Sunday, September 25, 2011

Formalizing the deviations

This is an attempt by the GBC, Hari Sauri, Bhakti Caru and others to "scholarize" and justify their illicit sex acharyas program. Its amazing, they are trying to say that the worship of deviants as acharyas is "part of the tradition." Why isn't this being exposed in India? ys pd    

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  1. That's because, Puranjana Dasa, there are many
    various kind of deviant so called acharyas and
    gurus in India itself. They blend in and support
    each other nicely by keeping quiet. If they expose each other of their nonsence then how to
    make easy money from the foolish public and get free sex from the equally foolish women folks. You must understand that Kali Yuga must make its presence felt and for that the cheated are readly available for the cheated.

    So, you carry on exposing and the Supreme Lord
    Krishna will dispose. He decides how, when and where.

    Tamal Krishna didn't know what hit him. Did he?
    And we have Kritananda dasa waiting in line.


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