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Paramadvaita swami with his girl's entourage (again) ISKCON ys pd

Baby learns to get fresh milk (click to enlarge photo)

Hrdayananda says Srila Prabhupada "not always absolute" (ISKCON)

Devotees need to get out of denial

[PADA: This is a good analysis of how so many of our ISKCON devotees recall the past in the abstract / third person -- "some people were doing this and that deviation," failing to mention "they" were one of those people! Without the support of many of our God brothers and Gaudiya Matha deviants, worship of these gurus never would have survived. So this is a nice analysis, why aren't you not just coming out and saying "you" were one of the big exponents of "His Divine Grace Srila Kirtanananda Bhaktipada" and his criminal and child molester regime? This is the same trouble we have had with the GBC gurus in general, Narayana Maharaja, Sridhara Maharaja, Gaura Govind maharaja et al. clans, ... these folks have been supporting the bogus GBC gurus -- thus causing these bogus gurus to thrive, now its all about re-writing history -- "bogus people were supporting the GBC gurus," no, you and your bogus leaders were supporting the GBC gurus. Its good that more people are finally rejecting these bogus gurus, but, for those who supported them, there has to be more honest accounting and less denial. ys pd]  

Hrisikesh dasa, You Forgot to Mention…


Sep 28, 2011 — USA (SUN) — It has been awhile since your last visit (90's), when I purchased "A Classical Christmas" CD with you playing the accordion. I always thought of you as a brilliant musician. I can NOT imagine how you must feel? After serving for years, just to be disappointed. In my years in Krishna Consciousness, I must say, I have found devotes who (like yourself) have had a similar experience and somehow they find the way to forgive and move on by Krishna's grace. As you said, 'thankfully, you can distinguish between the message and the messenger', and now that you have become the messenger, "his spiritual master (ACBSP) speaking through me", you got my attention.

I notice you included yourself in the paragraph:

"he had an entire "harem" of gurukula boys living on the same floor right in his house just a few steps from his bedroom. The adult brahmacharis, myself included, lived in the basement"

(the basement door was unlocked at all times and everyone living in the ashram below had access to the upper floor were the second toilet was), but you forgot to include yourself in the following paragraphs:

"Prabhupada said that even if the spiritual master goes to a liquor shop, he is not a drunkard; rather, he must have some purpose in going there."

Here, you are speaking of your personal experience as you went every night to a Manhattan bar dressed in a suit and tie and collected one thousand dollars in a couple of hours. And:

"With the influx of millions of dollars from traveling fundraising parties illegally selling paraphernalia with unlicensed copyrighted logos and trademarks, New Vrindaban became the second-largest employer"

where you voluntarily participated as one of the top collectors.

"Devotees wore Franciscan-style robes instead of dhotis and saris; they chanted in English with western instruments such as the pipe organ and accordions instead of chanting in Sanskrit and Bengali with mrdanga drums and cymbals; male devotees grew hair and beards instead of shaving their heads and faces; female devotees were initiated into the renounced order and encouraged to preach independently; japa was practiced silently;"

Here you forgot to mention that you were instrumental in the purchasing of such a pipe organ and being a musician, had been able to play such an instrument costing thousands of dollars. As I remember, you were the one playing in the above way during my last Sunday Feast at New Vrindaban.

"With the help of his personal servant he used deceitful means to try to keep up the appearance of being in control."

You, Hrisikesh dasa, were his personal servant.

Come On Brother! Come chant Hare Krishna in association of devotes. Surely, we can use an accordion. We cannot promise you fame, wealth or power (Krishna more likely will remove all that), but you will become happy!

Sartiavate devi

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ISKCON FFL food programme gets 11 new vehicles donated

Rupanuga dasa speaks about guru

RUPANUGA DASA: So Srila Prabhupada is notifying his disciples that they are the next authorized gurus to distribute the knowledge, as he has done.
[PADA: No, he said we would be the kanistha servants / ritvik priests / representatives of the guru, he never said -- we would not be gurus ourselves. "Do not jump like monkeys."] 
RD: Of course, he expected they would practice what they preached, that is the qualification and character.
[PADA: Right, he said we did not have the qualification to be gurus.]
RD: Only now, instead of one big guru, Srila Prabhupada, he envisioned many smaller gurus to continue distributing the (same) knowledge all over the world.
[PADA: OK, where is this "smaller guru" process described? What exactly is a smaller guru? No, we are not small gurus, we are the guru's agents / preachers / representatives -- of the guru. A preacher is not a messiah himself. The point is, Rupanuga fails to tell us specifically where and how this plan of his would operate, and where this plan is described.]
RD: Once before, he called it "old wine in a new bottle." How else will Lord Caitanya's Name be known in every town and village? Srila Prabhupada's followers have the assignment.
[PADA: OK, except we are not guru ourselves, new or old, we are representatives.]
RD: Arjuna was told by Lord Krsna that the battle was already won, but Krsna wanted him to help make it happen and get credit for success. Similarly, Lord Caitanya said His Name would be known in every town and village. What God predicts comes true. Srila Prabhupada has given the chance – a matchless opportunity – for his followers to help the Lord execute His will. In whatever capacity, one can join with Srila Prabhupada in saying, "And we are trying our bit to distribute this knowledge." That is, trying to pass it on as it is. All glories to Srila Prabhupada…

Rupanuga das (ACBSP '66)

[PADA: OK, except we are passing on the knowledge as preachers, not as gurus, this is important. Rupanuga does not describe the process in any detail. He does not explain how the process of us neophytes acting as proxy - agents is going to work, or how that was ordered by Prabhupada. ys pd]

Slide show of Nagar Samkirtana in Bangalore (ISKCON)

Harinama Kirtana in Bangalore (ISKCON) ys pd

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Police investigation of Bir Krishna contact:

Thanks for your concerns prabhu, here is their web site:

Bhakti Caru money fraud investigation expands (ISKCON)

Without Prejudice
Dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

A friend of mine, Krishna dasa (Kd), has direct experience dealing with Bhakti Caru Swami and his sidekick Sudipto Mckerjee. He shared all the details with me and now I with you.

They purchased an aerial survey company called McPhar Geological Surveys some years ago and formed a sister company later called AMG India. BCS / McPharr was given a loan of nearly two hundred thousand dollars, nearly all of Kd’s life savings, coming from the sale of the family farm. The loan was suggested by a friend of his, who worked for the company in Toronto.

Since McPharr was in financial difficulty, due to ineptitude and inexperience, the loan was given to Skyvision Exploration and then re-lent to McPharr and/or AMG India. The loan was undertaken because Skyvision owned an aircraft which was used as collateral for the loan.

The term of the loan was for one year; however, the loan wasn’t repaid on time with many interest payments in arrear. Meanwhile, McKerjee wanted to move the plane to India to undertake survey work. The plane was being readied in the U.S. for the trip to India when the conflict of non-payment occurred.
Kd wasn’t at all in favor of letting the plane out of the US, as it would be impossible to get a fair hearing in India, if the issue was ever forced to court. The anxiety increased as it became known that Mckerjee was rich in experience of bribing various individuals in private business and the Indian government.

AMG / Skyvision offered a bond from the Bank of India with some cash up front. A bond is a legal instrument given by a bank guaranteeing payment for goods or services; that is, if all the conditions of the bond were fulfilled. Some of the conditions to be met by Kd as he was neither a geologist, nor had any relations with foreign governments (Iran & Algeria) to secure further work.

It was obvious that Kd could not fulfill any of these obligation, as he is not a geologist. With the plane in India, and the terms of the bond unfulfilled, the bond could easily be cancelled with the fate of the plane left to the whims of a corrupt Indian judiciary. To accept these conditions was beyond reason. As events began to unfold, it became obvious that the plan was to get control of the asset without paying the loan.

The nature of BCS and Mckerjee became more apparent as the negotiations continued. Their word couldn’t be trusted. Kd was in India at the time and while negotiations were undergoing, it was found out that Sudipto, and his assistant, left for the US in order to get the plane ready to fly to India. Thankfully, there was a complication of getting aircraft insurance and the plans were delayed.
As a result, a legal firm in Toronto was retained to secure the plane. Due to the short time on hand, the lawyers suggested pursuing a Mareva injunction.

A Mareva injunction is the nuclear bomb of legal instruments, as it doesn’t allow the accused party to be in court to defend themselves, and is granted only in times of emergency. This type of injunction is given when an encumbered asset is being moved to hide the asset from creditors. However, it cannot be awarded if an asset is being transferred in the normal course of business. The judge, nonetheless, granted the Mareva, aware that the plane was destined for business purposes.

The plane was seized, but in reaction, Mckerjee and BCS sought out their own legal help. It was the same law firm handling their McPhar bankruptcy. The strategy was to challenge the granting of the Mareva, claiming that the court was misled that the plane was being moved to hide the asset.
They were successful in court and the Mareva injunction was squashed. Even though the plane was awarded to Kd, unfortunately, the judge’s wording on the plane’s ownership was unclear.
Since there were two loan agreements and a legal lien on the plane, the possession of the plane hadn’t been disputed in court. However, the judge awarded unspecified damages against Kd for for the perception of misleading the court.

McKerjee and BCS concocted damages of $300,000, and an appeal was necessary so the original judge could clarify that he was informed the plane was being moved for commercial purposes. This would stop the awarding of damages as it would be clear that the court had not been misled. In addition, the wording regarding the possession of the plane needed to be clarified.

The legal fees for the appeal was estimated at $20,000, which was a bit daunting due to the bill for previous legal work already amounted to $100,000. There was no way that BCS could retain possession of the plane due to the nonpayment of the loan and the ironclad lien on the plane. So BCS’s and Mckerjee’s plan, was to bankrupt Kd and take the plane as payment for payment of damages. Mckerjee and BCS were very bitter that the possession of the plane was lost and wanted revenge. This was stated explicitly to a witness at the onset of the proceedings.

The former Chief Financial Officer of the company, informed the same above witness that BCS was in consultation with Mckerjee on every aspect of the business and this cold-blooded legal maneuver. It is beyond reason that BCS wasn’t involved in these decisions, especially when his later actions are taken into account.

In the meantime, the GBC became involved after hearing so many complaints from BCS’s lenders. An investigation was begun and intense pressure at the Mumbai GBC meetings was placed upon BCS to repay the loans and stop his business involvement.

At this time, the GBC involved Iskcon Resolve after it was learned that the Washington Post was showing interest in BCS’s survey work in Iran. There were hundreds of emails exchanged during the negotiations between McKerjee and Kd. In the end, the company trustee of Skyvision attested that there were no damages to the company and released ownership of the plane.

Before the whole legal debacle began, BCS provided a written guarantee to his creditors as follows:
I am extremely sad to hear this from ——— Prabhu. He had been loyally serving McPhar through its extremely critical phase. He had been holding the fort practically single handedly for last few months. Now, to make him feel that he is worth nothing is extremely unfair and ungrateful, to say the least.
———- Prabhu, please do not feel that way. We may have failed you in many ways, however, please rest assured, that at this time of your difficulty we will not desert you, rather we will be there with you and give you all the support you need.

Please let me know what are your difficulties and we will try our best to sort them out together.
Please also assure all the devotees to whom we woe [sic] money that, although due to the present critical situation we have been defaulting in paying them back and it may take a little longer, nevertheless, their money is safe and they will get it back with interest. I personally am standing guarantee for that. Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Bhakti Charu Swami

*** Other offers were given to help Kd pay his legal fees by BCS, which were originally refused, but later accepted. BCS wasn’t good to his word and none of the fees were repaid. Iskcon Resolve has informed us that the committee handling BCS’s business failings feel that the plane represents a larger portion of repayment of Kd’s loan than what can be offered to the other lenders, so no more funds are to follow.

The end result is another example of an Iskcon “leader” manipulating disciples for seemingly selfish purposes and begs the question as to why a “sannyasi” is engaged in business activity?
In service to the devotees,
Caranaravindam dasa

Bir Krishna child molesting cover-up investigation expands (ISKCON)

[PADA: Bir Krishna swami (Bruce Jacobs) -- guru of North Carolina, is under investigation. We need more info if anyone has it:  (1) A young Gujarati female, teen aged, was found dead there at his farm, floating face down in a pond. (2) Bir Krishna also covered up the child molesting of SATYA DEVI when she was only 11 years old (details at and she was molested by ISKCON guru Lokanatha Swami. (3) In addition, the murder of Chatur Bahu in New Orleans was thought to be an "inside job" and connected to Bir Krishna, and Jayapataka swami's Mississipi farm. If anyone has further details, please contact pada @ ys pd]  

Dear ****, here is the reason for the GBC censure of Bruce Jacobs at their annual meeting in Mayapur, India this year. This case was previously brought to the attention of the Orange County, NC Sheriff's Department, but they didn't know about the letter of censure or the ongoing cover-up until recently. (From "The CPO and ISKCON Need Your Help", <>) (The webmasters are from Canada):
Here is a recent example that perfectly illustrates this point; a devotee from Mauritius named Nathabara moved to the devotee community in North Carolina, after being expelled from the Alachua temple over sexual misconducts of some sort. When I was growing up in Villa Vrindavana, I clearly remember Nathabara coming to stay for a while in Italy, with his wife and daughter. Already back then he was notorious for taking advantage of women, disregarding his and their marital status.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, on more than one occasion this man had also sexually molested an 8 year old girl in Mauritius. When his victim (by then grown up) came to know that Nathabar was living in North Carolina, she filed a detailed report of the shocking incident with the CPO.

A copy of this report was given to Bir Krishna Maharaj, the local GBC; Krishna Priya dasi, the local Temple President at the time; Goloka dasi, the local CPO representative at the time; and to Nathabara and his wife. Bir Krishna Maharaj ordered, I quote: "Let's keep this to ourselves."

For 13 years, nobody else was informed that the local GBC and temple authorities had knowingly exposed the children in the community to the attacks of a known paedophile, by giving Nathabara shelter and unrestricted access to the kids. These facts only came to light in recent times, when it was discovered that Nathabara had sexually abused a 2 year old girl in the community in North Carolina.

When the father of the victim and other devotees from the community confronted Bir Krishna Maharaj, he claimed ignorance, stating that he had no recollection of the above mentioned report about Nathabara's history of abuse in Mauritius.

The parents of the victim then filed an official complaint with Champakalata Prabhu, the current CPO Director. Champakalata proved unprofessional and completely unsupportive to the parents, she shared their private correspondence with Bir Krishna Maharaj, and refused to keep them updated on the progress of the case, claiming that doing so would compromise Bir Krishna Maharaj's position. After evaluating the evidence, Champakalata concluded that, given the circumstances, Bir Krishna Maharaj had done everything he could have.

The conclusion of this case is that this year, at the annual Mayapur GBC Meeting, Champakalata was reprimanded and Bir Krishna Maharaj was given censure; which means that he was forced to apologize to the parents and to the community. It was felt that his apology lacked in substance and authenticity, coming more from a necessity to fulfil an obligation rather than a genuine sense of remorse.

Navayogendra swami web site advertises "adult DVDs" yikes!

Prabhupada initiations in Vishaka-patnam (ISKCON)

Six new disciples of Srila Prabhupada, initiated recently in Vishaka-patnam (south of Puri) India. Jaya Srila Prabhupada! ys pd

GBC gurus still "as good as Srila Vyasadeva"? ys pd

[PADA: OK, the GBC gurus are sometimes saying they are not equal to Srila Vyasadeva, ooops, but then they have their annual Vyasa pooja ceremonies where they are worshipped as the pure successors to Srila Vyasadeva. Either they are confused, or they are liars. You decide! ys pd]  

Vaisesika Vyasa Puja ofering:
Saturday morning, Sep 24 , 7:30 am - 1:00 pm: ISKCON Silicon Valley Temple We plan to celebrate Appearance day of our dear H.G. Vaisesika Prabhu along with the Sat morning program schedule. He has persoanlly fanned the spark of bhakti in the lives of all of us is some way or the other. Sometimes as a Siksha Guru, sometimes as a Diksha guru [parampara member], and at other times as a mentor, friend and well wisher. Anyone can bring  offerings for Him.

The event will be broadcasted over and request devotes to log in remotely to celebrate this.
Sunday evening, Sep 25, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Sunday Feast Program
Sunday Feast Lecture by His Grace Vaiseiska Prabhupada followed by Aarti and Prasadam*.
We look forward to your association at ISV this week.

Yours in service,
Damodara Vamsidhari Das
On behalf of ISKCON Silicon Valley

951 S Bascom Ave
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone:(408) 293 4959
(Temple is opposite Frazee Paints.)

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Narayana Maharaja mystery

Narayana Maharaja said that the GBC are gurus, and their followers have to see them as rati keli siddha (assisting the gopis);
He said anyone who thought the GBC were not gurus and only priests were poison ritviks;
He supported the GBC as gurus and gave them gopi rasika classes;
His followers later on said that they follow N Mj -- but the GBC gurus he supports are -- bogus?
So we worship Narayana Maharaja, because he supports the pedophile guru lineage?
I do not get it? ys pd

Homeless Hare Krishna (who is this?) ys pd

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Formalizing the deviations

This is an attempt by the GBC, Hari Sauri, Bhakti Caru and others to "scholarize" and justify their illicit sex acharyas program. Its amazing, they are trying to say that the worship of deviants as acharyas is "part of the tradition." Why isn't this being exposed in India? ys pd    

Nagar Samkirtana in Bangalore today

Come and experience the sweet mellows of the Lord’s Holy Name. Join us today (Sep 25, 2011) for the Nagar Sankirtan at Malleshwaram, at 4pm...

Bhajahari is a sentimentalist (ISKCON) ys pd

Memory Lane


Sep 24, 2011 — UK (SUN) —

I read Bhaja Hari prabhu's recent article… yes it's been 40 years since HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada came to the UK. Since that time, both temples referred to in Bhaja Hari's article (as have all the other ISKCON UK temples)
have been formally registered as Hindu temples.

I had no idea when I joined ISKCON in 1973, and also danced up and down the streets of London, that we were in fact promoting Hinduism.
Since that time I have attended the many Hindu festivals promoted by ISKCON UK.
I have witnessed the marriage of non-devotees in front of our ISKCON Hindu Deities.
I have witnessed the blessings of cars by our ISKCON Hindu priests.
I have witnessed our ISKCON Hindu priests pay each other secret wages.
I have witnessed our ISKCON spiritual adviser openly sell alcohol.
I have witnessed our ISKCON leadership practise racial discrimination in order to promote Hinduism.
I have witnessed our ISKCON management cover-up and secretly re-employ a known child abuser.
I have witnessed ISKCON members having to beg the ISKCON management to take the minibus on sankirtan.
I have witnessed our ISKCON leadership asking its ISKCON members to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

I have never witnessed... or even heard of any of the prabhus in Bhaja Hari's attached photos actually complain. 

So yes... it's wonderful to see some of the prabhus out there practising the Yuga Dharma. And… yes… it's nice to take a sentimental trip down memory lane... but just what is the legacy we are leaving to the next generations?  

Gopiparanadhana (BBT editor) Vrndavana service

PADA: Yep, today all the loud crowing -- big fat crows aka ISKCON gurus, pundits and scholars sat around saying that their friend Gopiparanadana has "gone back to Godhead," because he was one of the biggest cheer leaders of their "enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile acharyas" deviation. Srila Prabhupada says that if you think evil thoughts by yourself that is bad, but not too bad, but of you write your bad thoughts and promote your bad thoughts in writing and confuse the innocent, and thus degrade and bring down human society, you are severely condemned after death.

Gopiparanadana was one of the biggest scholars / writers / editors / supporters of their enforced worship of pedophile acharyas. So guaranteed, he is not going to back to God, but he is going where these types of evil and degraded entities go. He is agreeing with Jayadvaita swami et al. who are ALL saying that our vaishnava acharyas have illicit sex with men, women and children, so he is saying our acharyas are more degraded than dogs. Dogs are more elevated in behavior than acharyas? He will have to wait a long time just to take birth as a dog. He is described in the Vedas as atma hana, the killer of other's souls, thus by Gopi's policy of forcing people to worship pedophiles as their acharyas, he is killing their souls, and the killers of souls will have to suffer terribly in the house of Yamaraja, that is what shastra says. ys pd   

Krishna video series (ISKCON) ys pd

There are several hundred parts, this is one of them. ys pd

Radha Krishna deities from (?) ys pd (click photo to enlarge)

Pharisee consciousness (ISKCON) ys pd

Yes prabhu, Basically this is what happened in ISKCON. (a) Srila Prabhupada taught love, then (b) just after he departed there is now an elaborate Pharisee style system of authority in ISKCON, totally concocted, where the acharyas are now voted in (Vatican style), voted out, suspended for deviations, corrected, chastised, acharya position corrected and amended by vote, acharya certified,  acharya re-certified, acharyas out-stated, re-instated, monitored, censured, acharya probation, acharya reform, acharya excommunicated (for example when their bogus acharyas go to jail) and so on. Moreover since ISKCON now says messiahs are usually found to be engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, ISKCON is being attacked by the Christians for saying the messiahs are debauchees. This is what happens when people borrow the ecclessiastical system of the Pharisees. ys pd 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Article regarding break-up of the Gaudiya Matha (ys pd)

You can cheat some of the people (ISKCON) ys pd

SRILA PRABHUPADA: "Bona fide guru means he presents himself as servant of God. He does not pose himself falsely that “I am God.” This is bona fide. It is not difficult to find out bona fide. But this is the test. If anyone says that “I am guru,” er, “I am God,” then he cannot be guru. Because he has no knowledge. How he is God? But he can cheat some people. That is different thing. You can cheat all people for some time and some people for all time, but not all people for all time. That is not possible. So these kinds of guru, who poses themself that “I am God,” he’s a false guru. The bona fide guru will say that “I am servant of the servant of the servant of Krsna,” or God. Servant of. That is the business of guru. He serves Krsna as Krsna desires; that is his business."

ISKCON still not caring for widows (YS pd)

[PADA: There is no "safety net" for the widows of ISKCON. "Private donors" have to take up the responsibilty. Meanwhile, the GBC's gurus live like Kings in opulent dwellings with huge bank accounts: while there is no actual support system for the "little peons." And this has been going on all along, despite so many big shot acharyas having so many big huge GBC meetings for the past 35 years, there is "no resolution" to this basic needs issue. Only Basu Ghosha is even worried about it in this one case example, of course he is the head ISKCON scholar who says our acharyas are out there engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. He even says Vedic scholars all agree that acharyas are having illicit sex. Despite his idea that acharyas are mostly debauchees, at least he wants to take care of this one widow, to his credit, but why is there a need for a special collection anyway, why is there no built in system of support? And what are they doing about all the other ISKCON widows who got no support, or even mention? ys pd] 

Basu Ghosha: It would be appropriate, in my humble opinion, that the BBT and/or the GBC set up a fund to look after Gopiparanadana Prabhu’s family, in view of his sudden and early departure. After all he was a grihasta, and has left behind a relatively young widow and young son. It would send a very positive signal to the “body of devotees” if such a fund was set up to particularly support his dependents in his absence, especially in view of the fact that he devoted his life to so many important scholarly works. Besides setting up such a fund, it would be fitting if the income and expenditure of the fund be recorded publicly on dandavats. com (although if donors wish to remain anonymous, their wishes should be respected) for the information of the devotees and Gopi’s well wishers. At this time I would like to announce an initial donation of Rs. 25,000/- to this fund - which I hope would be set up at the very earliest - on behalf of ISKCON Baroda.

Thanks very much for your kind consideration of the above.
Hoping this meets you both in the best of health and jolly spirits.
das, Basu Ghosh Das

Krishna-astakam by ISKCON Bangalore group (ys pd)

Very sweet kirtana!

Friday, September 23, 2011

There is no hope for ISKCON leaders

Therefore, those who are heart of heart followers of spiritual life, those aspiring to advance on the spiritual path and those interested in pleasing Lord Krsna should follow scriptural statements and stop using their time and energy trying to correct those who cannot be corrected. Such people should be left alone, just as a doctor who determines a fallen soldier on the battlefield is terminal and goes to help someone else. Time is very valuable, therefore it is better to utilize it by searching out a real devotee whose qualities are mentioned in the ancient scriptures and learn how to transform our aggressive nature to one of servitude, because only servants enter the kingdom of God. The Hitopadesa states, upadeso hi murkhanam prakopaya na santaye, “Giving good advice to imposters doesn’t pacify them but only makes them angrier.” So it is best to physically and mentally leave such class of people behind and participate with those where your devotional service will be recognized by Lord Krsna.
Jai Sri Radhe.

[PADA: OK, good plan, leave the homosexual and pedophile acharyas program in charge of ISKCON's property and all its children; Simply leave them alone and allow them to take over the entire ISKCON movement -- and allow ISKCON to become a cheap sahajiya child molesting cult. And have all these thousands of children molested, bankrupting the society etc, and is sum allow people to say Krishna's successor acharyas have illicit sex with men, women and children etc. Good plan -- for whom? Sorry, the better plan is to grab a broom and sweep up the Gundica Mandir. If we allow our church to be infested with rats, mice, cock roaches and bed bugs, and child molester messiahs, as is occuring in ISKCON's temples, how is that serving Krishna? It makes the devotees of God look like fools and compromisers with evil, for allowing all this to go on in their religion. Sorry, the reason ISKCON has a bad name all over the world is because of people like this author above, saying we should allow ISKCON to go to hell in a hand basket. ys pd] 

Govindam Adi Purusam / sweet kirtan by Prapanam Dasa (ISKCON) ys pd

George Harrison HBO special by Martin Scorcese (film trailer) ys pd

Bir Krishna swami investigation proceding (ISKCON) ys pd

I talked with Orange County, NC Sheriff's deputy Capt. Daniel (919-644-3050) this morning. He said that Bruce Jacobs' (Bir Krishna Das Goswami's) supporters have been showing up at the Sherriff's Office trying in vain to stem the tide. He said that they know that the "cat is out of the bag" and that a criminal case against Bruce Jacobs is being prepared.
This means that of all of the defendants named in the Turley vs. ISKCON child abuse lawsuit (<>), he could be the first to actually go to jail. This would be Krishna's mercy upon him because it would save him from being dealt with even more harshly, at the time of his leaving his material body, in the court of Yamaraja!
Your servant, Pratyatosa Dasa


Dear Prabhus, Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
This flagrant example of criminal negligence on the part of Bir Krishna Das Goswami in Hillsborough, North Carolina in 1996 (see 2011 GBC Minutes excerpt below) put my own children and the other gurukula children at risk. I think that I have a right to know the details. Do any of you know anything about this?
Windle Turley, the high powered Dallas, Texas lawyer who sued ISKCON for child abuse in 2000, told me over the phone in 1999 that sexual child abuse is like a cancer. “If it’s not brought out into the open quickly and dealt with quickly, then the abused become abusers and the abuse spreads like wildfire.” (paraphrased)

Not only BKG, but the entire GBC body is guilty of gross criminal negligence for covering up the severe sexual abuse of helpless children for decades, thereby allowing it to spread like a cancer right under their very noses. They even went so far as to keep the abuse secret from gurukula headmasters such as myself!
And yet these same criminals are still in charge of ISKCON, desperately clinging to their positions like tyrannical dictators who are afraid of being brought to justice if they give up power. Thus, like typical tyrants, they are cursed to have to cling to their positions of power well past the time that their positions should have been turned over to a new generation of leaders.
Srila Prabhupada said over and over again that his disciples should take vanaprastha (begin giving up the comforts of home and begin giving up all social, political and business ties) at the age of 50 years. Srila Prabhupada never said that an exception could be made if a particular disciple was on the GBC or there was an emergency situation or any of the many other excuses that his disciples are currently dreaming up.
How many of the current GBC men are past the age of 50? How much longer are we going to have to put up with these incompetent, criminally negligent rascals being in charge of Srila Prabhupada’s beloved ISKCON?
Your servant, Pratyatosa Dasa, former gurukula headmaster

Let have Bir Krishna investigated by the police (ISKCON) ys pd

Bir Krishna Das Goswami is under police investigation for not reporting a
known child molester and for covering up child abuse/sexual molestation.
Please try to get the police motivated. Call the Orange County, North
Carolina Sheriff's Dept. (<> -
919-644-3050 - Sgt. Tina Rimmer <>). Demand justice,
citing the ISKCON GBC censure of Bir Krishna Das Goswami, a.k.a. Bruce
Jacobs. (Use the bottom of <> or <> as a reference.)

2011 GBC resolutions:

308: Letter of Censure to Bir Krishna Das Goswami
Dear Bir Krishna Maharaja,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Due to the reasons stated below, you have been censured. A censure expresses disapproval of your conduct. A censure is an official note of caution.
Please take due notice thereof and rectify the situation.
In 1996, as GBC of ISKCON Hillsborough, North Carolina, you received a credible allegation that a member of the congregation had committed sexual abuse of a child some years earlier in another country. While some investigation was done, and some cautionary steps taken, you failed to properly report the incident to local authorities, or later to the CPO. Most significantly, the local community and householders were not notified or made or aware of this potential threat, contrary to ISKCON Law
This put the community at risk and created serious potential exposure to repetition of these incidents.
Your servants on the GBC Body

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Srila Prabhupada in Australia 1974 (ISKCON)

Why public does not like Hare Krishna's?

PADA: Looks like this was made in England. Who are these people and what is their message, other than, the Hare Krishna's are kooky idiots? ys pd

Should Prabhupada's books be edited (Gaurahari dasa)

PADA: Good analysis here:
Should Prabhupada's books be edited so that his meanings can become more clear for others who come in the future? Hear directly from the editor himself and ddecide for yourself. This is a sadly funny way of making the point. Any devotee who changes Srila Prabhupada's purports with ulterior motive deserves to ultimately shamed and made a laughing stock for their own purification. He should thank the devotee who made this video to point out what obvious material motivation of manipulation of the scriptures to mislead others to say that Srila Prabhupada(the acarya) instructed his future sincere disciples to stay in intimate unfavorable association of a society that may in the future of its writing be exhibiting the lowest grade of materialistic motivated vaishnavism, even though the Acarya actually meant that one could remain aloof or at respectful appropriate distance from the association of motivated materialistic devotees and keep company of Srila Prabhupada, the Bonafide Spiritual Master directly. How many of us are doing exactly that now... Fortunate are those sincere devotees seeking the real truth who find the association of the real followers who know Srila Prabhupada's real mind in the matter!

The real conclusion and meaning of this purport or directive of Srila Prabhupada is what many of us have followed who are connected with Srila Prabhupada as our life and soul. We have remained alloof and at a respectful distance from the Society of motivated leaders who disobeyed Srila Prabhupada's final order and are keeping company of Srila Prabhupada by way of study of his books. Those who advance and become strong by this process can form small or large groups with others who want to worship the Acarya without ulterior motives and cheating. Even though one may distance oneself from motivated neophyte vaishnava societies as per Srila Prabhupada's real intention, still one who wants to please the real disciplic succession must speak out boldly to stop the audacious misleading, confounding editing of such important transcendental books meant to purify the world. This must be done and is worth risking everything for.

I found this video on agtSPJay's Channel on youtube — with Haribol Hare Krishna and

Bhakti Caru Bankuptcy program (ISKCON) ys pd

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. There have been reports on Internet websites regarding questions of His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami engaging in business activity.

It is well known that he had engaged in the manufacture of yogi bars and his cinematic endeavors with the video series on Srila Prabhupada. However, this is not the limit of his business efforts. Some years ago, he purchased a Canadian aerial survey company, McPharr Geosurveys, in Toronto, Canada.

This business involved many devotees in its management including but not limited to Bhagavan dasa and Dayarama Prabhu from Mayapura. Unfortunately, throughout its history, the company never fared well. McPharr Geosurveys engages in aerial surveys searching out mineral deposits. This is done by sensitive machinery and senors being flown over specific geographical areas gleaning data which is later analyzed as to the area's existing mineral content.
The business is technical and the investment required is high. Various industry members have told members of the Committee that novices getting involved in such a sophisticated and expensive industry is ill-advised. However, the amounts of money churned is high and therefore intoxicating. As a result, His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami found the attraction irresistible.

McPharr ran into constant problems in both technical and financial challenges. The company leased planes to assist their survey work, which led Ambarisa dasa, an investor in the company, to purchase a plane to do their flying. A plane was purchased and a new company, Skyvision Exploration Inc. was started and held title to the plane.
It is said that the money used was earmarked for the Mayapura temple project and Ambarisa was convinced to have the money be put to work to produce more profit for the temple.

To cut a long story short, His Holiness' company fell on bad times. McPharr was forced into bankruptcy in order to escape their creditors and a new company was started, AMG India, to continue on the work of McPharr.
In the end, as of 2010, Bhakti Caru Maharaja's debts totaled just under eleven million (11,000,000.00) to nearly 150 creditors. The Maharaja solicited loans from many disciples to purchase a property in Ujjain, India. Taking this as collateral, the Bank of India issued a line of credit to AMG for approximately five million dollars. Millions more were also borrowed from disciples for the McPharr enterprise.

According to industry sources, AMG is also now in the red for about eight million dollars. As a result of the approximate six million dollars in loans from disciples, the near eleven million dollars in debts listed above and the large debt owed by AMG, His Holiness has dug himself a very deep well of debt.

There has been further action to raise loans from other disciples in the hope of paying down these debts. Unfortunately, to date, these efforts have fallen short and the debts to the devotees will not be repaid.
So, in the mood of trying to help the Maharaja out of his business mess, with this article, we would like to open up the canvassing effort to the international community of devotees. BCS has preached actively throughout the world and it is likely that many devotees will enthusiastically chip in to help out the poor swami. Why should the whole responsibility of repaying these debts fall on the shoulders of his disciples. Especially, when some of them have been so generous in the first place.

In this regard, a committee has been formed to solicit funds to assist Bhakti Caru Swami's bankruptcy.
Our committee's goal is to assist the Maharaja with his financial difficulties so that he can realign his focus one hundred percent back to preaching, as he is obviously a better preacher than businessman.

This effort has not sought the endorsement of BCS, though he has been informed of its inception, as we realize that the Majaraja's humility will not allow him to accept any financial assistance. So, please help, by making a pledge to help put to rest the debts of the devotees and hopefully those of the two bankruptcies. We will follow up on all pledges and guarantee that 100% of the funds will go to retire BCS's business debts. Nothing will be taken for administrative fees, etc., other than bank fees, if necessary.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your servants,
Bhakti Caru Swami Bankruptcy Appeal Committee

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another dear devotee is dying of cancer

PADA: I am not really at liberty to give the details here yet, and will update when there are further developments. Apparently he is in a hospital with a few weeks to live. This devotee collected tons of money for New Vrndavana and then became dis-illusioned with ISKCON's leaders. He then sort of joined our idea, but due to politics he could not really stay at any temples. So he sort of drifted off and seemed to have become despondent. Naturally, all the turmoil going on in ISKCON will have severe impact on sensitive souls like this devotee, and will cause undue stress and so forth, which may of course ruin one's health and can cause premature death.

His poor mother also ended up basically hating ISKCON for all the exploitation of her son. This is a follow up to my previous article where I said that too many of our devotees are dying prematurely, and something is amiss here. What is amiss is -- mainly -- that these devotees are suffering from being exiled from their service and the temple atmosphere Srila Prabhupada wanted for them. This is the main reason I cannot forgive these bogus leaders, they have simply caused too much pain and suffering for too many nice devotees like this one. I am going to try to call this devotee this week end at his hospital and will update when possible.

At the same time I am very confident these sincere and humble types of devotees will get "special mercy" from Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu for making an attempt to serve Him, i.e. these sincere folks will be given automatic forward progress towards going back to Godhead, just as I am confident the people who persecuted this poor devotee away from ISKCON will get "special -- no mercy whatsoever -- treatment" from the Yamaduttas and their barking hounds. Watch that axe Eugene! Ouch! ys pd     

GAURAHARI DASA SAYS (about the alienated devotees): There was another Srila Prabhupada disciple that has come to our sanga on the internet who felt bad that he could not serve Srila Prabhupada much now days. Now life is comming back for him and others who attend our twice daily progam. Even though we dont have a formal situation we have ecstatic congregational japa together with nice devotees from around the world, speak about lord caitanya lila and many bhakti yoga topics. It is so nice and our will to go on just keeps getting stronger and the bhakti yoga principals more clear and krishna and Srila Prabhupada more near. Join us twice daily 7 days a week 500am and 430pm Pacific time USA send a skype friend request to gaura99

Thanks Gaurahari prabhu!

Very nice quote from Thakura Bhaktivinode

Oh my dear mind, please tell me why you uselessly adore and worship such false things in this world? This material world is simply composed of five gross elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether, but the pure spirit soul somehow wants to keep himself in a most degraded condition of abject ruination by remaining within this unfathomable ocean of inauspiciousness.

The spirit soul actually lives be...yond these five gross elements, and he is always spotlessly pure, devoid of material designations, and abounds in auspicious spiritual happiness. He is certainly a fit receptacle for pure love of Godhead, which is beyond the range of maya's illusions. Oh my dear mind, my dear friend! You are meant to be situated in pure transcendental existence as pure spirit soul, so I ask you now—why do you become enchanted and captivated again and again within this dull material universe?

Just become a little introspective for once, and try to keep in mind the fact that a pure spirit soul is actually eternal and full of nectar. Such intelligent judgements are quite befitting you. Reassuming your real form as pure soul, just remain always in Vrndavana under the shelter of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Make the worship of the Divine Couple your only object of pursuit. And in the company of Their most dear cowherd girlfriends and maidservants, just perform transcendentally joyful service unto Their pastimes for all of eternity. I am not able to predict the destination of those foolish souls who dare to neglect such a treasure as this conjugal service.

Miracles still happen (ISKCON) ys pd

New Prabhupada discple speaks up (Jaya!)

Deepa Nagarajan
Report · 10:28pm
Hare Krishna! All Glories to Srila Prabhupad!
Yesterday we had initiation ceremony in ISKCON Bangalore temple and we had 50 more disciples taking shelter of Prabhupad. I am now a formally initiated disciple of spiritual name is Divya Rupa Devi Dasi.
I seek all your blessings that I may sincerely serve my guru and RadhaKrishna, for the rest of my life...and eternally!

Your servant in Prabhupad's service
Divya Rupa

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Free AK-47 assault gun for opening credit acount! Hah hah! ys pd

IRM failed on the poison issue (ISKCON) ys pd

Krishnadasa: I've read both books, and Srila Prabhupada Siddhanta is also a fine piece of literature, but I don't think anyone would argue that The Final Order is the book that alone has been the most influential in spreading the truth about Srila Prabhupada's ritvik order. I have a hard time understanding why you would criticize The Final Order book, unless you are envious of it and envious of the success that the IRM has had?

[PADA: The IRM has had little success at all. In 1997 the IRM wanted us to drop the poison issue, and what happened instead was that almost all of the big IRM leaders and supporters like -- Naveen Krishna, Skaksi Gopal, Mahatma dasa, Jitarati dasa, Kamsahanta dasa, and many hundreds of others and eventually the ENTIRE BANGALORE YATRA -- all quit the IRM and they started to help and support us on the poison case. Sorry, the IRM is losing more and more people every single day on this issue. People write me all the time, we are giving up on the IRM since they are defending and siding with the poisoners of the pure devotee. Unless the IRM quits defending the GBC's evil main core cadre, they will continue to lose more and more members over time, which is fine with me since they end up coming over to help and join with us. Thanks ys pd] 

Bangalore Initiations ceremony photo (ISKCON) ys pd

Photos of Bangalore Prabhupada diksha initiations

Radhanatha pays to advertise his food program

Dear PADA: This is paid news for fund raising campaign:

Radhanatha learned to run the food project from Madhupandit das. MPD talks about Srila Prabhupada,
Chowpatty talks about Radhanath. It was Kirtanananda who started Chowpatty and he was Srila Kitchenananda. Radhanath is not the founder! Back to the same old tricks!

[RM: Means this story with Russell Brand becoming his disciple was also bought. The invitation to Fox News TV to present his new book was also paid for. Amazing why his disciples never ask where all their money goes? Ok, forgot, his disciples are future economic migrants. They figure their guru's spending money is intelligent investment.]

PD: Great comment!  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bangalore Vyasapuja 2011

A few mis-conceptions in ISKCON ys pd

Persons posing as ISKCON's gurus often propagate the following deviations:
* People often require "re-initiation" by an ecclesiastical "guru" when their former ecclesiastical "guru" deviates.
* Sadhana-bhaktas, neophyte Vaisnavas, may accept special instructions and special siddha-pranali "initiation" from an unauthorized, self-styled guru if he claims to be augmenting the teachings of the bona fide Vaisnava acarya.
* Vaisnava gurus or acaryas may be authorized by ecclesiastical arrangements (acarya boards, two-thirds-majority votes, and so forth) or appointed from among immature devotees.
more than one guru.

* The idea of "reinitiating" devotees who have already earnestly begun serving Srila Prabhupada.

* Vaisnava acaryas die or become "posthumous," like all mortal men, and thus become inaccessible or ineffective in the matter of initiating and guiding new disciples. 

Sincere students reject all these unauthorized ideas and never accept imitators as substitutes for the genuine Vaisnava 22.71, Purport) Sri Caitanya-caritamrta 1.35, Purport) Sri Caitanya-caritamrta 1.35, Purport) Sri Caitanya-caritamrta

"There is no possiblity that a first-class devotee will fall down..."

"A devotee must have only one initiating spiritual master, because in the scriptures acceptance of more than one is always forbidden."
"Sri Jiva Gosvami advises that one not accept a spiritual master in terms of hereditary or customary social and ecclesiastical conventions.  One should simply try to find a genuinely qualified spiritual master for actual advancement in spiritual understanding."

"One should take initiation from a bona fide spiritual master coming in the disciplic succession, who is authorized by his predecessor spiritual master.  This is called diksa-vidhana.  Lord Krishna states in Bhagavad-gita, vyapasrita: one should accept a spiritual master.  By this process the entire world can be converted to Krishna consciousness." 

Old video of Rathayatra w/ Vishnujana singing

Ritviks who were kicked out in 1999 (ISKCON) ys pd

On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 2:36 AM, P Conroy <> wrote:
who were the 7 ritviks kicked out ?

1. Adridharan Dasa, President of ISKCON Calcutta

2. Sattvik Dasa, Vice-president of ISKCON Calcutta

3. Madhu Pandita Dasa, President of ISKCON Bangalore

4. Cancalapati Dasa, Vice-President of ISKCON Bangalore

5. Sunder Gopal Dasa, leader in Singapore

6. Navayogendra Swami, initiating guru

7. Jayadvaja Swami, sannyasi 


Bahudaks letter did not open.
What do you mean?
How is Romapada so wealthy despite fact that iskcon paid out so much.  did abuses occur in his jurisdiction ?

I don't think so. Here is the case filling:

Ys, Ptd

Beautiful song about Krishna's flute (from India)

Does not accept PADA concoctions (?)

[PADA: The author below says he does not accept our "concocted philosophy" to worship Srila Prabhupada as the current acharya (aka the ritvik idea), but he forgets to tell us -- what else should be done then? OK we should all STOP our worship the pure devotee and STOP acting as his (ritvik) representatives, ... what is the "real instruction" then? These people never say. This is impersonalism, neti neti, ... its not this, ... its not that, ... its not this either, .... what is "it" then? ... nobody knows. Mayavada. ys pd]

Eccentric behavior of ISKCON's bogus messiahs highlighted here (ISKCON)

PADA: This has always amazed us, all the while that ISKCON temples are being emptied out, so much so that rats are crawling on some temple altars at night -- because there is not enough people to maintain these temples, meanwhile the biggest ISKCON leaders and GBC gurus are running around laughing at all the mayhem they are creating and -- wearing goofy hats and going on rafting expeditions?

PBS news does Akshaya Patra story (Bangalore ISKCON) ys pd

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bangalore Deity photo (click to Enlarge) ISKCON ys pd

Changed books benefits guru fraud (ISKCON) ys pd

Tim Mc Millan: Unfortunately, I was only able to obtain the "second" edition at the Ratha Yatra festival at Clearwater Beach. I wanted to get the original, but the only reliable way of obtaining it was through a couple of online sources that charge far too much for shipping, and I am quite poor. I am aware of the changes, however, and find most of them to be relatively minor. To a newcomer, certain passages could be misconstrued and it does set a dangerous precedent and could actually devolve the meaning of the text in the future. Most of what I've seen are simple grammatical changes, but certain ones, such as using the words "higher authorities" in place of "varnasrama-dharma" are very troubling, since those "authorities" could be misconstrued by some to be the bogus "guru" frauds.

Bhakti Vikas swami reads PADA!

Right, as soon as we began to advertise on our blog that Bhakti Vikas was part of the program of suing Akshaya Patra (he was saying our feeding children was mundane welfare work) he removed his post from his site. Why? He knows that his plan to starve 1.5 million children is cruel and so he had to remove his post because we exposed him as anti-children and anti-prasadam, and he knew that we were exposing him on this blog, but he is still helping sue the free food program because he still wants to starve these children. ys pd

Founder Father of child molester acharya's project being worshipped

Jayapataka being worshipped:

Message from the IRM (ISKCON)

The book the GBC does NOT want you to read:

The Final Order

Srila Prabhupada is the only Guru of ISKCON!

Electric kirtana (ISKCON) ys pd

Rocana is still not explaining how they are diksha gurus?

ROCANA: Our ISKCON gurus have to humbly admit, 'I'm not as advanced as Srila Prabhupada, and here's the philosophical explanation of 'how and why'.

[PADA: OK wait a minute, how did the ISKCON leaders "become gurus" from square one? When were the appointed as gurus? If they were never appointed as gurus (and they were not), then their whole claim to being gurus is bogus. Why do Rocana and others keep saying these ISKCON leaders are somehow or other "gurus," when there is no appointment of gurus, they are clearly not qualified to be gurus, etc. etc. The first person that needs to make a humble admission is Rocana, he has to admit -- they are not gurus, were not gurus, could not have been gurus, rather they are usurpers of the post of guru.]  

ROCANA: That doesn't mean they can't be diksa gurus.

[PADA: OK a diksha guru is the person who gives "pure divyam jnanam which destroys the sins." These ISKCON leaders are clearly not capable of giving us pure divyam jnanam, ... they are not capable of doing that and neither are any of us, nor is there any evidence they can "absorb sins" (a part of diksha) like Jesus is doing? How can a neophyte absorb sins and give diksha? Rocana never explains.]   

ROCANA: Actually, the biggest disqualification of all is to be a bluffer.

[PADA: The whole idea that neophytes can act in the capacity of acharyas / parampara members / Jesus -- and give pure jnanam and absorb sins -- is a bluff.]

ROCANA: But for one to be honest and simply admit that they're not that advanced, that is not a disqualification.

[PADA: "Let me be honest, Jesus can absorb sins, and so can I"? What! That is not honest at all, this is simply another bluff. Rocana needs to tell these people they CANNOT perform the function of a maha-bhagavata, period.]  

ROCANA: In fact, it could be considered even more of a qualification. But it's not enough to just say the words, 'Oh, I'm not as advanced as Srila Prabhupada…' One must be able to philosophically explain the difference and the relationship, and should always emphasize that difference so that their own followers and disciples will not be confused about the matter.

[PADA: And that is all you are doing Rocana, you keep saying they need to take a lesser post, then you say they can give diksha and absorb sins like Jesus, you are fighting with your own shadow, and confusing people along the way. ys pd]

Bangalore Fusion Band plays some mixed kirtananas ys pd

Thursday, September 15, 2011

50 brand news disciples of Srila Prabhupada initiated! ys pd

‎50 more devotees will be added to His Divine Grace's disciples' book on this Sunday at ISKCON Bangalore. Another batch of Ritvik initiation to take place on this Sunday 18-09-2011. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the only diksha guru in ISKCON. (ISKCON Bangalore)

PADA: Wowsers, great! ys pd

Gopiparanadhana (BBT editor) departs

Yep, here is another guy who says Srila Prabhupada's books are full of mistakes, and he and his main associate Jayadvaita need to correct all these mistakes. See the "Youtube" video below where he describes the need to re-edit all of Srila Prabhupada's books. OK, this fellow was also a supporter of the illicit sex with men, women and children ISKCON messiah's project. So this is very good news indeed, another big cheer leader of the molester messiahs / book editors project has gotten out of the way of the sincere devotees. Yes, even these fools who block the road to God are eventually taken away by the grace of God Almighty. Incidentally, he is pals with Bhurijana and the other folks who created all the molesting in the ISKCON schools. Sharks of a feather flock together. Lets hope more of these molester messiah cheerleaders / editors of the holy books of God / start departing more and more together. Hee hee! ys pd  Gopiparanadhana explains why he supports books changes:

Video from ISKCON Mayapura about Bhaktivinode Thakura

Hansadutta's wife Lakmsi replies to PADA (ISKCON)

Lakmi Kary writes PADA

From: lynne Kary <>
Subject: [Prabhupadanuga] Re: Puranjana's Website (
To: "Prabhupadanuga" <>
Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 9:54 AM
Hare Krishna
Dear Pratyatosa, PAMHO.
Before we go there, most "reporters" are expected to site their references and sources of information, include dates and places.

[PADA: Oh great, people write me all the time saying "do not give my name or I will be kicked out of the ISKCON temple (or perhaps I'll be beaten or shot)." Look at the current Long Island and Bangalore lawsuit cases for example: the GBC is spending apparently about 4 million dollars in India and 3m in USA suing these devotees to kick them out. Does Laksmi have $7,000,000 to give to our devotees who, if they would give their names, they would have to counter sue when they get kicked out? Why does Laksmi want more devotees to be removed, exiled, banned, excommunicated and sued by giving their names? How does that help ISKCON even, to have more members removed? The place is already a ghost town and Laxmi wants more members removed? Instead of having two people at mangala arotike, there will be zero, this is Laxmi's plan to save ISKCON?

Laksmi Kary simply wants more people to be banned, kicked out and sued. She says everyone should just give their names, get kicked out, THUS become banned, shunned, sometimes beaten or sued for millions of dollars, ok, and who is going to pay for all that? No one! Notice, she wants me to give everyone's name so they will be banned, beaten and kicked out, and / or sued, she wants more people to suffer and be punished and make ISKCON more of a ghost town. She wants to remove some of the few remaining bodies left in the temples, why is this a good idea? She is herself not living in a temple because she cannot stand the politics and problems going on there, nor is her husband, nor are any of her family members living there because of "the politics". Even she cannot stand the situation at these temples, yet she wants us fools to buck up, tolerate these problems, and live there and serve there, when she will not even set foot in these temples herself, nor does most of her family ever go there?

She simply wants more people to get kicked out so MORE temples are completely empty? Notice what her overall plan is, people should give their names in public so they will be kicked out of ISKCON and sued. Why would I want to ask people to give their names so they can be kicked out, chased with baseball bats, beaten, shot and sued, as has occured to dissenters and is still occuring, devotees are still being sued and kicked out? Aindra was on the verge of getting kicked out. Laksmi simply thinks I should facilitate getting more people kicked out. This has been her plan all along.]

** So if PJ is going to report anything he should start by adding correct dates, sources of his "info" and not embellish it with his fantasized version of things.

[PADA: Right, people are "identified" as dissenters still getting kicked out, Laksmi says that policy should increase, hardly no one is there to serve the deity now, Laksmi wants nobody there at all, remove the last few people left. She does not want anyone to be left to serve the deity. Give their names, so the few left will be kicked out. How does that help anyone?]

** Lets start with this - he mentions all the bodies that were dug up in New Vrndaven, So let him site professional references - final police reports etc, who those bodies were- why they were buried there. Let him - since he is the one who claims to be the reporter- let him did up the facts and report them.

[PADA: Taru, Chakradhari and others were clearly murdered, as for the other bodies, who knows how they died? What proof is there that there was no foul play involved? I simply said that NEWS MEDIA reported that dozens of bodies were dug up there, its in the newspapers. That is the story that was in all the media. I do not have to dig up the story, its recorded in the media. Laksmi has to prove that the newspapers, Sherriff Tom Bordenkircher, Moundsville news lady Kathy Kuspy, CBS news etc faked their story. And if the story is fake, why doesn't Laksmi prove that?] 

** Let him prove he knows what he is talking about. (For example, I know one lady a devotee who had a heart condition, she died and had wanted to be buried there- which is very different then painting a gruesome picture of mass burials,etc. How many of those bodies were just devotees who wanted to be buried in the New Vrndavan cemetary. Maybe it was a case of them(N.V) not having a permit to bury people in their own N.Vrndavan cemetary.?

[PADA: Well you cannot simply bury bodies without a permit, the law was not being followed and it made the movement look terrible in any case. Laksmi herself would not start to bury unrecorded dead bodies on her California property because she just wants dead bodies to be buried on ISKCON property so ISKCON gets a bad name. She would never start burying unrecorded dead bodies on her own property because she knows its against the law and she could get into legal trouble, she justs wants Prabhupada and Krishna to get into legal trouble and be implicated in that odious program. OOOPS! In Vedic culture also -- bodies are burnt, why was this not being done as well? Burying bodies is the Christian process, we do not do that in any case. Laksmi has never explained why she supported these types of problems, and she still does defend all this.

Why are these leaders taking the laws into their own hands? New Vrndavana also had these illegal "exchange garland" marriages, where some women were given "New Vrndavana" marriages, and were sometime married 8 times, this is illegal what to speak of immoral. This was also reported in the media. These and many other laws were not being followed, just like ISKCON lost the 1978 Syracuse case, and then in 1979 NV devotees were busted as drug mules, the whole place was raided and tons of crimes were going on there left, right and center, these "pure devotees" were lawless criminals this is all recorded in the media. I do not need verification from anyone, rather someone needs to prove this raid by the FBI never occured? In Berkeley Joe Sancez made 73 felony arrests by sitting in front of the ISKCON temple and busting numerous criminal programs, he got an award from the Berkeley mayor for all these arrests. I have to
prove this? Ask Joe!]

** On several occasions I had made attempts to inform him he had incorrect info and he doesnt care, because it looses its sensationalism.

[PADA: You have not shown me any proof that anything is wrong, period, "maybe" people wanted to be buried is not proof of anything. That devotees were murdered there has been proven, that Sulochana was murdered has been proven, Officer Joe Sanchez said I was next, ask him.] 

** Im not saying bad things didnt happen ,in ISKCON and out of it, as I have talked to victims myself. I dont think it condusive to ones spiritual life of making a sadhana and mantra out of using foul language and heresay mixed with facts while trying to say you are supporting his master, who incidentally put most of these people he hates in those positions, and also set up the institution PJ is trying so hard to tear down.

[PADA: No, we are building a real ISKCON which worships pure devotees, Prabhupada did not make an institution that worships deviants as acharyas, that has nothing to do with him.]

** Im just saying that when reporting serious issues it should be done properly.

[PADA: When the GBC found out that I was going to testify in the Windle turley case, they plead no contest, Laksmi is saying they could easily have proven me wrong, but they decided to spend $400,000,000 just to make me happy?]

** PJ has put himself up on a podium ,which is on the backs of people who have suffered in ISKCON, he is using these sensationalized tragedies to promote his own agenda and ego as some "angel".

[PADA: My idea is to have people worship Prabhupada and that is working, I am getting favorable mails from people all over the place thanking me for saving them from entering the cesspool, Laksmi wants them to fall into that pool and drown.]

** What would P.J  do with himself if Srila Prabhupada told him to stop commiting offenses, chant Hare Krishna, distribute books, and go on harinam? Im sure he'd have a page of excuses, why he cant, and none of which he sees himself responsible for. ys Lakshmi

[PADA: People sometimes call me tearfully thanking me for saving them from these bogus gurus, Laksmi says kick them down and let them suffer, she won't help them at all. At least I am getting them to worship a pure devotee. Laksmi simply does not care for others, let them suffer and worship bogus people and not let them see the real story, let them give their names so they will be banned, beaten, maybe worse, and for sure sued, and make the temples more empty? What kind of plan is that? ys pd]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter from Jakob Smahl re: Hungary ISKCON

Jakob Smahl – Hungary:  After reading the disturbing expose on inappropriate behavior of a popular ISKCON “swami” namely Indradyumna and his girls, and subsequent request from a large numbers of devotees asking the Sannyāsa Ministry to correct this sahajiyā behavior, I looked who are the Members of the GBC Standing Sannyāsa Committee that ought to correct the misguided Indradyumna.

Not surprisingly, one of the Indradyumna`s dear and intimate friends Śivarāma, is one such member.
We have to ask our self’s; how can an individual like Śivarāma ‘correct’ his deviated godbrother if he himself is guilty of a pretence; that he is a Sannyāsī? Sure he may internally speak out against his behaviour and recommend that he be sanctioned, but they will be light sanctions nowhere near what he deserves. If Sivarama is in fact a true friend then he would know how many years Indradyumna has been off the rails of his devotional life and would have stopped him. After all Sivarama is the senior of the two and more experienced.

But he does no such thing for Sivarama is just guilty in other ways and he knows it. They both know that they are disgracing their sannyāsī vows of renunciation. They both know they are disgracing Śrīla Prabhupāda and Vaisnavaism yet for some ungodly reason they push on with their disgraceful behaviour.

This is pointed out in my article below (REVISED AUGUST 2011)

Some time back there was a publication on ISKCON forums written by Śivarāma Swami, giving his divine idea of who may be considered a member of ISKCON, and therefore who is not. I found the Swami’s proposal amusing. This is especially so since the ‘Kingdom’ that he is so pompously proud of in Hungary is not legally registered in the name of ISKCON, and is a privately incorporated project. ISKCON gurus and GBC’s are beginning more frequently to privately incorporate their projects, however, they continue to use Śrīla Prabhupāda’s ISKCON’s name, fame and systems in order to staff, fund and promote their activities.

Śivarāma Swami’s privately owned corporation has its own charter that has nothing to do with ISKCON. In fact, all of his pet projects (New Brajadham Farm) and others in Hungary are independent projects which have been incorporated in their own right, and have nothing legally to do with ISKCON.
This begs the question – who are the devotees who serve in these projects, anyway? Are they members of ISKCON, or are they Śivarāma Swami’s private volunteers? If a person is recruited, trained up and serves in independent projects can they be deemed members of ISKCON, or are they members of these independent projects?

If ISKCON applied their new laws and profiles of what is an ISKCON devotee to them, how would they fare? Of course this they would never do. What is more, if you come to Krishna consciousness via these private projects and the ‘preaching’ of corporatized gurus such as Śivarāma Swami and Radhanath Swami, are you really a member of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s ISKCON? All that they have to do is ‘say’ that their volunteers are ISKCON devotees to the GBC and they are accepted as such, even though legally and technically speaking they are not?

Why do these people fear incorporating their projects under the banner of the ISKCON they have recreated and now own? What drives them to establish these separatist, individually owned private projects if they themselves own and control ISKCON itself?

It makes me wonder about other private entities as outlined in the Sampradāya Sun’s ‘Corporate ISKCON’ series. I would love to see the bank accounts that are linked to these entities to know where all the money is, and then we will know who is controlling the money.

ISKCON GBC and Guru, Śivarāma Swami stated that his private project in Hungary is the ‘real Vrindavana‘. That apparently Vrindavana (India) that we know and which has been pointed out by our Vaiṣṇava Ācāryas is no more. It simply moved to Hungary. Furthermore, by the use of a mirror, a map and a GPS system he can ‘see’ or ‘divine’ the precise spots where the Holy places that were once in Śrī Vrindavana Dham are now situated in ‘his‘ private Vrindavan – New Brajadham. Places like Rādhā Kund, Govardhana Hill, Nandagram and Varṣāṇā, etc…

Śivarāma Swami even wrote a book about this. This allegedly divinely inspired claptrap can be purchased for a staggering $350 USD. Perhaps those unfortunate souls who presently reside in the Holy Dham of Vrindavana (India) should now relocate, as did the Holy sites, to Hungary and Śivarāma Swami’s private fabulous spiritual fairyland? Śivarāma Swami has also written many books on the intimate pastimes of the Divine Couple. As with so many other people who write on these very high subject matters, they make additions to the past Ācāryas’ work in an attempt to make readers believe that they have direct access to these pastimes. Śivarāma Swami goes to the length of claiming that he uses ‘artistic license’ to help embellish these works.

One would have to wonder why he would believe that artistic license is appropriate when writing about these intimate pastimes, when it is only his own speculative concoctions. If someone is actually realized in Krishna Consciousness, then surely they would have direct access to these pastimes and not have to resort to artistic license? Why write at all when the works of the Ācāryas are already published, except for fame and glory?

Perhaps he should write books on his own realizations, and be truthful and honest. One really has to wonder at what drives this man and makes him believe that his speculative ideas and concoctions are required and are on par with the Vaiṣṇava Ācāryas? What is more, one must really wonder at the intellectual capacity of his disciples and others who have been taken in by the speculations of this individual. We also have to address his double standards when it comes to taking śikṣā outside of ISKCON. Śivarāma Swami has a penchant for taking śikṣā outside of ISKCON himself, yet he wrote a book wherein he states that it is forbidden for rank and file devotees to go outside of ISKCON. In the past he was a senior member of the infamous Gopī Bhava Club, who were taking śikṣā from Nārāyaṇa Mahārāja, and at present he is known for taking śikṣā from a baba in Jagannātha Purī.

Don’t do as I do – Do as I say!! – appears to be his modus operandi, as it is with many other Corporate ISKCON duplicitous leaders and gurus. Śivarāma Swami is also not shy about his luxurious lifestyle. He quite possibly is the topmost member of the ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ ISKCON sannyāsī/guru club. He is well renowned for his regular secret getaway retreats and holidays in top-shelf luxurious hotels and resorts, whose three and four figures per night price rate (US) is no bar to his budget.

Śivarāma Swami has a very opulent expense account that receives funding from many sources. One is the farming community that he boasts of is self-sufficient, in proclamation only, for it is maintained by five donation collection teams based throughout Europe who have huge mandatory quotas. These teams are sanctioned by Pragosh, the GBC of these regions.

If we observe the (industrialist) opulent lifestyle that Śivarāma Swami is living, we can understand that he has no idea what self-sufficiency is. So any claims of the success of this project are false, if it requires volunteers to hit the streets to raise money for it by begging. This is truly a false economy and any claim to self-sufficiency is an outright lie.

He has a group of his volunteers go to various prestigious universities in Europe to promote his so-called self-sufficient farming community, with remarkable success. These volunteers claim that their project is the only self-sufficient farming community in Europe. The problem with this is that they are not self-sufficient at all. Self-sufficiency means precisely that — self-sufficiency. You cannot make a claim of self-sufficiency when you need funding in order to maintain the project and you need to buy outside agriculture.

Self-sufficiency refers to the state of not requiring any outside aid, support, or interaction for survival; it is Therefore a type of personal or collective autonomy. The term ‘self-sufficiency’ is usually applied to varieties of sustainable living in which nothing is consumed outside of what is produced by the self-sufficient individuals.

These claims of self-sufficiency are nothing but propaganda and lies. Either you are self-sufficient or you are not. They are not. It is unknown just how many secret homes Śivarāma Swami owns. We know that he has a private home in the now redundant (by his self-proclamation) Vṛndāvan, India. Much of this affluent sannyāsī guru’s life is private and secretive. I am sure that this is not the life of a Vaiṣṇava sannyāsī or an ISKCON guru following the instruction that Śrīla Prabhupāda has given us for the sannyāsa āśrama.

He appears to come in the line of the affluent ISKCON guru/sannyāsīs like Rādhānatha Swami, who is infamous for his fat wad of hundred dollar bills that he always carries with him wherever he goes.
Śivarāma Swami’s proposal for defining who is and who is not a member of ISKCON needs to be seen for what it is. It is either the empty words of an aging man who has lost his way and knows no better, or it can be taken seriously as an attempt to systematically profile who is a volunteer of ISKCON and who is not, according to his desired standards and not the standards of Śrīla Prabhupāda.

In this way the institution can legally define who they want as a devotee of the Corporate ISKCON, and it is looking like anyone who is not an adherent of the neo-corporatized gurus or an apologist of the new ISKCON will be pushed out. Śivarāma Swami knows which side of his bread is buttered. He has the bucks, position, lifestyle and image of a Hollywood guru and his followers have to unquestionably do what they are told, or leave. It is either his way or the highway.

This is the same with Rādhānatha Swami’s independently incorporated Chowpatty temple, as well. Either you meekly follow his rules and regulations (regardless how contrary to Śrīla Prabhupāda’s they may be), or leave. They do not follow Śrīla Prabhupāda, but it is mandatory for their volunteers to incontestably follow their immediate authority.

No one can question or challenge these affluent ISKCON gurus without being severely reprimanded or kicked out of their private projects. It is abundantly clear to us what Śivarāma Swami is setting up, with his new protocols of who is and is not an ISKCON devotee. Yet he leads a very affluent and luxurious lifestyle. He is also part of the latest sannyāsī trend of keeping female servants and female secretaries, like many of his sannyāsī peers. Jealous? Envious? Me!? Well in some ways I am. Sure, I would love the fame, the fawning followers, the money they shower upon me, the flowered garlands they layer me with, the sumptuous food they feed me, the dedication, the gifts they adorn me with and the many houses and apartments/cars and computers and all the modern cons that they have in possession (perhaps even a ‘gravity free chair’). Sure, I would love being an affluent ISKCON guru sannyāsī. Sure I would love it… but I prefer remaining a simple follower of Śrīla Prabhupāda much more.

Then again, maybe ISKCON spokesman Basu Ghosh prabhu, who is one of the institution’s pandits, can answer\comment if the present gurus/sannyāsīs (Śivarāma Swami and others alike) with their affluent high-flying luxurious lifestyles and their speculative activities meet the śāstric requirements of a Vedic/Vaiṣṇava Sannyāsī in our line? (I don’t know Basu Ghosh personally, but I was told that he is a Vaiṣṇava scholar-pandit and would appreciate his comments.)

If living this lifestyle is simple living and high thinking, then where do I sign up? The idea that Bhakti Cāru Swami has, that so long as a guru is rubber-stamped by this corporation then they are godly nitya-siddhas, is nothing but an apologist’s highly speculative viewpoint, and is based on the fact that he himself is a multi-millionaire businessman/ sannyāsī. It must be said that Bhakti Cāru Swami personally owns businesses with an estimated value well in excess of $40 million dollars. How is it possible that an ISKCON Vaiṣṇava sannyāsī can own private (undisclosed) businesses and still be considered a sannyāsī?

But I think he has it around the wrong way. The reversal of God in Godly is dog. So perhaps they are Dogly and not Godly, as their activities are the polar opposite of Godly. You can fool some people sometimes, but not all of the people at all times. If the GBC and these corporate gurus, with their ISKCON franchised businesses in the name of religiosity, commence profiling devotees in the manner in which they are presently attempting, devotees who are not volunteers in these businesses will rebel.
No true followers of Śrīla Prabhupāda will bend their knees to these Fascists with their protocols and persecution programs. If they push on, then we will see an even greater rift between the true followers of Śrīla Prabhupāda and these usurpers than is already in existence.

This may eventually prove to be their undoing. For the intelligent person coming to Krishna consciousness will clearly see the difference between the two and choose for themselves. Now they have no choice. You have a choice either to support the hypocritical sham that is now institutional Corporate ISKCON, or perish.

Even a blind man can see that every single thing they do only serves their purpose to completely and utterly undermine and/or destroy Śrīla Prabhupāda’s mission and convert it into one of their own making. It is a far cry from the once warm, beautiful, spiritual family that Śrīla Prabhupāda established, to the cold impersonal and ruthless corporate entity that it is now. You can tell that ISKCON is well on the way to becoming an impersonal corporate entity when they allow people like Greg Stein (aka Gopal Bhaṭṭa) to pay $500,000 USD towards the corporatization/privatization process.

They know full well that he is a ruthless businessman whose spiritual standard is way below that which would be considered acceptable for an ISKCON member in Śivarāma Swami’s new protocols. They know full well that he dreams of being appointed or anointed as the CEO of this Corporate ISKCON.
Śivarāma Swami himself can hardly be termed a sādhu by any stretch of the imagination. He too appears to be a shrewd, old money, businessman whose goal is to gain and enjoy as much wealth and power as he can.

When you listen to these people, see how many times they refer to their ‘devotional’ activities as a devotional career (the general progression of your working or professional life). To them this is a career, not sevā. So who are these people, anyway? How do they demonstrate to us that they are actually devotees and not career orientated businessmen?

It is about time that devotees woke up to their tactics and their betrayal of Śrīla Prabhupāda. The present Corporate ISKCON that is claiming to represent Śrīla Prabhupāda no longer even pretends to do so. They boldly change everything they can in a very systematic and thorough manner, and rarely if ever explain themselves. This demonstrates intention, their intention. So far as we can see, their intention is to usurp Śrīla Prabhupāda’s ISKCON and dismantle his mission, replacing it with their own concoction.

If you don’t believe me about Śivarāma Swami, then find it out for yourself. If you don’t know what people like him are doing to change, warp and twist Śrīla Prabhupāda’s movement and our very philosophy, then do the research yourself!

Śivarāma Swami’s Kingdom