoting the use of heavy alcohol as a 'sublime' consumption, while being considered by many as a good devotee... of course, your private life is none of my business, anyone can do whatever s/he wants... but exposing things like that on your Facebook page gives a wrong message to all the thousands of your followers... Please, don't mind and get no offense: I just need to understand how you allowed this to happen... a kind request from a puzzled friend...”

Another person, a female devotee in Germany, wrote, “I do not understand Prabhu Henri Doktorski why you post in public such topics as love for whisky. Are you on that way asking help or you are only cool with that. I need your honest answer because I do not understand your motives. So I do not comment you too much on your wall to avoid more disturbances. I also sometimes drink beer or some alcoholic myself, but I will never post that on my wall. I think any kind of weakness is our business, not to make us targets to be criticized on any wall.”

[PADA: Great. So this woman drinks alcohol, but says we should not make that a public issue. That is fine, lets hide our vices. Except various GBC and Gaudiya Matha folks, and even a number of so-called "ritviks" drink alcohol, smoke pot, and / or sell pot and so forth. We really do not have to make a big effort to have that made public, or not made public. 

Its already pretty much known in the devotee communities and / or even in various public media accounts -- that "devotees" of various stripes are not too strict, including various GBC's "gurus." Of course HKC Jaipur folk's shiksha saint Bhakta das was arrested for drug sales, some sort of sex crimes etc., all of which was in the newspapers. Its not like the public is not aware that many so-called "devotees" aren't very devoted. Nor is it a secret a lot of these people are not reliable sources of information. Then again, maybe we could still quote someone like Bhakta das if he has something useful to add, or he could expose some GBC guru's illegal wrong doing somewhere, but he has been a big supporter of the "living gurus."

We have even had some "ritviks" die of alcohol poisoning, die of drug overdose, be sent to jail for various things and so forth. So to admit this or not admit this is not solving the real point; one "big reason" a lot of bad things have gone on (and on) in and around ISKCON is -- that too many devotees were too self-righteous, wrong headed, motivated, foolish, aloof, if not intoxicated, to deal with these problems. 

Henry might drink here and there, but its self-evident he has a good investigative journalism propensity and his book is a better researched document than anyone else has done, or probably ever will do. Of course if people who are sometimes drinking have to investigate, research and resolve our actual ISKCON history here, then what? This begs the question, "Why are the bogus PADA and / or the so-called drinkers class of folks having to write ANYTHING at all, where are the strict devotee writers"? And what is the hold up, 1977 was a VERY long time ago and they cannot come up with any better writings in all this time?]    

Most of my Krishna Facebook friends have assumed that I am a good devotee! In this regard, they are in error! In my book, I NEVER claim to be a good devotee. I NEVER claim to be a devotee. They make an assumption which is not true! Then, when they discover that I enjoy “sinful” activities, like tasting whisky, they become bewildered or critical. But that is okay.

Interesting enough, from my experience, most Krishna devotees break the four regulative principles. Frequently. I have a Krishna friend, a well-known kirtan leader who has his own band. He performs at Ratha-yatra festivals and makes money from his career. When I visited him at his home (a mobile home he shares with his wife), he shared with me his love of fine beer and we tasted several excellent malts.

One of my best friends, a godbrother I’ve known for 40 years who still serves in ISKCON overseas, visited me a few years ago. In great affection, I offered him a private whisky nosing and tasting, which we both enjoyed.

Many devotees smoke marijuana. In fact, I once dated a devotee woman, a wonderful lady, who invited me to take Ecstasy with her. It’s something she does from time to time, and she thought I would enjoy and even benefit from the psychedelic effects.

Not to mention the devotees in ISKCON leadership, even gurus, who do not follow these principles, but break the principles in secret and then cover up. Yet their disciples and followers worship these people as paramahamsas! In my opinion, better to be an honest karmi than a dishonest devotee.

I post these things on Facebook for my friends who also enjoy the things I enjoy. If my devotee Facebook friends have a problem with that, that’s their problem, not mine. If anything, I hope they realize who I am; I’m not a good devotee. I’m not even a devotee. But I am a friend to the devotees, and I am honest. That is why my book has such potency: not because I am a good devotee, but because I am thoroughly honest.

There is a saying that Srila Prabhupada liked to tell: a village woman went to a hermit sage in the forest and asked him, “Please tell my son to stop eating sugar!” The sage said he would, but not until the next day. The woman asked, “Why can’t you tell him today?” The sage responded, “Before I instruct someone to stop eating sugar, first I must stop eating sugar myself. Tomorrow I will tell him.”

Similarly, if I write a book exposing dishonesty and hypocrisy in ISKCON, first I have to expel any dishonesty and hypocrisy in myself. Otherwise I become just as dishonest and hypocritical as those I criticize. I try to be perfectly honest and transparent in my life, and I expect, as much as possible, for those who are close to me, to also be honest and transparent. I hope this helps answer your questions.

Henry uvaca.

P.S. Here are a few photos of my whisky (whiskey) collection!

[PADA: Yep. This is the type of thing we have faced all along. Well PADA is driving a taxi, so he would be better to drop all his writings and go to computer college and get a better job. "PADA needs to be taken off the internet" etc. Fine, then there would be less opposition to the molester messiahs agenda, ok, that is what our opponents really wanted all along. 

Even if one does not drink alcohol (like me) then people like GBC's folks and / or the HKC Jaipur's thugs will make things us and post nasty articles claiming we are drunkards and associates of prostitutes. In other words, child molesting and suicides are fine and wonderful for these folks; And the odious abuse process needs to be continued, because a person complaining about this process is a debauchee. What difference does it make if the person complaining about child abuse is himself a debauchee? That is simply an excuse to allow it. This is called, chopping the legs off the opposition to the abuse agenda. 

Or worse, that means what they are really saying is, only the debauchees class are objecting to their child molesting regime's process. The "strict devotees" are allowing these crimes to continue, the "debauchee" devotees are the only ones objecting. What kind of advertisement is that for being strict devotees? Only the debauchee class devotees have enough common sense to object to child molesting and crimes, the strict devotees are walking away and not fixing this? Only the intoxicated and fallen "fringies" protest that deviants are being worshiped as messiahs, the "strict" devotee do not know this is wrong? Then why would anyone bother being a strict devotee? Its a bad advert.

In other words, the defenders or de facto defenders of the homosexual and pedophile acharya's program are not happy that they are being exposed, this really has nothing to do with our drinking alcohol or not. Sulochan was also criticized in so many ways, because they could not defeat his idea that deviants are not Krishna's appointed guru successors. 

They are simply infuriated that their agenda is being thwarted. At the same time we have to ask, why haven't these so-called "more advanced" "strict" alleged non-drinkers come up with a better written expose plan in all this time, and they seem to be hiding in the bushes somewhere rather than confronting these issues. Why did any of us have to write anything at all ever, whatsoever? Why didn't these so-called strict folks do all the writing from square one? So they are armchair warrior internet trolls, at least as Jagannath das says.

Sounds like a lot of sour grapes at this point. Anyway, all these strict devotees need to start to write better histories and documents. However, they better get going, all of us (and them) are going to be dead pretty soon and our documents will thus stand as the main accepted versions if these strict people don't get off their armchairs and start writing better versions. Heh heh heh.

Its really a question of getting the job done. As Krishna tells Arjuna, if you do this service, you will get the credit. That is our siddhanta. So, if PADA writes, or Henry writes, or Sulochan writes, or Monkey on a Stick writes, or anyone else writes, then so be it. Do better and lets see how that works! 

ys pd]