Friday, September 23, 2011

Let have Bir Krishna investigated by the police (ISKCON) ys pd

Bir Krishna Das Goswami is under police investigation for not reporting a
known child molester and for covering up child abuse/sexual molestation.
Please try to get the police motivated. Call the Orange County, North
Carolina Sheriff's Dept. (<> -
919-644-3050 - Sgt. Tina Rimmer <>). Demand justice,
citing the ISKCON GBC censure of Bir Krishna Das Goswami, a.k.a. Bruce
Jacobs. (Use the bottom of <> or <> as a reference.)

2011 GBC resolutions:

308: Letter of Censure to Bir Krishna Das Goswami
Dear Bir Krishna Maharaja,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Due to the reasons stated below, you have been censured. A censure expresses disapproval of your conduct. A censure is an official note of caution.
Please take due notice thereof and rectify the situation.
In 1996, as GBC of ISKCON Hillsborough, North Carolina, you received a credible allegation that a member of the congregation had committed sexual abuse of a child some years earlier in another country. While some investigation was done, and some cautionary steps taken, you failed to properly report the incident to local authorities, or later to the CPO. Most significantly, the local community and householders were not notified or made or aware of this potential threat, contrary to ISKCON Law
This put the community at risk and created serious potential exposure to repetition of these incidents.
Your servants on the GBC Body

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